Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Warrior "No Negotiations Part Two" S1 E21

Dorugh was on a hill that overlooked the whole crowded area. The pirate had his binoculars out and his rifle loaded, scanning all around the area for danger. He watched as prostitutes taking men into their huts, opening up the curtains as the customer's mouth drops. He then turned to the left, and noticed Juhn sitting down at a table with Sanchi, the one they've been looking for. He quickly faced his hand where the rifle was, feeling nothing but the cold ground. He then mumbled a few words after he heard two weapons clicked behind him.
"I wouldn't move pal," Sanchez said, tying Dorugh's hands behind his back.
Dorugh listened as he watched Sanchez throwing his rifle off the hill, strictly looking at Sanchez's grin on his face. It was a cold evening but yet somehow sweat dripped from his bald head, using all of his available strength to break free from the rope while Sanchez was distracted using his binoculars. It was obvious that Sanchez knew he was trying to break free as he chuckled, "Stay still, old man, it's best for you." 
"You don't have to do this," Dorugh said, "We're negotiable men who can obviously get you want you want. Dozens of chest filled with pearls and golds..."
Sanchez dropped the binoculars and looked at Sanchez, "Sounds amazing but luckily after my friend is done with yours, I am probably going to scavenge what I can find on your ship."
Dorugh chuckled, "Is that who you really are? A thief...listen to me son, you can easily become..."
Sanchez instantly interrupted Dorugh's insult, "Shut up, this thief as definitely robbed you and your pride. Stay there tied up and watch as your friend gives in to Sanchi."
"There's more of us," Dorugh said, "You know that right?"
"The boy is occupied with booze and women, you're busy with me, and the other is has already been taken care of," Sanchez said as he pointed towards Jason dropping Max to the ground.
Dorugh grind his teeth out of anger and stress. He quickly realized all he could do is watch and hope for Juhn to not negotiate with the enemy. It was obvious the old troop had no patience or respect for Sanchez and his friends. Meanwhile for Sanchez, he was oddly enjoying the moment as he took a sip of his moonshine, throwing thumbs up over at Jason.

Juhn eventually lost patience and hope for his men to get him out of this mess. He tried to think of a way out as he firmly gripped the end of his sword, but just like how Sanchi thought, he knew fighting him would cause a huge scene. He knew how the pirate army were already in a tough position after the countless riots back at Skull Island. Juhn knew him trying to fight a man, who looked innocent in the eyes of others, would easily cause others to jump in and intervene.
"I thought you were smarter than this," Sanchi said as he looked around the crowd, "Lots of people out here and you decided to get yourself a drink?"
Juhn placed both of his hands on the table and firmly said, "I don't have to tell you anything, you're wanted by both sides...the armadas want you dead but for us, we want you to come with us. You and your crew can be difference makers in this war! Let me and my men go and we can negotiate. Plain and simple. You cannot keeping running and running and running. When will it ever stop?"
Sanchi then slammed his fist on the table again, which grabbed the attention of some around him. He believed letting Mooshu get involved in this war would change the peaceful culture they have into a dangerous one.
"You're never getting this treaty from me," Sanchi said to Juhn, "You're going to have to kill me for it!"
Juhn quickly argued back, "You seem like a peaceful man. It's obvious you're from the Mooshu area but I have to know the reason why you're being so damn stubborn to help your own kind."
"I am helping my people and my kind!" Sanchi exclaimed, defending his own place.
"You don't belong in Mooshu. You're nothing like them...you don't even fit in their peace-making culture you idiot! It's obvious you're bound to be a warrior and fight against the real threat; Kane and the armadas!" Juhn said back to him, looking him straight into his eyes.
Sanchi felt offended and angered. He took it personal that Juhn said he doesn't belong in a place where he grew up at and tried to protect it. Sanchi's face suddenly became red as the blood on his hands, he felt nothing but anger. Suddenly, he pulled out a pistol and tried to aim it at Juhn but the wise warrior easily slapped it out of his hand.
"Don't be a fool!" Juhn said, gripping his sword even harder as he prepared his self to pull it out.
Sanchi then flipped the table over. Juhn quickly jumped out of the table and avoided it landing on him. The two stood there with their weapons out, the whole entire crowd watching them. Ben tried to get up but Jack and his men pushed him back down, aiming the guns at the young soldier.
"Hey kid!" The bartender said as he approached him from behind, "You can't fight here and also you need to pay for these drinks! You bought a dozen and I need the money now!"
Sanchi's pocket was empty and he offered to pay him back double once he returns with money but the angry man denied it, pulling up his sleeves to reveal his large arms.
"This man paid for you all to drink and have a good time," Juhn yelled, grabbing everyone's attention again, "But now he doesn't want to pay, which isn't just a problem for him...but all of y'all too!"
Juhn was wise enough to seek an opportunity to take out Sanchi and still look innocent. The old warrior knew how drunken fools cherished their beers, mainly towards keeping their words. Drunk pirates all surrounded Sanchi, getting closer and closer to him.
"Where's the money?" pirates begin to shout all around
Riots begin to break out as the broke and drunk pirates became unsatisfied. The bartender then approached Sanchi and he quickly sliced off his arm before kicking him into the crowd. Sanchi then turned back around and ran towards the open ally, kicking Juhn and others out of his way. Ben suddenly managed to get free as Jack's men also started to fight each other. He quickly jumped up and tackled Jack to the ground, trying to tie up his hands but two others accidentally fell on top of him and broke Jack free.

"Jesus," Sanchez said as he noticed constant riots breaking out, "What the hell happened down there?"
Mistakenly Sanchez lost all focus on Dorugh, which helped him to get out of the ropes that Sanchez poorly tied. He quickly tackled Sanchez to the ground and began beating him. Sanchez then grabbed Dorugh's fists and threw him off. Sanchez placed his hands on his hip in an attempt to get his pistols but his holster locked up and he couldn't get it free. Dorugh seek the opportunity and attacked the weaponless man, bring down Sanchez once again. The two continued to throw punches at each other in an attempt to take over until Sanchez finally kicked the old man off of him and got his holster loose, pulling out both of his weapons and immediately firing shots. Dorugh managed to dodge his shots and decided to run away from him. Sanchez instantly jumped up and tried to track him down but it was too late...Dorugh was gone. Sanchez shook his head and let out a few words before he ran down the hill to help out Sanchi, who was being attacked by a skilled warrior and dozens of drunken pirates.

Sanchi dodged pirates walking by as he continued to run fast through the thin ally. He heard the loud screams and insults from the drunken pirates getting lower and lower as he was still running. He finally started to slow down to catch his breath, extremely exhausted and close to another risk of dehydration that he forced his self to sit down. Soon Sanchi realized him stopping only made things worse as Juhn Woun approached him.
"You're too foolish," Juhn said, catching his breath, "Give me the treaty now!"
Sanchi, who was still breathing hard, slowly stood up with his sword in his hand. He then ran towards Juhn to end it all but the wise warrior dodged his hit and kicked him to the ground. Juhn wasn't impressed as he purposely waited for Sanchi to get back up. He then started to insult Sanchi and wanted a fair fight against a real fighter, in which Sanchi called his self. He felt his heart being in a rapid pace, placing his shaky hand on it. Sanchi then tried to attack again but failed as Juhn knocked him back on the ground.
"I thought you could fight!" Juhn yelled, "A real fighter never runs out of stamina...he works and fights hard enough no matter what!"
Sanchi wiped the blood off his face, "I am a fighter!"
He let out a huge roar as he ran towards Juhn again. This time, Sanchi easily read what Juhn was trying to do. Juhn tried to kick Sanchi's leg to cause him to fall again but Sanchi avoided it as he dodged the hit. Sanchi then jumped on a side of the brick wall to give him that boost to close out but the wise warrior easily read the move, quickly dropping to the ground and pulling Sanchi back down. Juhn then tried to finish Sanchi off as he Sanchi lost the handle of his sword, but a man came from behind and slammed Juhn into the brick wall, leaving him unconscious as he hit the ground. Sanchi slowly looked up and it was Stannis, who quickly helped Sanchi back up.
"Come on son," he said, guiding him through the ally, "Sanchez and Jason are back on the ship, we gotta get the hell out of here."
But Sanchi stopped, "How'd you know I was here? Why did you disobey my orders?"
Stannis chuckled and continued to pull the exhausted Sanchi through the ally, "My orders are to protect myself and my son."
Finally, they made it back on the ship and quickly got out of there. Angry pirates all around threw empty bottles at their ships, letting out threats.

Meanwhile, Juhn finally woke back up with his men in front of him. He had a strong headache and could barely open up his eyes. He placed his hand on the side of his hand and felt blood dripping but he didn't worry about his head, he instantly jumped up and looked around for Sanchi.
"They're gone," Max said tiredly, "I guess daddy came to the rescue and saved him."
Juhn looked at Max, Dorugh, and Ben with a disgusted and nightmare of a look on his face, before he started to yell and throw his sword at the wall out of anger. Juhn felt defeated, letting Sanchi get away was unacceptable...he thought as he dropped to his knees.
"How did a group of thugs managed to get away from us?" Juhn asked calmly, hoping none of them would even have the courage to respond back.
And they didn't, remaining silent until Dorugh nervously placed his hand on Juhn's shoulder, "Our ship is waiting, we need to go."
The four of them walked back towards they ship, where the encountered a few drunks who demanded for their drinks to be paid. Juhn then punched one of them in their face hard enough that he dropped to the ground, which scared the other one and caused him to walk away. The bartender, who's now missing an arm, yells at Juhn and them, informing them that they're now banned from his bar.

Meanwhile back at home, Beth watched as Amy runs into her dorm with her hands covering her tears. As close sisters, Beth knew Amy wasn't acting right and immediately grabbed Anthony as he walked by with firewood.
"Have you talked to Amy?" Beth asked, dropping the firewood out of Anthony's arms.
Anthony then had a confused but worried look on his face, "Not recently...I've been busy. Why do you ask?"
Beth couldn't believe that Amy's own boyfriend hasn't checked up on her all day. She rolled her eyes and walked away from Anthony, leaving him and the firewood she knocked out of his hands there.

Beth quietly opened up the door and noticed Amy, with her back facing Beth, crying in the dark corner of her room. Beth heard her sniffles and cries loud and rushed to check on her. First, she instantly checked for any cuts, blood, or bruises and saw a couple on her arms. Amy slowly looked up at her sister with a disgraceful look on her face, as her tears slowly dripped on Beth's hand. At first instance, Beth blamed Anthony and turned around to approach him as he stood innocently at the door. Amy quickly stopped her, and managed to yell, "It wasn't him. He would never touch me!"
Beth turned back around after scaring innocent Anthony, "Was it dad?"
Amy wiped the tears away and shook her head no, too upset to even talk anymore. Beth demanded answers and wanted whoever harmed her own sister to pay, but she just couldn't get the name out of Amy's mouth. She was too afraid that it could escalated and resulted in Beth getting hurt or them losing their home. Beth sat next to Amy on the cold floor and placed her arm around Amy, trying her best to comfort her sister as she continued to cry.
"I need you to tell me who did this," Beth said, trying her best to hold back her tears, "Please!"
Anthony walked over to and got on his knees, right in front of his girlfriend, "Baby, who touched you?"
Amy wiped the tears away once again and cleared her throat. She moved around a little just to get comfortable before she started telling them what happened. She felt a cold breeze around her as she tried to tell the story, believing it was Samuel and his evil ways warning her not to open her mouth. She remained silent for a few seconds, hearing what Samuel said to her last night with the belief that he's watching her. She was hurt but yet she managed to tell a story she hoped she would never have to say again, "I....I went to talk to Samuel about letting us stay longer because we needed rest more than anything. I wanted to talk to him to help us...but he just wanted me. He started to touch me...I felt his disgusted skin on mine and his awful odor. I was speechless and helpless. He took my clothes off and...."
Amy was too upset that she couldn't even finish the story but Beth and Anthony knew what Samuel did to her. Beth became a little teary as Anthony stood up, too surprised to even realize what he did to her. All Beth could do was hold Amy tight and that's what she did, rocking her back and fourth as the two broke out in tears.
"My baby was raped," Anthony said, even the words shocked him that he had to take an immediate seat.
"Think of something...she's your girlfriend!" Beth said, holding Amy tighter
Amy gently pushed Beth away, feeling hopeless, "There's nothing to do! Without him, we lose our homes and those bad guys could easily find and kill us!"
Anthony watched as Samuel walked outside, whistling loud with a smile on his face, pulling the back that Sanchi found and started to skin in. Tears dropped from Anthony's face as he watched Samuel living his life peacefully without any rules or punishments. He eventually slammed the door loud enough that it caught Chun's attention.

The crew finally returned back home, with Sanchi just a little bit sore. He walked straight to his small cabin and shut the door quietly, immediately falling asleep despite Moresco snoring loud enough that it bothered Chun.
"Tough day for him," Sanchez said, standing right beside Stannis, "Everyday is just like one of those."
Stannis nodded his head, "You're talking to me again. Does that mean we can work together without any complications?"
Sanchez chuckled and walked away from Stannis as he said, "No way old man."
Stannis remained there in darkness, watched as Sanchez went back to his dorm. The old man still had a lot of his mind to stress him out. He still feared for his son's life and even his, thinking of the consequences of being caught by the armadas. He didn't want to even get close to Kane's dark side. After coming back to reality, Stannis felt a sudden touch on his shoulder and turned around with his sword in his hand. It was Spyder with his hands hidden in his cloak, "Didn't mean to frighten you."
Stannis rolled his eyes and put his sword up. He then grabbed Spyder by his collar and he said in a quiet angry voice, "What is wrong with you? Since when did I tell you it was okay to visit me while my son and his crew are around?"
"The rats in my sewers informed me you've made contact with Juhn Woun," Spyder said, adjusting his collar.
"You flea-filled creatures need to stay away from me," Stannis said, scratching the back of his head stressfully.
Stannis then noticed lights in Amy's dorm, he then begin to push Spyder away from the open spot before Spyder planted his feet down, "You're playing a dangerous game for both sides!"
"You do it too," Stannis said with a face of disgust
"I am good at it," Spyder said carefully, "The citizens back on Skull island are having trust issues regarding their own leader! Don't you see what'll happen if things go too far? Me, you, and my people will be killed because someone will spill valuable information. Crow and I may go hidden for a few days."
"You came all the way here to tell me that?" Stannis said with a confused look.
"Indeed," Spyder said, "I will not be able to have contact with you until everything goes back to normal. Also my friend, watch your back and you think you're vulnerable to get caught, leave!"
Before Stannis could say another word, Spyder turned around and motioned for Crow to set up sails. He didn't bother to bring Spyder back so he could finish, he just turned the other way and made his way towards the forests.

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