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                       About Blaze!
Hi, I'm Blaze (Known as many names) Created AoTS. I didn't like blogging at first but then had a feeling & I started now it's in my blood! My goals are to get AoTS to become official & to be entertain & blogg..y as possible Here's my W101 & P101 life: Been a Wizard101 player since 2008. Known as Blaze DragonHorn, (Lil-b Tell'emYEAH101, Adventurous Wizard) Had lots of accounts hacked, But for sure didn't stopped me. I am currently level 80 and I am a Fire wizard, Secondary school is Life & myth and a little bit of storm. I beat a lot of worlds. Wizard city, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Grizzlehiem, Celestia, Wintertusk, Wysteria, Zafaria, Avalon & soon Azteca! My favorite world in Wizard101 is Azteca. Favorite school for sure is Myth, Fire & Storm. Favorite pet is Frostzilla. Favorite creatureis Kraken. Favorite spell is Rain of fire. I love the creativity in Wizard101, Designs & much more! I like to create Wizard101 accounts to train, Goal is 40. Pretty much name all of them Blaze Dragonhorn. Storm- lvl 42 Myth- lvl 16 Balance- lvl 23 Life-lvl 35 Death-38. Back in 2008, During Wizard101 BETA. I just clicked on a random class & receive death school. But then I decided I needed a class that was right for me. I need the test & it popped up as fire. Fire is my school. It doesn't take me so long to finish a world, Bout 1-2 weeks. I love combat in Wizard101! Spells! Designs! Much more! I love to help my fellow wizards! In battles, Dungeons etc. I love to help. Been a Pirate101 character since...October 8th 2012. Known as Brave Blaze Silver (BBS, Adventurous Pirate, Lil-b) Level 50 as now of today (11-25-12) Witchdoctor -16, Privateer -14, Musketeer-5, Swashbuckler-11. Love Buccaneer, Witchdoctor & Privateer the most. At first when Pirate101 came out, I wasn't so sure. But then I got use to it & love it. I like Wizard101 combat more, But P101 combat is pretty cool. I like to farm a lot. Help friends. Ship battling, Not my game. Not good at it, But I love sailing the Stormgates & the skyways. Favorite world is Valencia. Pet is Armadillo. Favorite companion is Eep-Opp-Ork-Ah-Ah, Troggy High chief, Big troggy fan. I'm always a sucker for giveaways!

Twitter: @BlazeDragonHorn
Email: Bdragonhorn@yahoo.com

                                                           About David!
GAME ATTIC!! I'm David, Know as DS or um, Yeah that's it. Help create AoTS. Been a blogger since 09. Know the experience pretty well. Make posts sometimes that might take your whole day to read! Reading type.  Like to do guides, Smiths, Beetles, Cats, Claims anything Funky bunch, Hot chicks. Love to write books about adventures. Contest? I say yes! Blaze & I are like a team, We do have stuff in common, Bad at graphics & sometimes we go overdose on posting, Like to share our thoughts & what not. We laugh at each other mistake, And get along pretty well. About my W101 & P101 life: Been a Wizard101 player since November 29 2009. Storm! Storm is my class. Level 88 (Nov.25.12) Name is David Stormblade & lvl David Soul lvl 72. I like Storm & Death. Teachers are pretty cool. I like don't taking pictures that much. I have a great memory for both games for sure. I got muted once on my old account, And to not prevent this I just took off open chat. Even though I hate seeing ... it's better then being muted & can't talk. Beat every world so far. Avalon was the most trouble. I still have nightmares of Mooshu & Kroktopia. Favorite pet is Storm elf. I'm Commander in PvP. But I kept losing rank so I stopped. Favorite World is Azteca. Favorite spell Storm Lord, Favorite creature Helephant. I LOOOOVE to farm. You might see me in Unicorn realm, Farming in Mooshu. Like to earn W101 badges & for sure bundles. Sometimes when I get crowns for giveaway I want it but it's for you guys! David Devereaux Privateer lvl 50. Loves to farm still. Love to do side quest for mostly companions. Love companions! Without them, It wouldn't be a Pirate life. Favorite pet Skysnake Favorite world Mooshu Favorite companion is El Toro. Love the adventure!

Twitter: Nope
E-mail: Davidwizard101@yahoo.com

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