Saturday, September 29, 2012

AOTS's President and win 5,000 crowns

Its time every fall AOTS will host a contest for a chance to become the AOTS's President and win 5,000 crowns! Just enter the raffle below and it'll raffle up the first 16 people and they'll be in a contest call "The chosen one" which is every wedensday one of the 16 wizards will 1v1 another one if they lose they are out if they win they'll be safe (Like a bracket)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

                                       Will you be the champion?

Party for Anthony & Alex

Hey guys, Anthony DeathBane & Alex StormRider Birthdays are coming! (Anthony's 3rd & Alex's 4th) and I am hosting a party to celebrate these amazing wizards!! So come join us and lets party! And they're be some fun games too! Gnome hunt and name that spell, It'll be really fun. So gather up your friends and lets celebrate Anthony & Alex's Birthday!

Hosted by: Blaze DragonHorn

Where to meet: Life tower realm Vampire.

When: Hopefully October the 6th.

Why: Anthony & Alex are amazing people and they surely deserve this.

Time: 3-6 PM (If you have a twitter & if you want you can follow Blaze DragonHorn (@BlazeDragonHorn) he'll annouce when to come)

Games: (5 games) Gnomes hunt where you have to find 10 gnomes outside and 10 gnomes inside! Also name that spell! Which is a game where I say stuff about a certain spell and you name it! And MAYBE name that wizard also :) Which is like name that spell but I tell you some facts about a wizard in the spiral and I'll give you choices (No choices on Name that spell) 4 choices and you have to pick which one it is. Also mount race where you can pick any mount to ride on to race around the Jungle house(Teleporting will get you kicked.) Last, Find that portal Which is a game where you have to find a teleporter and when you do it'll take you to the next house.

So come down to the life tower and lets celebrate Alex & Anthony birthday!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wizard101 new phoenix hoard

Phoenix Hoard

Game Card Pack

New hoard in Wizard101! It is called the Phoenix hoard, Cost 399 crowns and is located in the crown shop, Comes with awesome items such as the new 2-person mount the fierce 2-person phoenix mount! But..Thats not it there plenty more! Like the Gargoyle pet, Dragon lance, Dragon pike, and dragon spear, Chivalric gear, NEW PET SNACKS (Boil peanut, Melting cheese tree, Clock flower & snow apples) Check out the pictures below for some items that may be in the pack!

Wonderful 2-Person phoenix mount!

Gargoyle pet

Staff, Dragon lance 

New armor, Chivalric armor (Dragon Lance staff in hand)

The sleepy phoenix!
Kelsey FireHeart's mount!
One of the armor comes with this awesome spell! Ice Dragon  (Robe) 
The robe (Ice Dragon)
Robe (Storm Dragon)
Gargoyle pet! 
Gargoyle stats at baby 

 Check out the hoard in the crowns shop for 399 crowns! good luck and have fun with the pack!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Time to party!!!

Pirate101 is throwing a game-wide ship party THIS wednesday (9/26) for Pirate BETA players! Its going to be huge and for sure fun :), So Bring your best ship and prepare to recreate your own version of Flotsam with all the other players of Pirate101. After a few cool screenshots of our groups, P101 encouraging the entire fleet of players to destroy Cutthroat and Waponi ships in a giant mass as we all slowly sail our way to Jonah Town!

Where will it be?  Avery Server (In as many areas as we can accommodate) between the Blood Shoals and Skull Island proper in the Skull Island Skyway (you know . . . it's that big safe area between the windlanes just outside of Skull Island from the Skull Island Docks! Just look for the mass of ships hanging out!) 

Invited: Everyone in the Beta!

Who is hosting? I think One eyed Jack (Idk) 

Get ready to pary you lucky BETA pirates!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introducing Digby the LONELY WIZARD!!! Series

Hey guys, Might of heard of the "Lonely wizard" on AOTS with pictures and funny, But something better will happen! The wizard Digby has enter Wizard101! And his adventures in Wizard city will be memorial & super funny! :)
                                                                                        Series picture.
                                                                                      Can ya dig it?

What will it be like? Pretty cool! I share some scripts with my friends and they was laughing pretty bad! Pretty much a funny adventure that you'll truly love!

When will it be? I am hoping I can get the script and everything done by the end of September, Hopefully in the EARLY October or in the late September. I'll let you guys know :)

Will Digby be in Pirate101? Maybe, Really hope so, Maybe he can be a SwashBuckler? That'll be cool and might be season 3 when its name change The lonely Pirate :) 

How many seasons will there be? Maybe I don't know, Maybe 10 or even 7, Hoping when it ends its last episode will be HUGE

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pirate101 Flag symbols

Pirate101 new flag symbols! Thanks Kelsey FireHeart (SotS) for letting me use the pictures :)
Which one do you like? 
Oooooh, Bunny!
Ducky! A pirate ducky!

Which one do you like on this?

Thanks Kelsey!

Song of the week: Ne-Yo "Lemme love you" 

                                                       Movie of the week: None...For now

                                                Spell/Pet of the week: None, For this week

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AOTS's make over

Hey fellow Wizard/Pirates of the spiral! AOTS (Adventures of the Spiral) is having a make over! It'll might look brand new! I am excited for it and I hope you guys are also!

Will any pages be deleted?
Hopefully not and if I'll add the deleted pages to "More" But I doubt I'll delete any pages

How different will AOTS be?
Not that different, Just maybe a new design, New design for the pages. I trying to achieve AOTS's background be a P101/W101 background & the pages just a little picture on each page so you can know

Will AOTS keep that wonderful header picture that Blaze ShadowHorn made? 
Maybe, I would like a picture not just with my wizard but also with my pirate :), But it might be the same picture but I might just add my pirate to it. Can't forget all about Brave Blaze Silver!

Will the spiral fish be there?
Yes of course! Who can forget all about the spiral fish? They're AOTS's favorite pet!

Will it be most likely more P101 or W101? 
It be both, I'll put more P101 post soon so I can catch up on P101, But I'll still be doing both :)!

When will it start?
I might try tomorrow or friday, But when I start, I'll let you guys know :)

If you have anymore questions, Please ask, Comment on this e-mail us (Which is on contacts) Twitter, Facebook us (Blaze Dragonhorn, @BlazeDragonhorn or @Official_AOTS) 

AOTS glitchy

Hey, Fellow wizards/pirates of the spiral! Aots is a little glitchy, I don't know why, When you click on a page it might say "Sorry the page you clicked on doesn't exist" (Manly happens on Pirate101 & More) There is a page its just a bit glitchy, I just don't want you guys to think anything wrong, When I saw this glitch I was angry thought I deleted my Pirate101 page by accident & it doesn't just occur on Pirate101 page it pops up on "More" and sometimes "Wizard101" I don't know why it occurs on my favorite hard work blogs, Lol

The glitch

What happen if I might want to see stuff on the blog? 
Just contact me on Twitter (@BlazeDragonHornor or @Official_AOTS) or Facebook (Fb page) (Blaze DragonHorn, Adventures of the spiral) or just e-mail me ( I advise you to send me a tweet on Twitter or a message on Facebook xD.

How will contacting you help us?
If you need info about Pirate101 or Wizard101 or want to see comics, Book, Etc etc I can tell you or send you pictures, If you would like.

Will it effect our computers?
I had an issue with that and the answer is no, It'll not effect your computer, But it might effect mine, But thats a 99% that'll happen.

Will we still be able to enter contests?
Yes, There was no complaints about the glitch being on the contest page, I hopefully soon can get this glitch out, But no worries no glitches on the event page, Just manly the P101, W101 and more pages.

If you have any questions or concerns, Please contact, or just comment

Cya in the spiral!  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pirate101 Release Announced

Pirate101 is coming! Kingsisle announced that P101 will be arriving in early October, You ready? Sure I am, Now AOTS will be not just W101 but more P101 too :), Guess "Brave Blaze Silver" Will be coming alive!! Also Gamers who purchase one of KingsIsle’s two pre-sale bundles will be allowed to start playing the game a week ahead of its official launch date, and will receive bonus items ranging from in-game pets to special mounts, homes, and weapons. The premium $89 “Boochbeard” bundle 

Boochbeard' Bundle

  • 2 Month Pirate101 Membership
  • One week head start Prior to Official Launch
  • Scarakeet Pet
  • Castaway's Cove House
  • Parrot Mount (the one on the side)
  • Cat Pirate's Companion
  • Ruby Slicer Weapon 
  • Automatic Inclusion in Closed Beta
                                                                 Gandry bundle 
  • 12 Month Pirate101 Membership
  • One Week Head start Prior to Official Launch 
  • Scarakeet Pet
                                                       costs $59.99 online!

                                                                $89.99 online. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plants goes dead

                          Want your plants do be successful? 
                                                            such as this one
Have a college degree, Moving out 

Or do you want your plants to be this?
Not having one thought of college, Staying with you FOREVER

Treat your plants right so when they sprout they look like this 

                                                            Instead of this 
If you need advice for gardening, We can help :), Tell you what they hate to be around or love to be around (If you even need that) Just ask, We respond, Because we want your plants to be Successful. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Congratz to SotS

I just want to say CONGRATZ TO STARS OF THE SPIRAL FOR BEING OFFICIAL , They really deserve it, Their site is amazing and have LOADS of information about Pirate101 or Wizard101, Woohoo, Knew you can do it :) 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Buccaneer Adventures

                   The Buccaneer Adventures
                        New AOTS book series

The Buccaneer Adventures is soon the 2nd book series in AOTS books, It is about  a pirate who joined a pirate gang call the "Buccaneers" but he isn't so good with buccaneers, They are tough & up for anything this young pirate is just plain weak and is easily scare, But he tries his best to fit in the Buccaneers. Coming soon

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today we honor the victums of 9/11 and thank the servicemen, woman, Police, Firefights, EMTs and paramedics and all public safety workers who serve our great nation the U S A!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Introducing the Spiral fish!

                                      The Spiral Fish!
The spiral fish are just fishes I made up. Go check them out and feed them, Treat them well! They do live in the spiral (Maybe) The Green fish is the LIFE fish. The orange fish is the FIRE fish. The yellow fish is the STORM fish. The blue fish is the ICE fish. The white & black fish is the ghost fish (DEATH fish). Hope you like feeding them!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introducing the brand new mount........


Brand new cat is here the JAGUAR You can find it in the crowns shop only for 6,500 crowns. So if you love cats well spotted cats go to the crown shop and get the JAGUAR! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Imagine it with Blaze & Blaze

Hey guys imagine that I am the president of the U S A!! what will you do? Look below the photo lol
A.Leave the USA 4
B.stay & be happy
C.Destroy the USA
D.Rather have Obama
E.Be so happy & greatful

Pick one of them if you woud like :D Comment A B C D or E

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wizard101 4th Birthday!

Wow just wow I can't believe its like the 4th year I played Wizard101. Can't believe back then I was that lvl 5 asking lvl 50 to add me. Wizard101 4th year the one that won the MMO congratz W101! For W101 4th Birthday celebration W101 is giving out an awesome house item get it here

                                                       Picture of Kelsey FireHeart  & I