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The Warrior "Valencia's teamwork" Season one finale AE (LONG)

Sanchez, Danny and El Toro starts to plan on rescuing Sanchi and the rest. Sanchi, Boris, Emmanuel and Malik managed to escape out of their cell until they were captured by Mauck and his men. Now, furious Kane demands Mauck and Deacon to deliver the prisoners to Valencia on his ship. Now, Sanchez and the rest must plan a deadly plan, unaware of the consequences. Meanwhile, Julia Carthy and Wing Chun stays back at the camp.

Finally, Mauck, Deacon and the rest finally reaches Valencia. Anxious to get rid of the prisoners, Mauck demanded several of his men to guard the cell. Kane was waiting on his ship, near the Armadas' headquarters and prisons filled with pirates and companions. Kane plans on executing everyone-except for Sanchi and they all knew it too.
"There's nothing else we could do" Emmanuel said, placing a filthy towel on his bullet wounds.
They all almost had enough. From the endless beating towards Boris and Emmanuel, from several bullet wounds on Emmanuel's body. Also, the unforgettable beating Malik earned from running away. Weak and starving, they just laid there.
"I'm out of options...I can't believe this!" Sanchi cried.
"Oh, you're be just fine. We have stuff to worry about, they're going to kill us!" Boris cried.
"I won't let them do that!" Sanchi said, standing up.
Sanchi ran towards the cell's bars and started to pull on it, yelling at Mauck's men. One of his men tried to grab his arms, but he was pulled by outraged Sanchi. "Let us out of here! Now!"
An armada quickly pushed him to the ground, falling next to tired Malik.
"I'm-I'm-I am..." Sanchi stopped.
Suddenly, they heard the cell door opening up and tiny patch of light filled up the cold cell block. Sanchi squinted, trying to get a good vision of the one who opened it. It was Mauck.
"Get up!" General Mauck said, "We're connected to Kane's ship. You're being transported there and seventy five percent of you will die at the headquarters"
Six armada guards came out and picked up the prisoners. They slowly transported them to Kane's ship. Boris and the rest started to sweat. Meanwhile, Sanchi tried to think of something...but was unsuccessful. They finally got on Kane's ship, Mauck followed on. His ship quickly flew away and towards the Headquarters.
"We're on Kane's ship" Sanchi said, "The cold heart one who took control of Derwitchi's army"
"We are screwed...aren't we?" Boris said.
Few minutes later, the ship stopped. They all knew the ship was being docked. General Mauck and some of Kane's men opened up the cell and carried all four of the prisoners to Valencia's headquarters. Mauck threw Sanchi into a single cell. The rest of his friends finally met with Kane. There were armadas with their weapons out and there were only three of them. General Mauck entered the room with a smile on his face.

"That's the ship...and there's our crew entering Kane's ship" Sanchez said, putting his binoculars down.
Sanchez were spying on the two armadas' ships transporting his crew.  Meanwhile, Danny and El had stolen devices, trying to get any clues on their plans on his crew. Luckily, they managed to get clues.
"Get on the ship. They are going to kill Boris and Emmanuel at the Headquarters!" El said.
They had a plan. Sanchez would get dropped off on top of the Headquarters and get Sanchi. Meanwhile, El and Danny would fire cannons into the room and get Boris, Emmanuel and Malik back. They had to do it quick, too.
"Sanchez, we're coming close to the Headquarters!" Danny said.
"Drop me off, I got Sanchi" Sanchez said, grinning.

Kane slowly lined up Boris, Emmanuel and Malik. He placed bandannas over their eyes. Emmanuel and Boris didn't speak, but when he tried to place the bandanna on Malik's eyes, he pulled his head away.
"Listen, don't do this...please! We can work something out!" Malik begged.
Kane quickly started to laugh. He patted Malik on his back and glanced out of the window, noticing a ship coming close but he ignored it.
"That's not going to know, you've been part of a certain crew I've been trying to hunt down for years! Now, I finally have you guys!" Kane said.
"B-b-but we're not bad people...we something out!" Malik said.
"Sir, you want me to shut this one up?" General Mauck said.
Kane nodded his head and smiled at Malik. He pulled his weapon out and pointed it at Malik's head. Malik closed his eyes and wanted it to end fast. Kane placed his finger on the trigger.
"Goodbye to one of..."
Boom! Half of the room blew up and dust started to fill up the room. Danny and El fell from the roof and took out the guards, unable to see Kane or Mauck's bodies. Danny quickly untied the three prisoners and pushed them out of the room. An alarm started to go off and the Headquarters started to fill up with armadas. Kane quickly started to yell and demanded Mauck to check for Sanchi.
 "We need to look for another ship!" Danny said, "I knew that crashing that damn ship was a bad idea"
Suddenly, Malik stopped after recognizing the voice. "Danny?"
"Danny grab him, we need to get out of!" El said.
Danny and El managed to lead them to an armada's ship, but El wanted Danny to go without him. He wanted to take care of business his self.
"Just get them out of here...I'll contact you once I'm done!" El said.
"Wait, what?" Danny said.
"Just go! You can handle this, get them out of here and wait for Sanchez or I to contact you!" El said, running away.
Danny quickly got Boris, Emmanuel and Malik onto the ship. He looked back, noticing armadas running towards him. He quickly got on bored and managed to get away. He didn't want any armadas to follow him, so he quickly blew up the remaining ships around him.

Sanchez noticed the alarm going off. He knew he'd have to hide and slowly find Sanchi. He hid from tens of armadas running past him. He quickly ran towards the cells, but saw more armadas coming his way. He quickly opened up a door and ran into the room. He turned around and noticed armadas speaking in a microphone about the escaped prisoners.
"W-w-watch out for i-i-individual who stole-stole pri-prisoners"
Sanchez slowly and silently walked towards the two armadas setting off alarms and looking at cameras. He pulled out his two pistols and aimed it at the two armadas, unaware of his present.
"Don't mess with my crew" Sanchez said.
Boom! He took out of the two armadas. He glanced at the cameras and noticed the room was empty. He smiled, figuring out that Danny and El got the rest. He took all four of the screens out. As Sanchez turned around, someone quickly tackled him into the screens and threw him out of the window. It was general Mauck.
"You must be one of the ones who stole something of mine!" Mauck said.
Sanchez quickly crawled away from Mauck, trying to look for his weapons but Mauck pushed him to the ground and started to punch him. Sanchez quickly pushed Mauck off of him and started to run, but Mauck grabbed Sanchez by his hair and pulled him. Mauck punched Sanchez in his face three times and threw him to the ground. Looking up, he saw the general cracking his knuckles. Sanchez quickly got back up and pushed Mauck away from him.
"You don't know us like Kane do! He couldn't handle us and some punk like you wouldn't be able to catch us!" Sanchez said, wiping the blood from his mouth.
Sanchez grabbed Mauck by his neck and threw him towards the edge of the ship. Then, Sanchez ran towards Mauck, trying to kick him off, but Mauck grabbed his foot and threw him off and onto the docks. The two hit the docks hard.
"Your crew been a pain! Atleast, I can end one of Sanchi!" General Mauck said.
Sanchez noticed one of his pistol behind Mauck and he thought of something. He ran towards Mauck and pulled him away from the weapon and towards the end of the docks. He grabbed one of his pistol and turned around. General Mauck was facing him with one of Sanchez's pistol.
"You just don't get it, do you? Should of kept yourself hidden!" Mauck said.
Sanchez raised his hands up and pointed his pistol behind him. Aiming his pistol at the ropes that're holding onto the docks.
"Maybe!" Sanchez said, firing a bullet.
Sanchez threw his pistol at Mauck, nailing his face. He quickly ran towards him and kicked him closer to the edge of the docks. He grabbed both of his pistols and ran towards the entrance, away from the fallen docks. He saw the dock becoming detached from the Headquarters and jumped onto the base. He looked back and saw general Mauck falling into the skyways. A pirate ship hit Mauck, killing him.

El Toro managed to sneak past armadas swarming around the buildings and towards the prisons. He looked out and saw most of the prison cells shut. He looked around, trying to look for Sanchi. His eyes widen as two guards carried an individual out. He noticed that it was his master, Sanchi.
"W-w-where are we taking this one?" Armada guard said.
They threw Sanchi out of the cell and onto the floor. Then, they picked him up and roughly tossed him around. Suddenly, Masked companion jumped out. He punched one of the armadas and kicked him off, he quickly sliced the other one. He quickly took Sanchi to a safer spot to talk to him.
"W-w-who are you?" Sanchi said, trying to get away from him.
"Sanchi, it's me! The almighty El Toro!" El smiled.
Sanchi hugged El. He couldn't believe it. His own companion rescued him, "You rescued me!"
"Not just me! We found someone...named Danny and he told us about you. He has Boris and the rest. Sanchez is here too" El said.
El Toro brought out his sword. He also picked up another sword from one of Kane's men. He handed it to Sanchi. His master smiled at him.
"Let's do this!" Sanchi said.

Sanchez took out a couple of armadas, trying to get to Sanchi's cell. He slowly got pass other armadas and ran towards his bestfriend's cell. He noticed that the door was opened. No one was in there. He dropped his weapon and fell to his knees.
"Someone took him!" Sanchez said.
Though, Sanchez noticed one of the armadas sliced up. He looked at the body and knew it was from either-El Toro or Sanchi.
"Danny, it's me Sanchez. I think Sanchi escaped on his own! Met me at Dock 8224!" Sanchez said.

Kane and some of his men walked towards dock 8224. He went by sliced up armadas, knowing that it was from Sanchi. Suddenly two bodies dropped in front of him. His men surrounding him fell to the ground, heads cut off. Kane smiled and pulled his sword out.
"Well well, Sanchi and El Toro. I've been waiting for this moment" Kane said.
Suddenly, the door to dock 8224 opened up and revealed Sanchi and El. Kane walked towards them, laughing loud with a huge grin on his face.
"Trust me, I can handle you!" Sanchi said.
Kane ran towards Sanchi and El and started to swing his sword at both of them. El tried to stab Kane, but he quickly jumped away and behind Sanchi. He swung his sword at Sanchi's back, but Sanchi defended his self as he dropped to the ground, kicking Kane's knee.
"I've warned you, stop while you're ahead!" Kane said.
"I don't think so!" El said.
Quickly, Kane ran towards the two, swinging his sword. But, their swords started to hit off each other. Sanchi ran behind Kane, trying to slice him. Kane quickly elbowed Sanchi's mouth and kicked him away. He fell to the ground, dropping his sword.
"Now, it's just me and you!" Kane said, running towards El.
"I'm excited, too!" El said, running towards Kane.
Bam! Both of them swung their swords at each other, resulting in their swords hitting. Cling, cling! Back and fourth, their showdown started to go down. Kane knew that El wasn't good to defeat him. Though, El spun around and his cape flowing on Kane's face. El knew this was his chance and went to strike Kane, but he managed to get the cape off and defended his self.
"Is that all you got?!" Kane said.
Suddenly, Sanchi opened up his eyes and noticed Sanchez on dock 8224 and an armada ship docking next to him. He also heard marching of armadas coming near. He knew they didn't have any time left.
"El, come on!" Sanchi said.
But El didn't listen, "I can handle him!"
The masked companion knew he was doing good against Kane, but he wasn't enough for his mastermind. He kicked El Toro's knee. Both of the two looked at each other eye-to-eye. Kane smiled and spitted right in his face, causing him to close his eyes. Suddenly, Kane stabbed El in his stomach.
"No!" Sanchi cried.
His own companion looked at Sanchi, tears coming out of his eye. "Get out of here, they need you more than me"
El dropped to the ground as blood dripped from Kane's sword. He looked at the devastated Sanchi and smiled at him. "You want some?"
Sanchi started to tear up, "'re a monster! But, it's a won't be catching me!"

Sanchi quickly ran towards the docks, seeing Sanchez. He started to yell at Sanchez. His eyes widen after seeing Sanchi.
"'" Sanchez said.
Sanchi hugged Sanchez, Sanchez noticed that Sanchi was crying, "What's wrong, pal?"
"Kane...killed El...he was defending me...Kane just killed him" Sanchi said.
Sanchez gave Sanchi a sad look. He tried to run towards him, but Sanchi pushed him towards the ship. Both of the two quickly got on the ship.

Thank you all for staying tune in the season one finale! Be prepare for season two, coming soon! We're excited to introduce new characters and showing more of other characters' sides. El Toro and general Mauck were great characters I was grateful to use. Stay tune for more!

The Warrior "Runaway route" S1 AE

Sanchi and his new crew mate Malik finally meets Boris and Emmanuel on Kane's ship. The ship is heading to Valencia, where Kane is. General Mauck is in control of these two with Deacon, but he plans on executing Emmanuel and Malik. Meanwhile, Sanchez figures out that Danny knows about Sanchi and plans on telling the rest. But, Wing Chun starts to go crazy over Sanchez keeping him alive. So he tries to kill Danny, but El Toro knocked him out. Finally, Sanchez, Danny and El Toro plans on going to Valencia to rescue Sanchi and the rest.

Two armada marksman entered Kane's office with a prisoner. They opened up his door and threw the prisoner on the ground. Aiming their weapons at him, Kane grinned and got out of his chair. The prisoner were sweating as Kane started to circle him, not saying a word.
"I thought Derwitchi got rid of y'all" Kane said, "Only two warriors left, right?"
The prisoner looked up at Kane. His men found him at Mooshu, hiding with his family. The warrior managed to take out a couple of armadas, but they surrounded him and he had to surrender. Kane knew getting him was a huge pain.
"Just let me go, please!" He said.
Kane started to laugh, "Than I'll look like the fool"
He quickly turned away from the prisoner and headed towards his office and the warrior knew this was his chance. He pushed the two guards out of his way and ran towards Kane.
"Huge mistake!" Kane said.
Kane quickly brought his sword and stabbed the warrior in his stomach, he fell to his knees and slowly hit the ground. Kane stared at his body for a few seconds and demanded his men to get rid of the body.
"Deacon better be here soon" Kane said to his self.

Kane's ship was close to Valencia, near the end of the Stormgate. Sanchi and the rest started to become nervous, couldn't think of a single plan. Boris was the smartest one in the cell and couldn't think of a single thing.
"We're going to die in here" Emmanuel said.
Suddenly, Malik stood up and thought of a strange plan. He started to explain his plan to them. First, one of them would have to get injured with lots of blood, guards would come in to treat the individual and the rest would jump the guards and lock them in the cells.
"That sounds extremely dangerous and unpredictable, plus the wound could get an infection and..." Boris stopped.
Malik ignored Boris and ran straight into the hard wall. Banging his head into the wall and breaking two fingers. He started to scream and cry for help.
"Is he crazy?" Emmanuel whispered to Sanchi.
"Nah, he's acting up a plan...I hope" Sanchi said.
They heard three armada guards footsteps, running as fast as they can. One of them accidentally ran into the cell. They started to yell and quickly opened up the cell.
"W-w-what is going on?" One of them said.
One of the guards dropped to the ground and examined Malik's head and fingers. He called for another armada to come to him and bring him medical supplies.
"It's so dark in here...I couldn't see a single thing!" Malik said.
Two of the armadas were focused on Malik. Meanwhile, the other one were keeping an eye on Sanchi and Emmanuel, unaware of Boris missing.
"Uh, g-g-guys...aren't there f-f-f-fours prisoners in-in here?"
Bang! Boris tackled one of them into the bars, causing static of electricity bursting out of it's head. Sanchi quickly grabbed it's gun and shot one of them. The other one quickly grabbed his weapon and aimed it at Malik's head. The armada wasn't scared of any of them.
"I-I-I kill my pro-program to..."
Sanchi quickly ended his sentence, firing a shot into the armada's chest, "Programmed for nothing!"
Boris grabbed the medical kit and wrapped up Malik's two fingers together. He also started asking him questions, making sure his head were alright. Then, the four quickly ran out of the cells.

Deacon and Mauck started to have weird feelings. They felt like something wasn't right. They also noticed that their three men haven't returned yet. Deacon started to wait, impatiently and slammed his fist down.
"Where are those three?" Deacon said, "Something has to be up...Mauck go check!"
General Mauck signed and got out of his comfortable position. He started to scream for other armadas to come with him, only two came to him. He rushed towards the cell. The three quietly walked towards the cell, looking for any signs. He still had this strange feeling, but they finally arrived at the cell. He got the two marksman to open up the cell and checked. Suddenly, Mauck heard the armadas cursing.
"Sir, the prisoners are gone and our men are destroyed!"  Marksman said.
Mauck dropped his weapon and ran into the cells. He looked around the dark room and noticed the destroyed armadas. He balled up his fist and started to scream, punching the wall too.
"Find them, now! I need to contact Kane!" General Mauck cried.
"Yes sir"
General Mauck contacted Kane and heard screaming from him. He couldn't believe it and demanded for them to find Sanchi and the rest. Deacon were also furious, but they were still in the Storm gates and had plenty of time to find them on the ship.
"Don't worry, we'll find them!" Deacon said.

Sanchi, Boris, Emmanuel and Malik heard general Mauck's screaming. They knew they had limited time but needed to think of another plan. Boris thought of one, stay hidden until they reach Valencia and one of them jump onto another ship to get help. They knew it was risky, but needed to try something. They split in group of twos, Sanchi and Emmanuel as one and Malik and Boris as the other one.
"Great to see you again" Emmanuel said, walking with.
"Is Julia alive? Is my love okay?" Sanchi asked.
"It's been a few days, last time I was with them...everyone were doing great...except El. He misses you and been a little strange" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi always worried about El Toro. Thou, he haven't seen him in a long time he still missed his only companion too, trying to forget Moresco.
"He's a great companion...I really hope that..." Sanchi stopped.
Both of them heard armadas around the corner, stomping on the ground and marching together. Emmanuel quickly poked his head out to look and saw about eight or more armadas. Sanchi grabbed Emmanuel by his filthy shirt and pulled him away. They quickly ran away from the noises, but the armadas heard them running and followed behind, with their guns out and loaded.
"Where are we going to hide at?" Emmanuel asked.
Sanchi stopped and started to look around for a a hiding spot, but couldn't find anything, besides a window. He thought of the only hiding spot.
"Follow me, fast!" Sanchi said, pulling up the window and quickly got outside of the ship.
Emmanuel saw the armadas turning the corner and they aimed their guns at him. He knew that if he'd follow Sanchi, he'd get him caught too.
"Emmanuel, come on...quick!" Sanchi whispered.
Sanchi started to hear gunshots. They were shooting at Emmanuel, but he didn't go with Sanchi.
"What are you doing?" Sanchi cried.
"Just leave me! If I follow you, you'd get caught too! Keep Boris and the rest alive" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi quickly turned away from the window as the armadas came closer. He felt bad for Emmanuel, he wished he could of helped. Thou, he heard them yelling at him to stop running.

"You heard all those gunshots?" Boris said, "I don't know what to do!"
"I'm guessing you've never been in this kind of situation" Malik said, noticing his peg leg.
Boris noticed that he was looking at his wooden peg leg. Malik knew that there were a story behind his leg, but didn't want to ask. The two started to roam around the ship, trying to look wait out the time. Thou, they heard general Mauck talking to Kane over his upgraded contacting device. Both of the two were furious and wanted to find all four of them.
"We need to hide somewhere" Malik said, hearing them too.
Quickly, the two quietly ran away from the voices of Mauck and Kane. They managed to secretly get pass by other armadas. Boris pulled Malik behind him and threw him into a small closet. They hid in there for now.
"Since we're stuck did you meet Sanchi?" Malik asked.
"Long ago, when everything flat out perfect. I was a young scientist...some disease broke out and I got trapped there with other scientists, but they became different...monsters! Sanchi and the rest of his amazing crew rescue me and I've never looked back, though...I've seen Sanchi's own friends dying...from enemies but he kept his head up. That's why our crew is still alive! We're meant for this! I'm ready for this" Boris explained.
"Wow, man" Malik said.
"If we get out of this, you'll be part of our family...our crew" Boris said.
Suddenly, the two started to hear footsteps and saw shadows near the door. They quickly closed their mouth and remained calm...and silent. The two armadas stopped at the closet door and grabbed onto the knob.
"We need to do something" Boris said.
Malik moved Boris out of his way and tackled the door down, falling on top of one of the armadas. The other marksman grabbed his gun and aimed it at Malik, but a metal object nailed the armada in it's face. He turned around and saw Boris with a grin.
"Thanks, let's go" Malik said.
The two ran fast as other armadas arrived at the area. Boris and Malik quickly turned around to make sure there was nothing behind them.
"We got away!"
Bump! Boris and Malik crashed into a group of armadas. One of them were Deacon. He slowly turned around and smiled.
"Well, well...look who arrived to the party. Three down, four to go!" Deacon said.

"He's gone...Emmanuel" Sanchi said to his self, waiting outside of the ship.
Sanchi heard several alarms going off and gunshots firing. He didn't know what to do beside to wait until another ship arrives. All he thought about was his Julia and companion, El Toro. He was extremely excited for old times.
"Check up here, just in case" General Mauck said, climbing on top.
Sanchi quickly hid behind a tall pipe on top of the ship. He remained silent, but heard Mauck's footsteps growing louder. Mauck smiled, knew that he was here.
"Come on, you know I'm not an idiot" Mauck said, "We've checked every spot on the ship...and captured all three of your friends"
Sanchi didn't respond, but he knew that Mauck were close by. He started to wait for his chance. Meanwhile, Mauck started to talk more.
"Come out already...I want a rematch against you!" Mauck said.
Sanchi felt him nearby and knew this was his chance. He swung out and punched Mauck in his face, causing the general to fall to the ground. He quickly jumped on top of him and started to punch him more, but Mauck headbutted him and threw him off. Both of the two quickly got back up and looked at each other, eye to eye.
"I like your ethic...but it's a shame, you won't see anyone else!" Mauck screamed.
The general pulled his knife out and ran towards Sanchi, swinging it at him. Sanchi quickly punched him in his stomach and than face. He quickly went for Mauck's knife but he cut Sanchi across his face. He looked up at Mauck and saw him laughing.
"Is that all you got?" Mauck laughed.
General still had the knife in his hand, ready to stab Sanchi. But Sanchi walked away from him.
"Where you going? I'm not done!" Mauck screamed.
He grabbed Sanchi by his leg and slung him to the ground and kicked him several times. Mauck swung his knife and Sanchi grabbed his hand and started to pull it back, causing him to release the knife. Sanchi punched Mauck in his nose and made him hit the ground.
"This is it for you!" Sanchi said.
Suddenly, several armadas came up with their riffle aimed at Sanchi. General Mauck started to laugh and Sanchi heard a voice behind him. It was Deacon.
"Well, well. We got four!" Deacon said, pointing his weapon at Sanchi.
He raised his hands, dropping Mauck's knife, "Going to need another plan".

The Warrior "Locked in and out" S1 AE

Boris and Emmanuel still remains as Deacon's prisoner on Kane's ship. After escaping from the general's ship, Sanchi and Malik tries to stay on the low while they're being hunted. But they're no match for Mauck and his men, getting captured again. Now, Mauck plans on delivering the two prisoner to Kane's ship with struggling Boris and Emmanuel. With Sanchez making the decision to keep Danny alive, he figures out that Danny was with Sanchi. Finally, Sanchez found some information on Sanchi and must explain it to his crew.

"Name?" Deacon asked.
"Uh...James Starstone" Prisoner said.
Deacon had no idea who this person was. Luckily, his men explained it to him. James was a prisoner from Cell block 32A. Deacon knew that he won't need this pirate. He signaled for his men to execute the innocent prisoner and they did as Emmanuel and Boris watched.
"Next one from that cell" Deacon said.
Another pirate came out of the darkness. The pirate had a scary look on his face. Boris had a feeling that the individual been locked up for a long time.
"No one from Monquista would want him, look at him! Take him away" Deacon said.
"Stop!" Boris said, standing up, "This is not right! You're a monster!"
Suddenly, Deacon's men aimed their guns at Boris. He heard the guns loaded, but Deacon raised his left hand up. He walked up to Boris, staring him right into the pirate's eyes.
"You know, when I met your crew...I knew they'd be a pain. But...I didn't know you'd be a pain" Deacon said.
Creeeek! Loudly, the door opened up and general Mauck entered the room. Deacon pushed Boris to the ground, bringing his attention to Mauck.
"What is it?" Deacon said.
"Take this ship to Valencia, I've got the grand prize" General Mauck said, "I have captured Sanchi"
Boris and Emmanuel's eyes widen, Deacon started to clap his hands and other armadas started to cheer. Deacon quickly turned the ship around and to the Stormgates.

Wing Chun and El Toro started to design plans to move out of the jungles, having fears of armadas capturing anyone else. Julia Carthy were in her tent, in tears. She missed Sanchi deeply. Sanchez haven't returned back to the campsite, being gone for three hours with Danny.
"Where could we go? This place isn't going to be safe for one, oh dear" Wing Chun said.
"We could hide out in Aquila, it's a beautiful paradise! Mountainous isles all around! We could be protected by heroes!" El Toro said, smiling.
"I don't know....I'm not a fan of a emperor is home of mighty eagles, they could be working with the armadas" Chun said.
Both of the two couldn't decide on another location, but also doesn't wanna live Boris or Emmanuel behind. They never discussed it with Julia or Sanchez. Thou, everyone felt like they're living in fear.
"We need to think of something" El said.
"You know, when I was a senator...someone told me about Marleybone. Thou, I don't know if it's still the same" Chun said.
El just shrugged his shoulders and walked towards his tent. While walking back, El Toro saw Sanchez walking back...with Danny.
"Sanchez!" El yelled.
He quickly pulled out his sword, furious he ran towards them. Sanchez saw El running from a distance, he started to yell at him to stop but he kept running. He pulled out his pistol and got in front of Danny. When El got close, he stopped. Demanding for Sanchez to move away from the stranger.
"Move away from him!" El Toro said, "I am done with how you're running things! You're not helping us move on! If you don't get rid of him, I will!"
Sanchez pointed his gun at El's forehead, advising him to back away. Thou, El didn't listen. He started to breath hard with a furious look on him. He wanted Danny dead.
"Listen, El...I can explain why he's here" Sanchez said, lowering his gun.
"Because you're too soft!" El said, starting to slow down.
Suddenly, El tackled Sanchez out of his way and pushed Danny to the ground. He quickly raised his sword, ready to strike.
"El don't!" Sanchez cried.
"Why should he live?" He said.
"Because he knows where Sanchi is! Your master is alive!" Sanchez cried.
El stopped. He looked at Sanchez straight in his face. He noticed that Sanchez was telling the truth, with the look on his face. Then, El looked down at Danny. He had his hands covering his face.
"It's true...I know where he friend and I...found him, knocked out and almost dead" Danny said, "Without me, he would of been dead!".

Few hours later, the ship filled with armadas entered the Stormgate to Valencia. Emmanuel or Boris still haven't seen Sanchi, but they heard the cell door opening up. Two bodies dropped in front of them. One of them were dark skin, didn't recognize him, but they noticed the other one. He had a white short sleeve shirt, blood all over his chest. It was Sanchi. Both of the two stood up, darkness all around them. Sanchi or Malik didn't know where they were. Until, they started to hear voices.
"Sanchi! that you?" Boris said.
"W-w-who said that...who's there? Please, don't harm me!" Sanchi said.
Boris tried to get up and help out Sanchi, but when he got close Sanchi punched him and pushed him to the ground.
"Back off!" Sanchi said.
"Sanchi! It's me, Emmanuel and that person you punched...was Boris" Emmanuel said, "We thought you were dead!"
Sanchi finally calmed down and dropped to the hard floor. He couldn't believe it. He finally found his old crew.
"You guys...are alive! I knew it!" Sanchi said.
Malik placed his hand on Emmanuel's shoulder. Unrecognized, Emmanuel pushed him away, "Who's that guy!"
"Malik...that's Malik. Him and his friend saved my life!" Sanchi said.
"Sorry, I can't see you...nice to meet you though" Malik said, trying to bring up everyone's mood.
Suddenly, the cell door opened up and light filled up the cold room. It was general Mauck and Deacon, with no weapons on them. Thou, they had five other armadas behind them.
"Where's my crew! The rest of them!" Sanchi said.
"You mean, Julia, Sanchez and the two other companions?" Deacon said, "They're good at hiding, but we'll find them soon!"

"Julia!" Wing Chun said.
He been calling for Julia for a few minutes now. Unable to find her. Thou, she ran off away from the campsite to cry for a few hours.
"Where are you...Julia?" Chun said.
Suddenly, he heard someone yelling his name, "Over here"
Chun followed the voice and finally found Julia. When he arrived, he noticed that her eyes were red. He knew what she been up to.
"Are you okay?" Chun asked, sitting right next to her.
"I miss Sanchi...I always wanted to do one thing with him...but all this fast" Julia said, wiping her noise.
"Like what?" Chun said.
"I wanted to marry him...well I wanted him to ask me...but it's too late, now" Julia said.
"It's not too late...I believe that he's still alive!" Chun said.
Julia shook her head, understanding him. She wiped the tears away and gave Chun a hug.
"Thanks Chun, this means alot" She said.
Chun smiled and patted Julia on her back, but then he noticed something from a far distant and quickly got on his feet. His smile became a frown.
"I can't believe him!" he said.
He saw Sanchez, El Toro with...Danny. Chun had a feeling that Danny is a threat and should not be around them.

"We're going to need more know, we can't take up the whole entire armada army!" Danny said.
"You probably never heard of us" El said, smiling.
Suddenly, the three of them heard shouting and Sanchez recognized the voice, it was Chun. He saw him coming up with a furious look on him. El quickly walked towards him to calm him down, but it didn't work. Chun pushed El out of his way and got into Sanchez's face.
"What is wrong with you!" Chun said, "Why is he still here?".
"You need to calm down" Danny said.
Chun looked at Danny and started to laugh, "Me? This is pathetic! You're just a lunatic! And Sanchez...I can't believe you! Why? This man...he...tried to kill you?"
"I can explain why he's here, but you need..."
Sanchez stopped, Chun quickly interrupted him. He started to scream at Sanchez and Danny. Then, he swiped Sanchez's gun from him.
"If you won't do it, then I will!" Chun said.
He quickly approached Danny with a grin on his face. He pointed the gun towards his head and had his finger on the trigger. Ignoring the yelling from Sanchez and El.
"Listen...don't do this, okay? This'll be a huge mistake!" Danny cried.
"A mistake? Well, if Sanchez can make a couple...why can't I...I mean, look at us! Just..."
Chun stopped and fell to the ground, showing El with a huge stick. He knocked him out by his self.
"I had too" El said.
Sanchez went to Chun's body and checked his pulse. He was still alive, but knocked out.
"What is going on?" Julia said.
"Julia, I have great news...let's head back to the campsite first" Sanchez said.

The Warrior "Truth unfolds" S1 AE

Danny crashes his ship near Sanchez and the rest's camp. Sanchez went to go check it out and meeting Danny for the first time, but unaware with his friendship with Sanchi. The lone pirate begins to freak out and runs, losing them. Resulting in Julia shooting Danny, but Sanchez demands to give him medical attention. Meanwhile, Sanchi and Malik are stuck on Mauck's ship, while him and his men get a drink. Sanchi and Malik both teamed up to take out Slim (One of Mauck's men) and crashed his ship. Now, Sanchez must finds out of truth from Danny and Sanchi needs a getaway plan. Though, Boris and Emmanuel are still in the armadas' hands.

Bam! One punch from Deacon, resulting in him falling to the ground, but his men picked him right back up. Another hard punch from him. He slowly opened his eyes back up, as Deacon throws him into a stone cold hard wall.
"I don't need you" Deacon said, "In my opinion, you're completely useless and I don't mind how many punches I give you from between today and since you been here...I will find more answers. Now,"
Bam! Another hard punch, and slowly his eyes closed again. Deacon's men picked the pirate up and held him for Deacon. He slowly grabbed his face and stared at him dead in the eyes.
"Are you going to tell me...Emmanuel?" Deacon said, smiling.
Emmanuel didn't answer, instead he just laughed back at him and calmly said, "You won't find them...and by the time you get there, they'll be long gone"
Deacon laughed and shook his head, signaling his men to release him. His men dropped him straight to the ground. Emmanuel started to have a hard time trying to stay alive.
"You could be right, I been with them for how long? A year now? The armadas' takeover been lasting for a few months now" Deacon said.
"For...for still got me...Boris, Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, El Toro, Julia and Avery!" Emmanuel said.
Deacon started to laugh as he clapped his hands, loud. He started to walk around the small, cold, dark room for a few minutes, laughing. But, when he got near Emmanuel, he dropped to the ground, with his gun and pointed it at Emmanuel's head.
"I can end you and worry about a few more! I can also kill Boris, too!" Deacon said, "Avery isn't a challenge and I am positive that two senators are no match for me!"
Emmanuel smiled, after spitting blood out of his mouth, "You can take me out right now, I'm not telling you nothing! You failed this time and Kane will start look for someone new!"
Suddenly, the door opened up and three of armadas came and threw someone to the ground. The someone was Boris, he knew from his peg leg.
"This is going to be fun" Deacon said.

"You really want this guy in our camp site? This is where we sleep! There's only four of us now...the rest are..."
Sanchez stopped Chun by slapping him, "Don't you say that they're dead...because they're not!"
"I was going to say missing! How's is this crazy fellow going to help us find any of them?" Wing Chun said, placing a wet towel on Danny's forehead.
It was just Sanchez, Wing Chun and El Toro outside of the tent. Waiting for Julia to finish of Danny. Sanchez was the only one to want him to be fine. Meanwhile, the others didn't approve of this.
"Just explain to me...."
"Quiet Chun! I'm getting tired of this, quit worrying!" Sanchez said, moving him away from the tent.
"Listen Sanchez, I've known you for a long time and I noticed a few didn't change when we met Sanchi and Moresco...don't change now" Chun said, walking away.
"Times changed! I need answers from this guy! We've already lost enough people!" Sanchez yelled.
Sanchez knew that Chun didn't hear him. He raised his head up and looked at El. Sanchez smiled at him, but he just gave him a nasty look.
"We're trying to keep all of us safe, not bring some crazy dude here...Sanchi was our true leader...true defender, you're not!" El said, walking away.
Sanchez felt like nothing was going his way...he felt like everyone was started to hate him. He need to place actions in his own hands.
"Hey, this guy will be fine...just needs some rest...I don't really know why you want him...he's dangerous" Julia said.
 Sanchez quickly thought of a new plan, "I understand...I'll get rid of him, tonight".

Armadas all around the area. General Mauck..angry as can be is losing his mind. Sanchi and Malik managed to escape, but are still on the same island as their enemies.
"Did we really do that...We killed one of Mauck's men!" Malik said.
Both of the two, slowly sliding past drunken strangers. Trying to avoid Mauck and his men. Sanchi heard Mauck's screaming and firing random gunshots.
"They're still here! I want all these ships here out! Check each of them, too!" General Mauck said.
Sanchi knew that they wouldn't be able to get on any of the ships. He also knew that they'd be out of time soon. He had to think of something.
"What are we going to do?" Malik asked.
"I don't know...but we better think of!" Sanchi said.
Most of Mauck's men were in other pirate's ships, looking for any clues, but they knew others close by. He heard them arguing with drunk pirates. Malik quickly stuck his head up to see who's arguing and one of Mauck's men spotted him.
"Uh...sir, I think I've found them" He said.
"What? Where? Men!" Mauck said, pulling his guns out.
Suddenly, Mauck and his men started to shoot in a crowd, killing a couple but Malik and Sanchi managed to run from it.
"They're trying to get away!" Mauck said, "Follow them, now!"
Sanchi and Malik quickly ran into the crowded bar, trying to sink into the crowd. That plan didn't work, the general managed to spot Sanchi.
"Get him!" Mauck said.
Sanchez finally thought of a plan. "Malik get up and run that way, you'll attract his men towards you and I'll handle the general!"
Malik quickly got up and started to run towards the exit. Mauck commanded his remaining men to get him. He wanted Sanchi for his self.
"Sanchi...where are..."
Sanchi quickly tackled Mauck to the ground and punched him twice in his face. He went for another punch, but Mauck bite his pointed finger, causing Sanchi to jump back. The general quickly kicked him off. This was his chance. While Sanchi was on the ground, Mauck tried to find his gun. Luckily, Sanchi grabbed Mauck by his leg and pulled him towards him. Mauck quickly grabbed a bottle of Yum-Yum and slammed the bottle on Sanchi's head, causing him to hit the hard ground. He tried to get up, but Mauck pointed his gun at him.
"Nice try" Mauck said.
Suddenly, his men opened the doors up and threw Malik on the ground, "Sir, we got him".
"You gotta be kidding me" Malik said.

Nighttime finally arrived. Wing Chun and El Toro didn't speak to Sanchez at all, still upset. He knew this was his only option. Executing Danny. He picked up his unconscious body and headed away from the campsite. He tried his best to think of other things, but couldn't see a danger person around his family. He finally found his spot and dropped Danny on the ground.
"I'm sorry, nothing like this can work out" Sanchez said, pointing his gun at Danny.
Suddenly, Danny's eyes opened up and he started to back away from Sanchez and screamed at him.
"Don't do that, please...please...I just need to get out of here!" Danny said.
"You're dangerous! You tried to kill me and my companion" Sanchez said, loading his gun.
Danny raised his hands up, trying to cause no harms, "Please...I'm just trying to rescue my friends...Armadas...armadas took them! Please, please, please don't shoot me! It's hard to trust anybody ever since this armada takeover"
Sanchez started to become curious and lowered his gun. He wanted to know more about his friends, knowing that he's dealing with the same issue.
"Tell me more" Sanchez said, "What's their names?"
"Uh...why...why so you can kill them?" Danny said, "Just help me!"
Sanchez calmly tossed his gun away from them. He wanted to talk and figure things out with him, "All ears, armadas stole two of my"
"We were at Cooper's Roost, hiding from the armadas...I went to get ready for bed, but heard all this yelling and noises. I went outside and these armadas just took my two friends. I quickly got into a random ship and followed them, but they took me out and I crashed here..Also..."
"Stop, stop...what's their names?" Sanchez asked.
"Malik and...Sanchong or Sanchi, they're trying to hunt him" Danny said.
Suddenly, Sanchez freaked out. He ran towards his gun and aimed it at Danny and loaded it, "Sanchi? Did you say Sanchi!"
"Yes...yes...why?" Danny said.
Sanchez lowered his gun and looked back at his campsite, "Listen up, we're going to rescue your friends"

The Warrior "Safe travels" S1 AE

Sanchez, El Toro, Wing Chun and Julia Carthy are last at the camp. The search starts for Boris and Emmanuel after being kidnapped by armadas. Sanchi and Malik starts to bond with each other, until Mauck finds them at Cooper's Roost and take them. Danny followed the armada's ship and tried to rescue them, but his ship went crashing into the jungles. Sanchez and El starts to have trouble after finding Danny and doesn't know what to do with him, unaware about him being with Sanchi.

Everything was black. Sanchi felt Malik lying right next to him, also tied up too. He heard talking that sounded like Mauck and laughter that sounded like dozen of armadas. He felt movement, knowing that they're still traveling on the ship.
"Shall we kill the darker skin fellow?" Armada said, referring to Malik.
Suddenly, Sanchi felt Malik shaking in fear. But, silence filled the room and Sanchi started to hear footsteps. Each step got louder and louder, he heard the boots pressing on the wooden floors. All of a sudden, it stopped and Sanchi saw light and the room. His blindfold was lifted.
"Eat something, boss doesn't want you dead" Mauck said, jamming food in his mouth.
He hated the foot. The moldy, gray and green food. He quickly spit all the food out of his mouth as his blindfold covered his eyes again and he resumed to hear armadas.
"Hey" Sanchi whispered, "Malik, everything gonna be okay...I mean you saved my butt. I need to return the favor"
"We're running out of time" Malik replied back.
Suddenly, they felt the ship turning in directions and leaning. Then they heard Mauck, "Have you been drinking? I swear the clockworks are much better but more expensive!"
"If their stupidity doesn't kill us, then you better come up with a plan" Malik said.

Finally, Sanchez and El returned back to the camp, without Boris or Emmanuel. Chun was first to notice something strange.
"Sanchez...who's that?" Chun said.
El slowly placed him on the ground and soaked a cloth in the pond and placed it on his forehead and rushed to them. Anxious to tell the story.
"Well, this man obviously crashed his ship and overreacted" El said.
"What do you mean...overreacting?" Chun said.
El quickly grabbed Sanchez's arm and lifted it, revealing his deep bite mark from Danny. Also the busted lip was a dead giveaway.
"Wow, must of been a he asleep?" Chun asked.
"Uh...not see, Sanchez kinda went chicken boxer on him and knocked him out" El said.
Suddenly, they heard a moan and turned around, Danny was awaking up. He blinked his eyes a couple of times. But, in a few moments he turned his face right into Sanchez's gun.
"Leave me alone...please!" Danny cried, "My friends are missing! They were stolen from the armadas!"
"Well, we lost a couple of our friends too...two of them was from the armadas" Sanchez said.
Suddenly, Danny pushed Sanchez's gun away from him and quickly got up. El tried to grab him, but he elbowed him right in his face. Danny started to run from them.
"Not again!" Sanchez said, running after him.
Danny was going full speed, trying to get rid of Sanchez, but he was right on his tracks. Sanchez were getting close, but Danny took a sharp left and Sanchez also ran into a tree. Suddenly, Danny was about of his sight.
"Where did he go?" Sanchez said, holding to his gun tight,
Sanchez took slow footsteps, trying to hear anything. He started to have feelings that he was far gone.
"He got away!" Sanchez said, punching a tree.
Sanchez started to walk back to his camp. But, Danny jumped off a tree. Falling on top of Sanchez and started to punch him.
"Stop!" Sanchez said, blocking some of his punches.
Sanchez quickly pushed him off and started to kick the stranger. Danny got back up and grabbed Sanchez's leg and threw him into a tree, hurting his back. He held Sanchez against a tree and started to punch him. Only way to escape was to shoot him.
"You're an enemy!" Danny said, "Where's my friends?"
Boom! Sanchez shot Danny in his leg, causing him to stop punching him. But Danny quickly ran away from him, blood dripping from his leg.
"Great!" Sanchez said, throwing his gun on the ground.

"Are you even capable of flying this wooden ship?" Mauck said.
"I'll be fine" He yelled.
Suddenly, Sanchi felt the ship stop. He knew they were at a dock. Sanchi heard Mauck calling all his man off the ship and to the bar. Mauck made sure Sanchi and Malik were tied up.
"T-t-this is our chance" Malik said, "Help me get this blindfold off!"
Sanchi started to rub his head on the wall, trying to release the blindfold. Each time, he could see a little light each time and finally the blindfold came off. Malik copied him and got his off too.
"Okay, now what? Our hands and feet are tied up" Sanchi said.
Sanchi suddenly saw a idea on Malik's face, "Well, this might be a little weird...but...bite the rope off"
"Pretty sure I can't do that" Sanchi said.
"Well...We're done" Malik said, "They're going to execute us...we're just innocent, too"
But Sanchi knew that wasn't true. He knew that Malik was only innocent and believed that they'll just kill him, "You're the only innocent one...I'm being hunted and y'all probably knew that"
"Where's ye blindfold?" Slim, one of Mauck's men said.
Slim started to walk towards Sanchi, which made him grin. Slim kicked Sanchi in his stomach and bend over and grabbed the blindfold. Sanchi knew that this was his chance. He quickly headbutted Slim, causing him to hit the ground and Sanchi lifted his self up.
"What the?" Slim said, feeling his head.
Sanchi kicked him over and over again, but it quickly ended as Slim grabbed his leg and pulled him on the ground. Slim without thinking got on top of Sanchi and started to punch him in his face. One punch, two punch, three...four...five he quickly lost count.
"Ye messing with the wrong one!" Slim said, punching him one last time.
Slim got back on his feet, looking at Sanchi trying to get back up. He laughed and kicked him back to the ground.
"I'm going to get Mauck!" Slim said
Mauck grabbed Sanchi's blindfold and walked back towards him, with a grin on his face. Sanchi tried to wiggle his self back up, but he became so weak from the beaten.
"Mauck is going to be furious!" Slim said.
Suddenly, a body flew into Slim and knocked him into the wall, knocking him out. The person was Malik (Still tied up).
"Nice hit!" Sanchi said.
"I don't know how I managed it, but I did" Malik said, untying his self.
Malik helped Sanchi get loose and the two started to move. Malik steered Mauck's ship away from the docks and into the skyways, eventually crashing into other ships.
"Sir!" One of Mauck's men cried.
"What is" Mauck said, feeling drunk.
When he got to his self, his eyes widen. He threw his drink on the ground and pulled his weapon out.
"They escaped! My ship is gone! Find!" Mauck said.

Few hours later Sanchez finally arrived back to the camp, with blood all over him with bruises. Julia quickly rushed him with first aids. Chun and El eventually arrived, after hearing Julia screaming.
"Who attacked you?" Julia asked, cleaning the blood off his face.
"That..." He stopped as Julia continued to wipe his face, "Man, that stranger..he attacked...quit Julia, please!"
El Toro quickly pulled his sword out and started to walk towards the jungles, but Sanchez managed to stop him. He wanted to find Danny by his self.
"I'm going to find him, alone. Something is up with he seen something" Sanchez said, rubbing his head.
"Foolish choice...I mean...I am the great masked warrior! I can help!" El bragged.
"He's weak, I gave him a couple of hits and I shot his leg, plus I need Chun with me" Sanchez said.
Whoosh! Sanchez heard leafs crumbling and noticed bushes moving, he felt like they were being watched. "Shhhh!"
He pulled out his pistol and aimed his gun at the bushes. With a serious look on his face, he slowly walked towards the area. El felt danger too as he pulled his sword out. He also assisted that Julia and Chun to go back to their tents, but Julia was the only one.
"Come out, or I'll fire multiple shots into this bush!" Sanchez said, loading his gun.
"It could be the wind" Chun said, walking towards Sanchez.
Suddenly, Sanchez saw Danny jumping out of the bushes and grabbed Chun. He placed his blade on Chun's knife, backing away from Sanchez and El.
"Woah, l-l-let him go...he's innocent!" Sanchez said.
El Toro started to walk towards Danny, Sanchez had to think of something.
"I advise you to release him!" El said
"Or what!" Danny said, "I need a ship and I want it now!"
Boom! Sanchez and the rest heard a gunshot fired. Danny released Chun and dropped to the ground, unconscious. They slowly turned around and saw Julia, holding a gun. Chun and El ran towards Julia to make sure she's okay, but Sanchez went to check on Danny. Julia hit him in his shoulder, he'll need serious medical attention Sanchez thought.
"Guys, open up my tent....I need this guy alive" Sanchez said.

The Warrior "Cell block B" S1 AE

Sanchez, Chun and Julia returned home safe, but no luck for finding Sanchi. But unexpected, Boris and Emmanuel goes out to look for clues. Only clue they find were a footprint, thinking that others are near. Then, troggys attacked Boris and Emmanuel, but Sanchez found and helped them. Sadly, it wasn't enough. Deacon found the two helpless pirates and kidnapped them. Now, the crew has more issues. Sanchi, Boris, and Emmanuel are not found and Deacon knows that they're still out there.

Group of armadas threw Boris and Emmanuel into a dark, cold, small room. Both of the two hit the ground hard, "Stay there".
Emmanuel slowly raised his head, to look around the room. All he saw were other prisoners in corners, small lights shining in from the bars, and crying from others. He lifted his self up and looked at the armadas closing the door. Emmanuel ran towards the bars and started to pull on them, yelling at the armadas (demanding them to let him go). The armadas laughed.
"There's no use...most of us been here for months"
Emmanuel turned around and looked at his friend. He were weak from escaping the troggys. Emmanuel looked at other prisoners, then he fell to the ground.
Emmanuel were half awake, hearing prisoners talking, "This cell block is getting full! Why are the armadas doing this to us? Deacon and Mauck are cold monsters!"
Suddenly, the cell door opened up wide. General Mauck was still with six armadas. The six of them picked up Boris and dragged him out. All Emmanuel could do from there was watch.
"We need answers" Emmanuel heard Mauck stating.

Sanchi placed a map on the ground and flattened it out. They've landed on Cooper Roost. Malik and Danny went into the town. Malik had an idea when he noticed nurse Quinn walking around.
"Maybe she can check your scar" Malik suggested.
Sanchi ignored him. He were looking around the map. Trying to look for a new location to live in. The three also needed a brand new ship.
"We could just steal a ship" Malik said.
"We aren't like that" Danny said, "Just because Sanchi is with us, doesn't mean we'll change"
Sanchi didn't listen to Malik and Danny's argument. He were tired like the other two. He needed to think of something soon. He finally decided to stay put at Cooper's Roost.
"Shut it, we'll going to rent a house. No clue how long, but I am exhausted" Sanchi said, looking out.
It was obviously about to be nighttime and everyone knew. Danny went to the town to negotiate prices for a room.
"I don't know how long we're staying" Danny said, "But, we also need a ship, too"
The owner with his fat cheeks gave Danny a look, but Danny dropped a pouch of coins on his desk. The old man opened it up.
"Well, ye got enough alright" He said, "I'll give you three days"
The three of them went into their room. Dropping their items and falling on the uncomfortable bed. It was finally nighttime and Danny were first one out.

"Bring him in" Deacon said.
Boris eyes were wide open. Scared too death as the armadas dragged him into a small little room, with Deacon and general Mauck in it. The armadas placed Boris on a chair and strapped him to it, to make sure he doesn't escape. Sweat dripping from Boris's face, he didn't know what to do. Then, the armadas locked the door and left him with Mauck and Deacon.
"You managed to survive...impressive" Deacon said.
Boris quickly jumped to the case, "Listen to me! I wouldn't even tell you the perimeter of Skull island if you made me! I'm not telling you anything so just give up! I'm not going to give up their location"
Deacon clapped, "Wow, you knew what we wanted...I am surprise"
Boris looked at Mauck and noticed that he was looking at him, giving him a scary look. But, Boris did not budge. He felt like a hero, standing up for his self.
" should know we aren't that easy going" Deacon said, standing up.
Deacon started to walk around the room. Making Boris more suspicious. He started to shake the chair, trying to get loose. Suddenly, Boris felt a knock on his head and he fell down, still tied up.
"Are we going to talk now?" Deacon said, picking him back up.
Boris kept his mouth shut. He planned on not letting go, but Deacon still had more to come. He turned Boris around and looked at him, face to face, "Where's Sanchez, Julia and Chun?"
He turned his head away from Deacon. Not answering his question.
"Alright, fine with me...I'll make you talk" Deacon said.
Bam! Deacon punched Boris's face over and over again. Boris spit out blood, still not talking to Deacon.
"I'm not telling you anything!" Boris said.
Deacon knew that it'll be bad to kill Boris. He needed to keep Boris alive. Deacon pulled his knife out, trying to scare Boris to break out their location.
"Let's try something new" Deacon said.
Deacon unstrapped Boris's right arm and placed it on the table. Then he got Mauck to hold it there. Deacon brought out a metal pipe and slammed it on Boris's hand. Boris screamed loud, but still kept his secret. Deacon got angry and struck Boris in the face with the pipe.
"Take him back, we'll need to get the other one" Deacon said.

Emmanuel heard the cell door opening up. He quickly got up, to see if Boris still alive. Armadas threw Boris to the ground and he started to cough up blood.
"Who did this?" Emmanuel said, giving sympathy.
"Deacon...he tortured me, they're coming to get you...Mauck will try to break you...but listen to me!" Boris said, breathing hard. "Don't let them break you, you're stronger than me and can handle them"
"Hey you!" Mauck said, pointing at Emmanuel, "Come with me."
Emmanuel started to laugh, "You won't break there's no use!"
Mauck gave Emmanuel a strange smile. He doubted Emmanuel's statement, "Oh, you're in for a rude awakening"
Three of Mauck's men entered the cell, knocking over other prisoners to get to Emmanuel. Two of them grabbed him by his legs and the other one grabbed his head. They carried him out. Last thing everyone heard was Mauck's laugh.
"Place him on the chair" Mauck said, slamming the door.
The three men managed to hold Emmanuel down and tied up his arms, making it difficult for him to escape, but that's what they wanted.
"Where's Sanchi?" Mauck said, "I'm asking you nicely, you wouldn't wanna see my dark side"
Emmanuel started to laugh, "I know how you monsters handle things! It's not a democracy anymore!"
"It never was, you fool!" Mauck said, "Things aren't different, the warriors were just in Derwitchi's game! But, don't be mad...we already found his body...dead"
Mauck demanded for his men to exit the room. He wanted to handle his self.
"Now, I'm going to ask you calmly and politely...where's Sanchi?" Mauck said.
Emmanuel didn't reply. He looked away from Mauck. He didn't want to look at him in his eyes, but the general grabbed his face and pulled it in front of his face. He demanded for an answer, but he still didn't get one.
"Come on now, let's be real here" Mauck said, pushing Emmanuel and the chair to the floor.
Mauck pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Emmanuel, "Where's Sanchi!"
Emmanuel started to laugh, with a huge grin on his mouth. He wanted Mauck to do it, he stopped caring anymore. "Do it! End my pain!"
Mauck placed his weapon back in his holder and shook his head, "My men will be coming for you, I'll talk more"

Night was coming. Sanchi, Danny and Malik unpacked their bags. Getting use to their home or trying to. Sanchi couldn't get use to any homes. He wanted to go home, back to Skull island. He wished it was all a dream. The betrayal, execution of the warriors and his crew disappearance.
"These beds are...awful! I mean who created these beds?" Malik complained.
Danny was walking by Sanchi. Danny had bags in both of his hands.
"Look out" Danny said.
Suddenly, Danny bumped into Sanchi, causing him to drop his bags. Sanchi apologized, Danny luckily accepted it and went out.

"Sir" general Mauck said, dropping papers on Deacon's table.
Deacon glanced at the written work. Looking over the information on Boris and Emmanuel, this all impressed him.
"Cooper's Roost" Mauck said.
"What" Deacon said.
"Sanchi is hiding out on Cooper's Roost, small town" Mauck said.
"They could be lying" Deacon said.
"Could be, that's why if Sanchi's not there...I'll execute Emmanuel" Mauck said, "Boris is guessing...but there is a ten percent chance"

It was late at night on Cooper's Roost. Sanchi was still awake, lying in his bed. Thinking about the past and his crew. Sanchi couldn't sleep and he didn't like lying around, bored. He quickly got out of his bed and quietly stepped outside, trying to get fresh air.
"I'm sorry, my Julia" Sanchi said to his self, looking out of the sky.
Sanchi thought he saw Julia's face in the dark sky. He missed her so much.
"Can't sleep?" Malik said, scaring Sanchi.
"Yep" Sanchi said, "Needed fresh air".
Malik smiled and patted Sanchi on his back. He wasn't use to being with Malik, but he wanted to bond with Sanchi and had a feeling that this was the perfect time.
"Yeah...I understand" Malik said.
Suddenly, their conversation ended. They heard noises, but noticed that nothing were around them. Sanchi became worried. He looked around the area and saw nothing, but still heard noises.
"I don't see anyone?" Malik said.
Armadas rose out of bushes. General Mauck was first to talk to them. Dozen of armadas were around the two. Danny heard the noises and looked out of the window, surprised he started to look for their weapons.
"Don't make a sound or don't even move" General Mauck said.
"Who are you!" Malik said.
Mauck's men pointed their guns at Malik, loading them and ready to fire. He shut his mouth and remained silent.
"Two of your own ratted you out" General Mauck said, looking at Sanchi.
"I'm sorry...what?" Sanchi said.
He didn't know how he felt, happy that some of his crew are alive or worried that they have some of his crew members, "Who?".
"Two young fellows" Mauck said, grinning at Sanchi.
Sanchi felt dead a little inside, "Boris and Emmit?"
Mauck and his men got closer to them, advising them to come with them. Sanchi and Malik, whose empty-handed went with them.

"Hey!" Danny said, firing his gun into Mauck's ship.
Danny quickly ran to some pirate's ship and pushed the pirate away. Stealing his ship.
"Someone is fighting back?" Mauck said, "Fire back!"
Danny were flying the ship and firing cannons, which was impressive. He kept a trail on them and followed them for an while.
"Come back with my crew!" Danny cried.
Meanwhile, Mauck commanded his men to fire back. Mauck steered the ship in perfect position to fire cannons at Danny's ship. Chunks of the ship started to fly off.
"Oh no" Danny said to his self, losing control of the ship.
Boom! More chunks of the ship started to fall off. Danny quickly lost control of the ship. Danny started to steer near the Skull island jungle.
"Going down!" Danny said.
Boom! The ship collided into trees and Danny crashed into jungles. Leaving behind loud noises and smoke. Mauck and his men started to cheer.
"That might of been that Sanchez fellow!" Mauck said, "He's gone!"

Boom! Sanchez heard the explosion and quickly pulled out his gun. He started to hope it was actually Boris and Emmanuel causing destruction.
"Chun, El, Julia!" Sanchez yelled.
Sanchez looked up and saw smoke in the jungles and trees falling down. He knew there was a crash. He started to have a feeling that he was close, passing fallen limbs.
"What was that?" El said, only one who showed up.
Sanchez already saw the crashed ship from a distant. He ran to it and El followed behind, acting curious.
"Either he's drunk or someone tried to kill him" El said.
"Could be a female, might even be one of ours" Sanchez said, going inside the ship.
El waited outside of the crashed ship, waiting for if Sanchez needed any help.
"Found someone!" Sanchez said, pulling the individual out, "Not a female or a companion"
The pirate was Danny. He quickly woke up and had a feeling that he was being held by armadas.
"Get away!" Danny cried, biting Sanchez's arm.
Sanchez jumped back and dropped him. Danny quickly turned around and punched Sanchez in his jaw, knocking him to the ground.
"You little..."
Quickly, El got behind Danny, kick the back of his leg and lined his sword up on his throat. Danny quickly stopped, but started to get real nervous.
"You're not armadas?" Danny said, raising his hands up.
"Nope, but we know you're an idiot!" El said.
Sanchez didn't say a word. Instead he got up, wiped the blood off his mouth and walked towards Danny. When Sanchez arrived, he punched Danny. He fell to the ground, knocked out.
"Get him to the camp" Sanchez said.

The Warrior "A sign and trust" S1 AE

Days gone by, Sanchi still can't find his crew and his crew can't find him. Again, Kane fails to find any of them, with help from new general, Mauck. Sanchez, Julia and Chun flies to Scrimshaw to look for Sanchi, but ended up in gun fire with Sanchez and Mauck. Still no evidence, Sanchi, Malik and Danny flies farther from Skull island to look for Sanchi's crew. During all this, Boris and Emmanuel went out in the jungles of Skull island to find him their self.

Crumbling leaves as each step is being taken. They marked their steps each time. Help by looking both ways, trying to avoid troggys. Only two of them and one were empty handed. Boris and Emmanuel went to look for Sanchi on their owns. Trying to look for any clues.
"I really didn't know Sanchi that much" Emmanuel said, "I know that you hardly knew him, too"
"How? Too easy, huh?" Boris said, laughing.
"Well, I mean...come on, you guys really didn't bond or interact that much" Emmanuel said.
Boris were smarter than Emmanuel and the crew knew that, but both of them were young. Emmanuel were just a little taller than Boris and skin color were different. Someway, others felt like they were alike. He read Boris like an open book.
"You didn't see Sanchi and I bonding when he slaughtered my leg?" Boris said, looking at his wooden leg.
Emmanuel just laughed at Boris's statement. First time these two bonded since they met. Eventually they stopped having conversations and focused on their objective, looking for clues of Sanchi. Which, Boris were an expert at.
"Over here" Boris said, looking at the ground.
Emmanuel rushed towards Boris and saw him looking at...dirt. He was confused, but he had a feeling that Boris was onto something...and he was. Footprints. They knew it wasn't Sanchi's prints, but someone's else. Both of the two also knew that none of them, including the rest went out this far, until today. They weren't alone.
"We aren't the only ones here" Boris said.

"This isn't us!" Chun cried.
Julia, Sanchez and Chun made it on the ship, avoiding trouble with Mauck and armadas. Only problem were that they left innocent pirates in the hands of general Mauck. Chun became guilty.
"Have we literally lost our minds? I mean...Sanchez, you and I been partners before you joined the pirate army, before you met Sanchi...remember? You, me, Bonnie and Shiruku" He said.
Sanchez turned his back towards Chun. Trying to ignore him. He quickly flew back to their home, which made Chun extremely furious. Though for Julia, she didn't care. She only cared about finding Sanchi.
"I don't believe any of us" Chun said.
"Julia, do me a favor and take Chun to the deck...before I throw him off the ship!" Sanchez said, keeping his cool.
When Julia and Chun left Sanchez alone, he planted his head to on the wheel. Trying to think of other ways. He started to feel guilty, too. He slammed his fist on the wheel, losing trust in his self and others. He heard Chun yelling at Julia and she started to yell too. He thought it was just them having an argument, but it wasn't. He quickly got up and ran towards them.
"What's going on?" Sanchez said, pulling his gun out.
"Sanchez, the ship is still going?" Chun said, noticing the ship still moving.
Sanchez looked out and saw the ship heading towards an island. Getting ready to crash into trees. He rushed towards the wheel, but he fell on his face. He looked out of the window and saw the trees getting bigger. The ship were near the trees. He quickly grabbed the wheel and turned the ship away from the trees, causing the sides to scrap on the trees. Finally, he took a deep breath and fell back into his chair, relaxing.
"Phew" Sanchez said, "That was a close one"

Finally making it back to their camp, they flight was unsuccessful. They were weak and tire as can be. Boris and Emmanuel were gone, Chun managed to notice.
"Ask El, quick" Sanchez said.
They opened up El's tent. He quickly turned around, tired and faced Sanchez and the rest. Giving them a miserable look. Chun and Julia went back to their tents, leaving Sanchez behind.
"Have you seen Boris and Emmanuel?" Sanchez asked.
"I have" El said.
Sanchez smiled, "I don't see them in their tents or anywhere?"
"They went out in the jungles to look for clues" El said, "Nothing bad"
But in Sanchez's point of view, he was ticked. He knew that Boris wasn't best with weapons and that Emmanuel weren't a leading type. He also started to panic too, in front of El. He just gave Sanchez a look.
"It's okay, we'll just look for them" El said, getting up.
This is also the first time that El got up since the madness started. El didn't notice, but somehow Sanchez did. Both of the two with their weapons out followed Boris's trail.
"They're probably fine" El said, "Boris is there, you know"
They thought that Boris and Emmanuel would be fine because of Boris's intelligence and problem solving ways. But, They also knew in a bad situation, Boris would become petrified and do something stupid.
"I don't know about that" Sanchez said, looking for clues.
"I don't really know anything anymore" El said, "I feel like we're all in a nightmare and soon...I said soon it'll end, but for now...we just have to keep surviving until we wake up"
Sanchez laughed, "I don't believe that...this is life now, while some are having some yum yums...we're out here trying to make a new's complicated and we just can't wake up from it"
Suddenly, El stopped moving. Sanchez stopped, noticing him not walking with him. El laughed at Sanchez's remark. He couldn't believe it! He'd never guess that Sanchez would be the one who gives up. He hardly knew Sanchez long, but long enough to know certain things. Deep inside, it made El lose a little hope. Even more hope.
"You can't say that?" El said, "You're becoming me...actually most of us. Hopeless"
Sanchez shook his head in hopelessness. Then, he just continued to walk away from El.
"We just can't go back!" Sanchez yelled.
El just stood there while Sanchez continued to roam. Then, he just threw his sword to the ground and stomped on it. He fell to the ground, punching the dirt. He looked at his sword and saw his reflection...he saw tears coming from his eyes. El just leaned back on the ground, staying there. "Why!"

Boris and Emmanuel didn't find any clues, since the footprints. They were empty handed already and it angered Boris. Emanuel really didn't care, but Boris did. He remembered when Sanchi rescued from infected pirates. Boris remembered when he met Dorugh for the first time. He remembered Anthony and the other cold blooded scientists.
"We can't find squat!" Boris said, kicking dirt.
Emmanuel smiled and walked a few steps away from Boris, trying to get a view of something. Something odd. He took a step closer, hearing Boris's complaining. He saw a crowd of something...moving, he thought. When they got closer, he noticed them. His eyes opened up wide and he started to call for Boris, trying to warn him.
"Dude, we need to go!" Emmanuel said, looking back.
"We can't go out empty handed!" Boris said, "Where's your weapon?"
Emmanuel reached for his holder...and the weapon wasn't there. This made him worry even more. He got sick to his stomach and quickly started to panic. Both of the two had no weapon to defend them. Boris were still clueless in the situation.
"Listen to me" Emmanuel said, trying to get Boris to be quiet.
"What?" Boris said.
Emmanuel didn't explain it to him. He saw them, close to them. It was loads of troggys. Boris quickly picked up a stick to defend his self, but Emmanuel grabbed him and pulled him his way.
"Eeek eek!"
Dozens! Troggys followed Emmanuel's path. He tried to look for his signs to their camp, but it was obvious he got them lost. Panic stage, Emmanuel started to scream for help.

"Hear that noise?" Sanchez said.
But no one replied to him. He turned around and El wasn't there. He raised his gun up to throw on the ground, but he quickly stopped his self. Sanchez quickly needed another plan.
"Help!" Sanchez heard screaming and he tried to run towards the voices.
Sanchez saw Boris and Emmanuel running with troggys behind him. He yelled for their names. Luckily, Boris noticed him yelling. Both of the two ran towards Sanchez's direction. They finally reached them.
"There's like thousand troggys behind us!" Emmanuel said, breathing hard, "Where's our camp?"
"Going back will be stupid and unpredictable" Boris added, "They'll just follow us back there"
Both of them were breathing hard and panicking bad. Luckily, Sanchez tried to make up a plan to calm them down, "Listen, we'll be fine...just follow me"
"Just please hurry" Boris cried.
Sanchez started to run. Boris and Emmanuel desperately followed from behind. Sanchez had his weapon out and were the only one with a weapon.
"We might just make it!" Sanchez said.
But Sanchez noticed that his path were blocked by rocks and other trees. He turned right swiftly, confusing Boris and Emmanuel. Suddenly they stopped.
"Sanchez?" Boris said.
Emmanuel were out of plans his self, "Go right!"
The two ran far from the troggys. Without looking behind them, they suddenly felt safe and turned around. No more troggys. Emmanuel started to cheer.
"We did it!" Emmanuel said.
Suddenly, someone came behind Boris and knocked him out with his gun. Emmanuel turned out and knew it was an armada. Deacon.
"Well well two survived" Deacon said.
Sanchez finally stopped. Breathing hard, he heard troggys coming his way, but he also noticed that his two crew mate were gone. His eyes widen and he slung his head down.
"Boris? Emmanuel?" He screamed.
Suddenly, El Toro grabbed Sanchez and pulled him down with his hand covering his mouth. He whispered to Sanchez saying, "Troggys...they're near"

El led Sanchez back to the camp. Chun and Julia got out of their tents to make sure that he's okay. They quickly noticed that Boris and Emmanuel were gone.
"I lost them...I'm about to go out to look for them again" Sanchez said.
Suddenly, they heard a loud ship flying back. Everyone dropped to the ground, except for Sanchez. He ran towards the noise and had a great view of the skyways. He also saw an armada ship leaving the jungles. He knew that Deacon owned that ship.
"No!" Sanchez said.

The Warrior AE "Search continues" S1 new series

Sanchi woke up in an uncomfortable situation. He's stuck with two pirates that he doesn't know if he can trust. Sanchez, Julia, Chun, Boris, Emmanuel and El survived Derwitchi's execution but is hiding out deep in the Skull island's jungles. They still continue to look for one of their own, Sanchi. Meanwhile, Kane is also looking for them too. Luckily, Sanchi gave Malik and Danny his trust after they decided to keep him and not give him away to Kane.

Nighttime arrived. The crew went to bed, knowing that there's only going to be three of them for now. Sanchez gathered his weapon and a little source of supplies. Julia and Chun quickly arrived to their only ship. Chun were flying the ship. Sanchez right next to him and Julia were in the back of the ship, holding onto the hope she still got.
"Think we'll find him?" Chun asked.
Sanchez looked at Chun for a few seconds and shook his head, "They probably killed him...Kane's men"
Julia picked the location to search for Sanchi. She picked Scrimshaw. Both, Sanchez and Chun knew that there were no way of him being there, but they were out of choices.
"Here" Chun said.
Julia were the first one off. Running off the ship and started to roam around the area. Luckily, Sanchez and Chun managed to keep up. She ran into a small town and folks started to look at them.
"Have you guys seen someone named Sanchi?" Julia said, "Anyone?"
The crowd of gathered folks didn't answer her question. Sanchez went to handle things. The crowd began talking to each other. He pulled the trigger of his gun. Gunshot fired in the sky and shut everyone up.
"Please, we need help" Sanchez said, calming his self down.
The crowd of villagers started to give Sanchez weird looks. Which made everything worse. Sanchez started to get furious with them, but Chun pulled him away from the crowd. They wanted to leave, but Julia wanted to search here for Sanchi. She didn't know much, Sanchez thought.
"I don't know what to do anymore" Sanchez said, rubbing his own head. "All this stress...I can't handle it, I'm not meant to be a leader!"
Suddenly, someone walked up to Sanchez. He had his gun and knife out. He also had a determine look to kill them, "You three...need to leave, now"
"We just need answers" Julia said, "We're looking..."
The pirate aimed his gun at Chun's head and loaded it. It was obvious he made up his choice. Sanchez made the decision to just walk away and back to the ship.
"I'm sorry, it's too dark outside...during this time...we're attacked...ever since this mess started" The nervous man said.
Sanchez couldn't get what the man were saying. He just walked away and to their ship, Chun and Julia followed right behind them.

Danny couldn't see a lot, due to darkness, but he handled it well and still continued to fly the ship. Malik were sound asleep. Sanchi were still awake, sitting on his bed and thinking about his crew...and Julia. He couldn't think well because of Malik's snoring. Each detail he remembered of Julia, made him heart ache and his eyes water. He really missed her. Suddenly, Sanchi felt the ship stopping.
"Danny" Sanchi shouted.
Sanchi started to hear yelling from Danny. He shook his bed and got back on his bed, but his bed started to shake. He heard cannons going into the ship.
"Stop!" Danny cried.
Sanchi got back up and ran towards Danny. He opened the door up and saw Danny in a panic stage. He tried to steer the ship away from something. He tried to talk to Danny, but he kept yelling.
"What is going on?" Malik cried, opening the door.
Danny yelled at both of them, telling them to get away. None of them listened. They wanted answers and Danny started to spill them out.
"Idiots! They think we are armadas!" Danny said, "I'm trying to get away, but more of them are following us"
"Move, let me handle this" Sanchi said.
Danny didn't listen. Sanchi tried to tell Danny what he was doing wrong. He flew the ship straight. Sanchi had a little advice from an old friend on ships.
"Lemme try, please!" Sanchi said.
"Back away, I can handle this!" Danny said.
Malik noticed that there wasn't much of the ship left. He went to Sanchi's side and helped. He pulled Danny away from the wheel and Sanchi quickly hopped on.
"Calm down" Malik said.
Danny started to curse and yell, but Sanchi still kept his cool. He flew the ship left and turned all the way around. Then, he steered their ship closer to the others. Once he was close enough, he started to wave his hands. The pirates noticed him and stopped their cannons. Malik released Danny and he couldn't believe it, it was that simple.
"You pretty much saved us, I should of kept my cool" Danny said.
Sanchi smiled and went back to his bed. He fell to his bed and was asleep.

"Think they'll come back?" Emmanuel asked, "While they're gone...we should go out and look for Sanchi...he could be in these jungles"
Boris stared to agree with Emmanuel, "I've been seeing light, like from a fire...a lot happened couple nights of ago, when I was looking for fire wood"
Boris and Emmanuel were just around a small little fire. It was night, they didn't want to go look right now but they might as well before Sanchez return home. Both would rely on El Toro to protect their camp. Emmanuel went to look for him. He eventually found him in his tent, trying to sleep.
"Any luck?" El asked, turning on his other side.
"We're going to look for Sanchi...want you to protect the camp" Emmanuel said, "It'll only take one full night...we'll come back soon, maybe before Sanchez"
"What's the point anymore?" El laughed, "He is gone! Like the other warriors! Why can't any of you guys understand it? Pathetic!"
Emmanuel couldn't believe that El were the first one to lose hope, he always thought it would be Boris. He didn't know what to say. He just closed his tent and walked away. Meanwhile, El started to scream and throw stuff around his small tent.
"Boris" Emmanuel said, "Let's go, quick"
He walked pass Boris fast. Emmanuel wasn't happy, but he didn't give Boris the time to respond. Thou, Boris yelled, "Is El going to protect the camp?"

Sanchez, Julia and Chun walked back to the ship, empty handed. Julia started to cry more and it aggravated Sanchez, but he understood her reason to. They all started to lose hope.
"Maybe Boris might have more answers" Chun said, trying to revive hope.
Suddenly, Sanchez stopped them. He noticed something odd and dangerous. Two armadas' ships landing near the Scrimshaw's dock. Sanchez led them away from the docks and to hide. The armadas landed their ship right next to their's.
"Are those armadas?" Chun said.
Sanchez finally figured it out. Why the citizens of Scrimshaw seemed scared. Even the one who confronted them. Sanchez finally got it. They needed their help, but Chun wanted to leave with Julia. Sanchez couldn't let that happen. That's no who they are, he thought.
"Help!" Pirate cried out.
The armadas started to fire their weapons near the citizens. They didn't hit any of them, but that was the plan. The general of both of the armada groups got off the ship. General Mauck, cold blooded clockwork. He took Rooke's place. The general brought out his gun and started to make his speech towards them.
"We need this land...we do" He said, "Plus...we have a feeling that someone we're looking for is here...anyone wanna confess it?"
Sanchez, Julia and Chun were listening to Mauck's speech. They knew that this general were looking for them...and Sanchi. Sanchez or anyone else knew what he had in store for these innocent folks. Suddenly, Mauck started to laugh.
"No one knows?" Mauck said, firing his weapon.
All the innocent pirates of Scrimshaw started to scream. They tried to run, but Mauck's men were right behind them.
"Oh, this is going to be a great time for all of us" Mauck said, smiling.

Sanchi were sound asleep. It was the first time in awhile he rested..feeling safe, but he still deeply missed his crew. Suddenly, he woke up from Danny calling his name. "Sanchi"
Rubbing his eyes, he slowly got up and yawned. It was still dark outside, he noticed.
"Look over there" Danny said, "Armadas are at Scrimshaw"
Sanchi squinted his eyes and looked at Scrimshaw. He saw a general giving a speech to the scared citizens, with armadas behind the innocent ones. Sanchi deeply felt bad for all of them.
"Could we do anything to help them?" Malik asked.
Sanchi remembered Scrimshaw. The beginning of his adventure with Sanchez, Chun and Moresco. It was long ago, he remembered.
"They could easily take us out" Sanchi said, "But they can't if we fire couple of cannons and fly far away from them"
"Fleeing? If we fire at them than we'll have to finish the job" Danny pointed out.
Malik ran to the side of the ship, where the cannons are located. He placed two cannon balls in the two little cannons. Sanchi lit the string, covering his ears.
"Ready?" Malik said.
Boom! Two cannons fired at Scrimshaw, blowing up one of the buildings, causing the debris to fall on some of the armadas.
"Oh!" Danny said, steering the ship away from Scrimshaw.

"I don't wanna hurt any of you" Mauck said, laughing.
All the citzens were still silent. They didn't know what Mauck were talking about, but of them started to confess.
"Three strangers came to us! They were asking us for someone" He said.
The general smiled. Then, he signaled for his men to bring him up and they did. He looked at the pirate. General patted his back. Then, he fired a shot in his head, executing him.
"Oh no" Chun said, turning away.
All the citizens started to scream and cry. Julia and Chun both looked away from the scene. Meanwhile, Sanchez watched. He closed his eyes for a second and heard a explosion. He quickly opened his eyes up and saw debris falling on armadas. Sanchez looked out in the distance and saw another armada ship flying away.
"Who did that?" Mauck cried.
Dust was everywhere. Some of them couldn't even see anything, mainly the armadas and Sanchez knew that this was his chance. He quickly jumped in the open with his gun. He fired his armadas. He took out five armadas in just a few seconds. None of them knew who were doing it, but Mauck did. The general started to shoot at Sanchez and Sanchez fired back.
"Come back! You're the one I am looking for!" Mauck cried out.
Sanchez fired two shots and hit Mauck in his leg and arm, causing him to fall to the ground. He quickly gathered Chun and Julia, all three of them ran towards their ship. They managed to escape Scrimshaw. Sanchez felt a little guilty, leaving the citizens with armadas, but he had too.

The Warrior "After the extinction" new series S1

Lord Derwitchi been the face of the pirates for many years, but secretly he was Lifto, dark armada leader. Derwitchi's plan went through, resulted in all the pirate troops executed the warriors. Killing every warrior, except for one. Avery leaves Skull island and Sanchi's crew did too, (Julia Carthy, Emmanuel Salvis, Boris, El Toro, Wing Chun and Dan Sanchez). But, Sanchi is presume dead by Derwitchi, even though Sanchi stabbed Derwitchi and Kane finished him off. Now, Kane is in charge of the armadas. The pirates need a new hope to end Kane's wraith. Sanchez and the rest found a new area to stay in, while questioning that Sanchi is either alive or dead.

Checking every hut and house for a scent. Marching through little towns, destroying their properties by looking for their new enemy. Kane sent out over thousand of armadas around to look for any warriors that survived...or Sanchi's crew.
"I don't see any warriors...we checked Cool Ranch, Skull Island, Marleybone and other...we scoped out Skyways and no warriors...I'm pretty sure they're all dead" Deacon said.
Kane wasn't listening to Deacon. He had a map out laid on a table and crossed out specific areas. He folded up the map and looked at Deacon.
"What about Sanchez? Senator Carthy? Avery? There are still around" Kane said, "Send out more!"

Everything was black. Though, he started to hear voices from two men. They were arguing. Sanchi suddenly opened his eyes. He shook his head, having a bad headache and looked around. It was dark, but he saw light outside, from a campfire. Sanchi slowly got back on his feet. He looked around the small little hut and found all his items, including his white shirt. He picked up his knife and he noticed something was up with his shirt. It had a giant cut with blood around it. Sanchi slowly looked down and saw a closed cut with stitches, he assumed that there were a medical person here. When he got closer to outside, the voices started to clear up.
"I got blood all over my clothes! I mean...come on! I pretty much saved that ninja's life!" someone said.
" never had any experience and you somehow stopped the bleeding and closed the amaze me sometimes"
Sanchi with his knife in his hand entered outside. They were near the volcano where Derwitchi's duel began and how he ended up here.
"Oh shut up, Danny!" The person replied back.
Sanchi had a clear view of the two individual. One of them was a mix-skinned pirate with a little goatee on his face. The other man was pale and older than the other one. He wasn't really tall, but he controlled things around here, Sanchi thought. Suddenly, one of them spotted him. His name was Malik.
"He's awake!" Malik cried out.
"Oh...hey man...I'm Danny Brisk...and my partner, Malik Smith, he's the one who fixed you up" Danny said, greeting Sanchi.
"...You know medical attention...?" Sanchi asked.
Malik started to laugh and Danny shook his head back and fourth with a disappointed look. Sanchi started to worry and backed up.
"Nah, never...I know...winged it" Malik said.
Sanchi felt his scar and his hand jumped back, in pain. He also ignored Malik's comment and got to the real business.
"Do y'all live here...and why am I here?" Sanchi said, leaning back.
"Uh, well...we're poor, as you can see our one person's hut.... and we found on inside the volcano...somehow you landed on a rock, luck if you ask me" Danny said.
Sanchi started to have more headaches. He started to feel weak, too. But, he was determined to find Julia. He quickly pushed Malik and Danny out of his way and started to run towards to the volcano. Both of the two tried to stop him.
"You have lost a lot of the time you reach that volcano, you'll be out of it" Malik said.
"How would you know?" Sanchi cried, "You don't know any medical mumbo jumbo!"
Suddenly, Sanchi felt it. He started to run even slower. He fell on his knees and tried to crawl up to the volcano. Then, he turned around and saw Malik and Danny with smiles on their faces. Everything quickly became black. He passed out.

"Any luck?" Julia cried out.
Suddenly, Sanchez and Emmanuel appeared out of the forest with sad looks on their face. Still no look or findings.
"No...not today" Sanchez said.
Julia fell back to the ground. Tears started to run down her face. Meanwhile, Boris and Chun were looking for food. Sanchi's old companion, El Toro were behind a tree, trying to think of ideas to find his master.
"She's going to keep doing this until we find him" Emmanuel said.
Sanchez, Julia, Emmanuel, El, Chun, and Boris were deep in the Skull island jungles. Both Emmanuel and Sanchez were well in the jungles, they created many traps for food and found a spot to have a camp in. Every day and night, they all see armada ships fly by them, luckily they managed to avoid them.
"I'll go talk to her" Sanchez said, handing a bucket of water to Emmanuel.
Sanchez slowly walked to Julia. He tried to think of something to say to her, but he knew she didn't want to lose hope, no one wanted to. Sanchi was the heart of the crew, Sanchez thought. He knew things were going to be different, a lot different. When he got near Julia's tent, he already heard crying from her. He opened up her tent and saw her there, lying in tears.
"Are you okay?" Sanchez asked, "I'm really sorry"
Julia wiped the tears away, "We have to keep looking...we have to!"
"Three days now, he's been gone for that long!" Sanchez said.
"What happen if I go with you, right now? Maybe, you, me and Chun...go look for him" Julia said, "We need to take chances...that's how we survived...that's how most of pirates survived"
"Don't say that, the armadas are still looking for us...most of the pirates are fine, for now" Sanchez said, "Anyway...get Chun and I'll meet you at our ONLY ship left"
Julia smiled and hugged Sanchez. She quickly ran towards Chun's ship to retrieve him. Sanchez really didn't want to risk anyone's else lives, but he wanted Sanchi to be found...if he's still alive.

Sanchi woke up the same spot. Lying on a ripped blanket on the cold ground. Malik and Danny were outside creating a fire, before night arrives. Sanchi got back up and picked up his sword. He again walked slowly out of the hut. Danny was there making the fire. Sanchi quickly ran towards Danny and tackled him to the ground. He picked Danny back up and placed his blade around Danny's neck.
"Where's your other friend?" Sanchi said.
Danny started to chuckle, "Calm down, we pretty much saved you".
Sanchi started to think about what to do. Kill or get help from them. He had a feeling that the two strangers could help him find his old crew. He was still determined to find them. He calmly released Danny.
"What is wrong with you? No offense, but something is up" Danny said.
Sanchi suddenly dropped to his knees and started to cry. Danny dropped down to comfort him. He felt bad for Sanchi. He wanted to help.
"What's her name?" Danny asked, patting Sanchi on his back.
"Julia...her name is Julia..." Sanchi said, in tears.
Danny stood back up and took a deep breath. Then, he called for Malik and helped Sanchi back up. Malik quickly came back, whispering.
"Armadas are here!" Malik said, picking up his sharpen stick.
Sanchi looked and saw two armada officers walking towards the smoke, Danny's fire. Luckily, he didn't panic and he dropped to the ground and crawled behind a tree. Danny and Malik went to handle it.
"Lost?" Danny said, walking towards one of them.
They didn't answer. Instead, both of them pushed Danny and Malik to the ground and aimed their weapons at them. They were serious.
"Rule number 25538, we assume that you two are holding a criminal...if you confess him, you'll be rewarded with a ship of your own and a chest filled with treasure" One of them said.
The two armadas knew how to bribe them. They noticed what the two pirates were living in and how poor they fire were. Danny and Malik started to think, they had two options...give away their new friend and get treasure...or keep him. Sanchi knew that they were gonna give him away, so he crawled tree to tree. He tried to get behind the two officers. Suddenly, Danny broke the silence.
"We are not holding a criminal" Danny said, "Just me and my partner"
Sanchi couldn't believe their choice. They gave up treasure and a new life for someone they didn't even know, Sanchi thought. But, the officers didn't like it. The two clockworks loaded their weapons, ready to kill them.
"Bad idea" Sanchi said, slicing one of the officers in two.
The other armada quickly turned around and reacted, grabbing Sanchi's sword and slamming him to the ground. Malik got up, grabbing his sharp stick and injected it in the armada's stomach. Their's friendship quickly grew from that point.
"Forgot to finish my sentence" Danny said, "We can take that armada's ship and look for your crew"