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The Warrior "Extinction of the warriors" series/season ending S5 (LONG)

Skull island starts to break. Sanchez defeats Rooke and his army in Valencia. Ending the general's life. Meanwhile at Skull island, questions are started to be ask. Juhn Woun and Ron Subodai plans to end Derwitchi's position, knowing that he's with the armadas. But, Lord Derwitchi takes Ron out with a sneaky move and kills Juhn in front of Kane and Deacon. Slowly, Derwitchi's plan goes out. Pirate troops turning on warriors and attempt to put them to extinct.

Pirates gathered around an area. Paying their respect in tears and unaware of the situation. Warriors go out on special missions with a group of troops, organized by Derwitchi. Headings bowing down to honor the passing of one of their own. Children are placed back in their homes, blocked from seeing the devastated scene. Questions are started to fill up in Skull island, "Who could of done this?" "Why? Why him?" "Can we stop this?" "What's going to happen now?". None of the answers gave some of them hope. Captain Avery dropped a blanket on the deceased body. 
"No need to see any of this, indeed two warriors have passed...devastated. We cannot get weak by this" Captain Avery said, taking his hat off.
After Avery's speech, most of them left the scene. It was only Sanchi, Julia and Wing Chun. Speechless and confused. Sanchi knew the answers and Avery knew it, too.
"You know who done this, I know it too" Captain Avery.
Sanchi nodded his head and tried to walk away, but Avery stopped him. He had a serious look in his eyes. He knew that Juhn was a great person and Ron, too. He wanted revenge.
"Who did this?" Captain Avery said, giving him a serious look.
"The one who blinded all of y'all!" Sanchi said, "The traitor that y'all still kept feeding! You gave him power and now he's full! He's Lifto! Our own leader! Lifto!"
Avery placed his hand on his forehand. He couldn't believe it. He dropped to his knees. Sanchi quietly walked away, dropping a flower on Juhn's body.
"Sanchi!" Julia said.
He didn't stop. Julia and Chun quickly followed behind.

"Sir" Colby said, "Rooke's finally gone, but there are still armadas around here"
Colby handed Sanchez binoculars. Sanchez glanced at the battle. Watching troops going out and armadas dropping to the ground. He glanced at the blown up ship, smiling. He finally did it. Rooke's finally gone.
"We're a step closer to ending the war...can you believe it?" Sanchez said.
"Shall I contact Derwitchi?" Colby said.
"Yes" Sanchez said, "I'm going back down to help out our troops"
Colby walked away from Sanchez to the gunners and contacted Derwitchi. Meanwhile, Sanchez stood there. He brought out items (Dez, Dorugh, Shiruku and Bonnie's items) and he dropped them into the Skyways. He finally felt free and he smiled.

"What's the next step?" Kane said, "Your plan gave us a closer edge to the end"
"Indeed, Lifto" Deacon said.
" me Derwitchi, now" He said, taking his robe off.
Derwitchi threw his robe to the ground and ripped it up. Then, he slowly put on a dark outfit. He started to laugh, as he walked towards the port. He looked out of the ship, looking at the Skyways. He noticed Skull island. Buildings on fire and pirates running around. He knew the next step was golden, But Deacon and Kane started to talk to each other about other plans. They didn't like Derwitchi being the leader. Kane wanted to be a leader and Deacon be Co leader.
"When are we going to do it?" Deacon asked, making sure Derwitchi isn't around.
Kane stared at Derwitchi, while he was looking away. He gave a disgusted look to him and then...smiled, "Once the new step comes in...we'll have a ceremony. That's when I'll do it!"
Deacon nodded his head and went back to fly the ship. Meanwhile, Kane started to stare at Derwitchi. He held a grudge towards him for a long time. He crunched up his fist. He pulled out his pistol and aimed it at him, but with all his will, he dropped his pistol and walked away.
"It'll be soon enough" Kane said, "I will become the leader!"
Derwitchi finally walked in and got next to Kane. He slowly looked back, making sure that Deacon isn't around. Then, he pushed Kane away and started to whisper to him.
"Once my plan goes must kill Deacon" He said.
Kane got really angry, but he didn't show it. He didn't speak. He knew that Derwitchi were ice cold and didn't have a heart. He slowly walked away from Derwitchi.
"You'll have a upper position...become more worthy, since...Bishop, Phule and Rooke are already gone...with Deacon's death...I'll have to give you the position" Derwitchi said, "You're become the grand general of the new army and much more"
Kane didn't respond. Instead he closed the door, "Oh...I'll become much more!"
Beep, beep! Suddenly, Derwitchi's new device started to go off. He pressed a button and Colby's hologram popped up.
"Colby, what is it?" Derwitchi said.
"Sir...w-w-we are almost at an end...I know you're more excited than me" Colby's hologram said.
Colby didn't noticed his clothing. Derwitchi started to go in deeper. He made sure that no one was around Colby and he started to whisper to him.

"Sanchi, wait!" Julia cried.
He finally stopped, furious and turned around. Facing the upcoming Julia and Chun. He looked at their faces and knew that they were scared. He wanted them to feel comfortable, but at the same time...he wanted them to feel safe.
"Where's Boris and the rest?" Sanchi said.
"Boris is still in pain...Emmanuel and El are right by his side...why?" Chun said.
"Go with them, you guys can't handle this...I can hardly handle this" Sanchi said, "No matter what! When things break out, leave me...hopefully Sanchez will be back"
Chun nodded his head and ran towards his crew. Julia stayed back for a few seconds, looking at Sanchi. She knew he was stressed.
"Listen, I love you!" Julia said, kissing him.
Sanchi smiled and kissed her, "Go, quick"

Boom! Cannons fired into the ground, destroying armadas. Sanchez and Colby still managed to lead the pirates, close to victory. Though many pirates died, Sanchez still felt good for the war. He finally felt like the war were close to the end. He finally felt happy.
"Men! We're getting close to victory!" Sanchez yelled
He quickly took out a couple of armadas, but he noticed that Colby was already gone. He noticed that he was on a call with someone.
"Yes lord Derwitchi?" Colby said.
Derwitchi wanted to make sure that there were no one nearby. Then, he started to talk to Colby.
"The Warriors are out of control! I want them gone. Colby I command you to go through plan 737 now!" Derwitchi said.
Colby's eyes quickly widen. He couldn't believe what Derwitchi said, but he knew that he has to follow his master's commands. He dropped his device on the ground and walked towards the pirates firing the cannons.
"Command 737!" Colby said.
They nodded their heads and aimed the cannon at Sanchez, whose on the docks, preparing his ship. Three large cannons aimed at him. Though, Sanchez was unaware of them.
"Keep fighting!" Sanchez said, taking out an armada troop.
"Fire!" Colby yelled.
BOOM! Sanchez's ship exploded, causing him to fall down. He quickly got up and noticed that it was friendly fire. He started to wave his hands, but it didn't work. They fired more cannons and blew up the docks. The docks started to fall out and Sanchez quickly ran towards the ground. He jumped off the docks and grabbed the island. He was dangling from danger.
"What's going on!" Sanchez cried.

Derwitchi's plan quickly began. Dozens of warriors started to fall in Derwitchi's hands. Pirate troops betrayed the warriors.
"7...3...7, now!" Derwitchi demanded.
Jarvis Cobris were at Cool Ranch, fighting against the armadas with his troops. He knew they were close to victory and he quickly slithered towards the armadas, but his men didn't follow him from behind. He turned around and his men had their guns aimed at him.
"Let'ssssss go, men" Jarvis said.
Suddenly, his own men loaded their guns and firing shots at Jarvis. The lonely warrior managed to dodge some of their hits, he sliced his own commander. Though, it wasn't enough. He was hit three times in his stomach and two in his chest. He dropped his sword and fell to the ground.
"Commander, it is time! Command order 737, now! They're officially a threat!" Derwitchi said.
Bulson Budd and his men were fighting off a wave of armadas at Scrimshaw. He took out a couple of armadas and his men took a great number of them.
"Yes sir!" Bulson's pirate commander said.
With Bulson knowing, his commander ran behind the warrior and aimed his gun at his head. Bulson was unaware, "I'm sorry, sir!"
Boom! Budd quickly dropped to the ground. His men quickly fled the battle, leaving his body there.
Over and over around the spiral, pirate troops killing warriors, without them knowing. Lord Derwitchi just sat in his chair, hearing the news. Warriors William, Deughlo and more feel to the ground, defeated. His final plan finally came in through. Ending the great war. All of the pirate troops betrayed the warriors and the senators. Sanchez managed to steal an armada ship and escape Colby and his own men.
"I can't believe this! It's over, Derwitchi...killed over hundreds of warriors" Julia cried, "Sanchi and Sanchez could of already been dead!"
"Patience, he told us to stay here! Cut off the lights" Emmanuel said.

"Sir" Deacon said.
Lord Derwitchi quickly ended his call and turned his chair around, facing Deacon.
" challenge you a the great Volcano!" Deacon said.
Derwitchi got out of his chair. He started to laugh with joy and excitement. He always wanted to kill Sanchi, for all the trouble he caused. He ordered for Deacon to get his ship ready.
"It's going down!" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi patiently waited for lord Derwitchi. He was ready for this moment. He started to stare at his sword, looking at his reflection. He suddenly saw Derwitchi's ship coming in.
"Well well. I've been waiting for this moment" Sanchi said, holding his sword out.
Derwitchi started to laugh and pulled his sword out, "Are you ready?"
Sanchi ran towards him, swinging his sword at Derwitchi. Thou, he didn't swing back. He easily dodged Sanchi's swings. He knew that Sanchi was no match for him.
"Look at you! Pathetic!" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi ignored him and kicked him to the ground. He tried to strike him, but Derwitchi kicked Sanchi's sword out of his hand. Derwitchi swung his sword, but Sanchi kicked his sword out of his hand.
"Well done!" Derwitchi said.
Both weaponless. They stood still, eyed-to-eyed. Quickly, Derwitchi pulled the next move. He tackled Sanchi to the ground and grabbed his sword. Sanchi quickly got back up and ran to his sword and picked it up. He turned around and saw Derwitchi running towards him. Sanchi dropped to the ground as Derwitchi tried to strike him. He quickly punched Derwitchi in his face several times. Derwitchi slapped Sanchi in his face, causing him to back up.
"Give it up, Sanchi!" Derwitchi said, "I have won! You all let an old man kill hundreds of warriors! The armadas won!"
Sanchi quickly started to laugh, "Never! You can't take me or my crew out!"
"I have, I know where they are! I'm going for Julia first!" Derwitchi said, "I'll have fun with her"
Sanchi quickly snapped. He started to scream, defending Julia. He ran towards Derwitchi full speed.
"Leave her alone!"
Derwitchi dodged his move and sliced Sanchi across his chest. He started to lean back and into the volcano pit, but he grabbed him as he sword falls into the pit. Sanchi pulled his knife out and stabbed Derwitchi in his stomach. Shocked, Derwitchi pushed Sanchi away from him, resulting in him falling on a rock in the volcano pit. Meanwhile, Derwitchi fell to the ground, holding onto his stomach.

Pirate troops started to fill up Skull island, stealing senators and anyone in their way. Julia led Chun, Emmanuel, El Toro and Boris out of the building and towards a ship. El and Chun managed to carry Boris on the ship.
"Julia!" Sanchez cried, "We need to go".
"W-w-where's Sanchi? Where's Sanchi!?" Julia cried.
Sanchez grabbed Julia, with Chun helping and they pushed her on the ship.
"Sanchi!" Julia cried out.
They finally got her on the ship. Sanchez looked out, seeing nothing but smoke, fire and troops. He still couldn't believe it.
"We have lost" Sanchez said, getting on the ship.

Derwitchi just lied there. On top of the great volcano, close to death. He saw an armada ship going by him. It was Kane and Deacon. They slowly walked up to the top of the volcano.
" me" Derwitchi said.
Kane started to laugh, while Deacon stayed back. Kane brought out his little pistol and loaded it, still full of laughter.
"Finally, this is my chance! You did all the work. It's a shame that you won't control it, I am the leader now!" Kane said, pointing his gun at Derwitchi.
"T-t-t-trai...traitor" He said.
"Figured you wouldn't like it happening to you" Deacon said.
Kane smiled, "Just relax, Derwitchi"
Boom! Kane pulled the trigger, killing lord Derwitchi.

That's it! Thank you to everyone! New series of the warrior, coming soon! (Featuring, Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Kane, Chun, Emmanuel, Deacon, Boris, Avery and new characters such as, Malik, Danny and much more!)
Farewell to Gus, Moresco, Anthony, Dez, Shiruku, Devullio, Dorugh, Fin, Juhn, Ron, Jarvis, Bulson, Derwitchi and more!

The Warrior "Truth comes out" S5

Captain Avery sent Sanchez to Valencia to keep an eye on Kane and the rest. He meets with Colby and they start their objective, but Lifto figures out that Sanchez is located there and sends Rooke and loads of armadas there, already killing troops. Avery gave Sanchi an objective to spy on Derwitchi, but he goes away and Sanchi found his beeping contacting device. He pressed the button and blew up the bazaar and the warrior's temple. Questions are now being asked and lives are being lost.

Both Juhn and Sanchi ran towards the exploded temple. The temple were in billions of pieces and not one of them could believe it. Juhn nodded his head as he picks up a small piece of debris. Out of anger, he threw it on the ground.
"Can't believe it" Juhn said, "What are..."
Juhn stopped after hearing Julia screaming and running towards them. She jumped on Sanchi and started to hug and kiss him, she thought that Sanchi was in the explosion.
"Are you hurt?" Julia asked, "Are you?"
Sanchi smiled and kissed Julia on her lips, "I'm better now"
Wing Chun and limping Boris followed Julia behind and moments later, Emmanuel arrived too. They were all confuse, but the two warriors had a suspect to the explosion.
"Who could of done this?" Julia said, "Is someone trying to kill the warriors?"
"I hope not" Juhn said, rubbing his bald head.
"Someone did it, that's obvious" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi walked away from them and inside the left over of the temple. Looking at the burnt chairs and debris, he couldn't believe it. He had a feeling that Derwitchi did it, but others disagreed. Couple of warriors came to the scene, Bulson Budd, Jarvis Cobris, Lance Mo and Ron Subodai ran in the debris.
"Who did this?" Lance said, "Kane? Deacon? Rooke?"
Ron and Jarvis picked up pieces, looking for clues but it was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Bulson stood there, eating food.
"A threat?" Ron said, "Someone obviously want the warriors dead"
Questions started to fill up the area. Juhn managed to shut the crowd up by firing Emmanuel's gun.
"Don't you guys have missions to do?" He said, "Get onto it, everything will be fine"
The warriors all walked away, but Juhn grabbed Ron and whispered to him, "Stay here"
Juhn made sure that the other warriors left. Then he started to speak, "You guys don't worry about anything, tonight...Ron and I will confront Lord Derwitchi and make him over rule his self, it's about time we make a smart move"

"Get down, get down!" A trooper cried, getting shot.
Rooke and his army managed to land their ships. Over hundreds of armadas marched off the ship and Rooke led the way, but the Sanchez and the rest had an army, too. Shots were firing nonstop. From both sides, Sanchez and Colby were hiding behind large amounts of debris, firing and taking out armadas. Both sides lost lots of troops, already.
"Isn't this great?" Colby said, taking out an armada.
Rooke told all the armadas about Sanchez. He also told them not to touch him. He wants to kill him, his self. But, the odds were against them. Armadas started to lose more troops than the pirates, but was an even battle.
"I see Rooke" Sanchez said.
"His armor is really strong, it'll take millions of bullets to take him out" Colby said.
Then, Sanchez came up with a really good idea. He told Colby to go to the second ground, not the building. Colby listened to his commands and ran up to his spot.
"It's about time we meet again, Rooke" Sanchez said, pulling his weapon out.
Sanchez purposely went out in the open. HE started to shout Rooke's name and shot his armor. Rooke saw Sanchez smiling and he grinned. He pulled his axe out and walked towards him.

After Juhn and Ron left, Julia left too and Sanchi didn't know. He ran all around to look for Julia. He looked in their rooms, markets and nothing. Someone called his name and it sounded like someone he knew. It was Derwitchi.
"You heard that explosion?" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi slowly turned out and noticed Derwitchi in a awkward outfit. He shook his head and tried to walk away, but he called his name again. Sanchi stopped and Derwitchi got really close to him, right in his face. He stared Sanchi right in his eyes.
"Why'd you go in my office? You could of closed my door" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi looked away, "Looking for you"
Derwitchi started to laugh and patted Sanchi on his shoulder. Then, he became serious again. He started to walk and pushed Sanchi with him.
"So...did Juhn really tell you to spy on me?" Derwitchi said
"H-h-how did you know?" Sanchi said, looking away.
"You shouldn't really worry about me" Derwitchi said, "You should worry about the warriors...they're the new threat"
Sanchi looked back at Derwitchi and gave him a strange look. He knew that the warriors aren't bad, but he didn't know who to believe anymore. Their conversation quickly became serious.
"They don't care for anyone beside their selves" Derwitchi laughed, "The armadas care...the pirates care, too"
Sanchi started to walk away from Derwitchi, but he pulled him back. Derwitchi smiled and pulled something out. It was a sword. He started to wave the sword around and placed it under Sanchi's chin.
"Be apart of the new upcoming dynasty...I know you and your crew want something worthy and important" Derwitchi said, putting his sword up.
Sanchi backed up even more and ran away, leaving Derwitchi with a grin on his face. He walked back to his large office.

Rooke walked by gunshots from other pirates and Sanchez just stood there, awaiting for Rooke to come. He smiled and Sanchez grinned back. One pirate troop ran in front of Rooke and he slammed his axe on his body, killing him in front of Sanchez. Meanwhile, Sanchez took out an armada in his path.
"This isn't even a match up!" Rooke said, "What do you have over me?"
Sanchez pulled out his gun and cheered, "Nothing, that's the point"
Rooke stopped and placed his axe (Devullio's old axe) on the ground. He cracked his knuckles with a grin on his mouth. Rooke was 6'7 and weighed over 250 pounds, while Sanchez were just 5'10 and 150 pounds. He knew this would be too easy.
"Bare hands, I want a challenge" Rooke said.
He ran towards Sanchez and threw a punch and Sanchez managed to dodge it. Resulting in him hitting his fist into a metal building. He grabbed his fist in pain, but he threw another punch with his other hand. His punch nailed Sanchez in his stomach and made him collapse on the ground. He tried to get back up, but Rooke grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into his Sanchez's ship.
"This is just too easy!" Rooke said.
Colby was watching the fight, ready for Sanchez to perform the plan. He clearly saw all the explosive cans inside the ship, through a window, "Come on before you get wrecked!"
Sanchez, with blood all over his face, threw a punch but Rooke grabbed his fist. He squeezed Sanchez's fist and started to hear cracking noises, then he slammed him to the hard ground. Stepping on his stomach, Rooke started to have some fun. He picked up the weak target again, holding him up by his neck, Rooke started to squeeze hard. In defense, Sanchez grabbed Rooke's stomach armor and pulled it off and slapped it across Rooke's face. Causing him to drop Sanchez. The big armada stood there, laughing. He slowly picked up his armor.
"Come at me" Sanchez said, walking towards his ship.
Sanchez raised his hand up to signal Colby to be prepare. Sanchez ran towards his ship, but Rooke easily grabbed his foot and pulled him back. Luckily, Sanchez kicked him in his face, causing him to let go. Sanchez ran inside the ship and threw a glass jar at Rooke.
"Are you trying to leave?" Rooke said, getting on the ship.
Sanchez quickly broke the window open and went through. He started to yell "fire!". Sanchez shot his shelf and caused lots of items to fall on the window.
"IS that all you got?" Rooke said.
Sanchez quickly jumped off the ship after hearing Colby's gun firing.
"Yeah!" Sanchez said.
Boom! The whole entire ship exploded while Rooke was in it. Pieces of the ship went all around Sanchez, but Rooke's burned mask fell in front of Sanchez. He picked up the masked. He grinned and threw it, "Wasn't that bad"

Meanwhile, at Skull island it was night. Sanchi were in his room, looking out of his window. He started to worry about the warriors' faith. Julia tried to comfort him and get him to go to bed, but he argued and she gave up. She went to bed alone. He gently placed his hand on the window.

Juhn Woun and Ron Subodai both started to walk towards Derwitchi's office, with their weapons. They were ready to face him after Sanchi told them about Derwitchi's weapon. Juhn wasn't afraid, but Ron had goose bumps and didn't want to do this. They were getting close to his office, seeing his open door. Juhn walked inside his office without knocking. Derwitchi was in a middle of a call, but he turned his device off.
"Juhn...Ron, how are you?" Lord Derwitchi said, sitting in his chair.
None of them answered, instead they pulled their swords out and pointed it at Derwitchi. They gave him scary looks, but Derwitchi didn't buy it.
"What's going on?" Derwitchi asked.
"You are going to be locked up" Ron said, "You're evil and we know it!"
Derwitchi smiled and stood up, "What about a case? You don't know everything!"
"Everyone are already going against you...our council...everyone" Juhn said.
Lord Derwitchi understood and placed his hands under his robe and walked slowly towards them. Ron pulled out hand cuffs. Juhn noticed that Derwitchi was moving his hands around his robe, like he was trying to grab something. He turned around for Ron to place the hand cuffs. Ron placed his sword down and bend over to put the hand cuffs on him. Derwitchi started to smile.
"Wait, Ron!" Juhn cried.
Derwitchi pulled his sword out and chopped Ron's head off, dropping him to the ground. Juhn's eyes widen and he backed up. Derwitchi looked at the blood on his sword, then he looked at Juhn. Taunting him.
"You killed him! Ron!" Juhn cried.
Juhn swung his sword, but Derwitchi blocked his hit with his sword. Both swords crashing together, Juhn moved around and tried to kill him from behind, but Derwitchi knew more than Juhn. He kicked Juhn's leg and kicked him again to the ground. Juhn quickly got back up towards Derwitchi's wide windows.
"You...been evil this whole time!" Juhn cried.
"I have...once I kill you, all the pirates will turn on the warriors and kill them!" Derwitchi said.
Both swords collided again and Juhn spoke again, "That won't happen"

"You need to go to bed" Julia said, "You look tire"
Sanchi looked down. He had other things on his mind.
"I will...later" Sanchi said, "I'm going to get some fresh air"
But he wasn't going outside, he started to head towards Derwitchi's office.

Cling, cling! Derwitchi and Juhn still continued to duel. Derwitchi swung his sword and broke open his window, causing window to blow throughout the room. Juhn placed his arm up to block the glass, which gave Derwitchi a great opportunity. He sliced Juhn's dominant hand, causing him to drop his sword. He screamed loud and dropped to his knees. Derwitchi slowly picked up Juhn's sword.
"Why?" Juhn said, "Why would you do this?"
Derwitchi laughed and placed both swords across his neck. He placed each sword on his shoulder. He could easily swing them and cut his head off.
"We trusted you for five straight years! Since this war started...we needed you and gave you everything!" Juhn said.
Derwitchi sliced his robe off and revealed his real self and Juhn knew it. Lifto. He looked at Derwitchi and closed his eyes.
"You are Lifto!" Juhn said, "Traitor! You worked for both sides!"
Suddenly, the door opened up and two armadas entered the room. Deacon and Kane.
"I can't believe this" Juhn said.
"Master, we need you go...Sanchi is coming" Deacon said.
Derwitchi shook his head and looked at Juhn again. He raised both of the swords up. With a evil look on his face, he swung both swords towards Juhn's neck. He sliced his neck and blood started to spill out. He were still alive and attached. Then, Derwitchi kicked Juhn off the three story building. All three quickly left the building. Sanchi opened the door up.
"Juhn?" Sanchi said.
He saw Ron's body and broken glass everywhere. He ran towards the wide window and looked down. He saw Kane, Deacon and Derwitchi getting on a ship. He looked straight down and saw people around Juhn's body. He gasped and fell to the ground, "Hello! Help, help!"

The Warrior "Deep in the system" S5

Emmanuel loses his cool and runs around the jungles in Skull island. Meanwhile, Wing Chun notices his absent and goes out with El Toro to look for Emmanuel, resulting in El injuring his self. Sanchez still stayed with Devon, but it goes out of hands once he figures out that Sanchi and his crew are apart of the pirate army/warriors. Devon tries to attack and Sanchez reacted, stabbing and killing him by accident. Devon's last wish to Sanchez for them not to change or become some of the warriors. Captain Avery talks with Sanchez into going to a base in Valencia, hoping that the armadas won't know.

"Base in Valencia?" Sanchez said, scratching his hands.
Captain Avery and Juhn Woun secretly created the base in Valencia, near Kane and the rest. Their objective was to keep an eye on them. Lots of pirate troops were already there and Sanchez was going to be the commander of the objective.
"You'll be safe" Captain Avery said.
Sanchi were behind them. Keeping an eye on them, but it angered him. Not giving both of them the objective, he ran right behind them.
"Why can't we all go?" Sanchi said.
"Sanchez, you have a ship waiting for you" Captain Avery said.
Sanchez walked away and towards the ship. Leaving Sanchi and Avery alone. Captain broke the silence, informing Sanchi about his objective.
"Derwitchi been up to some weird things" Captain Avery said.
"Yeah?" Sanchi said.
"Keep an eye on him" Captain Avery said, "We need you for this one"

Sanchez arrived at the ship and the pirates greeted him. Clapping their hands, Sanchez finally felt important, he were the commander. He wouldn't let his guard down.
"I'm Colby, captain Colby" Colby said, shaking Sanchez's hands.
Sanchez got on the ship and Colby took off. Sanchez looked out of the window, seeing his crew through a window. He knew he'd be okay, he knew he'd be safe.
"This your first time?" Colby asked.
"Kinda...yeah.." Sanchez said.
Colby smiled, "We're going to be in Valencia...better be sneaky"
Sanchez placed his head to a table and closed his eyes. Trying avoid being watched, he felt like he were being watched and he hated the feeling, but dark thoughts went through his head. He killed Devon. He couldn't believed it, but he knew it was too late. He felt the ship stop and he rose his head up, looking out of the window.
"Well...we are here" Colby said, opening the door.
Sanchez looked out of the window and saw thousands of pirates walking around the base. Guards all around the area and pirate ships disguised as armadas' ships. He was impressed.
"That really tall building, that's where we keep an eye on them" Colby said, "I'm going to go up, you gonna come?"
Sanchez didn't answer and Colby walked away. Sanchez's spot were in the middle of the whole placed, it was like a dock area and his ship was docked on it.

"Rooke" Kane called his name, looking out of a window.
He walked upstairs and noticed Kane looking out of a window, looking mysterious. Lifto was right next to him. Rooke became nervous as he went towards them.
"Yes sir?" Rooke said, bowing down.
"Rooke, since you're one of the biggest, toughest and strongest armada here...we need you for something. To finish of an enemy you want to kill...Sanchez" Kane said, "Lifto founded out his location...he's all the way over there, the prime idious hall"
Rooke looked out of the window and saw the tall building. He grinned and turned back around, "I'll handle him"
"You cannot do it alone" Lifto said, "There are lots of armadas outside, in ships waiting for you"
Rooke pulled out his blades, connected under his arms. He looked at them and saw his reflection, he was smiling and determined to kill Sanchez.
"Shall I make it quick? Or...slow!" Rooke said, swinging his blades around.
"Take it serious" Kane said, "We're relying on you"
Rooke nodded his head and started his way towards his ship. Kane and the rest were relying on him. Armadas greeted Rooke as he entered his ship, but he didn't go inside. He wanted to tell them something.
"We will win this war!" He said, "It ends here!"
All the armadas started to scream, praise and cheer for Rooke's statement. He had a feeling that they were close to the end, but at the same time he had worries. Deacon was busy with other duties.
"I'm excited, Sanchez" Rooke said to his self.
Rooke's ship was first to fly out. Ten armadas' ships followed behind. Once they got close, they started to fire their cannons into the building. Killing a few troops, Sanchez was aware of their situation.

Sanchi were walking in the hallway of the temple. Passing other warriors, which he gave a suspicious look to them. He didn't feel safe anymore. He went to Lord Derwitchi's office, but he was gone, but it still went inside his office. He felt like Derwitchi was up to something. He slowly walked towards his desk, opening up the drawers, looking through them for any clues.
"I know you're up to something" Sanchi whispered.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Derwitchi's contacting device started to go off. It freaked Sanchi out and caused him to fall back. He picked up the device and pressed it.
"What the?" Sanchi said.
He didn't hear any voices or any hologram coming up. He press it again and again but still nothing, but the device beeped again. He pressed it again and he heard a loud explosion.
"What was that?" Sanchi said, dropping to the ground.
The explosion was loud. He heard it in the temple and started to hear screaming. He slowly lifted his head up and towards the window, near the local markets. Flames. That's what he mostly saw. He thought that it was an accident. Derwitchi's device beeped again. It was still in his hands and he pressed the button again.
"What is going on!" Sanchi cried.
Boom! The warriors' council building went up in flames and Sanchi witnessed it. He looked down at the device and dropped it. He backed away from it and ran towards the door, but he ran into someone and both fell to the ground.
"Why are you in here?" Juhn said, helping Sanchi back up.
"Did you hear that?" Sanchi cried, "I didn't do it...I swear and...Avery...told me-told me to..."
Juhn stopped him. Informing him to calm down, "I know"
Sanchi ran back in the office and grabbed the Derwitchi's contacting device. He gave it to Juhn and he didn't know what was wrong with it.
"I pressed it and the bazaar and the council exploded!" Sanchi cried, "I don't know how!"
"Is anyone hurt?" Juhn said, looking out of the window.
"No clue" Sanchi said, "Where's Derwitchi?"
He gave Sanchi a strange look, "I didn't know he left...he didn't inform any of us"

Boom! The idious building was hit by armadas' ships. Troops fell out of the building and to their death. Luckily, Sanchez wasn't in there. He grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked out through the distance. He didn't know who it was, but when the ship got closer he clearly saw who it was. Rooke. He gasped and ran, informing all the troops.
"You okay kid?" Colby said, "We're being under attacked!"
Sanchez moved Colby out of his way. He ran to grab his device, but a cannon exploded in front of him, causing him to hit the ground hard. Luckily, Colby grabbed him and took him to protected shelter. He checked for any bruises on Sanchez.
"It's Rooke" Sanchez said.
"General Rooke?" Colby said.
Boom! More cannons hit their area. Dust going on them.
"UH...yeah" Sanchez said.

The Warrior "Too far to change" S5

Finally coming back home, the crew tried to fit back in. Emmanuel feels like it's his fault for Dorugh's death and Boris's injury, so he goes out in the jungles of Skull island. Sanchi and Julia finally gets time to spend together alone. Sanchez goes to Scrimshaw and run into old pirate, Devon Sharp (Sharp Devon).

The sun were shining, but the ginormous trees in the Skull island jungles blocked some of the sunlight. Emmanuel passed several pirates roaming around and managed to pass troggys. He needed fresh air. He wasn't use to all this. He placed his hands on his head, closed his eyes. He started to hear voices in his head...and it wasn't good. He started to shake his head in fear and fell to the ground, in tears. He started to scream over and over again, "I'm sorry! No no no! Forgive me! It's all my fault!"
Other pirates stopped, looking at Emmanuel rolling on the ground. They started to surround him, which made it worst. He felt like he were trapped.
"What!" Emmanuel said, "Why are you looking at me? I'm not crazy!"
Suddenly, captain Avery moved pirates out of his way. Checking out all the noise. Emmanuel looked at him and Avery walked closer to him, with his hands up.
"Are you okay? Listen son, everything is going to be okay" Captain Avery said, trying to calm Emmanuel down.
Emmanuel gave Avery a joking like look. He started to laugh and stomped his foot on the ground. He started to yell again. His thoughts became dark, he somehow felt like he were being watched.
"Okay?" Emmanuel said, "You know I'm going to be okay? That's not true! You wanna know something? I lost all of my family...ALL! I'm the last pirate to carry on the name, Salvis! They...they survived all those dangerous troggys...but it ended because of Fin Dorsal! I mean...come on! How do any of y'all feel safe? You are in war...yeah I know about it, I'm new and I know about them as much as y'all!"
Emmanuel's message made every pirate silent. They stopped whispering to each other. Most of them thought he lost it, some thought that he was right. Captain Avery broke the silence by clapping.
"Your name must be Emmanuel...listen, I know you're part of Sanchi's crew...lemme know something, why'd Sanchi and the rest bring you here? What are you good at or worthy of being here?" Captain Avery said, looking straight into Emmanuel's eyes.
He started to freak it. He threw his gun to the ground and broke into tears. Avery knew he was weak.
"Because they're good pirates...they aren't like y'all...that's...that's why..." Emmanuel stopped and cried, "That's why they're going to...last longer than y'"
Emmanuel picked up his weapon. He pushed two female pirates out of his way and ran away. Avoiding anymore questions. He wanted alone time.

Knock knock. Boris's door started to bang, knowing that he couldn't get out of the bed yet. It was Chun banging on the door. After several minutes of no one opening it up. He picked the lock and opened it up his self.
"...Chun...?" Boris said, opening his eyes.
"Others are talking about Emmanuel...maybe, uh they said that some dark skin pirate lost it. They said he's apart of our crew...could it be Emmanuel?"  Chun said, scratching his head, "It's almost dark...and that's when most of the troggys come out, I'm going to find him"
Boris knew that was a terrible idea. He tried to explain to Chun about the troggys, but he didn't listen. He opened up Boris's door and called for El Toro. Than, he slammed the door.
"He's going to get his self killed" Boris said to his self.
Boris quickly pushed his self off the bed. He leaned up on the bed. Looking down at his leg. It was gone and he knew it. He shook his head. Almost got them killed, Boris thought. Then, he placed his good leg to the floor and got up, balancing on one look. He slowly placed his peg leg to the floor and he stood up on both legs.
"I did it!" Boris said.
But, Boris took one step and fell to the ground and he just laid there, "Spoke...too...soon"

"I hardly even know this Emmanuel don't either..maybe he's losing it. Why do you want to help him?" El Toro said, walking towards the jungles.
Chun shook his head, "He's going to be here for a while...and he could help us. Plus, I'm started to have a bad feeling for this pirate army...even the senate. They've excluded me from they don't want me or the rest to know something...same for Julia"
Wing Chun and El Toro still continued to walk until they reach the jungles. But, El Toro stopped at a pile of roses and bend over to see them. He picked one of them up and placed his on his hat. Chun started to laugh at him, but in a friendly way.
"I'm guessing you like those red roses, huh?" Chun said, laughing at El.
El smiled, "When I was the masked "El Toro"...of course they didn't know that, in battles I throw up roses after every duel. Sanchi finally ended my streak, impressive warrior"
Finally the two reached the entrance into the jungles. Hearing troggys' noises, El pulled his weapon out and Chun brought out his tiny knife. Both of them knew that this was a terrible plan. El took the first step inside the jungles, he looked around and didn't see a troggy, but he knew that they weren't far.
"Well, let's look for him" Chun said.
El started to whistle, waiting for something to come out, but nothing did. He still continued to whistle and clapped his hands. Still nothing. El laughed, "This area is empty"
The area was really dark. Chun walked back to get a torch, but El thought that he'll be fine with one. He started to walk, clapping his hands. But still no sign. Then, El stopped. Feeling like there were a cliff he were about to fall off of. He slowly turned around.
"Eeek!" The troggy cried.
El quickly reacted. He took a step back and slipped down the cliff. It wasn't a deep one, but he hit his head on a few rocks and hit the ground. His eyes were still open, but not fully open. He was in pain.
"!" El said, slowly closing his eyes.

Devon gathered plates and more for the dinner tonight. Sanchez started to worry about his crew, but hopefully they knew where he went.
"Is Sanchi living great?" Devon asked.
Sanchez didn't answer. He lost his focus, going deep in thought. But Devon tapped on his shoulder. Sanchez quickly turned around and Devon were looking in his eyes, smiling.
"Ye alright?" Devon laughed.
Sanchez placed his head on the table. Closing his eyes, but Devon tapped on his shoulder again.
"I'm sorry...really tire" Sanchez said.
But he wasn't. He started to think about the past. Regretting more and more. Seeing Devon again sparked up everything, but he didn't know that.
"How's Sanchi..." Devon said.
"Great...he's great...finally a know?" Sanchez said.
Suddenly, he heard something breaking. Sanchez turned around and Devon was getting him a serious look. He couldn't believe that Sanchi was part of the warriors. Devon started to lose his cool.
"Warrior!? Sanchi? I don't believe it!" Devon said, leaving his house.
Sanchez ran out of the door too, following Devon. He looked around his small house and found nothing. Then, he started to hear his voice.
"Warriors are just a toy in Derwitchi's game...he's corrupted and bad! They don't care about ye or a luck of us..." Devon said.
"Devon, where are you?" Sanchez said, pulling his knife out.
Sanchez looked at his knife. He couldn't believe he actually pulled his weapon out on someone who helped him in the beginning. He started to tear up a little, but he wiped them away.
"When the armadas came back...they killed meh men and others. Lord Derwitchi knew about this. He didn't help us, we were too close to Skull island. We had to rebuild and go back by OURSELVES" Devon cried.
"Don't say that...he probably didn't know!" Sanchez cried out.

Noises woke El Toro back up. He still laid there. Painfully, he tried to get his self up, but he fell back to the ground. It was dark and he couldn't see very well. He placed his hand to his hip. Feeling for his sword, but it wasn't there.
"Has to be here!" El said, getting up slowly.
He limped around, looking for his weapon. He couldn't find it, "Chun! Emmanuel!"
No one replied back. El laughed to his self and fell back to the ground. He started to think that he was dead. Losing hope fast. He just lied there. Even though, he started to hear more noises...and it was getting louder.
He looked up and saw a troggy, slowly walking towards him with a sharpen stick. El's eyes widen and he started to back away from it, but he ran towards him. The troggy jump on him, but El kicked him off. He didn't run towards the troggy, he knew that his bite wasn't poisonous here. He started to look around for his weapon, but couldn't find it.
"Eeeee Ahhhh!" The troggy cried.
The creature tackled him to the ground and his sharpen stick went through El's arm. Causing him to scream. He quickly punched the troggy. Finally found his sword and took him out.
"Damnit!" El cried out, looking at his arm.
He pulled his cape off and wrapped it around his arm. Stopping it from bleeding. He hated troggy for a reason. Now it strongly grew more.
He sliced the troggy's stomach open and placed their purple-like blood across his eyes and tried to climb up on the rocks, but he stepped on a lose rock and fell back to the ground. Falling hard again, he started to laugh...but in pain. His voice started to echo throughout the forest, "Why!"
El didn't like to give up. He got back up and grabbed the troggy's stick. Noticing two more coming. He held up his sword and the sharp stick and ran towards them.
"Come at me!" El cried.
Both troggys ran towards El as he was running too. He pushed one of them to the ground. Occupied with the other one. He broke the troggy's stick and punched the creature and it ran away. Leaving one left, but El was too weak to finish it off. The other troggy ran, too.
"Is this it for me?" He said to his self, closing his eyes.
But Toro heard another voice...and it sounded like Chun. He slowly looked up and saw a torch. Someone else were with him too. It sounded like Emmanuel.
"Another injured one...fantastic" Chun said.
Emmanuel smiled, "Can't leave him...that's not y', Sanchi, Boris and Sanchez are good people"
"Sometimes" Chun said.

Sanchez were still outside of Devon's house. Looking for Devon, but he couldn't. Somehow, he still heard Devon talking. He doesn't want to kill Devon or hurt him.
"Sanchi will end up like'em! meh!" Devon's voice echoed.
Sanchez didn't respond. He slowly looked around the area for him. He didn't want to make a single sound, but Devon still continued to talk. Helping Sanchez to get closer to him.
" companions...they be one of a kind, but they'll change too" Devon said.
Sanchez wanted Devon to stop talking. But he wouldn't, he was getting into Sanchez's head. It really bothered him. Though, Devon thought it was helping him.
"When I met ye, Sanchi and the other two, scared and freaked obviously aren't now..." Devon said.
Sanchez felt like he were getting closer to Devon. He slowly turned the corner, but no one was there. He couldn't believe it, but Devon were right behind him. He ran towards Sanchez and he reacted like he would towards anyone dangerous. He injected his knife into Devon's stomach. He didn't mean it. Devon started to lean back, but Sanchez caught him and slowly placed him on the ground. He started to freak out.
"I-I-I...didn't mean to!" Sanchez said, " scared...scared me"
Sanchez started to tear up. Devon were in his arms. He tried to call help, but Devon stopped him.
"Don't...I be in the stars soon...listen to meh, boy!" Devon said, grabbing onto his collar.
Devon opened his mouth, blood coming out. He had trouble speaking, "D-don't ye become like them...even it for me"
Devon slowly closed his eyes and Sanchez couldn't believe it. His blood was all over his hand and shirt. He pulled Devon's body and placed it on his bed, "I'm sorry"
Sanchez closed the door and ran towards his ship. He knew that Devon wanted it to happen. He knew that he changed, too. Sanchez knew that he were too far to change. Devon knew it too.

Sanchez arrived at Skull island. Really late at night, he noticed that Sanchi and the rest were still awake. In Boris's room. He wiped the blood off and cleaned up. He opened up the door and everyone greeted him. Sanchez didn't even smile. How could he?
"El is hurt. Injured back and a bad cut on his arm from a's your trip?" Sanchi said, patting him on his back.
Sanchi, Julia, Emmanuel and Chun were surrounded around Boris's bed. Boris were still awake too and smiling.
"Emmanuel went on a run know, I kinda went to look for him with was pretty dark" Chun said.
Everyone stopped talking after hearing the door banging. He opened it up and it was Avery.
"I need you to go to a base to protect...Sanchez" Captain Avery said, "Please, Sanchi needs to be with El and the rest aren't capable of this"

The Warrior "The talk" S5

2 long days on the Tangled jungles. Boris's left leg gets stuck and Sanchi sliced his leg off, saving him from the troggys. Sanchi, Sanchez, Boris and Emmanuel camped at a fire and encountered Fin Dorsal. Troggys then filled up the area and killed Fin's men. Julia, Juhn and El Toro managed to find Sanchi and the rest and brought them home. Now, finally back home, questions are started to be asked at Skull island and Kane, Deacon, Rooke and Lifto talks about the pirates and plan on an attack.

Emmanuel were by Boris's bed, sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Boris were lying down on a bed, knocked out..but he had a peg leg, which didn't take long. Emmanuel were staring at Boris and started to think about his past, with his family and friends getting killed, he wanted to go back to old times.
"I'm sorry about this...all of this" Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel looked at his gun. His gun reflected his face and he noticed he had tears down his face. He threw his gun to the floor and got out of the chair. He went towards the door and looked back, staring at Boris and he quietly said, "I'm doing this for you"

Kane arrived at Valencia. First thing he did, he sat down on his throne, looking out of the window. He heard the door opening and it was Deacon and Rooke arriving with someone. They threw the stranger to the ground and Kane got up to look at him.
"He's a warrior, found him" Deacon said, "What should we do with him?"
Kane stared at the warrior, all beaten up the warrior looked at him. Kane removed the cloth from his mouth, waiting for him to talk.
"His name is William...he were with Jarvis Cobris"  Rooke said, "You know our feelings on warriors"
Kane nodded his head and bowed down, waiting for him to talk. Kane wanted to hear if he's guilty or...worth killing.
"Life isn't always perfect" Kane said to him, "When you think you're in a safe're really not"
Warrior William looked at Kane and shook his head. He understood Kane's statement, but he didn't want to go out like this.
"You have my tied up...are you afraid of what I can bring?" William asked, "Juhn trained me for many years"
Kane smiled and patted William on his back. He got back up and signal them to take him out. Kane walked back to his throne and heard a gunshot.
"Guards will get his body out" Rooke said, "Lifto will be arriving soon... I don't know if he'll approve you sitting on his old master's throne.
Lifto's old master help trained him. But, one night after they finished their arguing, his master were found dead in his bed. Others believed that he were killed by Lifto.

The Warrior "Timing"

The crew splits up. Boris and Emmanuel tried to look for Sanchi and Sanchez to help them with Dorugh, but they were too late and Dorugh dies. Meanwhile, Fin still with his crew and Chun continue to look for Sanchi and the rest. Julia starts to worry about Sanchi being gone for two days already.

Julia opens Derwitchi's door wide and interrupted his meeting with other warriors, such as Jarvis, Bulson, Juhn, Captain Avery and more. El followed her from behind to make sure she doesn't do something idiotic.
"Senator Julia, great to see you" Captain Avery said, greeting her.
Julia didn't greet back, instead she started to yell, "Sanchi has been gone for two days, now!"
El Toro grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back, but she just kicked him in his groin area, causing him to fall to his knees.
"I want answers, it doesn't take them that long to look for Fin, none of you guys are even looking for them" Julia said.
"They're probably coming home right now" Lord Derwitchi said, "Now, you need to leave...we're discussing something important...if you don't mind"
"Oh, I do mind!" Julia said.
Juhn quickly got up and rushed towards Julia and pushed her out of the door, "Shhhh! I'll go with you to look for them...we heard that they've crashed in the Tangled jungles"
Julia stopped and backed away from the door and Juhn did. He quickly slammed the door. He knew that they've burrowed his ship, so they'd have to steal a ship.
"I know where Jarvis's ship located...we'll take his ship" Juhn said, "Because I know that your crew probably destroyed my ship"
Juhn and Julia ran towards Jarvis's ship and El Toro followed behind them. "Wait!"

Sanchez finally finished his only priority during this moment. He slowly dropped his mini shovel and fell to his knees, in tears. Boris removed his old friend's weapon and badge. Slowly placing them onto a rag and wrapped them up. Emmanuel started to say a few words to the crew, trying to make them feel better. Sanchi just laid on the ground, trying to forget about last night.
"I...we tried..." Boris said, "Emmanuel and I looked for you guys and screamed for help"
"Just drop it, it's too late now" Sanchez said.
"Your friend said a few was like...he were talking to someone named Gus?" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi just shook his head. He remembered Gus.
"Eeek!" Troggys' voices started to echo throughout the jungles.
Boris pulled out his knife with a mean look on his face. He wanted to take out the troggy, but Sanchez took away his knife. Sanchez grabbed his stuff and motioned for everyone else to follow. Leaving where they've buried Dorugh. Sanchi stayed back for a few seconds to look around the area. He felt like he were being watched.
"Look" Emmanuel whispered.
Suddenly, their trail began to filled with troggys walking by. The whole crew stopped and dropped to the ground, none of the troggys noticed them. Boris was behind Sanchez and felt breathing from behind. He slowly turned around and saw a troggy standing up behind him, looking at him.
"Oh no" Boris said to his self.
The troggy tackled Boris to the ground, but Boris pushed the troggy off. Still had a fight in him, the troggy ran back towards Boris, causing a lot of noises. Sanchez got up and shot the troggy and pulled the body off of Boris. Rest of the troggys stopped and looked around, noticing Sanchez on his feet.
"We need to go, now" Sanchi said, pulling out his sword.

"Why are we out here?" Hadecki said, holding Chun's arm.
"To kill the ones who killed our brothers" Mark said, finishing Fin's sentence
Fin, Hadecki, Mark and Minow lurked around the area, looking for their new enemies...but lost them.
"It's like, we're going in circles!" Mark said.
"Quiet Mark! Betchu don't know the shape of a circle" Fin said.
Hadecki pushed Chun into Fin, resulting in Fin pushing Chun to the ground. Fin started to smile at Chun.
"Let me go, please!" Chun said, "I didn't do anything and my crew only killed them from self-defense! They attacked them"
Fin thought that Chun was onto something. As Hadecki and Mark took a troggy out, Fin grabbed Chun and threw him to the ground next to a living troggy. Troggy's first reaction was to attack Chun and it tried. His mouth were a inch away from Chun's arm. Then, Fin finished off the troggy.
"I could of done it" Fin said, "I could of let that troggy poison lucky I changed my mind"
"That's not true, you knew that killing me was dumb" Chun said.
Fin didn't like the way Chun were talking to him. Fin slapped Chun in his face to times and grabbed him by his neck, "What I do is never dumb"
"Fin! Over here!" Mark cried, "We found them!"

Sanchi, Sanchez, Boris and Emmanuel stopped for rest. Everyone dropped to the ground, but Boris. He noticed something strange. He walked towards a leaning tree. He placed his hand on the bark and noticed a root were keeping the tree from falling. Boris knew that this just happened.
"Strange" Boris said, bending over.
Boom! Gun shot fired and nailed the root, causing the tree to fall and landed on Boris's left leg. Boris started to scream for help and his crew got on their feet.
"Who did this?" Sanchez said, trying to lift the tree up.
"Not a troggy! Someone shot the tree!" Boris cried.
Sanchi and Emmanuel looked around the area. Emmanuel noticed that someone ran away from them, but he also noticed troggys coming out, dozens of them.
"Uh...guys!" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi pulled his sword out, facing two of the troggys. Emmanuel pulled a knife out in front of the troggys. Meanwhile Sanchez tried to lift the tree up while the other two took out the troggys, but more and more were coming.
Boom! Sanchez quickly took a troggy out.
"How'd these troggys knew we were here?" Emmanuel cried, taking out a troggy.
More and more of the green lizard-like creatures started to jump out with the sharp sticks and spears.
"Someone attracted them towards us!" Sanchi said, "We need to get out of here!"
Sanchi and Emmanuel ran towards Sanchez and started to help him lift up the tree, but they couldn't. The fallen tree were stuck on Boris's leg.
"We're going to die here!" Sanchi said, slicing a troggy.
Boris also tried to push the tree off his leg, but he knew it was no use. Sanchez started to pull on Boris's leg, but Boris pushed Sanchez off of him.
"Go, leave me!" Boris said, "I can't be responsible for another death!"
Sanchez didn't know what to do, but he knew he only had two options. Leave Boris behind or defend. He slowly got up. Boris knew that he'd have to leave him behind...but he didn't. Sanchez started to fire at troggys.
"Leave me! What are you doing?" Boris cried.
Sanchi and Emmanuel got next to Sanchez and started to defend the area.
"I'm doing this for Dorugh!" Sanchez said.
All three started to defend against the troggys. Meanwhile, Boris tried to push the tree off, but he knew he wasn't strong enough.
"They won't stop coming!" Emmanuel said, taking out a troggy.
Sanchi quickly turned around and started to slam his blade down on the tree. He were trying to cut the tree in half, but it didn't work. Sanchi were out of options.
"You're going to have a peg leg" Sanchi said, cutting Boris's left leg off.
Boris started to scream, but he stopped and his eyes closed. Sanchi quickly pulled him away from the tree and ripped Boris's shirt up to wrap it around his leg to stop the bleeding. The crew quickly ran away from the troggys.
"They survived?" Minow said, "I don't believe it!"

"This is the island" El pointed out.
"How'd you know?" Juhn asked.
El smiled and simply said, "I'm never wrong"
He landed the ship and Julia were the first one off. She ran off the ship and started to call for Sanchi, but Juhn grabbed her, "Quiet, there're other creatures here"
They began to look around for Sanchi and the rest. They passed huts filled with troggys, luckily avoided them, but El Toro noticed lots of blood on a log. He got closer to the log to observe it, Juhn and Julia followed behind.
"Looks like someone were attacked" El Toro said.
But Julia noticed a dead troggy near the tree. She started to think about one of them getting bite by a troggy, then killed.
"Maybe it was Fin or one of his men" Juhn said, trying to cheer Julia up.
Julia wiped the tears off her face and started to walk another direction, looking for Sanchi or any clues. El and Juhn started to lose hope, but they also followed behind.
"If we encounter those Sharktooth monsters! We're going to kill them!" Julia said, looking at her reflection from her tiny knife.
"I can probably take them all one, with one of my eyes shut!" El said, looking at his sword.
Juhn noticed more blood around another area. Blood drops, he followed the blood until there were no more and he did. He found where someone were buried. He quickly ran to a rock. Someone carved letters into the rock. He looked at the writings and slammed the rock to the ground, out of anger.
"What's over there?" Julia said.
"Nothing...nothing..." Juhn said, in tears.

It finally reached night time. Sanchi, Sanchez, Emmanuel and Boris (Who's passed out) were around a fire, luckily Emmanuel knew how to make one. Sanchi was the only in front of the fire. Emmanuel were right next to Boris and Sanchez were lying down on a tree.
"Is this how life going to be?" Emmanuel asked.
Sanchi didn't respond. Instead he were looking at Dorugh's gun. Checking the ammo and everything. He couldn't believe that Dorugh were gone.
"Guess so" Sanchez said, looking up in the sky.
Suddenly, they started to hear noises, Sanchez pulled out his weapon. Ready for troggys, but it wasn't. Fin and his men came out. Mark placed his sword behind Emmanuel's neck, Minow slammed Sanchez against a tree with Hadecki and Fin took Dorugh's gun out of Sanchi's hand and aimed it at him.
"I don't believe it" Fin said, "It took us forever just to find you guys"
"Where is Chun!" Sanchez said.
Fin smiled and pulled Chun out. Revealing him in front of everyone. With bruises and scratches everywhere, He smiled at Sanchez.
"Don't do this" Sanchi said, "We can settle and work things out...don't do this"
But Fin did't listen, instead he laughed. Minow and the rest started to laugh, too. Then, he motion them. Minow punched Sanchez to the ground and both Minow and Hadecki started to kick and punch him. Mark kicked Emmanuel in his guts and slammed him into a tree and started to punch him. Fin made Sanchi watch it all.
"Fin, stop this!" Chun said.
Fin slapped Chun in his face, causing him to fall to the ground. That bothered Sanchez. He tried to get up, but Minow kicked him back down.
"You're nothing" Sanchi said, "Fight me with your bare hands!"

"What's that over there?" El Toro said, noticing smoke from a fire.
Julia dropped the two sticks and noticed it, too. Juhn also noticed it.
"That could be them" Juhn said.
"Let's go" Julia said.

Fin punched Sanchi in his face and pushed him back to the ground. Laughing, he picked Sanchi up and slammed him into a tree. Sanchi quickly got back up and saw Fin walking towards him. Fin threw a punch, but Sanchi dodged it and uppercut him in his stomach and kicked him in his knee.
"You got it, Fin" Mark yelled.
Emmanuel quickly noticed that Mark wasn't paying attention. Boris were still passed out and Sanchez were still receiving a beating. Fin looked at Sanchi in his eyes and Sanchi looked back. Without a doubt, Fin tackled Sanchi to the ground, but Fin felt like someone were behind him. He were right. Chun had a gun pointed at Fin's head.
"Get up" Chun said.
Mark paid no attention to Emmanuel. He quickly brought out his gun and aimed it at Chun. Emmanuel reacted and tackled him to the ground and punched him several times until he released his gun. Emmanuel grabbed his gun and finished Mark off. Emmanuel shot Hadecki in his leg. He tried to finish him off, but he were out of bullets.
"I've been shot!" Hadecki said, grabbing onto his leg.
Emmanuel ran towards Hadecki and tackled him onto the ground. Minow went to help, but Sanchez grabbed his leg and pulled him down. He grabbed his knife and killed Minow.
"Woah woah" Fin said, "Let's talk about this, slowly"
Suddenly, everyone hear bushes moving. Sanchez aimed his gun towards bushes...and troggys came out, ten troggys filled up the area. The creatures all piled on Hadecki. Emmanuel and Sanchez both grabbed Boris and lifted him up. Sanchi got back up on his feet and kicked Fin in his jaw and spitted on him. Sanchi quickly left the area and so did Chun, leaving Fin for troggys' bait.

"Follow me" Sanchi said.
The crew quickly followed Sanchi, dodging trees and avoided troggys. Sanchi ran right into someone, knocking them on the ground...and it were Julia.
"'re alive!" Julia said.
El Toro and Juhn Woun ran towards Julia after hearing her screamed. El hugged Sanchi and gave a hand shake to Sanchez. They noticed Boris, but there were no time to waste.
"Follow me, I know where our ship is located" Juhn said, taking out a troggy.
Juhn led the way. Sanchi and Julia were behind him, following and holding onto each others. Juhn managed to lead them back to the ship.
"We did it" Sanchi said.
Juhn and El helped with Boris. Julia, Sanchi, Chun, and Emmanuel all got on the ship. Sanchez, meanwhile didn't got on the ship, he were looking around and making sure that Fin weren't around. He didn't see a single sign of Fin and he smiled.
"Who's he?" Juhn asked, referring to Emmanuel.
"He's part of us now and he helped us" Sanchez said.
Juhn shook Emmanuel's hand and quickly flew the ship off the island. They managed to get out of the jungles, but they lost a friend in the process.

The Warrior "Together" S5

Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh and Boris teams up with Emmanuel Salvis at a bar. Fin took their ship out and caused them to go into the "Tangled Jungles" with troggys (poison ones). Emmanuel goes with Boris and Dorugh to look for his old home, but resulted in for him finding out about his destroyed home. Dorugh gets bit in his shoulder with poison and get stabbed in the stomach by a troggy.

"We're going back in there" Fin said.
Fin and his crew planned on going into the jungles to finish Sanchi and the rest off, having a feeling that they're still alive. Minow steered the ship to a great spot to land the ship and their hunt begins.
"I need a snack" Mark said, searching through Minow's bag.
Fin grabbed Mark by his arm and threw him to the ground. Mark got back up and gave Fin a look, but he knew he couldn't take Fin on.
"Hadecki, let's go!" Fin yelled.
Hadecki were still on the ship, getting and trying Chun up to take him along with them. He threw Chun to the ground.
"W-W-why are we here?" Chun said, tired up.
Fin looked away and around the area, trying to get his eyes away from the sunlight, "Better start moving"

"" Dorugh said, losing his breath.
His eye sight were getting a little blurry. He started to sweat a lot more and he also started to hear noises. He tried to get up, but he were too weak.
"Boris...Emmanuel? Sanchi...anyone?" Dorugh said, slowly.
Dorugh looked side to side many times and his last look, he saw someone walking towards him. He squinted his eyes, but he couldn't tell who it was. The person wasn't very tall with long dirty blonde hair, blood below his chest (stomach and back) and had a mini knife in his hand, but when he got closer to Dorugh, he knew who it was. It was his old trooper Gus. He couldn't believe it was Gus. He started to shut his eyes and open it up, but he was still there.
"Everything is going to be okay" Gus said, smiling at Dorugh.
"G-G-Gus? You...dead?" Dorugh said.
Gus smiled and chuckled a little, "Well, all this blood gives you a good guess"
He didn't respond back, he just kept on giving Gus a strange look. He knew Gus is dead and he knew that he blown his self up.
"Everything going to be just fine, you're going to be fine" Gus said, smiling.
Suddenly, Dorugh heard another voice and turned to his left. It was Anthony.
"Man, he's lying to you" Anthony said, "I was pretty young and died...young"
Anthony had a black eye and busted lip. He also had blood all around his chest and a hole from a sword, Dorugh remembered.
"I died, sacrificing my life to kill a bounty hunter" Gus said, "But y'all just placed her in prison"
Dorugh grabbed onto a tree to pull his self up. He knew that Gus and Anthony were both dead and he couldn't take anymore of them talking.
"Stay still, you won't even make it half way" Gus said.
Anthony walked near Dorugh and sat down on a long, near Gus and they both started to smile at him. Dorugh started to feel guilty.
"You think I'd still be alive if you would've killed Devullio with Douglass? Maybe he'd be alive too if you shot him...maybe I'm trying to get into your head" Anthony said.
"He's not lying" Dorugh heard another person talking.
Then, Dez was behind Gus. With a bullet in his heart and blood all around it. "He's not lying"
"I died because I heard Derwitchi talking...I should of kept running, maybe you should of stopped that troopers and I would of gotten away" Dez said, "Maybe not...they might not listen to you, oh well"
Gus, Anthony and Dez were in front of Dorugh...or he thought. All with blood over them and blood were also all over Dorugh too.
"Life's interesting...right?" Dez said.

Boom! Emmanuel fired a gunshot to scare a group of troggys away from him and he continued to walk with Boris. Trying to look for Sanchi and Sanchez to help or even save Dorugh's life, but they couldn't find them.
"Your friend cares a lot...that's rare for a pirate troop" Emmanuel said, looking around.
"And it pretty much got him killed" Boris said, kicking the ground.
Emmanuel raised his hand up, motioning Boris to stop talking and moving. He looked around the area, hearing leafs and troggys' screaming. He brought his gun out and started to aim it around, ready for them to come out and attack. Boris quietly pulled his knife out.
"I don't see anything or anyone" Boris whispered.
Emmanuel slowly pulled his weapon down, but his guard were still standing. He still knew they're still around the area.
"Just the wind?" Boris said, putting his knife up.
Emmanuel turned around to talk to Boris and he saw a troggy running towards him. He quickly reacted and pushed Boris away and pushed the troggy down. He pulled his weapon out and shot the troggy.
"Woah" Boris said, "Thanks"
Swarm of troggys started to come out of the trees and bushes, all behind Boris. Emmanuel screamed for Boris's attention and both started to run. Emmanuel was first to run and Boris followed behind, they kept on running and not looking behind them, but their trail ended as another swarm of troggy's came in front of them. Freaking out, both looked to their lefts and rights to look for a way out and Boris founded one. There were a few troggys to his side so he took out a couple and Emmanuel followed behind.
"Climb up here!" Boris said, climbing up to the first branch.
Boris took too long to get up there, Emmanuel was out of options. He shot a few troggys and ran another way and the troggys followed them. Then, the gunshots stopped and Emmanuel started to scream. Boris closed his eyes and covered up with ears. More troggys went back to Boris and he was trapped.
"!" Boris said, throwing his knife into the crowd of troggys (six of them).

"Look at all these tracks" Sanchi said, looking at the troggys' tracks.
"They were chasing someone...maybe our crew?" Sanchez said.
"Think they made it?"  Sanchi said
"No clue, the gunshots stopped" Sanchez said, placing his weapon back in his holder.
Sanchi and Sanchez were close to Dorugh's old trails, but they turned the other way to avoid the troggys' tracks.
"Think everyone's okay?" Sanchez asked.
"....No..." Sanchi said, looking down.
They continued to walk and saw more clues. Blood all around the area and spears with blood over them too. They also noticed the dead troggys' bodies, but they ignored the clues and walked away.

"Everything is fine...perfect, actually" Dez said.
Dorugh kept rubbing his eyes, hoping that they'd go away. He knew they were dead, but he also didn't know that he was losing it. He tried to get up, but he lost so much blood that it made him weak. He tried to pull his self up, but he heard another voice and turned. It was Willis. Old armada captain, Willis were laughing at him.
"Look at you! Pathetic! You won't even make it!" Willis said.
Dorugh's eyes widen and he started to search for his weapon but he couldn't find it.
"It's okay, everything will be just..." Anthony stopped.
"He's lying! Nothing will be fine, you're doomed" Willis said.
Dorugh's hatred and anger helped him finally get on his feet and he walked towards Willis, but he was pushed down and fell.
"You're weak!" Willis laughed.
Dorugh got up again and gave Willis a disgusted look and he started to laugh. But Dorugh took it offensive. He ran towards Willis and tried to push him, but he moved.
"It's never going to be okay!" Willis said.
Suddenly, his vision became clear and it wasn't Willis. It was a troggy. Dorugh pushed the troggy away, but it ran towards him. The troggy tackled him into a tree and tried to bite him, but with all of his strength left, he couldn't handle it. His only option was to get bit. He slightly moved his shoulder and let the troggy bite into it. He quickly picked up the troggy's spear and stabbed it, killing it. Dorugh fell back to the ground and started to weep.
"You're dead, Willis! You can't harm me again!" Dorugh cried.

Boris stayed on the tree and started to bang his head on it, knowing that he was doomed. Too many troggys were around him and he thought that Emmanuel didn't make it.
"Sanchi!" Boris said, "It's all my fault!"
Boris thought it was his fault. He thought that Dorugh and Emmanuel died because of his mistake. He also thought that Sanchi and Sanchez were dead, too. He started to cry. He slowly leaned back, to fall into the crowd of troggys.
"It's all my fault!" Boris cried, "I was never good for this crew!"
Boom! Suddenly, the crowd of troggys became smaller and smaller. Boris also heard someone calling his name. He looked down and it was Sanchi, Sanchez and Emmaneul.  They all made it.
"Boris!" Sanchez cried, taking out the last troggy.
Boris climb down the tree and hugged Emmanuel and the rest. He also started to blame everything on his self.
"Where's Dorugh?" Sanchez said.
Emmanuel explained the story to them and Sanchez started to freak out, "Did you do this?"
"Chez, it wasn't because of him...leave Emmanuel alone" Sanchi said, pushing Sanchez away.
Boris remained silent and feel back, still in tears. But Sanchez still blamed it on Emmanuel.
"I know why you're here!" Sanchez said, pushing Sanchi out of his way.
"What?" Emmanuel innocently said.
"I saw Fin's ship above us, he's here, too! He's hunting us!" Sanchez screamed.
"Sanchez" Sanchi calmly said.
"Shut it, Sanchi!" Sanchez said.
Sanchez didn't know about Dorugh's time left. He didn't get it, but the rest did. He still continued to argue with Emmanuel.
"You led them led my crew to your so called village and killed Dorugh, right?" Sanchez said.
Dorugh meant a lot to Sanchez and for Sanchi. He was one of the best pirate. Both, Sanchi and Sanchez thought about the times Dorugh served his role. Sanchi heard about Dorugh bringing all his attention towards the infected pirates to escort Sanchi when he was out of it.
"We need to start moving to rescue him, come on" Sanchi said.

Dorugh had his eyes shut. Smiling, thinking it was going to be okay.
"Need to let go, everything will be fine" Dez said, "Just like old times, let it go"
Dorugh opened his eyes up and saw Dez, Gus and Anthony smiling at him and he smiled back. "I know...I know.."
With his eyes closed, he felt more movement and he opened his eyes again. It was Sanchi and Emmanuel dragging him and Boris and Sanchez taking out nearby threats. Boom! One shot went off and Dorugh opened his eyes up, remembering many battles. Boris looked back with tears in his eyes, "Everything's going to be fine!"
Dorugh started to talk to his self, "I know Gus, we almost had it good"
"Gus?" Boris said.
They were lost. They couldn't find any help. Sanchi and Emmanuel both placed Dorugh on the ground, behind a tree for him to lean on.
Dorugh, who's smiling opened his eyes up and saw his crew. Sanchi, Sanchez and Boris were in front of him with Sanchi's sword out. He also noticed Gus, Dez and Anthony behind them.
"See, everything worked out for're safe now" Gus said.
Sanchi looked in his eyes and said slowly, "I'm sorry, buddy"
He raised his sword, but Sanchez stopped him and aimed his gun at Dorugh's head.
"You'll be missed...I'm sorry it turned out this way" Sanchez said.
Boris were behind everyone, couldn't see it and Sanchez fired his gun and walked away, with his head down.

The Warrior "Change" S5

Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh and Boris goes out to hunt for Sharktooth, Fin Dorsal. Heading towards a bar, Fin commits a crime as he noticed Sanchi. Unaware of the danger Sanchi is putting the crew in, Emmanuel Salvis helps out the crew. But Fin managed to get off the island and took Sanchi's ship out and crashed into another jungle. Not knowing about the secret villages in the jungles, Fin plans to go to the jungles to finish them off.

It was quiet. Sanchi and everyone else survived the crash, luckily. Emmanuel were the only one who knew about the tangled jungles they've crashed in. He knows about the troggies with poison bites and much more.
" I..?" Dorugh said, first one to wake up.
With Dorugh's voice echoing, Sanchez suddenly woke up with Boris. Sanchez did't know where he was, only thing he knew was just that they were in a quiet jungle.
"Fin took us out, he's smarter than us" Sanchez said, shaking Emmanuel and Sanchi up.
"Not me" Boris said, trying to make a fire, "Guess we'll camp here until we're rescue"
Emmanuel opened his eyes up and he knew where he was. He quickly got on his feet and turned, but Sanchez pointed his gun at him as he turns around.
"Why'd you help us?" Sanchez said, "Answer me or I'll kill you"
Emmanuel raised his hands up and tried to talk with Sanchez, calmly, "Woah, because...of Fin, you were looking for him and...I hate, I know this family and friends have a village here"
"You heard that? A village, let's go..." Boris said, but Sanchi stopped him from finishing his sentence.
Sanchi grabbed Boris and the rest and pushed them away from Emmanuel to talk to them privately, "It might be a trap, maybe they want us for guys remember, Laboratory?"
"Yeah, but he needs our help, we should...Boris and I will go help him" Dorugh said, "We'll be sneaky and look guys go look for food"
Sanchi agreed with Dorugh. Him and Sanchez walked away to look for food, but Emmanuel stopped him.
"There are troggys here, if you get'll be poison and die" Emmanuel said.

Dorugh, Boris and Emmanuel started to walk. Emmanuel were leading them towards their village, with all excitement from Emmanuel, he couldn't stop talking. He couldn't believe it, he might finally see his family and friends again.
"They're great people, nice ones...they know how to survive...maybe they'll teach you" Emmanuel said.
Dorugh wasn't interested, but Boris was. Boris always felt useless in the group and he wanted to help the crew out more. He didn't want to be known as just a scientist.
"E-Eek" Troggys' roars started to go through the jungles.
Dorugg and Emmanuel pulled out their guns to look around and slowly walked.
"We're here!" Emmanuel said, climbing over the wall.
Dorugh tried to pull Emmanuel down, but he was over the wall. Both, Boris and Dorugh dropped to the ground and leaned towards the walls, trying to hear any danger from his people, but all they heard were crying and screaming...from Emmanuel.
"No! W-W-w-who did this!" Emmanuel cried.
Dorugh stepped up and looked over and there were just Emmanuel and burned down/destroyed buildings. He jumped over the walls and ran towards Emmanuel, who was on the ground, crying.
"Someone came in here...they...killed all of them!" Emmanuel said.
To Dorugh's left was all the bodies, piled up in a fire pit. Boris started to puke as the smell blew towards them. Dorugh bend over next to Emmanuel and started to pat his back, trying to make him feel better.
"You can join us...we'll figure out who did this" Dorugh said, patting his back.
"I know who did this! Fin and his men...they did this!" Emmanuel said, "Fin's just a no heart monster!"
But Boris knew who did this. There were clues everywhere, bullet shells and much more. Boris thought it was the pirate army or the armadas.
"We did this...or the armadas way Fin have all this ammo and there are writings on the messed up walls" Boris said, pointing at the writing.
On the walls Boris pointed at, it had the pirate army signal on it. They hid it from Emmanuel and blamed the sharktooth and Fin.
"I'm sorry, Emmanuel" Boris said, patting his back too.

Boris and Dorugh climbed over the walls, they didn't leave Emmanuel behind, but they wanted to give him some space.
"Well...what now?" Dorugh asked, putting his weapon up.
Boris looked around for troggys and food, but instead he saw a rare medicine flower in the sunlight. It were Suntness flowers with strong roots and stems, Boris ran towards the flowers.
"We found something great!" Boris said, "Make sure no troggys come out"
Dorugh leaned back on a tree, believing that no troggys were near, but he were wrong. He started to hear crumbling leaves around the area and troggys' noises. He started to look around and the movement and noises stopped.
"Boris, are you almost done?" Dorugh said, getting his weapon back out.
"There's nine of theses, eight more" Boris said, focusing on the flowers.
Dorugh just rolled his eyes and continued to look around as the movements returned. He looked around trees and it stopped again. He started to become nervous.
"Emmanuel? Is" Dorugh whispered.
No one replied back to Dorugh. He shrugged his shoulders and turned back around.
"Eeeeeek!" Troggy cried, biting into Dorugh's shoulder.
Suddenly, Dorugh started to scream and pushed the Troggy off of him. Then, another troggy came out and stabbed Dorugh in his stomach as he turned around. He fell to the ground and started to scream for help.
Boom! Emmanuel came out and took out both of the troggys and Boris got up and ran towards Dorugh and saw Dorugh, blood all over him. Without thinking, Boris ripped his sleeve off his shirt and rapped it around his stomach area. Emmanuel dragged him towards a tree for him to lean on. Boris started to freak out.
"Are there any other troggys around us?" Boris said, looking around.
"I didn't see any, we're going to need your two friends help!" Emmanuel said, wiping the blood off of his hands.
"What about the poison?" Boris cried.
"What about it? We can't do anything, the poison is already near his brains! Maybe your friends can help us!" Emmanuel said, running and Boris followed behind.
Dorugh was alone, blood everywhere and he started to sweat bad. His time were very short.

"I can't believe this" Sanchez said, breaking a branch off.
"Can't believe what?" Sanchi said.
"Fin...another crashed ship and they have Chun...he could be dead" Sanchez said.
Sanchi didn't want to think about Chun's dying. The fortune teller might be right, he thought. She said that someone would die and she might be right. Sanchi doesn't want her to be right.
"What about Dorugh, Boris, Julia or anyone else?" Sanchi said.
Suddenly, they started to hear noises. Sanchez got behind Sanchi's back with his gun out and Sanchi got behind him with his sword. Both of them heard the noises.
"What was that?" Sanchi said, looking around.
"Weeeeek!" Troggys started to fill up the area with their spears and sharpen sticks out.
Two troggys ran towards Sanchez. He knew about the loud gunshots will attract more. He picked up a tree branch that Sanchi broke down and started to swing it. He hit one of the troggys in the face and caused it to fall down. Meanwhile, the other troggy ran towards Sanchez and jumped on top of him. The troggy were trying to bite him. With all his strength he tried to push the Troggy's mouth away from his neck. Spit from the troggy's mouth started to drip on Sanchez's face. Then, Sanchi grabbed the troggy and slammed him into a tree.
"Are you okay?" Sanchi said.
Sanchez shook his head and took out the other troggy with the branch. Three troggys came out of bushes and ran towards Sanchi. He kicked one of the troggys to the ground and took him out with his sword, but the two other troggys tackled him into a tree. Using both of his arms to avoid getting bite. The two troggys were screaming and trying to bite his arms, but he were getting weak. Luckily, Sanchez came to the rescue and injected his knife into one of the troggy's back and threw him away from Sanchi. Then, he pushed the troggy off and as the troggy ran back towards him, he picked up a rock and slammed it in his face.
"This area is filled with this creeps" Sanchi said, breathing heavily.
They started to hear more noises, they quickly ran away from the area.

"Sanchi, Sanchez! Dorugh has been bit!" Boris's voice echoed around the jungles.
But they didn't hear him.

The Warrior "Bare hands" S5

Dorugh was blamed on the deaths of three troops. Lord Derwitchi blames Dorugh and sends him to court and decide his faith. His only hope were Chun, but Fin Dorsal and his men kidnapped him. Luckily Julia Carthy and Juhn Woun helped Dorugh and he was not guilty of the deaths, but now the crew is unaware of Chun's disappearance.

Fin and his men, Hadecki, Casko, Mark and Minow were heading to a bar, "Empty bottle" near Skull island. They weren't only going there for drinks, but they were going there to meet someone.
"Why'd we kidnap this fellow?" Hadecki said, pointing at Chun.
"Hadecki is right! I mean, his gun doesn't have any left in it and he's...a companion?" Minow said, playing with Chun's gun.
Fin Dorsal had everything all figured out. He'd kidnap one of Sanchi's men and try to sell him for money (they were in depth), but than they'd kill and get Chun back. They knew the bar would be filled with drunken idiots.
"You're making a mistake" Chun said, "I am one of the senators! killed two pirate guards! and I know who you are...Fin Dorsal...just let me go and I'll never speak of your name...never!"
Fin were sharpening his knifes and laughed, "I can't trust you, besides...killing would be a great option...but I won't kill you...yet. We need you for money issues"
"Come on, sir...I was recently shot! I need my medicine or I'll die" Chun said.
But Fin didn't care. He was busy thinking about treasure. Fin's ship wasn't big. Casko was in the front, flying the ship, Hadecki and Minow were playing cards and Mark was asleep. Chun were just in the back, in the dark.
"If you keep talking, I'll cut you open in front of my men...I know you wouldn't want quiet!" Fin Dorsal said.

"Is Chun around?" Sanchez asked, looking through his binoculars.
Sanchez and the rest were looking for Chun. While, Derwitchi send out men to look for the two missing guards. Until, Juhn yelled for them, "Any luck?"
"None, why do you care? Aren't you busy looking for those two guards? I mean a senator isn't that important" Sanchi said, looking for clues.
Juhn ignored Sanchi's statement, "Where's Dorugh?"
"Some kid couldn't find his mother, he went with him...looking for her" Sanchi said.
"He cares way too much for others" Juhn said.
"Shouldn't he?" El Toro said, looking straight in his eyes.
Juhn chuckled, "Looking near the markets...that's where he got lost last time"
Sanchi and El went to the market area to look for any traces of Chun. Passing every food stand, they carefully looked inside. No luck.
"Dorugh is original" El said, looking around.
"What do you mean?" Sanchi asked.
"He's going to get his self killed, trying to help someone" El said.
Sanchi didn't mind the rumors about Dorugh. He knew that if it's get out of control, he'll stop him from making mistake. Boris reminds Sanchi of Dorugh, he thought, but also he thought that the warriors were changing. He didn't want to change.
"Would you gentlemen like a fortune?" Witch doctor fortune teller said, "I know you want one"
Sanchi smiled and looked at El, but he didn't smile back.
"Let's not, we have to keep looking for Wing Chun" El said, walking away.
But Sanchi didn't listen and he walked towards the fortune teller. "I would love one"
"Are you a warrior?" She asked, closing her eyes.
"Uh...yes?" Sanchi said, placing his hands on her hands.
"I see...your crew... chasing after Fin Dorsal, near a deserted jungle...your ship of your mates get bit by a troggy with poison and dies..." She said, opening her eyes.
Sanchi opened his eyes up and backed up away from her. Sanchi knew she were wrong and he didn't want to believe her. He ran away from her and she started to laugh.

Sanchi kept running, looking for his crew. Passing stores, warriors and troops. Then, he found his crew. Sanchez and Boris were with Juhn and other troops, talking. Juhn saw Sanchi running towards them and he smiled with great news.
"We figured out what happened to Chun...Fin Dorsal and his men kidnapped him" Juhn said.
Sanchi started to have a feeling that the fortune teller was onto something. She knew who stole Chun, but he also thought it was a lucky guess.
"Me, you, Dorugh and Sanchez are going to rescue him...if I am right, than they'd be heading to a bar, getting drunk and celebrate" Boris said.
"You guys want to hurry" Juhn said, "I'll let you borrow my ship..."
Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh and Boris got on the ship and headed out towards the Empty bottle bar. None of them were hundred percent positive on their location, but it was a guess.
"If Fin did commit this crime, I might know why" Sanchi said, "Remember on Cool Ranch...we killed his men...maybe he's coming after us"

"Beautiful day, huh?" Mark said, yawning.
"Shut up and stay on the ship" Fin said.
Fin, Casko and Minow went off the ship and inside to bar. With Chun guarded on his ship, they went out to search for someone named Emmanuel Salvis. He's a mix skin pirate with a dark goatee. He was only 24 years old but he knew how to gamble and use a weapon.
"Emmanuel, where's your David?" Fin said, arriving at his table.
"Fin! Why'd I tell you! My family will never see me again, because of you!"
Emmanuel was framed for a crime he didn't do at age 18. He was finally out of the dark prison at Skull island. Fin tricked him and he lost all his treasure and ship. His village were in a jungle, but rumors was Fin went in the village and stole many things...and killed, but Emmanuel never heard the rumor.
"Oh, Emmanuel...I had a great conversation with your father...funny dude, I can get you back to your home, if you take me to David" Fin said.
"He's over there...but you better watch yourself, David would kill you and your two men" Emmanuel said, pointing at a table with six other pirates crowded around him.
Fin were known for his intelligence and ways of tricking people.
"David!" Fin said, "Guess who!"
David heard Fin calling him name and he knew it was him. He quickly got out of his seat and confronted Fin.
"Why are you here? I'm not falling for any of your tricks!" David said.
"I need some coins and I have a companion that you may want" Fin said, "Are you interested?"

Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest made it to the bar and got off the ship and headed towards the bar. Fin were unaware.
"Boris, stay on the ship" Sanchi said.
Sanchi pulled out his sword, Dorugh and Sanchez loaded their guns and went out inside the bar. Sanchi looked in the windows and slowly opened the doors and all the attention went towards them.
"See any Sharktooth?" Dorugh asked.

"Give me some information on this companion?" David asked.
"Crane companion, he's smart and he's...quiet, also he's a senator for the pirate army...your men could use him for negotiating trades" Fin said.
David shook his head and brought out a pouch of coins and threw it in Fin's hands. Fin walked and signal David to follow him towards his ship, but he knew better.
"Get one of your men outside to bring him in, now" David said, pulling his gun out.
Fin looked towards the doorway and saw Sanchi and he saw Fin, too.
"I found them!" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
Fin pulled his knife out and stabbed David and threw him to the ground. David's men reacted quickly and started to fire their guns, causing all the drunk pirates to fire their guns too. Emmanuel dropped to the ground with his weapon, hiding behind a table.
 "Casko, kill that warrior and his crew!" Fin said, trying to leave the area.
Casko started to fire his weapon at Sanchez, Sanchi and Dorugh. The three quickly dropped down behind  table near Emmanuel and he knew it, too.
"Fin's getting away...this drunken idiots are trying to shoot us, too!" Sanchez said.
David's men went out to chase down Fin, but Fin and his men took all six of them out.
"We need to do something" Dorugh said
Emmanuel crawled towards Sanchi and the rest. Trying to help them from Casko. Meanwhile, Casko were still firing his weapon and avoided the drunks.
"Guys" Emmanuel said.
Sanchez aimed his weapon at Emmanuel, "Don't shoot...I'm with y'all"
Dorugh ran on his hands and feet to the other side and went up, firing at Casko and hit him in his chest and head.
"Follow me" Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel made short cuts to avoid the gunfire and they managed to get out. Emmanuel also told them about Fin talking to David about a crane companion and they knew who it was. Chun.
"Guys, I saw Fin! They're getting away" Boris said.
They got on the ship with Emmanuel and Boris started to follow Fin's ship and Fin knew about it.

"Hold on, boys" Fin said.
Casko was suppose to fly the ship, but Fin knew he didn't make it and he started to fly the ship. He knew about Sanchi following him, so he turned the ship all the way around and commanded his men to fire cannons.
"Fire!" Fin cried.
Boom! Chunks went off of their ship. Fin knew where to hit the ship and the cannons blew the sides off, destroying the cannons and their hopes to take Fin out.
"They're destroying the ship!" Boris cried.
Their cannons went out of the ship and more chunks went off, too.
Sanchi looked around the skyways and figured out a plan, to crash into an island.
"Boris, that island...go into it, now!"
Boris steered the ship into the trees of the Tangled jungle. Fin watched it all happened and he started to chuckle.
"Now, we're going there, too!" Fin said, "To finish the ones who survive and to kill Chun!"

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The Warrior "A pirate, a judge and an abduction" S5

Dorugh, Boris, Juhn Woun and other troopers goes out to old memories to get potions to cure sick patients with the "Green turned virus". Lord Derwitchi sends the rookies along with them but all died. Back on Cool Ranch, the gang killed three of Fin Dorsal's men (Drisk, Saber and Niko). Finally Fin Dorsal's heard about the news about his men dead from Sanchi's gang.

"He wanted me to leave Boris let him get devour by those dead...creatures..." Dorugh said
Dorugh were explaining what happened with Juhn to Sanchez. Dorugh didn't like Juhn's statements and started to worry about Derwitchi's reaction to the death of the three rookies. Meanwhile...for Sanchez, he was speechless.
"It was Lord Derwitchi's fault...right?" Sanchez said, looking out of the window.
"He said...I won't last long...because....I changed to...I don't know...what he said..." Dorugh said, trying to eat.
"Where is Boris?" Sanchez asked
"Somewhere...I have no clue, who's going to represent us...?" Dorugh asked, rubbing his bald head.
Suddenly, the door opened up and Chun started to cheer and congratulated Dorugh for returning home.
"The pirate of this place!" Wing Chun cheered.
"Have your wounds healed up?" Sanchez asked, lifting up his shirt.
The bullet hold, on his torso, was almost sealed up, but the door opened up again and it was Julia with her hair bundled up and with a nice dress.
"Many Bulson or Jarvis are blabbering about what happened everywhere! Geez!" Julia said.
"Nothing can go our way...can it..?" Sanchez said, falling on the bed.

Meanwhile, Lord Derwitchi and Juhn Woun were discussing the death of the three rookies, after the funeral. Sanchi, Boris and El Toro were the only ones of his crew that attended the funeral.
"We managed to get two bottle of potions...but that was it..." Juhn said, shaking the bottles.
"We lost three troops? Young ones, too! Dorugh will pay, this afternoon!" Lord Derwitchi said.
"Might just be a good idea to cancel this...I mean, is a judge even coming...? Plus, Dorugh is apart of Sanchi's crew" Juhn Woun said.
Juhn didn't approve of what Derwitchi was trying to do. He was trying to send Dorugh to prison for three years, but he also didn't approve of Dorugh's recent movements. Risked the objective and his life just for Boris.
"I do not care! Dorugh will become the next trooper that was an issue...Dez!" Lord Derwitchi said, slamming his fist on his desk.
"Dez...brilliant, brave and great trooper, he just had a nervous breakdown" Juhn said.
Derwitchi knew the whole story, he knew why Dez died, why he ran from him...but Juhn or anyone on Skull island knew.
Knock, knock! The door started to bang and Juhn opened it up. It was judge Harrison. With his paper works, soon they'll have to go down to the court.
"Shall we discuss what's going on?" Judge Harrison asked, placing his book on the table, "This trooper didn't really break any law here"
"That's a false statement!" Lord Derwitchi yelled, getting everyone's attention. "He killed three troopers...or made them die! I will not have this monster here!"
"Sir, with all respect...we have bigger things to worry about than this foolish decisions. Plus. Dorugh did more than most of the pirates here! He's a legend!" Juhn said, opening the door.
"No! Senator Carthy and senator Chun will represent him! We'll see soon!" Lord Derwitchi said.

Fin Dorsal was in his ship, sailing around Skull island's Skyway. Heading towards Skull island, after receiving the information about his men.
"What a boring trip!" Minow (one of his men) said, throwing darts. But he completely missed the target.
"Geez Miny! If you keep it up with darts, you'll manage to hit those troops in their legs and I'll hit them in their skulls" Hadecki said, drinking.
There were five men with Fin Dorsal. Minow, Hadecki, Casko, Den and Mark. All five of them are dangerous creatures. Their strong hatred reflected on the pirates.
"Also, I'll be the one digging your ginormous graves if you keep it up!" Minow said, flipping a table.
Minow got up on his feet and pulled out his knife and so did Hadecki, but Fin got in between them to stop the fight.
"Enough!" Fin said, "We're a group! Hadecki...if you keep insulting your own brothers, I'll take care of you...and Minow, get better aim!"
Casko and Mark started to chuckle. Den were flying the ship. Fin lifted his hand in the air to stop the laughter and they stopped laughing.
"Ahoy, captain...we have landed" Den said, docking the ship.
Two pirate guards ran towards Fin's ship and started to strike at the wall, trying to break it down. Fin opened up the door and the two stopped.
"Who are you?" Guard said
Fin grabbed on of the guard and picked him up with all his strength. The other guard started to yell. So Fin threw the other guard at him and knocked them both off he docks.
"Casko, be the look out" Fin said, loading his gun.
Casko didn't like to stay on the ship, but he didn't want to argue with his boss. Fin, Hadecki, Minow and Mark went out to seek revenge on Sanchi's group.
"Who are we looking for?" Mark said.
Fin didn't answer, he just passed the sheet to Mark and he started to read names, but mispronounced them.
"Sanchi? Sankez? El Torah...Wing Chong, Boaris and Dorough?" Mark said, "Bunch of strange names"
"Oh Mark, just shut it. Your reading will amaze me" Fin said.

"Five minutes until court!" Judge Harrison shouted, going by their room.
Dorugh started to sweat, very nervous. Julia didn't really know what to say, but Chun did. Sanchez was just telling everyone that they could do it.
"We can do this" Wing Chun said, looking at his paperwork.
"What happen if we lose this case? I'll be behind that bars in the jungle...where troggies are lurking around!" Dorugh said, face palming.
"Look, you'll be fine! I'm going to get my stuff at my place, meet you guys down there" Chun said, shutting the door.
Dorugh started to gain more hope. He thought that Chun could help him, but without Chun...he'll be doomed and the crew wouldn't be able to go on.
"Chun's working hard for you...we need to go down there, now" Julia said.

"I see one" Fin said, "It's that one companion...Chun!"
Wing Chun was walking alone, while everyone was located at the old wooden court house. Waiting to see the case. This was a perfect time to take one of them and Fin knew that.
"What we going to do?" Mark said, "He's are right there"
"Shut it,'re giving me a headache" Fin said, dropping his binocular.
Fin started to walk down and walk towards Wing Chun. He started to call his name. Chun didn't pay attention, but he started to walk faster, he walked past the Bazaar, the fruit stand and the docks. He noticed that a sharktooth were still following him. So, he picked up the paste and so did Fin. He started to run towards his dorm. Looking back multiple times, he saw Fin on his trail.
"Why are you following me?" Chun cried, pulling his useless gun out.
Fin suddenly stopped and started to laugh. "Oh, come on...I'm just jogging around this that a crime?"
But Chun didn't believe that, "You're Fin Dorsal...why are you following me!"
Fin started to shake his head and walked towards Chun, with his hands raised up. He twitched his head to his other men and they started to run down without him knowing.
"Get...away from me!" Chun said.
Clank! Minow slammed a frying pan on Chun's head, knocking him out. Mark and Hadecki picked Chun's body up and threw him on their ship, but Fin stayed behind them for a second. He ripped Chun's shirt and wrote a letter on it and left it. "You killed three of our men, we're coming for two more now"

Sanchez and the rest entered the room and the chattering stopped. Then, judge Harrison caught everyone's attention. The whole entire room became silent as Derwitchi entered the room with Juhn. Dorugh, Julia and Sanchez was in front of the whole jury with Derwitchi and Juhn near them.
"Yesterday...Dorugh, Boris and Juhn went on a dangerous trip, with three troops...young ones" Judge Harrison said, "Come front, senator Julia and..."
The judge stopped when he noticed that Chun was absent. Sanchez looked at Derwitchi and he smiled at him.
"As you can see, senator Chun didn't show up" Lord Derwitchi said, standing up. "I can do this myself"
"That trooper over there got three rookies killed! Also, he tried to risk his own life and the objective for others..." Lord Derwitchi said.
"Dorugh, would you like to tell us anything?" Judge Harrison said.
Dorugh whispered into Julia's ears.
"One of the troops died on their own...and....uh...they found the potions and helped saved lots of lives!" Julia said.
Suddenly, the crowd started to talk and Harrison stopped them. Dorugh was out with replies.
"Judge, the troopers were young...I mean, come on! I am Lord Derwitchi! I helped us through tough times and I am not allowing weak troopers like him destroy us!" He said.
Many hours have been passed. Dorugh and Julia were silent for most of the time. Everyone were on Derwitchi's side and decisions were made.
"Commander Dorugh, I apologize...but, you're no longer part of the pirate army and you'll be behind bars for a few years, due to the three deaths of the rookies" Judge Harrison said.
Sanchi and his crew couldn't believe it. Even Juhn couldn't believe it.
"My lord....sir, we can't send him out like this...we could give him one more chance...we can make sure he doesn't kill or fail the objective again! We'll just need to keep a closer watch on him, it won't be difficult...he help kill Devullio and he helped Monquista and Cool Ranch and they joined us in this long lasting war...he's a valuable one" Juhn said, standing up.
The whole court room became silent. Sanchi, El, Boris and much more couldn't believe Juhn disagreeing with Derwitchi., but he step closer to Juhn and said to him: "One more chance and if he blows it...he'll be in that piss poor prison for a long time"
Sanchez got out of his seat and went outside to receive fresh air, but also check for Chun and wonder why he didn't show up. He walked in the dark towards Chun's house, but he stopped and saw half of Chun's shirt.
"Chun's?" He said to his self.
He looked at the little piece from Chun's shirt and flipped it over and saw the note and he suddenly he freaked it. He knew who it was,
"Fin!" Sanchez cried, "Sanchi!"