Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Warrior "Change" S5

Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh and Boris goes out to hunt for Sharktooth, Fin Dorsal. Heading towards a bar, Fin commits a crime as he noticed Sanchi. Unaware of the danger Sanchi is putting the crew in, Emmanuel Salvis helps out the crew. But Fin managed to get off the island and took Sanchi's ship out and crashed into another jungle. Not knowing about the secret villages in the jungles, Fin plans to go to the jungles to finish them off.

It was quiet. Sanchi and everyone else survived the crash, luckily. Emmanuel were the only one who knew about the tangled jungles they've crashed in. He knows about the troggies with poison bites and much more.
" I..?" Dorugh said, first one to wake up.
With Dorugh's voice echoing, Sanchez suddenly woke up with Boris. Sanchez did't know where he was, only thing he knew was just that they were in a quiet jungle.
"Fin took us out, he's smarter than us" Sanchez said, shaking Emmanuel and Sanchi up.
"Not me" Boris said, trying to make a fire, "Guess we'll camp here until we're rescue"
Emmanuel opened his eyes up and he knew where he was. He quickly got on his feet and turned, but Sanchez pointed his gun at him as he turns around.
"Why'd you help us?" Sanchez said, "Answer me or I'll kill you"
Emmanuel raised his hands up and tried to talk with Sanchez, calmly, "Woah, because...of Fin, you were looking for him and...I hate, I know this family and friends have a village here"
"You heard that? A village, let's go..." Boris said, but Sanchi stopped him from finishing his sentence.
Sanchi grabbed Boris and the rest and pushed them away from Emmanuel to talk to them privately, "It might be a trap, maybe they want us for guys remember, Laboratory?"
"Yeah, but he needs our help, we should...Boris and I will go help him" Dorugh said, "We'll be sneaky and look guys go look for food"
Sanchi agreed with Dorugh. Him and Sanchez walked away to look for food, but Emmanuel stopped him.
"There are troggys here, if you get'll be poison and die" Emmanuel said.

Dorugh, Boris and Emmanuel started to walk. Emmanuel were leading them towards their village, with all excitement from Emmanuel, he couldn't stop talking. He couldn't believe it, he might finally see his family and friends again.
"They're great people, nice ones...they know how to survive...maybe they'll teach you" Emmanuel said.
Dorugh wasn't interested, but Boris was. Boris always felt useless in the group and he wanted to help the crew out more. He didn't want to be known as just a scientist.
"E-Eek" Troggys' roars started to go through the jungles.
Dorugg and Emmanuel pulled out their guns to look around and slowly walked.
"We're here!" Emmanuel said, climbing over the wall.
Dorugh tried to pull Emmanuel down, but he was over the wall. Both, Boris and Dorugh dropped to the ground and leaned towards the walls, trying to hear any danger from his people, but all they heard were crying and screaming...from Emmanuel.
"No! W-W-w-who did this!" Emmanuel cried.
Dorugh stepped up and looked over and there were just Emmanuel and burned down/destroyed buildings. He jumped over the walls and ran towards Emmanuel, who was on the ground, crying.
"Someone came in here...they...killed all of them!" Emmanuel said.
To Dorugh's left was all the bodies, piled up in a fire pit. Boris started to puke as the smell blew towards them. Dorugh bend over next to Emmanuel and started to pat his back, trying to make him feel better.
"You can join us...we'll figure out who did this" Dorugh said, patting his back.
"I know who did this! Fin and his men...they did this!" Emmanuel said, "Fin's just a no heart monster!"
But Boris knew who did this. There were clues everywhere, bullet shells and much more. Boris thought it was the pirate army or the armadas.
"We did this...or the armadas way Fin have all this ammo and there are writings on the messed up walls" Boris said, pointing at the writing.
On the walls Boris pointed at, it had the pirate army signal on it. They hid it from Emmanuel and blamed the sharktooth and Fin.
"I'm sorry, Emmanuel" Boris said, patting his back too.

Boris and Dorugh climbed over the walls, they didn't leave Emmanuel behind, but they wanted to give him some space.
"Well...what now?" Dorugh asked, putting his weapon up.
Boris looked around for troggys and food, but instead he saw a rare medicine flower in the sunlight. It were Suntness flowers with strong roots and stems, Boris ran towards the flowers.
"We found something great!" Boris said, "Make sure no troggys come out"
Dorugh leaned back on a tree, believing that no troggys were near, but he were wrong. He started to hear crumbling leaves around the area and troggys' noises. He started to look around and the movement and noises stopped.
"Boris, are you almost done?" Dorugh said, getting his weapon back out.
"There's nine of theses, eight more" Boris said, focusing on the flowers.
Dorugh just rolled his eyes and continued to look around as the movements returned. He looked around trees and it stopped again. He started to become nervous.
"Emmanuel? Is" Dorugh whispered.
No one replied back to Dorugh. He shrugged his shoulders and turned back around.
"Eeeeeek!" Troggy cried, biting into Dorugh's shoulder.
Suddenly, Dorugh started to scream and pushed the Troggy off of him. Then, another troggy came out and stabbed Dorugh in his stomach as he turned around. He fell to the ground and started to scream for help.
Boom! Emmanuel came out and took out both of the troggys and Boris got up and ran towards Dorugh and saw Dorugh, blood all over him. Without thinking, Boris ripped his sleeve off his shirt and rapped it around his stomach area. Emmanuel dragged him towards a tree for him to lean on. Boris started to freak out.
"Are there any other troggys around us?" Boris said, looking around.
"I didn't see any, we're going to need your two friends help!" Emmanuel said, wiping the blood off of his hands.
"What about the poison?" Boris cried.
"What about it? We can't do anything, the poison is already near his brains! Maybe your friends can help us!" Emmanuel said, running and Boris followed behind.
Dorugh was alone, blood everywhere and he started to sweat bad. His time were very short.

"I can't believe this" Sanchez said, breaking a branch off.
"Can't believe what?" Sanchi said.
"Fin...another crashed ship and they have Chun...he could be dead" Sanchez said.
Sanchi didn't want to think about Chun's dying. The fortune teller might be right, he thought. She said that someone would die and she might be right. Sanchi doesn't want her to be right.
"What about Dorugh, Boris, Julia or anyone else?" Sanchi said.
Suddenly, they started to hear noises. Sanchez got behind Sanchi's back with his gun out and Sanchi got behind him with his sword. Both of them heard the noises.
"What was that?" Sanchi said, looking around.
"Weeeeek!" Troggys started to fill up the area with their spears and sharpen sticks out.
Two troggys ran towards Sanchez. He knew about the loud gunshots will attract more. He picked up a tree branch that Sanchi broke down and started to swing it. He hit one of the troggys in the face and caused it to fall down. Meanwhile, the other troggy ran towards Sanchez and jumped on top of him. The troggy were trying to bite him. With all his strength he tried to push the Troggy's mouth away from his neck. Spit from the troggy's mouth started to drip on Sanchez's face. Then, Sanchi grabbed the troggy and slammed him into a tree.
"Are you okay?" Sanchi said.
Sanchez shook his head and took out the other troggy with the branch. Three troggys came out of bushes and ran towards Sanchi. He kicked one of the troggys to the ground and took him out with his sword, but the two other troggys tackled him into a tree. Using both of his arms to avoid getting bite. The two troggys were screaming and trying to bite his arms, but he were getting weak. Luckily, Sanchez came to the rescue and injected his knife into one of the troggy's back and threw him away from Sanchi. Then, he pushed the troggy off and as the troggy ran back towards him, he picked up a rock and slammed it in his face.
"This area is filled with this creeps" Sanchi said, breathing heavily.
They started to hear more noises, they quickly ran away from the area.

"Sanchi, Sanchez! Dorugh has been bit!" Boris's voice echoed around the jungles.
But they didn't hear him.

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