Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Warrior "Too far to change" S5

Finally coming back home, the crew tried to fit back in. Emmanuel feels like it's his fault for Dorugh's death and Boris's injury, so he goes out in the jungles of Skull island. Sanchi and Julia finally gets time to spend together alone. Sanchez goes to Scrimshaw and run into old pirate, Devon Sharp (Sharp Devon).

The sun were shining, but the ginormous trees in the Skull island jungles blocked some of the sunlight. Emmanuel passed several pirates roaming around and managed to pass troggys. He needed fresh air. He wasn't use to all this. He placed his hands on his head, closed his eyes. He started to hear voices in his head...and it wasn't good. He started to shake his head in fear and fell to the ground, in tears. He started to scream over and over again, "I'm sorry! No no no! Forgive me! It's all my fault!"
Other pirates stopped, looking at Emmanuel rolling on the ground. They started to surround him, which made it worst. He felt like he were trapped.
"What!" Emmanuel said, "Why are you looking at me? I'm not crazy!"
Suddenly, captain Avery moved pirates out of his way. Checking out all the noise. Emmanuel looked at him and Avery walked closer to him, with his hands up.
"Are you okay? Listen son, everything is going to be okay" Captain Avery said, trying to calm Emmanuel down.
Emmanuel gave Avery a joking like look. He started to laugh and stomped his foot on the ground. He started to yell again. His thoughts became dark, he somehow felt like he were being watched.
"Okay?" Emmanuel said, "You know I'm going to be okay? That's not true! You wanna know something? I lost all of my family...ALL! I'm the last pirate to carry on the name, Salvis! They...they survived all those dangerous troggys...but it ended because of Fin Dorsal! I mean...come on! How do any of y'all feel safe? You are in war...yeah I know about it, I'm new and I know about them as much as y'all!"
Emmanuel's message made every pirate silent. They stopped whispering to each other. Most of them thought he lost it, some thought that he was right. Captain Avery broke the silence by clapping.
"Your name must be Emmanuel...listen, I know you're part of Sanchi's crew...lemme know something, why'd Sanchi and the rest bring you here? What are you good at or worthy of being here?" Captain Avery said, looking straight into Emmanuel's eyes.
He started to freak it. He threw his gun to the ground and broke into tears. Avery knew he was weak.
"Because they're good pirates...they aren't like y'all...that's...that's why..." Emmanuel stopped and cried, "That's why they're going to...last longer than y'"
Emmanuel picked up his weapon. He pushed two female pirates out of his way and ran away. Avoiding anymore questions. He wanted alone time.

Knock knock. Boris's door started to bang, knowing that he couldn't get out of the bed yet. It was Chun banging on the door. After several minutes of no one opening it up. He picked the lock and opened it up his self.
"...Chun...?" Boris said, opening his eyes.
"Others are talking about Emmanuel...maybe, uh they said that some dark skin pirate lost it. They said he's apart of our crew...could it be Emmanuel?"  Chun said, scratching his head, "It's almost dark...and that's when most of the troggys come out, I'm going to find him"
Boris knew that was a terrible idea. He tried to explain to Chun about the troggys, but he didn't listen. He opened up Boris's door and called for El Toro. Than, he slammed the door.
"He's going to get his self killed" Boris said to his self.
Boris quickly pushed his self off the bed. He leaned up on the bed. Looking down at his leg. It was gone and he knew it. He shook his head. Almost got them killed, Boris thought. Then, he placed his good leg to the floor and got up, balancing on one look. He slowly placed his peg leg to the floor and he stood up on both legs.
"I did it!" Boris said.
But, Boris took one step and fell to the ground and he just laid there, "Spoke...too...soon"

"I hardly even know this Emmanuel don't either..maybe he's losing it. Why do you want to help him?" El Toro said, walking towards the jungles.
Chun shook his head, "He's going to be here for a while...and he could help us. Plus, I'm started to have a bad feeling for this pirate army...even the senate. They've excluded me from they don't want me or the rest to know something...same for Julia"
Wing Chun and El Toro still continued to walk until they reach the jungles. But, El Toro stopped at a pile of roses and bend over to see them. He picked one of them up and placed his on his hat. Chun started to laugh at him, but in a friendly way.
"I'm guessing you like those red roses, huh?" Chun said, laughing at El.
El smiled, "When I was the masked "El Toro"...of course they didn't know that, in battles I throw up roses after every duel. Sanchi finally ended my streak, impressive warrior"
Finally the two reached the entrance into the jungles. Hearing troggys' noises, El pulled his weapon out and Chun brought out his tiny knife. Both of them knew that this was a terrible plan. El took the first step inside the jungles, he looked around and didn't see a troggy, but he knew that they weren't far.
"Well, let's look for him" Chun said.
El started to whistle, waiting for something to come out, but nothing did. He still continued to whistle and clapped his hands. Still nothing. El laughed, "This area is empty"
The area was really dark. Chun walked back to get a torch, but El thought that he'll be fine with one. He started to walk, clapping his hands. But still no sign. Then, El stopped. Feeling like there were a cliff he were about to fall off of. He slowly turned around.
"Eeek!" The troggy cried.
El quickly reacted. He took a step back and slipped down the cliff. It wasn't a deep one, but he hit his head on a few rocks and hit the ground. His eyes were still open, but not fully open. He was in pain.
"!" El said, slowly closing his eyes.

Devon gathered plates and more for the dinner tonight. Sanchez started to worry about his crew, but hopefully they knew where he went.
"Is Sanchi living great?" Devon asked.
Sanchez didn't answer. He lost his focus, going deep in thought. But Devon tapped on his shoulder. Sanchez quickly turned around and Devon were looking in his eyes, smiling.
"Ye alright?" Devon laughed.
Sanchez placed his head on the table. Closing his eyes, but Devon tapped on his shoulder again.
"I'm sorry...really tire" Sanchez said.
But he wasn't. He started to think about the past. Regretting more and more. Seeing Devon again sparked up everything, but he didn't know that.
"How's Sanchi..." Devon said.
"Great...he's great...finally a know?" Sanchez said.
Suddenly, he heard something breaking. Sanchez turned around and Devon was getting him a serious look. He couldn't believe that Sanchi was part of the warriors. Devon started to lose his cool.
"Warrior!? Sanchi? I don't believe it!" Devon said, leaving his house.
Sanchez ran out of the door too, following Devon. He looked around his small house and found nothing. Then, he started to hear his voice.
"Warriors are just a toy in Derwitchi's game...he's corrupted and bad! They don't care about ye or a luck of us..." Devon said.
"Devon, where are you?" Sanchez said, pulling his knife out.
Sanchez looked at his knife. He couldn't believe he actually pulled his weapon out on someone who helped him in the beginning. He started to tear up a little, but he wiped them away.
"When the armadas came back...they killed meh men and others. Lord Derwitchi knew about this. He didn't help us, we were too close to Skull island. We had to rebuild and go back by OURSELVES" Devon cried.
"Don't say that...he probably didn't know!" Sanchez cried out.

Noises woke El Toro back up. He still laid there. Painfully, he tried to get his self up, but he fell back to the ground. It was dark and he couldn't see very well. He placed his hand to his hip. Feeling for his sword, but it wasn't there.
"Has to be here!" El said, getting up slowly.
He limped around, looking for his weapon. He couldn't find it, "Chun! Emmanuel!"
No one replied back. El laughed to his self and fell back to the ground. He started to think that he was dead. Losing hope fast. He just lied there. Even though, he started to hear more noises...and it was getting louder.
He looked up and saw a troggy, slowly walking towards him with a sharpen stick. El's eyes widen and he started to back away from it, but he ran towards him. The troggy jump on him, but El kicked him off. He didn't run towards the troggy, he knew that his bite wasn't poisonous here. He started to look around for his weapon, but couldn't find it.
"Eeeee Ahhhh!" The troggy cried.
The creature tackled him to the ground and his sharpen stick went through El's arm. Causing him to scream. He quickly punched the troggy. Finally found his sword and took him out.
"Damnit!" El cried out, looking at his arm.
He pulled his cape off and wrapped it around his arm. Stopping it from bleeding. He hated troggy for a reason. Now it strongly grew more.
He sliced the troggy's stomach open and placed their purple-like blood across his eyes and tried to climb up on the rocks, but he stepped on a lose rock and fell back to the ground. Falling hard again, he started to laugh...but in pain. His voice started to echo throughout the forest, "Why!"
El didn't like to give up. He got back up and grabbed the troggy's stick. Noticing two more coming. He held up his sword and the sharp stick and ran towards them.
"Come at me!" El cried.
Both troggys ran towards El as he was running too. He pushed one of them to the ground. Occupied with the other one. He broke the troggy's stick and punched the creature and it ran away. Leaving one left, but El was too weak to finish it off. The other troggy ran, too.
"Is this it for me?" He said to his self, closing his eyes.
But Toro heard another voice...and it sounded like Chun. He slowly looked up and saw a torch. Someone else were with him too. It sounded like Emmanuel.
"Another injured one...fantastic" Chun said.
Emmanuel smiled, "Can't leave him...that's not y', Sanchi, Boris and Sanchez are good people"
"Sometimes" Chun said.

Sanchez were still outside of Devon's house. Looking for Devon, but he couldn't. Somehow, he still heard Devon talking. He doesn't want to kill Devon or hurt him.
"Sanchi will end up like'em! meh!" Devon's voice echoed.
Sanchez didn't respond. He slowly looked around the area for him. He didn't want to make a single sound, but Devon still continued to talk. Helping Sanchez to get closer to him.
" companions...they be one of a kind, but they'll change too" Devon said.
Sanchez wanted Devon to stop talking. But he wouldn't, he was getting into Sanchez's head. It really bothered him. Though, Devon thought it was helping him.
"When I met ye, Sanchi and the other two, scared and freaked obviously aren't now..." Devon said.
Sanchez felt like he were getting closer to Devon. He slowly turned the corner, but no one was there. He couldn't believe it, but Devon were right behind him. He ran towards Sanchez and he reacted like he would towards anyone dangerous. He injected his knife into Devon's stomach. He didn't mean it. Devon started to lean back, but Sanchez caught him and slowly placed him on the ground. He started to freak out.
"I-I-I...didn't mean to!" Sanchez said, " scared...scared me"
Sanchez started to tear up. Devon were in his arms. He tried to call help, but Devon stopped him.
"Don't...I be in the stars soon...listen to meh, boy!" Devon said, grabbing onto his collar.
Devon opened his mouth, blood coming out. He had trouble speaking, "D-don't ye become like them...even it for me"
Devon slowly closed his eyes and Sanchez couldn't believe it. His blood was all over his hand and shirt. He pulled Devon's body and placed it on his bed, "I'm sorry"
Sanchez closed the door and ran towards his ship. He knew that Devon wanted it to happen. He knew that he changed, too. Sanchez knew that he were too far to change. Devon knew it too.

Sanchez arrived at Skull island. Really late at night, he noticed that Sanchi and the rest were still awake. In Boris's room. He wiped the blood off and cleaned up. He opened up the door and everyone greeted him. Sanchez didn't even smile. How could he?
"El is hurt. Injured back and a bad cut on his arm from a's your trip?" Sanchi said, patting him on his back.
Sanchi, Julia, Emmanuel and Chun were surrounded around Boris's bed. Boris were still awake too and smiling.
"Emmanuel went on a run know, I kinda went to look for him with was pretty dark" Chun said.
Everyone stopped talking after hearing the door banging. He opened it up and it was Avery.
"I need you to go to a base to protect...Sanchez" Captain Avery said, "Please, Sanchi needs to be with El and the rest aren't capable of this"

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