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The Warrior "Extinction of the warriors" series/season ending S5 (LONG)

Skull island starts to break. Sanchez defeats Rooke and his army in Valencia. Ending the general's life. Meanwhile at Skull island, questions are started to be ask. Juhn Woun and Ron Subodai plans to end Derwitchi's position, knowing that he's with the armadas. But, Lord Derwitchi takes Ron out with a sneaky move and kills Juhn in front of Kane and Deacon. Slowly, Derwitchi's plan goes out. Pirate troops turning on warriors and attempt to put them to extinct.

Pirates gathered around an area. Paying their respect in tears and unaware of the situation. Warriors go out on special missions with a group of troops, organized by Derwitchi. Headings bowing down to honor the passing of one of their own. Children are placed back in their homes, blocked from seeing the devastated scene. Questions are started to fill up in Skull island, "Who could of done this?" "Why? Why him?" "Can we stop this?" "What's going to happen now?". None of the answers gave some of them hope. Captain Avery dropped a blanket on the deceased body. 
"No need to see any of this, indeed two warriors have passed...devastated. We cannot get weak by this" Captain Avery said, taking his hat off.
After Avery's speech, most of them left the scene. It was only Sanchi, Julia and Wing Chun. Speechless and confused. Sanchi knew the answers and Avery knew it, too.
"You know who done this, I know it too" Captain Avery.
Sanchi nodded his head and tried to walk away, but Avery stopped him. He had a serious look in his eyes. He knew that Juhn was a great person and Ron, too. He wanted revenge.
"Who did this?" Captain Avery said, giving him a serious look.
"The one who blinded all of y'all!" Sanchi said, "The traitor that y'all still kept feeding! You gave him power and now he's full! He's Lifto! Our own leader! Lifto!"
Avery placed his hand on his forehand. He couldn't believe it. He dropped to his knees. Sanchi quietly walked away, dropping a flower on Juhn's body.
"Sanchi!" Julia said.
He didn't stop. Julia and Chun quickly followed behind.

"Sir" Colby said, "Rooke's finally gone, but there are still armadas around here"
Colby handed Sanchez binoculars. Sanchez glanced at the battle. Watching troops going out and armadas dropping to the ground. He glanced at the blown up ship, smiling. He finally did it. Rooke's finally gone.
"We're a step closer to ending the war...can you believe it?" Sanchez said.
"Shall I contact Derwitchi?" Colby said.
"Yes" Sanchez said, "I'm going back down to help out our troops"
Colby walked away from Sanchez to the gunners and contacted Derwitchi. Meanwhile, Sanchez stood there. He brought out items (Dez, Dorugh, Shiruku and Bonnie's items) and he dropped them into the Skyways. He finally felt free and he smiled.

"What's the next step?" Kane said, "Your plan gave us a closer edge to the end"
"Indeed, Lifto" Deacon said.
" me Derwitchi, now" He said, taking his robe off.
Derwitchi threw his robe to the ground and ripped it up. Then, he slowly put on a dark outfit. He started to laugh, as he walked towards the port. He looked out of the ship, looking at the Skyways. He noticed Skull island. Buildings on fire and pirates running around. He knew the next step was golden, But Deacon and Kane started to talk to each other about other plans. They didn't like Derwitchi being the leader. Kane wanted to be a leader and Deacon be Co leader.
"When are we going to do it?" Deacon asked, making sure Derwitchi isn't around.
Kane stared at Derwitchi, while he was looking away. He gave a disgusted look to him and then...smiled, "Once the new step comes in...we'll have a ceremony. That's when I'll do it!"
Deacon nodded his head and went back to fly the ship. Meanwhile, Kane started to stare at Derwitchi. He held a grudge towards him for a long time. He crunched up his fist. He pulled out his pistol and aimed it at him, but with all his will, he dropped his pistol and walked away.
"It'll be soon enough" Kane said, "I will become the leader!"
Derwitchi finally walked in and got next to Kane. He slowly looked back, making sure that Deacon isn't around. Then, he pushed Kane away and started to whisper to him.
"Once my plan goes must kill Deacon" He said.
Kane got really angry, but he didn't show it. He didn't speak. He knew that Derwitchi were ice cold and didn't have a heart. He slowly walked away from Derwitchi.
"You'll have a upper position...become more worthy, since...Bishop, Phule and Rooke are already gone...with Deacon's death...I'll have to give you the position" Derwitchi said, "You're become the grand general of the new army and much more"
Kane didn't respond. Instead he closed the door, "Oh...I'll become much more!"
Beep, beep! Suddenly, Derwitchi's new device started to go off. He pressed a button and Colby's hologram popped up.
"Colby, what is it?" Derwitchi said.
"Sir...w-w-we are almost at an end...I know you're more excited than me" Colby's hologram said.
Colby didn't noticed his clothing. Derwitchi started to go in deeper. He made sure that no one was around Colby and he started to whisper to him.

"Sanchi, wait!" Julia cried.
He finally stopped, furious and turned around. Facing the upcoming Julia and Chun. He looked at their faces and knew that they were scared. He wanted them to feel comfortable, but at the same time...he wanted them to feel safe.
"Where's Boris and the rest?" Sanchi said.
"Boris is still in pain...Emmanuel and El are right by his side...why?" Chun said.
"Go with them, you guys can't handle this...I can hardly handle this" Sanchi said, "No matter what! When things break out, leave me...hopefully Sanchez will be back"
Chun nodded his head and ran towards his crew. Julia stayed back for a few seconds, looking at Sanchi. She knew he was stressed.
"Listen, I love you!" Julia said, kissing him.
Sanchi smiled and kissed her, "Go, quick"

Boom! Cannons fired into the ground, destroying armadas. Sanchez and Colby still managed to lead the pirates, close to victory. Though many pirates died, Sanchez still felt good for the war. He finally felt like the war were close to the end. He finally felt happy.
"Men! We're getting close to victory!" Sanchez yelled
He quickly took out a couple of armadas, but he noticed that Colby was already gone. He noticed that he was on a call with someone.
"Yes lord Derwitchi?" Colby said.
Derwitchi wanted to make sure that there were no one nearby. Then, he started to talk to Colby.
"The Warriors are out of control! I want them gone. Colby I command you to go through plan 737 now!" Derwitchi said.
Colby's eyes quickly widen. He couldn't believe what Derwitchi said, but he knew that he has to follow his master's commands. He dropped his device on the ground and walked towards the pirates firing the cannons.
"Command 737!" Colby said.
They nodded their heads and aimed the cannon at Sanchez, whose on the docks, preparing his ship. Three large cannons aimed at him. Though, Sanchez was unaware of them.
"Keep fighting!" Sanchez said, taking out an armada troop.
"Fire!" Colby yelled.
BOOM! Sanchez's ship exploded, causing him to fall down. He quickly got up and noticed that it was friendly fire. He started to wave his hands, but it didn't work. They fired more cannons and blew up the docks. The docks started to fall out and Sanchez quickly ran towards the ground. He jumped off the docks and grabbed the island. He was dangling from danger.
"What's going on!" Sanchez cried.

Derwitchi's plan quickly began. Dozens of warriors started to fall in Derwitchi's hands. Pirate troops betrayed the warriors.
"7...3...7, now!" Derwitchi demanded.
Jarvis Cobris were at Cool Ranch, fighting against the armadas with his troops. He knew they were close to victory and he quickly slithered towards the armadas, but his men didn't follow him from behind. He turned around and his men had their guns aimed at him.
"Let'ssssss go, men" Jarvis said.
Suddenly, his own men loaded their guns and firing shots at Jarvis. The lonely warrior managed to dodge some of their hits, he sliced his own commander. Though, it wasn't enough. He was hit three times in his stomach and two in his chest. He dropped his sword and fell to the ground.
"Commander, it is time! Command order 737, now! They're officially a threat!" Derwitchi said.
Bulson Budd and his men were fighting off a wave of armadas at Scrimshaw. He took out a couple of armadas and his men took a great number of them.
"Yes sir!" Bulson's pirate commander said.
With Bulson knowing, his commander ran behind the warrior and aimed his gun at his head. Bulson was unaware, "I'm sorry, sir!"
Boom! Budd quickly dropped to the ground. His men quickly fled the battle, leaving his body there.
Over and over around the spiral, pirate troops killing warriors, without them knowing. Lord Derwitchi just sat in his chair, hearing the news. Warriors William, Deughlo and more feel to the ground, defeated. His final plan finally came in through. Ending the great war. All of the pirate troops betrayed the warriors and the senators. Sanchez managed to steal an armada ship and escape Colby and his own men.
"I can't believe this! It's over, Derwitchi...killed over hundreds of warriors" Julia cried, "Sanchi and Sanchez could of already been dead!"
"Patience, he told us to stay here! Cut off the lights" Emmanuel said.

"Sir" Deacon said.
Lord Derwitchi quickly ended his call and turned his chair around, facing Deacon.
" challenge you a the great Volcano!" Deacon said.
Derwitchi got out of his chair. He started to laugh with joy and excitement. He always wanted to kill Sanchi, for all the trouble he caused. He ordered for Deacon to get his ship ready.
"It's going down!" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi patiently waited for lord Derwitchi. He was ready for this moment. He started to stare at his sword, looking at his reflection. He suddenly saw Derwitchi's ship coming in.
"Well well. I've been waiting for this moment" Sanchi said, holding his sword out.
Derwitchi started to laugh and pulled his sword out, "Are you ready?"
Sanchi ran towards him, swinging his sword at Derwitchi. Thou, he didn't swing back. He easily dodged Sanchi's swings. He knew that Sanchi was no match for him.
"Look at you! Pathetic!" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi ignored him and kicked him to the ground. He tried to strike him, but Derwitchi kicked Sanchi's sword out of his hand. Derwitchi swung his sword, but Sanchi kicked his sword out of his hand.
"Well done!" Derwitchi said.
Both weaponless. They stood still, eyed-to-eyed. Quickly, Derwitchi pulled the next move. He tackled Sanchi to the ground and grabbed his sword. Sanchi quickly got back up and ran to his sword and picked it up. He turned around and saw Derwitchi running towards him. Sanchi dropped to the ground as Derwitchi tried to strike him. He quickly punched Derwitchi in his face several times. Derwitchi slapped Sanchi in his face, causing him to back up.
"Give it up, Sanchi!" Derwitchi said, "I have won! You all let an old man kill hundreds of warriors! The armadas won!"
Sanchi quickly started to laugh, "Never! You can't take me or my crew out!"
"I have, I know where they are! I'm going for Julia first!" Derwitchi said, "I'll have fun with her"
Sanchi quickly snapped. He started to scream, defending Julia. He ran towards Derwitchi full speed.
"Leave her alone!"
Derwitchi dodged his move and sliced Sanchi across his chest. He started to lean back and into the volcano pit, but he grabbed him as he sword falls into the pit. Sanchi pulled his knife out and stabbed Derwitchi in his stomach. Shocked, Derwitchi pushed Sanchi away from him, resulting in him falling on a rock in the volcano pit. Meanwhile, Derwitchi fell to the ground, holding onto his stomach.

Pirate troops started to fill up Skull island, stealing senators and anyone in their way. Julia led Chun, Emmanuel, El Toro and Boris out of the building and towards a ship. El and Chun managed to carry Boris on the ship.
"Julia!" Sanchez cried, "We need to go".
"W-w-where's Sanchi? Where's Sanchi!?" Julia cried.
Sanchez grabbed Julia, with Chun helping and they pushed her on the ship.
"Sanchi!" Julia cried out.
They finally got her on the ship. Sanchez looked out, seeing nothing but smoke, fire and troops. He still couldn't believe it.
"We have lost" Sanchez said, getting on the ship.

Derwitchi just lied there. On top of the great volcano, close to death. He saw an armada ship going by him. It was Kane and Deacon. They slowly walked up to the top of the volcano.
" me" Derwitchi said.
Kane started to laugh, while Deacon stayed back. Kane brought out his little pistol and loaded it, still full of laughter.
"Finally, this is my chance! You did all the work. It's a shame that you won't control it, I am the leader now!" Kane said, pointing his gun at Derwitchi.
"T-t-t-trai...traitor" He said.
"Figured you wouldn't like it happening to you" Deacon said.
Kane smiled, "Just relax, Derwitchi"
Boom! Kane pulled the trigger, killing lord Derwitchi.

That's it! Thank you to everyone! New series of the warrior, coming soon! (Featuring, Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Kane, Chun, Emmanuel, Deacon, Boris, Avery and new characters such as, Malik, Danny and much more!)
Farewell to Gus, Moresco, Anthony, Dez, Shiruku, Devullio, Dorugh, Fin, Juhn, Ron, Jarvis, Bulson, Derwitchi and more!

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