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The Warrior "Battle for Socrus" Season three finale

After two hard, cold months on Socrus. Sanchi and the rest managed to get Dorugh and Anthony back and destroy the remaining infected ones. Having fear about Devullio and Shiruk. Devullio offered to end it all just for Dose back and Sanchi is convinced and takes Anthony with him to Devullio's camp for exchange of three inocent kids.

"This could be a trap" Anthony said, steering the ship
Sanchi didn't answer Anthony right away. He was just staring out of the window, thinking about the cold months on Socrus and the struggles and losing Moresco. Sanchi just wanted to end it.
"According to Julia and Juhn, he sounded serious" Sanchi said
Anthony docked the ship and he took a deep breath, "Well...we're here"
Sanchi and Anthony, holding onto Dose got off the ship quietly, they looked around the area and see no sight of ambush, but Sanchi still has his sword.
"Devullio, we have Dose" Sanchi said, holding his weapon behind his back
Once they reached the forest, Sanchi pushed Dose to Anthony and he quietly walked in the woods.
Snap! He heard a stick being snapped.
"Devullio?" Sanchi said
Boom! Once Sanchi passed a tree, Devullio quickly came out and knocked him out with his gun. Anthony dropped Dose and pulled his knife out, but Shiruku was behind him.
"Devullio! It's you!" Dose cried
"Save it for later, where is Sanchi's crew and sick patients hiding at?" Devullio asked
"Socrus island" Dose said
Devullio grinned at Dose and patted his back. He quickly went back to his camp and tied up Sanchi and Anthony, "Jozy, get everyone on the six ships"
Devullio's men was about to reach Socrus. With a smile on his face, he was excited for the action. He also had Anthony and Sanchi, with their hands tied behind their back on his ship.
"Don't do this" Anthony said, "You can have Socrus to build on your army, but please...we don't need this bloody battle"
"Are you the peace maker?" Devullio teased, "Usually peace makers doesn't last long"
Anthony tried his best to convince Devullio not to make a mistake and kill anyone, but Devullio thought about it. Anthony also hopes Sanchez and the rest won't cause any violence. He looked at Anthony and Sanchi whispered to him, "This won't work"
"You know what" Devullio said, "I heard Socrus has lots of land for my army. If your friends listen...I'll send you guys back...alive"
But Sanchi knew this wouldn't work. There were many sick patients still there and couldn't be moved. As much as he wishes it could work, he knew it wouldn't.
"If you have to kill anyone, make it me. No one else, please. I deserve it" Anthony said

"Are you afraid?" Dez asked, "Your boyfriend and Anthony could be in trouble and we're just standing here"
Julia had a nervous look on her face. Chun tried to make her feel better, but it didn't work.
"Everyone's fine" Dorugh said
Boom! Cannons started to hit the building. Quickly Julia looked out of the window and there it was, Devullio was outside with Shiruku. In front of him were Anthony and Sanchi with six ships around them.
"Sanchez!" Julia cried
Sanchez quickly got off his bed and ran outside with his only gun, "I thought we had a deal"
"We did" Devullio said, "But this place is perfect for my new army. I want Socrus"
Sanchez heart almost stopped and he became nervous, "Y-y-you can't. We have people here, sick ones who can't be moved"
"Not my problem" Devullio said, pulling Sanchi's sword out
Sanchez saw Sanchi's sword shined as Devullio pulled it out. He starred at Sanchi and Anthony. Sanchi was frowning but Anthony had hope and he noticed Shiruku. When he looked at Shiruku, she looked away.
"All you guys can get on your ship and go back to Skull island...where you belong" Devullio
"Y-y-you can't do this. That's one ship, it can't fit all of us on there and we can't go back until everyone is healthy and not infected!" Sanchez said, tears started to come out
"Not my problem" Devullio said
After hearing the cannons striking the building. Dorugh got Juhn, Jarvis and other healthy ones to get up. Once they got up, he quietly handed them guns, "Don't shoot yet"
"You can stay with us...we can forget our past and be together for a short period of time and once we leave...we'll keep our mouth shut...I promise" Sanchez said
Sanchez tried to be peaceful with Devullio and it made Anthony proud and happy, but Sanchi didn't wanna do any peaceful talking.
"Just get out of here, dude!" Logan yelled
"Please Devullio, give us one chance. Heck, if it works out...we can help you destroy the armadas and seek revenge...don't you want that?" Sanchez said
Devullio lowered Sanchi's sword and he started to stare at the ground, behind Anthony. He started to look at the blood on Anthony's hand and noticed it on Sanchi's hand too. Then he remembered what the warriors did to him, "No!"
Devullio stuck Sanchi's sword into Anthony's chest. Sanchez mouth opened wide,Dorugh dropped his weapon and Shiruku turned around to look away.
"You idiots!" Sanchez said, shooting his gun
Sanchez shot Devullio's shoulder and shot two bullets in Logan's head and the battle began.

"Attack!" Dorugh cried, "Don't stop shooting until you see each of them on the ground!"
When everyone was focusing on Sanchez and the rest fighting back. Sanchi saw Anthony was still breathing, but blood was coming out of his mouth. He quickly got up and put his tied up hands around Logan's neck and started to pull.
"D...Devullio...ahh! Help!" Logan cried, but with all the gun firing he didn't hear him
Snap! Sanchi pulled hard and snapped Logan's neck and ripped the rope off his hands from it. Sanchi quickly ducked behind a tree and thought of a plan.
"Keep firing!" Devullio said, "Forget the land, I want everyone of these pirates dead!"

Jozy started to fire more cannons into the building, killing three ill patients. With Dose on his ship, he couldn't believe he started this.
"You scumbags!" Sanchi said, quickly running on Jozy's ship
Sanchi ripped scrapes of wood off the ship and quickly got on Jozy's ship.
"What the, I thought you were tied..."
Sanchi slammed the hard wood on Jozy's face, causing him to fall to the ground and he kept on slamming the wood until there was no wood left.
"Sanchi!" Dose cried
Sanchi stopped, with blood on his face, Dose quickly brought a match out to light the cannon and Sanchi picked up Jozy's gun and aimed it at Dose.
"Listen, you shoot me I'd light this cannon. Killing more of your friends. Drop the gun" Dose said
Sanchi lowered the gun and that caught Dose off guard. As Dose looked out, Sanchi quickly fired a shot to the ground, causing Dose to drop the match and the ship was on fire.
"Help, please!" Dose said, flames were getting close to him
Sanchi didn't listen, instead he steered the ship at an angle so the cannon would fire at Derk and Mark's ship. He quickly lit another match and stayed it on the line before the flames reached him.
"Who's that?" Derk said, falling to the ground
Boom! Derk's ship blew up, killing him and Mark. Quickly Sanchi jumped out of Jozy's ship as he breaks the steering wheel. Quickly, Jozy's ship crashed into Melissa's ship and caused her ship to crash in the trees of Socrus, blowing it up, but he also noticed Dose on fire and jumped off the ship.
"Help!" Dose cried
Sanchi punched Dose in his face and sliced his legs off. Once the fire went out, Sanchi picked Dose up by his neck and walked towards the skyways.
"You know what you have caused!" Sanchi said, holding him above the Skyways
Sanchi threw Dose into the Skyways and he ran off, hearing more cannons firing.

Juhn and Jarvis was in the woods, noticing the crash and also noticing Cody and Fred running towards the crash.
"Who did this!" Cody said, "Is she dead?"
Cody and Fred laid their weapons down to search for Melissa, and this gave the two warriors a chance.
"Too many fire, I highly doubt anyone could survive this"  Fred said
Once Fred stepped off the ship, Jarvis jumped out of the tree with his sword and struck Fred in the head. As he body hits the ground, Cody started to run.
"Devullio!" Cody said
Bump! Cody ran into Juhn and he hit the ground. Cody tried to crawl away but Jarvis was behind him and they both started to smile.
"Don't kill me!" Cody said
Boom! Juhn fired a shot in Cody's stomach.
"You guys won't win, Devullio already killing your people" Cody said, bleeding out
"We'll see" Juhn said, shooting Cody in the head
Jennet saw what Juhn and Jarvis did. She managed to pass by them and ran towards the hospital building with her weapon.
Boom! Quickly Jennet fell to the ground with a bullet in her head.
"You're done" Julia said

Devullio noticed that his army were dead. Everyone. He also saw Sanchi running back up to the building and he saw that Shiruku didn't even helped, she was just lying on the ground, devastated. Devullio started to head back to the only ship, but Sanchez quickly stopped him and tackled him to the ground. Sanchez started to punch Devullio over and over, but Devullio grabbed his fist and twisted it and punched him in his face, causing Sanchez to fall off of him.
"Why!" Sanchez said, "I offered you an alliance! To get back at Kane and the rest of them!"
"You and your crew won't last long" Devullio said
Devullio quickly made a run for it and he jumped on his ship. Once he was on his ship, he looked back at Sanchez and laughed at him.
"Sanchez!" Dorugh said, running towards him
Sanchi, Dorugh, Julia, Chun, Dez and Boris ran towards Sanchez to check on him. Sanchez pushed everyone out of his way and ran towards Anthony.
"Anthony" Sanchez said
Sanchez ran to Anthony and he started to cry. Anthony was lying on the ground, blood was all around him. Sanchez quickly got on his knees and placed his hand on Anthony's chest.
"You're gonna be okay, bud" Sanchez said, crying
"Boris come over here and help...please!" Chun said
When Boris ran towards them, his eyes widen, "I can't help him, he lost so much blood"
Sanchez, Sanchi, Boris, Wing Chun, Dorugh, Dez and Julia was all surrounding Anthony. Everyone was in tears. Sanchez didn't want to believe Boris, he couldn't believe this would be his last he'll look at Anthony.
"What are we going to do!" Sanchez said
Sanchi patted Sanchez on his back, "We'll have to kill him"
Sanchi handed Sanchez a gun and Sanchez pointed the gun at Anthony.
"Don't" Dorugh said, "Lemme do it"
Dorugh aimed the gun at Anthony's head. Anthony was starring at the gun and tears started to fall out of his eyes. His mouth started to open.
"...Thank...you.." Anthony said
"We...l...love...you" Dorugh said
Boom! Dorugh shot Anthony, taking him out of his pain and he dropped his gun and fell to his knees, "He's gone"
Once Shiruku heard the gunshot. She saw everyone was around Anthony and she ran away from them. Shiruku was in tears, she couldn't believe she have helped Devullio.
"We are the only ones left, here" Sanchi said, "It's time to go"

The Warrior "New approaches" (LONG) S3

After Sanchi and Dez formed a team to rescue Dorugh from others in the lab, they start to think on how to wipe out all the infected ones on the island and return back to Socrus. Julia is alone at Socrus with just Juhn and Chun and Devullio, Shiruku and others is searching for Dose to find answers to find Sanchi and Sanchez.

Quickly, Sanchi and the rest ran out of the lab after zombies started to fill the rooms and hallways. Whoever was still alive back there are now dead like the rest and Dorugh knew that, thinking about Jesse.
When they started running out, Dorugh was last because of Kirk's knife, "Guys, I need some help"
Dorugh was breathing really hard and Dez was the first one to reach him. Dez didn't even have to ask because he noticed his pants were red from his left leg.
"Who did this to you?" Dez said
"Doesn't matter, he's dead. Just get me out of here" Dorugh said
Luckily, Dez and Sanchez, each grabbed Dorugh's arm and carried him out the building, with Sanchi and Anthony behind him, but they managed to get out of the lab, passing a few zombies and Dez laid Dorugh down near the ship.
"...how...did you...you guys knew where I was...?" Dorugh asked
But they didn't have to answer. Boris looked out the window and Dorugh noticed and he smiled.
"Boris....he's one tough...tough kid" Dorugh said
"I thought you was in the...well once was a hospital and we went there and found him" Sanchi said, helping Dorugh out
"Thanks to Dez's determination and hope and Boris's bravery" Sanchez said, "I honestly thought you were dead"
Boris walked out of the ship, as Sanchi and Sanchez helped Dorugh get on his feet. Boris nodded his head and smiled at Dorugh as they went by, but Boris quickly went back on the ship with Dez and Anthony and they started discussing.
"You want us to do what?" Sanchez said, scratching his head
"It's possible. There's an alarm in the lab that'll get every single one of them in there and explosives on the top floor that someone can shoot from here and all of those dead freaks will be gone and this virus can finally end" Dorugh explained, "You, Dez and Sanchi can do it"
It took alot of doing, but Sanchez finally agreed to Dorugh's plan. Dez would stay back out of the lab and shoot the explosives to blow up the building, Sanchi and Sanchez will set off the alarm. Seems like a hard mission but Dorugh knew it was simple.

"Nothing been going our way" Jozy said, "We can't find that one clockwork...Drose? We can't find those two jokers and their crew. This is awful!"
Jozy kept giving Devullio reasons why that his mission is impossible, but he ignored Jozy.
"He's right" Mark said
But still, Devullio was still looking out of the ship, searching for his old ship where he last saw Dose, but he had no hope. Shiruku entered the room and told Jozy and Mark to leave and they did.
"Still no hope?" Shiruku said
"We have been doing this for two weeks now and still nothing!" Devullio said
Shiruku was lucky that Devullio was unaware about her past, associating with Sanchi and Sanchez, but she didn't want to kill them. She just wanted to find Dose and find new land to build their own army, but then she thought of a great plan...if Dose is captured.
"Our army so far is great, we have been training everyone and you need to go back and finish. I have a plan to get Dose" Shiruku said
Devullio turned his head and starred at Shiruku, ready to hear her plan, "What's the plan?"
"We kidnapped some innocent kids and hold them and threaten to kill them...but we won't kill them" Shiruku said, "We'll contact Sanchi or Sanchez and prove to them that we have innocent little pirates kidnapped and if they don't find or give us Dose, we'll threaten to kill them. It's a perfect plan"
Devullio started to smile. In a matter of no time, he started to laugh. He thought Shiruku's plan was great and will work.
"We'll get some kids near out camp. We'll set them up and we'll get Dose!" Devullio said
Devullio went back to the camp and saw Fred, Gorge and Logan playing cards and he stopped their game.
"Hello boss, if you didn't know...training ended two hours ago. We'll playing cards" Gorge said
Devullio didn't reply back, instead he dropped a bag, filled with coins on their table and told them their objective.
"How many kids do we have to pay?" Fred said, "Because...I kinda want to visit that black market on Aztec"
"Three, do not scare them or kill them and remember...if you come back with two kids...we'll be missing three men...understood?" Devullio said
Quickly, Fred, Gorge and Logan got up and picked up the bag. They ran to the nearest village and started to ask around. Devullio smiled and sat on their couch and started to drink, looking at their playing cards.

Socrus wasn't ever quiet. Julia thought. Others might think that, but it's not true. Julia knew about Socrus's dark side, sick patients. Everyday, hearing someone coughing, throwing up or dying. Julia wanted to go back to Skull island, but she knew the patients all have to feel better, but Julia only talked to Chun, Juhn or Jarivs. Others was just strangers that she's taking care of.
"Thank you, Misses" Juhn said, getting his lunch
"Feeling any better?" Julia asked, cleaning up
"Yes m'am" Juhn said
Juhn jumped up on his feet and started to wander around the building and Julia and Chun followed him around. Juhn couldn't remember the last time, he stood up or even used his sword. He tried to find his sword, without telling anyone. Until he started to hear moaning and banging on the top floor.
"Um, sir don't go up there!" Julia said, chasing Juhn
Juhn was about to open the door, but Julia quickly got in his way and blocked the door and Chun lightly pushed Juhn back.
"Someone's in there" Juhn said
"Yeah...they like private rooms and don't want to be bugged by us" Chun said
But Juhn didn't believe Chun's statement. He started to hear more banging on the door and heard screaming out, "I am innocent, get me out of here!"
"You really don't understand" Julia said, "Go lay back down, please"
Juhn pushed Julia out of his way. Chun quickly ran towards Juhn and tried to pull him away from the door, but he fought back and pushed Chun into Julia. Quickly, Juhn opened the door up and Dose fell out of the room and in front of Juhn. Juhn looked at Dose and then he started to give Julia and Chun a look.
"How can you let an armada in this building, with sick people? What is wrong with you?" Juhn said
Juhn kicked Dose in his face and started clicking on his wrist, where his devices was, "I am contacting Avery"
"You can't!" Julia said
"Watch me!" Juhn said, still clicking
"Stop! Juhn! Listen to her, this is very important that he stays alive!" Chun cried, "We need answers about Devullio and his partner!"
Juhn lowered his arm down, no longer contacting Avery and he started to question them. Everyone's is at a life-risking threat, Juhn thought and he didn't know how this medium size, harmless armada can help them find a dangerous Devullio.
"It's true...it's true, please don't destroy me...I am programmed to follow my commands, I never killed any pirate...I use to take Kane to places in his ship...he thought I was gone and Devullio found me. I just get them to places!" Dose said, "That's what I am programmed for"

Devullio fell asleep. After waiting a few hours for Fred, Gorge and Logan to come back. They finally did, with three kids, as they approach Devullio, Devullio quickly got on his feet to greet them.
"This is Quinn, Jared and Los Quita..he's not from the area" Fred said
"Good!" Devullio said, "Gorge, tie them up and Logan get the guns. If you three boys want to live, I advise you to put your best acting on display"
Gorge found some rope and started to tie their hands, behind their back. Gorge tied Los Quita and Quinn up, but when he got to Jared, he stopped.
"Sir...are you...going to kill us?" Jared said
Gorge started to look at them, then he went back to tying his hands back, but once Gorge finished he answer Jared, "No, you guys will be fine"

"Where's the alarm?" Sanchez said, shooting a couple
"Stop wasting your bullets and follow me" Sanchi said
Sanchi was guessing the location because he only visited the lab once and that was a long time ago, but he'd have to find it. He could not connect to Anthony or anyone else.
"What's taking them so long?" Boris said, "I can't stay out here all day"
"Once you heard that alarm go off, you wait for them to leave the building" Anthony said
After hours of trying to find the alarm, Sanchez started to find it his self and Sanchi listened and followed behind.
"Might be in the lobby, where Dorugh killed that dude" Sanchez said
"His name was Robert" Sanchi said, looking down
"He told you his name?" Sanchez asked
"We use to have a couple of drinks, back then. When things were simple" Sanchi said
Sanchi and Sanchez went back downstairs, towards the lobby. Sanchez tried to have a conversation with Sanchi, but he was worried he'll find out more things he didn't want to know.
"Wait" Sanchi said, "It might be inside of this room"
There were loads of zombies around the area. For Sanchi to get in, he'll need Sanchez to fire a couple of bullets at the zombies that were close to him. Once Sanchi reached the door, he saw blood on the ground.
"Hurry up!" Sanchez said
Sanchi opened the door wide open and Kirk's infected body came out, falling on top of Sanchi. Sanchi cried for Sanchez's help, but Sanchez was busy with the zombies that were gathering around him.
"Grahhh!" Kirk's zombie said trying to infect Sanchi
Sanchi used his left hand to hold off Kirk and his right hand to find something on the ground. His sword was near Sanchez.
"There's so many!" Sanchez said
Boom, boom! Zombies started to fall down and it wasn't from Sanchez. Dez came back in the building and helped out Sanchez. He quickly took out zombies that were blocking his way to Sanchi.
"Over here!" Sanchi said
Dez shot Kirk three times and helped Sanchi to get back on his feet. Quickly Dez told them to follow behind as he passes the counter, shooting the alarm and the alarm started to play loud beeping sounds.
"Found them" Dez said, "Get on the ship"
Once everyone was on the ship, Dorugh gave Boris the sign to shoot the tanks and he did, "Let's go!"
Boom! The whole entire lab blew up. Killing 93% of the zombies, leaving the others to burn.

Sanchi was excited to see Julia and the rest back at Socrus, but when he looked out of the window, his heart almost stopped. Julia was outside of the building with Dose, waiting for everyone.
"What are you doing?" Sanchi cried
"Somehow...some way...your friend, Devullio contacted us. Demanding for Dose" Julia said
"Just say no?" Sanchez said
"I couldn't. He has three innocent kids custody. He threaten to kill them if he doesn't get Dose back" Julia said
"It could be a trap" Anthony said
This got Sanchi thinking. He wouldn't want to know he got three innocent kids killed because of a useless armada and he finally made up his mind.
"He informed us that he'll have no weapons. He wants to end this. He wants Dose back and he'll be gone for good" Juhn said
"I'll go" Sanchi said, "Anthony is going to take me there"

The Warrior "Out of the lab" S3

Sanchi and the gang finally figured out where Dorugh was from Boris. Robert and the rest caught Anthony after killing one of their own, Anthony finally meets Dorugh after their last encounter and they start to have second thoughts of surviving when Robert becomes hungry.

"I'm sorry" Dorugh said, "Sorry for hurting you"
Anthony didn't really paid attention to Dorugh's words, instead he was starring out of the window in a little cold room, waiting for Kirk and Simon to take him and cook him for their dinner.
"You could talk, being quiet not gonna hide your fears" Dorugh said
"We're not gonna survive, this is our end" Anthony said, punching the wall
"Sanchi, Sanchez, Moresco, Dez and Chun gonna get us out of here, you just wait" Dorugh said
Moresco? Anthony thought, then he remembered...Moresco died for Dez and died try looking for Dorugh. Anthony wasn't ready to tell him, if he even cared.
"Yeah....maybe..." Anthony said
Click! The door opened slowly and Kirk pulled Anthony by his leg and threw him out of the room. As he starts to close the door, he laughed at Dorugh when Dorugh glanced at him.
"When my friends rescue us...tell Robert, that I am going to kill him...myself" Dorugh said
"Your friend going to taste delicious" Kirk said, shutting the door
"Robert!" Simon shouted, "Is this the kid you wanted?"
Robert looked as Kirk and Simon entered the room. He quickly pointed to the small room and to tie Anthony up.
"You don't have to do this! I can get everyone out of this mess!" Anthony said
But Kirk and Simon didn't listen, he just tied Anthony up, leaving him hanging and closed the door, laughing.
"I don't believe this!" Dorugh said to his self
Dorugh started to have thoughts in his bed, if they don't rescue him, it'll be the end and his thoughts started to make him furious.
"Let me out!" Dorugh said, punching the walls
Dorugh threw him self on the ground. As he gets back on his feet, he started to hear gunshots, multiple gunshots in the back of the lab.

Sanchez was the one who fired the first shots in the lab, killing two of Robert's men when they wasn't paying attention.
"This place is huge, where are we going to find Anthony and Dorugh?" Dez said
Greg, Allen and Sanchez went in another direction. Meanwhile, Chris, Sanchi and Dez went into an another direction and Boris stayed on their ship.
"Where are we going?" Greg said
Sanchez was leading the group to different rooms, checking for Dorugh and Anthony.
"They could be dead" Greg said, opening the door
Greg separated from the group once he noticed another door. He ran towards the door and twist the door knob and opened it up.
"Hey guys! Look in..."
Boom! Gleas opened the door open and took out Greg by putting two bullets in his chest, killing him.
"Put the gun down!" Gleas said, aiming his gun at Sanchez
Sanchez noticed Allen was right next to him and he started to laugh, "There's only one of you and two of us?"
But Sanchez spoke too soon. Three more of Robert's men came out of the room with their guns in their hands. Sanchez slowly raised his hands up and noticed an old chandelier.
"I have an idea" Sanchez whispered
"What's that?" Allen said, "We need to do something!"
Sanchez quickly moved out of the way and shot the chandelier from the ceilings and the chandelier fell on top of them, killing them.
"Good plan" Allen said, taking their guns
"Learned from Dorugh, let's go"

"We have others in this building!" Dexter said, "What are we going to do?"
"Kirk! Go take care of Dorugh and Dexter, take care of Dorugh...quick!" Robert said, "Simon...take care of them, quick!"
"We need to stick together?" Simon said, "I can't take care of them alone!"
Robert didn't care about what he was saying. He wanted them to follow his commands and do it fast. Simon just nodded his head and ran towards the noises and Kirk went to take care of Dorugh.
"Dorugh, time for you to go to sleep!" Kirk said, opening the door
But when Kirk opened the doors up, Dorugh was not there.
"Where is he?" Kirk said, walking into the room
Once Kirk entered the room, Dorugh tackled Kirk into the wall and threw him to the ground. Thinking fast, Kirk managed to grab Dorugh's foot and pulled him to the ground, but Dorugh kicked Kirk in his face and slammed his head to the ground.
"You're such a hassle!" Kirk said, reaching for his knife
Kirk managed to get his knife and stabbed Dorugh in his foot, causing Dorugh to scream. Dorugh fell back to the ground and slapped the knife out of his hands.
"Get off of me!" Kirk said
Dorugh landed on Kirk and he quickly sat on top of him and started to punch him.
"This is for killing innocent people!" Dorugh said, punching Kirk
But Dorugh wasn't finish, instead he grabbed Kirk's head and slammed it to the ground over and over.
Bang! Dorugh slammed Kirk's head on the hard ground over and over.
"Don't ever mess with me and my crew!"
Slam! Dorugh slammed Kirk's head to the ground for the last time, killing Kirk and took care of business. Dorugh quickly got back up, picked up Kirk's knife and limped towards the door, shutting it.
"Coming after you, Robert!" Dorugh said

Sanchi, Dez and Chris were running quick, passing gunshots and taking out a couple of men.
"We have been searching for enough time!" Chris said, "Dorugh and Anthony is probably dead...we're too late"
"No he's not, we have to have a little hope" Dez said, opening doors
Dez didn't want to believe Chris's statement or any other statement. He knew how hard and tough Dorugh was and he had a feeling that he's still alive.
"You're going to get everyone killed, you know that?" Chris said
Dez started opening doors up, roaming in the rooms for any sign of anyone, until he reaches a door with the doorknob all bloody.
"Guys, over here!" Dez said
Sanchi slowly, with his sword in his other hand, opened the door up. Once the door was fully opened, Chris started to throw up. It was Kirk.
"Dorugh, it's a sign! He's alive!" Dez said
Once he knew that Dorugh was alive, he turned around, facing Chris, ready to rub it in his face. Dez walked towards Chris with a smile on his face.
"So, who was..."
Boom! Blood splattered all over Dez's face and Chris body fell on top of Dez. Once Sanchi heard the gunshots, he quickly found cover. It was Simon.
"Come out! You wanna mess with us, mess with us!" Simon said
Simon started to walk towards Chris's dead party. Once he reached his body, he picked up his body and saw Dez.
"Why are you hiding?" Simon said, pointing his gun
"Because of this" Sanchi said
Sanchi ran out, slicing Simon's hand, dropping his gun and making him drop to his knees.
"Don't do this, please!" Simon said, "I'm an innocent guy"
Sanchi stopped and placed his sword on the ground and sat next to Simon and whispered something into his ear, "I don't believe your statement, you just killed our friend, Chris"
"No, no, no! I had too! I'm sorry!" Simon said
Sanchi took Dez's gun and shot the back doors open and zombies started to fill the hallways. Leaving Simon for them.
"Be happy. These zombies' last meal will be you" Sanchi said, shooting his legs
"You can't do this! Help!" Simon cried, but the zombies took care of him

"I hate to do this, but you're putting this in a bad situation. We have to do this" Dexter said, picking up his gun
"Why are you doing this? You can run away from this, please! Even if you kill me...you still won't survive. My crew is here and furious" Anthony said
"Robert, Kirk, Simon and lots more will take care of them" Dexter said
"I don't believe you" Anthony said, "You are incorrect!"
Anthony knew Dexter was wrong, after started to hear lots and lots of gunfire, but Dexter was still confident.
"Doesn't matter" Dexter said
Dexter picked up his gun and pointed the gun at Anthony's head, but then he heard the door opened wide and two bodies dropped. It was Sanchez.
"Sanchez!" Anthony cried
Once Dexter heard Anthony saying Sanchez name, he quickly turned around and it was Sanchez.
"W-w-w-who are you?" Dexter said, nervously
"Dan Sanchez, I'm here for my friend" Sanchez said
But Dexter didn't listen, instead he got next to Anthony's hanging body, with his gun pointed at his head, but Sanchez noticed something with his gun.
"Drop your gun, or I'll kill him!" Dexter said
Sanchez started to laugh and started to walk towards Dexter, smiling.
"Do it" Sanchez said, "Your option"
Anthony was shocked, "What? Sanchez! It's me, Anthony...your crew?"
Sanchez still walked towards Dexter, slowly. Waiting for Dexter to fire shots, but he knew he couldn't do it.
"Sanchez!" Anthony cried
Then Sanchez stopped and raised his gun, "Bad choice"
Sanchez quickly shot Dexter in his chest three times and watched Dexter fall on the ground. Sanchez ran towards Anthony and shot the rope, making him fall on Dexter's body.
"How'd you know that he wasn't going to shoot me?" Anthony said, picking Dexter's gun up, looking over it
"I'm an expert with guns" Sanchez said, "There was no gun powder in it, he might of been a scientists, but he's not a killer"
Sanchez and Anthony quickly ran out of the room, passing Allen's body.
"Freeze" Robert said, taking Sanchez's gun
"Don't make a mistake" Sanchez said, "Everyone here is already dead"
Robert started to bite his lips in anger, "Screw you!"
Boom! Dorugh came right behind Robert and shot him in his leg. Robert fell to the ground and saw Dorugh, Sanchi and Dez.
"W-w-w-what happened to Kirk and Simon?" Robert said
"Dead" Dorugh said
Robert started to beg for mercy, but Dorugh didn't accepted it.
"What's my name?" Dorugh saidGo to your blog list
"Look, if you kill me you'll be making a...."
Boom, Dorugh pulled the trigger and Robert dropped to the ground.
"Wrong answer" Dorugh said, dropping his gun

The Warrior "One way out" S3

The group starts to have disagreements and fall down slowly. Sanchi and the rest found, driver and worker for Devullio, Dose, but once Dose gets to Sanchi's head he hears his device going off and Dorugh's voice, stating that he needs help. Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony and Dez goes back for the last time to rescue Dorugh but finding someone who was with Dorugh, Boris. Sanchi and the rest must take heavy measures once Anthony is taken and locked up in the lab, Sanchi and the group must rescue both, Dorugh and Anthony out of the lab.

"Jesse had to go" Robert said, "There's no solution out, plus that one boy, Boris still lurking around"
Dexter was upset with Robert's action. Killing Jesse made Dexter mad, but letting Boris getting away made Dexter furious. Also, at the same time, Robert was not afraid of Dexter's looks, but he was afraid of his actions and what he could do to him.
"Jesse could of lived, he had a choice...I watched him" Dorugh said, receiving a brutal treatment after escaping and causing trouble
Robert started to laugh and kicked Dorugh in his face, knocking him to the hard ground. Blood dripping from his mouth, Dorugh still have hope for his life.
"Where's Kirk and Simon? Did you kill them too?" Dexter said, "I'm starting to have second thoughts"
Dexter tried to walk out of them room, but quickly Robert blocked him from leaving with his body and pushed Dexter into a chair.
"Second thoughts? Second thoughts? Are you kidding me? This is survival, pal! Everyone around the whole spiral thinks we're one of those infected dead idiots! We have to do this!" Robert said, "I don't give a damn about Dorugh, but I do care about his taste...because I am starving"
Dorugh gave Robert an angry look and it started to make Robert laugh. Robert was laughing in a way that was teasing Dorugh and it made Dorugh furious.
"Why are you giving me the death stare?" Robert said, laughing
Dorugh didn't replied, instead he quickly spitted in Robert's face and got up and tackled him. With cuffs holding his hands so he wouldn't use them, that didn't stop Dorugh.
"Hey! Scientist, boy, stop this freak show. We found another kid, his name is Anthony" Kirk said
Once he heard Kirk mentioning Anthony's name, he stopped. Which gave Robert a chance to take care of Dorugh, so he punched Dorugh in his face and pushed him off and started to kick him in his stomach.
"Bring this Anthony guy in here, now!" Robert said
After waiting a few minutes, Simon brought Anthony in the room and threw him to the ground. Robert slowly walked towards Anthony and once he reached Anthony, he pulled the blind fold off his eyes.
"Survivor, huh?" Robert said
Anthony shook his head and he saw Dorugh and Dorugh saw him and they both said the same thing at the same time, "You're alive"

Julia was looking out of the window, waiting for Sanchi and the rest returned to Socrus, with everyone alive, but she saw the ship coming back and hitting the docks hard with the ship.
"What is going on?" Julia said
Julia, Wing Chun and ill Juhn Woun went out to greet Sanchi and the rest, but when everyone got off the ship, Anthony was missing and someone was with them that they did not know.
"Who's that pirate?" Juhn said, coughing
"Boris, long story short...the remaining scientists have Dorugh and Anthony. Bad part, they stay alive by eating pirates...innocent one and we need to act quick to save both of them" Sanchez said
Sanchi ran to Julia to give her a hug, but Julia didn't accept it and walked away.
"She'll get over it" Dez said, patting his back
Sanchi gathered others too, who's feeling better. Which is not much, Greg, Allen and Chris ready to rescue Dorugh and Anthony with Sanchi, Sanchez Boris and Dez.
"You sure you want to do this? We could lose some" Chun said
Sanchi turned around, after getting everyone on the ship and simply told Chun, "We'll be fine. They don't know who they're messing with"
Sanchi was okay with steering ships and he tried his best to get them to the lab. Greg and Chris was with Sanchi and Dez, and Boris, Sanchez and Allen were talking about the mission.
"Are you sure about this mission? We could lose alot of people and what...save two?" Allen said
"If you're gonna keep complaining, stay on the ship" Sanchez said, noticing they've landed
Dez was the first one off the ship, Sanchi was right behind him and Sanchez followed behind with Boris with Greg, Allen, and Chris. Dez took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a few seconds.
"Y'all ready to show these scientists what's up?" Dez said
Sanchi went by Dez and quickly saw the lab from a long distant. He saw two scientists outside trying to catch a zombie for research.
"Hold the infected person now so I can get some samples!" Jon said, pulling a needle
Hayes held the zombie so Jon can stick the needle in it's tongue to receive samples. Once Hayes managed to get the zombie to stop moving it's head, bullet went through his skull.
"What was..." Jon stopped as another bullet went through his skull
Hayes quickly ran towards the door and tried to pull it open, but Sanchi quickly grabbed Hayes and took care of him, silently and Sanchez opened the doors open.

"How did you meet these pirates?" Anthony said

The Warrior "Rescue plan" S3

After being left behind by Sanchi, Anthony and Chun, Dorugh is rescued by scientists and others and is in a lab. Once Dorugh figured out their reasons and what they do, Dorugh tries to escape with a new friend, Boris. Robert caught Dorugh and killed female scientist, Jesse, but Dorugh managed to get a wave/connection and connected Sanchi's device, now Sanchi will need help to rescue Dorugh.
Simon, Robert, Kirk, Boris

"Have you lost your mind?" Julia cried
Sanchi tried to tell Julia that Dorugh was out there and that he contacted him, but Julia didn't believe him but Sanchi wanted to go back and that's when Julia created a scene.
"Moresco died there and there's like thousands of infected freaks in there! There's no way he's alive" Julia cried
Julia ran out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Make a loud enough sound to bring Sanchez and Dez to him.
"What's going on?" Sanchez said, noticing the door was about to fall off
Sanchi didn't talk right away, he made sure that no one was nearby and he slowly said.
"Last night, Dorugh contacted me" Sanchi said
"He....he's alive..?" Dez said
"Yes, he needs our help. Are you willing to come with me..?" Sanchi said
"I...don't believe you? Ever since the death of Moresco, you have been going insane!" Dez said, pulling his gun out
"I swear he's in alive! Please believe me! Others will be coming too...believe me" Sanchi said, pushing Dez's gun down
Dez started to stare at Sanchi with a strange and surprise look. He wanted to believe Sanchi but at the same time, he couldn't, but he had to give Sanchi another chance.
"I'm in" Dez said, "Anthony's probably in too"
Sanchi nodded his head and told them to get some weapons and he ran to the ships. Anthony was in for the mission and Dez was confident and excited for Dorugh.

"Here we are" Anthony said
Sanchi didn't answer Anthony, he just wanted to get this mission over with and get Dorugh back to Socrus, but he also wondered, what happen if someone else dies, too? Julia would break his heart if they lose another person.
"I just want to know" Sanchez said, "How do you know it's Dorugh?"
"I know what Dorugh sounded like...and he said, he needed mine and Dez's help!" Sanchi said, "Does anyone even believe me?"
"I believe you" Sanchez said, "From the day I met you in Skull island's jungles...when you saved my life and my crew's life from the troggies. I knew we'll be a great duo...even though Moresco, Gus, Bonnie and Shiruku is gone...that doesn't mean we all have to go back!"
Sanchi patted Sanchez on his back and went to take a quick nap. Once he closed his eyes, he started having dreams about Devullio killing Julia, "Help me, Sanchi please!" voices started going through his head, he was about to lose it. After couple of minutes sleeping, Sanchi finally woke up from his nightmare and he noticed the zombies from the window, they're here.
"Ready?" Sanchez said, handing him his sword
Dez got off the ship. Sanchez was about to get off the ship until Sanchi stopped him and wanted to talk to him.
"It's just me, you and Chun" Sanchi whispered
"What are you talking about?" Sanchez said
"Dez...Dorugh...Anthony, even Julia...they are just our help...we're family...even with the lost of Moresco, Bonnie and Shiruku, we're still family and hopefully soon, Julia can join us. Forget Dez, Dorugh, Anthony, Jarvis, Juhn and the rest...it's just us" Sanchi said, then got off the ship
Sanchez starred at Sanchi as he jumped off the ship. He understood about Dez and Dorugh, but Anthony. He been with us since we got captured. He helped us since, Sanchez thought.
"Are you coming, Anthony?" Sanchez said
"Nah, I'll keep this ship safe while you guys are gone" Anthony said, slamming the door

"What's the plan...if there is a plan?" Dez said, pulling his weapon out
"No way Dorugh could of connected to me in this area...he must of went inside the hospital...maybe he went on top of the building to reach me!" Sanchi said, "Follow me"
Sanchi started to walk towards the hospital building and Sanchez and Dez followed behind. Sanchi started to pass by zombies, fast in fear of getting infected. When they started to walk towards the hospital, he noticed a few zombies around but as he gets closer to the building, he noticed more and more zombies around...like someone attracted them with loud noises, bullets or screaming. Sanchi had a feeling that it was Dorugh.
"There's so many of them!" Sanchez said, pulling his gun out
Sanchez aimed his gun at one of the zombies and loaded it. As he started to pull the trigger, Sanchi stopped him before firing a shot.
"Loud noises, not a bright idea" Sanchi said
Sanchez didn't know much about the zombies, but Sanchi knew alot from being attacked by them plenty of times.
"Do you even know where we are going?" Sanchez said, "To a funeral?"
"We're almost there!" Sanchi said, seeing the hospital from a view
Sanchi, Sanchez and Dez managed to get to the hospital. As Sanchi reaches the doors, he noticed the doors was cracked open, recently.
"There could be more in there! If Dorugh been in that building for this long, he could already be dead!" Sanchez said
Sanchi opened the door up and he saw dead zombies on the ground. Someone else took out the remaining ones in the building.
"Dorugh...is alive...!" Dez said, running in the building
Sanchi quickly shut the door as Sanchez passed by. He ripped of pieces of wood from tables and chairs and placed it on the door.
"I don't believe it" Sanchez said, "You were right"
Sanchi smiled at Sanchez, but Sanchi heard footsteps behind him, getting closer.
"Dez, did you find...." Sanchi stopped
An young man was holding  Dez in front of him with his gun pointed at Dez's temple. It's Boris.
"Relax" Sanchez said, putting his hands up, "We're just looking for someone..."
"Did Dexter sent you to kill me? I won't let that happen!" Boris said
"Dexter Pittsor? A senator? I'm pretty sure this virus already killed him" Sanchez said
"You're funny, but incorrect. The scientist! This trooper and I tried to escape, but they got him" Boris said
"Trooper? We're looking for the same guy?" Dez said
"His name is Dorugh" Boris said
Once Boris mentioned Dorugh's name, Boris eyes popped open. Once they explained to Boris on why they are here, Boris released Dez and dropped his weapon to the ground.
"Where is Dorugh?" Sanchi said
"In the lab, with others. They eat innocent people just to survive, they also have enough fire power to kill all three of y'all...including me!" Boris said
Sanchi opened the door and took out a couple of zombies. Sanchi signaled everyone to get back to the ship.
"We have people too, they have weapons" Sanchi said

Anthony was waiting on the ship for hours. He had been starring out of the window for hours.
"This is just stupid" Anthony said
There wasn't alot of zombies around the ship and Anthony noticed the lab with...lights on. Once the coast was clear, Anthony picked up a knife and went towards the lab, alone.
"Are there people still in the lab?" Anthony said, to his self
Anthony went to the back of the lab and saw bones everywhere. Rib cages and everything, but the whole area is surrounded with fences. Anthony's curiosity got the best of him.
"Let's check this out" Anthony said
Anthony managed to get two hard, long bones and started to bang on the fence and he managed to break a hole in the fences and managed to crawl in.
"What....what is this place...?" Anthony said
Skulls, Rib cages, leg bones, etc was all over the fenced area and he saw a fire pit with the flames dying off and flies all over it. Antony got closer to the pot and lifted the lid open.
"What the!" Anthony said
Anthony dropped the pot and a pirate's arm came out of it. Anthony dropped to his knees and started to throw up.
"What's going on?" Anthony started to scream
Creeeeek, the back door of the lab opened and someone came out after hearing the noises.
"Who are you?" Erco said, pointing his gun at Anthony
Anthony quickly reacted, He got up fast and picked up a bone and chucked it at Erco's head. Erco quickly fell to the ground and Anthony picked up his knife and stabbed him in his head, killing him.
"What have I done?" Anthony said
Anthony quickly dropped the knife.
"What have you done?" Robert said, "You have earned a spot for our next meal"

The Warrior "New decisions" S3

Sanchi, Sanchez, Moresco, Dez and Gavin goes back to the hospital where many zombies are located to find out where Dorugh is. In search for Dose, Devullio and Shir makes contact with Sanchi and the rest. Dez, Gavin and Moresco makes contact with Devullio. After trying to escape, Moresco sacrifices his life, throwing him into the zombies blocking his path, saving Dez and giving him another day to live. After the death of Moresco, Sanchi starts to lose it and regrets.

Sanchi didn't talk on the way back. He was lying on the bed in tears and silent. Sanchi started to have memories and thoughts about his old companion, Moresco. I didn't spend enough time with him ever since Sanchez arrived in my life, Sanchi thought.
"Moresco" Sanchi said to his self.
After several minutes of crying, Sanchi got off the bed and brought out Moresco's bracelet and started to stare at it, which made him cry even more.
"Sanchi" Sanchez said, opening the door
Sanchi didn't answer Sanchez, instead he motioned Sanchez to come over and sit next to him. Once Sanchez sat down next to him, he started to talk to Sanchez.
"You know....I hate when people see my cry...Moresco was the one I could let my tears out...you know.." Sanchi said, playing with Moresco's bracelet
"He's still a original and great flying monqu..."
"Never cared what kind of creature he was...he could of even been a Crane companion...Chun" Sanchi said
Sanchez didn't mind that Sanchi was crying, but he is worry about Sanchi losing his mind. After the lost of Gus, Dorugh, Moresco and other troops died, Sanchez thought, how haven't he lost it yet.
"Hey guys" Dez said
Dez came in to to apologize for the 100th time to Sanchi about the lost of Moresco, but Sanchi stopped him.
"Moresco risked his life for you, you couldn't stop him and I understand that" Sanchi said
"Devullio was trying to kill us. He grabbed Moresco but I shot his arm. He also killed Gavin" Dez explained
Sanchi looked at Dez with a disgusting look. Sanchi was furious with Devullio and his unnecessary actions. Sanchi's mind used to be filled with ways to heal everyone on Socrus and go back to Skull Island with other warriors, but now he's only thinking about Moresco...of course and the one who caused this mess, Devullio. Sanchi wanted stuff to go back to normal. At the same time, he doesn't know what was ever normal in his life.
"Devullio won't get away with this, I promise you that!" Dez said
"Dez" Sanchez said, "Can Sanchi and I talk real quick?"
Once Dez left the deck, Sanchez made sure that no one was nearby, so they could seriously have a discussion.
"Shiruku is alive" Sanchez said, "We was fighting each other"
Sanchi started to nod his head and agree, "I saw her...before I passed out"
"It's like...she lost her memory, maybe from the...crash?" Sanchez said
Sanchi nodded his head again and looked out of the window. Watching ships going by in the skyways, but then he noticed the ship stopped.
"I'll go check it out" Sanchez said

"What's going on?" Sanchez said
"That's the ship...armada ship where we thought Devullio was on...someone is on it" Anthony said
It was an Armada's ship (Devullio's old ship). The ship was a small pirate ship with steel armor on the side with no cannons on the side.
"Connect, I want to see this" Sanchez said
"I'm coming!" Dez said
Sanchez and Dez both got on the armada's ship. With their weapons ready they were ready for any action that lies ahead. Sanchez and Dez scouted the deck of the ship and no signs of armadas anywhere. Until they heard footsteps.
Creeeek, the door opened with Sanchez poking his gun out and Dez was behind him, protecting them behind, but no one was there.
"Open it" Dez said
Sanchez opened the door up and  the closet door was open, with clips and ammo everywhere. Dez knew that the person..or clockwork was clueless with guns.
"Looks like this guy is the new Anthony De Sharp" Dez joked
All of a sudden they started to hear a scream behind them, "AHHHHH!" with a crowbar
"Dez, look out!" Sanchez cried
Sanchez quickly pushed Dez out of his way and kicked the armada's leg and slapped him across his masked. The armada tried to get up but Dez got back on his feet and pointed a gun at him. Sanchez picked the armada off and knew who he was.
"Oh...it's you" Sanchez said
Sanchez and Dez carried the armada to Anthony and threw him to the ground. He tried to get back up but Dez pushed him back down. Both was being harsh to him.
"Armada? Who's this guy?" Anthony said
"The armada that Devullio has been searching for...Dose" Sanchez said
Sanchi heard them throwing someone on the ground and discussing. He quickly got off the bed and ran towards them. Sanchi opened up the door and his eyes widen, "Dose"
Sanchi picked Dose up and threw him against the wall, "You know what you've done? The stuff we ALL been through?"
"I...I...don't know...know what you...you are...talking about" Dose said
Sanchi started to laugh and rub his head. Sanchi didn't know much about Dose, beside he's an armada, clockwork, use to work for Kane and now works for Devullio.
"My best...my companion died! Our captain is dead! All because of this stupid virus that turns people into blood thirsty zombies!" Sanchi said, "People died!"
"Don't...don't do anything stupid...I didn't do anything" Dose said nervously, "Please...I'm innocent"
Sanchi quickly picked up his sword and tried to take Dose out, but Sanchez stopped him. Sanchez turned Sanchi around and tried to calm him down.
"He could be valuable. We cannot destroy...or kill him!" Sanchez said
Sanchi starred at Sanchez then he glanced at Dose and walked out.
"Get us back to..." Sanchez stopped and noticed Dose, "You know where"

Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony, Dez and Dose managed to travel back to Socrus. Sanchi stayed on the ship while the rest went back up to the abandoned hospital where Julia was outside, watching them.
"Who's the armada and why is he here?" Julia said, "Where's....Sanchi and Moresco?"
Once everyone got inside, Sanchez managed to get everyone to quiet down so he could explain what happened.
"We went back to search for Dorugh, no luck. Devullio and Shiruku attacked us and..."
"Shiruku Neko? She's alive?" Chun interrupted
"Yes, but they attacked us. Anthony saved Sanchi and I managed to get away from Shiruku. Devullio killed Gavin and...Dez and Moresco got surrounded. Moresco sacrificed his life so Dez could make it out...alive." Sanchez said, "Then...this is Dose. He was with Kane and now he's with Devullio...not anymore atleast"
Juhn got off his bed after hearing Devullio's name and Dose was here. He quickly pushed Chun and Dez out of his way and tackled Dose.
"He was with Devullio when they killed Bullzo! We must get rid of him" Juhn Woun said, throwing him back to the ground
"We'll lock him up and decide his faith tomorrow. Dez put him somewhere and Juhn...you need to rest" Sanchez said

"I'm innocent" Dose said, "Please let me go...please"
Dez didn't answer. Instead he just threw Dose in the room and locked the door, "We'll decide later"
After putting Dose up, Dez rushed out and to bed, passing Sanchi without noticing he was there.
Click! Sanchi unlocked the door and opened it slowly and quietly. Dose got up fast but it was Sanchi at the door.
"Come with me" Sanchi said
Sanchi brought Dose outside of the hospital and near their ship. He pushed Dose to the ground and kicked him in his armor.
"I'm sorry about all your lost, but it wasn't me!" Dose said
"Shut up!" Sanchi said
Sanchi was walking around Dose, slapping his self as he tries to think of a plan for Dose...or a solution. Also, Sanchi didn't know that his anger was blinding him and the situation they're in. Sanchi quickly looked at Dose and started to yell, "Don't look at me!"
It was late at night. Everyone was either asleep or about to asleep. No one could see Sanchi or hear him yelling and he knew that.
"I saw Moresco a couple of times" Dose said
Sanchi looked at him and quickly picked up his sword. Dose started to scream and Sanchi was screaming as he raises his sword, but then his devices went off and heard someone trying to reach to him. Sanchi kicked Dose in his face and looked...it was from a lab...the only lab in Skull island. Once Sanchi press the button, he heard a voice.
"Sanchi or Dez...I need your help...plea..."

The Warrior "Back to plan B" Part 2 S3

After going back to the infected island to search for Dorugh. Anthony starts to have tough decisions, whether to stay with the group or not. Sanchi makes contact with Devullio and Sanchez meets Shir for the first time since the crash.

"Sanchez! Where are you!" Sanchi said, struggling to get back up
Zombies started to surround Sanchi and tried to eat him alive. Sanchi didn't know where Sanchez was or the rest of the crew. He tried to call for help but no one came.
"This...this...can't be it!" Sanchi said, getting on his feet
Sanchi punched a zombie in his face and he started to think about Julia, knowing that she's anger with his choice to risk his life for someone she doesn't care about.
"Anyone, please!" Sanchi said, knocking another zombie out
Sanchi fell to his knees and watched zombies getting close to him. He closed his eyes and tears started to fall.
"I'll miss you, Julia" Sanchi said
Boom! Gunshots started to fire at zombies and zombies started to fall to the ground. As Sanchi looked back up, it was Anthony.
"Get back up, quick!" Anthony said, handing Sanchi the gun
Anthony tried to run, but Sanchi grabbed his shoulder. He was breathing heavy and said slowly, "Thank...thank...you so much"

Sanchez couldn't see Sanchi anywhere due to zombies. Sanchez quickly turned around and saw someone limping towards him. He thought it was Sanchi.
"Sanchi, thank god!" Sanchez said
As the person gets closer, Sanchez knew it was someone else, but he knew it was someone from his past.
"Today isn't your lucky day" Shir said, bring her knifes out
Sanchez couldn't believe his eyes. He also doesn't know what to do, "Shiruku?"
"Don't call me that! That's not my name!" Shir said
Shir ran towards Sanchez and started swinging his knifes but Sanchez managed to avoid them, which got Shir angry. She swung her knife and Sanchez grabbed her arm. Sanchez grabbed her knife and pushed her away from her.
"Yes that is your name! Shiruku Neko is your name!" Sanchez said, stabbing a zombie
Shir jumped in front of Sanchez and swung her good leg and hit Sanchez in his face. Causing him to fall to the ground. As Sanchez wiped the blood off his mouth, Shir started to laugh.
"Do you even know what happened to you?" Sanchez said, "Sanchi was gonna take us to Mooshu, but we crashed into another ship and we went into Scrimshaw! I thought you were dead!"
"No! I woke up in Scrimshaw, Bishop explained to me what happened and took me back to Valencia" Shir said
Shir tried to kick Sanchez in his face again, but Sanchez dodged her kick and kicked Shir's bad leg, causing her to drop to the ground, in pain.
"I don't want to hurt you!" Sanchez said, "You were my bestfriend...my companion!"
Sanchez had his chance to end Shiruku, but he didn't. He dropped her weapons and started to shoot at the zombies. Once there was no zombies in sight, he looked at Shir then ran.

"Where are we going?" Gavin said, shooting at zombies
Zombies started to crowd Gavin, Moresco and Dez, "Guys, get back!"
Dez led them to a hideout and managed to hide from the zombies until they can get some ammo and reload.
"What are we going to do?" Gavin said, nervously, "I should of never came!"
"Quiet, we'll be fine!" Dez said
As they still start to load their guns, they started to hear gunshots and hear zombies fall to the ground. As Moresco pokes his head, it was Devullio searching for them.
"Where's...lemme think of the names" Devullio said
"Stay quiet" Dez whispered
"...Dez...? and that new guy who couldn't even shoot me if I'm right next to you....and...the companion slave, Moresco" Devullio said
"He doesn't know where we are. We're behind him" Gavin said
"Stay down!" Dez said
Gavin didn't listen. He was nervous and wanted to take Gavin out. Gavin got up from the rock, but Devullio doesn't know where he is. He pulled his gun back and reloaded his gun. Which made a clicking noise and Devullio stopped and started to smile. Gavin quickly pulled the trigger and Devullio turned around and pulled his trigger too. The gunshot hit Gavin in his head and he fell to the ground, which gave their position away.
"Well, this isn't good for you guys" Devullio said
Dez quickly got out and started to shoot at Devullio and Moresco saw Dez running. He ran out and Devullio saw Moresco flying towards Dez.
"I want you!" Devullio said to his self, pulling his sword out

Anthony threw Sanchi on the ship, "Stay here"
Anthony saw Sanchez running towards the ship, but he also saw Dez and Moresco running towards the ship too. Anthony noticed Devullio was right behind Moresco.
"Come back, Moresco!" Devullio said, as he grabs his leg
"Dez help!" Moresco cried
Dez quickly turned around and shot Devullio in his arm, causing him to let go.
"Ahhhh! Damnit! Dez!" Devullio cried
Moresco managed to catch up to Dez, but then zombies got in front of them. Dez was out of bullets and there was no way out.
"What are we going to do? They are surrounding us!" Moresco said
"Yes...this is the end" Dez said, dropping to his knees
Moresco started to think about Sanchi. Moresco remembered how Sanchi thought he was useless and helpless, also he paid no attention to him. Moresco ripped his bracelet off and handed it to Dez.
"Moresco....what are you doing?" Dez said, putting his bracelet in his pocket
But, Moresco didn't reply back to Dez. Moresco took a deep breath and ran into the zombies that blocked their path.
"Moresco!" Dez cried
Zombies started to pile Moresco and ripped him apart, but it also gave Dez a chance to get to their ship, alive.
"Go, go! Give the bracelet to my master!" Moresco cried as he gets eaten by the zombies
Dez ran pass the pile of zombies and he looked back and saw the zombies eating Moresco alive, "Thank...thank you"
Dez ran on the ship with tears going down his eyes. Sanchi saw Dez getting on the ship with him crying. Sanchi also noticed he was holding his bracelet.
"...where's...where's Moresco?" Sanchi said
Dez didn't say anything to Sanchi. Instead he started to cry and Sanchi saw a pile of zombies.
"No...it can't be...it can't be!" Sanchi said
Sanchez whispered to Anthony, telling him to get them out of here and Sanchez went out. Leaving Dez and Sanchi alone.
"How did he die?" Sanchi said, started to cry
"I was out of bullets...zombies got in front of us...he sacrificed his life...just so I can live and to make you proud" Dez said
Sanchi started to bang his head on the wall and fell back to the ground and started to scream, "Why! Moresco!"

The Warrior "Back to the plan B" S3

After Dez's outbreak when they left Dorugh behind. Sanchi finally got back on his feet and Sanchez as well and promise Dez that they'll risk their life to go back to search for Dorugh after having a feeling that he's still out there. Meanwhile Devullio and Shir searches for Dose after thinking that he's still out there due to Devullio's ship was gone when Sanchi and the rest attacked.

"Here's a map" Dez said, handing Sanchi a map and blueprints of the lab and hospital
Sanchi didn't open the map up. Instead he laughed and crumbled it up right in front of Dez.
"We don't need a map, we'll be fine" Sanchi said
"I don't think this is safe for y'all" Juhn Woun said, struggling to get up, "Julia can't take care of everyone on her own. Plus Moresco actually needs you!"
Sanchi didn't want to stay back. He was determine to do something, so Sanchi thought of a plan for Moresco. Sanchi gathered Moresco to bring him along on the mission. Sanchi, Sanchez, Dez, Anthony, Gavin Compross (Who's feeling healthy) and Moresco.
"Is this gonna be the last mission?" Julia said, laying Jarvis down on his bed
"Yes m'am" Sanchi said, giving Julia a kiss
Sanchi was trying to leave the room before Julia ask him any other questions, but his plan didn't work out so well.
"Hey, before you go. I need to know something" Julia said, "What's the point of this mission? To try to find Dorugh, who's dead?"
"Uh...no....Dorugh is dead and we're....we are just....just going back to retrieve medicine" Sanchi said
"There's no medicine back there, and that also explains Anthony's black eye and who cares! Dorugh has issues and developing troubles that we cannot handle" Julia said
Sanchi didn't reply back to Julia. He quickly ran and slammed the door shut.
"Gavin, get your junk and get the rest too" Sanchi said

Everyone got on the ship and was ready to go back. Gavin was new to the mission, but everyone knew their objective.
"Let's do this guys!" Anthony said
Dez and Gavin was in the back, discussing stuff about pirates. Sanchez was with Anthony and watch Anthony steer the ship and Sanchi and Moresco was talking, trying to get back on their friendship.
"Soooo...are you feeling better..?" Sanchi asked
"I've been better for atleast two weeks now, master" Moresco said
"Ahhh....I see...I see..." Sanchi said, "Do you like being on Socrus?"
"Not really. I don't like sitting around with dozens of sick people who could be dying" Moresco said, quietly
"What's up bud? Remember how we use to be great friends and missions? Remember Mooshu?" Sanchi said
"Hate to say it, master" Moresco said, "That was the past. We're in the present right now. Plus everything have changed now. Our companionship went down..or friendship"
Sanchi didn't answer. Sanchi was completely shocked by the way Moresco talked to him. Moresco officially lost the companionship between Sanchi, after Sanchi didn't even spend time with him.

"This feels great!" Sanchez said, patting Anthony's back
"What feels great?" Anthony said
"Getting my pistols back and being back with you guys! Best crew there is" Sanchez said
"For you guys! Have you noticed something? I'm useless, I don't shoot or defend anyone. All I do is fly you guys to places...I mean I couldn't even get medicine for all you guys! Now people is dying all because of my mistakes!" Anthony said, pointing at his black eye and his busted lip
"Once everyone heals up and when we take care of Devullio...wherever he's hiding, we'll go back to Skull island and fight our battles!" Sanchez said
Anthony had opposite feelings about going back to Skull island. Anthony knew that he's only good for taking his crew to places in ships.
"We're here" Anthony said, docking the ship
Everyone got off the ship. As zombies started to approach them, Sanchez and Gavin started to freak out.
"What are these?" Gavin said, shooting two of them
Sanchi quickly ran to Gavin and slapped his gun out of his hand, "Gunshots will attract more"
"Where did you saw Dorugh getting attacked?" Dez said, knifing a zombie
Anthony was still on the ship and saw everyone getting away from the ship as zombies approach them. Then, tears started to drop from Anthony's eyes. He knew he was useless and he'd screw the mission up.
"I'm sorry" Anthony said, getting back on the ship
As Anthony attempted to close the doors, he saw another ship. He saw the ship getting docked and Devullio stepped off the ship with Shir. Anthony quickly opened the doors back up and shouted, "Guys!"
Sanchi turned around and saw an Armada and he noticed Shiruku too, "Sanchez! Dez!"
"Who's....who's..." Gavin said nervously, "Armada!"
Gavin pulled out his gun and started to shoot at Devullio, but his shots were off and kept missing him. Devullio was not impressed as he takes out a couple of infected people/zombies.
"Well well...this guy must be Sanchi!" Devullio said, pulling his sword out
Sanchi saw Devullio pulling his sword out and pointed at Sanchi and signaled him to come at him.
"Guys! Dez, Gavin and Moresco,go look for Dorugh. Sanchez come with me!" Sanchi said
"Master, you need me!" Moresco cried
Sanchi ignored Moresco and ran towards Devullio, taking out zombies on his way. Devullio started to walk towards Sanchi and Shir ran towards Sanchez.

"Well, I know you know me and I know you" Devullio said, "No point of introducing"
"Trouble maker, you killed Douglass Bullzo!" Sanchi said
"He's an ancient warrior and I defeated him. You'll be too easy!" Devullio said
Sanchi ran towards Devullio and tried to slice him with his sword, but luckily Devullio dodged Sanchi's hits. Cling, cling! Sanchi's sword made contact with Devullio's sword.
"Most impressive. I am surprise" Devullio said
Sanchi swung his sword, but Devullio ducked and kicked Sanchi's knee and punched him in his jaw. Devullio was about to kill Sanchi, but zombies started to surround them.
"Well...I'll let this dead bags eat you alive" Devullio said, taking his sword, "Next is Dez, Moresco and the newby Gavin!"
Sanchi just looked at Devullio, with blood flowing down from his mouth. Devullio started to laugh and took out zombies to form him a path to get out of.

The Warrior "The Lab" S3

After going back to the only hospital, it was not allow for anyone to return to the island (getting infected). Once Sanchi, Anthony and Chun managed to escape from Shir, Rooke and the infected ones, they leave Dorugh alone on the island but luckily was abducted by strangers who saved his life. After getting saved, Dorugh starts to have flashbacks from his past.

 When Dorugh woke up, he looked around his room. The door was locked and there was no windows. Dorugh didn't know where he was.
"Where am I?" Dorugh said, banging on the door
Bang! Dorugh started to punch the steel door and kept on yelling. After punching the door for five minutes, he started to slam his body into the door.
"Get me out of here!" Dorugh cried
Click! The door slowly opened and light shined in Dorugh's room, "Who....who are you?"
"Hello, fellow trooper" Dexter Cargas said
"Who are you and where am I?" Dorugh said
"You're standing in an asylum room, ironic yes, joke this is not" Dexter said, pulling his clip bored out
"Healthy" Dexter said, putting a check, "Insane?" Dexter said, skipping the question
Once Dexter grabbed Dorugh's arm to take him out of the room. Once Dorugh left the room, he started to have flashbacks.

Boom! Armadas started shooting at Dorugh, his wife, brother and his son.
"What are we going to do, father?" Dorugh's son, Jack said
Willis had a group of armadas (6) with him as he tries to capture Dorugh to place on his ship to sell to others.
"How many bullets do we have left?" Colton, Dorugh's brother said
"A couple!" Dorugh said
"Come on out and all you guys can be captured, together...but if you don't listen, my men or I will kill you!" Willis said, bringing out his sword
Colton got up to fire at the armadas, but the armadas fired first and shot and killed Colton, right in front of Dorugh and his family.
"Uncle Cole!" Jack said, in tears

"Bald gentlemen...in his...thirties?" Jesse, scientist said
"I'm twenty EIGHT" Dorugh said
"Surprise you don't speak like pirates with YE and ARRRRG" Jesse said, laughing
"No M'am" Dorugh said
Jesse and Dexter was looking over Dorugh's body, to make sure he isn't infected and that he is healthy. Dorugh's knuckles were bloody and bruised and he had a few cuts on him.
"Another survivor? I don't believe it!" Robert said, throwing his stuff to the ground
"Oh great, Robert" Jesse said, under her breath
"Who's Robert?" Dorugh asked, standing back up
"Type of person, you would not like to meet. He never had a job and he's not very...intelligent" Dexter said
Then, four more scientists walked in the room, Jacob, Bax, Phillip and Qween.
"Aye boys, look who we found...a trooper! Haha!" Roberts said, patting Dexter's back, "How's everything going?"
"Not so well" Dexter said, "We need to go out and to another run. To gather supplies"
"How bout me, Jacob, Bax and Qween...and the newbie go on our...run" Robert said
"How have you guys been surviving without any food? It been like two months now!" Dorugh said
Jesse starred at Dexter and Dexter asked Robert to escort them outside and get some supplies in the hospital.

Boom! Dorugh got behind the armadas and fired his bullets at the armadas and slammed his gun into one of the armadas, destroying four of them.
"There should be more of them" Dorugh said, quietly
"We need to go and hide" Dorugh said
His wife and son didn't respond, instead they just stood there. Afraid of what Dorugh had done and he been changing.
"We....we should just stay put...maybe someone will come and help us" Julie said, holding onto Jack
Dorugh managed to construct a tent for them to sleep in over the night. Dorugh laid down with Jack in the middle and he kissed Julie on the cheek
"Everything will be fine, we'll be fine"

Bax opened up the doors and all the zombies started to stare at them. Dorugh had an awkward feeling with the scientist and knew something was wrong with Robert.
"Let's go!" Bax said
Bax started to swing at the zombies with a crowbar, Jacob had a steel pipe, Qween had his own knife and so did Dorugh but Robert's holding two guns and started to slam the guns on the infected's heads.
"Stay and follow me!" Robert said, getting in front of Bax
Everyone saw the hospital building and the door was open. The only problem they have to face, zombies are all around. Qween stabbed a zombie with his knife...but the knife got stuck in the zombie's head and he couldn't get it out. Qween kept pulling the knife, but Qween wasn't strong enough and zombies started to crowd him.
"Robert, shoot them! Shoot these dead freaks!" Qween said
"Are we gonna  help him?" Dorugh said, grabbing Robert
"No can do, let him die. He failed us so he deserves it!" Robert said
The rest didn't agree with Robert's choice, but they had to so they could survive. As Dorugh looked back, he saw Qween getting tore apart by them.
"We....we....we made....made it" Jacob said, trying to catch his breath
Bax, Jacob, Robert and Dorugh managed to get inside the building, but Dorugh knew about the zombies were still in the building. They were in the lobby and started to hear footsteps and more of them started to come out.
"Bax, come with me!" Robert said
Robert and Bax ran from them, to search for supplies, but they didn't know that the medicines were in a different room.
"We gotta think of something!" Jacob said, getting surrounded
Dorugh turned around and saw Robert slamming the door behind him. We're left behind. Dorugh thought and he turned back around to stab zombies.
"There are too many!" Jacob said, noticing another room
Jacob ran towards the door, but the door was messed up with claw marks and the door knob was gone. Dorugh knew that's where they left the medicines at.
"Wait, don't go in there!" Dorugh said
Jacob didn't listen, he was in a rush. As he opened the door up, zombies started to fall and rush at. Piles and piles of zombies fell on Jacob. As Dorugh started to hear Jacob scream for help, he couldn't help him and he ran behind a desk to hide.
"What are we doing? We just left Jacob and that other guy!" Bax cried
"Shut up!" Robert said, looking through drawers
Bax quickly grabbed Robert by his shoulders and turned him around, "We need to save those two!"
Robert pulled his guns out, "You want to?"
Robert shot Bax in his leg three times and shot the door open and ran out of the window, leaving Bax behind for the zombies.
"Robert! Nooooo!" Bax said, as zombies started to pile on him

Next morning, Dorugh woke up. As he looks around the tent he created....his family were gone.
"Honey....son...anyone?" Dorugh said
Dorugh got out of the tent and saw footprints in the mud. Dorugh grabbed his gun and went towards the footprints. Dorugh had a feeling that Willis stole them and put them on his ship. Heart was racing, he found blood on grass and found bullet shells.
"No, no, no!" Dorugh said as he drops to his knees
In front of Dorugh, was his wife and son...both dead. He noticed that they had their stuff packed with some ammo. His family left him late at night and tried to travel away, but Willis found them and executed them.
"Why!" Dorugh said
As Dorugh dropped to his knees, a note fell off of his head. Dorugh picked the note and knew it was his wife's handwriting, "I'm sorry, you've changed into someone else. Don't try to follow us, we'll be long gone"

Dorugh managed to get out of the hospital building and saw Robert gathering bottles of...liquor and alcohol. Dorugh swiftly ran towards Robert and Robert saw him coming his way.
"Oh, you're alive" Robert said, "New guy know what's up!"
Dorugh didn't answer, instead he walked towards Robert and snatched drinks from Robert's bag. Quickly, Dorugh threw the bottles on the ground and got in Robert's face.
"What is wrong with you, newbie?" Robert said, pulling his gun out
"Where's Bax? I heard gunshots in there! Also, you let Qween died!" Dorugh said
Dorugh left his knife in the hospital and had no weapon, meanwhile Robert was holding two guns. Robert is a stubborn guy. He's jobless and a drunk. Robert also knew that Dorugh was gonna be a problem.
"I fired at the zombies and Bax was too slow and Qween didn't follow us. It's their fault. You can either come with me or not" Robert said
"Explain the bottles" Dorugh said, kicking the glass
Robert didn't answer Dorugh, instead he walked by Dorugh, bumping into him, "Let's go!"
Hundreds of infected was chasing Dorugh and Robert, Robert luckily had some ammo and took a couple of them out when the cross their path. Bang, bang! Dorugh started slamming on the door. Dexter finally rushed there and opened it up.
"Hey...where's...the rest..?" Dexter said
"Dead" Robert said, pushing Dexter out of his way
Dorugh looked at Dexter for a few moments, wondering what was going on. There were only four scientists in the whole lab, but before there were almost thirty-three.
"What happened?" Dorugh asked, picking up Robert's gun
"What are you talking about?" Dexter said, raising his hands
"Something is up, I know it! How have you guys been surviving for this long when there's no damn food on this infected island! How are you guys not...not infected?" Dorugh said
Dexter started to sweat frequently now and Dorugh started to notice it. Dorugh had Robert's gun pointed right at Dexter, then he noticed Jesse and Robert came rushing in.
"Have this fellow lost his damn mind?" Robert said, walking towards Dorugh
"Robert, stop! He's serious" Dexter said
Dorugh was starring at Dexter, waiting for him to answer, but Dexter wasn't answering any of Dorugh's questions. Dorugh put the gun down and punched Dexter in his face.
"Why did you guys risked your life just to save me before? Why!?" Dorugh said
"Something is wrong with this guy" Robert said
Dexter got back up on his feet and wiped the blood off his face and looked at Dorugh. Dexter opened his mouth up and said, "We are hungry"
Dorugh was shocked. He dropped the gun, which gave Robert a chance to tackle him to the ground. Dorugh started to scream to let go of him.
"Are you gonna let this happen? You're sick!" Dorugh said, starring at Jesse

Dorugh was starring at him family's dead bodies and he started to cry. Dorugh thought it was his fault and he started to hit his self.
"Look what I have done!" Dorugh said
Dorugh looked down and saw his gun. Dorugh slowly picked up his gun and put it in his mouth. Dorugh was about to pull the trigger, until he heard voices.
"What are you doing?" Anthony said, "I'm Anthony"
"Back away, I have to do this!" Dorugh said
Anthony quickly grabbed Dorugh's gun out of his mouth and tried to talk to him.
"You don't have to do this" Anthony said, "The armadas did this to you, fight back!"
"They did this" Dorugh said, "They...they did this because of me"
"They don't want you to go out like this! Join the pirate army. That's my dream. Go out and hold your ground" Anthony said
Dorugh agreed and got back up, "You're right"

The Warrior "Lab's hunt" S3

After the gang goes back once again to once a great hospital...now filled with infected zombies, Captain Dorugh is presume dead. After finding Dose, Sanchi's device finally had a connection and it was Dorugh's voice. But things don't go to well after Dexter, Robert and Jesse reveal why they saved Dorugh.

Robert, Kert, Simon and Smith escorted Dorugh back to the small room, aka his own jail. With his hands cuff behind his back, Dorugh starts to have different thoughts and may think that him dying will be a much better result
"Remove the cuffs and throw him in, boys!" Robert said
Smith removed Dorugh's cuffs and threw him in, before Smith shut the door, Dorugh quickly hesitated for questions and answers.
"Why....why do you do this? You're eating innocent people who didn't cause this!" Dorugh said
Smith tried to answer Dorugh's question, but Robert quickly pushed Smith out of his way and changed the subject.
"Here" Robert said, throwing Dorugh's devices, "There's no more connection. Just so you have something to play with"
Robert slammed the door and darkness filled the room up. Dorugh sat on the uncomfortable bed but after the day he had, he doesn't care. After several hours of lying down, he started to hear yelling.
"Put him in the room, then!" Dexter said
"With that pirate trooper? No way!" Robert shouted
The dispute between them finally stopped and Dorugh could tell that Dexter won the argument. Robert threw another person in the room and slammed the door hard and then kicked it in anger.
"Hello....anyone here?" Boris said, "Anyone....I hear breathing"
"Hello" Dorugh said
Dorugh turned his flashlight on and Boris dropped to the ground and crawled away from him.
"Woah, what's wrong with you?" Dorugh said
"You scared me!" Boris said
Dorugh gave Boris a hand to get back up. Once he got back up, Dorugh started to walk around the room, ready to start a conversation. Boris is a young pirate with short brown hair and brown hairs.
"So...how'd you get in here...?" Dorugh said, trying to receive his name
"Boris Smiff...I been in the lab for a long time. Matter of fact I've been here since all this started" Boris said
"I'm Dorugh, pirate trooper...captain..." Dorugh said
"Well...guess we are officially roommates!" Boris said
Dorugh stopped Boris and wasn't joking around. Dorugh have his serious look on and Boris doesn't even notice.
"How'd you get put in here?" Dorugh said
"Stood up for myself and others in this building...we want to leave and try to get help. Eating others cannot be a resourceful solution" Boris said
"Well...you're in luck...I thought of a way to get out" Dorugh said, grinning
Dorugh is known for having great reliable plans. Most of the times his plans are simple, never complex. Dorugh created a plan to get out of this room with a few steps. Once one of the others come in here to slide our food to us, they quickly grab his arm and pull him in the door, knocking him out and receive the keys.
"Here comes one of them" Boris said, "Get in place"
One of the guards opened the door up, with bars behind the door the guard bent over to place the plates of food on the ground and slide it to them.
"Here's your...."
The guard stopped as Dorugh grabbed his arm and slammed him into the concrete wall over and over until he fell to the ground. Dorugh grabbed the keys from the guard's waist and unlocked the door.
"Here's your devices" Boris said, throwing him his device

Dorugh and Boris ran in the hallways of the lab. Dorugh doesn't know much about the building, but Boris knew it well. He led Dorugh in the main room of the lab.
"It's in here" Boris said, opening the door
Boris opened the door up and stopped as Robert, Dexter and the rest noticed them. Robert and the rest aimed the guns at both of them, but that wouldn't stop Dorugh. Dorugh quickly grabbed Jesse and picked up a shotgun and aimed it at his head. Boris thought that he was insane, but he still suck beside his side.
"Put your weapons down or she'll die!" Dorugh said
"Dorugh, you don't have to do this!" Jesse said
Dorugh gave Jesse an angry and disappointed look, like he wanted to kill her, "Better then be y'all's next meal!"
Dorugh and Boris backed up and exited the building with Jesse. This scene angered Robert and Dexter. Once they left with Jesse, Dexter came up with a plan.
"Robert...you, Simon, Smith and Kert go out there and kill both of them and if Jesse get's in your way...so be it! We will not let these two bring down our survival pit" Dexter said, slamming his fist down
"You're making a mistake, do you know that?" Jesse said, being held hostage by Dorugh and Boris
"Shut up, you're the sick ones who's eating innocent pirates" Dorugh said
Once they got pass a couple of zombies and far from the lab, they started to hear yelling and gunshots. It was Robert and the rest. They were yelling and laughing, calling for Dorugh and Boris to challenge them.
"You've angered Robert!" Jesse said
"Robert's not good to be with you guys! He killed others and watched Qween die!" Dorugh said
Jesse managed to get away from Dorugh's arm, but she didn't run. She was breathing heavy from all the zombies and conflict. She was scared.
"What are you talking about?" She said
"Dorugh didn't gather medicine. He got bottles of liquor and alcohol. He's a drunken pirate!" Dorugh said
Jesse couldn't believe what Dorugh was saying. Boris knew that Robert was a drunken pirate, but he never knew that he was a killer too.
"Guys, look!" Boris said
Robert, Kirk, Smith and Simon was firing shots at infected pirates/zombies. Then Smith saw them from a distance and shouted their names, "There they are!"
Kirk and Simon ran towards them and Robert stopped firing at the zombies and ran towards them also, leaving Smith behind for the zombies. Smith was screaming for help from Robert, but Robert didn't turn around.
"You're absolutely right, Dorugh" Boris said, watching Smith getting left behind
Quickly, Dorugh, Jesse and Boris all ran away from Robert, but Robert was getting tired of chasing after them and also noticed Jesse betraying them.
"Oh, Jesse!" Robert said
Robert started shooting his gun at Dorugh and Jesse. His shots kept missing them until Dorugh noticed Jesse falling to the ground. She was shot in her leg by Robert.
"Nice shot, Rob!" Kirk said

Dorugh stopped and went back for Jesse. Luckily, Robert, Kirk and Simon was distracted by zombies and wasn't paying attention, but zombies started to roam around Dorugh and Jesse.
"Jesse, I'm coming!" Dorugh said
Boom, boom! Dorugh started shooting at zombies until he reached Jesse and he finally did.
"Leave me behind, My leg!" Jesse said
Dorugh didn't listen to Jesse's complaints. Instead, he ripped his sleeves off and wrapped it around Jesse's leg and helped her get up.
"We're surrounded!" Jesse said
Dorugh started to hit the zombies with his shotgun, but there were too many. They were surrounded.
"Where's Boris?" Dorugh said, noticing he wasn't by his side
All of a sudden, Dorugh started to hear screaming. It was from Boris.
"Hey! You ugly little dead freaks! I'm over here!" Boris said
Boris's yelling started to attract the zombies towards him. Dorugh quickly got pass the zombies as they started to become distracted by Boris. Dorugh wanted to yell Boris's name but that'll attract zombies.
"Keep it up!" Boris said, "I'm over here!"
Boris noticed Dorugh looking back. Boris smiled and gave him thumbs up. As soon as he was surrounded, he opened the hospital door up and went inside, but there was loads of zombies in there from Rooke and Sanchi's battle.
"Where are we trying to go? There's no ships!" Jesse cried
"We could hide until someone find us!" Dorugh said
"Like who? People think you're dead" Jesse said
Dorugh quickly placed Jesse in another spot, hidden from zombies and went out until he heard a beeping noise from his wrist, it was his device!
"It can't be! We can be saved!" Dorugh said
Dorugh turned around and saw Robert pointing his gun at Jesse. Kirk and Simon was behind him. Once Dorugh turned around, Robert started to grin.
"Look what you've caused!" Robert said, loading his gun
"Don't do it! You can't do this! She's one of you" Dorugh said
"Not anymore" Robert said
Boom! Robert pulled the trigger and killed Dorugh's new love, Jesse right in front of him. Then Robert, Kirk and Simon started to walk towards Dorugh. They wanted to try him out. Dorugh quickly turned his device on and signal Sanchi's device. Robert grabbed Dorugh by his arm.
Beep! The device reached Sanchi and Dorugh quickly said, "Sanchi or Dez...I need your help...plea..."
Then he was knocked out.

The Warrior "Sanchi's dream" S3

After escaping the island. Sanchi went into a deep coma after getting deeply injured and not eating for a couple of days. Dorugh was saved by others. Devullio and Shir met new well-train pirates, Jozy, Derk, Mark, Melissa, Jennet, Cody, Logan, Fred, Gorge and Alex. Devullio becomes the new leader. Devullio must try to find Dose to figure out more secrets to come.

"Is Sanchi gonna be okay?" Anthony said
"I don't really know" Sanchez said, feeling his head
Everyone is worry about Sanchi, but Julia is the most upset by the news. Julia always noticed that everyone is losing it and she was afraid to see what'll happen yet.
"This is complete madness! Sanchi is in a coma. Juhn, Jarvis, Moresco and other patients is sick as can be...and Dorugh IS DEAD!" Julia said
"Yeah, let's not count my black eye and busted lip from Dorugh" Anthony said under his breath
Sanchi was in a deep coma that'll take days for him to wake up and recover. If he does. Everyone doesn't know the future for Sanchi and Devullio's future. Everyone was worry as can be and not prepare for anything after Anthony and the rest failed retrieving medicine.
"Well....I'm going to have to tell Dez the news..." Anthony said

Sanchi was still in a coma after everyone went to sleep. Sanchi was lying right next to Julia but separate beds. Julia was very scared.
Once Sanchi heard voices...he slowly opened his eyes and he was in Mooshu and near his old master, Shibunu's temple. Sanchi was surprised and slowly walked towards the doors of his temple.
Creeeeeeek, the door slowly opened. Sanchi peeked inside and saw Shibunu and his heart started to beat faster out of excitement.
"Master!" Sanchi said, running towards him
"Hello, Sanchi" Shibunu said
"Master...I had this terrible dream. I met these pirates, Sanchez and this beautiful senator woman, Julia Carthy...and Kane and his army...k-k-killed...y-y-you" Sanchi said nervously
Shibunu started to laugh after hearing Sanchi's statement. Shibunu got up from his seat and put his hand on Sanchi's shoulder and led him outside of the temple and walked with him.
"I hate to say...say this Sanchi...but I am dead and it's you who's dreaming. You'll be here for a while and I just want to talk to you" Shibunu said
"Wait....so....you are still....dead?" Sanchi said, stopping
"Yes...indeed" Shibunu said, smiling
Sanchi was surprised as he noticed Shibunu smiling. Inside Sanchi was still devastated about Shibunu getting killed, but he also learned he'll have to deal with tough challenges.
"Why are you smiling?" Sanchi said, becoming furious
"I'm not smiling because I was killed....I am smiling because of what you have became" Shibunu said
"The outcomes of this events are great! You've became a greater warrior than me..." Shibunu said
"I....I....have lost soooo many people. I can't lose you!" Sanchi said
"I'm not here to discuss my death with you...your crew needs you...needs you bad" Shibunu said
"What....what do you mean..?" Sanchi said
Shibunu didn't answer Sanchi. Instead he signaled Sanchi to follow him and Sanchi did so.

Anthony walked into Dez's room. As soon as Anthony walked in, Dez jumped up and was disgusted with his black eye and busted lip.
"What....what happened...to you?" Dez said, staring at his eye
Anthony didn't want to tell Dez about Dorugh punching him. Anthony had a feeling that Dez would go out of control. Anthony didn't know how to spill it out.
"Sit down with me" Anthony said, sitting on Dez's bed
"Where's Dorugh?" Dez said
Anthony was a young, nervous boy. Sweat started to drip down from his chin. He didn't know how to explain Dorugh's death to Dez.
"He's....he's not with us...anymore" Anthony said
Dez stopped talking and starred at Anthony, "What do you mean? Is he back at Skull island?"
"When he got to the abandoned hospital. We were in a room, filling our bags up with medicine. Dorugh made a noise and...infected people...or zombies. We got out of the building but we lost the medicines. We were about to get on the ship....until we saw Sanchi passing out and going into his coma. Dorugh started shooting his gun to attract the zombies away from us to retrieve Sanchi...but he got surrounded. He fulfilled his duty" Anthony said, slowly
Dez didn't know what to say. He dropped to his knees and started to yell, "He sacrificed his life for Sanchi...who doesn't even respect us!"
Dez pushed Anthony out of his way and ran out and ran downstairs to where Sanchi and other patients were. Dez picked up a crowbar and saw Sanchi lying in the bed.
"You got Dorugh killed!" Dez cried
Wing Chun, Moresco, Juhn Woun and Sanchez was talking, next to Sanchi and their conversation ended as Dez rushed in. Dez tried to hit Sanchi with the crowbar but luckily Sanchez stopped him and punched him in his stomach.
"What is wrong with you, pirate troop?" Juhn said
Sanchez grabbed the crowbar out of Dez's hand as he falls to the ground.
"Dorugh is dead...all because of him! He's selfish, rude and always thinks about his self. He didn't even cared about Anthony when his ship crashed!" Dez said, feeling his stomach
"I don't care how he acts! He's loyal and you need to listen to him...no matter what, you're a troop!" Sanchez said
"What are you, huh?" Dez said, getting on his feet, "Sanchi doesn't even respect you!"
Dez walked away from everyone as he kicks the door open, "Don't bother me!"

"What are you trying to explain to me, master?" Sanchi said
Shibunu knew Sanchi was unaware, "Your crew"
"My...crew...?" Sanchi said, "What are you talking about?"
"They're starting to dislike you. You're failing as a leader" Shibunu said
Sanchi stopped walking and gave Shibunu a mean look. Sanchi was angry.
"Your own companion thinks you hate him, Moresco. Anthony and Sanchez is having second thoughts about you. Dorugh has respect for everyone and Dez is having a fit about you and questioning your leadership"
"What....what-what should I do?" Sanchi said
"You need to calm down and be nice to your members. Only reason why they're still sticking with you is because you saved their butts plenty of times" Shibunu
Shibunu's body started to glow, that Sanchi couldn't even see him, "Farewell, Sanchi"
All of a sudden, Sanchi opened his eyes and he was starring at Julia rubbing his legs.
"You're alive!" Julia said hugging him
"Ssssssanchi" Jarvis said, coughing, "Welcome back"
Sanchi got out of his bed and ran upstairs to Dez's room. Dez heard footsteps closer to his room so Dez tried to lock his door but Sanchi managed to get it open.
"Sanchi, you're alive?" Dez said, dropping his food
"Indeed, I had a dream and...it made me think. I am truly grateful for you, Dorugh, Sanchez, Chun, Anthony and Moresco. I'm sorry about the news on Dorugh, but...there's a possible chance he's still alive"
Dez smiled at Sanchi and gave him a hug. Sanchez and Moresco went upstairs after hearing the news about Sanchi waking up.
"Moresco, let's go and talk, something we haven't done in a great while" Sanchi said, winking at Sanchez as they go by
"How exciting, master!" Moresco said

The Warrior "Dropped" S3

As Sanchi, Anthony and Chun managed to get off the island, leaving Dorugh behind. Sanchi went into a coma after several reasons and Dorugh was captured by others on the island and treated him. Shir was dropped by Bishop and Kane must do the same for Devullio as Devullio states he is the new "Lord" for the armadas (Lifto).

"Sir Kane...master I should say" Devullio said, finally contacted Kane, "How come you haven't contacted me back?"
"Stay away from us" Kane said, "I gave you an objective to kill Sanchi and the rest of the sick patients but you don't know any of their locations!"
Devullio was surprised with Kane dropping him but at the same time he was furious too.
"I will! Give me more time. I haven't heard from Dose for a while" Devullio said
"You told me he was presumed dead!" Kane said, "I cannot handle any of your lies anymore. You're no longer my apprentice, but don't think you're the only one. Bishop is dropping Shir too for the same reason but here's a difference between you both...She got close to them while you didn't!"
"Please...don't do this... I killed Douglass Bullzo and his crew, only one who survived were Commander Dorugh and I'm pretty sure he isn't important" Devullio said, begging Kane
"Incorrect! Dorugh is in Sanchi's crew! So is Sanchez! So is Anthony De Sharp, so is Wing Chun, so is Moresco Delivia..something like that and so is trooper Dez! I have gave you their profiles too! I thought you were a better apprentice then Deacon..but I was wrong. Return me your axe and never come back"
Devullio went back to Valencia and tried to talk to Kane, but guards wouldn't let him enter the building.
"Guards, please let me through!" Devullio said, kindly
"You...must...go!" One of the guards said
Devullio noticed Kane was looking out of the window. When Devullio looked at him, Kane started to shake his head, "Failure!"
"Hand us the powerful axe and leave Valencia" Guard said
Devullio struck one of the guards with the axe. As the other guard swung his staff, Devullio dodged his hit and sliced the other one. Then out of anger and trying to talk to Kane, Devullio threw the axe into Kane's window and shattered it.
"Master! I can take Sanchi and the rest out, but I do not have their location! I tried and tried to search for them but I was no good! Please give me more time!" Devullio cried
Kane didn't answer Devullio, instead he walked away and ignored Devullio. Devullio tried to contact Kane with his own device, but his device was disabled and broken.
Devullio finally gave up and walked down the stairs and towards his docks. But then he stopped as he started to hear screaming. He knew the other person who was arguing was Bishop.

"I have been following all your orders. You found and saved me when I needed it..when I lost my
memory..you helped me to figure out who I was...you...can't just leave me like this!" Shir cried
"You better leave before Deacon comes down here. He's not afraid of a companion like you!" Bishop argued back
"Companion? I am not a companion!" Shir cried
"Yes you are!" Bishop said
Shir threw her devices against the wall and shattered them and she walked out. As Shir walked out of the room, she bumped into Devullio.
"What was that?" Devullio said
"I'm not longer Bishop's apprentice, but I can't chat for long...I'm taking my ship and I am out of here!" Shir said
"Let me come, too" Devullio said
Both of them got on Shir's ship and left Valencia and entered the Storm gates.
"I don't believe any of this!" Shir said, started to cry
"I feel your pain" Devullio said
Shir didn't understand what Devullio was talking about. Devullio put his hand on Shir's shoulder and explained calmly and patiently.
"Kane dropped me. I am no longer is apprentice" Devullio said
"You...you were..?" Shir said
"Yes, all because of Sanchi and his crew!" Devullio said, slamming his fist down
Shir was unaware that her old name was Shiruku Neko and that she was a companion and was family with Sanchez and Chun. When Sanchi and Shiruku was in contact, Sanchi knew who she was. When the shipwreck happened on Scrimshaw, Devon and his crew put Shiruku somewhere else because they thought she was dead, but after Bishop and other armadas invaded Scrimshaw again, Bishop found Shiruku. With her memory lost and her leg completely messed up, Bishop knew she would be hard to train, but Bishop also knew who she belonged too.
"Same reason!" Shir said, "We should attack them and show Bishop and Kane where we stand"
"True, but we have no clue where they are and..uh..hello? We don't have any damn armadas to use" Devullio said
"You don't understand, I know a group of people, who hates Warriors and Pirates and need money to get homes. There are 15 of them and I heard that, Sanchi, Anthony, Dorugh, Dez, Some senator lady and Wing Chun are the only one who can fight us back. We can trick these people and once the job is done, we kill them" Shir explained, as she turned the ship around

As Shir docks the ship, she yelled for Devullio to get off, "Let's go!"
Shir and Devullio was passing small, gross huts and homes. Most of the pirates were homeless and was dying by further diseases. Devullio couldn't believe anyone would live here but at the same time Shir didn't believe Devullio would last here.
"Hello!" Shir said, "Get up, we have an offer"
"Who are you?" Jozy said, pulling his gun out, "We don't want any trouble"
"Relax, plus we're not afraid of you guys" Devullio said
"We need your help to take down some warriors and pirates. Don't worry about anyone coming to get you because we'll make sure of it and this'll pay you guys a fortune" Shir said
The people looked very poor but Shir knew what they were capable of and their skill level but Devullio had no clue. All he wanted to do was to kill Sanchi.
"How do you know us?" Jozy said, putting her guns up
Shir didn't want to answer his question, "Are you in or not?"
"Let me introduce you to my crew, I am Jozy Cougs and this is Crip Fishberg, the leader of us, Derk is really skilled, that's Mark, Melisa, Jennet, Cody, Logan, Fred, Gorge, Crip and Alex. There was 15 of us...but that's not the case anymore" Jozy said
"Nice to meet you two...I'm guessing this dude is an Armada?" Mark said
"Don't kill them with questions!" Jennet said
Devullio and Shir stayed with them for the night and next day they'll discuss their plans.

It was late at night. Shir and everyone was asleep. Everyone except for Devullio and Crip Fishberg. Crip didn't like Devullio and knew something was up. Devullio was in the woods and Crip saw him.
"So....what have you done?" Crip Fishberg said
"What?" Devullio said
"You have done something bad and it's obvious too!" Crip said, pulling his gun out
Devullio heard Crip pulling his gun out and he slowly pulled his knife out.
"What are you talking about?" Devullio said, smiling
"You need our help? You're an Armada...how can you need our help?" Crip said, "Something is up with you and I know it!"
"You aren't the leader and you'll never be!" Crip said, "I am the leader and it'll remain that way. We're a strong force together. Just because we are poor that doesn't mean anything!"
Devullio pulled his knife out slowly and started to laugh, "Not for long"
Devullio quickly turned around and stabbed Crip in his stomach and took his gun.
"I am the new leader of this group! I'm gonna lead us to kill OUR new enemies!" Devullio said, pulling his knife out, "But it's okay. Your crew will think you've ran off"
Next morning, everyone started to wonder about Crip. Jozy sent out Cody and Gorge to search for him, but Devullio had something to say.
"I saw Crip running away. He took someone's ship and... he ran off" Devullio said
"Who's...who's...going to be our new leader?" Jozy said
"I will be. Give me one more chance. I will train us to defeat our brand new enemies!" Devullio said
Everybody cheered for Devullio and made him the new leader. Devullio next objective is to search for Dose...then find Sanchi and the rest.