Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Sanchi's dream" S3

After escaping the island. Sanchi went into a deep coma after getting deeply injured and not eating for a couple of days. Dorugh was saved by others. Devullio and Shir met new well-train pirates, Jozy, Derk, Mark, Melissa, Jennet, Cody, Logan, Fred, Gorge and Alex. Devullio becomes the new leader. Devullio must try to find Dose to figure out more secrets to come.

"Is Sanchi gonna be okay?" Anthony said
"I don't really know" Sanchez said, feeling his head
Everyone is worry about Sanchi, but Julia is the most upset by the news. Julia always noticed that everyone is losing it and she was afraid to see what'll happen yet.
"This is complete madness! Sanchi is in a coma. Juhn, Jarvis, Moresco and other patients is sick as can be...and Dorugh IS DEAD!" Julia said
"Yeah, let's not count my black eye and busted lip from Dorugh" Anthony said under his breath
Sanchi was in a deep coma that'll take days for him to wake up and recover. If he does. Everyone doesn't know the future for Sanchi and Devullio's future. Everyone was worry as can be and not prepare for anything after Anthony and the rest failed retrieving medicine.
"Well....I'm going to have to tell Dez the news..." Anthony said

Sanchi was still in a coma after everyone went to sleep. Sanchi was lying right next to Julia but separate beds. Julia was very scared.
Once Sanchi heard voices...he slowly opened his eyes and he was in Mooshu and near his old master, Shibunu's temple. Sanchi was surprised and slowly walked towards the doors of his temple.
Creeeeeeek, the door slowly opened. Sanchi peeked inside and saw Shibunu and his heart started to beat faster out of excitement.
"Master!" Sanchi said, running towards him
"Hello, Sanchi" Shibunu said
"Master...I had this terrible dream. I met these pirates, Sanchez and this beautiful senator woman, Julia Carthy...and Kane and his army...k-k-killed...y-y-you" Sanchi said nervously
Shibunu started to laugh after hearing Sanchi's statement. Shibunu got up from his seat and put his hand on Sanchi's shoulder and led him outside of the temple and walked with him.
"I hate to say...say this Sanchi...but I am dead and it's you who's dreaming. You'll be here for a while and I just want to talk to you" Shibunu said
"Wait....so....you are still....dead?" Sanchi said, stopping
"Yes...indeed" Shibunu said, smiling
Sanchi was surprised as he noticed Shibunu smiling. Inside Sanchi was still devastated about Shibunu getting killed, but he also learned he'll have to deal with tough challenges.
"Why are you smiling?" Sanchi said, becoming furious
"I'm not smiling because I was killed....I am smiling because of what you have became" Shibunu said
"The outcomes of this events are great! You've became a greater warrior than me..." Shibunu said
"I....I....have lost soooo many people. I can't lose you!" Sanchi said
"I'm not here to discuss my death with you...your crew needs you...needs you bad" Shibunu said
"What....what do you mean..?" Sanchi said
Shibunu didn't answer Sanchi. Instead he signaled Sanchi to follow him and Sanchi did so.

Anthony walked into Dez's room. As soon as Anthony walked in, Dez jumped up and was disgusted with his black eye and busted lip.
"What....what happened...to you?" Dez said, staring at his eye
Anthony didn't want to tell Dez about Dorugh punching him. Anthony had a feeling that Dez would go out of control. Anthony didn't know how to spill it out.
"Sit down with me" Anthony said, sitting on Dez's bed
"Where's Dorugh?" Dez said
Anthony was a young, nervous boy. Sweat started to drip down from his chin. He didn't know how to explain Dorugh's death to Dez.
"He's....he's not with us...anymore" Anthony said
Dez stopped talking and starred at Anthony, "What do you mean? Is he back at Skull island?"
"When he got to the abandoned hospital. We were in a room, filling our bags up with medicine. Dorugh made a noise and...infected people...or zombies. We got out of the building but we lost the medicines. We were about to get on the ship....until we saw Sanchi passing out and going into his coma. Dorugh started shooting his gun to attract the zombies away from us to retrieve Sanchi...but he got surrounded. He fulfilled his duty" Anthony said, slowly
Dez didn't know what to say. He dropped to his knees and started to yell, "He sacrificed his life for Sanchi...who doesn't even respect us!"
Dez pushed Anthony out of his way and ran out and ran downstairs to where Sanchi and other patients were. Dez picked up a crowbar and saw Sanchi lying in the bed.
"You got Dorugh killed!" Dez cried
Wing Chun, Moresco, Juhn Woun and Sanchez was talking, next to Sanchi and their conversation ended as Dez rushed in. Dez tried to hit Sanchi with the crowbar but luckily Sanchez stopped him and punched him in his stomach.
"What is wrong with you, pirate troop?" Juhn said
Sanchez grabbed the crowbar out of Dez's hand as he falls to the ground.
"Dorugh is dead...all because of him! He's selfish, rude and always thinks about his self. He didn't even cared about Anthony when his ship crashed!" Dez said, feeling his stomach
"I don't care how he acts! He's loyal and you need to listen to him...no matter what, you're a troop!" Sanchez said
"What are you, huh?" Dez said, getting on his feet, "Sanchi doesn't even respect you!"
Dez walked away from everyone as he kicks the door open, "Don't bother me!"

"What are you trying to explain to me, master?" Sanchi said
Shibunu knew Sanchi was unaware, "Your crew"
"My...crew...?" Sanchi said, "What are you talking about?"
"They're starting to dislike you. You're failing as a leader" Shibunu said
Sanchi stopped walking and gave Shibunu a mean look. Sanchi was angry.
"Your own companion thinks you hate him, Moresco. Anthony and Sanchez is having second thoughts about you. Dorugh has respect for everyone and Dez is having a fit about you and questioning your leadership"
"What....what-what should I do?" Sanchi said
"You need to calm down and be nice to your members. Only reason why they're still sticking with you is because you saved their butts plenty of times" Shibunu
Shibunu's body started to glow, that Sanchi couldn't even see him, "Farewell, Sanchi"
All of a sudden, Sanchi opened his eyes and he was starring at Julia rubbing his legs.
"You're alive!" Julia said hugging him
"Ssssssanchi" Jarvis said, coughing, "Welcome back"
Sanchi got out of his bed and ran upstairs to Dez's room. Dez heard footsteps closer to his room so Dez tried to lock his door but Sanchi managed to get it open.
"Sanchi, you're alive?" Dez said, dropping his food
"Indeed, I had a dream and...it made me think. I am truly grateful for you, Dorugh, Sanchez, Chun, Anthony and Moresco. I'm sorry about the news on Dorugh, but...there's a possible chance he's still alive"
Dez smiled at Sanchi and gave him a hug. Sanchez and Moresco went upstairs after hearing the news about Sanchi waking up.
"Moresco, let's go and talk, something we haven't done in a great while" Sanchi said, winking at Sanchez as they go by
"How exciting, master!" Moresco said

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