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The Warrior "Out of the lab" S3

Sanchi and the gang finally figured out where Dorugh was from Boris. Robert and the rest caught Anthony after killing one of their own, Anthony finally meets Dorugh after their last encounter and they start to have second thoughts of surviving when Robert becomes hungry.

"I'm sorry" Dorugh said, "Sorry for hurting you"
Anthony didn't really paid attention to Dorugh's words, instead he was starring out of the window in a little cold room, waiting for Kirk and Simon to take him and cook him for their dinner.
"You could talk, being quiet not gonna hide your fears" Dorugh said
"We're not gonna survive, this is our end" Anthony said, punching the wall
"Sanchi, Sanchez, Moresco, Dez and Chun gonna get us out of here, you just wait" Dorugh said
Moresco? Anthony thought, then he remembered...Moresco died for Dez and died try looking for Dorugh. Anthony wasn't ready to tell him, if he even cared.
"Yeah....maybe..." Anthony said
Click! The door opened slowly and Kirk pulled Anthony by his leg and threw him out of the room. As he starts to close the door, he laughed at Dorugh when Dorugh glanced at him.
"When my friends rescue us...tell Robert, that I am going to kill him...myself" Dorugh said
"Your friend going to taste delicious" Kirk said, shutting the door
"Robert!" Simon shouted, "Is this the kid you wanted?"
Robert looked as Kirk and Simon entered the room. He quickly pointed to the small room and to tie Anthony up.
"You don't have to do this! I can get everyone out of this mess!" Anthony said
But Kirk and Simon didn't listen, he just tied Anthony up, leaving him hanging and closed the door, laughing.
"I don't believe this!" Dorugh said to his self
Dorugh started to have thoughts in his bed, if they don't rescue him, it'll be the end and his thoughts started to make him furious.
"Let me out!" Dorugh said, punching the walls
Dorugh threw him self on the ground. As he gets back on his feet, he started to hear gunshots, multiple gunshots in the back of the lab.

Sanchez was the one who fired the first shots in the lab, killing two of Robert's men when they wasn't paying attention.
"This place is huge, where are we going to find Anthony and Dorugh?" Dez said
Greg, Allen and Sanchez went in another direction. Meanwhile, Chris, Sanchi and Dez went into an another direction and Boris stayed on their ship.
"Where are we going?" Greg said
Sanchez was leading the group to different rooms, checking for Dorugh and Anthony.
"They could be dead" Greg said, opening the door
Greg separated from the group once he noticed another door. He ran towards the door and twist the door knob and opened it up.
"Hey guys! Look in..."
Boom! Gleas opened the door open and took out Greg by putting two bullets in his chest, killing him.
"Put the gun down!" Gleas said, aiming his gun at Sanchez
Sanchez noticed Allen was right next to him and he started to laugh, "There's only one of you and two of us?"
But Sanchez spoke too soon. Three more of Robert's men came out of the room with their guns in their hands. Sanchez slowly raised his hands up and noticed an old chandelier.
"I have an idea" Sanchez whispered
"What's that?" Allen said, "We need to do something!"
Sanchez quickly moved out of the way and shot the chandelier from the ceilings and the chandelier fell on top of them, killing them.
"Good plan" Allen said, taking their guns
"Learned from Dorugh, let's go"

"We have others in this building!" Dexter said, "What are we going to do?"
"Kirk! Go take care of Dorugh and Dexter, take care of Dorugh...quick!" Robert said, "Simon...take care of them, quick!"
"We need to stick together?" Simon said, "I can't take care of them alone!"
Robert didn't care about what he was saying. He wanted them to follow his commands and do it fast. Simon just nodded his head and ran towards the noises and Kirk went to take care of Dorugh.
"Dorugh, time for you to go to sleep!" Kirk said, opening the door
But when Kirk opened the doors up, Dorugh was not there.
"Where is he?" Kirk said, walking into the room
Once Kirk entered the room, Dorugh tackled Kirk into the wall and threw him to the ground. Thinking fast, Kirk managed to grab Dorugh's foot and pulled him to the ground, but Dorugh kicked Kirk in his face and slammed his head to the ground.
"You're such a hassle!" Kirk said, reaching for his knife
Kirk managed to get his knife and stabbed Dorugh in his foot, causing Dorugh to scream. Dorugh fell back to the ground and slapped the knife out of his hands.
"Get off of me!" Kirk said
Dorugh landed on Kirk and he quickly sat on top of him and started to punch him.
"This is for killing innocent people!" Dorugh said, punching Kirk
But Dorugh wasn't finish, instead he grabbed Kirk's head and slammed it to the ground over and over.
Bang! Dorugh slammed Kirk's head on the hard ground over and over.
"Don't ever mess with me and my crew!"
Slam! Dorugh slammed Kirk's head to the ground for the last time, killing Kirk and took care of business. Dorugh quickly got back up, picked up Kirk's knife and limped towards the door, shutting it.
"Coming after you, Robert!" Dorugh said

Sanchi, Dez and Chris were running quick, passing gunshots and taking out a couple of men.
"We have been searching for enough time!" Chris said, "Dorugh and Anthony is probably dead...we're too late"
"No he's not, we have to have a little hope" Dez said, opening doors
Dez didn't want to believe Chris's statement or any other statement. He knew how hard and tough Dorugh was and he had a feeling that he's still alive.
"You're going to get everyone killed, you know that?" Chris said
Dez started opening doors up, roaming in the rooms for any sign of anyone, until he reaches a door with the doorknob all bloody.
"Guys, over here!" Dez said
Sanchi slowly, with his sword in his other hand, opened the door up. Once the door was fully opened, Chris started to throw up. It was Kirk.
"Dorugh, it's a sign! He's alive!" Dez said
Once he knew that Dorugh was alive, he turned around, facing Chris, ready to rub it in his face. Dez walked towards Chris with a smile on his face.
"So, who was..."
Boom! Blood splattered all over Dez's face and Chris body fell on top of Dez. Once Sanchi heard the gunshots, he quickly found cover. It was Simon.
"Come out! You wanna mess with us, mess with us!" Simon said
Simon started to walk towards Chris's dead party. Once he reached his body, he picked up his body and saw Dez.
"Why are you hiding?" Simon said, pointing his gun
"Because of this" Sanchi said
Sanchi ran out, slicing Simon's hand, dropping his gun and making him drop to his knees.
"Don't do this, please!" Simon said, "I'm an innocent guy"
Sanchi stopped and placed his sword on the ground and sat next to Simon and whispered something into his ear, "I don't believe your statement, you just killed our friend, Chris"
"No, no, no! I had too! I'm sorry!" Simon said
Sanchi took Dez's gun and shot the back doors open and zombies started to fill the hallways. Leaving Simon for them.
"Be happy. These zombies' last meal will be you" Sanchi said, shooting his legs
"You can't do this! Help!" Simon cried, but the zombies took care of him

"I hate to do this, but you're putting this in a bad situation. We have to do this" Dexter said, picking up his gun
"Why are you doing this? You can run away from this, please! Even if you kill me...you still won't survive. My crew is here and furious" Anthony said
"Robert, Kirk, Simon and lots more will take care of them" Dexter said
"I don't believe you" Anthony said, "You are incorrect!"
Anthony knew Dexter was wrong, after started to hear lots and lots of gunfire, but Dexter was still confident.
"Doesn't matter" Dexter said
Dexter picked up his gun and pointed the gun at Anthony's head, but then he heard the door opened wide and two bodies dropped. It was Sanchez.
"Sanchez!" Anthony cried
Once Dexter heard Anthony saying Sanchez name, he quickly turned around and it was Sanchez.
"W-w-w-who are you?" Dexter said, nervously
"Dan Sanchez, I'm here for my friend" Sanchez said
But Dexter didn't listen, instead he got next to Anthony's hanging body, with his gun pointed at his head, but Sanchez noticed something with his gun.
"Drop your gun, or I'll kill him!" Dexter said
Sanchez started to laugh and started to walk towards Dexter, smiling.
"Do it" Sanchez said, "Your option"
Anthony was shocked, "What? Sanchez! It's me, Anthony...your crew?"
Sanchez still walked towards Dexter, slowly. Waiting for Dexter to fire shots, but he knew he couldn't do it.
"Sanchez!" Anthony cried
Then Sanchez stopped and raised his gun, "Bad choice"
Sanchez quickly shot Dexter in his chest three times and watched Dexter fall on the ground. Sanchez ran towards Anthony and shot the rope, making him fall on Dexter's body.
"How'd you know that he wasn't going to shoot me?" Anthony said, picking Dexter's gun up, looking over it
"I'm an expert with guns" Sanchez said, "There was no gun powder in it, he might of been a scientists, but he's not a killer"
Sanchez and Anthony quickly ran out of the room, passing Allen's body.
"Freeze" Robert said, taking Sanchez's gun
"Don't make a mistake" Sanchez said, "Everyone here is already dead"
Robert started to bite his lips in anger, "Screw you!"
Boom! Dorugh came right behind Robert and shot him in his leg. Robert fell to the ground and saw Dorugh, Sanchi and Dez.
"W-w-w-what happened to Kirk and Simon?" Robert said
"Dead" Dorugh said
Robert started to beg for mercy, but Dorugh didn't accepted it.
"What's my name?" Dorugh saidGo to your blog list
"Look, if you kill me you'll be making a...."
Boom, Dorugh pulled the trigger and Robert dropped to the ground.
"Wrong answer" Dorugh said, dropping his gun

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