Friday, December 19, 2014

The Warrior "Ye shall parish!" S3

After a pirate troop became infected by Bishops and Shir's new virus parasites. The troop was sent to Skull island Medical center to be checked out. After hours another troop was infected and started infecting more.

Anthony flew Moresco, Sanchez and Sanchi to the medical center to check on the researchers and the other troops to make sure the virus (if so) doesn't spread.
"Master, will you be safe?" Moresco said, as they arrive.
"I'll be fine, Moresco" Sanchi said
Once they got off the ship. They started to hear screaming and people started to run out of the center.
"Or not! Anthony and Moresco you two stay here" Sanchez said, pulling his pistol out
As they enter the center, Marcus, George and others were firing and infecting others and Sanchi noticed gases started filling up the Medical center. Sanchez knew what the green substances were.
"Sanchi! Get away from those green gases. If you inhale it or if it gets in an open wound you'll be one of them!" Sanchez said, running out the medical center, "Juhn! The center is infected. About thirty people are infected. Do not send help!"
"What are we going to do?" Sanchi said
"Let's get..." Sanchez stopped as he noticed the Lab and the green gases flowing out of the Medical center
Turned people started running out the Medical center, trying to attack Sanchi and Sanchez. As Sanchi takes out the infected ones he noticed Nurse Emily laying on the ground.
"Emily!" Sanchi said, rushing towards her
Emily saw Sanchi running towards and she started to cry. Sanchi got on his knees to check on Emily and he knew she was still alive.
"What happened?" Sanchi said, feeling Emily's head
"...Marcus got infected too....they infected the whole center..." Emily said, having trouble breathing
Sanchi noticed Emily's blood on her sleeves was green, "Emily...are you... becoming one of them?"
"Yes...I need to tell more....thing" Emily said, getting closer to Sanchi.
"These....parasites...are in their brains...killing them and once they die...they take over their body..." Emily whispered
"I knew that... but there had to be something else important?" Sanchi said, holding Emily's hand
"....Indeed...this virus....get's others near by infected...everyone...including you and your crew is infected...but there' parasites in your brains...but it could...could happen and get you very ill that you'll die and become one of them..." Emily whispered, "....good....good luck..."
Emily died in Sanchi's arm. As Sanchi gets back up infected Marcus attacked him. Marcus started punching Sanchi in his face and then tried to sink his teeth into his skin to infect him.
"Help! Sanchez..."
Bump! Anthony struck Marcus in the head with a tree limb and started hitting him until he was dead.
"Stupid! We need to get out of here" Anthony said, throwing the limb away
"We can't leave this nurse!" Sanchi said
"She's dead! In a matter of no time she'll try to kill you! We must go!" Anthony said, grabbing Sanchi

Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony, Wing Chun and Moresco managed to get off the island.
"What is happening, master?" Moresco cried
Sanchi was looking out of the window, staring at the infected people attacking others. As Anthony turns around, he noticed Sanchi's worry look. Anthony knew Sanchi had something to tell everyone.
"Spill it out, Sanchi" Anthony said, "What that nurse told you"
Sanchi stood up and took a deep breath, "We all could have the virus. We're sick with it but there are no parasites. When we were with the troops, they infected us and when we went back to Skull island, we infected everyone around us. Juhn, Avery, Ron, Jarvis...Julia and senators!"
Everyone was scared of Sanchi's news.
"What-what are we do?" Sanchez said
"We need to inform everyone before we arrive. We're going to have to go to the abandoned hospital to store all the ones who come down with illness...including all of us" Sanchi said, "I'll inform Juhn and the rest"

When Sanchi stepped off the ship, guards started running towards him, shouting and asking questions.
"Juhn Woun and Jarvis CoBris is throwing up with the virus!" One of the guards said, "Plus senators and other citizens have it too!"
Sanchi pushed the guards out of his way and ran towards the Council. As he tries to open the door, Juhn opens the door and started throwing up. Juhn fell to the ground and he tried to tell Sanchi something. Sanchi explained his plan to send everyone to Socrus island, where the abandoned hospital is located.
"Are there others who's infected?" Sanchi said
Juhn still throwing up. Then he started to hear Sanchez, Chun and Moresco to throw up too. As he looks through the windows, he saw senators rushing out and started to throw up. It was complete madness.
" okay?" Sanchi said
"!" Sanchez said, continuing to throw up, "We need to go to Socrus now!"
Sanchi gathered Juhn Woun, Jarvis CoBris, Anthony De Sharp, Wing Chun, Moresco, Dexter Pittsor and others. As he finally get the last person on the ship Julia Carthy hugged Sanchi.
"You're aren't infected!" Julia said
"For now....This is madness...Skull island is going on lockdown and my own crew is going to another world..." Sanchi said, "I have to discuss this with Avery!"

Sanchi ran towards Avery and Julia followed behind. Avery was in the Council room, all worry and afraid. As Sanchi enters the room Captain Avery got up and rushed towards Sanchi.
"Sanchi! Is everyone going to be okay?" Captain Avery said
"For now...have you seen Dorugh and Mr. Bullzo?" Sanchi asked
Captain Avery advised Sanchi to sit down to hear the news. Julia was standing up and all ears to hear the news.
"Bullzo has been murdered by great armada legend, Devullio. Dorugh was the only one who made it out. This virus is infecting everyone! Once you get everyone to Socrus and then you must take care of Devullio. Dez and Dorugh will be coming shortly" Captain Avery said
"Yes sir" Sanchi said
"We're falling apart with this virus/parasites and now another enemy. I have fears that this is their plan to destroy us" Captain Avery said

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