Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Battle for Socrus" Season three finale

After two hard, cold months on Socrus. Sanchi and the rest managed to get Dorugh and Anthony back and destroy the remaining infected ones. Having fear about Devullio and Shiruk. Devullio offered to end it all just for Dose back and Sanchi is convinced and takes Anthony with him to Devullio's camp for exchange of three inocent kids.

"This could be a trap" Anthony said, steering the ship
Sanchi didn't answer Anthony right away. He was just staring out of the window, thinking about the cold months on Socrus and the struggles and losing Moresco. Sanchi just wanted to end it.
"According to Julia and Juhn, he sounded serious" Sanchi said
Anthony docked the ship and he took a deep breath, "Well...we're here"
Sanchi and Anthony, holding onto Dose got off the ship quietly, they looked around the area and see no sight of ambush, but Sanchi still has his sword.
"Devullio, we have Dose" Sanchi said, holding his weapon behind his back
Once they reached the forest, Sanchi pushed Dose to Anthony and he quietly walked in the woods.
Snap! He heard a stick being snapped.
"Devullio?" Sanchi said
Boom! Once Sanchi passed a tree, Devullio quickly came out and knocked him out with his gun. Anthony dropped Dose and pulled his knife out, but Shiruku was behind him.
"Devullio! It's you!" Dose cried
"Save it for later, where is Sanchi's crew and sick patients hiding at?" Devullio asked
"Socrus island" Dose said
Devullio grinned at Dose and patted his back. He quickly went back to his camp and tied up Sanchi and Anthony, "Jozy, get everyone on the six ships"
Devullio's men was about to reach Socrus. With a smile on his face, he was excited for the action. He also had Anthony and Sanchi, with their hands tied behind their back on his ship.
"Don't do this" Anthony said, "You can have Socrus to build on your army, but please...we don't need this bloody battle"
"Are you the peace maker?" Devullio teased, "Usually peace makers doesn't last long"
Anthony tried his best to convince Devullio not to make a mistake and kill anyone, but Devullio thought about it. Anthony also hopes Sanchez and the rest won't cause any violence. He looked at Anthony and Sanchi whispered to him, "This won't work"
"You know what" Devullio said, "I heard Socrus has lots of land for my army. If your friends listen...I'll send you guys back...alive"
But Sanchi knew this wouldn't work. There were many sick patients still there and couldn't be moved. As much as he wishes it could work, he knew it wouldn't.
"If you have to kill anyone, make it me. No one else, please. I deserve it" Anthony said

"Are you afraid?" Dez asked, "Your boyfriend and Anthony could be in trouble and we're just standing here"
Julia had a nervous look on her face. Chun tried to make her feel better, but it didn't work.
"Everyone's fine" Dorugh said
Boom! Cannons started to hit the building. Quickly Julia looked out of the window and there it was, Devullio was outside with Shiruku. In front of him were Anthony and Sanchi with six ships around them.
"Sanchez!" Julia cried
Sanchez quickly got off his bed and ran outside with his only gun, "I thought we had a deal"
"We did" Devullio said, "But this place is perfect for my new army. I want Socrus"
Sanchez heart almost stopped and he became nervous, "Y-y-you can't. We have people here, sick ones who can't be moved"
"Not my problem" Devullio said, pulling Sanchi's sword out
Sanchez saw Sanchi's sword shined as Devullio pulled it out. He starred at Sanchi and Anthony. Sanchi was frowning but Anthony had hope and he noticed Shiruku. When he looked at Shiruku, she looked away.
"All you guys can get on your ship and go back to Skull island...where you belong" Devullio
"Y-y-you can't do this. That's one ship, it can't fit all of us on there and we can't go back until everyone is healthy and not infected!" Sanchez said, tears started to come out
"Not my problem" Devullio said
After hearing the cannons striking the building. Dorugh got Juhn, Jarvis and other healthy ones to get up. Once they got up, he quietly handed them guns, "Don't shoot yet"
"You can stay with us...we can forget our past and be together for a short period of time and once we leave...we'll keep our mouth shut...I promise" Sanchez said
Sanchez tried to be peaceful with Devullio and it made Anthony proud and happy, but Sanchi didn't wanna do any peaceful talking.
"Just get out of here, dude!" Logan yelled
"Please Devullio, give us one chance. Heck, if it works out...we can help you destroy the armadas and seek revenge...don't you want that?" Sanchez said
Devullio lowered Sanchi's sword and he started to stare at the ground, behind Anthony. He started to look at the blood on Anthony's hand and noticed it on Sanchi's hand too. Then he remembered what the warriors did to him, "No!"
Devullio stuck Sanchi's sword into Anthony's chest. Sanchez mouth opened wide,Dorugh dropped his weapon and Shiruku turned around to look away.
"You idiots!" Sanchez said, shooting his gun
Sanchez shot Devullio's shoulder and shot two bullets in Logan's head and the battle began.

"Attack!" Dorugh cried, "Don't stop shooting until you see each of them on the ground!"
When everyone was focusing on Sanchez and the rest fighting back. Sanchi saw Anthony was still breathing, but blood was coming out of his mouth. He quickly got up and put his tied up hands around Logan's neck and started to pull.
"D...Devullio...ahh! Help!" Logan cried, but with all the gun firing he didn't hear him
Snap! Sanchi pulled hard and snapped Logan's neck and ripped the rope off his hands from it. Sanchi quickly ducked behind a tree and thought of a plan.
"Keep firing!" Devullio said, "Forget the land, I want everyone of these pirates dead!"

Jozy started to fire more cannons into the building, killing three ill patients. With Dose on his ship, he couldn't believe he started this.
"You scumbags!" Sanchi said, quickly running on Jozy's ship
Sanchi ripped scrapes of wood off the ship and quickly got on Jozy's ship.
"What the, I thought you were tied..."
Sanchi slammed the hard wood on Jozy's face, causing him to fall to the ground and he kept on slamming the wood until there was no wood left.
"Sanchi!" Dose cried
Sanchi stopped, with blood on his face, Dose quickly brought a match out to light the cannon and Sanchi picked up Jozy's gun and aimed it at Dose.
"Listen, you shoot me I'd light this cannon. Killing more of your friends. Drop the gun" Dose said
Sanchi lowered the gun and that caught Dose off guard. As Dose looked out, Sanchi quickly fired a shot to the ground, causing Dose to drop the match and the ship was on fire.
"Help, please!" Dose said, flames were getting close to him
Sanchi didn't listen, instead he steered the ship at an angle so the cannon would fire at Derk and Mark's ship. He quickly lit another match and stayed it on the line before the flames reached him.
"Who's that?" Derk said, falling to the ground
Boom! Derk's ship blew up, killing him and Mark. Quickly Sanchi jumped out of Jozy's ship as he breaks the steering wheel. Quickly, Jozy's ship crashed into Melissa's ship and caused her ship to crash in the trees of Socrus, blowing it up, but he also noticed Dose on fire and jumped off the ship.
"Help!" Dose cried
Sanchi punched Dose in his face and sliced his legs off. Once the fire went out, Sanchi picked Dose up by his neck and walked towards the skyways.
"You know what you have caused!" Sanchi said, holding him above the Skyways
Sanchi threw Dose into the Skyways and he ran off, hearing more cannons firing.

Juhn and Jarvis was in the woods, noticing the crash and also noticing Cody and Fred running towards the crash.
"Who did this!" Cody said, "Is she dead?"
Cody and Fred laid their weapons down to search for Melissa, and this gave the two warriors a chance.
"Too many fire, I highly doubt anyone could survive this"  Fred said
Once Fred stepped off the ship, Jarvis jumped out of the tree with his sword and struck Fred in the head. As he body hits the ground, Cody started to run.
"Devullio!" Cody said
Bump! Cody ran into Juhn and he hit the ground. Cody tried to crawl away but Jarvis was behind him and they both started to smile.
"Don't kill me!" Cody said
Boom! Juhn fired a shot in Cody's stomach.
"You guys won't win, Devullio already killing your people" Cody said, bleeding out
"We'll see" Juhn said, shooting Cody in the head
Jennet saw what Juhn and Jarvis did. She managed to pass by them and ran towards the hospital building with her weapon.
Boom! Quickly Jennet fell to the ground with a bullet in her head.
"You're done" Julia said

Devullio noticed that his army were dead. Everyone. He also saw Sanchi running back up to the building and he saw that Shiruku didn't even helped, she was just lying on the ground, devastated. Devullio started to head back to the only ship, but Sanchez quickly stopped him and tackled him to the ground. Sanchez started to punch Devullio over and over, but Devullio grabbed his fist and twisted it and punched him in his face, causing Sanchez to fall off of him.
"Why!" Sanchez said, "I offered you an alliance! To get back at Kane and the rest of them!"
"You and your crew won't last long" Devullio said
Devullio quickly made a run for it and he jumped on his ship. Once he was on his ship, he looked back at Sanchez and laughed at him.
"Sanchez!" Dorugh said, running towards him
Sanchi, Dorugh, Julia, Chun, Dez and Boris ran towards Sanchez to check on him. Sanchez pushed everyone out of his way and ran towards Anthony.
"Anthony" Sanchez said
Sanchez ran to Anthony and he started to cry. Anthony was lying on the ground, blood was all around him. Sanchez quickly got on his knees and placed his hand on Anthony's chest.
"You're gonna be okay, bud" Sanchez said, crying
"Boris come over here and help...please!" Chun said
When Boris ran towards them, his eyes widen, "I can't help him, he lost so much blood"
Sanchez, Sanchi, Boris, Wing Chun, Dorugh, Dez and Julia was all surrounding Anthony. Everyone was in tears. Sanchez didn't want to believe Boris, he couldn't believe this would be his last he'll look at Anthony.
"What are we going to do!" Sanchez said
Sanchi patted Sanchez on his back, "We'll have to kill him"
Sanchi handed Sanchez a gun and Sanchez pointed the gun at Anthony.
"Don't" Dorugh said, "Lemme do it"
Dorugh aimed the gun at Anthony's head. Anthony was starring at the gun and tears started to fall out of his eyes. His mouth started to open.
"...Thank...you.." Anthony said
"We...l...love...you" Dorugh said
Boom! Dorugh shot Anthony, taking him out of his pain and he dropped his gun and fell to his knees, "He's gone"
Once Shiruku heard the gunshot. She saw everyone was around Anthony and she ran away from them. Shiruku was in tears, she couldn't believe she have helped Devullio.
"We are the only ones left, here" Sanchi said, "It's time to go"

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