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Pumpkid The final chapter

"They won't wiiiin" Nightshade said to his self
"His army is useeeeeless!" He said again
Now, I was in a old house with a bunch of zombies on me with a knocked out guy, Which was the one that got me in this mess, I didn't know what to do with him, Leave him here or take him with us. But one thing I Know was not going to turn back now, I need this potion to save Ravenwood and my friends. This is my chance to become a wizard who everyone look up to.
Everything was getting better, I was safe and no sign or signal that  Bob & Oscar was attacked. But when I heard a big "Sigh" I knew it all fell apart.
"W-w-why are you saving me?" He woke up and said
I didn't know how to respond to that, So I was silent. Till he yelled at me to tell him
"Because I had too! I am not a man that leaves people behind" I said
"This is all your fault, If I can I would leave you behind for what all the things you caused" I said
I knew we had to leave this house, The zombies was getting in somehow.
"We need to leave" I said, Trying to find a way out
But there was none, The door which was covered with zombies and the ladder to the attic, Well who knows what up there, But I wasn't risking anything so I came up with a good idea
"You go in the attic" I said
"Why me?" He asked
"Because you caused this!" I said
"Isn't jail enough?" He moaned and climb up
"Anything up there?" I asked but no reply yet
Kaboom! The zombies broke in and I had to go up the ladder, I didn't care whats up there or anything better then a zombie eating me.
"Thank you for replying, I..." I stopped
In front of my eyes was a weapon shack, Axe Pickaxes, Wands, Legendary wands, Noobie wands and swords
"We gonna need this" He said
"We're not going to make it" Bob said, Slaying down zombies trying to get to a shelter
"Oscar you can fly, Leave me behind there is way too many" Bob said
But Oscar wouldn't do it, He stayed
"Guess we're done for" Bob said
Zombies was getting closer & closer to them, Till I came in
Swoop, Bam! Slicing zombies with new weapons here
"Take this" I said, Throwing a wand at Bob
"Wait up, We need some" Lawson with the two other knights came
"You're alive?" I said, So relief its not just us
"Of course, We hid in a cave, Slaying some zombies!" Jared said
I handed all three of the knights a sword and a shield just in case it gets outta control
"Lets fight'em & then Nightshade" I said
"We took care of 6 zombies in 2 minutes, I think we had some hope
"Who is this guy?" Lawson asked, Pointing at the stranger
"I don't know his name, He the one who caused this mess" I said
"Oh wasn't he?" Lawson said, Going to him and pushing him over
"No no what are you doing" I said, Backing him up
"He's the one who made this mess!" Lawson said, Running me over once again
And and a relief/Bad 2 zombies tumbled over him, Taking him down
"Nooo!" Simon said, Slicing the zombies
"He's affected now, Leave him" Jared said and we all ran into the nearest or highest shelter
We found this short house but it had a gate, We can lock the zombies out, But I knew we was out of time
"Fools!" Nightshade said, Heading toward us

"Nightshade is coming" Bob said and I knew this was my chance
I walked out of the house, Just to Nighthsade who was 3 miles from us
"What are you doing?" Bob asked
"Ending this once and for all" I said
And when I was so close to get there, A zombie bit my foot
"Ahh. No!" I cried and took care of the zombie
Now I was limping, Trying to get to Nightshade when I noticed all 21 still alive zombies was coming to me
"He's not going to make it, I have to help him" The stranger said and he ran out of the gate
"Lala!" He screamed, Banging on metal to attract the zombies and it worked!
All 21 or I should say 20 went toward him and only a red ghoul didn't
"I don't want to hurt you, Young boy!" He said
"Well bad day for you" I said swinging my sword at his face
But he reflected my sword away with my shovel, Knocked it out of my hand.
"Your life is over" He said, Pounding me with the shovel, Knocking me down a hill, Rolling
"You messed with the wrong ghoul" He said, Going to finish me off
I knew I didn't have much time left, The bite was getting affected, I can feel the blood or bacteria coming up
I noticed my wand on the right side of me, I crawled toward and luckily grabbed it.
"No, You messed with the wrong Wiz...Pumpkin!" I said and blasted him with a rage of fire elves and that was the end of him.
"Come on zombies, Come on" He said, Still banging on metal
It was working perfectly till a zombie came behind him and bit his leg
"Ahh!" He cried and fell down
And it got worst, 11 zombies tumbled on him and he was gone.
"No" Simon shouted, Seeing 9 zombies barging in
And now it was only I, Oscar & Bob...For now
I cannot believe this was happening, I thought looking over where they were at, Oscar and Bob on the roof and the zombies trying to get up, I thought hopefully they were safe but me not so much.
I probably have exactly 8 minutes left, But luckily I made it.
"You ruined my whole entire plan!" Nightshade said, Striking me with a Death fairy, And it did worked, Hurt me bad
"Your rampage is over" I said, Bringing my wand out
But then my legs for weak & weaker and I fell down
"I don't even need to fight you, You're all ready affected you're too weak!" Nightshade laughed
I didn't know what to do but just lay there and give up. Till I looked far from Nightshade's right and saw Scratch, Moving, He's alive!
So I crawled quietly to him and then I was close Nightshade stepped on my hand and sling me back to the stop I was at.
5 minutes I thought 5 minutes to live I thought once again.
But I looked one more time and Scratch got up and he noticed me and ducked back down, Acting dead
"Take off your Pumpkin" He whispered
"Use it and throw it at the potions where Nightshade is at, It'll spill all over him, Destroying him into bits" He said and I did what was told
I slung the Pumpkin so hard and it did it! It knocked down the potions all over Nightshade, Sizzling on him smokes was coming and Nightshade got angry
"Stupid boy, I'll show you your end" He said, Walking to me with his sharp-end staff
And boom!
The room was all silent, I was alive and in Scratch just standing up, With a sword and Nightshade on the ground, Disappearing away.
"You did it, We won" I said but not noticing I was dying with 2 minutes left
"Lemme get the potions" He said
"Why? I am dying" I said
"Here-Here drink this" He said, Passing the potion toward me
I took a huge sip of that potion and no pain and I looked down to my ankle, There was no zombie bite! I was sure we won.

2 hours later we cleaned up the zombie bodies and brought Jack, The stranger, Lawson, Simon, Jared & David back to life.
I noticed the stranger/stealer sitting there
"Good job, That's how you fight" I said proudly
"What do you mean?" He said
"You took away your life for me, You're the real hero" I said and patted his back and walked toward David
"Well we did it, Halloween over" David said to me
"Yes it is" I said proudly
And he noticed
"You don't have your pumpkin on anymore" He said
"Yes I know" I said
And Jack, Scratch, Oscar and Bob came up to me
And I knew it was over, And I brought out my Identity card
"Whats this?" They all said
"Every Wizard gets it" I said
"Who is Edward Lifegem?" Jack said
And now that's how it all ends, Halloween over & I feel better then ever to finally let ravenwood, Know who I was...Edward Lifegem, Life wizard who's attend Ravenwood magical arts.

                              The End

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Atzeca spells!

Life spell 
Ice spell 
Fire spell

Storm spell
Death spell
Balance spell 


Pumpkid #14 Affected

"We need to go" Scratch said, Nervously
All the zombies was standing there, About to attack, A couple of ghouls & 2 banshees, Getting ready to attack.
"We need to warn them, Ravenwood or"
"No! We'll fight" Scratch said proudly
"Why would you want to do that?" I asked
"Go get Your pals & 3 guards" He demanded
I ran to get Jack, Bob & Oscar, David and Jared, Lawson and Simon and I came back to Scratch, Nothing bad happened..Yet
"Got them, What now?" I ask
"Holy!" Simon said, Looking at the zombies, Ghouls and banshees
"What is going on?" Lawson asked
"We need to get Ambrose" Jared said
"We're going to die!" Jack said
"Zombies? Why zombies!" Bob said
"Eh eh!" Oscar said
"Silent!" Scratch said
I can just we wasn't ready, All of them was afraid and think we're going to die. I think only I & Scratch has hope in our self.
"We need  to turn back or something" Jack said
"Its okay! We have armor and weapons, What do they have?"
"Affections!" Jack said
"Loads of them" Bob said
"Scary too!" David said
"Shovels" Lawson, Jared & Simon said
"We can win guys" I said
I think only Scratch & I can win without them, But wasn't so sure and I know how these zombies came, Him, The one that got away, Tried to kill us and now he makes a army? Oh when I get him he's dead. I thought.
"Young fools!" A ghoul spoke
"Surrender and let us take over Ravenwood or Halloween will be your last!" He threaten, But that only scared Jack & Bob and maybe David
"That was your last warning" He said and then he stepped down, Pointed his shover in the air and cried "ATTAAAAACK!" And we knew it was war
All of the zombies come running toward us and We just stood, Scratch hop on his horse and said "I'll meet you there" Leaving us behind, Now I know we're doom
"Guys get on the roof, Don't let them bite you" I said
"Its 35 to well 9!" Jack cried
"Get on the roof!" I yelled and they did what I said
Bam! The zombies ran into the house, Breaking in but luckily no one lived in that house
"They're going to tear the house down" Jack said
"No they're not! get your sword...Wands out" I said
Zoom! I summon fire elves and they took down 3 zombies but sadly they also took them down.
David helped too, Casting storm bats which did do any good, They kept missing and then got destroyed
"I am storm, This is useless" David said, Jumped off
"What are you doing?" I said
"Fighting them with my sword" He said
Slam! Boom! Bow! David got 6 zombies down, But then it got out of control
"David behind you!" I cried, 7 zombies coming up behind him
"What?" He said turning around
"Ah!" He cried as the zombies got him, He was gone
"Nooo!" I cried
"Have to go save him" I said but one of the guards stopped me
"Its okay when this madness over we can hopefully revive him back" Simon said, Cheering me up or trying too
We so far took care of 9 zombies but they took care of David, I knew we was in for a surprise

"We'll get him Prince" Scratch said, Going, Slicing zombies till he gets to the top where Nightshade & the person who stole the potions were at
"Sir, He's coming up"
"I noticed" Nightshade said
"Nightshade! I command you to give you up and take your army now!" Scratch said
Nightshade just looked at the stranger and started to laugh
"Fool, There are 35 of us 1 of you" Nightshade laughed
"When we capture you, You're so out" Scratch said, Running up the hill and that's when the duel came
"Nightshade your rampage ends...Here!" Scratch said, Pulling out a sword and a life wand
"Get him Aztaca" Nightshade said
"Oh so that's what his name" Scratch joked
"Imma show you a joke" He said, Pulling out 4 blades
"Oh you know what happen when you pulled out those blades" Scratch said
"What? Knocking you off?" He laughed
Aztaca threw one blade and Scratch caught it
"All you got?" Scratch said, Throwing the blade
But there was something Scratch didn't know about the blades, It was like a boomerang, So it turned and Bam! Hit Scratch in his back, But luckily he had armor one and it didn't hurt as much it was suppose too.
"Fool!" Aztaca said, Laughing
"Oh I don't like you" Scratch said, Slapping Aztaca as hard as he can and it knocked him off the hit, Rolling all the way to the town where Us & zombies were
"Hmm, That was easy" Scratch said proudly
But Nightshade got behind him and Bam! He got his staff and knocked Scratch out
"Ravenwood is doom" Nightshade said

"Look!" Jack said, Noticing Aztaca
"He's down, And looks like the zombies want him" I said
Half of the zombies crawled or eight walked to Aztaca and in my heart I felt like to help him but with all the things he put us through, Another side said not to.
"Leave him" Jack said
But I didn't listen I jumped down and attacked the zombies to save him, I knew it was wrong but I couldn't let someone else get hurt
I took down 4 zombies and almost got bit, But I was glad I rescued him but there was way too many zombies, So I took another way with a criminal on my right shoulder, I knew I was doom
"We have to save him" Bob said
"We can't he made his choice, He's a goner" Jack said
"Guess it's only me, Oscar & you" Bob said, But he said it at the wrong time
The zombies got on the roof of the house, Attack Them.
"Oh no, We're doom"
"Spoke too soon"
Oscar & Bob managed to escaped but no luck for Jack.
"Ahhh!" Jack said, Getting mauled by zombies
"Its ok Jack, We'll come back, We'll get the potion and saved you and David" Bob cried
It was all madness, I knew about Jack, Scratch & David, Now its only up to Bob, Oscar & I

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Pumpkid #13

                      PumpKid #13 Stolen
We planned everything out, With a little of acting & betray for Nightshade, But something interrupted it.
"Naaaaa" Prince, Scratch's mount (Horse) cried
"Prince? That's an pain screech, I have to go check up on him"
And that's where the pain & struggle begins.
"Guys, Get out of here" Scratch cried
Right when I ran outside, It was terrible, Prince has a big scar across his side, Scratch on the floor, Looking through bags, They stole the important items from the bag!
"They stole that potion!"
"What potion?" Jack said, Finally coming outside
The potion that can awaken certain things that's dead!
"What? Why would you make a potion that can make zombies!" I asked
"It might come in handle" Scratch panicked
"Who would steal stuff anyway?" I asked, But right when I turned to left, I saw someone, Running with a bag, That was glowing green
"Look over there" I said, Pointing at the stranger
"Those are my potions!" Scratch said, Jumping on his horse
"Wait" I said
"Lemme come" I said
I love to ride and defeat danger so you know I'm ready
"Its kinda danger...."
"Just shut up and scoot" I demanded
He didn't say anything and did what I asked
So there's us, Riding on a ghostly horse vs a man well on his feet, But then it became complicated, The stranger, Noticed us chasing him so he took a right and climb on someone's house, Guessing he's jumping on the roofs to get rid of us, But it didn't help
Flop, Flop the noises was made every time the man jumped, Roof to roof
"Stop!" Scratched screamed
He just look at us and smiled, Face was covered but not like David, More like a hoody on.
"That's your last warning, Stop moving" Scratch said, Slowing down
He was still moving, Getting faster & faster, I doubt he was getting out of breath.
It been 11 minutes, Still on his tails and it was getting annoying for him of course, So he reached in his pocket and pulled out blades, Guess he thought if we wasn't going to leave or give up he was going to kill us.
Swoop! One of the blades went flying into the air, But Scratch caught it, Fast, Not the sharp end of course.
"This isn't going to help you" Scratch said, Throwing it back, But he jumped over it
"Stop running, We won't do anything if you give the potions you stole, Back!" Scratch said
But he didn't listen and kept on going, He slowed down a little, Just to pulled out another blade
Bam! He threw that blade swiftly and like a perfect plan, It hit Scratch right off the horse
"No!"  I cried but it didn't worried me when he yelled
"I'm fine, Keep on going, I'll catch up"
So...It was me on a horse that I've no idea to control vs a fast running stranger with sharp blades
"You're not going to win, Pumpkin boy! May I can make some pumpkin pie out of you" He taunted
"Just watch" I said
"Nope" He said, Pulling out another blade and threw it
The blade was peddling through the air, I knew it wasn't going to hit me, I thought when it passed by my head but then I thought in my mind, It was just like a boomerang and I looked back where the Blade was and WHOP it got me, In the head...Pumpkin
"Who's laughing now" He said
It only slice just a little scratch on my nose, Luckily I had the pumpkin on
"Its all good" I laughed

But then it hit me, Take the blade out and throw it at his legs, I was always good at accuracy, But still no one doesn't trust me with guns or better yet high wands!
"Look" I said, Chucking the blade
It was soaring through the air and bam! It bladed through his legs, Knocking him down, And I thought
"Wow I did it! I saved us" Until then
"Warned ya" I said, Picking him up
"Now, Shall we see who you are? Wait why would I ask you!" I joked
I couldn't believe what I saw, Domba Fireblade, A well known fire wizard/lizard from Kroktopia
"Can't believe this?" I said
But my luck change, He grab the blade and strike my knee
"Ah!" I cried and fell down, Off the house
"Your luck changed!" He said, Limping away
"Pumpkid! What happen" Scratch cried, Finally arriving
"I hit him with his own blade in his ankle, I grabbed him to see his identity and he grab the blade and stab me with it in my knee" I saw painfully
"Its not bad, Its just a medium cut" He said
I looked down, In sadness and saw a potion on the ground
"Right there" I saw, Pointing at the ground
"No, Look at that" Scratch said, Pointing at 36 zombies, About to attack
And we knew it was war time.

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The P101 quiz! & shout out

Do you know a lot about Pirate101? Can you get a 100 on this Pirate101 quiz? Take the quiz today

Made by AOTS

Today is October 28th (Post above ,27th)   Special day for a amazing wizard/Pirate Chris DrakeFlame!

I joined the #Twizard/#Twirates community back in April 2012, I met SO many amazing people more then 200, But Chris is one of the Twizard/Twirate that welcomed me into the community & was one of my good & funniest friend I've met in the Community. He loves Alpacas/Llamas :)! 

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Pumpkid #11

Pumpkid #11 The plan
"Y-y-you're a ghost!" I cried
He had a cape on him, All ripped up, He had glowing green eyes and his horse was just a whole other story
"Not exactly, Why do you have a pumpkin on your head?" He asked, Like I was going to answer that
"I like the smells of pumpkins?" I said, Couldn't find a good excuse, Just in my mind & thoughts were, Is this guy working with Nightshade? Is he evil, But he might of wasn't, If he was, I would already be gone
"Oh...Okay" He said, Giving me a weird look
"Anyway, Your friend is fine, But he needs to rest he had a bunch of pressure on him when he was...Fighting some banshee? Well anyway he was clawed up...Badly, Just need a little amount of rest and be careful, I gave him a pain relief potion, It'll make him act weird & dizzy" He said, Like I didn't know before...
I didn't say anything, I was speechless, Couldn't get over about this mysterious person defeating one of our enemy & saving Bob's life, I could never re-thank him.
"October is about to end" He said
I looked right at him in confusion and he took a deep breathe, Like he might attack me or something
"Don't you think you need to take the pumpkin off? Addicted to Halloween?" He said, Afraid of saying it even though I can't harm him very well.
"I never took this off" I said, Sadly
"Why you hiding a secret or something? Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something" He said
He put his hand in his little pouch he was holding, And come coming out was a piece of paper, Having my picture & everything
"Is this you? I found it near some Ed..."
"No" I interrupted
"Well I might should go turn this in to Ambrose, Don't you think?" He said, Trying to get inside of me
"He's my friend, I'll give it to him" I said, Taking it and putting it in my pocket, Velocious
He finally stopped asking me questions and walked over to Bob's knocked out body
"He's recovering good" He said, Putting his hand on his head, Feeling his temperature
"Hopefully" I said
I was glad everything came back well, No one doesn't know about this conversation, He & I had, But... Till my stomach became rough when I heard Jack's voice saying "I been hiding for a hour and look at you!"
"Who are you?" He asked
"Who are you?" Jack replied
"Yeah sir, I need to know your name" I said
"Well you didn't give me your name very well" He replied back
"But my name is Gontraska, But you can call me scratch" He said
"How do you pronounce that?" Jack said in confusion
"And look its a scarecrow" He said
I didn't know what to say or even look  at Jack, He heard the whole entire conversation
It became all silent, Looks like this Gontraska (Scratch) guy will fight Jack with the way he holding his sword, Tight and Jack keeps looking back and fourth, And then he looked at me like if I know what to do
"Well you can leave now" Scratch said
"Halloween freaks" Scratch finished & turned his back toward Jack & his front facing me
"You're the one that looks like a nightmare" Jack said, Schooling him like I would say
He didn't say anything but just turned around and 30 seconds later he made a statement, Or even a command
"I destroy that banshee that you weaklings couldn't even touch or find, I betcha I can take care of you. I do like pumpkin pie.  Now if I was you, The exit is over there, Picking up your buddy & clean up your piggle mess and leave, Now...Or else" He said
"Look, This October is the worst one I ever had, Give me a break, You've to help us, We need your help" I said, In a pleasing yet sad way
He wasn't replying, Just walking back and fourth, Looks more like thinking to me
"I don't know, I have other stuff to take care of too" He said
"Please sir" I said
"Who is this guy you want to take down?" He asked, Stopped moving
"A wraith, His name is..."
"Lord Nightshade" He interrupted
"Yes..Do do you know him?" I asked
"Yes, He's one of my worse enemies, We never got along" He said
This was one of the best thing I heard since Jack's plan, Which was hours ago
"So do you think you can help?"
He wasn't talking, But then he turned around to Me and shook his head

Next day, After Bob can rest, Scratch, Oscar, Bob, David, Jack & I was planning it on, We made it, Discussed it and got ready for it.
"So, If I was listening the plan is: I and your pet go to Nightshade tower, Try to get along with him, If we can stay alive and you guys go in and take away all the potions he owns?"
"Yes sir, Sounds simple?" I asked
"Well what happen if the get along thing doesn't work out?"
"Run, Yell for us" I said, Perfect or I was thinking plan
We wasn't ready to do it, YET, We had to get with all the abilities we can, Armor too, Weapons, Anything that'll be helpful that we can get our hands on, I wish Ambrose can give us some guards but, He can't risk anymore guards getting hurt or even lost, And I noticed something, I haven't been worrying or keep my eye on the ghost that roams the night, Its like they're gone..Or something like that
Bob & Jack returned with planks with screws & mud all over it, Looks pretty useless, But they can have that
"Ok, Think we're ready?" David asked
"Not yet, We need more practicing, Well...You do" Scratch said
"I think it'll be a better idea if we get more armor, Because so far, Scratch & I are the only one with them on and we need to discuss..."
"Wait, Prince needs something" Scratch said
Prince was his ghostly, scary ghost, I wasn't a fan of him but he's our transportation & supplier, So he's pretty useful, More useful then David for sure. I thought.
"Guys help!" Scratch cried

Scratch (Gontraska) & Prince (Horse) Helps Pumpkid & his friends, Defeat Nightshade, But is all well going to turn out great? 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkid #10

                     PumpKid #10
"Is it really Bob's cloths pieces?" I said
"Sadly yes" He said
I knew something was up, Really if one of my partners pieces of cloths are laying on the ground, There's a knocked out Banshee and a gigantic hole in my dorm, This Halloween is ruin.
"I think Bob wasn't kidnapped, I think he was rescued" Jack said, One of the smartest things he said in awhile, He wasn't so smart & not so good with ideas, But that one sentence he said helped me, It made me not so worry anymore and had some belief and confidence in myself.
"Ok, If Bob is still alive he could be anywhere, But we need to get down to the case and find him, find out about this saver & put nightshade flames out" Other words, Find & find & destroy.
It been 30 minutes and no clues or signs...Till now when we found, Boot prints into the dirt, It all led up into a gigantic cave, Glowing like there was a candle or a fire inside of it.
"Are we going in there?" Jack asked, Like if I even know that answer
"Is it safe?" I said, Knowing that answer...
"Stay close" Jack said, Going in
Jack, Oscar & I went in and the smell was known, Smells like someone I know
"DAVID!" I yelled, Forgetting all about David and not answering
"Oh no we'll have to turn back & look for him" Jack said, Sarcastically
But he didn't care, He just kept on going in, I couldn't leave him alone, So I decided to come in too, With Oscar, My sidekick of course.
It smelled like David for sure, A mixture of a dead person & A potion.
We walked in, It was dark, But when we entered the room, There was pots, Potions, Tools & Medicine supplies
"Look!" I said, Pointing at Bob, In a corner, Knocked out with potions that was empty
"Looks like this kidnapper was a killer too" Jack said.
We waited a couple of hours for this kidnapper and every 5 minutes we checked on Bob and manly did some snooping around, Any clues on to find out who this person is, It seems like this whole Halloween been a mystery & teamwork & sometimes split up, But we always end up together, Like a family, Mostly Oscar and I, We known each other for like forever, Jack & Bob, I meet 3 years ago. I known David for a long period of time, Longer then Oscar.
All the memories of us was going though my head, Thinking all about them, Until Jack panicked
"I hear footsteps! And a horse!" Jack panicked
We had no idea what to do, We was shocked & afraid to see what he'll do to us when he see us trust passing.
"Hide somewhere" I said, Going to his desk and under it

He walked in. All I heard was heavy breathing like he was attack or running hard. He dropped his stuff, As I heard it hit the ground,
"Ugh" He said, Looking at Bob, As I can tell by taking a quick peek
He walked to Bob, Holding a potion, And I knew it could kill him, So I got him quietly & steady, Right when he got to Bob, I jumped on his back, My arms wrapped around his neck
"Ah, Who are you? A kidnapper?" He said, Trying to throw me off
"Leave my friend alone!" I said, Losing my grip
"I'm trying to save him!" He said, Throwing me off
"Who are you! A pumpkin in Jack Beanstock?" He said
"I am Pumpkid & that skeleton...Ish fellow is my friend...And my slave" I said bombastically
He stopped breathing for a minute and lifted me off of the ground, Lending a hand
"Treat him with respect" He said
"Or I'll take care of you" He said solemnly
"Sir, I respect your territory, Don't think I don't, But why would you kidnap my friend and poison him with a potion?" I said
"The potion will keep him steady, Painless" He said
His voice was deep, But I still couldn't see his face ever since he entered, He blew out all the candles, Surprise he didn't trip on anything
"Can you light up some candles?" I asked diplomaticly
He did what I asked for, Light some candles so I could find out who he is, But right when he turned around, I knew I was in for a surprise

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Rawr!!! Wizard101 new world "Azteca" is coming to Wizard101! It is full of Dinosaurs & jungles! 
While KingsIsle has been heavily focused on Pirate101's recent launch, the studio wanted to send a strong message that it's still fully behind Wizard101 and has a dedicated team working hard to keep improving and expanding the game. In fact, the Wizard101 team is larger now than it was at launch and has a huge announcement to share.
So what's the big exciting news of the day? Producer Leah Ruben was bursting at the seams to tell us in three words: "Dinosaurs are awesome!"
Actually, the big news is that Wizard101 is preparing to release its ninth new world since launch, a dinosaur world named Azteca. Azteca not only will challenge players to progress through 13 areas but is going to raise the level cap. And the biggest surprise of all? It's going on test servers this week for players to try out.

Azteca was the brainchild of Kingsisle's Todd Coleman and Josef Hall, who came up with the odd mash-up of dinosaurs and Aztecs. The dev team took his idea and ran with it, spending over six months developing this gigantic new area for Wizard101.
Don't judge the world just on its girth, either; Azteca represents growth in almost every area of the game. The level cap will increase from 80 to 90, a new crafting tier will become available, and there will be loads of cool-looking pets, mounts, and gear to attain.

                                        Tale of two dinos!  
At the start of the update, players will head to Halley's Tower in response to a distress call. There they find famed Aztecosaurologist Edward Halley, who tells the player wizards that the fabled land of Azteca has been discovered -- but it's in dire danger.
Upon traveling to Azteca, players will find themselves in the middle of a tribal land full of intelligent dinosaurs. While savagely beautiful, Azteca is facing two great threats. The first is a giant comet that's heading its way, and the second is the machinations of the evil sorceress Morganthe, who has turned many of Azteca's inhabitants against the heroes.
Thus it becomes a race to stop the apocalypse -- and in 2012, no less. If that's not exciting enough, players' jaws will drop as one significant character from the past makes a return!

A park for the Jurassic in all of us
KingsIsle is also including new epic spells, one for each school of magic, with the update. Ruben promised that these spells have some of the coolest cinematics in the game to date and are themed off of Azteca itself (a first in the game). The team's also working on expanding the Astral school with star- and moon-themed spells.

As far from extinction as possible
It might be easy to underestimate Wizard101 when thinking of the movers and shakers in the MMO industry, but you'd be unwise to do so. Since its launch, Wizard101 has racked up well over 30 million registered players and still sees "strong growth," according to the company. During this past summer, the website saw a staggering 20 million unique visitors per month, which is indicative of the game's continued popularity.
The studio hopes that Azteca will come as a pleasant surprise to its playerbase and invites players to check it out on the test servers. When it goes live, it will become immediately available to all members, while free players will need to shell out around 12,000 crowns to purchase all of the new areas.

Someone teamed up with Mor..
Who is it?
Take a guess! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkid #9

                                                             PumpKid #9 The truth
"This is Pumpkid? His name isn't Pumpkid!" David said,
BAM, A blow occur in the dorm, Stunning David and knocking him out.
"I'll take this" The witch said, Taking the ID from David
"Useless wizard! This is all mine!" She laughed as she teleports away.
Coming inside the dorm was Lawson & Jared the two out of three guards that was with Pumpkid.
"Holy, What happen!" Lawson said, Staring at David's body & the humongous hole
"This isn't his dorm" Jared said, Remembering last time he was here
"This is that Pumpkin guy's dorm, What is he doing in here?" Jared said
"Looks like he was trying to steal something" Jared said
"You seen his record, He stole many things and was off the hook" Lawson said
"Half of the bad wizards get off the hook" Lawson stated
"Well, He isn't getting off the hook this time" Jared laughed
They took David into Ambrose office, Not thinking about taking to get him check out if he badly hurt or anything.
"Ambrose, We found this rat in someone else dorm, Hurt and there is a gigantic hole in the dorm" Lawson said, Dropping down David
"Do you know him" Jared asked
"Yes I surely do, He asked for keys and surely I cannot..."
"Right here" Jared said as he threw the key at Ambrose
"How long in the cell sir?" Jared asked
"I know Jared loves to steal but he not powerful enough to make a hole in a dorm" Ambrose stated
"Well sir"
"Take him to his dorm, I'll think of a reasonable punishment" Ambrose said
And they surely listened.
"Where is David? No signal or anything" Bob said, To Jack on a calling device
"True, I wonder why he wanted to switch with me" Jack said
"There have to be something he have done" Bob said
"I'll go check Ravenwood for him and hopefully this witch"  Bob said, Heading toward Ravenwood.
Bob got to Ravenwood and the first thing he saw was Pumpkid's Dorm with a gigantic hole in it
"Oh my gosh!" Bob said
"Jack, Jack!" Bob said, Trying to get to him with his device, But nothing picked up
"Must be a dead area or something" Bob said
But right above Bob was the banshee, Staring at him
"This is useless" Bob said to his self
Bam! The Banshee dropped down and fell on top of Bob
"Ah, Get off of me" Bob said, Trying to pull the banshee off
"You should of never came back!" She said
"This isn't your place, This is Ambrose!" He said, Throwing her into a hard looking rock behind the dorms.
It was all silence, The banshee, On the ground breathing deeply and Bob, Staring in fright.
"Hello?" Bob said, Getting closer
She was still breathing hard, Looking at the ground, Smiling all of a sudden
"Oh this must be bad" Bob said
Boom! She got back up and tackled Bob, Still laughing like she liked being defeated
"Ahhh!" Bob cried, With the banshee, Clawing & screaming, Mostly laughing at him
Ding! It become silent, Not one noise came, With Bob eyes closed he looked up and all he saw was a banshee, Knocked out & someone in a black & green outfit, On a glowing black horse with his sword out
"W-w-who are you?" Bob said
"Where's the two boys, Scarecrow & the zombie piggle"

"Bob isn't saying anything, No luck" Jack said, To Pumpkid
"There was some rombus in Ravenwood earlier today" Pumpkid said
"David also isn't replying" Jack said
"Oh really?" Pumpkid said
I know when two of our helpers aren't replying and something bad happened in Ravenwood, Its really bad
"Well....What are we going to do?" Jack said
"Meet me in Ravenwood" Pumpkid said
We met up in Ravenwood, The look on Jack face looked atrocious
"Are you okay whats wrong?" I asked
"Look at your dorm" Jack said, Nervously
I opened my mouth wide in surprise, When I saw a huge hole in my dorm
"What happen?" I said
I had the feeling that David or Bob was in it, Or maybe even the banshee with my luck & betray I had this Halloween.
"This is a mess!" I said
"Look!" Jack said, Pointing at my left
And there she was, The lady, Or I should say a banshee on the ground knocked out..Or maybe even dead and all the thoughts went through my mind like "Who was the hero that did this?" or "Was this David?" Or "Was this Jack" Or even some thoughts like "Is this really her?" or "Did you knock (Or maybe even kill at this moment) herself?" All those thoughts just kept on buzzing in my head, Won't go ahead, So I got closer & had to look what happen.
"This job was from a knight or even guard" Jack said
"Look she teared up someone's cloth" Jack said
"Its Bob!" I said and the I was getting worrier & worrier

Pumpkid #8

                                                               PumpKid #8 Seek for Pumpkid

"Pumpk...." David stopped
"Your head, There's no pumpkin" Bob said
"You're not even pumpkid anymore" Jack said
My reached to put my hands on my head to feel, But I didn't feel no pumpkin, Just hair.
"Wow, That what you look like" David said, Completely forgetting about the old witch
I had enough of the discussion, I pushed them out of my way and took care of this witch
"Give me the amulet back!" I said
"Young Wizard, You're getting nothing out of me!" She said as she teleports away
"No, She got away" I said with anger
"Its okay" David said, Still staring at my face.
I ran outside to the Pumpkin patch this witch had, Cut a big hole, Big as my own head and but it on my head, Then I cut holes where my eyes are to see.
"Why do you have a pumpkin on your head to start with?" David asked, Walking outside
"I feel like it" I said, Not giving or caring for the reason
"Only weirdo put pumpkin on their head" David said
"Hey!" Jack said as he enters outside with Bob & Oscar.
"We have that banshee witch & Nightshade still in the spiral" I said, Forgetting about the other discussion
"Yes, True" Jack said
"They could be anywhere" Bob said
"We know where Nightshade is but what about the banshee?" David said
"Yes true" I said
I never had a mess up Halloween, Even with all the evil spirits that roam the spiral, But I have to say this Halloween is the worse, Hopefully Christmas & Thanksgiving will be better then this one.
We searched for any evidence of this Banshee lady and so far we are out of luck
"This is dumb" Bob said
"Idea" Jack said
Hopefully its a good idea, Jack was kind & adventurous but his ideas was weak & sad. Hopefully this one will turn out great.
"We should split up" Jack said
"But I'm not done" Jack said looking at David
"Pumpki.." Jack stopped
I know they'll never will forget my mask coming off, I don't even think they'll ever call me pumpkid or pumpkin boy.
"Pumpkid & Oscar, You go to Ravenwood"
"David you go to shopping district"
"Bob, You go to Golem Court"
"And I'll go to Olde town"
"Also, I forgot, Oscar you go to the Commons" Jack said
Unbelievable, Jack never came up with a brillant idea since forever, I was truely amaze & proud, For the moment.
"Hey Pumpkid boy, I got Ravenwood, You handle the shopping district, Got it?" David said
"Sure" I said, Easier job for me.
We started to split up, We cannot let this witch go away.
"Why do you want to go to Ravenwood?" Bob asked, As Jack left
"You'll see and be proud too" David said
David always have sneaky plans, Even if it involves stealing or hurting, He'll do it.
"Hope David doing ok" I said to Oscar, Feeling kinda weird talking to my own pet.

October was about to end, Halloween is about to arrive, Seeing some wizards excited, Some locking doors for protection. It was odd and I felt a little worried what's in stores for this Halloween.
"Ambrose" David said, Not on duty
"May I have a Ravenwood dorm key?" He asked
"The key that access all the dorms?" Ambrose asked
"Yes sir" David said
"No sir" Ambrose replied
"I do not trust a single wizard in the whole spiral to have these keys, And I know what you like to do" Ambrose said
Right when Ambrose walked away, David had a grin on his mouth and headed to his desk, Opening every single thing on his desk
"Bingo!" David said holding up the keys.
Ambrose was approaching his desk.
"Oh no he's coming" David said piling everything he had into his holders and ran out.
David approach a dorm, Number 122 and got the keys and opened it up
"Complete" David said as he walks inside the dorm.
"Where is it, Where is it?" David said, Searching through a pile of junk
"Ok, Maybe she over here" Jack said, Walking into the Bazaar
"Hello, Would you like to buy anything?"
"No sir" Jack said, Shutting the door
"Where would a banshee be at?" Jack thought
"Found it!" David said, Bringing out Pumpkid ID...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lets talk about Valencia!

Story of Valencia: 
Arguably the greatest imperial power of the Spiral, Valencia is home to the Unicorns, a vibrant people with an ancient, rich culture. Many of the great discoveries that led to sky-ships and the age of sail were made here - Valencia stands to this day as a center of arts and learning, where scholars and masters from all over the Spiral gather to push the boundaries of knowledge and talent. Marco Pollo, Cowpernicus, Da Finchi - the greatest minds and artists the Spiral has ever known did their greatest work in Valencia, and the entire Spiral is richer for their labors.

About Valencia 
The Skyways of Valencia have more Stormgates than any other realm in the Spiral - Valencians say their realm is the heart of the Spiral, and most sky charts are drawn with Valencia at the center. Valencia has used its location to flower into a thriving hub of trade and shipping between the realms.
Valencia's emerald skies and lush orchards are hauntingly beautiful, and the Unicorns are an emotional, zestful people whose passions are as stormy as their realm's skies. Unicorns are renowned throughout the Spiral for their talents with poetry, scholarship and fencing. Beneficiaries of Valencia's unparalleled wealth and status, the Unicorns dwell in ornate, baroque cities full of grand plazas, columned palaces, and grand statuary. There is always some grand ball, festival, or masque to offer entertainment and diversion. Duty, honor, and family pride are the pillars of their social order. 
Valencia is also home to the hardy Crabs and pragmatic Guinea Pigs, who serve as the hard-working middle class to the Unicorn elite. Skilled craftsmen and tireless laborers, their efforts sustain the magnificent (some would say decadent) lifestyle of the Unicorns. Guilds and Merchant Houses of Crabs and Guinea Pigs drive Valencian commerce, and have grown very powerful in recent times.
Things are changing in Valencia. The recent invention of Clockworks was a wonder, whose full impact has yet to be seen. Kane and his legions revolutionized warfare in Valencia - at the height of the Polarian Wars, King Casimir turned all control of Valencians by land or sea over to Kane. The Armada won the war, saved the Spiral, and has worked tirelessly ever since. With Clockwork ships protecting merchant ships and stamping out smuggling and piracy, Valencia is growing even richer. 
As the Unicorns turn inward, distracted by their endless revels, Kane grows ever more powerful, and rumors are emerging that the Armada may have an agenda of its own. Some wonder what price Valencia will pay for their success...

The armada marine, Took control of Valencia! 

Valencia is one of my favorite worlds! Becauses of the skyway and the clouds and the wonderful machines in it! It always reminded me of star wars for some odd reason
Valencia in the storm gate! 

The machine that'll destroy Valencia!

Pumpkid #7

                             Pumpkid #7 Lady with meals 

"Okay, Think we're here" David said holding up the map.
We collected some tools, And Jack & Bob.
"So, Lets go in and demand the amulet back" Bob suggested
"Not a good idea" I said
"We have to do this professional" David said
Finally David said something smart & right
"So lets sneak up on this old bat and defeat her!" David said
"I like Bob idea" I said
"Well, I'm kinda on the edge for David's idea now" Bob said
"Yes, Me too, She tricked us and might destroy us" Jack said
It felt like that I was with three idiots, Having no clue what they're doing.
"How bout we just..." I stopped as I heard the door open
"Hide hide!" I said, Diving into a bush
We was all hiding in some awkward spot, But Oscar standing still looking at the house, Looking at the smoking food next to the window.
"Don't be a idiot Oscar" I said to myself
And right when I said that, He headed to the food.
"IDIOT!" I shouted out by accident
Swoosh! She swooped up Oscar and dashed inside of the house
"She has Oscar! And cookies" I said coming out of the bush
I walked up to the door and knocked politely, Ignoring what just happen to Oscar
"Yes?" She said, So nicely & politely
"M'am you have my...." I stopped and took a long glance at the pumpkin pie, Pumpkin cookies, Wizard hat shape cookies
"That look food" I burst out
"You want some" She offered as she opens her door
"Just a little" I said walking in
And right when I walked in she shut the door quick and locked it.
"Just for safety reasons" She said when I glanced at her.
"What is pumpkid doing?" Jack said, Coming out of her pumpkin patch
"I don't know? And why are you in a pumpkin patch?" He asked
"Doesn't matter, But we have to save him! He's in a crazy banshee/human house!" Jack panicked

"Climb the roof" Jack suggested
"Oh, Thats good!" David said
"Yes, And get the amulet, Oscar, Pumpkid and..."
"FOOD!" David burst out
"Yes! That is good" Bob said
"But you know it is going to be hard carrying all that food and it might hurt my back" Jack said
"What are we doing? Lets go guys!"
"What is that noise?" I said hearing moving on the roof
"Rats, We have lots of them, They're friendly" She said holding tight on that amulet, Secretly
"I can go check" I suggested
"No, No its good" She said.
And all of a sudden, The roof broke, Falling from it was a Scarecrow, Skeleton and a wizard in a halloween outfit.
"Who are these people?" She said bringing out her broom
"Freeze miss, Or I should say Banshee!" David said
"She not a banshee she's too nice and a good cook" I said, But I was wrong.
The room was glowing with green light, Maybe could of blinded one of us.
"What is happening?" Bob cried
And the light was gone and all was there was us, The amazing food and a green banshee standing, Laughing
"Awww man" I said
She tackled David and started to scratch him
"Get off of him you old bat!" Bob said
She stopped for seconds and jumped on Bob and scracth once again
"No, Bad bad!" I said trying to pull her off"
I made a bad mistake because right when I pulled her off, She attacked me
She was clawing, Taring pieces of my pumpkin off of my face
"Help help!" I cried
And 5 seconds later, It was over, Everyone in silent, Even the banshee, And David shouted out
"Pumpkid...Your pumpkin is gone!"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkid #6

Pumpkid #6 "In the meadows" 

"Is a Stormlord amulet valuable?" I asked hoping for a yes
"Of course" David said snatching the amulet out of my hand
"This is it...It have to be it!" I said heading toward the sobbing lady
"M'am, Here it is" I said getting out the amulet
"Finally, Now we can start having fun" David whispered to Bob
"Um" She stopped sobbing and looked
"Woo, We're done!" David shouted
"This isn't the right amulet"
"Thanks for jinking it!" Bob said
"What do you mean? We dug up every single grave in Dark cave!!! The only graves" I yelled
"I said his grave was in Nightshade" She said
"There's a place called Nightshade?"
"Yes" She said throwing down the amulet
"Well, We tried" Bob said walking away
"No, Sorry M'am, We'll be on our way to Nightshade and um dig up more graves"
"Grave? A ghoul stole it from him and killed him..."
"Wait you told us..."
"Oh, Noooo" She said and started to cry
"Oh why us!" I said to myself
"M'am, We're going to...Get it" I said running away
We made it into Nightshade, But she didn't tell us all of it.
"We have to go into sunken city!" I cried
"No way, Just no way going into that death trap" Bob said, Leaving
"David...Jack, Oscar you up for this?" I asked hoping for yes
"No way, I lost a lot of cousin & uncles in there!" Jack said, Leaving too
"I'll go" David said, Right when I looked at him.
"Good, Two amigos" I said forgetting Oscar
We entered Sunken city and it was spooky, Cold & dark, Banshees and ghouls roaming around like October nights.
"Alright, Graves right? Or..." He stopped and looked straight in a foggy sounding area
"What's that?" David asked
"Hoping its the graves" I said and walked quietly and slow, With Oscar behind me
"Don't" David said, Not following
"Stay here" I said
"Don't risk it for some sobbing old lady" David said
"C'mon, Pumpkid" He said tempting me to walk away
"Stay here" I said
"Why" David signed
It was getting darker, Foggier & colder every time I take a step, Looked like Oscar all ready fled, But can't see him with all the fog.
"Oscar! David" I yelled
No reply, So I yelled again
"Oscar, David"
Nothing and I tried one more time but this time different
"Idiots!" I yelled
"What!" David yelled
"Checking" I said
"13 more days till Halloween" I said to myself
"Can't wait to see what bad luck I have in coming, Maybe a scarecrow...Or a wraith or....." I stopped, Hearing footsteps
"David? Oscar?" I said turning around slowly and scared out of my mind
BOOM, a looking banshee or maybe a ghoul came popping out and tackled me
"HELP HELP" I cried
"Do you hear that Oscar? Its pumpkid! Lets go come on" David said speeding into the fog
"Where are you?" David cried, Can't see anything
"I don't know, Its all fogged up" I cried
This monster was scratching, screaming and panicking, Like it was actually scared of me more then I was scared of her, Even though I would hide and not attack and try to kick someone butt of course.
"Get off" I pushed it off and started to run, But then it dived to my legs
"Who are you!" I asked, On the ground with it on my legs, Clawing them
It didn't say anything, Just kept on screaming & clawing
"C'mon, Where are you!" David said looking around confusingly
"By time you get here, I'll be her lunch!" I cried 
And with luck I saw Oscar diving in the fight, Biting this thing legs
"Oscar, Thank you"
"Oscar with you? Aww man" David said
But my lucked changed, Out coming out of a bush was a baby banshee, Almost like a pet or a minion. She tackled Oscar off of it and he or she tackled me again and started to claw.
I was in a fight with a panicking monster and Oscar was being tremble by a baby blue banshee
"I found you!" David said
"Is that a banshee? A ugly one" David said
Right when David said that comment she stopped... & hurdle David and tackled him down, At this point I didn't know what to do, But just laugh
"Help!" David cried

I tried to pull her off but her claws was thick and sticking to David
"This isn't working" David said
"Wait!" I said looking at her neck was a shining blue amulet dangerling everywhere
"She has the amulet" I said snatching it off
"Got it" I said greatfully

"That is mine!" The banshee said, But right when she tried to tackle me, I ducked all the way to the floor
"FAIL!" I teased
But I spoke too soon, She tackled me once again
"This time You're dead" She said
"DAVID!" I cried
"Any last words?" She ask, putting her hand with sharp claws on it
"Yes, Its goodbye" David said running to us with a big wooden stick
Bam David hit as hard as he can with a wooden stick right in the banshee face. She passed out
"Oscar" I said snatching the stick from David and wracked the banshee off of him.
"You're making a mistake, Don't..." She stopped right when David finished her off
"Taken care off, Now lets go back and give it to her and our day is over"
"Yeah" I said
"Oh my, What happen? All scratched up" the lady asked
"Nothing just here" I said, So glad this day is over
"Thank you!" She laughed as she runs away
"That was weird" David said laying down.
We was relaxing, All glad we're done till Jack comes running in
"Boys, Please do not tell me you gave her that amulet" He said, Trying to catch his breath
"Fine, We won't tell you" David said, Snickering
"That was a wizard amulet, That changes wizards that was once evil into their regular form! She was a banshee" Jack said
"Oh this is a joke!" I said
"Oh well I wish, She was a scam, She can destroy us you know" Jack said
"We need to get Bob to help us, four of us ain't going to help" I said

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pirate101 & News/Reminders

Pirate101 is coming tomorrow!!!! (If you didn't purchase the head-start or not a BETA player) So get ready to battle! Train your companion, Sail through the skyways and have fun!!

Chosen one event: The AOTS's Chosen one, Will raffle tonight, Sometime at 10:00 or 11:00 PM
To enter and win 5,000 crowns OR Become AOTS President for a whole year. 5,000 crowns might be for Pirate101 (To get you started) Or Wizard101 and AOTS's president is a special and important and fun job.

The Buccaneer adventures: The Buccaneer adventures book series is coming in November (Going to be working on it)
A young Buccaneer parents has disappear, Everyone says the kraken has them, some say they're dead, But that won't stop this new starting out Buccaneer to find their's parents and learn the ways of a Buccaneer and treasure of course. But with his companion and his pet chameleon, They'll soar the spiral, Defeat whom come in their way & solve. Buccaneer adventures!

Friday, October 12, 2012

AOTS's Crew & ship in P101

So far Brave Blaze Silver is lvl 11!!!!! And I have to say for me it is difficult for me to level in P101. So far I previously have 6 Companions! Kobe Yojimbo level 7 bull Ronin (My first companion) Then Bonnie Anne level 6  Fox then Barnabus level 8 Sloth and Birgus Latro Level 9 Crab thug, And Ratbeard Rat officer and someone thats evil but has a heart, SCRATCH!!! Level 10 undead (Skeleton)

Group photo (2 minutes before Ratbeard joined)
Bonnie left front, Kobe back right, Barnabus right front & Scratch  back left
Sadly no Birgus


But that's not it, I also have pets, In my crew also!
Boots (Name going to be change soon)  Level 10 Orchid Chameleon 

Coco (First pet) level 10 skarakeet 
                                     Every Pirate, Always need a ship! 

I own a new ship I bought today call the "The Brave Fortune" Level 10 Pirate Frigate (Medium)

I love this ship, Not because its big (That's one reason) But because she's fast and trusty, When a ship attack me I can get away from it with this loads of fortune :)
Better view 

When you're in the spiral and you see these flag, Hop on the ship :)
I am always on the Gandry, One-Eyed Jack, Avery or Mordekai (If you would like to add me, Send me a TFC or comment) 
On the deck! 
I LOVE to do this!!! Just relax on my ship and watch! One of the things I love about P101!!

Pumpkid #5 "Grave stones"

                                 PumpKid #5

"Don't talk or move" I said, hearing Nightshade walking up
"What happen?" Bob asked
"Just shush! You're going to get us killed" I said hoping they'll shut him up
"What are we going to do?" Jack asked
"Do you know what shush..."
"We're going out the window and climb down from there"
"Are you even listening to..."
"Ok, It's settle, We're going out of the window quietly" David said, Ignoring every word I said.
Creeeeek, Creeeeeek, All I heard, Nightshade walking around, Like he's thinking.
"This is very dangerousand risky! What happen if one of us fall and make noises? Then we ALL are dead" I said trying to get it in their head.
"Do you hear that?"
"What you talking?"
"No....The creeking noise stopped!"
"Someone go check"
"Oscar, He's the smallest and he can run...Or fly" David suggested
"Yeah, But he's the youngest...In wizard years" I said
"Just do it!" Jack said
"Fine, Oscar go out and see if Nightshade gone if he is knock on the door ok? If he's here, Run" I said giving commands to Oscar.
Oscar went out, No kocking or no noises of his wings flapping.
"Oscar, Oscar!" I whispered
"You okay bud?" I said
"Here that? He's knocking, Come on" I said opening the door nervously and slowly \
"He's gone? How did he ran or even flew that fast" I said
"Good job Oscar" I added
"Who cares, Let's just get the heck out of here before he comes back with a army of undead" David said
"Yes, I got a job in shopping district ya know" Bob agreed.
"Ok, Fine but...We'll going to meet tonight and take down nightshade!" I said
"Maybe" Lawson said
"Yeah, We got a duty" Simon added
"Yeah, We been off our duty for 3 days now" Jared finished
"Well then, Try to come" I said.

We all left. Bob went to shopping district the guards went to Unicorn way and Jack went to the commons & David went to the area to train.
"Oscar? Do you hear that" I said, In the commons near the Library
"It sounds like someone hurt or even crying!" I said.
We went around the Library, In the back and found a girl crying
"Whats wrong?" I asked
"My best friend died" She said
"I don't know, I would do anything to see her, Also she has my amulet, I can't win anything without it...C-can you help?" She asked
"Oh thank you thank you, You're too kind, Her grave is in Darkcave..Wait I mean sunken.."
"Ok, Just stop talking we'll get your amulet and maybe some flowers too" I said
"Ok, In Darkcave, And...DANGIT!" I yelled
"She didn't tell us his name" I said
"Guess we're going have to dig all the graves, All 7 of them" I said getting out my shovel
"Ugh" Jack & David said
"Adam Hex, Playing with fire" David red the grave.
2 hours of digging one grave, But happily we're done.
"Um, Is this the amulet? This dirty, Old and weak fire cat amulet?" David said
"Must not be it" I said
"This is wrong, We're digging people graves and taking their belongings" Jack said
"Quiet" I said going to the next grave
"Elizabeth Swift, Ran with a sharp wand and tripped" I red the grave
"You dig this one, I don't want to see" David said, About to throw up
"Can this get any worse? It been  hours and we only dug up ONE GRAVE" Bob said
"Lets just do two more graves" I said.
2 hours and Elizabeth grave isn't all dug up.
"Al-Al-almost..." David said fainting
"DONE" I said 20 minutes later.
I closed my eyes to get the amulet, It was disgusting, But I needed to be helpful
"A storm bat amulet? What level was the lady?" David asked throwing the amulet down
"I don't know looked like level 5-20"
"You should of atleast asked what level she was" David said
"Sorry was in a rush" I said starting to work on the next grave
"This is the worse Halloween ever!" Jack complained
"Yeah" Bob agreed
"Guys I think this is the right grave" I said
"Dustin DragonGem, Coconuts are heavy" I red the grave
"Must on went on Vacation and a coconut took away his life, Maybe it was in Kroktopia or Wysteria! No Zarfaria" David said.
"Lets dig" I said
In less then 30 minutes with all teamwork, It was done
"Amulet, Shinny too"
"It's a Storm lord" I said

Tune in tomorrow for more Pumpkid!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures in Pirate101! & PumpKid #4

Hey guys! I am officially starting my adventure in Pirate101 now, :D, Excited, I can tell it's going to be great just like W101! Brave Blaze Silver (BBS) Be my name and I am a Buccaneer! With a blue Pirate Duck flag signal on my ship!

First P101 photos!


Brave Blaze SILVER!

                                                                  PumpKid #4 Revealed 
"You are crazy, Young Pumpkin boy, You have to stay here, Don't get yourself killed" Simon said having no hope in me.
"If I don't find out who this guy is, Jared, Jack, 2 guards, Oscar & Bob is going to die!" I said trying to convince him,
"Its our duty to keep you safe and in this dorm" Lawson said pushing me down
"I am not letting this kidnapper fool ruin Halloween and take every single wizard or pet or even guard there is, I can defeat him or find out who he is but you need to give me a chance, I swear just one chance" I said
"Ambrose will be mad if we let you go" Simon said
"How? This person can get you two if I do not help! I want my friends back, We have 66 hours left! Thats like 3 days"
"Wow good math" Simon joked.
I have to do something to make them make me go, I thought in my mind while looking out the window, But all of a sudden, A person ran passed the window, In a Robe with a staff.
"I SAW HIM!" I cried pointing at the window
"Lawson, Go check" Simon demanded
"Yes sir" Lawson replied
What is he doing? Making one man go check, This is my chance to escape, I thought in my mind.
So while Simon was in my closet looking for somewhere to hide me, I walked slowly to the door, 2 steps left and Im out.
"Think  this is a good place to hide in Pumpkin guy?" Simon said still in the closet
"Pumpkin guy?" Simon said getting out
"Lawson! Lawson! He escaped!" Simon yelled
"Lawson? Lawson!" Simon said walking out.
Whole place was silent, Again the banshees and the ghosts went and was there was Simon & the kidnapper.
"What the? You? I thought you was gone! Get away, Your kidnapping is over!!!!! Wait no, No nooo!" Simon said
"Oh no Simon! He's gone, Need to head back and end this" I said hearing Simon voice echoed.
Nothing, The Banshees & the ghosts came back which means he's gone, So is Simon & Lawson. "Come out Chicken!" I said hoping he would come "C'mon, I am right here, Come and get me"
Nothing, Looks like he is gone, But I wouldn't stop to figure out who he is.
"I'll find out who you are and I will get my friends back!" I said.
Next morning I got up and headed to Ambrose's office, "Simon, Jared & Lawson are gone" I said to Ambrose
"Ugh, The three guards, The mysterious person took them, I saw him though and...."
"What does he look like?" Ambrose interrupted
"Black robe or cloths, I don't know and he had a staff" I best described him
"Hmm, Ok" Ambrose said, Rubbing his beard, Thinking
"Ugh" I said walking out
This place isn't going to be the same since Jack, Bob and Oscar is gone, No more joy to be, But I have to find out who is this kidnapper. 3 hours of researching a kidnapper in a black robe with a staff and nothing and it was getting dark so I just headed back to my Dorm, Might take awhile Library to Dorm but I am willing to do this. I can tell he's coming, It was getting all foggy and no banshee or ghost in sight
"Oh great you're here" I said
"48 hours, 48 hours"
"Let them go, You halloween freak" I said
"Yooooooou will neeeeeeeveeeeer see them ever again" He said
"PumpKid? What are you doing here?"
"What the? David?" I said
I been thinking wrong, For the whole time I thought it was David, But it wasn't
"Who are you talking too?" David asked
"No one, Come one we need to get out of here" I said pulling David
"What is going on?"
"It wasn't you, Sorry I blamed you, I thought you stole Oscar, I thought you kidnapped Jack, Bob and everyone else, I am sorry"
"I need to explain too" David said
"Ok, Lets talk when we are out of his sight, We'll head to the shopping district into the robe shop" I said
"I don't think I can run anymore" David said
"Just keep running!"

"Few more" I said
We made it into the shopping district, But not into the robe shop
"Just get into the Dye shop" David suggested
We made it into the Dye shop, Both breathing hard and huffing and puffing.
"Ok, What do you want to tell me?" I said sitting down
"I have a job now" David said
"And I help the gardener in Golem Court, With water and stuff and he pays me well, Thats how I got this, I just didn't want to tell you till Halloween" David said even though it was October 8th
"Oh, Sorry of accusing you for stealing and kidnapping" I apologized
"Its ok" David snickered
"This person who is kidnapping, Is wearing a black cloths/Robe and has a weird looking staff, Talks like a ghost and acts like one too" I said
"Did you said a weird looking staff?" David asked
"Oh no" David said getting up to the door, Looking out of it
"Who is this person?" I asked
"Lord NightShade"
"Him!?!?! I know where his lair is located! This is amazing, David you saved all of us" I said in excitement.
The whole dye shop was shaking and screaming from banshees and NightShade
"FOOOOOOOOOLS!!!!" Lord NightShade said
"We need to get out of here!" David said.
It was rocking back and fourth nonstop, "The door is right there, Let's go!" David said
"Right behind you" I said
We almost felt Nightshade pain & asarity by his anger & cries. As we got out of the dye shop safely, Nightshade was waiting for us.
"Foolish wizards this is the last time you'll see me!" Nightshade said getting closer swinging his staff
"Duck!" David yelled
Swoop, The staff with the bladed sharp end didn't hit us, But it hit my mask. Plump plump the pumpkin on my head feel off.
"P-p-p-pumpkid?" David said.
Luckily he didn't notice my face, I picked up the pumpkin so fast, I'm surprise my arm didn't fall off.
"Lets just go" I said trying to forget that moment
"Where are we going?"
"Into Darkcave, Hide, I know a great hiding spot" David said, Having all my trust and hope in him.
"Turn" David said with some sublimity
We reached our destination, No nightshade in sight, But we have to wait a few minutes or even hours to make sure, Even though we can see the sun is about ready to come up.
"Lets go, It been 37 minutes now" I said, Having no endurance
"Unless you want to be caught, I suggest another 30 minutes" David said
"Pumpkid, Your face?" David said
"Are you calling me ugly" I wondered
"No" David snickered
"Just forget about it" I said changing the subject
"This was officially the worst night I ever had, Only if Oscar was by my side" I said
It was the early start of October, I can't believe this happened. I imagine me decorating my dorm with intoxication, Seeing all the urging costumes that the wizards come up with. Me having the best costume of all wizards in wizardcity, Travel to Kroktopia  even though it had its  sweltering sand. But didn't picture me losing my best friends on the holiday I certainly loved. It officially been 2 hours we been here, Half of my body was asleep, Couldn't do much, But just moaned and yawn, But luckily that was the signal to David that meant, Its time to go.
"Alright, We waited enough, The sun is coming up, So we need to get to Nightshade's tower ASAP" David said,
"Finally" I said as I yawn and stretched.
We got out of our hiding spot tacitly and perfect
"Alright it's over there, Lights are on, That means he's not here" David whispered
"Doesn't that mean he's here?" I said confusingly
We ran up to his tower and cracked open the door.
"Bingo!" I said with with excitement
The first room was a mess. Mess up paintings, Paper everywhere, Broken items everywhere you step.
"Must be his bedroom" David joked
"Second floor" I suggested
We walked up the stairs and the down stairs, creek and the door opened
"He's here" I said as the lights turned off
"Get them quick!" I said
"Oscar, Oscar" I said picking him up, Holding him tightly
"There's Bob & Jack too" David said
"And the guards"
"Guys wake up" I said shaking them
"W-w-where are we?" Both Bob & Jack said
"In nightshade tower, Come on, He's here"
"Get up knights" David said to the 5 knights
"Jared, Simon & Lawson!" I said
"Hide somewhere" The knights suggested.
Creeeeeek, Creeeek, The stairs made as Lord nightshade made his way up.
"Hearing his hard breathing, It seems like he's tired." I said
"More like restless" David said
We was all in this gigantic mess, Nightshade seeking to find us and destroy us