Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkid #9

                                                             PumpKid #9 The truth
"This is Pumpkid? His name isn't Pumpkid!" David said,
BAM, A blow occur in the dorm, Stunning David and knocking him out.
"I'll take this" The witch said, Taking the ID from David
"Useless wizard! This is all mine!" She laughed as she teleports away.
Coming inside the dorm was Lawson & Jared the two out of three guards that was with Pumpkid.
"Holy, What happen!" Lawson said, Staring at David's body & the humongous hole
"This isn't his dorm" Jared said, Remembering last time he was here
"This is that Pumpkin guy's dorm, What is he doing in here?" Jared said
"Looks like he was trying to steal something" Jared said
"You seen his record, He stole many things and was off the hook" Lawson said
"Half of the bad wizards get off the hook" Lawson stated
"Well, He isn't getting off the hook this time" Jared laughed
They took David into Ambrose office, Not thinking about taking to get him check out if he badly hurt or anything.
"Ambrose, We found this rat in someone else dorm, Hurt and there is a gigantic hole in the dorm" Lawson said, Dropping down David
"Do you know him" Jared asked
"Yes I surely do, He asked for keys and surely I cannot..."
"Right here" Jared said as he threw the key at Ambrose
"How long in the cell sir?" Jared asked
"I know Jared loves to steal but he not powerful enough to make a hole in a dorm" Ambrose stated
"Well sir"
"Take him to his dorm, I'll think of a reasonable punishment" Ambrose said
And they surely listened.
"Where is David? No signal or anything" Bob said, To Jack on a calling device
"True, I wonder why he wanted to switch with me" Jack said
"There have to be something he have done" Bob said
"I'll go check Ravenwood for him and hopefully this witch"  Bob said, Heading toward Ravenwood.
Bob got to Ravenwood and the first thing he saw was Pumpkid's Dorm with a gigantic hole in it
"Oh my gosh!" Bob said
"Jack, Jack!" Bob said, Trying to get to him with his device, But nothing picked up
"Must be a dead area or something" Bob said
But right above Bob was the banshee, Staring at him
"This is useless" Bob said to his self
Bam! The Banshee dropped down and fell on top of Bob
"Ah, Get off of me" Bob said, Trying to pull the banshee off
"You should of never came back!" She said
"This isn't your place, This is Ambrose!" He said, Throwing her into a hard looking rock behind the dorms.
It was all silence, The banshee, On the ground breathing deeply and Bob, Staring in fright.
"Hello?" Bob said, Getting closer
She was still breathing hard, Looking at the ground, Smiling all of a sudden
"Oh this must be bad" Bob said
Boom! She got back up and tackled Bob, Still laughing like she liked being defeated
"Ahhh!" Bob cried, With the banshee, Clawing & screaming, Mostly laughing at him
Ding! It become silent, Not one noise came, With Bob eyes closed he looked up and all he saw was a banshee, Knocked out & someone in a black & green outfit, On a glowing black horse with his sword out
"W-w-who are you?" Bob said
"Where's the two boys, Scarecrow & the zombie piggle"

"Bob isn't saying anything, No luck" Jack said, To Pumpkid
"There was some rombus in Ravenwood earlier today" Pumpkid said
"David also isn't replying" Jack said
"Oh really?" Pumpkid said
I know when two of our helpers aren't replying and something bad happened in Ravenwood, Its really bad
"Well....What are we going to do?" Jack said
"Meet me in Ravenwood" Pumpkid said
We met up in Ravenwood, The look on Jack face looked atrocious
"Are you okay whats wrong?" I asked
"Look at your dorm" Jack said, Nervously
I opened my mouth wide in surprise, When I saw a huge hole in my dorm
"What happen?" I said
I had the feeling that David or Bob was in it, Or maybe even the banshee with my luck & betray I had this Halloween.
"This is a mess!" I said
"Look!" Jack said, Pointing at my left
And there she was, The lady, Or I should say a banshee on the ground knocked out..Or maybe even dead and all the thoughts went through my mind like "Who was the hero that did this?" or "Was this David?" Or "Was this Jack" Or even some thoughts like "Is this really her?" or "Did you knock (Or maybe even kill at this moment) herself?" All those thoughts just kept on buzzing in my head, Won't go ahead, So I got closer & had to look what happen.
"This job was from a knight or even guard" Jack said
"Look she teared up someone's cloth" Jack said
"Its Bob!" I said and the I was getting worrier & worrier

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