Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pirate101 & News/Reminders

Pirate101 is coming tomorrow!!!! (If you didn't purchase the head-start or not a BETA player) So get ready to battle! Train your companion, Sail through the skyways and have fun!!

Chosen one event: The AOTS's Chosen one, Will raffle tonight, Sometime at 10:00 or 11:00 PM
To enter and win 5,000 crowns OR Become AOTS President for a whole year. 5,000 crowns might be for Pirate101 (To get you started) Or Wizard101 and AOTS's president is a special and important and fun job.

The Buccaneer adventures: The Buccaneer adventures book series is coming in November (Going to be working on it)
A young Buccaneer parents has disappear, Everyone says the kraken has them, some say they're dead, But that won't stop this new starting out Buccaneer to find their's parents and learn the ways of a Buccaneer and treasure of course. But with his companion and his pet chameleon, They'll soar the spiral, Defeat whom come in their way & solve. Buccaneer adventures!

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