Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkid #11

Pumpkid #11 The plan
"Y-y-you're a ghost!" I cried
He had a cape on him, All ripped up, He had glowing green eyes and his horse was just a whole other story
"Not exactly, Why do you have a pumpkin on your head?" He asked, Like I was going to answer that
"I like the smells of pumpkins?" I said, Couldn't find a good excuse, Just in my mind & thoughts were, Is this guy working with Nightshade? Is he evil, But he might of wasn't, If he was, I would already be gone
"Oh...Okay" He said, Giving me a weird look
"Anyway, Your friend is fine, But he needs to rest he had a bunch of pressure on him when he was...Fighting some banshee? Well anyway he was clawed up...Badly, Just need a little amount of rest and be careful, I gave him a pain relief potion, It'll make him act weird & dizzy" He said, Like I didn't know before...
I didn't say anything, I was speechless, Couldn't get over about this mysterious person defeating one of our enemy & saving Bob's life, I could never re-thank him.
"October is about to end" He said
I looked right at him in confusion and he took a deep breathe, Like he might attack me or something
"Don't you think you need to take the pumpkin off? Addicted to Halloween?" He said, Afraid of saying it even though I can't harm him very well.
"I never took this off" I said, Sadly
"Why you hiding a secret or something? Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something" He said
He put his hand in his little pouch he was holding, And come coming out was a piece of paper, Having my picture & everything
"Is this you? I found it near some Ed..."
"No" I interrupted
"Well I might should go turn this in to Ambrose, Don't you think?" He said, Trying to get inside of me
"He's my friend, I'll give it to him" I said, Taking it and putting it in my pocket, Velocious
He finally stopped asking me questions and walked over to Bob's knocked out body
"He's recovering good" He said, Putting his hand on his head, Feeling his temperature
"Hopefully" I said
I was glad everything came back well, No one doesn't know about this conversation, He & I had, But... Till my stomach became rough when I heard Jack's voice saying "I been hiding for a hour and look at you!"
"Who are you?" He asked
"Who are you?" Jack replied
"Yeah sir, I need to know your name" I said
"Well you didn't give me your name very well" He replied back
"But my name is Gontraska, But you can call me scratch" He said
"How do you pronounce that?" Jack said in confusion
"And look its a scarecrow" He said
I didn't know what to say or even look  at Jack, He heard the whole entire conversation
It became all silent, Looks like this Gontraska (Scratch) guy will fight Jack with the way he holding his sword, Tight and Jack keeps looking back and fourth, And then he looked at me like if I know what to do
"Well you can leave now" Scratch said
"Halloween freaks" Scratch finished & turned his back toward Jack & his front facing me
"You're the one that looks like a nightmare" Jack said, Schooling him like I would say
He didn't say anything but just turned around and 30 seconds later he made a statement, Or even a command
"I destroy that banshee that you weaklings couldn't even touch or find, I betcha I can take care of you. I do like pumpkin pie.  Now if I was you, The exit is over there, Picking up your buddy & clean up your piggle mess and leave, Now...Or else" He said
"Look, This October is the worst one I ever had, Give me a break, You've to help us, We need your help" I said, In a pleasing yet sad way
He wasn't replying, Just walking back and fourth, Looks more like thinking to me
"I don't know, I have other stuff to take care of too" He said
"Please sir" I said
"Who is this guy you want to take down?" He asked, Stopped moving
"A wraith, His name is..."
"Lord Nightshade" He interrupted
"Yes..Do do you know him?" I asked
"Yes, He's one of my worse enemies, We never got along" He said
This was one of the best thing I heard since Jack's plan, Which was hours ago
"So do you think you can help?"
He wasn't talking, But then he turned around to Me and shook his head

Next day, After Bob can rest, Scratch, Oscar, Bob, David, Jack & I was planning it on, We made it, Discussed it and got ready for it.
"So, If I was listening the plan is: I and your pet go to Nightshade tower, Try to get along with him, If we can stay alive and you guys go in and take away all the potions he owns?"
"Yes sir, Sounds simple?" I asked
"Well what happen if the get along thing doesn't work out?"
"Run, Yell for us" I said, Perfect or I was thinking plan
We wasn't ready to do it, YET, We had to get with all the abilities we can, Armor too, Weapons, Anything that'll be helpful that we can get our hands on, I wish Ambrose can give us some guards but, He can't risk anymore guards getting hurt or even lost, And I noticed something, I haven't been worrying or keep my eye on the ghost that roams the night, Its like they're gone..Or something like that
Bob & Jack returned with planks with screws & mud all over it, Looks pretty useless, But they can have that
"Ok, Think we're ready?" David asked
"Not yet, We need more practicing, Well...You do" Scratch said
"I think it'll be a better idea if we get more armor, Because so far, Scratch & I are the only one with them on and we need to discuss..."
"Wait, Prince needs something" Scratch said
Prince was his ghostly, scary ghost, I wasn't a fan of him but he's our transportation & supplier, So he's pretty useful, More useful then David for sure. I thought.
"Guys help!" Scratch cried

Scratch (Gontraska) & Prince (Horse) Helps Pumpkid & his friends, Defeat Nightshade, But is all well going to turn out great? 

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