Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of the year (101 post)

     2012 is about to leave our world and a 2013 is coming in!!!
Say goodbye to 2012 and say hello to the wonderful and non world ending 2013 :) All the bad memories of 2012 is under our feet and all the wonderful memories are above us shining bright! Get prepare for all the memories for 2013. Haven't the year went by fast? I had lots and lots of memories of AoTS during 2012...Which is 5 month and 13 days but I think it's pretty long and I can't wait to remember this post in May/August
On May I was deciding to make a blog or not and I decided not to because of all the hard work and I wanted to work on my Wizard101 character
On July. Edward Lifegem, Autumn Dreamwalker, Blaze Shadowhorn and lots of more inspired me to blog
On August one of my pals Blaze Shadowhorn help me create AoTS. Headers, backgrounds etc and I started to blog about Wizard101 and created my first hunt called "Gnome hunt" I also created Pet/Spell of the week and I made it to 10 followers (Which was a big goal for new bloggers lol) 
On September  I started to blog about Pirate101 and Wizard101 and 
On October, I started my first series call "Pumpkid" and "Plant goes dead" 
On November, I created my first contest named "Whats in the chest" Which was a raffle and 137 people joined and Jessica Stormblade won (Congratz ;)
I wasn't the best blogger back then with all the short posts I posted but I improved over the experience ...But I still stink at photos ;) 
Blog posts:
First post:                         
                               First header on AoTS (Made by Blaze Shadowhorn) August 7th 2012

          Have a great new years everyone!
                     -Blaze & David

Friday, December 21, 2012

Contest- Armada style

Oh no! The Armada have entered the Wizard world! To survive them you must dress up as one!
AoTS is hosting a brand new-fashion kinda like contest!
The Armada style contest is like fashion! Your Wizard (10-90) will dress up as a armada! Colors don't count. But backgrounds do! The contest will begin in 2013! Plenty of time to pick your costume! The prize is 5,000 crowns
Does and Don'ts: Don't have a mount equip. (Choice of having a mount in your background) Don't have a lvl 5-10 wand equipped. (Options of having or not having one is considered) You can have your character with other people! (All must have some match, example: Boots) You can take your screen shot anywhere! Just make sure it's like...Armada like (Jail, Jungle, etc)
The contest doesn't start until 2013. But that doesn't mean you have to wait! When you create your costume. Send it to us at
When you send it to us. subject, Armada style entry (Armada fashion)
Good luck Wizards!
This doesn't have to be alone project! Get your friends or family to help you out!
Must be 13+ or get a Parent or guardian permission

Happy birthday Blaze! (Short message from David)

  Happy birthday Blaze! I hope you have a great b-day. 15 years, dang lol.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Warrior #5 Taken down

Meanwhile, 4 armadas, Ruk, Deah, Heldreth and Zon heading to the ceils, Where Sanchi and Sanchez escaped at. Errrrrrk noises was made as the ceil opened.
"T....thank you....For for saving us....they...they got.....away" One of them said
"Ex...exact reason why we......he...heard g.....g..gun shots, They escaped" Heldreth said
"Tell Rooke and warn the....the"
"No can tell him that they're gone...but we can kill them....Look for them" Deah suggested
"Ruk, come" Deah said
"I'll....I shall take.....Heldreth" Zon said.
The four of them went different aways. Looking for Sanchi and Sanchez. Not telling Rooke anything. Ruk and Deah went to the left of the prison where Sanchi took out 2 of their's guards.
"Bodies....two of them" Ruk said
"The door is opened" Dead cried
Meanwhile Sanchi and Sanchez got the companions and pirates to the top of the prison. Sanchez went with them, While Sanchi did not and he went to the left to find Rooke and end this mess.
"They....broke out every prisoner" Ruk said.
Sanchi rushed and right when he turned the corner he saw Ruk and Deah, Looking around. They know. Sanchi thought. Must end this once and for all. Sanchi said and turned the corner in front of the armadas.
"Hi" Sanchi said
They heard Sanchi and turned around right away aiming their's riffle steady.
"There is one of the scum....scumbags" Deah said
"Dr.....drop the weapon I would love to was........waste a was a goo....good use" Ruk said
Sanchi walked slowly holding his weapon low, Not so far off the ground
"Ok, Easy there let me just give you the wea...pon!" Sanchi said and matter of seconds he turned, Striking Deah and kicking Ruk away
"" Deah stopped, Destroyed
"That could of been you" Sanchi teased "Where is Rooke at, I know you know"
" away any positions" Ruk said
"Alright guess I can keep you alive, Get" Sanchi said
"I will find Rooke and I will make sure I tell who told me if you don't tell me" Sanchi said
"On his ship, At the dock with two monsters, a crane and..."
Sanchi took him out. Meanwhile Heldreth and Zon scouting all over the place and no signs. But they kept hearing noises, Every step they make it gets louder and louder, They were at the top where Sanchez and the rest was at.
"Prisoners are here" Zon said
They saw all of them, Not one with a weapon beside Sanchez a riffle that was about to run out of bullets. Zon stepped out and went in holding his riffle and aiming at Sanchez
"Ha...hands up" Zon said and they all listened
Heldreth came out with his riffle steady at all of them, Ready to fire "The leader of this come here or you all die"
Sanchez walked up with the sharp weapon holding it. "Drop it"
Sanchez dropped it and looked straight at them in the eyes.
"Ready for your fall" Zon said
"No we must take them to Rooke" Heldreth argued
"No....Kill...him" Zon said
"You...idiotic puppet" Heldreth said
"I am..commander of th..this" Zon said
"No I am" Heldreth said
"" Zon said
"Not anymore" Heldreth said
Heldreth cocked his gun and fired at Zon in head, destroying him.
"You come" Heldreth said
"No, He's coming with me" Bing! the crowbar knocked out Heldreth, Leaving him there as he picks up his riffle
"Who...who are you?" Sanchez asked

"Anthony Sharp" He introduced
"You must of been a prisoner" He said
"Half of that is true" Sanchez said
"I know a place where you can escape" Anthony said, Opening the back door
"I can't leave all these people behind, And my crew is still here somewhere" Sanchez said
"No cap'n leave us, We will stay here and do what we can to take over this mess and end it" Someone said from the crowd
Anthony led the way through the prison. While Sanchi not far away from Rooke
"They took out my 4 commanders, And now they are escaping, The prisoners just took out 3 guards and not one guard took out them, This is a diaster, We need to find them. But I know the secret weapon" Rooke said, Staring at Wing chun and Moresco as they are tied up. Sanchi noticed him and he looks at the cameras and saw the prisoners taking out Armadas he smiled and laugh and got up, Ready to fight Rooke. Sanchi got closer and closer to Rooke but he noticed he had 3 guards in there and he knew he could not take that much at the same time. He took a secretly glance around the room and notice something. It looks like a charger something these armada needs, Including Rooke.
That remote, is what I need. Sanchi thought to his self and started to saunter in the room, Trying to reach the charger.
"We don't want no survivers" Rooke said "How many soldiers do we have"
"Not enough to take out everyone" Armada man said.
"Kane will not like this at all" Rooke stated "Wait, Where are the commanders?" Rooke asked
" reply....from them"
Rooke was furious and he slammed his fist down on the table, Splitting it in half.
Sanchi spied on their's whole conversation, It interest him a little but not whole lot. He was close to the controller, Sanchi crawled and crawled and finally reached it! Then he stood up holding it and Rooke and the man noticed them.
"Freeze or all of you guys will regret this" Sanchi said
The whole entire place was silent and then Rooke laughed "Fool! Press the button it's just a charger it won't hurt any of us"
Sanchi felt foolish, Now it was only up to Sanchez.

"This place was fulled of armadas, Until you guys came" Anthony smiled.
"I can't leave this place I must find my crew" Sanchez said, Turning around
"Wait" Anthony said and Sanchez stopped for a second.
"I can't leave alone here, Lemme help you" Anthony said
"Too risky you can go to your family" Sanchez suggested
"They are gone, Long gone by Bishop" Anthony said
"Bishop?" Sanchez said in confusion.
Both of them went to the front of the prison, Nothing beside a couple of armadas. They searched the whole prison until Anthony noticed armadas, Holding three prisoners. "Get down" Anthony said.
The armadas had Wing Chun, Moresco and coming from the back, Deacon having a holt of. Sanchi
Sanchez knew he couldn't of do anything. He knew he was doomed, Even though he was with Anthony and the other pirates were somewhere else he knew he could not defeat him.
"Any plans cap'n?" Anthony asked but Sanchez didn't answered. Instead he turned right around and headed where Rooke and his man was going at. They went upstairs and noticed a Armada commander, He knew it was Heldreth.
"Heldreth you failed me" Rooke said
" they.....let....." Heldreth stopped and picked up his riffle
"We....we can.....fight....fight" Heldreth suggested.
"Rooke is a dangerous armada, Not like Kane but he is very tough buccaneer, He can tear you into pieces and he will if you get in his way" Anthony warned
Then it hit Sanchez! He had an amazing plan but for it to work, He'll need Armadas two or more.
"Follow me" Sanchez said, Heading back to the ceils.
"What is your plan" Anthony asked
"Armadas, Dress up as one" Sanchez said
Sanchez went to two destroyed armadas and took their's mask off.
"Put this on" Sanchez said, Handing the mask toward Anthony
both of them was dressed up as armadas and headed toward Rooke.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pirate101 Character of the week!

Pirate101, Character of the week is...Deacon!

Deacon is one of the Armada leader and Kane's spy!
In the beginning on P101 you escape from the cell you go up and you run into Deacon and his armadas.
You don't exactly fight Deacon. You just fight his minions.
"The prisoner must not be allowed to escape. Take them!" Deacon said
In the end when you defeat his minions he says
"Impressive. It seems we've underestimated you, Young Pirate"
"Your friend won't be there to save you, next time. You'll regret making an enemy of the Armada"
"Enjoy your freedom... While it lasts!"
Then he fires his gun at a crate, Knocking out Boochbeard and flees!
But you will see him again soon. Before you go to Mooshu. You go into Motherlode and there it is. The treasure, Mooshu ship and Deacon! And at the end you'll defeat and finish Deacon off :)

The Warrior #4 Trouble

"What" Sanchi said as he walks over to Sanchez
"Footprints, Doesn't look like Shiruku or Wun" Sanchez said
"Yes they are small foot prints" Sanchi said
Sanchi looked at them more closely and knew it was Moresco's
"We can go follow the tracks" Sanchez suggested
They followed the foot prints and it led them to a dock. Sanchez looked everywhere there was TONS of people there. Half Pirates and companions. Sanchez had a idea.
"Whoever has the name Moresco please come to the stairs of the docks" Sanchez cried
And 35 people came up to Sanchez & Sanchi.
"Great idea" Sanchi said
Sanchi looked around and saw a red flying man in armor and he shouted "Moresco!" And ran toward him
And the little creature ran too.
"Sanchi" Sanchez cried
It was a chase, This mysterious person starts to run when Sanchi cries Moresco. He knew who he was.
"Moresco" Sanchi said as he runs to catch up.
But he couldn't still catch up he looks around for a idea and saw ropes. He grabbed a long rope and swing toward the mysterious person
"Gotcha" Sanchi said as he pulls him back
Right when he pulled the person toward him he started to scratch
"Ahhh" Sanchi cried
And Sanchez heard the cry and saw it. He started to laugh but at the same time he pulled out his gun and pointed toward him
"Freeze, I have 6 bullets left not afraid to have 5" Sanchez said
He stopped and Sanchi flipped him over
"And Sanchez" Sanchez joked
"I thought you were the armada hunting for me. I heard some wrack jobs attacked the armadas last night" Moresco said.
"Oh really" Sanchez said looking at Sanchi
"So great to see you" Moresco said
"During the crash I was knocked out but some nice person found me and took me to their's shelter I think his name was..."
"Moresco, My pet" Marty cried
"Yeah, Um him" Moresco said
Sanchi looked at Marty with a disgusted glance and walked toward him.
"Bad misunderstanding, He's my pet thank you for taking care of him" Sanchez said
"He's my pet" Marty said
"Wanna fight for him"
Marty backed down.
"Boys" Devon cried
"I found my crew, Now I just need a ship found any?" Sanchi asked
"Oh yes I did, I bet my foot on the ship" Devon said
"Wonderful, Luckily you got us a ship and you kept your leg" Sanchez cried
"Yeah not exactly" Devon said, Looking at his new wooden leg
"Take me to the ship" Sanchi said ignoring Sanchez's comment
"It's not far from here, Follow me" Devon said
"When you go to your adventure and when you get a chance to the Armada's jail, Please look for me wife" Devon said
"Will do" Sanchi said.
Sanchez was ignoring the whole entire conversation as they walked. He knew Sanchi got lucky with Moresco alive but what about him? Where is Wing Chun? Where is Shiruku Neko? Are they really dead? Those thoughts trample in his mind and couldn't leave.
"Traitor, Traitor destroy him" A armada voice like said
POW! Gun shots fired. It sounds like a battle.
"I have to go check this out" Sanchez said and ran to the noise. Sanchi and the rest followed.
And there he was Wing Chun treasing  4 armadas
"Have to help him" Sanchez said, Pulling out his gun
Boom! Sanchez shot a fire and hit a armada and Sanchi took out 2 armadas and Moresco took care of the last one. Wing Chun turned around and his eyes widen
"I thought you guys were...dead" He said
"Where Shiruku?" Sanchez asked
"Oh yes..Shiruku" Chun said
"She did not survived" Chun said

This was a devastated moment for Sanchez & Chun. Sanchi & Moresco really didn't know them that good. But both knew that they won't have to worry about Sanchez anymore.
"A-a-are you sure" Sanchez asked, He was for sure devastated.
Sanchi and Moresco didn't say anything but they looked at each other, Sanchi moved his head which means to tell them
"We got a ship, Well....Sanchi & Moresco" Moresco said
"Yes you can stay here, Become what you want to become" Sanchi said, Couldn't find anything good to say.
"We can't stay here the armadas know what we have done" Sanchez said "Just add additional two people to your crew" Sanchez suggested
"No thanks" Sanchi said, Walking away but then seconds later 3 armadas came out, Knocking Sanchi down and snatching his sword.
"Fr....F...Freeze" Armada captain said
This armada doesn't seem like any other, He was tall and looks buff and he had a cape
"I am Rooke, Armada captain" Rooke said
"Won't K-k-Kane be......proud of me" Rooke said
"We...We know how this...W-w-work" Rooke said, Pointing his weapon at Sanchi
"D-d-drop the weapons" Rooke said
"We want these fo....four you....three other pirates....leave" Rooke said, Talking to Devon, Marty and Lambon.
"These Pirates are innocent, Leave them now ye rusty scumbags took my wife, Ye not taking this gentlemans" Devon said, Pulling out his gun
Rooke started to laugh and walked toward Devon "Foolish pirate, Stay back" Rooke said. Tossing him out of his way.
" check their's pockets they could have a weapon and.....after...after that take them to the ship" Rooke said
"Moresco dislike you, Stupid little puppet" Moresco said
"P...Put something to shut this pet...up" Rooke teased.
The armadas took the four of them- Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun and Moresco to the armada ship.
"We can take them to the small prison" Rooke said
Sanchez thought about what Devon said. His wife in prison but she was captured by Rooke with all the help Devon did. He thought that he needs to pay him back. His new goal was to get Devon's wife.
"P...put them in......the back" Rooke said
The armadas threw us into the back of the ship, The lower part.
It was dark and scandalous! Rats everywhere and just plain disgusting.
"Stay, The ride is about to be over" A armada said
We was in the ceil for the total of 15 minutes. Sanchi was walking around in place back and fourth back and fourth.
"What are you doing" Chun asked
"Planning a escape" Sanchi said
"That's insane, This Rooke guy is a plain Buccaneer!" Chun said

All of a sudden, The doors opened and Rooke came in. Snatching Moresco and Chun
"We'll come for you two soon" Rooke said, Slamming the door.
"What should we do" Sanchez said
"Once they come and get us, We can escape. I am not staying in a prison with these puppet scumbags!" Sanchi said.
Then everything became quiet and two armadas came in. Sanchi and Sanchez hid where the doors will open.
"T...time for your ceil" Armada said
And matter of seconds Sanchi jumped on one of the armada's back trying to grab the riffle.
"Attack" The other armada said but Sanchez tackled out, Pulling the riffle from him.
Sanchi finally got the riffle and pointed it at the armada. While Sanchez still trying to get his.
"Move and you'll get not just a bruise in your head" Sanchi said "And you other armada punk, Drop the riffle and give it to the boy" Sanchi said, Holding the riffle up steady. The armada listened and dropped it and Sanchez picked it up and whacked him with it.
"Consider you two lucky, The other armadas that'll get in our ways will get destroyed" Sanchi said.
The two armadas ducked down on the floor and Sanchi and Sanchez left, Closing and locking the door.
"We don't want to trouble, Look for Chun and Moresco. That is it" Sanchez said
They searched the whole entire jail. Not getting noticed at all.
"No sign of them at all" Sanchi said
Sanchez signed and turned around and noticed a locked up door and then heard armadas coming and thought of a great idea.
"We need keys from those armada guards, They have no guns" Sanchez said
"We have guns they don't hold up your riffle and count to three we run out, Point your gun straight at them" Sanchez said.
They ran out, Pointing their's riffles right at their's face
"Drop the sharp weapon" Sanchi said.
One of them did but the other did not
" are illegally here, You drop the weapon. I am a guard and it's my duty to take out anyone who comes and not allow to" The armada said
"Drop the weapon and hand us the key" Sanchez said
"No......thanks" It said, Striking at Sanchi
Sanchi luckily duck straight down to the floor and shot his riffle, Hitting him straight in the stomach area. The gun gave a kick. And Sanchi didn't like it and dropped the gun, Picking up the sharp weapon and went to the shot but still alive armada.
"Sorry" Sanchi said, Striking it in the eye
"You want to be next?" Sanchi cried
"Then hand over the keys!" Sanchi yelled, Loud and he was serious
The armada dropped his keys and Sanchi took him out.
"What are you doing, He was following the..."
"Whoever gets in our way, remember that" Sanchi said as he opens the door
And there was LOTS of companions and some are pirates, Sky snakes, Goat monks etc
"Let all them out" Sanchi said
"Why, They'll just slow us down" Sanchez said
"This time, We're going to fight" Sanchi said

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Pirate101- Character of the week!

Ahoy! Sorry I haven't been doing this, I was suppose to do one every Friday but with the holidays I was getting prepare and was working on the Warrior.

Pirate101 character of the week is.......

Rooke is one of Kane's highest working officer. He's tall and big and he is a Buccaneer! You will meet Rooke during Tso's fight. You don't fight and defeat him but soon you will.

The Yule Trogg

Har the new Companion for the Christmas season in Pirate101...The Yule Trogg!
he's ready to battle with a festive flair. This Buccaneer fights with a vengeance... and with his cozy red hat! 
The Yule Trogg is priced at 3,995 Crowns and is available for a limited time only. You can find him in the Pirate101 Crown Shop under the Companions tab. Happy battling!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New pack! Yuletide! 12 days of the spiral

Now through the holiday season, you can get lots of amazing holiday themed items for your Wizard! The Yuletide Pack gives you a chance at the new two person Winter Treant mount, new holiday pets, new seasonal gear and much more!

The Yuletide Pack is priced at 299 Crowns. Check it out in the Wizard101 Crown Shop today, but hurry - this pack won't be around for long!



The Warrior #3 Awaken

"Yohoho, Talon ye found all th' treasure!" Boochbeard cried
"And you took out Fin crew! No more danger lurking in here" Gandry said
All Pirates was gathered around Sanchez, All cheering, Throwing glasses of Yum at him. He knew he was in heaven. The Pirates was throwing a party for me? Captain Avery is throwing a party for me? Sanchez thought. Amazing! He thought.
"It was just ye, One Pirate defeat all bad & got the treasure" Gandry cried
Sanchez stopped smiling.
"Just me? What? What about Shiruku, Sanchi & Wing Chun died long ago, Remember the ship wreck? Oh what am I saying, Ye was in a coma for a long time!" Boochbeard said.
This did not made since. Sanchez knew this did not made since. Until a heavy weighted Pirate runs in.
"Wake up, Wake up, Are ye ok?"
And then everything became black & blurry & a few seconds later a man, Long grey beard with a hook & two others.
"W-w-what happened?" Sanchez asked
"Ye crashed and caused a lot of damage" He said
"Looks like ye hit into another ship, Sharktooth's ship, Bad damage young pirate" He said
"Where's Chun? Shiruku? Sanchi? Moresco?" Sanchez said
"Don't recall those names, But if they were in the crash, They must be dead" He said
Sanchez was in shock. He got up not saying anything & ran to the pieces of the ships.
"No" Him & his crew cried
"Who are you" Sanchez asked, Before going
"Sharp Devon" He said
"And this is Marty & Lambon" Devon introduced
"Well Devon that was my crew, I am going to look" Sanchez said
Sanchez stumbled off into the destroyed ship. He had no idea which one is. It was for sure destroyed, Pieces everywhere, All crunched up. It was just plain mess

"They didn't make it" Marty said
"Sadly, Now leave the ship" Devon demanded
Sanchez didn't want to, He was looking around & then saw his gun. He ran toward the pistol & picked it up
"How bout you leave" Sanchez said, Pointing his gun at them
"Go ahead, Pull the trigger" He said
Right when he said the word, Sanchez thought about Fin, Taking a life from someone. He dropped his gun.
Then there was a crumple noise, Pieces being moved
"Looks like someone survived" Marty said
They walked toward the pieces that was moving
"Go get help" Sanchez said
And they did, Sanchez all alone. Moved the pieces & it was Sanchi. Breathing hard. He opened his eyes & looked at Sanchez, Swoosh! Sanchi tackled Sanchez.
"You did this" Sanchi said, Holding his sword toward Sanchez's throat
"The crash, That was my ship" Sanchi said
It became silent, Sanchez giving a weird look to Sanchi and Sanchi still breathing hard was looking at him. He took a deep breathe & threw his sword & got up
"Fin is defeated" Sanchez said
Sanchi looked at Sanchez & kicked him hard
"So is our crew!" Sanchez cried
"Over here" Devon cried
"Hide" Sanchi said
"No wait they're good, They're trying to help us" Sanchez said & pulled Sanchi out of the scraps
"A ninja & Musketeer, Har har" Marty joked
Sanchi looked at Sanchez & then at the sword. Sanchez whispered "Don't" But he didn't listen & ran as fast as he could and picked up the sword
"Get out of our way and nobody gets hurt" Sanchi cried
But they did not listened, Instead they all laughed and pulled out their's weapons

"Drop it" Devon said
"Not worth it" Lambon said
Sanchez dropped his weapon.
"My....My crew is down here somewhere" Sanchi said
He must not only be talking about Moresco, But Shiruku & Wun.
"I need to look for them and then head back toward Mooshu" Sanchi said, Limping around the ship, Lurking.
"You need to rest" Devon stated
"Quiet, I know what I am doing" Sanchi said
"This is a serious wreck" He said "Two ships collided"
Sanchi didn't listen and still searched
"It's getting dark, Marty and Lambon go rest I'll stay here with these Pirates" Devon said and they went away.
"I have a warm place" Devon said "And I can help you search for whatever you're looking for"
Sanchi looked at him strangely and just dropped down.
"It's okay, he will be fine, help me pick him up and take him to my place" Devon said.
Sanchez knew he needed the rest so he did and both of him lifted him up and walked to Devon's house.
They went inside the house, Sanchez dropped Sanchi on a warm bed.
"I'm sorry but I just had to ask, How did you crashed? Did ye had too much Yum?" Devon joked
"We were attacked by a shark tooth name Fin Dorsal" Sanchez said, Sitting down
"The Fin Dorsal? That pain!" Devon said
"But Deacon is our problem here" Devon said, Walking toward his room and snatching his picture of him and his wife
"That's me wife, Deacon & the Armada took her away from me" He said.
All of a sudden, the bed started to shake and Sanchi was awake
"What happened where..." He stopped and heard noises
"Oh no the Armada is here" Devon said ducking down
"They check every night to make sure there is no Buccaneers, Privateers, Witchdoctors, Musketeers and swashbucklers crimes" Devon said

Sanchi didn't like it and he got up and walked out
"Buccaneer!" Armada cried and pulled out their's gun
"Not going to jail this time" Sanchi said & attacked the armadas
Loud noises was being make but they kept missing, Sanchi took out 2 armadas and there is 5 left. Sanchi jumped in the air and luckily sliced 3 more. And of the armada brought out his's rifle & point it at Sanchi.
"You're to prison" He said
"D.....dr....drop the......weapon" Another armada soldier said
But Sanchi did not listened instead he raised his sword and the armada cocked their's gun & bout to pull the trigger
"Raise it down!" They said
Boom! Two gun shots fired. Whole place is silent with other Pirates going outside to hear what's up and a matter of seconds the remaining two armadas feel to the ground. Sanchi was in shocked and took a glance at Sanchez & Devon.
"Get inside and hide now" Devon said, Picking up the armadas' bodies.
"What were you thinking" Sanchez cried
"That was completely stupid and a bad choice" Sanchez said
"I'm leaving this place alone" Sanchi said
"But what about Shiruku" Sanchez said.
Devon opened the door and got in quick.
"Everyone knows about the armadas everyone here" Devon said
"Tomorrow I'll pack ye up and can try to get a ship, But be aware tomorrow night, The armadas will be here, Just hide this time" Devon said, Seriously
Next morning they started to look for some help with ships. Well Devon and his man did while Sanchi & Sanchez was searching for clues about their's crew
"This is hopeless" Sanchez said
"Well if you would of put a bullet in Fin faster this wouldn't of happened, Why are you complaining this was my ship and Moresco" Sanchi cried
Sanchez ignored that comment and turned around and noticed something.
"Sanchi come here look at this!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pirate101 update 12/11/12

                    Bug fixes. Har!

Over 1,500 bugs and changes were made in this update to the game. There are so many fixes that it’s simply impractical to list them all; however, here is a general overview of those changes with some of the Pirate101 community’s key topics highlighted for your review:


  • Several performance improvements and memory leaks have been addressed!


  • Fixed many minor art issues, including lighting, particles, mismatched portraits, and textures throughout the game.
  • Fixed weapons so they are now properly holstered while mounted.
  • Changed the “busy” icon above pirate’s heads from a spell book to a treasure map.
  • Added several interior maps that were missing from the game.
  • Added many missing map icons including the landing in Kaizoku Jima, Moo Manchu's Sanctum, Black Storm Raiders, Sun Pollen, and more!
  • Enemy Waponi Watermoles are now be more easily identifiable by their silver color.


  • Additional NPCs now have audio accompanying quest text. Also, several fixes were made where audio did not match the quest text.
  • Music has been added to several zones.
  • Added/tweaked sounds for many combat powers, broadside powers, and companion barks in combat.
    • Reduced the volume on the Kraken's Coils and Wind Spirit buffs.
  • Players will no longer hear a “sell” sound when trying to sell an equipped item that can’t be sold.


  • Fixed a lot of minor quest text issues.
  • Fixed a lot of Quest Helper bugs, both in the quest arrow and in the text below the Quest Helper.
  • Lowered the respawn time of several quest collection objects to support more players (including the Doom Shards in Avernus).
  • Added more Troggy Warriors to the Scurvy Dog dungeon.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of Senjo for the “This is the Pits” quest.
  • Ensured Brother Owl now disappears after completing his quest, “Stray Feathers.”
  • Ensured Sergeant Shepard no longer assists players with Fin Dorsal after they have successfully completed the fight once before.
  • Ensured Skeletal Corsairs in the Ghost Town are now harder to avoid.
  • Improved the Cave Fish in the quest “True Love Triumphs?” They will drop the ring needed to complete the quest more reliably now.
  • Only Privateers will be prompted to visit the Old Chirp Place by Timmy for the quest “The Gang's All Here.”
  • Accommodated Count Brastillo de Brass who simply wanted to be known as “The Brass Monkey.” He also now sails a much higher level ship in the Vortex of Disruption.
  • Ensured Ordaz and his goons don’t stick around after they’ve been beaten in the Gortez encounter.
  • Players may now group up together to fight the Dread Droga for the side quest “Emperor Moo.”
  • Strengthened Brody so he can withstand shark attacks a bit better.
  • Added a 1,000 gold reward for completing “Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”
  • Players shouldn't have to repeat the Iron Monkey fight during Kan Po, Egg Shen, and Wing Chun's promotion quests.
  • Improved the loot drops for the Don Rodrigo line of quests.
  • Navigating between Holy Monquistan ships should now prove more manageable.
  • Isao Murasaki will no longer use the First Strike ability more than once.
  • Significantly revised the Buck Bronco encounter in Arroyo Grande.
  • Added several floors to the Inoshishi Pagoda encounter.
  • Added additional chambers to the Cave of Whispers.
  • The Shadow Fortress encounter is now longer and more challenging.
  • Masamune's last line of the quest “off duty” will be played only for Musketeers.
  • Removed the Mooshu level gear from Baron Cimitiere’s loot table.
  • Deacon’s barrage ability no longer hits hidden characters.
  • Fixed the Chapter 3 side quest badge so it will be properly awarded.
  • Marleybone ships in Port Regal will no longer spawn more officers than redcoats.


  • Made a lot of fixes for equipment name typos.
  • Gear with powers that have weapon equipment requirements will now display those requirements.
  • Reduced the Nautical level requirement on the Pagoda Sails sold on the Hamamitsu docks from level 32 to level 26.
  • Added the missing Sneak Attack power on the level 40+ Tier of the Dread Pirate's Outfit.


  • Both a ship vendor and a parts vendor have taken up residence in St. Bonobos Abbey in Monquista.
  • More parts are now available from most ship part vendors.
  • Ned Cook has taken his leave from Jonah Town.
  • Fixed a number of errors in the Vendor interface.
  • Charlie Burrow now properly shows he’s a Boot Vendor.
  • Vendors now warn when selling will exceed max gold rather than preventing the sale, so the gold cap may be more easily reached.


  • Players can’t begin combat in the skyways with another player’s creature fight by flying through their ship while they’re in combat.
  • Ships will no longer occasionally be invisible when docking.
  • Ensured barrels created by player attacks on enemy ships can now be attacked and destroyed by players.
  • Nautical XP awarded now appears in the chat log.
  • Added a pop up that asks players if they really want to delete a ship if they try to put it in the trash.
  • Ensured other player ships will no longer show a red nameplate if they are higher level than you.
  • Passengers on ships will not be separated from the boat they were sailing on when the captain of the ship enters a new zone.
  • Added a rubber ducky pirate icon to indicate a ship is unsinkable (you can’t sink a rubber ducky after all).


  • Increased the number of housing items that can be placed in premium housing to 200 instead of 100. (Both on the inside and outside!)
  • Wood Kabuki Wallpaper no longer applies as flooring.
  • New players may use the “Go to Home” button as soon as they leave Avery’s office.
  • Ensured rugs can have housing items placed on top of them.
  • Housing items and more uncommon items have been added to enemies throughout The Spiral.

Powers and Talents

  • Changed Talent cards so they have a different color background to help players identify they are different at first glance.
  • Clarified wording for the power Walk in Shadows to indicate all hidden sneak attacks do double damage, not just Backstab.
  • Changed the Mighty Strike power to Mighty Charge and the description has been updated.
  • Witchdoctors can now no longer train either Peaceful or Loud, and they have been removed as prerequisites for Witchdoctors training up the other class talent trees.
  • Swashbucklers will now be able to train Riposte at level 37.
  • The Witchdoctor second and third tier “Haste” powers now correctly add a First Strike/Riposte capability to melee companions and Quick Draw/Return Fire to ranged companions.


  • Fixed cases where zone overhead map didn’t match world, and added missing text to overhead map icons.
  • Added wisps to many zones that were lacking them.
  • Fixed many areas that were sometimes causing players to become stuck.
  • Added a little extra distance between ships and creature enemies in several skyways.
  • Added more enemies to Valley of Titans.
  • Affixed many Life Fountains to the ground so they won’t “float away” on players.
  • Made the grassy sidewalks in Yagizawa Village a bit safer to navigate.
  • Riding the blue wind lane coming from Hamamitsu Skyway into Subata Skyway will now allow players to continue along the wind lane’s path.


  • Made several fixes to chat system
    • Changed the chat icons next to players’ names so they now correctly display chat capability: Open chat players have no icon. Players with filtered chat have a chat bubble. Players with menu chat only show a chat bubble that is crossed out.
    • Menu chat players can see chat log by hitting enter.
    • Menu chatting players will now see a chat bubble with “…” above a chat-enabled player to know they are speaking.
  • Badges pages only show next available badge for defeating multiple creatures, not all the badges in the chain.
  • Ensured badge pages now show rewards.
  • Removed the Gift Button icon during combat.
  • Fixed the placement of many name tags and weapons.
  • Ignored player names will not show duplicates in the friend’s list.
  • True friend names will now always appear green.
  • Mousing over your ship’s health globe will show both current and maximum health.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player’s ship action buttons to become unresponsive.
  • Players may now more easily left-mouse click sigils on docks to board ships.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Pressing “End” on the keyboard will act the same as pressing the Life Fountain button on the interface.
  • Control+N will now open the Notification window.


  • Some shrunken companions were made bigger again.
  • Crown shop companions will no longer change names (including Unicorn Duelist Companion Ridolfo Capoferro).
  • Made multiple fixes for companion quests.
  • Companions now properly participate in important combats during their promotion quests.
  • Companion statistics will now update immediately when promoting (previously they didn’t update until players closed the window and reopened it, so it appeared as if promoting companions made their statistics worse).
  • Companions that were revived inside the Bison Sacred Cave will no longer appear defeated during combat.
  • Ensured Sarah Steele's Swashbuckler’s stab reduces defense as advertised.
  • Made notifications that you have gained new companion training points clickable so they open the companion management screen.
  • Corrected Bonnie Anne’s Scatterblast ability so it now functions even if the character targeted moves during the turn.


  • Rebalanced the Armadillo pet to be in line with other pets (it was incorrectly flagged as a much stronger henchman). A second talent, Relentless, was added to the Armadillo to still make it a unique and desired pet among players.
  • Removed the duplicate name “Cookie” from the Pet name list and changed it to “Rascal.”

Crown shop / Premium Areas

  • Changed wording on Premium Areas to indicate “Books” and “Chapters” instead of “Chapters” and “Parts.” (Badges previously awarded for completing “Chapters” are also now labeled “Books.”)
  • Ensured players can only purchase a Mojo Potion only if they have first completed the initial Mojo potion quest and do not already have full Mojo.
  • Passengers on ships will now auto-unbottle their own ships if they encounter a premium area instead of being teleported back to the last life fountain visited.


  • Fixed several instances of incorrect ‘0’ damage numbers with certain companion and boss attacks.
  • Made several minor grammatical changes to quest text throughout the game.
  • Players are no longer able to teleport to a friend while their friend is playing a minigame.
  • Loot tables have been adjusted globally.

A happy 12/12/12 interview with Edward Lifegem

Blaze: Hello Edward, Let's get started today, You have a amazing blog called Around the spiral with Edward Lifegem (ATSWEL) How does it feel becoming official? 

Edward: Hello well it feels great really :) It's been a huge goal to become a Pirate101 fansite for the past few months. I submitted three times.

Blaze: Incredible! Any goal or plans you have for ATSWEL?

Edward: Thank you! I have a lot of goals for around the spiral. One of them is to make a video blog for huge updates, Such as worlds on Wizard101 and Pirate101! It may take a lot more time to make them but it really does sound like a fun project for Around the Spiral!

Blaze:Nice goals! For sure you're going to make it :) Now you have a P101 character, Tell us about him? 

Edward: Yes, my Pirate has the most piratey (don't know if that's a word) name, EDWARD, LOL well maybe not :) I created him in October during the one-week headstart for Pirate101. I didn't know what school I needed to create, so I created a witchdoctor since friendly said he had a witchdoctor. I've been questing on him ever since and its been a lot of fun questing with witchdoctor. He's currently level 50 waiting for the next world to be release

Blaze: Amazing, Witchdoctors are pretty amazing. Do you have any favorite pets, Worlds, Etc in both games W101 & P101?

Edward: My favorite worlds in Wizard101 and Pirate101 are both Mooshu! It connects with my life character :) I love the goats, they are awesome :D My favorite Pet on Pirate101 is the Buffaloon, I hear bad things about the real buffaloon but it doesn't mean the pet is bad :) My favorite Wizard pet is the Efreet. He is EPIC, it sounds weird coming from a life wizard doesn't it? :)

Blaze: Thank you Ed! Happy sailings

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vote for Pirate101 & news

It is almost the end of the year, End of 2012 and you know what that means? Vote! On your favorite MMORPG 2012 game! Pirate101 is honored to be nominated for MMORPG's 2012 Player's Choice Awards in the Game of the Year and Most Innovative categories. There is a lot of amazing & entertaining games to vote for, But obviously hopefully some of us know which game has the spark! You must login to vote. Let's show Kingsisle how much we appreciate them & their's hard work!


                                  Pirate101 Pvp will be release tomorrow! (12/11/12)
Pirate101 PvP isn't like Wizard101 PvP. This lets you pick your team and side. Pick your best companion to help you win! You also have sides, Red & blue! Have fun Young pirates & enjoy mostly!

                      Blaze Birthday!
On the 21st of December is the creator, Blaze (Lil-b Tell'emYEAH101, Lonely Pirate/Wizard, BBS, Brave Blaze Silver) Officially 10 days away. Excitement flows the air in AoTS

The Warrior #2 Shipwreck

"Why do we need to go to Mooshu? Cool ranch storm gate isn't so far" Sanchez said
"My master can help you" Sanchi said.
The ship was soaring in the skyways trying to avoid danger Sanchi steering carefully. Sanchez at the front of the ship looking at various ship wreck parts & other Pirate ships. It's hard to believe to see this skyway fill with monsters, Storm sharks etc. Sanchez thought. Chun was in the Bilge, Or Sanchi likes to prefer the medical room. Keeping an eye on Shiruku.
"Got a long way" Sanchi said
"Thank you for everything" Sanchez said. Greatful that he survived.
But he was still wondering, Why will he take us to Mooshu? Somewhere far away from Skull island.
We are not even in Port Regal yet. Sanchez thought.
Sanchez was impatience, Waiting till he sees a Storm gate & in a couple of minutes if he doesn't see one, He was gonna go crazy.
"How long is this ride?" Sanchez asked
"If you keep complaining 3 hours" Sanchi said
Sanchez rolled his eyes & went down to the Bilge to check on Shiruku.
"Is everything okay?" Sanchez asked
"It's okay" Chun said
"You have a lot of patience" Sanchez said
"I'm okay" Chun said. Still keeping his eye on Shiruku.
"Yeah, That's...great" Sanchez said. Out of words.

BOOM! A sharktooth ship rammed right into Sanchi's ship, Taking many pieces off of it.
"We're attacked" Sanchi said, Pulling out his sword.
Both of the ships stopped and a bridge from the other ship fell across Sanchi's ship. A dozen sharktooth came running on the ship.
"Go to the medical room, Lock the doors" Sanchi said
Cling cling, Sharktooth & Sanchi was battling. Couple of seconds later, A Sharktooth came onto the ship. And Sanchi knew who he was & started to charge toward him. Bam! Their's weapons smack together. Sharktooths was coming toward Sanchi, He was out numbered.
"Moresco!" Sanchi cried
Moresco came flying out with pebbles, Throwing them at the sharktooths. It didn't help at all. "Ha ha!" The sharktooths laughed. Which made Moresco angry. Bam! While the sharktooths was all laughing, Not paying attention Sanchi took out 4 of them, Leaving 6 left.
"Give up" The Sharktooth commander said.
"What is happening?" Shiruku asked
"Under attack by a dozen of sharktooths & one looks like he is a commander of the crew" Sanchez said
"Fin, Fin Dorsal" Chun said
"He is a nasty sharktooths, He took out so many Pirate ships, He has a crew call the nasty Sharks" Shiruku said
"Unbelievable" Chun said
"We have to help him" Shiruku said
"We can, You stay" Chun said
Cling cling, Sanchi was fighting the sharktooths, Knocking 3 more out. Now it's just Fin & 3 of his man.
Slice! Fin knocked out Sanchi sword
"Foolish pirate!" Fin laughed
Bam! Moresco knocked out a Sharktooth
"Ah, Your pet" Fin teased
"Come down & surrender or your captain gets it" Fin said
The sharktooth got up, Behind Moresco and grabbed him, Holding him tightly & almost impossible to escape.
"You two, Go get the rest from the Bilge, Have no mercy" Fin said
The two sharktooths walk down & opened the door. Swoosh! Chun flipped over one of the sharktooths, Breaking him through the ship
"Freeze, If you move or talk, You will be dead" Sanchez said, Pointing his small pistol with only 3 bullets in.
"Tie him up" Chun said

They walked up quietly & carefully
"There is Fin" Chun said
"He looks dangerous" Sanchez said
"That's what he wants us to think" Chun said
Fin & his man was tying up Sanchi & Moresco
"Ready captain?" A sharktooth said
"Yes drop..."
Boom! Gun shots fired, Hitting the sharktooths, Who was holding the rope, Both dropping down
"Noo" Chung said, Running toward the roping. Luckily grabbed it, But he was falling
"Freeze" Sanchez said, Pointing his pistol toward Fin
"Shoot me, Go ahead looks like you have the nerves to as I see" Fin said
"Sanchez help" Chun said, Hanging off the boat, Holding tight to the rope
"Leave the boat & don't come back" Sanchez said
Fin didn't listened, He just started to laugh.
"If you was a real pirate you would take me out" Fin teased
"Wait of course you're not a real pirate, You couldn't handle troggies, None of you can Ye ain't no Pirate, Ye ain't no Musketeer, Come pull the..."
Pow! Sanchez shot, Hitting Fin in the chest.
"Sanchez help" Chun cried
Sanchez didn't move, He was in shocked
The sharktooths boat & Sanchi's both are colliding into a island
Boom! Both ships collided into a island, Knocking everyone off.

Friday, December 7, 2012

12 days of the spiral

Available for a limited time, the Fa-La-La-La Llama mount will directly benefit two organizations devoted to helping children: the Austin Children's Shelter and Children's Medical Center at Legacy
This ice skating Llama carries your character quickly and is available in both Wizard101 and Pirate101! Hurry and catch him during the holiday season, because this is one Llama that won’t be around forever.

From now through December 19th, KingsIsle is celebrating the 12 Days of the Spiral! Each day we have a different surprise in store for your Wizard or Pirate or both. Some days will be free giveaways, while the others have great promotions or new items. Check back each morning to see the new surprise! 1st day is the amazing Fa-la-la-la Llama mount!

Last Christmas Wizard101 had the Charity Chrismoose, With his gleaming decorations on his horns! His presents fastened to his belt. Bells ringing with his red nose! This year is different. New accessories! December 7th all the way to 19th, New Christmas item will come! Learn more at 


                                             Happy Holidays

Monday, December 3, 2012

Goodbye November, Hello December

Ahoy! Say goodbye to Turkey madness November, It's time to prepare for December! Been 3 months on AoTS blogging, For sure it doesn't feel like 3 months! Let's get caught back up on things! David finish the Novel, "Fall of Ravenwood" First book he have done! The new W101 fansite Spiraling adventures interviewed Blaze!

It's beginning to look a lot like Yuletide!

Welcome to the December 2012 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter. I'm Felix Navidad, and I'll be arriving in the Spiral soon to start off the Yuletide Festival. We hold the Yuletide Festival every year and this year it's going to be better than ever!

There will be decorations in the Wizard City Commons, and I'll be taking up my usual post at the fountain in the Wizard City Shopping District. I have many Yuletide themed items for sale, and you'll find many more will be arriving in the Crown Shop throughout the month of December, so keep checking back for new items during our "12 Days of the Spiral" special holiday event starting December 7th 2012!

Keep reading the newsletter for more details about Plant-a-palooza, Harold's Book of the Month and much much more

                Christmas in Pirate101. New Pirate101 gift cards have arrive! 

This card ($20) is available at This card is available at Best buy  in US. Comes with 10k & Seaweed spirit pet. 

This card ($20) is available at a local CVS. Comes with 10k crowns & Rough Puffer pet

This card ($20) is available at Speedway. Comes with 10k crowns & Durango Buffaloon pet

This card ($10) is available at Toys R Us. Comes with 5k crowns & North wind Lion pet

This card ($20) is available at Toys R Us. Comes with 10k crowns or Golden sky Rattler pet.

This card ($10) is available at Walmart. Comes with 5k & Dreamy blue turtle pet.

This card ($20) is available at Walmart. Comes with 10k crowns or Vermillion Dragon pet.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pirate101 PvP

Pirate101 is proud to present our initial implementation of PvP! For 2012, we are introducing a "Practice Mode" PvP combat system that you can experience in both your housing and in open PvP areas on Skull Island!

The new Practice PVP system only showcases battleboard combat and currently does not feature a ladder, matchmaking, awards, or the introduction of "PvP Only" / "No PvP" flags for player gear. (This is just the beginning as a full implementation of PvP is still in the making.) Please read more about the philosophy behind our newest feature in this public announcement from J. Todd Coleman.

How Do I Get Started?

PvP totems and sigils have been added to the Pirate101 World in a couple of different areas:
  • Open 4 versus 4 PvP can be found on Skull Island. Look for the Brawlin' Hall and Spar Chamber behind and to the side of the Kraken Skulls Tavern.
  • 1 versus 1 PvP can be found in a couple of our Player houses: The Volcano Island from the exclusive (and no longer available) Boochbeard Bundle and the Castaway's Cove from the GameStop Cutthroat Bundle
To begin, approach the PvP sigils and press X. Next, select if you’d like to join the blue or red team. You must have at least one player for each side to begin a practice PvP session (you’ll know how many players can join a PvP match by the number of available sigil spots displayed). Once the sigil countdown has completed, you’ll then have a limited amount of time to choose the companions you’d like to bring into the fight (much like you would for an Epic Boss Battle).

Special Rules

  • Fleeing is allowed.
  • The "Pirate" talent will be active.
  • Player avatars cannot be charmed (or targeted) but Companions can be.
  • Players cannot eject someone from their house (via Friends menu) during PvP.
  • The Crown Shop is available during combat.
  • (Known issue) Traps can be seen by opposing team.
  • (Known issue) Players using stealth abilities can still be seen by their opponents.

Combat Phases

After choosing your companions, each team will have their own Planning / Execution stage and the game will randomly choose which team enters combat first. That team will plan and execute their combat phase, followed by the second team. Finally, the pets/summoned creatures of first team will then get a turn followed by the pets/summoned creatures of the second team. Combat will continue in this order until one team is defeated.


At the end of combat, both teams will receive a notification of which side won the combat.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pirate101 Crown shop sale!


Arrr! Pirate is throwing up a Crown shop sale! On the best items that we Pirates love! Through November 29th You can save 50% off! (Time to go shopping!) with the best items in the crown shop! 50%?!?!?! Yes 50%

  • Captain Gunn's Wheel
  • Mojo Potion
  • Livsey's Ring
  • 25,000 Gold
  • Corsair's Frigate
  • De Bonzo Galleon
  • Prancing Pony (Very Fast - Permanent)
  • Golden Stingtail Pet
  • Buccaneer's Den
  • 1,000 Gold
  • Mojo Pendant
  • Ebon Spectre Pet
Check out these great savings in the Crown Shop now - this sale won't last long!

                                                              Click to go crowns!