Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pirate101 Character of the week!

Pirate101, Character of the week is...Deacon!

Deacon is one of the Armada leader and Kane's spy!
In the beginning on P101 you escape from the cell you go up and you run into Deacon and his armadas.
You don't exactly fight Deacon. You just fight his minions.
"The prisoner must not be allowed to escape. Take them!" Deacon said
In the end when you defeat his minions he says
"Impressive. It seems we've underestimated you, Young Pirate"
"Your friend won't be there to save you, next time. You'll regret making an enemy of the Armada"
"Enjoy your freedom... While it lasts!"
Then he fires his gun at a crate, Knocking out Boochbeard and flees!
But you will see him again soon. Before you go to Mooshu. You go into Motherlode and there it is. The treasure, Mooshu ship and Deacon! And at the end you'll defeat and finish Deacon off :)

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