Friday, December 21, 2012

Contest- Armada style

Oh no! The Armada have entered the Wizard world! To survive them you must dress up as one!
AoTS is hosting a brand new-fashion kinda like contest!
The Armada style contest is like fashion! Your Wizard (10-90) will dress up as a armada! Colors don't count. But backgrounds do! The contest will begin in 2013! Plenty of time to pick your costume! The prize is 5,000 crowns
Does and Don'ts: Don't have a mount equip. (Choice of having a mount in your background) Don't have a lvl 5-10 wand equipped. (Options of having or not having one is considered) You can have your character with other people! (All must have some match, example: Boots) You can take your screen shot anywhere! Just make sure it's like...Armada like (Jail, Jungle, etc)
The contest doesn't start until 2013. But that doesn't mean you have to wait! When you create your costume. Send it to us at
When you send it to us. subject, Armada style entry (Armada fashion)
Good luck Wizards!
This doesn't have to be alone project! Get your friends or family to help you out!
Must be 13+ or get a Parent or guardian permission

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