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The Warrior AE "Friends" S5

After taking out threats, Sanchez decided to check around the small island for more. Julia, Nick, and Randal was forced to stay back and stay aware, fearing Sanchi a bit. On the walk, Sanchi started to have feelings that they weren't done with enemes, thinking they were being watched. Danny and Erica quickly created a bond with each other. Danny, Malik, and Winslow were all eventually attacked by a pirate that had moves named Tobias. Sanchi managed to catch Tobias and the stranger stated, "You know nothing about me...but I know a lot about you."

After the attack on Guerta and Sanchi's crew escaping from the armadas, Kane quickly started his next plan; gathering the top bounty hunters in the spiral. He quickly gathered a few of them; Leonardo, Bane, Sythe, and Demarous. Leonardo or Leonard was a lizard-companion that killed his crew mate for coins. He had blood-red eyes with a long tongue, he had sharp scales all over his back. The giant tale on him bought Kane's attention and hearing his stories helped give him the leadership in the bounty crew. Sythe was a crane companion who lost his crewmate. He had black-dark feathers and a large sniper.
"Welcome bounty hunters," Kane said, walking past each of them, "I have all of you an objective."
Kane lined up the four bounty hunters. He kept walking by them, observing and looking at their equipment. Kane was impressed.
"I exxxpect a large pay," Leonardo said, "Better not be wasting my time."
"Of course the pay will be the largest you'll ever get," Kane said, "You can split it or kill each other for it...but I want each individual I am looking for!"
Demarous laughed, "Sanchi...a warrior?"
Kane handed the bounty hunters sheets, giving them information on the ones with the bounties. Then, Kane started to talk, quieting the rest. He knew that Leonardo, Sythe, and Bane executed lots of warriors before and he knew all of them did objectives that most couldn't do. That's why Kane wanted them.
"Uh," Sythe said, "Isn't this one...Tobias a bounty hunter too?"
"Indeed," Kane said, "I have reasons why I want them and I expect you all to capture them."
Sythe picked up his hat, placing it on his head and he picked up his equipment. Then, the rest of them followed Sythe out of the door, going into theirs ships to find them. Although, Kane ordered for Leonardo to stay back for a few moments.
"Bounty hunters only care about two things," Kane said, "Their selves and the profits...which means they'll kill the ones working with them for profits."
"Underssstand," Leonardo said, "I won't be fooled by any and I'll get Ssssanchi, Sssanchez, Tobiasss, Danny, and the rest."
Kane swung his cane around, "I expect you will."

"He knows a lot about you," Sanchez said, "Why wouldn't you execute him?"
After what Tobias said, Sanchez and the rest...except for Danny and Erica, wanted to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Sanchi wanted Tobias alive. The group all surrounded around Sanchi, complaining and disagreeing him.
"This is stupid man," Malik said, "He tried to kill me, Danny, and Winslow!"
Winslow was lying on the ground with an ice pack on his head, "Don't mention my name."
Suddenly, the crew all started to talk at once. Which, bothered Sanchi. He couldn't focus anymore and when he tried to look at Tobias, he noticed he was gone, "Oh man!"
Sanchi pushed Mario and Sanchez out of the way, trying to look for Tobias. He looked around the back. Then, he ran inside and Tobias wasn't there. Sanchi quickly started to worrying, slapping his self. Then, he went out in front, hoping to find him somewhere.

Meanwhile, Danny took a few candles and took out Erica near the tents to make love with her. He placed down sheets so they wouldn't have the lay on the dirt. In just a few minutes, the two became undressed.
"You're perfect for me," Erica said, "You make me forget about all the bad memories."
Danny smiled, kissing Erica, "Love you."
Suddenly, Danny heard someone nearby but he didn't care, he was busy with Erica. Then, the footsteps became louder. Danny kept his eyes closed on Erica and he quickly heard Erica's screaming. He quickly opened up his eyes, jumping up completely naked, "Why are you here?"
It was Tobias with his hands up, looking at the two naked in front of him. Tobias tried to explain he didn't mean no harm and wanted ask a few questions. Then, Sanchi and the rest ran towards the screaming, finding Tobias.
"Woah," Malik said, "Danny and Erica...what are you two doing?"
Danny ran behind a tree, getting dressed up. Then, he came back out with a red face. He was embarrassed that he was caught. Winslow and Malik started to laugh at Danny.
"You're messing with the wrong ones," Sanchez said, pointing the gun at Tobias's head, "I can easily end you!"
Sanchi quickly ran up, moving Sanchez away from Tobias. Then, Sanchi tied up Tobias's hands and pushed him down. This was Sanchi's chance to talk to Tobias, "How do you know a lot about me?"
"Keeping me tied up won't solve anything," Tobias said, "I didn't kill any of you."
"Sorry," Julia said sarcastically, "We have issues with trusting strangers."
Tobias shrugged his shoulders, knowing that Julia was right. Then, he looked up at Sanchi, "I don't have anything against y'all."
"You kinda attacked us," Malik said, rubbing on his bruises.
"Good point," Tobias said, "Just want to talk to you Sanchi."
Sanchi quickly started to question Tobias. He didn't know how this stranger knew his name when Sanchi never seen him in his entire life, "How do you know me?"
Tobias wiggled around and eventually got on his knees and leaned on a tree, comfortable he explained. Then, he got to the main point. He explained to Sanchi on how he knew him, "Your master from Mooshu...trained me before you, he told me lots about me long ago...can you trust me now?"
"He's long gone," Sanchi said, "And I know you can tell me more!"
Tobias explained to them how he used to be a bounty hunter and few weeks ago, he was working with Kane to hunt for Sanchi...which made it harder for the crew to trust Tobias. Although, he continued, "Then things got out of hands between Kane and I...making me hide from him."
"Well," Sanchez said, "How'd you know we were living here?"
"Good question," Tobias said, "I was at a ship and when I noticed you all fleeing, I followed you all...lucky I didn't tell Kane your location."
Sanchez laughed, "So you followed us then you and Kane had problems with each other?"
"Exactly," Tobias said, "It really isn't that bad because Kane placed a bounty on me..too."
Suddenly, Sanchez and Sanchi looked at Each other, "We need to talk about this."

Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, and Winslow quickly walked away from the area to disscussed it. Sanchi didn't have problems with keeping Tobias but he wanted eyes on him constantly. Meanwhile, the rest didn't want Tobias around, fearing that he could be trouble.
"He seems dangerous," Julia said, "I don't like him."
"She's right," Sanchez said, "It's too risky."
Sanchi couldn't believe that Julia was disagreeing with him. He wanted to give Tobias a chance so he could learn more about his relationship with Sanchi's older master. Sanchez strongly disagreed with everything Sanchi was saying.
"We need to execute him," Sanchez said, "Can't trust anyone."
"Give him a chance," Sanchi said, "I know what I'm doing!"
Sanchez quickly questioned Sanchi's statement, disagreeing that he knows what he's doing. Sanchez remembered all the scary events they been through and he was done with risks. When he noticed a risk, he wanted to quickly get rid of it and that was Sanchez's motto from now on. Something Sanchi didn't get.
"He doesn't need anything," Sanchez said, staring at Tobias from far, "He even looks dangerous!"
Suddenly, Julia noticed Tobias was talking to Randal. She quickly ran towards them, yelling for Tobias to get away from the kid. Sanchi and the others followed.
"This is cool," Randal said, looking at Tobias's knives, "How'd you get this?"
Julia quickly pulled her knife out, threatening Tobias in front of Randal, "Back away from them!"
"Don't kill him," Randal said, "He's a good guy."
Julia strongly disagreed, pulling Randal away from Tobias, "You don't know that!"
Randal pushed Julia's arms away from him and walked next to Tobias. Randal liked Tobias and trusted him, knowing he wouldn't harm anyone. Then, Tobias stood there, the ropes were already gone.
"This is silly," Tobias said, "You can easily trust me!"
Sanchez quickly walked past Julia and Randal and he grabbed Tobias. Sanchez took Tobias away from everyone else, wanting to take him out his self.

"Sanchez," Tobias said, "We gotta talk."
He ignored what Tobias was trying to say to him. Sanchez wanted to take him behind the house and shoot him in his head. Meanwhile, Tobias were trying to talk to him and wanted Sanchez to understand that he was harmless.
"I wouldn't harm that boy or anyone in your crew," Tobias said, getting thrown on the ground by Sanchez.
Sanchez tied up Tobias's hands up again, pushing him on the ground. Then, Sanchez loaded up his gun and aimed at Tobias. He stared at the Tobias for a few seconds, listening to him begging. Then, Sanchez was tackled to the ground by one of the homeless pirates.
"Sanchez," Tobias cried, "I can help you!"
The pirate quickly punched Sanchez repeatedly. Sanchez quickly pushed the pirate off him, trying to look for his gun. Then, the pirate came from behind and kicked Sanchez to the ground. Meanwhile, Tobias crawled around, trying to get untied.
"Let me go," Sanchez said, pushing the pirate off, "I didn't do anything to you!"
Suddenly, the pirate pulled a knife out and pushed Sanchez to the ground again. Then, the pirate jumped on Sanchez, placing the blade on Sanchez's throat, "Remain silent!"
Tobias crawled behind a tree, helping him get on his feet. Then, Tobias started to scrap the tied rope on the tree, trying to get loose. Finally, the tied ropes came off and Tobias ran to help out Sanchez.
"Don't do this," Sanchez said nervously, "We can talk this over."
Tobias quickly came out of nowhere, uppercutting the pirate off Sanchez. The pirate quickly got back up, holding his knife. Meanwhile, Tobias didn't use any weapons. He had a feeling that he could easily handle this pirate. Then, the pirate ran at Tobias. Quickly, Tobias spun past the pirate, kicking him away. The pirate turned around, swinging his knife around. Tobias dodged his moves like he was a well-trained ninja. Then, Tobias swung his arm out, grabbing the pirate's handing and retrieving the knife. The pirate tried to pull his other knife out but Tobias grabbed the pirate's arm with his other knife in it and pushed the knife into the pirate's stomach, killing him.
"That wasn't so hard," Tobias said, running towards Sanchez, "Can you trust me now?"
Tobias quickly helped Sanchez up, handing him his weapon and the pirate's knives and from that point, Sanchez knew they made a friend.
"No," Sanchez said, giving the knives back, "You can keep them."
Tobias had a confuse look on his face, "Don't need them."
"You will," Sanchez said, "You'll need something if you're willing to join us."
Tobias smiled, patting Sanchez's back. Then, the two walked back to Sanchi and the rest.

Leonardo and the other three bounty hunter began their search for Sanchi. Sythe quickly brought out a map and laid it down on a wooden table inside the given ship from Kane.
"They just lost their home," Demarous said, "They gotta be running out of food soon."
"Indeed," Leonardo said, rolling up the map, "We look all around Sssskull issland."

The Warrior AE "Close" S5

With no Sanchez, Danny, Winslow, and Erica, Sanchi and the rest must keep working without them, expecting the unexpected. The remaining group of homeless pirates quickly started a fight with Sanchi and the rest, starting it by attacking Randal. Luckily, Julia, Malik, Sanchi, and the rest managed to take them out. Now, everyone feels safer now but decided to search the island around. Sanchi starts to have thoughts about killing and wants to make allies.

Sanchi slowly washed all the blood off his hands, thinking about Julia's fight and Randal watching it all. He kept staring at his hands, looking at the blood until it was all gone.
"All of us are going to look around," Julia said, "Mario is staying back and I'm going out there."
Sanchi was lost, he only heard a few words Julia said. That was, "I'm going out," and when he didn't answer Julia, she accepted it, preparing to go look around. Sanchi laughed, denying Julia's access, "You aren't going out there."
Julia turned back around, facing Sanchi and the lake he was washing his hands in, "And since when did you start controling me?"
Everyone else felt safe while Sanchi didn't. He felt like there were at least another enemy left here and he didn't want Julia to go out there, fearing that the enemy could be nearby.
"Stay with Randal," Sanchi said, "Please...for me?"
It took Julia a few seconds to decide what to do and she decided to stay back...just for Sanchi, "I'll stay back."

"We could be wasting our times or saving our lives," Sanchez said in front of everyone, "We need to get rid of the matter what!"
Sanchi quickly came running towards everyone else, late to discussing, missing almost all of it, "Sorry I had to..."
"Didn't do much," Sanchez said, "This island isn't so we're going out and staying with each other."
Sanchi nodded his head, "Julia, Nick, and Randal are staying back."
"Fine with me," Sanchez said, "Hopefully we can find a house to stay in instead of those tents."
Sanchi smiled, "Me too."

Finally, Sanchi and the rest left their area and started to roam around, together. Everyone except for Sanchi weren't nervous and didn't have their weapons out. Meanwhile, Sanchi had his sword out, swinging his head every direction. He didn't feel safe, he felt someone was nearby...he felt like somone was watching them. He noticed Bushes moving and branches moving around, like someone were hiding.
"Everything seems so different," Erica said, "I feel all alone."
"You'll get use to it," Danny said, putting his hand on Erica's shoulder, "Plus don't feel alone."
Erica looked up at Danny, giving him a romantic smile. Danny smiled back, wrapping his arms around her shoulder. Winslow and Malik were behind the two, laughing at them and whispering to each other, talking about Danny's romance.
"You look pretty," Danny said, walking next to her really close, "We should talk more."
Meanwhile, Sanchez led the group around the island, searching for any clues and so far there were nothing until Sanchi noticed a well-built wooden house nearby. Sanchez and the rest quickly made their ways towards the house. Meanwhile, Sanchi stayed behind them, looking around the are and trying to look for someone. He felt unsafe still and started to worry.
"Looks like we've found a new home," Malik said, opening up the door, "This can fit all of us!"
Sanchez quickly grabbed Malik and pulled him away from the entrance. Sanchez wanted to make sure it was safe inside. He quickly pulled out his two pistols and slowly walked into the house, looking around. Malik and Danny followed behind, looking around.
"Kinda dusty," Danny said, lighting up candles that were already in the house.
The lit candles helped them see the interior better. Sanchez and Danny quickly looked at the bookshelves and Malik walked towards an old wooden table with a black, metal, and really sharp decoration on the table. Malik rubbed the object, noticing how dangerous the object was.
"Place looks fine to be," Malik said, "Needs to be a little cleaner in my opinion."
Suddenly, Danny started to clap his hands in excitement, "This place has a fireplace!"
"No more cold nights," Sanchez said, "This place is perfect!"
Danny threw a pile of firewood that lied next to the fireplace, "Can't wait to feel this heat!"
Sanchez knew they weren't done looking around. Although, he didn't want to look behind the house, he wanted to check on Sanchi. He quickly advised Danny and Malik to check around the house.

Mario, Sanchi, and Winslow waited outside of the house, standing there and talking to each other. Sanchi moved his eyes around, checking everywhere for someone. Sanchi still felt unsafe and he didn't know what else was next.
"I'm pretty sure Julia is fine," Winslow said, "She can hold some battles."
"I know that," Sanchi said, "I just feel like we're being watched."
Winslow laughed and gave Sanchi a look like he was crazy but Sanchi thought he was just fine, he just wanted to be protect...something he knew Winslow didn't get.
"I'm not crazy," Sanchi said, "Just don't want anything like Guerta or Molax to happen again."
Suddenly, Sanchez opened up the door and placed two thumbs up. Mario quickly walked up there, followed behind Sanchi and Winslow but before the two went inside, Winslow wanted to talk to him.
"Guerta or Molax wasn't your fault," Winslow said, "You can never predict those kind of events but you can always prepare for them."

Malik and Danny slowly opened up the back door of the house, walking outisde. The back of the house was the opposite of the front. The back had trees everywhere and longer trails, the two noticed. Malik quickly noticed a lot of mud...he also noticed foot prints. Malik started to notice something odd. He followed the footprints in the mud and made it to the strange end, there were no more footprints and plenty of more mud. Malik quickly started to believe someone just flew out of the mud.
"Danny," Malik called, "You should see this."
Suddenly, someone swung off a large branch, kicking Malik into the mud. The stranger had long dark brown hair with a small little beard on his face.
"Woah," Danny cried, "Who are..."
Bam! The stranger ran up to Danny, kicking him in his knees and slamming him on the ground. Both Malik and Danny quickly rose back up, ready to fight the lonely pirate who had emerald eyes and a large coat on.
"Two against one," The pirate said, "I like my odds!"
Danny quickly ran up to the pirate, swinging a punch but the pirate reacted fast. He grabbed Danny's fist with one hand. Then, Malik ran towards the pirate, trying to tackle him but the pirate was smarter than him. The pirate kicked Malik's feet up with a super fast move. Then, the pirate pulled Danny's arm behind his back and just in a few seconds, he slammed Danny into Malik. With the two on the ground, the long haired pirate took a few steps back, giving Danny and Malik another chance.
"You two have no chances," the pirate said, "Although I'm getting a good workout."
Angry, Danny got up and ran at the pirate. Danny tried to grab the pirate but the stranger outsmarted him, slamming Danny into a tree. Malik ran at the pirate who wasn't paying any attention to Malik. Then, the pirate turned fast and threw Danny on top of Malik again. Although, the two still didn't give up. Danny and Malik got back up, tiredly holding their fists up. Then, the pirate dropped low, kicking Malik's face repeatedly and punching Danny's private part. Finally, they couldn't handle anymore, the two quickly fell to the ground.
"I need a challenge," the pirate said, "A good one!"
Bam! Sanchi came behind the stranger, slamming a branch on the pirate's head, knocking him out.
"Hey," Sanchi said, "Are you two fine?"
Danny and Malik slowly got back up, which was a struggle. The two couldn't keep their balance and it was hard for them to walk. Then, Winslow and the rest came around the house, surrounding the unconscious body.
"Danny," Malik whispered, "Keep this a secret..."
Sanchi and Sanchez quickly carried the pirate up to the house, Mario led the two and opened up the door. Meanwhile, Winslow stayed back and checked on Danny and Malik, "Are you two okay?"
"Yeah," Malik said, "That dude couldn't handle us and we beat the crap out of him!"
"Totally," Danny said, falling down, " the crap...out of him!"
Suddenly, Malik and Danny dropped to the ground, completely knocked out. Winslow shook his head with a smile on his face, "Bunch of liars."

Sanchi decided their new home was this one story wooden house. He knew a few would have to stay outside in tents and others can stay inside. Him and Sanchez quickly got rid of some funiture that was completely useless. Although, they tried to get rid of the table with the sharp metal object on it but Malik demaded for it to stay.
"I'm going back to get Julia and the others," Sanchi said, cracking his knuckles, "Also I'm going to hide the ship at the docks."
"Sounds good to be," Sanchez said, "I'll keep an eye on this knocked out loser."
Sanchi shook Sanchez's hands, knowing they'd see each other soon. Then, Sanchi ran out of the door, heading to retrieve the rest. Now, it was Sanchez, Winslow, Danny, and Malik alone with the stranger who knew great moves. Soon, the stranger woke up with a big yawn and started to stretch. Meanwhile, Sanchez and the rest were outside of the house, gathering firewood...completely forgetting to tie up the stranger. Winslow was the first one to think of the problem, "Is that guy tied up...right?"
Sanchez stared at Winslow for a few seconds. Then, he dropped all the firewood and ran back inside the house. Gone....the pirate was gone. Sanchez kicked the wall in frustration but he quickly heard Malik yelling, "I found him!"
Sanchez quickly ran outside, taking the back door of the house. He saw Malik, Danny, and Winslow surrounding the pirate. Three-on-one Sanchez thought, he quickly stayed back, thinking the three can handle the single pirate.
"Gentlemen," The stranger said, "How bout we introduce ourselves?"
The pirate name was Tobias but none of them cared. Winslow pulled out his knife and ran at Tobias, swinging his knives. Tobias quickly dodged all of Winslow's moves, not getting a single stratch on him. Then, he grabbed Winslow's hand and twisted it, causing him to drop the knife. With consequences, Tobias flipped Winslow's body around, throwing him to the ground. Satisfied, Tobias looked at the two familiar faces, Danny and Malik, waiting for them to make a move. Danny and Malik slowly backed away from him.
"This is ridiculous," Sanchez said, pulling his pistol out, "Don't move Tobias!"
Tobias stared at Sanchez, slowly rising his hands up. Tobas gave Sanchez a clean smile and just stood there as Winslow crawled towards them. Soon, Sanchi and the rest came out, standing next to Sanchez.
"You're going to be a problem," Sanchi said to Tobias, "Why do I have a feeling we seen each other before?"
Tobias smiled at Sanchi, slowly walking towards them until Sanchez loaded his weapon. Then, Tobias nodded his head.
"Here's something funny," Tobias said, "I know everything about you Sanchi....but you don't know me."

The Warrior AE "Not Alone with FEAR" S5

Finally, Sanchi, his crew, and other residents from Guerta found a place to hide in. Although they found an island, they still feared. Meanwhile everyone was settling in with tents and stuff, Sanchez, Winslow, Danny, and Erica goes out to look around. They suddenly encountered a group of unknown pirates and was quickly attacked. Luckily, Danny and Winslow managed to pull their weight, taking out the enemies. Sanchez ran inside the enemy's home where one of the pirates fired at him. Luckily, Erica finally stepped up, taking out the pirate. Now with half of the crew gone, Sanchi knows he'd have to keep an eye on Julia, the remaining Guerta's residents, and Randal.

Sanchi, Malik, and Mario Hutch pulled out the filthy and old tents and set them up, giving them somewhere to sleep tonight. Everyone was tired and stressed, unaware on what was coming next. Julia started dinner, which wasn't much but Nick Cartell helped her out. Everyone was doing something while they patiently waited for Sanchez, Danny, Winslow, and Erica to come back home. Although, everyone didn't know they were on part of a bunch of nasty pirates' land, the ones Sanchez and the rest took care of...but there were more.
"I was never talented at tents," Mario said, "Was only good at sleeping in them."
Sanchi finished two tents and got back up, wiping dirt off his hands and he looked at Mario, "It's just something you'll get eventually."
Suddenly, they heard footsteps. Sanchi looked, trying to see what it was. Then, he slowly walked toward the noises. He quickly pulled out his sword and turned past the tree, bumping into Randal.
"Woah," Sanchi said, "What are you doing Randal?"
"I think he's afraid of something," Malik joked, "Give him up to Julia."
Sanchi gave Malik a mad look, making him to turn around and continue with the tents. Sanchi quickly got closer to Randal, placing his hand on the boy's shoulder, "What are you afraid of?"
Randal shrugged his shoulders, "It's just weird without my parents around."
"Listen kid," Sanchi said, "We're your parents now and we'll treat you like a shiny jewel."
"But I'm not a jewel," Randal said, "I'm just a kid."
Randal pushed Sanchi's hand off his shoulder and walked away from Sanchi, leaving him alone with lots of questions. He never understood the kid but he knew the struggle he's going through. Sanchi actually felt bad for him and wanted him to be happy with his new family.
"Give him some time," Julia said, coming from behind on Sanchi, "He's a young boy who already lost his parents."
Sanchi didn't listen to what Julia was saying. Instead, he was focusing on Randal, staring at him and watching him throwing rocks around. Then, someone ran towards Randal, grabbing him and running.
"What the," Sanchi said, "Give him back!"
Suddenly, Sanchi ran towards the pirate who stole Randal. He started to chase the stranger far from Julia and the rest. Then, group of dirty pirates came out of nowhere on Julia and the rest, holding their knives out.
"Ye on our property," The pirate said, "Now...that's a problem!"

"Let go of him," Sanchi cried, continuing to follow the pirate.
Sanchi kept up with the pirate, listening to Randal's screaming helped him out on finding the pirate. Then, Sanchi took a shortcut and just in a few seconds...he was in front of the pirate. Sanchi quickly punched the pirate in his nose, causing him to drop Randal. The pirate tried to get back up but Sanchi kicked him back down, pulling out his sword.
"Ye betta back up," The pirate said, secretly pulled his small pistol out, "Ye will regret it!"
Sanchi just laughed, kicking the pirate down again. Then, they pirate just lied there, slowly pulling his gun out without Sanchi knowing. The pirate remained on the ground, started to laugh. Then, he flipped over on his back, firing at Sanchi. Quickly, Sanchi jumped away from the pirate, hiding behind a tree.
"Oh man," Sanchi said to his self, "This can't be happening!"
Meanwhile with the gun firing, Randal quickly got up and ran back started Julia and the rest. It was something Sanchi wanted Randal to do.
"Why don't ye coming out," The pirate said, firing at the tree,"Come out!"
Sanchi knew the pirate was coming towards him so he needed to think of something fast. He quickly grabbed a branch and climbed up the tree. Then, the pirate jumped around the tree, firing at it but he quickly noticed Sanchi wasn't there. The stranger lowered his gun, scratching his head in confusion.
"Coming at ya," Sanchi said, jumping out of the tree.
Bam! Sanchi jumped out of the tree, swinging the pirate into a tree. First thing he went for was the pirate's pistol. He quickly punched the pirate's stomach a few times then he threw him on the ground, grabbing his pistol. Sanchi quickly aimed the pistol at the pirate's head.
"Ye must be a skilled pirate," the stranger said, "Where ye learned all that?"
Sanchi didn't answer him. Instead, he loaded the pistol and got closer to the pirate.
The pirate was skinny and had a long grey beard. He also had a few teeth missing and his clothes had holes in them, "Ye gon kill me when ye friends came on our land?"
"Wait," Sanchi said, "There's more?"
The pirate started to laugh, "They're attacking your friends now or maybe..."
Boom! Sanchi pulled the trigger. Then, he started to run fast back home where his family was at and he knew they were in danger, "I'm coming!"

Suddenly, Julia was tackled on the ground by a female pirate with long dirty blonde hair. She punched Julia in the stomach a few times but Julia quickly fought back, pulling her hair and pushing the stranger off. Then, Julia kicked dirt in the pirate's face, kicking her a few times.
"I advise you to leave," Julia said, holding her fists up, "Or else!"
The woman started to laugh, "I'm not impressed!"
Quickly, the female got back up, kicking Julia to the ground. Then, she slapped Julia repeatedly until Julia gave her a hard punch to the chest, causing the stranger to fall off, starting to have trouble breathing. Julia quickly got back up, trying to attack her but the pirate knew her move, punching her and slamming her on the ground.
"Your moves make me laugh," The female dirty pirate said, "I know what I'm going to do to you!"
She noticed a fire nearby, where Julia was cooking the food. Then, the female grabbed Julia by the hair and dragged her towards the fire, causing Julia to scream a lot. Soon, Julia knew she'd be burnt if she doesn't do anything but she couldn't find anything to stop the enemy.
"Let me go," Julia said, "Let me go!"
Now, they were just a few feet away from the fire. The female pirate continued to drag Julia closer and closer where. Julia could easily feel the heat and knew she was close to the death but she didn't give up. Julia quickly grabbed one of her pots, slamming it on the female's hand. Finally, she released Julia which was perfect for her.
"You screwed up," Julia said, jumping up, "You really did!"
Julia banged the post on her head, causing the stranger to drop to the ground, holding her head. Then, Julia slammed the hard metal pot on her head again and again and again. She kept doing it until the pot was done. Julia dropped the pot, killing the stranger. She slowly turned around and couldn't believe what was in front of her, watching her all along. It was Randal.
"Randal," Julia said, "I had to...she tried to..."
"I understand," Randal said, "That's the only answer now."
Julia didn't want Randal to think killing was the right thing. She tried to convince him it wasn't but Randal didn't listen. His idea of the real world quickly changed after Guerta. Something Julia would never wanted to happened.

"Help," Nick cried, "I need help!"
Two unknown pirates surrounded Nick. With their knives, they slowly approached Nick, with a evil look on their faces. They were thirsty for blood.
"Please," Nick cried, "Don't kill me!"
Quickly, one of the pirates raised their knife and ran towards Nick. The pirate was a few steps away from Nick when helped arrived. Suddenly, Malik came out of nowhere, tackling the pirate to the ground.
"Nick," Malik said, "Get away!"
He quickly ran behind the tents, hiding from all the enemies. Meanwhile, Malik took on two pirates. He quickly pulled his knife out, waited for one of them to make a move. The tall, skinny, and black from dirt skinned pirate was the first one to make a move. He ran at Malik, swinging his knife out. Malik quickly ducked his head, tripping the pirate on the ground. The pirate tried to get up but Malik stepped on his back, completely distracted from the other pirate. Suddenly, the other pirate ran at Malik, stabbing him in his shoulder. Malik quickly pushed the pirate away, leaving the knife in his shoulder, "Ahhh!"
The harmless pirate tried to retrieve his knife but Malik pushed the pirate away from him. Then, the other pirate got up, knife in his hand. Malik looked on both of his sides, noticing both of the pirates next to him. Then, the two pirates ran towards him.
"Bad choice," Malik said, smiling.
Suddenly, Malik dropped to the ground and slid away from the two, causing the one of them to stab the other pirate. Quickly, the pirate noticed he accidentally stabbed his friend. Then, the last pirate dropped his knives and ran away, not looking back.
"Well," Malik said, "That was easy?"

Sanchi kept running and running, seeing smoke from their fire from earlier. He heard screaming but it eventually stopped, which made Sanchi feared even more. Soon enough, he was back home.
"Sanchi," Julia cried, running towards him, "You're back!"
He quickly noticed the big purple bruises on her face, placing his hand on one of them. Then, he looked by the fire and noticed a body. He quickly looked back at Julia who quickly started to cry, "She attacked me...I-I-I-I had to!"
Sanchi hugged Julia tight as she cried in his arms, "Everything is going to be okay!"
Julia looked up at Sanchi, wiping her tears away, "Who are these people?"
Suddenly, they started to hear screaming...again. Sanchi decided to handle it his self, advising Julia to stay back. Then, he quickly ran towards the screaming. It was from Malik.

After easily handling two of the strangers, another one came out of no where, tackling Malik to the ground. Then, the pirate pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Malik's head.
"Ye come on me land and kill me mates," The pirate said, "Ooooh my momma gonna like ye!"
"Maybe not," Malik said, laughing
Malik quickly kicked the gun out of his hands. Then, he jumped up and uppercut the pirate in his stomach. With hardly any strength left, Malik pulled his knife out but the pirate slapped it out of his hand. The pirate then punched Malik's in the face three times, causing him to fall back. The pirate quickly ran and grabbed the pistol, aiming it at Malik's head, "Foolish man!"

Nick and Mario hear the fight going on and they knew Malik needed help, hearing the screaming but they were too scared to do anything. Although, Mario felt a little courage inside, wanting to help Malik. He wanted to help someone who helped them survive. Mario wanted to return the favor.
"He needs our help," Mario said, running towards Danny's bag, "We need to do something!"
Nick laughed, grabbing Mario and pulling him away from the bag, "Are you crazy?"
Mario quickly pushed Nick away and quickly grabbed Danny's gun, "I'm going to help someone who pretty much rescued us!"
Nick tried to convince Mario not to, "You're going to get yourself killed!"
"Oh well," Mario said, "Malik and the rest risked everything for each other and us!"
Mario quickly ran out, Nick running behind.

"Kiss everything goodbye," The pirate said, few seconds away from pulling the trigger.
Malik thought it was hopeless. He quickly closed his eyes, waiting for the shot to be fired. Suddenly, a shot was fired. Malik slowly opened up his eyes, scared to see the gunshot on him but there was none. He quickly looked up at the pirate, noticing a circle of blood forming around his stomach. Then, the pirate dropped on top of Malik.
"Mario," Nick said, "You got him!"
Malik quickly pushed the body off of him. Then, he happily got him and smiled at Mario. Malik quickly gave Mario a big hug. Sanchi ran up, noticing no one else beside his crew were around.
"Sanchi," Malik said, "What a day huh?"
Sanchi smiled, patting Malik on his back, "Where's Randal?"
Suddenly, he heard a squeaky voice from behind. Sanchi quickly turned around, facing Randal and a few familiar guests. Randal was right next to Sanchez, Julia, Danny, Winslow, and Erica. Randal smiled and gave Sanchi a thumbs up, "I found help!"
"You had a couple of issues," Sanchez said, "I can see that."
Sanchi quickly noticed the terrible smell when he stepped next to Sanchez. He quickly backed away from Sanchez, pinching his nose, "Ah man...what happened to you?"
"Long story," Sanchez said, "Let's just say we ran into a group of odd pirates."
Danny laughed and he quickly noticed a wound on Malik's shoulder, revealing lots of blood, "Malik...who stabbed you?"
"His body is over there," Malik said, "It hurts!"
Erica walked up to Malik, observing the wounded shoulder. Then, she nodded her head, sucking her lips in, "I can fix you up!"
The crew quickly went towards the tents, ending a long day. Malik immediately earned his medical attention, Randal talked to Sanchi and Julia, Sanchez finally cleaned up, and the rest slept.

Another rough day, Sanchi wrote. It doesn't matter...we still managed to survive it, just another normal day, he continued to write. Another normal day for the family.

The Warrior AE "Freed" Season five premiere

Everything is changing, again," Sanchi wrote, "We lost another home and I felt like we lost a son, it'll be weird not seeing him anymore, hopefully we'll see each other again, Boris." Sanchi kept writing.
Looking back at what use to be Guerta, Sanchi remembered more and continued to write in his small book. I'm the last warrior, trying to protect my crew. I feel like we can't get a place to call home due to bounties and Kane's determination to find me...or us.

A day finally went by since Guerta was destroyed, we tried to find a place to call home but we couldn't. Danny and I already ran into a bounty hunter. Luckily, we managed to take him out but it was still close. My baby honey is scared, she doesn't know what'll happen next and Randal is afraid to stick his head out. We tried everything and it failed but this time, I'm making it won't. Like I said, I'm the last warrior in the spiral, no Juhn, no Shiruku, no Moresco, No Boochbeard, No Avery, more Derwitchi. I just hope my story can continue. Sanchi finally stopped writing, satisfied with his work.
"Sanchi," Malik called, "I think we've found somewhere!"
He got up and ran to look out of the window, next to Julia. It was an unique area, Sanchi noticed. Small green jungle island near the Skyway to Marleybone, everyone else thought it was perfect. There were trees around the island, giving great protection. Sanchi shrugged his shoulders, "Let's give it a shot."
Julia placed her head on Sanchi's shoulder. She was scared but was happy that she was with her family, Sanchi felt the same.
"If we're all together," Julia whispered in Sanchi's ears, "Then we'll be fine!"
It was just Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Winslow, Danny, Malik, Randal, and three residents from Guerta, Nick Cartell, Erica Mythstar, and Mario Hutch. Sanchi met the three a couple of times before in Guerta but he didn't know much about them or what they'll do when they're in danger. Nick had dirty blond hair that was long as Julia's hair with his dark brown eyes. Erica was a young female was curly long black hair, she was really shy and didn't know much with weapons but she still tried and fought against the armadas, her first time using weapons. Mario was a dark-tanned pirate with a dark black mustache. He was in his early 20s and was close friends with Jonathan, Courtney, and Kent. When Jonathan died, Mario became depressed and stayed in his house, fearing the pirate world. Sanchi knew that it'll be hard for those three to adjust but he just wanted to do the right thing and he knew he couldn't leave them to die in Kane's hands.
"Hopefully it'll protect us," Mario said, "All of this is scary!"
Suddenly, Sanchez walked up from behind Sanchi and Julia. He stayed there, looking out of the window like they were doing. Sanchez was still a little upset due to the death of Courtney, Bonnie, and Boris. Although, the death of Arthur and Coda helped him a little but he was still struggling with happiness.
"A new place," Sanchez said, "New time to adjust."

It didn't take long for them to gather their belongings. Most of them didn't have anything but Sanchez made sure they had something, handing out old sleeping bags. Although after they got settled in, Sanchez thought it'd be a good idea to look around on the island. Sanchez, Danny, Winslow, and Erica went out while everyone else was out of it.
"We can make this all place work," Erica said, "It's a beautiful and it looks safe!"
Danny laughed, glancing at Sanchez. Make this place work? Danny thought about that for a few moments, thinking and struggling to get by. Danny doubted Erica's statement, remembering all the what he thought beautiful safe places.
"Maybe," Winslow said, "Let's just keep looking around."
The four continued to walk, noticing the silence, which Sanchez thought was weird. Although, they kept roaming around. Passing large trees, fallen trees, ponds, abandoned houses, Sanchez studied the areas. Once he knew something was up, he stopped...and he did, making everyone else stop.
"Don't move," Sanchez whispered, slowly turning his head around.
Sanchez quickly spotted an unusual abandoned building. Clothes all around it, cigars around it, pots and pans around it. Sanchez slowly approached the building, noticing a small fire place outside. He bent over and got closer to the fire, listening to the sizzling noises and looking at the small flames. Sanchez quickly knew something was up.
"Guys," Sanchez said, getting up, "Get over..."
Suddenly, Sanchez heard laughter behind him. He quickly turned around, facing two unfamiliar pirates with swords in front of him. One of the pirates were a skeleton pirate, all bones with a sharp sword and an eye patch on his left eye. The other pirate had skin, with bruises all over his face and when he smiled, he revealed a lot of missing teeth.
"What ye doing on our property," The beaten up pirate said, "Stranga?"
Sanchez raised his hands up right when they noticed both of his pistols on the sides. The bruised up pirate giggled at Sanchez. Then he requested for the skeleton pirate to retrieve his weapons, which was perfect for Sanchez and his upcoming plan.
"Go get he weapons," The pirate said, "Bring'em to me!"
Sanchez patiently waited for the skeleton pirate to come. The stranger placed one of his hands on Sanchez's weapon, making Sanchez smile.
"Well grab it!"
Snap! Sanchez slapped the sword out of the skeleton pirate's hand. Then, Sanchez quickly kneed its head, picking up the skeleton up. Without any regrets, Sanchez slammed the skeleton down, watching his bones go everywhere. Sanchez quickly pulled out his pistols while the other pirate watched his friend's bones go everywhere.
"Now we can talk," Sanchez said, loading his pistols, "One to one."

Meanwhile the rest patiently waited for Sanchez's commands, Winslow and Danny decided to sit down and relax. Although, Erica stayed up and aware. She was worried which made her sick to her stomach, "I-I-I'm scared!"
Winslow laughed, "Of what?"
Erica slowly looked around, hearing crumbling leaves. He shakily pulled out her knife, waving it around. Danny and Winslow wasn't impressed.
"I-I-I hear something," Erica said, "Do you hear it?"
Danny shook his head and got back up. He walked right next to Erica, trying to hear any danger nearby and he didn't hear a single thing. Danny started to smile, hearing noises behind him, thinking it was Winslow sneaking up. Suddenly, he heard Winslow screaming, "Behind you!"
Danny quickly turned around, facing a stranger aiming his gun. The pirate quickly pulled the trigger. Luckily, Danny pushed Erica to the ground and he moved out of the way. Then, Danny quickly got back up, running into the stranger. Meanwhile, Winslow was busy with one too.
"I advise you to leave," Winslow said to the pirate, "Or else!"
The dirty heavy set pirate laughed, swinging his knife at Winslow, who was dodging his hits. Winslow tried to make a move but he was unsuccessful due to the knife. Although, he noticed the pirate was almost out of breath, he knew that was his time. Winslow quickly kicked the pirate's stomach a few times, causing him to drop the knife. Then, he ran into the pirate, pushing him into a tree, "Look out!"
Bam! Winslow slammed the heavy set pirate in the tree, causing the tree to shake. Winslow quickly turned around, someone else in front of him. Winslow threw a punch but the pirate moved his head way, screaming for him to stop, "Winslow it's me Danny!"
Winslow laughed, patting Danny's back. He was curious on how Danny took out the unfamiliar pirate but when he glanced at the pond near them, he noticed blood all in it, "Is he..."
Danny quickly finished Winslow's sentence, "Yes."
"Good deal," Winslow said, "Where's Erica?"
Both of the two forgot about the newby, Erica! Both of the two turned around fast, looking for Erica but was unsuccessful. Then, they heard screaming. Winslow and Danny both recognized the voice, it was Sanchez's.

"Drop the weapon," The pirate said, "Or ye will die!"
Sanchez laughed, "I already lost have nothing on me!"
The two stayed far from each other, aiming their weapons and waiting for one of them to make a move. Sanchez had a feeling this pirate wasn't the brightest.
"Maybe you can drop your weapon and I'll gladly leave..." Sanchez stopped as the pirate started to shoot at him.
Bang, bang! The pirate started to shoot everywhere, trying to hit Sanchez. Meanwhile, Sanchez dropped to the ground and rolled around, dodging the bullets. Then, Sanchez ran inside the house, shutting the door.
"Get out me house," The pirate yelled, "Get out!"
Suddenly, Sanchez heard a disgusted odor. He quickly covered his nose and mouth and ran away from the door, going into another room. Right when Sanchez opened up a door, small creatures came running out of the door, running past Sanchez. He quickly slammed the door, "What is this place?"
Bullets went through the house, almost hitting Sanchez. He quickly ran from the door and ran to another, opening it up and running in it. This time, this room had a worse odor and Sanchez could easily identified the smell. Few tears came out of his eyes as he started to vomit.
"This is disgusting," Sanchez cried, "You should do all of this outside!"
Suddenly, gunshots fired inside the room, causing Sanchez to drop down in the disgusted mess. Then in just a few seconds, the bruised up pirate found Sanchez.
"I found ye," The pirate said, aiming his weapon at Sanchez, "Huge mistake coming inside me house!"
Sanchez vomited even more, "I wouldn't call this a home!"
The beaten up pirate fired few shots in the air, making Sanchez quiet. Then, the pirate loaded up his small revolver up and aimed it at Sanchez with a grin, "Say goodbye you..."
Suddenly, the pirate stopped talking. Then, his face expression changed like he was in pain, dropping his revolver. Finally, the pirate fell down, revealing Erica who pulled her knife out of the pirate's back, "Is he...dead?"
"Sanchez," Winslow yelled, "Are you in here?"
Danny and Winslow came right behind Erica, covering their face and tried not to look in the room.
"Awwww man," Danny cried, "Why are you in there?"
"That's gross," Winslow said, throwing up, "Get out of there!"
Quickly, Sanchez got up and ran towards the door, causing the rest to run out of the house. Then, they quickly ran back to Sanchi and the rest, where Sanchez would like to keep everything a secret. Although, Sanchez was satisfied with Erica's work for today.