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The Warrior AE "Threats" Season three finale (EXTENDED)

Sanchi's group and Sanchez's group still yet to complete their objectives. After Douglass threw his bag around, Sanchez and Courtney found out Douglass's plan with troggys and Sanchez doesn't approve it. Sanchi tries to talk to his two crew mates but Winslow was the only one to talk back until they heard stranger (Mel) talking to him. Mel knew who all three was but he only knew Bonnie's name, making Sanchi wonder about the rest of Bonnie's story. Although, Winslow managed to find Mel as he fired a shot in his stomach. Before Mel's death, Sanchi found out that Winslow was right about they're not alone. Danny quickly reveals the leader's name as "Arthur."

After unable to find Randal, Sanchez's group was the first ones to return back to Guerta. Without talking to anyone, Douglass returns back in his house. Meanwhile, Sanchez and Courtney managed to pull alone time and they made sure the door was shut.
"Welcome back," Mary said, fixing up dinner.
Douglass declined Mary's dinner. He was focused on something else, "I'm going out again."
He left Guerta as it turned dark outside. He went out with a bag of a knife and ropes. Douglass quickly saw three troggys. As one ran after him, he wrapped the rope around its neck, capturing one. Suddenly, Douglass returned with three troggys all tied up. He placed them in his shed with four others who were tied up, too.
"Douglass," Mary said, "Dinner is out."
Douglass stood outside, staring at his old wooden shed. He watched the door getting banged on by the troggys, he heard the noises they were making, "Coming in."

Malik, Boris, Danny, and Julia were close returning back home to Guerta. Although, they couldn't handle what Danny told them mainly Julia. Boris wasn't afraid, ready and anxious to defend Guerta. Malik thought Danny was lying, like he was used to and Julia was afraid. She was mostly afraid of losing someone, "What happen if they attack us?"
Danny laughed, "Then we'll attack back?"
"Well," Malik said, "Attacking isn't always the answer."
"It is now," Boris said, "It has to be."
Finally, Danny could see the guard towers which means they were close back home. Everyone was happy to return to Guerta but Danny didn't want to, he didn't feel safe in Guerta no more. They walked back inside Guerta and headed back to the house where Sanchez and Courtney was. Luckily, Sanchez got his clothes back on and greeted his crew, "Wow, uh welcome back?"
Malik laughed, "Tell your girlfriend to put some clothes on."
"I noticed you guys found Danny," Sanchez said, "That's...great?"
"Maybe," Boris said, "Danny saw the leader...threats!"
Sanchez gave Boris a curious look, "I wouldn't say they are threats...we haven't met them yet."
"They look dangerous," Danny said, coming back into the conversation.
With everyone settling back into the house, Sanchez knew he had to tell someone about Douglass's shed. Quietly, he asked for Danny to talk to, "Come outside."
"Listen," Sanchez said, shutting the door, "Douglass is keeping troggys inside his old shed..."
Danny looked at Sanchez for a few seconds. Then, he glanced at the shed and noticed the door was banging. Danny got real close to the shed, placing his ear on it to hear. All he heard was squeaking from the troggys.
"This isn't good," Danny said, "This isn't safe!"
Sanchez quickly calmed Danny's tone down, "Keep it down."
"We can't leave this situation like this," Danny said, "It's dangerous!"
Sanchez pushed Danny away from the shed and walked away from him, "Don't do anything wrong!"
Danny stood there, thinking about what to do. Then, he thought of it. Danny thought that Douglass was a threat, he thought that he was going to get everyone killed. Douglass thought he would have to kill Douglass tonight, "Guess it's going to be me."

Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow continued to search for another village. They camped overnight and stayed until the sun raised up. Then, the three quickly heard more noises, which caused Sanchi to run towards it. There were only one pirate, yelling at his self. Sanchi quickly ran behind the stranger, "Put your hands up!"
Slowly, the stranger dropped his knife and placed his hands up,"Who are ye?"
"Nice, controllable, easy-going individuals," Sanchi said, tying his hands up, "We just want to know where you're staying."
Suddenly, Bonnie and Winslow ran out, "We found a camp with walls...bigger walls, though."
Sanchi looked at the stranger, picking up his small knife, "We're going in with him."
Bonnie started to worry, knowing what kind of pirates the strangers are. She knew what they could do and how they're going to do it. She remembered Arthur and started to fear, "Too dangerous...we shouldn't go."
Sanchi helped the stranger up and pushed him forward. He didn't care about Bonnie's opinion. He wanted to know who Guerta is sharing the island with. He was determined to know.
"My name is Mitch," he said, "I'm a valuable men for Arthur and it wouldn't be a good idea killing me."
Winslow laughed, "Easy going individuals...I bet!"
Mitch managed to lead them to his home. Sanchi looked around and was impressed. They had metal walls with torches everywhere, lighting it up well at night. The gate was metal, too and it slowly opened up. Sanchi quickly held Mitch in front of his self, Bonnie had her sniper out and Winslow had his two knifes out.
"Mitch," Sanchi whispered, "Where's your leader?"
Suddenly, they heard laughter. All of the pirates around them turned around, placing their weapons back in their holders. Sanchi and his crew became confused. Then, a big pirate with an eye patch over his eye and long black beard appeared, "What is going on here, Mitch?"
"Arthur," Mitch said, "You have company."
The leader laughed, looking at his fingernails, "You have one of my men after you killed six of mine?"
"That's not true," Winslow said, stepping closer to Arthur.
"Well," Arthur said, "Where are they?"
Arthur looked behind Sanchi and saw Bonnie. Suddenly, he started to laugh and clap his hands, "Where are my manners?"
"Who knows," Winslow said, "Not here."
Arthur stepped closer, "Bonnie Anne!"
Sanchi looked back, giving Bonnie a mean look, "What have you done?"

Sun was going down, Danny noticed as he stared at Douglass out of his window. Danny had a pistol in his hand and had a strong grip on it.
"Oh dear," Mary said, running towards Douglass, "Why do you keep going to that old shed?"
Douglass turned around fast, getting in front of the door of the shed, "Catching fresh air, dear?"
Danny watched the two arguing after Mary heard noises from the shed. Also, he noticed how protective Douglass was. Danny wanted to kill Douglass, he wanted a better leader...he wanted Sanchi as a leader. Suddenly, Danny snapped out of it after hearing Malik's voice, "Watching those two argue?"
"I don't know," Danny said, walking away without looking back.
Malik laughed, "He's losing it like the rest of us."

Arthur tried to talk to Bonnie but Sanchi made sure he didn't, placing the blade of his sword closer to Mitch's throat. Arthur slowly backed away as Winslow raised his knives up.
"You know," Arthur said, "We can take all three of y'all out and we'll just lose one."
"We'll escape," Sanchi said as he backs away from Arthur.
Suddenly, the gates closed, trapping Sanchi and his crew. They tried to open up the gates with Bonnie threatening and Winslow trying to open up the gates his self.
"Arthur," Bonnie said, "Let us out!"
Arthur didn't even listen to Bonnie's demand, "May I continue telling stories?"
"No," Winslow said, kicking the metal gate.
"We have weapons," Arthur said, "I remembered giving some leader of a large crew a weapon."
First name came to Sanchi's mind was Al, remembering him firing shots into Sanchez. Suddenly, Sanchi threw Mitch into Winslow's arm and tackled Arthur. Sanchi didn't have the advantage, due to Arthur's size and strength. Arthur quickly threw Sanchi off, pulling his weapon out and pointed it at Sanchi's head.
"You kill him," Bonnie said, grabbing Mitch, "We'll take out him!"
Arthur laughed, "One man against your leader?"
"Look," Winslow said, slowly approaching Arthur, "We'll give you Mitch back...just let us out of here."
Sanchi got Winslow's attention and he slowly whispered, "He's not going to...plan B."
He quickly kicked Arthur's gun out of his hand. Then, Sanchi pushed Arthur to the ground. Arthur's men fired at Bonnie but she used Mitch as a shield, killing one of their own. Quickly, Sanchi and his crew ran around the area. They ran into dead ends after dead ends, causing them to change up their plans a little. Sanchi knew they'd have to climb the walls.
"Hey," Arthur yelled, "You're company!"
Only a few of Arthur's men had guns, Sanchi noticed. Group of his approached Sanchi and his crew as they reached another dead end. Slowly walking towards him, Sanchi counted seven. Bonnie aimed her weapon but Sanchi stopped her, pulling his sword back out again. Sanchi ran into the group, slicing two of Arthur's men already. Suddenly, Sanchi was dueling with two of Arthur's men until one ran behind him. Luckily, Sanchi moved out of the way, causing one of the pirates stabbing the other one. Then, Sanchi kicked down one of them and slowly finishing him off. Winslow quickly ran in, throwing one of them into a wall and stabbing him in his stomach. Suddenly, Arthur stopped the fighting, "Hands!"
Sanchi slowly turned around, eyeing Arthur. He looked around to try to find an escape. He knew his only option was to climb the walls or take down the gates by cutting the ropes.
"Now," Arthur said, clapping his hands, "You started this!"

Nighttime arrived and Danny knew what had to be done. Danny wanted to take Douglass out and get rid of the troggys, he felt like it was his job to do so. Without Malik or anyone else knowing, Danny ran out of the house and ran towards Douglass's house with one of Sanchez's pistol.
"Danny," Douglass said, locking up the shed, "Time to sleep?"
He didn't answer, he just walked towards Douglass. He had a vicious look on his face and Douglass noticed it, backing up a little. Douglass thought that Danny didn't know about his troggys but Danny knew, "You need to go back inside."
Suddenly, Danny ran into Douglass and slammed him into his shed. Then, Danny quickly threw Douglass away from the door, aiming the pistol at his lock. Before Danny had a chance to pull the trigger, Douglass grabbed Danny and threw him to the ground. Danny quickly picked up the pistol and fired at Douglass. Luckily, he moved out and Danny just hit the shed's door. With none of them aware, the lock fell off, unlocking the shed.
"I can kick you out of this place," Douglass cried, "You must of lost your mind!"
Danny kicked Douglass away with one of his leg. He quickly rose back up, aiming his gun at Douglass, "When we were did nothing to help!"
Douglass slowly placed his hands up, "There were reasons know that!"
"Sanchi and us helped you guys with attacks," Danny said, "We helped you with upgrading and gather supplies!"
As the two continued to argue, the troggys slowly approached the doors. Then, Mary ran outside after hearing all the noises. She quickly got between the two, stopping the fight. Douglass slowly backed away but Danny tried to get through Mary, "M'am...get out of the way!"
"Danny," Mary said, "You two need to stop!"
Suddenly, Douglass's eyes widen as he noticed troggys coming out of the shed. He quickly dropped to the ground and ran out of fear. Two troggys jumped on top of Danny and took him to the ground. Mary tried to help but slowly a troggy approached her. She slammed the doors shut but didn't lock it. Then, a troggy bit Mary's shoulder.
"Woah, woah," Malik said, running outside, "What is going on!"
Malik, Julia, and Boris ran out of their house, firing at the troggys, which caused everyone around Guerta to wake up. Julia ran towards Mary and got her away from the troggys. Then, Boris took out the two on top of Danny. Finally, Malik tied a rope on the doors, locking the remaining creatures back in. Quickly, Sanchez and Courtney ran towards the scene.
"I knew it," Sanchez yelled, "I knew this would happen!"
Danny quickly got back up, "And you didn't stop it?"
"Thought I had more time," Sanchez said, "Anyone bit?"
Julia checked Mary's shoulders, revealing a horrible bite. Douglass ran towards Mary, hugging her as he went into tears. Everyone surrounded Mary except for Danny. He just stood there, slamming his fist on the ground, "You ran when those troggys came out, Douglass!"
Sanchez knew what had to be done, remembering both two deaths of his crew mates, Emmanuel and Dorugh. Although, Sanchez didn't know how to explain it to Douglass, "She's going to die..."
"She can't," Courtney cried, "She needs our help!"
"We can't help," Boris said, "Happened before to our crew...she's good!"
Douglass started to kiss Mary's face over and over again. He blamed his self for everything, starting to cry even more. Although, Mary knew the time is right, " it.."
Sanchez handed him his other pistol, wanting him to take Mary out. He nervously pointed the gun at her head as he sent out one last farewell. Then, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, shocking everyone around Guerta. Douglass slowly got back up and without a single word, he walked back inside his home.

Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow was trapped by Arthur and some of his men. Although, Arthur was the only one with a weapon, rest of his men looked like they could handle a fight.
"Let us go," Sanchi said, "We never killed any of your men!"
Arthur stepped up in front of Sanchi with a smile on his face. He thought Sanchi was joking, "You fellows just killed some in front of me!"
Sanchi knew his answer and only thought of one plan, making a run for it. Sanchi grabbed Bonnie's sniper and shot Arthur in his leg. As he hit the ground, Sanchi and Winslow made a run for it. Bonnie tried to follow behind but Arthur grabbed her leg and pulled her back without Sanchi or Winslow knowing.
"Don't look back," Sanchi yelled, "We're climbing the walls!"
Making their way towards the walls, Sanchi sliced couple of Arthur's men. Sanchi and Winslow passed others and noticed a cage filled with others. Workers, he thought. Maybe slaves, Sanchi wanted to help them but he knew they didn't have much time.
"Sanchi," Winslow said, "Over here!"
Winslow jumped up and started to climb the wall, Sanchi followed behind. They placed their feet on hard bars and kept climbing. Then before they jumped off, Sanchi looked back. He looked around, seeing factories, training camps, houses, everything. Although, he noticed something else...Bonnie was missing, "Where is she?"
"I didn't hear any shots," Winslow cried, looking around.
Sanchi tried to get a glance but all he saw was others running and panicking...with knives. Although, Sanchi noticed a few with guns, "They hardly have weapons!"
Winslow knew the consequences of going back, "They may have her as a hostage...we can't go back!"
"Sanchez," Sanchi said, "How will Sanchez feel!"
"I don't know," Winslow said, "We'll find others...we'll get an alliance and take this whole place out!"
"We can't," Sanchi said, "We started this...we need to kill Arthur!"
Sanchi and Winslow jumped off and ran far. They knew that Arthur knew where Guerta was but they knew that Arthur thought they weren't in Guerta.

Thanks for staying tune until season three! I'm thrill of what'll come into season four, more action, surprises and definitely excitement! Sadly, it was sad to see great characters such as Al, Deacon, and Mary to go on but we'll see more of Sanchi's crew and the rest on season four! Stay tune for what I think the best season next!

The Warrior AE "Deep" S3

Sanchi, Courtney, Douglass, Sanchez, Boris, Julia, Winslow, Malik, Bonnie, and Julia goes out of Guerta to start their objectives. Malik, Julia, and Boris goes out to find Danny where they encountered two pirates, Pete and Dalton. Sanchez, Douglass, and Courtney goes out to look for young boy, Randal. Although, their plan goes wrong when Douglass chases after troggys which almost got him killed. Pete and Dalton managed to get Malik's weapon and eventually Boris's weapon, too. Luckily, Danny came to the rescue again and the crew managed to take out the two pirates. Now, they managed to find Danny but Sanchez's group was still unsuccessful on finding Randal. Sanchi, Winslow, and Bonnie goes out to look for other pirates.

"I'm sorry," Sanchez said, grabbing Douglass's shoulder, "They could of bit you and you'd catch a terrible disease that'll kill you!"
Douglass slammed his bag on the ground, causing his ammo and supplies to fall out, "I was fine!"
Sanchez laughed, "If me and Courtney wasn't here.."
Douglass left all his supplies and ammo on the ground and he kept walking. Quickly, Courtney picked up everything that fell out of his bag, including notes filled with his plans and ropes. Quietly, she opened up his note pad, revealing his plan.
"Sanchez," Courtney whispered, handing him Douglass's notes.
He made sure Douglass wasn't paying any attention to them. Which was a good opportunity for Sanchez to read his plans. He slowly opened up Douglass's pad, reading his plans.
"I don't believe it," Sanchez said to his self, looking at Douglass, "He's going....insane?"

Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow went North, farther away from Guerta. Their objective was to see if there were others and to know if they were threats, Sanchi remembered. When it became silent, Sanchi made a conversation with the two but only Winslow responded back.
"I hope Randal is okay," Winslow said, "I also hope there wouldn't be any threats."
Randal didn't go in Sanchi's mind. Although, there were other things racing through his mind which made Sanchi worry even more. He remembered all the threats him and his crew dealt with. Deaths, Sanchi remembered...too many to count. Sadly, Sanchi stopped counting when Emmanuel died. Luckily, Winslow snapped Sanchi back into reality, again.
"We lost enough," Winslow said, "I think."
Sanchi shook his head, "You'll never understand it."
"I have," Winslow said, "Lost so many that I fell into Al's trap."
Sanchi still knew that Winslow haven't went through what he went through. Deaths, lost, betrayal, Sanchi remembered, "Betrayal."
Finally, Bonnie spoke without looking at Sanchi or Winslow, "I done bad things, really bad things that I'll never forget."
Suddenly, Sanchi stopped. He stared at Bonnie, trying to think of the stuff she did, "What else bad things you done?"
Bonnie remembered what she told everyone, her story. Although, she didn't mention when she met Arthur and others living on the same island as Guerta. She knew she would have to tell them, "I never finished my story..."
Suddenly, she stopped, hearing other voices. Sanchi quickly pulled out his sword as Winslow pulled out two of his knifes. Bonnie followed by pulling her sniper out, aiming around the area.
"I know ye folks," Voice echoed, "I know all three of ye!"
Sanchi tried to follow the voice but he couldn't. Although, Sanchi knew he was nearby that he could see them, "Who are you?"
The stranger laughed, "You're the leader."
"Good guess," Sanchi said, trying to look for him.
"I know the one other, the idiot who were talking to his self and fell off a waterfall," Stranger said, "I know the foxy companion, Bonnie!"
Bonnie? Sanchi thought, did he say...Bonnie? Sanchi and Winslow stared at Bonnie. Sanchi slowly approached Bonnie, "What was the end of your story?"

"Douglass," Sanchez called, "You left your ropes, snacks...and your notes!"
He quickly turned around and snatched his notes out of Sanchez's plan. He opened up his notes, looking through each pages checking for any missing. Then, he noticed dirty fingerprints on one of his pages. Dirty fingerprints that weren't there before. Douglass looked up, seeing Sanchez's filthy hands. Douglass quickly closed his notes, "So you know?"
"Advice," Sanchez said, "I think you should get rid of those troggys you're keeping in Guerta!"
Douglass laughed, "Why would I do that?"
"Because those creatures are dangerous," Courtney said, "Plus, they almost killed you!"
Douglass thought about the four troggys in his shed. Douglass thought he could handle them because he already caught two new ones yesterday but Sanchez thought about residents in Guerta.
Sanchez tried to show Douglass the right meaning, "What about others living in Guerta?"
"If they bite any of them," Sanchez said, "They could get infected and more will die!"
"Your crew can defend," Douglass said, "IF they get out but they won't!"
Sanchez laughed, "We can't always be saving you guys!"
"Well," Douglass said, "Isn't that why you're here?"
Sanchez looked at Douglass. He knew that him and everyone else was here to help Guerta. Also, Sanchez wanted to help this place for Chun. He remembered and knew it was what Chun wanted, to help out Guerta.
"Well," Sanchez said, "Does Sanchi know?"
Douglass nodded his head, "He helped me capture two of them..."
Sanchez didn't like that Sanchi helped him out with his plan. Sanchez remembered Douglass's plan like it was glued to his head, troggy army? Also, Sanchez was surprise that Sanchi agreed on helping him, "Stupid."
Douglass started to walk to look for Randal. Courtney whispered so Sanchez would hear her, "Your crew need to handle this."
"We will," Sanchez said, following Douglass.

"I-I-I..." Bonnie stopped, "Don't...recognize his voice?"
Sanchi thought they were surrounded, not just one around them. Sanchi looked around the bushes and in the trees, nothing. Bonnie stayed close to Sanchi while Winslow was couple feet away, trying to look for the threats, "Why don't you little boys come out?"
Suddenly, Winslow heard laughter, "Boys?"
Sanchi snapped his fingers, trying to grab Winslow's attention. He wanted Winslow to be close to each other but Winslow thought otherwise, he kept walking farther away from them.
"Advise you to stay back," Voice echoed, "Waterfall man."
Winslow knew the voice grew louder. Suddenly, he stopped and looked around. Couple leaves came off a tree. Winslow quickly noticed that branches were moving, "I got you!"
Winslow pulled out a small rusty pistol out of his holder and fired shots into a tree. Then, he saw a men falling out of the tree with a bullet in his stomach. Sanchi and Bonnie quickly ran towards the scene, "Bonnie, go look around to see if there's more!"
Bonnie quietly walked around the area. Meanwhile, Sanchi and Winslow had plans talking to the stranger. First, Sanchi wanted to find out the pirate's name.
"Mel," he said, "I need some medical attention!"
Sanchi laughed, "Why would you dare to mess with us?"
Mel rolled his eyes, "No idea that you were this crazy!"
Sanchi dropped lower, looking at Mel straight in his eyes. Then, Sanchi picked up his sword and placed the blade on his neck, threatening him, "Do you have a camp?"
"Maybe," Mel said, "Why do you care?"
Sanchi laughed, "We don't take kindly to threats!"
Mel lost enough blood that he couldn't even move. He could hardly see and Sanchi knew it was no use to patch him up. Sanchi knew Mel wasn't going to make it. He also knew that Mel was unaware about his condition. Sanchi knew he had to figure about Mel's camp, "Just tell us!"
Mel slowly opened up his eyes, "Arthur..."
Before Sanchi could find out more information, Mel died. Now, Sanchi and Winslow slowly walked away from him, calling for Bonnie's name. Another day of nothing, Sanchi thought. Although, he had a feeling they were getting closer to something important.

Julia's crew started to head back to Guerta with Danny with them. So far, they were the only ones who completed their objective. Also, Danny knew a lot about the new threats, he called them.
"We better leave Guerta," Danny said, "We can take Courtney but we need to leave!"
Boris quickly stopped Danny from overreacting, "Danny!"
"Witchdoctors," Danny laughed, "Buccaneers, I saw all kinds!"
"He's losing it," Julia said, trying to wipe all the dirt off him.
Suddenly, Danny started to scream, "I was nearby...heard them making bets, practicing shooting, describing us!"
Before Danny could say anymore, he fell to the ground. He was exhausted, Boris knew. Danny haven't had a sip of water or eaten anything for a few days. Malik and Boris quickly carried him, placing him on a tree, causing him to lean on it.
"Buddy," Malik said, "Are you losing it?"
Boris remembered what happened to Dorugh when he was bit by a troggy. He remembered the suffering that occurred and the delusion. He quickly checked for any bites on Danny's body and found nothing, "I don't think he is."
"I saw the leader," Danny said, "Big man with a tattoo on his arm...long beard, too!"
Julia started to worry, "Do you know his name?"
Danny slowly got up before answering any questions. He looked out far, squinting his eyes. Finally, Danny spoke, "Arthur...his name is Arthur."

The Warrior AE "Lookout" S3

Boris finally returns to Guerta. Although, it didn't snap Douglass out. Sanchi tries to keep Douglass's plan a little secret. Sanchez managed to talk to Courtney, which resulted in the two kissing. Now, Sanchi starts to worry about Guerta's sake after what Winslow and Danny saw more threats. After night arrived, the crew noticed that Danny was missing. Now, the crew has to worry about Danny, Sanchi has to keep Douglass's plan a secret, and Sanchez has to find Randal for Courtney.

Quiet, that's what was different for him. Peaceful, he thought. Minus the troggys as he took a few out. Suddenly, he felt different about Guerta. He felt different about his new life....he felt different about living. He felt different about protection and protecting the ones he cared for. He thought he was alone, aiming his weapon at targets. Suddenly, he fired his weapon at old toys from old residents from Guerta. Head shot, he smiled.
"Well," Danny said, "It's me against the monsters!"
Danny picked up his bag, trying to find another target area. Although, he stopped again, hearing voices. Suddenly, Danny loaded his weapon, smiling.
"Threats," Danny whispered to his self, "Gotta take them out."
Boom! He fired shots at three different strangers. He took one out, he injured the other one, leaving him on the ground. Meanwhile, the third one got away.
"W-wh-who are ye?" injured stranger asked, "Ar-are ye crazy?"
Danny laughed, approaching the potential threat. Danny pointed his weapon at the threat, "Don't mess with me!"
Danny pulled the trigger, releasing a loud shot. Then, he grabbed his bag and ran away from the area.

"Alright," Sanchi said, "Listen up!"
Quickly, he explained his plan loud and clear to his crew and others. They didn't only have one objective, they had three. Sanchi wanted Malik, Boris, and Julia to go into another direction, objective was to find Danny. Then, he wanted Sanchez, Douglass, and Courtney to look for Randal, which was their objective. Finally, Sanchi wanted Bonnie and Winslow to help them find others.
"We need to do this right and carefully," Sanchi announced, "Important objective for sure!"
Before they started, Courtney stopped them with a question, "What happen if these others...are like those ones who attacked us?"
Sanchi didn't know how to explain it to Douglass, Mary, or Courtney. He just gave them the best and only answer, "We'll execute them...plain and simple."
"That can't always be the answer," Mary said, "They could join us."
Sanchez laughed, looking at Sanchi. He remembered what happened to the pirate army, he remembered Devullio...he remembered Derwitchi.
"I'm sorry," Julia said, "That's not going to happen."

Boris, Malik, and Julia quickly left Guerta to find Danny, again. This was unusual between Malik and Julia. The two hardly talked to each other or looked at each other. Finally, Malik broke it, "How long have you been with Sanchi?"
"Well," Julia said, not looking at him, "Couple years...maybe three."
Malik smiled, "Me and Danny been partners for a few years, not in a weird way though."
Suddenly, Boris ended the conversation between the two. He noticed something unusual, something he was used to. Dead bodies of two unknown pirates, Boris tried to identify. He knew they weren't from Al's crew or the armadas. Malik flipped one of them over, "What in the world?"
Julia didn't get close to the bodies, "Who did this?"
Suddenly, they heard footsteps around them. Julia quickly got in cover while Malik and Boris stood up with their weapons ready to fire.
"Come out," Boris said, "We're not afraid!"
"Doubt it," Malik whispered, rolling his eyes.
Suddenly, two strangers came out. One of them had an eye patch on his left eye with yellow teeth and a skinny body. Meanwhile the other one was completely different, with a large body, an eye patch on the right eye, and hardly any teeth in his mouth.
"Hello," the skinny one said, "Did ye kill our friends?"
Boris, Malik, and Julia didn't respond so the heavy one introduced themselves, "I'm Pete and thus my friend...Dalton."
Pete and Dalton brought their weapons out, aiming at Boris and Malik. Quickly, they aimed back. Also, Boris noticed the two strangers had old useless weapons. Boris glanced at Malik, "I'm different, now."
"Well," Pete said, "Did ye kill our friends?"
Boris took a deep breath, "No...we just got...just got here."
Dalton laughed, revealing two of his teeth inside his house, "How bout ye come back with us?"
Pete glanced around, noticing Julia hiding, "Ye two and the misses, too!"
She knew that they knew where she were. Julia quickly moved out, with her weapon aimed at the two hideous pirates.
"Well then," Pete said, lowering his weapon, "Let's talk."

"Randal!" Courtney called, "Baby, are you nearby?"
Sanchez, Douglass, and Courtney went the opposite way Julia's group went. Their objective was to find Randal. After yelling his name for a few minutes, they knew it'd be a complicated objective. Douglass looked around, noticing no troggys for him to capture, "How did Randal get lost?"
"When those monsters attacked us," Courtney said, "He ran to get Sanchi and the others...for help!"
Sanchez laughed, "We called them the filthy pirates...they're all gone, now."
"Because of y'all," Douglass said, "And Guerta is grateful for that!"
Impressed Sanchez shook his head, looking at Courtney, "It's what we do!"
Suddenly, two troggys ran out in front of them, not even looking at them. Sanchez and Courtney didn't pay any attention to them. Meanwhile, Douglass paid a lot of attention. He quickly pulled his ropes out and ran after the troggys.
"Woah," Sanchez exclaimed, "Douglass!"
Sanchez quickly ran after Douglass, Courtney followed behind. They tried yelling his name but he didn't stop, Douglass was focused on retrieving more troggys. Finally, the troggys stopped. Sanchez caught up to Douglass, grabbing his arm, "What is wrong with you?"
He pulled away from Sanchez's arm, swinging his rope around, "I need these two troggys!"
The two troggys looked at Douglass and started to lip their lips. Old man Douglass had a huge smile on his face, swing his rope around. One of the troggys ran after Douglass. He quickly grabbed the creature's neck and wrapped the rope around it. Then, the second troggy ran after Douglass, freeing the first troggy. Both of the troggys quickly trampled on Douglass. Sanchez quickly ran towards the scene, "Don't let them bite you!"
Douglass used all his might to push them off but they stayed on, "I got this...don't kill them!"
Sanchez grabbed one of the troggys and threw him into a tree, causing him to flee away. Then, the second troggy jumped on Sanchez, causing him to hit the ground. Sanchez stared at the troggy in the eyes as the creature spit all over him. Luckily, Courtney grabbed the troggy and pulled it away.
"I got him," Sanchez said, taking out the troggy.
Courtney grabbed and hugged Sanchez, "That was a close one!"
Meanwhile, Douglass wasn't happy. He quickly got back up and started to scream at them, "I needed those troggys!"
Sanchez gave Douglass a strange look, "For what?"
"Personal," Douglass said, "Why would you do that?"
Sanchez laughed, shaking his head, "Pretty much saved your life!"

Malik slowly walked up towards Pete and Dalton, "We have nothing to talk about!"
"Malik," Boris said, "Maybe we do."
Pete smiled, looking at Boris, "I like the youngster!"
The two strangers wanted to talk and Malik let them. Dalton explained to them about their home, not far from here. Dalton added that their place had good protection and strong pirates around. Guerta, Boris thought in his head, similar to Guerta.
"Well," Boris said, "We're not gonna come with y'all."
Dalton laughed, "Are ye dumb?"
"Maybe," Malik said, getting in Dalton's face, "You two don't seem pirates I would like to trust!"
The two pirates stared at them, with no face expression. Then, Dalton pushed Malik to the ground and pulled their weapons out before Boris or Julia could aim at them. Dalton aimed at Malik's head as he stared at Boris, "Drop your guns!"
Slowly, Boris dropped his weapon and Julia did too.
"That's what me like," Pete said, "Now, let the misses come with us!"
Boris quickly stepped in front of Pete, "No chance!"
"Well, well," Dalton said, "Got a toughy right here!"
Dalton quickly pushed Boris to the ground. Then, Dalton walked towards a terrified Julia. She had her hands up as Dalton got close to her.
"We're gonna be a good match," Dalton said, giving Julia a look, "Good couple!"
Quickly, Malik kicked the gun out of Pete's hand, sliding next to Boris. Without any hesitation, Boris grabbed the gun and fired two shots into Pete, killing him. Boris and Malik quickly got back up as Dalton grabbed Julia, pointing the gun at her head.
"You don't need her," Malik said, placing his hands up, "Take me...please!"
Boris looked at Malik. He remembered when he said the same thing similar. He remembered how Dorugh reacted and what he told him. Suddenly, Malik looked like an old version of his self, Boris thought.
"Please," Malik said, "Take me!"
Bang! Suddenly, someone slammed their gun on Dalton's head which knocked him out. It was Danny. He stared at everyone, looking around. He smiled, "Three of them I took care of."
"Thank you," Julia said, "You need to come back...with us!"
Danny laughed, "Fine."
Before Malik thanked Danny, Boris quickly stopped him, "Your goal is to keep yourself alive while helping others stay alive...what you said before...reminded me of my old self, proof I've changed."
Boris, Julia, Danny, and Malik quickly returned home. On the way back, Danny explained to them what happened to the other two strangers, which made Julia think. Threats, she thought.
"Welcome," Mary greeted, "Glad you guys are safe!"
"For now," Boris said, walking past everyone.

The Warrior AE "Home is the place to be" S3

After Sanchez recovered, Guerta begins the rebuilding process with the walls and fallen gate until rain and thunder occurred Sanchez goes out to talk to Courtney for the first time after recovery, which results in a huge argument between the two. Douglass comes up with a plan to train troggys to protect them and now Sanchi starts to worry about him and the faith of Guerta.

Julia looked around the house for Sanchi. She looked in the guard towers and went through Douglass's house where she had a short conversation with Mary, "Douglass isn't here, too!"
Both, Julia and Mary went to houses asking for Douglass and Sanchi. Then, Julia ran inside her house, grabbing her weapon. Malik quickly woke up, stopping them.
"Malik," Julia said, "How long have you been asleep?"
He rubbed his eyes with a smile, "Not long enough."
"Really," Mary said, "They are missing!"
Malik gave them a strange look as he got off the floor, "Check outside?"
Julia, Mary, and Malik really ran outside of Guerta. They didn't see any footsteps or bodies, luckily, Julia thought. The three glanced around the area, trying to look for them. Then, they found a clue, hearing lots of gunshots. Malik quickly led them towards the noises. Julia saw Sanchi, "There they are!"
Julia looked around the area. Sanchi, Douglass, Danny, troggys and...? She didn't recognize the other one. Julia grabbed the stranger and turned him around. Her mouth opened in joy, "Boris!"
Boris smiled as Julia hugged him, "I'm alive!"
He glanced at Danny who was just standing there, looking at the ground. Boris tapped on his shoulder with a huge smile, "Look...I'm not dead!"
Danny didn't respond or look at Boris.
"Hun," Mary said, "Why do you have two of those...things tied up?"
Before Douglass answered, he tied the troggys' mouths shut, "I have an idea!"
Sanchi grabbed Douglass and pulled him away. He didn't want anyone else to know, yet. Douglass grabbed the two tied up troggys and took him back to Guerta. Sanchi quickly whispered to Douglass, "Make sure no one else sees you."
Julia, Mary, and Malik followed Douglass back to Guerta, leaving Sanchi, Danny, and Boris alone together. Sanchi knew this was his chance to talk to each other but before Sanchi tried to talk to Boris, Danny quickly interrupted.
"We're not alone," Danny said, "There's another place...there's more!"
Sanchi stared at Danny for a few seconds then he looked at Boris. He remembered what Winslow told him. He quickly took both of the two's comments in thought.
"Danny," Sanchi said, "Let's go back to Guerta."
"No," Danny said, walking away, "We're just a bunch of pawns...we'll be played soon!"
Danny quickly ran away. Boris tried to chase him but Sanchi grabbed him and pushed him away, "We need go back!"

Sanchi didn't try to chase Danny. He thought Danny was acting strange because of Boris but that wasn't it, Sanchi thought. He looked at Boris who was shorter than him. Scars over his face, Sanchi remembered what Julia told him and how he saved her life. Sanchi wrapped his arm around Boris, "Good to have you back."
"For now," Boris said, "If Danny was right about others, we could have another threat."

Sanchi started to worry, "I know."
Finally, the rain stopped but Sanchi didn't want anyone working right now, day off, he thought. Sanchi wanted to talk to Winslow and Bonnie both. He wanted to do it with just them.
"Winslow," Sanchi said, tapping on his shoulder.
Winslow turned around. When he noticed it was Sanchi, he rolled his eyes and tried to walk away but Bonnie stopped him, "Just listen to Sanchi!"
"Why?" Winslow said, "He didn't listen to me!"
Bonnie didn't speak. She stared at Sanchi, waiting for him to talk to Winslow. Sanchi calmed his tone down, "Let's go outside of this place...just us three."
Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow quietly and slowly walked out of Guerta, making sure no one was watching them. They walked for a long time before speaking, walking past the deceased troggys from earlier. Suddenly, Sanchi stopped and he quickly jumped to the conclusion, "Remember what you said about hearing others?"
"Yes," Winslow said, "Why do you care?"
"Shut up," Sanchi said, "Where?"
Winslow looked around the area they were in, "I can't remember?"
"Try," Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
Suddenly, they heard movement, crumbling leaves. Sanchi quickly focused on that. He was the only one with a weapon. Winslow stayed close to Bonnie as Sanchi walked around, thinking troggys are nearby.
"Sanchi," Danny said, coming out, "Why are you here now?"
Sanchi quickly spun around, swinging his sword around. Danny quickly laughed at him, "It's Danny!"
He shook his head, looking at Danny, "Where did you hear those pirates?"
"Didn't hear them," Danny said, "I saw them!"
Meanwhile, Bonnie knew who Danny and Winslow saw. She remembered how she got her. She remembered why she got here...why she left. Bonnie knew how bad and dangerous those strangers were. Arthur, she remembered the name. Although, she kept it a secret. She didn't want any of her crew mates to be involved with Arthur, "Maybe we should just leave those strangers alone...I doubt they can find Guerta."
"We don't know that, we're weak right now with no gate and walls hardly up," Sanchi said, " tell me, now!"
"Far," he said, "I don't know!"
"We're going back to Guerta," Sanchi said, "All of us!"

Sanchez thought you deserved a second chance with Courtney. He wanted one. With no Sanchi, he quickly went back to Courtney's house. He noticed a fire behind her house, Sanchez ran there. She was throwing all of Kent's stuff in the fire.
"Courtney," Sanchez yelled, "Stop throwing his stuff in there!"
She quickly rolled her eyes, dropping a box, "I told you to leave me alone!"
"I know...but listen," he said, "It's about your husband!"
Courtney stopped and listen.
"He didn't kill Chun," Sanchez said, picking up his stuff.
"Well," she said, "Who did?"
"Those dirty pirates who attacked Guerta just about a week ago," Sanchez said
Courtney started to tear up as she looked at some of his belongings in the fire. Sanchez quickly rushed to her, comforting her.
"So," Courtney said, "I killed my husband for nothing?"
Sanchez gave Courtney an honest look, "He tried to kill saved me!"
Suddenly, Courtney and Sanchez stared at each other for a few seconds. Sanchez smiled and she followed back with a smile. Both of them felt like nothing was around them and forgot about the past. Slowly, Sanchez closed his eyes and tilted his head towards Courtney. Sanchez kissed Courtney as he remembered in his fantasy. Although, Courtney didn't hold back, holding on him tight.
"Courtney," Sanchez said, "I love you!"
Courtney stared, "Love you too."
Suddenly, Sanchez heard Sanchi's voice. He quickly jumped up. Before he would have to leave, he gave Courtney one last kiss. In his mind he would think about this moment for the remaining of his life.
"Randal will come back soon," he said, walking away.

Sanchez ran towards Sanchi with excitement, which was the first time in a long time. Meanwhile, Sanchi wasn't concerned about Sanchez's question as he paid attention to Douglass's shed with troggys.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said, "Listen!"
He slowly turned around, "..Yes?"
"Let me and Winslow got out there," Sanchez said, "To look for Randal!"
Sanchi quickly gave him a strange look, "Is this for Courtney?"
Sanchez smiled, "Randal is just a kid..."
He quickly shook his head, looking at Sanchez, "Why are you in love with...her?"
Sanchi quickly interrupted, "You pretty much made her kill Kent...her own husband?"
"I didn't," Sanchez said, "He tried to kill me!"
"Why would he try to harm you?" Sanchi said, "Maybe because you tried to steal his long term wife?"
Sanchez calmed his tone down, "You don't get it."
"I do," Sanchi replied, "I'm going out there with Winslow and Bonnie!"
Sanchez quickly stopped him, "I need to find Randal for her!"
"We're not trying to find him," Sanchi said, "We might have another threat that could bring down Guerta!"
"Then lemme go out alone," Sanchez said, "I'll look the opposite way!"
Sanchi grabbed Sanchez by the collar of his shirt and stared at him, "It's too!"
Before Sanchez could argue back, Sanchi walked away from him.

Nighttime finally arrived, ending other day at Guerta. Sanchi and his crew went back to their house, where they day and discuss things. Bonding time, Sanchi thought.
"Good to be back," Boris said, smiling, "Really is!"
Sanchi came behind Boris, putting him in an easy head lock, "Good to have you back, too!"
Everyone started to laugh, which made Sanchi happy. He loved moments when everyone laughs together and bond, no arguing. Although, Sanchi noticed something different, first one to notice it, he thought.
"Hey," Sanchi said, stopping the laughter, "Where's Danny?"
Everyone looked around the room. Malik and Bonnie ran out of the house to take a quick glance. Julia tried to call his name but it only woke others up, including Douglass. Suddenly, they saw Douglass walking outside after checking his shed, "What's going on?"
"Danny," Sanchi said, "Have you seen him?"
Douglass looked around, "He's not here?"
"No," Malik said, "We saw him last in the jungles!"
Douglass shook his head, furious. He couldn't believe someone disobeyed his rule, no going outside of Guerta without permission or during dark. Also, he didn't forget how many times Danny already went outside without permission. Douglass didn't want to waste a second looking for him, "Go back inside."
Malik laughed, "You want us to leave him out there?"
"This is complete crap," Bonnie said, "He's one of us!"
Sanchez looked at Bonnie, smiling. He couldn't believe what Bonnie said. She finally gets it, Sanchez thought, he was extremely proud, "Yeah, what she said!"
"He disobeyed my rules plenty of times," Douglass said, "Why even try?"
"Simple," Malik said, "He's one of us!"
Douglass rubbed his forehead, becoming stressed, "He may not even be alive!"
"That's a chance we're willing to take," Sanchi said, "He's one of us!"
"We don't leave family behind," Winslow said, "You and your people may disagree with that!"
Sanchi looked around, smiling. He looked at his crew, defending one of their own. That's what Sanchi wanted. that's what made the crew, he thought.
"Fine," Douglass said, "Go out there!"
"I'm sorry Douglass," Sanchez said, "We don't leave family behind!"

The Warrior AE "As one" S3

The battle with the armadas and filthy pirates ended with Kane's army victorious. Sanchi returns back to the battlefield, meeting Deacon again and finally ending him. Sanchi returns home with a surprise as Sanchez finally wakes up. Now Boris wakes up alive and in a new village Molax. He meets new people, Emily and Mark. Although, Mark doesn't approve him leaving Molax until the village was attacked by the armadas. With Kane killing Mark and Emily, Boris quickly runs to a ship and leaves Molax. Next destination...returning home to Guerta.

With Sanchez back, Guerta quickly begun the rebuilding process. Brought all the wood they cut down inside and began placing them on the bent and destroyed walls. Bonnie and Malik stayed in the guard towers, making sure no enemies would return back. Everyone except for Danny helped rebuilding Guerta. Douglass and Mary even volunteered, Sanchi watched the two trying to cut up the wood, "Liking this rebuild process?"
Douglass laughed, "Sure do!"
Sanchez slowly placed the wooden plank on the wall as Julia hammered the nails, attaching it. Everyone knew the hardest part of the job was the gates, recreating another one to keep the threats out, Sanchi thought.
"Danny and Winslow," Sanchez said, "How come they aren't helping?"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders, "Both of them been through a lot...losing hope like most of us before."
"That's not true," Sanchez said, "There's hope for survival...just like there's hope and a future for Guerta."
"Surprise you still believe in that," Julia said, "After Chun's death, you still believe in hope?"
Sanchez looked at Julia, remembering the first day they met. Then, he remembered Dez, Dorugh, Anthony, Juhn, everyone from before as he stared at the ground.
"After El's death, I knew how Sanchi felt," Sanchez said, "Believed that the rest of us would be fine...until Emmanuel and Chun died..."
"We're different now," Sanchi said, "I know you realized it, too!"
Sanchez smiled, "For the better!"
A hour went by and screws became low, Sanchez thought. He also thought this was the perfect chance to go and talk to Courtney for the first time in awhile.
"I know what you're thinking," Mary said, "You go there and I'll get the screws."

Sanchez ran to Courtney's house, trying to give her a surprise. As he got close to the house, he noticed stuff outside the front of her house. Lots of stuff, he noticed. Then, he saw Courtney walking out and throwing clothes outside. He slowly walked on the front porch and entered her house.
"Hey," Sanchez said, "What are you doing?"
Courtney looked at Sanchez as she dropped a box of items, "Shouldn't you be working?"
Sanchez laughed, "Sure, I noticed we haven't talked since I woke up?"
"Your point," she said, "What's the matter with that?"
Sanchez looked around Courtney's kitchen, noticing boxes with Kent's name all over them. There were clothes, bottles, pictures, everything.
"Well," Sanchez said, "Need help?"
Sanchez bent over and grabbed a box. As he picked it up, Courtney stole the box from him and she dropped it. She gave Sanchez a serious look, "I can do this on my own!"
Sanchez stepped away from Courtney, placing his hands up, "What did I do?"
"Listen," she said, "Leave!"
"Courtney, wait!" he said, "Did I say anything wrong?"
Courtney didn't answer as she walked back upstairs and into her room. Sanchez quickly followed her upstairs, trying to comfort her. He tried to hug her but she pushed him away, tears coming out of her eyes.
"I have a lot to worry about now," Courtney said, "Please...go!"
Sanchez didn't leave, "Not until I get an answer!"
"I killed Kent for you," she yelled, "To protect made me!"
Sanchez couldn't believe it. She killed her own husband for someone she hardly knew, Sanchez thought. She killed someone she knew ten times longer than the stranger, Sanchez knew, "I'm-I'm...sorry!"
"I'm getting rid of his stuff," Courtney said, "Please...go!"
Sanchez walked out of her room, closing the door. He stayed at the door for a few seconds, hearing her crying. He slowly walked downstairs, blaming his self for everything. Then, he looked around her living room, picking up the boxes his self and took them all outside. He did her a favor, he thought as he dropped the match on the boxes, setting them on fire.
"You messed up Kent," Sanchez said to his self, "Good job!"

Looking at ships gone by, he didn't focus on steering a new, huge, and unique ship, Boris thought as he smiled. All he thought was that he'd return home soon. Seeing his crew, seeing the blown up gate at Guerta, the jungles around Guerta, he was excited.
"I'll be home," Boris said, "Get ready, Guerta!"
He was closed back home, he knew, "Can't believe I'm flying something like this!"

As Guerta continued their rebuilding process, they heard thunder as dark clouds arrived. They didn't stop though, not scared of thunder but rain might change everything, Douglass thought.
"Not rain," Sanchi yelled, "We'll be fine!"
Sanchi noticed Sanchez wasn't here. He looked around the rebuilding area, trying to see if he was working on the walls but he was gone.
"Julia," Sanchi called, "Where's Sanchez?"
She shrugged her shoulders. Then, Malik helped Sanchi out, "I saw him walking in Courtney's house!"
Sanchi smiled, shaking his head. He decided to leave those two alone, "Thanks Malik!"
Suddenly, Sanchi felt a droplet on his head then he felt more hitting his head. Sanchi kicked dirt up as he called the building off for the day due to rain. Sanchi stayed outside until everyone went inside. Soaking wet, Douglass walked up to Sanchi, wanting to talk to him, "I have an idea."
Sanchi quickly held Douglass off, "We'll talk about it later, go inside please."
Douglass quickly ran back inside. Suddenly, Sanchi heard coughing from the guard towers. Bonnie was still in the guard tower. Sanchi climbed up, scaring Bonnie.
"Woah," Bonnie said as she pushed Sanchi, "What do you want?"
Sanchi laughed, "Think it's smart to be up here?"
"It's just rain," she said, "Not gonna kill anyone."
Sanchi didn't want to argue with Bonnie. He walked next to her as the two watched the rain hitting the trees. Both of them liked being outside but they knew they been outside for too long. Sanchi looked and noticed Bonnie was focused on the rain, "Glad to have you here."
She smiled, "You gave me enough coins to fly out of those old jungles."
"Question," Sanchi said, "Why did you leave?"
Bonnie thought about the question. Why? She thought, trying to think of a reason, remembering the results of leaving them. She knew it was a mistake leaving, making her become lonely.
"Stupid choice," she said, "Changed me...which isn't a good thing."
Sanchi shook his head as he placed his hand on her shoulder, "Blame me for giving you the pouch of coins."
"I feel like a killer," she said, "When I get scared...I don't think, I kill."
Sanchi slowly backed up, "That'll change, hopefully."
He quickly walked down and ran back inside, leaving Bonnie alone again. She slammed her weapon on the ground as she slammed her head on the wall. She tried to forget about the past but she couldn't.

Bonnie wasn't inside, Sanchi noticed. He also noticed that everyone fell asleep. He slowly walked around the room, looking at Sanchez, Malik, and Winslow. He also noticed Danny wasn't inside, too. Sanchi quickly rushed to the window, trying to see if he was outside. He wasn't but someone else was...Douglass. He noticed Douglass with a small weapon, bag filled with foods, and a rope as he walked out of Guerta. Sanchi grabbed his sword and ran back outside. He didn't want Douglass to catch him so he hid from Douglass.
"Bonnie," Sanchi whispered, receiving no reply.
Sanchi watched Douglass walked deep into the jungles, he kept following and hid behind trees. He slowly poked his head out, watching Douglass walking with no worries. Sanchi was mad that Douglass walked out without telling anyone. Then, he remembered when Douglass was trying to talk to him.
"Aye," Douglass yelled, "Your dinner is here!"
Sanchi was confuse. He couldn't think of anything Douglass was trying to do. At first, he thought Douglass was trying to communicate with others around or maybe he lost it. Suddenly, a troggy was approaching him. Douglass took a deep breath and brought out the rope.
"Come at me," Douglass said, "I'm ready!"
The troggy ran towards Douglass. He quickly kicked the troggy down, trying to wrap the rope around the creature but the troggy fought back, getting back up. The troggy started to squeak at Douglass and ran at him again. The old man quickly tackled the creature, wrapping the rope around the creature's neck. Douglass smiled as he wiped the sweat off his forehead, "Got you!"
Sanchi quickly came out of cover, yelling at Douglass, "What is wrong with you!"
Douglass lost his smile, "I have a plan to create an army!"
Sanchi had a confuse look on his face, "An army?"
Before Douglass could explain, group of troggys jumped out of trees, surrounding Sanchi and Douglass. Sanchi quickly pulled his sword out as Douglass loaded his old musket. The creatures started to growl at the two. Sanchi remained still, "Run, I'll take care of them!"
Three troggys ran towards Sanchi. He quickly grabbed the first one and slammed it into the other one, leaving one left. Then, he stabbed the creature in its stomach. Pulling his sword out, more troggys ran towards him.
"Leave them," Douglass yelled, "I need them!"
Meanwhile, Douglass grabbed two troggys and tied them together. Two more troggys ran towards Sanchi. He quickly kicked dirt up, blinding the troggy for a few seconds. Then, he grabbed the creature and slammed it into a tree. There were eight troggys around, not moving. Sanchi backed away from them, trying to get to Douglass. Suddenly, more troggys came out. Sanchi quickly became tired, " too many!"
Suddenly, they heard gunshots. Each of the troggys dropped to the ground. Some managed to turn around before they were shot down. Sanchi tried to get a good look on who saved them and he did. It was Danny.
"Danny," Sanchi said, "What are you doing out here?"
Danny didn't answer, he just stood there and looked at them.
"Sanchi," Douglass said, "Help me tie them up!"
Sanchi grabbed his sword and pushed Douglass out of the way. He raised his sword up, ready to strike the troggys until Douglass stopped him, "I need those!"
Sanchi laughed, "You can't train them!"
"We can try," Douglass said, "We can!"
Sanchi dropped his sword, wiping the sweat away. Then, they heard footsteps and they pulled their weapons out. Suddenly they heard a voice. A familiar voice, "Guys?"

The Warrior AE "Hope" S3

Sanchi, Douglass, and Jonathan's old friend Todd goes out to Al's old home, hoping to find answers about Boris's death. Julia tries to feed her crew, involving Danny slapping his lunch out of her hand, leading to an argument. Suddenly, Deacon comes out, knocking out Douglass and killing Todd. Both Deacon and Sanchi duel with Sanchi finally killing Deacon. No clue on Boris but when Sanchi returns home, he witnessed Sanchez coming out of his coma. Now, Sanchez is back but no Boris and everyone assumed he is gone.

"He's dead,"
"Al shot and...killed him!"
"Boris is gone...he's dead!"
Boris thought he had it. He thought he was closing to escaping with Danny and Malik. Al thought otherwise as he pulled the trigger, firing a shot into Boris. Everything around Boris, all the movement, noises, and his own crew...stopped. He felt the pain in his side as he hit the ground. Al smiled, wanting him to suffer. Boris slowly looked up, watching Danny and Malik running away, leaving him. Young Boris crawled, bleeding from his side, he still kept crawling. He ignored the gunshots, he ignored the filthy pirates, he ignored the armadas.
"Ye been hit!" Filthy pirate said, trying to get him up, "Lemme fix ye up!"
Boris just stayed there, watching the stranger wrap his side up. The filthy pirate didn't know he Boris was, he didn't know who shot him or why he was shot. The filthy pirate thought that Boris was shot by an armada. Boris looked up at the pirate as he was looking at him. Then another gunshot was fired, blooding spilling on Boris's face. The filthy pirate's body fell on top of Boris.
"Got him," Deacon said, walking past Boris.
Suddenly, Boris's vision went black as the firing continued.

Headaches, pain in the side, Boris had it all as he slowly opened up his eyes. Different place, he thought. No armadas, no filthy pirates, no Al Sanchi or his crew. He was lying on the ground with an old sheet covering him up. He slowly got up. No shirt or pant, Boris noticed. As he walked outside, he heard voices.
"You're awake!" Lady called out, clapping her hands.
Boris looked inside the well, seeing his reflection. Minus all the bruises, he thought his face looked cleaned.
"We heard a battle," she said, "Went out there...bodies everywhere!"
Boris shook his head, looking at his clothes hanging on a clothes line.
"Your naked," she laughed, "We cleaned you up and right your clothes!"
Boris grabbed the bucket from the well and covered his area. He quickly became even more shy as others around laughed at him. The young lady ran towards him and gave him a white t-shirt, old pants, and boots. Boris quickly dressed himself up.
"There," she said, "You look better now."
"Thanks," Boris said, looking away from her.
She laughed, "Where are my manners? I'm Emily!"
"Boris," he said, "Do you have a ship? I need to return home."
"We do," she said, "But they're unavailable."
Boris shook his head with a depressed look on his face. Emily grabbed Boris's hand with a big smile on her face, "This is our little town, Molax!"
Boris followed Emily as she introduced him to pirates around her town. Boris glanced at some of the small wooden houses and some huts around the area. He noticed a dock not far but it was empty.
"My father is the leader of our village...or town," she said, "Follow me!"
Boris stopped, "You live near that dome over there? The destroyed one?"
Emily lost her joyful smile, "Sadly...yes."
"And you never stopped them from harming others?" Boris asked, looking at the smoking dome.
"It's complicated," she said, "We're just a small town."

Emily opened up the door, greeting her father. Boris slowly enters behind her. Emily had long black hair with a light blue eyes, matching her father except for the hair. The father walked down the stairs, greeting the new guest.
"I am Mark Longhorn!" he said, "How may I help you?"
"Good to meet you, sir," Boris said, "I...I.."
Mark suddenly interrupted as his maid enters, "Dinner must be ready, care to join us?"
Boris shook his head. Emily grabbed his hand and led him to the dinner table. The dining room was enormous, Boris thought. Beautiful lighting, floor, and a long table, Boris admired the dining room. He took a seat right next to Emily. The maid passed out plates and placed chicken and more on each of the plates. As they started to eat, Boris tried to get back on his subject, "Sir, I..."
"Isn't this food fantastic?" Mark interrupted, "Jane, you did an amazing job!"
As Mark continued to talk, Boris looked at Emily. When she looked at him, he quickly looked away. He patiently waited for Mark to finish so he could start. Finally, Mark gave him a chance, "Sorry for interrupting, how can I help?"
"I need a ship," Boris said, "Need to return back home."
Suddenly, Mark started to laugh as Emily gave Boris a weird look. Boris's face quickly became red as Mark continued to laugh, spitting food everywhere.
"You can't leave," Mark said, "We rescued're one of us, now!"
"But..." Boris stopped
"Honey," Mark said, "Go take him back to his hut...he needs to rest for sure!"
Emily got up and grabbed Boris but he snapped away. He backed away from Emily as he stared down Mark, "You can't do this, I need to leave!"
Mark laughed, "How? I'm not giving you a single ship!"
He continued to laugh. Boris listened to Emily and walked away from him. It was already dark outside as Emily showed Boris the direction to his hut. Boris slowly walked inside and kicked the dirt.
"Goodnight," Emily said, "See you tomorrow."
Boris didn't reply as he fell back to the ground, covering his self up. He quickly needed a plan, noticing there were still no ships at the docks. Finally, he closed his eyes.

"Father," Emily said, "That boy needs to go back home!"
Mark didn't pay any attention to his daughter. Instead, he was rearranging books on his shelve as his maid begins to fix breakfast.
"Father," Emily said, "Are you even listening?"
Mark laughed and held up a book, "Emily, remember this book?"
Emily became furious as she slammed her fist down, "Listen!"
"Oh dear," Mark said, "You're getting on my nerves!"
"That boy has a home," Emily said, "He's young and wants to return back to his family!"
"We need all the help we can get," Mark said, "Al or those clockworks may just attack again!"
Emily didn't respond. Instead, she grabbed her weapon and left.

Boris slowly got up after he woke up. He looked out of the window, watching others walking with smiles on their faces. Boris didn't believe in happiness anymore. He couldn't, he thought. After he got lost from his crew and the death of two of his crew mates, Chun and Emmanuel, he lost happiness.
"Hey kid," Emily said, running in, "Why do you want to go home so bad?"
Boris laughed. Couldn't believe Emily asked that question. Home? Boris thought, he missed deeply. He missed Sanchi, he missed hearing Sanchez's voice, he missed hearing Malik's stupid joke, Danny's comments on Malik, Winslow not saying a word, he missed it all. He missed his family.
"Just take me back home," Boris said, "I need to go back home!"
"Well," Emily said, "Do you miss your parents?"
Malik shook his head, "Parents been dead for awhile."
Suddenly, they heard screaming outside. Panicking, Boris thought. Emily quickly ran outside the hut and she started to scream. Boris became confused and followed her. His eyes widen and his hope decreased. Armadas, dozens and dozens of them coming towards Molax. Emily picked up her gun and started to fire shots at the armadas.
"Oh man," Emily said, "Those metal bots are coming!"
Emily fired shots at the chests of the armadas, which made Boris smile...which wasn't the perfect situation.
"They have armor on...most of them," Boris said, "You guys need to aim for spots where there are no..."
Emily quickly interrupted, "Shut it and we need to get back to my father's house!"
Boris and Emily ran inside her house, calling her father's name,"Father, what are we going to do?"
Mark came running down with no weapons. He grabbed Boris and threw him inside a closet, to hide him. Quickly, Mark grabbed Emily and both went outside, "We're going to negotiate with them!"

"Well well," Kane said, "Isn't this a surprise?"
Mark and Emily stared at Kane for a few seconds, scared and doesn't know what to say or do. Kane flipped his cane around in his hand, playing with it, "Remember me, Mark?"
"Yes...yes," Mark said nervously, " you?"
Kane laughed, "Dear, leave your father and I alone...please.."
Emily smiled nervously and ran back inside. She quickly opened up the closet and got Boris out of it. Then, the two lied next to the door, trying to listen to their conversation.
"You look well today, sir," Mark said, smiling.
Kane laughed, dropping his cane, "You know, Deacon is gone...funny huh?"
"uh...yes sir," Mark said, laughing.
Kane raised his hand, "I don't think it is!"
Mark glanced around the area, noticing armadas breaking in houses and stealing belongings, "Why are you guys here?"
"Looking for a warrior," Kane said, "He killed Deacon and I know he's hiding here!"
Mark thought about Boris. He thought that Boris was the warrior that killed Deacon. He wanted to give out Boris but he remembered how Emily's love towards him. Mark wanted his daughter to remain happy.
"No one is here," Mark said, "Promise!"
Suddenly, Kane started to laugh like everything was a joke. He clapped his hands like he was a child, playing around. Then, Kane stopped the laughing and quickly became serious, "Come here...let's discuss something!"
After hearing their conversation, Boris thought about Sanchi. Then he smiled, Deacon is dead, he thought. He looked at Emily who had a scary look on her face. Boris placed his hand on her hand, "Everything's going to be fine."
Boom! They heard a gunshot. The gunshot was loud, clear, and close by. Boris knew who it was as he closed his eyes. Emily quickly got up and looked out the window, screaming. She picked up her weapon, aiming at Kane but Boris quickly stopped her.
"We need a ship," Boris said, "Now!"
Emily wiped her tears away, "Behind our house is a dock where my father's ship is...take the backdoor and leave!"
Boris quickly got up, "What about you?"
"I-I-I-I have to stay," Emily said, "Please...just go!"
Boris kissed Emily, remembering her. Then, he ran towards the backdoor as Emily opened up her door, aiming at Kane. Boris looked back and saw Emily firing. Then, Emily fell to the ground. Boris knew he couldn't go back...she was dead. Boris kept running and didn't look back. He quickly jumped on the ship and left, leaving Molax behind. He started to tear up, looking back at the town, "I'm coming home...returning back to Guerta!"

The Warrior AE "Alive" S3

Danny, Malik, and Bonnie managed to return back to Guerta. As Sanchi waits for the return, he slowly loses his mind. Kane and Deacon has control of Al and quickly starts to figure more about each others situations, figuring out both were set up. Eventually, Kane had enough of Al and shot him, killing him and officially putting the filthy pirates extinct. Finally, Danny and the rest returns home with bad news. Now, Sanchi starts to feel uncomfortable with Guerta and slowly loses it since Sanchez. Now, Kane commands Deacon to stay at Al's dome, patiently waiting for Sanchi to arrive.

So many questions were starting to go out of control. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who did it to them? Questions Sanchi couldn't answer and questions Danny wouldn't answer. Sanchi and Danny remained inside their house, next to Sanchez. Unable to answer any questions.
"I tried, I-I-I really did..." Danny said, "Al ended him...ended him just like that!"
Julia nodded her head, "Good young boy...he was atleast."
Sanchi ignored their conversation, he ignored their environment, he ignored everything around him. Suddenly, Douglass knocked on the door, asking for Sanchi.
"We need to talk," Douglass said, "Please!"
Douglass and Sanchi left the house. First time in a few hours Sanchi was outside. Residents looked and stared at him. He tried his best not to make eye contact with anyone of them. Douglass slowly opened up his door and Sanchi went in fast.
"I understand about what happen to your friend, Boris," Douglass said, "My wife is upset just like you...he liked that young boy."
"Why did you call me?" Sanchi asked, taking a seat.
"I want you to relax, now," Douglass said, "Rest of your crew came you can relax on your own."
Sanchi thought about taking a break. Then, he thought of a plan. With his crew back, he could go out on his own and figure more out on Boris's death. Going back to Al's dome was the plan.
"What are you thinking of?" Douglass asked, "I want to help...need to repay with no thanks...just help."
Sanchi looked at Douglass, "Do you have a weapon?"
"Yes I do and also we need to bring someone else," Douglass said, "He was close friends with Jonathan...ever since his death he been locked in his own house...lost."

Sanchi, Douglass, and Todd managed to leave Guerta without anyone knowing, leaving a sign on his door. The three quickly got on the ship and headed towards Al's dome. Douglass wasn't really good with swords or guns but Todd knew what he was doing, been around guns for awhile and was well with swords.
"You like swords, huh?" Douglass said, holding Sanchi's sword.
Sanchi laughed, "Mical gave me it to's sad that I killed him with this exact sword."
Douglass gave Sanchi an odd look. Meanwhile, Todd just laughed, "Cold blooded did you find this guy?"
Sanchi looked at Todd, giving him an odd look. Sanchi remembered seeing Todd with Jonathan and Kent. Todd had dark black hair with brown eyes, close to Jonathan's resemblance, Sanchi thought.
"I heard about what Kent did...not cool, huh?" Todd said, looking at Sanchi's sword.
Douglass didn't pay attention to much of their conversation, focusing on flying the ship. He managed to get the directions down, which he liked. Although, Sanchi really didn't like Todd's attitude to everything. Plus, he was friends with Kent, Sanchi thought.
"I think we're close," Douglass said, "Let's do this!"
Todd picked up Douglass's weapon, "Why do we need weapons?"
Sanchi quickly took the gun from Todd. He really didn't trust Todd, thinking he'd turn out like Kent. Although, Douglass thought he was more behaved than Kent.
"Just in case purposes," Sanchi said, looking at his sword, "You never know..."
Douglass managed to place the ship in the docks. Which was impressive, Sanchi thought. Then, the three got off the ship. Douglass had his old dirty musket, Sanchi had his sword, and Todd had his skinny old sword.
"Guess they won," Sanchi said, staring at the filthy pirates' bodies.
Todd quickly looked away from the bodies. Sanchi glanced at a couple, remembering some from when he was prison in here. Douglass stared around with a furious look on his face.
"Did you cause all this?" Douglass asked
"It was the plan," Sanchi said, "To start a knew that!"
Douglass walked around the area, heading towards the doorways into the dome. Sanchi tried to get him to stop but he kept going. Todd followed behind, having his sword out.
"We're all monsters!" Douglass said, looking at the bodies.
Bam! Suddenly an armada came out, slamming his gun on Douglass's face. Sanchi and Todd quickly pulled their swords out. Then, the armada laughed. Sanchi knew who it was. It was Deacon.
"Knew you would be here," Deacon said, "Two against one...I like this!"

After cooking lunch with Mary, Julia rushed back home, where Danny and the rest were. She quietly opened the door up to surprise everyone with meals.
"Guess who's back!" Julia said, holding plates filled with food.
She handed Malik, Bonnie, and Winslow plates. She tried to offer Danny a plate but he quickly declined it, staring at the ground with a hopeless look on his face. She held the plate in front of Danny's place and he quickly slapped the food out of her hand, shattering the plate.
"Are you out of your mind?" Julia said, getting in Danny's face.
"Why are you in a good mood?" Danny yelled, "We lost one and we may just lose another one!"
Julia thought about losing anymore of her crew. Mainly Sanchi or Sanchez.
"Don't say that!" Julia yelled, "I'm in a good mood because I'm alive, it's a beautiful day and we're all!"
Danny laughed, "I thought the same like you...then I saw the reality! Nothing is good anymore...with armadas and drunken idiots all around!"
"But you're still alive!" Julia cried
"For now," Danny said, "Until death strikes again!"
"We can prevent it!" Julia said, "There's always least you made it here!"
Julia quickly left the room, causing the room to become quiet. Then, Danny stepped on his food and walked out, too.

One of Sanchi's long time enemy right in front of him. Deacon quickly started to taunt Sanchi and Todd, wanting them to attack first. Both sides had guns but settle it, Deacon's idea.
"Boy," Deacon said, pointing at Todd, "Your move!"
Sanchi whispered to him, advising him to stay back but he didn't listen. He yelled and ran towards Deacon. Quickly the fight started, clinging swords together. Then, Sanchi ran into the action. Deacon spun around the two, avoiding their strikes. Deacon was in the middle of the two again. He was focused on taking out the weaker one, which was Todd. Deacon pushed Sanchi away, starting the 1v1 Deacon wanted with Todd. Deacon quickly kicked Todd of his feet, causing him to fall to the ground. Sanchi jumped back up, staring at Deacon and Todd next to him.
"Don't do this!" Sanchi said, "Leave him alone!"
Deacon laughed. Then, he raised his sword up and struck Todd in his stomach. Deacon knew it would of upset Sanchi. He grabbed his sword and ran towards Deacon, swinging his sword every direction, trying to finally take out Deacon.
"You're not good enough," Deacon said, "Back when your master was killed until now!"
Deacon tried to make Sanchi more furious, trying to earn a challenge...and he did. Sanchi swung faster and stronger than he could remember.
"This is what I like!" Deacon said, "Keep it up!"
Sanchi ran around Deacon, kicking him and causing him to fall on one leg. One hit, two hit, Sanchi keep slamming his sword on Deacon's sword, almost causing Deacon to lose his force. Deacon tried to get back  up. He quickly slide Sanchi's blade away and got up.
"Don't underestimate me...again!" Sanchi said, running towards him.
Cling, cling! Sanchi kept going without stopping. Soon, Deacon started to lose energy and became tired. Sanchi spun around, kicking Deacon's chest and he fell back to the ground. Now, Sanchi started to slam his sword on Deacon's sword, who was on the ground. Sanchi started to remember what the armadas did to him. What his enemies did to him. He closed his eyes and remembered the past. Each time, he swung even harder. Suddenly, he thought about his master's death and Derwitchi's betrayal that he cut off Deacon's arm. Deacon's arm fell off with his sword.
"Your mistake!" Sanchi said, looking at Deacon.
Deacon started to laugh as he leaned back, "You changed, you actually changed!"
Sanchi stared at Deacon, "Should of just ran!"
"Kill me...end me!" Deacon said, "If you don't...I'm coming for your wife, Julia!"
Sanchi thought about him killing Julia which made him even more mad. He quickly raised his sword, sun glowing off it. Then, he swung across and cut Deacon's head off. He finally did it, he thought. Deacon was finally dead, Sanchi finally broke out a smile. All the memories...payback, he thought. He finally got payback.
"What happened?" Douglass said, "Oh no, Todd!"
Sanchi grabbed Douglass's arm and ran back to the ship, "He's gone, we need to go!"

Sanchi and Douglass finally returned back. From his view, he saw groups of them surrounding, waiting for them to return, Sanchi thought. All of them were smiling. When they went through the broken gate, Julia hugged Sanchi tight.
"He's alive!" Julia cried, "Sanchez opened his eye for the first time!"
Sanchi smiled. He cheered. He ran towards his house with a smile on his face. Julia quickly followed. Sanchi ran inside, watching Courtney talking to him. Sanchi cheered and screamed for joy.
"He's alive!" Courtney said, hugging Sanchi.
Sanchi, Courtney, and Julia all hugged each other. Eventually, Bonnie, Mary, and Malik ran inside, cheering with him.
"W-w-what happened?" Sanchez said, "Did we win?"
Little tear came out of Sanchi's eye, "Yes we did...Al is dead...Deacon is finally dead, I killed him...I killed Deacon!"
Sanchez had his eyes closed but he smiled, "I knew you could..."
He slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and noticed Bonnie, Courtney, Julia, Sanchi, Malik, and Mary around him. Eventually, Winslow and Douglass walked inside.
"W-w-where's Boris?" Sanchez said, losing his smile.
"Not here, he's somewhere else," Sanchi said, "I'll tell him the news!"
Sanchi lost his smile but he still played with Sanchez. Everyone around the room laughed. For once, Sanchi thought, things were getting better.

The Warrior AE "No sleep" S3

After long days, Sanchi managed to talk sense into Douglass, making he realize the problems around Guerta. Danny, Boris, Malik, and Bonnie returns back to Al and the filthy pirate's home, trying to stir the war even more but Kane and his army quickly arrived. The battle with the armadas and filthy pirates started. Quickly, Danny waited for Boris to run towards them but Al fired shots into him, causing him to fall to the ground and made them leave him behind. Armadas managed to defeat the filthy pirates and Kane has Al in custody, trying to find more out.

The ride back to Guerta was quiet. Bonnie offered to fly back home and Malik stayed and talked to her, keeping her company. Meanwhile, Danny was in the back of the ship, staring at the ground. Danny thought the plan was going perfect until Boris.
"What are we suppose to do now?" Bonnie said, "What about Boris?"
"What about him?" Malik said, "There's nothing more to say."
Bonnie shook her head, "There's a know he could be alive..right?"
"I don't know..." Malik said, closing his eyes.
"Did you saw him dying or just hit the ground?" Bonnie said, "There's a...."
Malik quickly interrupted. He wanted to change the subject and move on. Malik had a feeling it's what Boris wanted. Although, he knew about Danny felt and didn't want to bother him.
"Malik..." Bonnie said
"What?" Malik said, snapping back into reality.
"My past was dark...I think present is becoming dark, too!" Bonnie said, "I remembered it after witnessing Guerta's attack...those people were like me before...before I went crazy.."
Malik didn't have a dark past. Although, he didn't want to talk about his past. He quickly changed the subject, "Hopefully Sanchez is okay."
Bonnie understood. She quickly turned back to Boris's subject, "I have a feeling that Boris is fine."
Malik laughed. He started to get angry as Bonnie carried on with the subject, "You just keep on going, don't you?"

"Another rough day?" Sanchi ask, grabbing the doctor's attention.
The doctor wasn't officially a doctor. He was just the best they have right now, Sanchi thought. Although Sanchi thought he was doing a good job feeding the unconscious Sanchez and getting him fluid. The doctor was unsure about when Sanchez would or if he wakes up.
"Better than last night," Doctor said, "Well, each day they change so I don't know..."
Sanchi pointed at Winslow, "How's he doing?"
"Recovered well," Doctor said, "He can finally stop resting...luckily!"
"Thanks..." Sanchi said
Eventually the doctor left Sanchi alone, returning back to his clinic. Sanchi stared at Sanchez for a few minutes, losing hope. Julia quickly brought him back as she kissed him on his cheek.
"You look stress," Julia said, hugging him, "How come?"
Sanchi shook his head, "Where's Courtney and Douglass?"
"Douglass is in his office and I was just talking to Courtney," Julia said, "She's really upset."
"Everyone is right now," Sanchi said, "Can't take anymore of it!"
Suddenly, Winslow yawned, grabbing Sanchi's attention. He slowly raised up and looked at Sanchi and Julia, "What's going on?"
"Doctor said you're fine now," Sanchi said, fixing his bed, "But...I don't want you to go out there.."
Winslow laughed, "Figures..."
Sanchi punched the wall out of anger. Then, he walked towards Winslow and got in his face. Winslow didn't step down, he quickly got into Sanchi's face. Julia quickly pushed the two away from each other.
"Stop it, now!" Julia cried, "We don't need this right now!"
"Well I had it with him!" Sanchi yelled, "Guerta is already struggling right now and we do not need any of this running out right now!"
Winslow laughed and walked away from them. Julia quickly comforted Sanchi, rubbing his shoulders. Sanchi closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, "Been two days now...where is Boris and them!"
"Don't know," Julia said, "All we have to do is wait and hope."

Meanwhile, Kane and Deacon threw Al on their ship. They didn't leave his home yet, they weren't done destroying it. Kane demanded the rest of his armadas to go out there and destroy all the homes and citizens. On the ship, Kane heard screaming and explosion. He smiled.
"Sir," Deacon said, "He's waking up!"
Kane quickly got up, cracking his knuckles and walked towards Al who was opening his eyes. Al's first sight was Kane and he quickly got angry.
"We won," Kane said, "You and your men will become history!"
Kane lifted Al up to the window, making him look and watch his dome and citizens get destroyed. Al quickly headbutted Kane and tackled Deacon. Then, Al ran towards the door. Kane quickly got back up and threw his cane, hitting his legs and making him hit the ground. He tried to crawl away but Deacon grabbed his gun and aimed it at his head, making him stop.
"Ye are monsters!" Al cried, slamming his head on the ground.
Kane laughed, "Started a war you couldn't win...not a smart move!"
Al snapped back, "Ye started it! Coming back to our home, causing destruction...randomly stirring trouble with my men at a bar!"
Kane stared at Al for a few seconds, becoming confuse as he lowered his cane. He looked at Deacon, thinking he performed those actions but he knew Deacon was with him for most of the time. Kane thought about the ones who crashed the ship into Valencia.
"You attacked us...firing at my troops and causing them to crash their ship into our headquarters!" Kane said, slamming his cane down.
Al laughed and gave them a strange look, "All my men been here with me!"
"Obviously not!" Deacon said, "We were attacked!"
Kane bend over, getting in Al's face. He grabbed Al's face, making him look Kane in his face. Kane slowly talked to Al, "You were attacked and we were attacked...unfamiliar about who did it?"
"Exactly!" Al said, "Group was sent to me...disguised and I had a feeling about it! Luckily, I killed one of them!"
"Really? Kane said, standing up, "Show me."
Deacon opened up the door and Kane threw Al outside. The two followed him.

After talking to Douglass, Sanchi returned back to his house, comforting Sanchez. Sanchi started to sweat and was already worn out for the day, plus with the rest of his crew not returning made his day worse. He slammed his foot on the ground and fell. He crawled towards Sanchez's bed, pushing him and moving him, trying to wake him up.
"Sanchez!" Sanchi cried, "Wake up...wake up!"
Sanchi started to scream at Sanchez and shook his body around the bed. After shake, he hoped for him to wake up but so far it didn't.
"We need you!" Sanchi cried, "I need you!"
Sanchi slammed his head on his bed a few times. He started to take his anger on his self. He continued to scream Sanchez's name like he was in a death situation. Sanchi began the tear up as he shook Sanchez's bed.
"Wake up!" Sanchi cried, "Sanchez, we already lost Boris...Danny...Bonnie! Wake up!"
Suddenly, Julia ran in, "They're back...they just landed!"
Sanchi took a deep breath and ran out. He began to grab his hope again. Until, he only saw three of his crew...three with no smiles on their face. Three with blood all over them. Three with looks that thought they saw a monster. Boris, Sanchi thought.
"Sanchi," Danny said, "We need to talk..."
Only three words would make his day worse. Few seconds he hoped he wouldn't hear those three words. Then he heard the words, "Boris is gone!"
Sanchi dropped to the ground, mouth wide open. Winslow held back his sadness and quickly turned around. Both Mary and Courtney comforted Julia who was close to crying. Douglass patted Danny's back, trying to receive more information. Sanchi just stayed there on his knees, trying to escape reality and hide in his fantasy. A fantasy with his crew. Everyone alive.
"Al shot him," Malik said, "The armadas attacked them though...they're fighting each other.."
No one really cared about the armadas at that point. They started to wonder about Boris, "Are you sure he's dead?"
"Danny witnessed him getting shot," Bonnie said, "There's a chance, little chance."
Sanchi slowly got up and walked back to the house. He didn't talk to anyone. He just returned home, leaving everyone else asking, "Why?"

There was no body at the spot, Al thought to his self. Al knew this was where he shot the trouble maker and witness him hitting the ground, Al knew it. There were blood around the area but that was it. No body, Al thought to his self.
"Well," Kane said, "I don't see him!"
"I-I-I swear I shot him here," Al said, "I swear!"
"What did he look lie?" Deacon asked
Al tried his best to remember his looks. He knew he was really young. He had a dirty hat covering his hair and mud all over his face. Al knew he tried to disguised as one of his men.
"Young pirate...he disguised like one of my men to cause the trouble!" Al said, "I swear!"
Kane had a feeling it was someone from Sanchi's group. He shook his head, "That smart young pirate in Sanchi's crew!"
Al was turned around, his back facing the armadas. Suddenly, he heard Kane and Deacon swore like it was nothing. Al slowly moved his eyes around, trying to find a weapon. Then, he remembered he had a knife in his pocket and he slowly pulled it out. Al heard Kane loading his weapon.
"What to do..." Kane said, slowly aiming his pistol.
Quickly, Al turned around with his knife raised up and he screamed loud but it wasn't quick enough. Al quickly fired one shot in Al's shot, causing him to fall back on the ground. Then, the two armadas walked towards his body and looked at him, "It was fun destroying your army."
Boom! Kane quickly finished Al, ending the filthy pirates for good. Kane walked back to his ship after hearing his armadas done firing. Kane felt good about extincting Al and his army but he felt discouraged, knowing that Sanchi's crew is still around.
"We'll find them soon, master!" Deacon said, "I will!"
Suddenly, Kane thought of a plan, "Perhaps Sanchi will return back here...looking for one of his crewmate.."
"Possible," Deacon said, "Go on."
Kane laughed, "I want you to stay here and wait for them...alone! Prove to me you can handle them...right?"
"I will," Deacon said, "See you soon!"

The Warrior AE "War" S3

With Boris, Danny, Bonnie, and Malik missing, Sanchi must quickly place Guerta in his hands by keeping an eye out. Winslow quickly recovers and is prepare to go back out to look for Randal but Sanchi manages to talk him out of it, leading to a huge argument. Meanwhile, Boris quickly flies back to Al and his men, trying to fool the filthy pirates again but Al wasn't fooled. Now, Kane arrives at the dome, ready to end the filthy pirates with Boris and the rest in the middle.

Sanchi finally earns sleep, ending his night with a well rest but he knew what he had to do next morning. He had to talk to Douglass. He knew what he had to do. He quickly rose out of his bed and slowly walked towards Douglass, who was looking out of the window.
"Douglass!" Sanchi screamed, "Come out, we need to talk!"
Douglass quietly opened up the door and Sanchi walked inside. Filthy, the inside of his house was filled with dirty plates, crumbled up paper, everything. Sanchi knew they were becoming a mess.
"I already saw you before," Sanchi said, "And you didn't listen!"
Douglass took a slowly sip out of his drink, he nervously placed it down, "I don't know what to do anymore...I don't.."
Sanchi laughed. He couldn't believe this was Guerta's leader, "They need you...Guerta is in trouble!"
"What do you want me to do!" Douglass yelled, slamming his drink down, "I don't know what to do!"
"We all know!" Sanchi said
Douglass stared at Sanchi, removing his glasses. He slammed his fist on the table and quickly became stressed out, "I can't control all of this madness...I can't! I didn't predict all of us getting attacked!"
"It's not about that!" Sanchi said, "I didn't come here to discuss the attack!"
"Than why did you come here?" Douglass said, "To make me look bad? To witness be going down?"
Sanchi suddenly calmed himself down, "To tell you that you need to step it up...we all need you!"
Douglass dropped in his chair and broke into tears. Sanchi thought of his old self, he thought about Julia, Sanchez, and even Boris.
"I'm sorry," Sanchi said, "You are a good leader and I believe we can get past all of this.."
"I shouldn't be controlling Guerta or your crew," He said, "I'm sorry Sanchi."
Sanchi placed his hand on Douglass's shoulder, supporting him, "I been through crew me, we'll get past all this."
"I hope so...I really do.." Douglass said

Over dozens of armadas ran out of the ships, staying behind Kane and Deacon. Meanwhile, all of Al's men ran behind Al, with swords and guns out. Danny and Malik slowly backed away from the armadas and Al, heading into the crowd of Al's men. Meanwhile, Boris just stood there, shocked.
"Are you stupid?" Kane said, "Well...I can tell you and your men are!"
Al quickly pushed Boris out of the way, getting in Kane's face, "My men aren't stupid! We are smart and powerful!"
Kane turned around and whispered to Deacon. Then, both Kane and Deacon walked away, leaving the armadas in front. Suddenly, Kane yelled out the magic words..."End all of them!"
Boris quickly ran in cover, Danny and Malik backed away, and Bonnie dropped down, trying not to been seen.
"Fire!" Al shouted, pulling his weapon out.
Boom! The filthy pirates fired at the armadas and charged in with their swords. Meanwhile, the armadas pulled their muskets out and fired, taking out couple of filthy pirates. Kane and Deacon stayed back, studying their clockworks. Although, Al ran in the battle, taking out armadas. The whole filthy pirates' area was fulled with smoke, bodies, and gunshots.
"Boris!" Danny yelled, "Where are you!"
Danny and Malik ran past filthy pirates, trying to find Boris. Suddenly, Danny was tackled by an armada. The clockwork pulled its knife out trying to stab Danny. He used all his force to hold the armada's knife back. Then, Malik quickly took the armada out, stabbing its head.
"Danny!" Boris cried, "Malik!"
Boris quickly jumped back up, trying to look for his crew. Luckily, he saw them and they saw him. Boris quickly made a run to it towards them. Although, Al saw him running. He was staring at the one who started all this and he knew about it. Al raised his weapon, trying to get a good aim on him. Then, he fired, smoke coming out of his gun. Danny watched and waited for Boris to run, ready to leave. Then, he saw blood spilling out of Boris's side. Danny started to scream, Danny started to run towards him but Malik pulled him back. He witnessed Boris hitting the ground.
"We need to go!" Malik said, "He's gone...he's gone!"
Malik pushed Danny and the two ran away, making their way towards their ship. Danny was shocked, he couldn't believe that Boris was left behind. He couldn't believe that Boris was gone, he thought.
"Bonnie!" Malik yelled, "Girl, we need to leave!"

"Courtney," Sanchi yelled, watching her walk by.
She stopped and turned around, wiping her tears away and rubbed her eyes, "Yes?"
"Look," He said, "I'm sorry about Randal."
Courtney broke into tears. She tried her best to stop but she couldn't help it. Sanchi quickly wrapped his arm around her, trying to make her feel better. He knew what Guerta was going through, he knew that none of them were use to any of the event.
"Once Boris and the rest come back, we'll go out to look for him," Sanchi said, "I promise."
"What happen if they don't come back? What happen if one of them don't come back? What happen if Randal doesn't come back?" Courtney said, "Answer those what ifs!"
"I been trying, trust me!" Sanchi said, backing away from her.
"I know you have...I know," Courtney said, "Thank you."

The battle with the filthy pirates and the armadas just kept on going. Kane and his army didn't give up but neither did Al and his men. The armadas had the better advantage with their better weapons and most importantly, better armor. Kane was watching the armadas going in but Deacon didn't watch. Instead, he ran in with his sword, laughing away.
"Don't leave any survivors!" Kane said, "Let them go extinct!"
Boom! The armadas started to fire cannons, destroying buildings and more of Al's men. Kane just kept on watching. He watched buildings go down, he watched some pirates running towards ship. He just laughed and clapped his hands.
"Where are you, Al!" Deacon said, taking out two of his men.
Suddenly, Al called Deacon's name. Then in a matter of a few seconds, he ran into Deacon, stomping on his arm. Deacon quickly reacted, grabbing Al's foot and turning it backwards. Al quickly fell to the ground, next to him. Deacon kicked Al's face over and over but Al managed to pull away, grabbing his weapon. Suddenly, the two stopped. Al finally had the advantage, aiming his musket at Deacon's head.
"Ye armadas...we made a deal!" Al cried, "Look at this madness...look at all of this!"
Suddenly, Kane banged his metal cane over Al's head, knocking him out. Kane tried to help Deacon up but Deacon threw Kane's hand away from him. Deacon was mad. He knew he could of handled Al and he wanted to.
"I could of took him out!" Deacon said, "I could of, master!"
Kane laughed, "Don't worry about it...drag him to our ship and watch all his men die!"
Deacon and two other marksman quickly dragged Al on the ship, avoiding getting shot. Then, Kane and Deacon watched Al's men die. In a matter of a few minutes, the battle stopped and the armadas was victorious. Kane smiled and sipped on his drink, "This was an easy battle...didn't take long."
"It was, master," Deacon said, looking at unconscious Al, "what are we going to do with him?"
Kane took a glance at Al and he laughed, feeling victorious, "Don't worry now, my friend!"
"No need to, master!" Deacon said, saluting, "Next, we gotta find Sanchi and his crew!"
"I have a feeling Al has a good hint on their location," Kane said, "We'll find them...soon."

The Warrior AE "Two out, Five gone" S3

With Bonnie, Danny, Boris, and Malik away, Winslow decides to sneak out of Guerta to find Randal. Although, Julia catches him, Winslow manages to talk her out of it and to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Sanchi stays with Sanchez, watching over him. Winslow counters group of troggys, resulting in an arrow in his leg. An injured Winslow still manages to find a clue, finding a shirt small enough for a young pirate. Finally, Winslow returns back after Sanchi finds out. Sanchi approached Winslow but his own crew mate dropped to the ground, dehydrated. Now, Guerta is missing Randal and Sanchi's crew are out on a mission, plus the injured ones, Sanchi must watch over Guerta with Julia and Courtney.

Before the morning, Sanchi walked around Guerta, making sure there were no threats or difficulties. Luckily, there were none. Tired as can be, Sanchi walks back into his house and drops to the ground, asleep next to Sanchez and Winslow. Eventually, Julia wakes up and wakes Sanchi up.
"Good morning, how was the ground?" Julia asked, fixing her hair.
Sanchi rubbed his eyes and stretched, "Not good enough....I can't do all of this."
Julia laughed, "What do you mean?"
"Being the leader...we need to go back out and build a new gate," Sanchi said, "Douglass needs to snap out of his fantasy and come back to reality."
Sanchi looks out of his window, trying to see through Douglass's window. Sanchi knew he was either asleep or hiding in there. Sanchi haven't seen Douglass or Mary for a day and he started to worry. Suddenly, Courtney pokes her head out in front of the window, scaring Sanchi.
"How's Sanchi and Winslow?" Julia said, opening up the door.
"Breathing well, managed to get some fluid and food inside them," Sanchi said, "We need them back...we need Bonnie and the rest, too!"
"True," Julia said, "What's taking them so long?"
Suddenly, Winslow started to cough loud, waking his self up. Sanchi quickly ran towards Winslow, patting his chest. Winslow opened up his eyes, staring at Sanchi.
"Well well, good morning!" Sanchi laughed.
Winslow tried to get out of his bed but Sanchi, Julia, and Courtney quickly pushed him back in the bed.
"You need to rest," Julia said, "You were close to death last night!"
Winslow looked at Courtney, "Where's Randal?"
"Still gone..." Courtney said, holding her tears back.
Winslow rolled his eyes and laid his head back, closing his eyes.

Danny and the rest slowly went out of the crashed ship, trying to get to another ship. They kept it quiet and their steps were careful. Each of them knew that they couldn't mess up, knowing the consequences could end up deadly. They quickly ran to another wall, holding back for a few minutes. They ducked down, hiding behind a crate.
"Why did we stop?" Boris whispered
Danny quickly opened up his bag, getting out ammo. He slowly and quietly loaded up his weapon again. Everyone knew Danny was nervous, really nervous. Malik put his mask back on his head, ready to go out but Boris wasn't prepared.
"What now?" Danny whispered
"One at a time, lemme me, I know what I'm doing" Boris said
Boris quickly got back up and ran around the corner. Quickly, Danny ran behind him, Malik following. Now, Bonnie had to go. She took a deep breath and slowly got back up. She kept her head down and ran out. Suddenly, she heard voices, "Trespasser!"
Group of armadas fired shots at Bonnie. She quickly slide past the hallway and into protection. Danny quickly ran, with the rest following. Now, they knew time was limited.
"No looking back!" Danny said, "We need to go!"
They were close to the docks, stopping and hiding behind cover. The only problem was armadas in front and behind them. Bonnie quickly aimed and started to take the ones behind them out. Danny and Malik quickly poked their heads out, aiming at the armadas. Danny threw his mask/helmet off, revealing a filthy face.
"They're gonna keep coming!" Bonnie said, sniping another one.
Boris quickly ran out in the open, making a run for the ship. After Danny took a few out, him and Malik ran too. Eventually, Bonnie ran too. They managed to get on the ship but there were pirates shooting at the ship. Boris quickly grabbed the steering wheel. Bonnie fired a few cannons out, taking out a few armadas and blowing up some of the headquarters. In a matter of a few seconds, they were out of the docks.
"Filthy pirates!" Armadas screamed, "Traitors!"
Finally can relax, Danny took a seat right next to Boris, who was steering the ship. None of them spoke to each other, blaming each other for the crash. Although, Danny noticed a look on Boris's face. A look he was familiar with. Danny tapped Boris on his shoulder, "I need to apologize."
"I'm going back...I'm not done with those filthy pirates yet," Boris said, "It may take a long time..."

Winslow didn't go back to sleep, he kept his eyes wide open. He stared at the walls then looked at Sanchez, all medical devices over his face. Winslow felt bad and also felt the same, pain. Suddenly, he heard the door opening and Sanchi coming in. Winslow quickly tilted his head, "Sanchi...come in here!"
"Yes?" Sanchi said, walking in.
"We need to send a group out to look for that young boy," Winslow said, "It's the right thing."
Sanchi laughed. He couldn't get Winslow to forget about the boy and he never understood why he cared about him so much. He tried to walk away but Winslow quickly stopped him.
"Why do you keep leaving questions unanswered?  Winslow said, "Why do you walk away when others need you?"
Sanchi thought about Winslow's question. He thought about the last time he helped someone was Guerta. His face became fed and he kicked the wall, "I have been helping! I helped this place stay strong!"
"Of course, you! You helped Guerta, you helped me, you helped Chun!" Winslow yelled, "You and I both weren't here when Guerta was attacked, we didn't help! If the armadas defeat the filthy pirates, you didn't help! Try giving others credit!"
"I meant...."
"Stop!" Winslow interrupted, "I understand...I do...these people are afraid but...but you need to listen to your own crew! I'm going to help and find that boy!"
"Winslow," Sanchi said calmly, "You better listen to leave here...if you leave, don't come back..."
Winslow laughed, "We aren't alone...I found a group of pirates...all clean!"
Sanchi quickly became interested, "What?"
Winslow laughed and shook his head, "There..are..others.."
He looked away from Winslow, staring at the ground. Then, he ran off and ran up the guard tower. He looked outside of Guerta, trying to find an enemy...nothing.

Danny walked away from Boris as he finally agreed with his plan. Now, his next step was to talk Malik and Bonnie into it. Although he knew they wanted to go back home, he knew Boris was right and knew they weren't done with the filthy pirates.
"We're going back to them...we are," Danny said, "This time...we are the pirates!"
Malik laughed, "How?"
Danny quickly slapped Malik in his face. Then, he banged his on a table a few times. He quickly pulled out his knife and gave his self cuts all over his arms
"Listen Malik!" Danny said, "We are filthy pirates who just got attacked by armadas!"
After discussing the plan, Malik and Bonnie understood and was ready for action. They knew their roles, Danny, Boris, and Malik were the injured filthy pirates, leaving Bonnie on the ship, prepared to aim. Suddenly, the ship stopped and everyone was ready. First, they went over the plan. Then, they made their cuts clear and dirty their selves up. Finally, they were ready and slowly got off the ship.
"Hey!" Boris yelled, "The armadas, the armadas!"
Al noticed the three coming towards them. He quickly sent a group of his men out to check on them, "Go check on'em!"
"What done happened?" Filthy pirate said, pulling their swords out.
"I was in a darn should of been there! Armadas came in, killing three others!" Boris said, "Luckily...we made it out!"
Boris knew he was smart enough to trick the dumb filthy pirates but not Al. He knew Boris's face, looking down at his wounded hand. He quickly smiled, rubbing his beard.
"Really?" Filthy pirate said, looking around, checking for armadas.
"See our scars?" Danny said, pointing at them.
"Look's rough!" Another filthy pirate said, squinting at them.
Suddenly, the talking stopped, hearing laughter. They all turned around. Hearing Al's laughter. He started clapping in his hands like he was entertained by something, knowing that he wasn't tricked.
"Weapons out!" Al said, "We are the trap...we are in the trap!"
Boris slowly backed away, "Oh no.."
Al walked past the men, rubbing his hands. He walked past Danny then Malik. Then, he stopped, looking at Boris. Al smiled at Boris, holding his wounded hand up. Boris knew he was in trouble.
"Sir, armadas are here!"
Three ships filled with armadas stopped. Then more and more ships arrived. Now, Al didn't focus on Boris. He quickly became focused on another issues...armadas. Kane and Deacon slowly stepped off the ship.
"Well well...well," Kane said, "We have an issue, Al."