Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "Two out, Five gone" S3

With Bonnie, Danny, Boris, and Malik away, Winslow decides to sneak out of Guerta to find Randal. Although, Julia catches him, Winslow manages to talk her out of it and to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Sanchi stays with Sanchez, watching over him. Winslow counters group of troggys, resulting in an arrow in his leg. An injured Winslow still manages to find a clue, finding a shirt small enough for a young pirate. Finally, Winslow returns back after Sanchi finds out. Sanchi approached Winslow but his own crew mate dropped to the ground, dehydrated. Now, Guerta is missing Randal and Sanchi's crew are out on a mission, plus the injured ones, Sanchi must watch over Guerta with Julia and Courtney.

Before the morning, Sanchi walked around Guerta, making sure there were no threats or difficulties. Luckily, there were none. Tired as can be, Sanchi walks back into his house and drops to the ground, asleep next to Sanchez and Winslow. Eventually, Julia wakes up and wakes Sanchi up.
"Good morning, how was the ground?" Julia asked, fixing her hair.
Sanchi rubbed his eyes and stretched, "Not good enough....I can't do all of this."
Julia laughed, "What do you mean?"
"Being the leader...we need to go back out and build a new gate," Sanchi said, "Douglass needs to snap out of his fantasy and come back to reality."
Sanchi looks out of his window, trying to see through Douglass's window. Sanchi knew he was either asleep or hiding in there. Sanchi haven't seen Douglass or Mary for a day and he started to worry. Suddenly, Courtney pokes her head out in front of the window, scaring Sanchi.
"How's Sanchi and Winslow?" Julia said, opening up the door.
"Breathing well, managed to get some fluid and food inside them," Sanchi said, "We need them back...we need Bonnie and the rest, too!"
"True," Julia said, "What's taking them so long?"
Suddenly, Winslow started to cough loud, waking his self up. Sanchi quickly ran towards Winslow, patting his chest. Winslow opened up his eyes, staring at Sanchi.
"Well well, good morning!" Sanchi laughed.
Winslow tried to get out of his bed but Sanchi, Julia, and Courtney quickly pushed him back in the bed.
"You need to rest," Julia said, "You were close to death last night!"
Winslow looked at Courtney, "Where's Randal?"
"Still gone..." Courtney said, holding her tears back.
Winslow rolled his eyes and laid his head back, closing his eyes.

Danny and the rest slowly went out of the crashed ship, trying to get to another ship. They kept it quiet and their steps were careful. Each of them knew that they couldn't mess up, knowing the consequences could end up deadly. They quickly ran to another wall, holding back for a few minutes. They ducked down, hiding behind a crate.
"Why did we stop?" Boris whispered
Danny quickly opened up his bag, getting out ammo. He slowly and quietly loaded up his weapon again. Everyone knew Danny was nervous, really nervous. Malik put his mask back on his head, ready to go out but Boris wasn't prepared.
"What now?" Danny whispered
"One at a time, lemme me, I know what I'm doing" Boris said
Boris quickly got back up and ran around the corner. Quickly, Danny ran behind him, Malik following. Now, Bonnie had to go. She took a deep breath and slowly got back up. She kept her head down and ran out. Suddenly, she heard voices, "Trespasser!"
Group of armadas fired shots at Bonnie. She quickly slide past the hallway and into protection. Danny quickly ran, with the rest following. Now, they knew time was limited.
"No looking back!" Danny said, "We need to go!"
They were close to the docks, stopping and hiding behind cover. The only problem was armadas in front and behind them. Bonnie quickly aimed and started to take the ones behind them out. Danny and Malik quickly poked their heads out, aiming at the armadas. Danny threw his mask/helmet off, revealing a filthy face.
"They're gonna keep coming!" Bonnie said, sniping another one.
Boris quickly ran out in the open, making a run for the ship. After Danny took a few out, him and Malik ran too. Eventually, Bonnie ran too. They managed to get on the ship but there were pirates shooting at the ship. Boris quickly grabbed the steering wheel. Bonnie fired a few cannons out, taking out a few armadas and blowing up some of the headquarters. In a matter of a few seconds, they were out of the docks.
"Filthy pirates!" Armadas screamed, "Traitors!"
Finally can relax, Danny took a seat right next to Boris, who was steering the ship. None of them spoke to each other, blaming each other for the crash. Although, Danny noticed a look on Boris's face. A look he was familiar with. Danny tapped Boris on his shoulder, "I need to apologize."
"I'm going back...I'm not done with those filthy pirates yet," Boris said, "It may take a long time..."

Winslow didn't go back to sleep, he kept his eyes wide open. He stared at the walls then looked at Sanchez, all medical devices over his face. Winslow felt bad and also felt the same, pain. Suddenly, he heard the door opening and Sanchi coming in. Winslow quickly tilted his head, "Sanchi...come in here!"
"Yes?" Sanchi said, walking in.
"We need to send a group out to look for that young boy," Winslow said, "It's the right thing."
Sanchi laughed. He couldn't get Winslow to forget about the boy and he never understood why he cared about him so much. He tried to walk away but Winslow quickly stopped him.
"Why do you keep leaving questions unanswered?  Winslow said, "Why do you walk away when others need you?"
Sanchi thought about Winslow's question. He thought about the last time he helped someone was Guerta. His face became fed and he kicked the wall, "I have been helping! I helped this place stay strong!"
"Of course, you! You helped Guerta, you helped me, you helped Chun!" Winslow yelled, "You and I both weren't here when Guerta was attacked, we didn't help! If the armadas defeat the filthy pirates, you didn't help! Try giving others credit!"
"I meant...."
"Stop!" Winslow interrupted, "I understand...I do...these people are afraid but...but you need to listen to your own crew! I'm going to help and find that boy!"
"Winslow," Sanchi said calmly, "You better listen to leave here...if you leave, don't come back..."
Winslow laughed, "We aren't alone...I found a group of pirates...all clean!"
Sanchi quickly became interested, "What?"
Winslow laughed and shook his head, "There..are..others.."
He looked away from Winslow, staring at the ground. Then, he ran off and ran up the guard tower. He looked outside of Guerta, trying to find an enemy...nothing.

Danny walked away from Boris as he finally agreed with his plan. Now, his next step was to talk Malik and Bonnie into it. Although he knew they wanted to go back home, he knew Boris was right and knew they weren't done with the filthy pirates.
"We're going back to them...we are," Danny said, "This time...we are the pirates!"
Malik laughed, "How?"
Danny quickly slapped Malik in his face. Then, he banged his on a table a few times. He quickly pulled out his knife and gave his self cuts all over his arms
"Listen Malik!" Danny said, "We are filthy pirates who just got attacked by armadas!"
After discussing the plan, Malik and Bonnie understood and was ready for action. They knew their roles, Danny, Boris, and Malik were the injured filthy pirates, leaving Bonnie on the ship, prepared to aim. Suddenly, the ship stopped and everyone was ready. First, they went over the plan. Then, they made their cuts clear and dirty their selves up. Finally, they were ready and slowly got off the ship.
"Hey!" Boris yelled, "The armadas, the armadas!"
Al noticed the three coming towards them. He quickly sent a group of his men out to check on them, "Go check on'em!"
"What done happened?" Filthy pirate said, pulling their swords out.
"I was in a darn should of been there! Armadas came in, killing three others!" Boris said, "Luckily...we made it out!"
Boris knew he was smart enough to trick the dumb filthy pirates but not Al. He knew Boris's face, looking down at his wounded hand. He quickly smiled, rubbing his beard.
"Really?" Filthy pirate said, looking around, checking for armadas.
"See our scars?" Danny said, pointing at them.
"Look's rough!" Another filthy pirate said, squinting at them.
Suddenly, the talking stopped, hearing laughter. They all turned around. Hearing Al's laughter. He started clapping in his hands like he was entertained by something, knowing that he wasn't tricked.
"Weapons out!" Al said, "We are the trap...we are in the trap!"
Boris slowly backed away, "Oh no.."
Al walked past the men, rubbing his hands. He walked past Danny then Malik. Then, he stopped, looking at Boris. Al smiled at Boris, holding his wounded hand up. Boris knew he was in trouble.
"Sir, armadas are here!"
Three ships filled with armadas stopped. Then more and more ships arrived. Now, Al didn't focus on Boris. He quickly became focused on another issues...armadas. Kane and Deacon slowly stepped off the ship.
"Well well...well," Kane said, "We have an issue, Al."

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