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The Warrior AE "No sleep" S3

After long days, Sanchi managed to talk sense into Douglass, making he realize the problems around Guerta. Danny, Boris, Malik, and Bonnie returns back to Al and the filthy pirate's home, trying to stir the war even more but Kane and his army quickly arrived. The battle with the armadas and filthy pirates started. Quickly, Danny waited for Boris to run towards them but Al fired shots into him, causing him to fall to the ground and made them leave him behind. Armadas managed to defeat the filthy pirates and Kane has Al in custody, trying to find more out.

The ride back to Guerta was quiet. Bonnie offered to fly back home and Malik stayed and talked to her, keeping her company. Meanwhile, Danny was in the back of the ship, staring at the ground. Danny thought the plan was going perfect until Boris.
"What are we suppose to do now?" Bonnie said, "What about Boris?"
"What about him?" Malik said, "There's nothing more to say."
Bonnie shook her head, "There's a know he could be alive..right?"
"I don't know..." Malik said, closing his eyes.
"Did you saw him dying or just hit the ground?" Bonnie said, "There's a...."
Malik quickly interrupted. He wanted to change the subject and move on. Malik had a feeling it's what Boris wanted. Although, he knew about Danny felt and didn't want to bother him.
"Malik..." Bonnie said
"What?" Malik said, snapping back into reality.
"My past was dark...I think present is becoming dark, too!" Bonnie said, "I remembered it after witnessing Guerta's attack...those people were like me before...before I went crazy.."
Malik didn't have a dark past. Although, he didn't want to talk about his past. He quickly changed the subject, "Hopefully Sanchez is okay."
Bonnie understood. She quickly turned back to Boris's subject, "I have a feeling that Boris is fine."
Malik laughed. He started to get angry as Bonnie carried on with the subject, "You just keep on going, don't you?"

"Another rough day?" Sanchi ask, grabbing the doctor's attention.
The doctor wasn't officially a doctor. He was just the best they have right now, Sanchi thought. Although Sanchi thought he was doing a good job feeding the unconscious Sanchez and getting him fluid. The doctor was unsure about when Sanchez would or if he wakes up.
"Better than last night," Doctor said, "Well, each day they change so I don't know..."
Sanchi pointed at Winslow, "How's he doing?"
"Recovered well," Doctor said, "He can finally stop resting...luckily!"
"Thanks..." Sanchi said
Eventually the doctor left Sanchi alone, returning back to his clinic. Sanchi stared at Sanchez for a few minutes, losing hope. Julia quickly brought him back as she kissed him on his cheek.
"You look stress," Julia said, hugging him, "How come?"
Sanchi shook his head, "Where's Courtney and Douglass?"
"Douglass is in his office and I was just talking to Courtney," Julia said, "She's really upset."
"Everyone is right now," Sanchi said, "Can't take anymore of it!"
Suddenly, Winslow yawned, grabbing Sanchi's attention. He slowly raised up and looked at Sanchi and Julia, "What's going on?"
"Doctor said you're fine now," Sanchi said, fixing his bed, "But...I don't want you to go out there.."
Winslow laughed, "Figures..."
Sanchi punched the wall out of anger. Then, he walked towards Winslow and got in his face. Winslow didn't step down, he quickly got into Sanchi's face. Julia quickly pushed the two away from each other.
"Stop it, now!" Julia cried, "We don't need this right now!"
"Well I had it with him!" Sanchi yelled, "Guerta is already struggling right now and we do not need any of this running out right now!"
Winslow laughed and walked away from them. Julia quickly comforted Sanchi, rubbing his shoulders. Sanchi closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, "Been two days now...where is Boris and them!"
"Don't know," Julia said, "All we have to do is wait and hope."

Meanwhile, Kane and Deacon threw Al on their ship. They didn't leave his home yet, they weren't done destroying it. Kane demanded the rest of his armadas to go out there and destroy all the homes and citizens. On the ship, Kane heard screaming and explosion. He smiled.
"Sir," Deacon said, "He's waking up!"
Kane quickly got up, cracking his knuckles and walked towards Al who was opening his eyes. Al's first sight was Kane and he quickly got angry.
"We won," Kane said, "You and your men will become history!"
Kane lifted Al up to the window, making him look and watch his dome and citizens get destroyed. Al quickly headbutted Kane and tackled Deacon. Then, Al ran towards the door. Kane quickly got back up and threw his cane, hitting his legs and making him hit the ground. He tried to crawl away but Deacon grabbed his gun and aimed it at his head, making him stop.
"Ye are monsters!" Al cried, slamming his head on the ground.
Kane laughed, "Started a war you couldn't win...not a smart move!"
Al snapped back, "Ye started it! Coming back to our home, causing destruction...randomly stirring trouble with my men at a bar!"
Kane stared at Al for a few seconds, becoming confuse as he lowered his cane. He looked at Deacon, thinking he performed those actions but he knew Deacon was with him for most of the time. Kane thought about the ones who crashed the ship into Valencia.
"You attacked us...firing at my troops and causing them to crash their ship into our headquarters!" Kane said, slamming his cane down.
Al laughed and gave them a strange look, "All my men been here with me!"
"Obviously not!" Deacon said, "We were attacked!"
Kane bend over, getting in Al's face. He grabbed Al's face, making him look Kane in his face. Kane slowly talked to Al, "You were attacked and we were attacked...unfamiliar about who did it?"
"Exactly!" Al said, "Group was sent to me...disguised and I had a feeling about it! Luckily, I killed one of them!"
"Really? Kane said, standing up, "Show me."
Deacon opened up the door and Kane threw Al outside. The two followed him.

After talking to Douglass, Sanchi returned back to his house, comforting Sanchez. Sanchi started to sweat and was already worn out for the day, plus with the rest of his crew not returning made his day worse. He slammed his foot on the ground and fell. He crawled towards Sanchez's bed, pushing him and moving him, trying to wake him up.
"Sanchez!" Sanchi cried, "Wake up...wake up!"
Sanchi started to scream at Sanchez and shook his body around the bed. After shake, he hoped for him to wake up but so far it didn't.
"We need you!" Sanchi cried, "I need you!"
Sanchi slammed his head on his bed a few times. He started to take his anger on his self. He continued to scream Sanchez's name like he was in a death situation. Sanchi began the tear up as he shook Sanchez's bed.
"Wake up!" Sanchi cried, "Sanchez, we already lost Boris...Danny...Bonnie! Wake up!"
Suddenly, Julia ran in, "They're back...they just landed!"
Sanchi took a deep breath and ran out. He began to grab his hope again. Until, he only saw three of his crew...three with no smiles on their face. Three with blood all over them. Three with looks that thought they saw a monster. Boris, Sanchi thought.
"Sanchi," Danny said, "We need to talk..."
Only three words would make his day worse. Few seconds he hoped he wouldn't hear those three words. Then he heard the words, "Boris is gone!"
Sanchi dropped to the ground, mouth wide open. Winslow held back his sadness and quickly turned around. Both Mary and Courtney comforted Julia who was close to crying. Douglass patted Danny's back, trying to receive more information. Sanchi just stayed there on his knees, trying to escape reality and hide in his fantasy. A fantasy with his crew. Everyone alive.
"Al shot him," Malik said, "The armadas attacked them though...they're fighting each other.."
No one really cared about the armadas at that point. They started to wonder about Boris, "Are you sure he's dead?"
"Danny witnessed him getting shot," Bonnie said, "There's a chance, little chance."
Sanchi slowly got up and walked back to the house. He didn't talk to anyone. He just returned home, leaving everyone else asking, "Why?"

There was no body at the spot, Al thought to his self. Al knew this was where he shot the trouble maker and witness him hitting the ground, Al knew it. There were blood around the area but that was it. No body, Al thought to his self.
"Well," Kane said, "I don't see him!"
"I-I-I swear I shot him here," Al said, "I swear!"
"What did he look lie?" Deacon asked
Al tried his best to remember his looks. He knew he was really young. He had a dirty hat covering his hair and mud all over his face. Al knew he tried to disguised as one of his men.
"Young pirate...he disguised like one of my men to cause the trouble!" Al said, "I swear!"
Kane had a feeling it was someone from Sanchi's group. He shook his head, "That smart young pirate in Sanchi's crew!"
Al was turned around, his back facing the armadas. Suddenly, he heard Kane and Deacon swore like it was nothing. Al slowly moved his eyes around, trying to find a weapon. Then, he remembered he had a knife in his pocket and he slowly pulled it out. Al heard Kane loading his weapon.
"What to do..." Kane said, slowly aiming his pistol.
Quickly, Al turned around with his knife raised up and he screamed loud but it wasn't quick enough. Al quickly fired one shot in Al's shot, causing him to fall back on the ground. Then, the two armadas walked towards his body and looked at him, "It was fun destroying your army."
Boom! Kane quickly finished Al, ending the filthy pirates for good. Kane walked back to his ship after hearing his armadas done firing. Kane felt good about extincting Al and his army but he felt discouraged, knowing that Sanchi's crew is still around.
"We'll find them soon, master!" Deacon said, "I will!"
Suddenly, Kane thought of a plan, "Perhaps Sanchi will return back here...looking for one of his crewmate.."
"Possible," Deacon said, "Go on."
Kane laughed, "I want you to stay here and wait for them...alone! Prove to me you can handle them...right?"
"I will," Deacon said, "See you soon!"

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