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The Warrior AE "Enemy VS Enemy" S3

Al and his men makes a run at Guerta and attacks them, killing 13 of them. Sanchez manages to run back and encountered with Al, resulting in Sanchez getting shot by Al. Unaware if Sanchez would survive, Sanchi plans an attack to effect both filthy pirates and the armadas. Involving, Danny, Malik, Boris, and Bonnie. Their plan is to dress up as filthy pirates and take out armadas and flee.

To start off their plan, Boris and the rest flies in Valencia. They stopped near an armada's ship. It was time for Danny and Malik to get on the ship and take out the armadas. Boris rammed the ship into the armada's ship and the two quickly jumped on the docks. Bonnie was at the cannon hole, aiming her rifle at the armada's ship.
"" armada officer said, aiming gun.
Boom! Bonnie sniped the armada's unprotected foot. Then, Danny ran and tackled it to the ground, taking it out without damaging the armor. Suddenly, two more came out.
"Malik!" Danny yelled
Malik ran up to one armada. He pulled out his knife and killed the LIVING armada in his throat, killing him. Then, Malik grabbed the deceased armada and slammed him into the other one. Luckily, Danny helped Malik out, disabling the last one.
"Clear," Danny yelled, "Hop on the ship!"
Bonnie jumped onto the armada's ship. Before Boris would jump, he set the ship on fire. Then, he jumped on the armada's ship. Quickly, they left the burning ship alone.
"That wasn't so hard," Boris laughed, "Next one!"
Malik laughed, "For you"
Boris noticed Bonnie was alone, not talking to anyone. He rushed to Bonnie, patting her back, "Good shot on that armada's foot, lucky that two of those armadas were living...this time not mechanical."
"It's what I'm good at," she said, "Good job with the ship."
Malik and Danny ripped off the armadas' armor. They placed the armadas' masks on their faces and grabbed their riffles. Luckily, the armadas were sharpshooters. Boris was impressed, couldn't believe that the plan is working. Although, he knew it wasn't close to over. Next step, starting first battle with the filthy pirates. Before they left Guerta, Boris remembered, Sanchi gave him directions to "The Dome".

Landing near the Filthy pirate's place, Boris grabbed mud and smeared it all over his face. He also fit into one of the filthy pirate's clothes from Guerta. He was ready for this and excited. Danny, Malik, and Boris stepped off the ship. Meanwhile, Bonnie stayed on, ready for action.
"Is this one of your men?" Danny said, pushing Boris towards Al's men.
Three filthy pirates walked towards the two disguised armadas (Danny and Malik). Then, the pirates stopped and honored the two armadas, respecting them.
"What happened?" Filthy pirate said, "What did ye do?"
Boris avoided with eye contact to them.
"Where's Al?" Danny said, "It's personal and he can only know."
Danny, Malik, and prisoner Boris walked past the filthy pirates. The pirates ran back in front of them, blocking them from going inside. Malik laughed, "Is there a problem?"
"Should there be?" Filthy pirate said, "We want to know, should ye tell us?"
"Personal...make yourself useful and get out of the way!" Malik said
Suddenly, Malik tried to walk away but one of the filthy pirates pulled their small pistol out. Malik looked at the pirate and the gun. They knew it was time for Bonnie. Malik shook his head and turned around with Boris.
"Fine with me" Malik said
Walking away, Malik placed his thumbs up, signaling for Bonnie.
"Wait, come back!" The filthy pirate said
Boom! Easy shot! Suddenly, one of the pirates hit the ground, making the other two filthy pirates aim at the armadas.
"Who be doing this?"
Boom! Another filthy pirate dropped. The last remaining one dropped his weapon and made a run for it. He started to scream for Al's name. This time, Bonnie didn't take him out. Danny slowly pulled out his new armada rifle and took out the pirate.
"We're not done," Danny said, firing shots into the Dome.
"We need to go," Boris said, "Fast!"
Danny, Malik, and Boris ran. Meanwhile, Al walked outside and watched them running away. He smiled and shook his head.
"Armadas!" Al yelled, "Traitors! Ye traitors!"

Suddenly, Boris and the rest stopped and turned around. Then, they fired at Al. Quickly, Al dived into cover. Boris, Danny, and Malik still kept firing. Then, more filthy pirates ran out and fired back. Danny and Malik jumped behind cover and Boris ran from them. They aimed for the two disguised armadas. Not Boris.
"They over here!"
Danny and Malik remained lying on the ground, bullets flying past them and hitting their protection. They knew Boris was doing better than them.
"We need to make a run for the ship!" Danny yelled, picking up the rifle.
Danny jumped on and made a run for the ship, firing at the pirates too. Malik quickly followed behind, ignoring the pirates. Concerned about making it to the ship.
"Bonnie!" Danny yelled, running.
Al grabbed one of his deceased man gun. He slowly aimed at the two armadas. He aimed at the one behind. He didn't aim for the head. He aimed for the leg. Then, he pulled the trigger, shooting Malik's leg.
"Malik!" Danny cried, rushing towards him.
Danny dropped to Malik and defended him, firing at the filthy pirates. Then, Bonnie ran out of the ship, firing her sniper. More and more filthy pirates dropped to the ground. Bonnie ran and helped Malik up. Quickly, they ran for the ship.
"Take out the ship!" Al yelled, firing shots into the ship.
Boom! The ship blew up in flames but Bonnie didn't give up. She led them towards the docks, without looking back. Al sent out more of his men to take care of them. Meanwhile, he ran to one of his young pirate. The one who was captured by armadas. Al placed his hand on the boy's shoulders. Then in a matter of a few seconds, he stabbed him in his hand. Boris pushed Al to the ground, picking up his gun and ran towards Al's men. Boris fired all of his shots into Al's men, saving his crew's life.
"To the docks!" Boris yelled, "We're going for their ships!"
All four of them jumped on another ship. Danny looked out and saw Al and his men running towards them. Danny had a hidden smile and they quickly left.
"This was an attack!" One of Al's men said, throwing his weapon down.
Al shook his head, "Betrayal."

Flying away, Danny managed to stop the bleeding on Malik's leg. He ripped off his sleeve and wrapped it around Malik's leg. Then, he left him alone on the bed. Danny sat next to Bonnie, both looking out of the window.
"Are you here to stay?" Danny asked, rubbing his hands together.
Bonnie smiled, "I don't know....that place...your crew and the others are different...completely different."
Danny laughed and thought about what she said for a minute, " of our own crew died...he was a companion...great...guy...he was murdered.."
Bonnie turned around, facing Danny, "Name? The one who died..."
"Chun," Danny said, "Wing Chun."
Bonnie quickly got up, holding her tears back. She gave Danny a serious look, she quickly became scared. Although, Danny was clueless on why she was overreacting. Suddenly, she started saying "That's not true!" over and over.
"Calm down!" Danny said, "Everything's going to be okay!"
Bonnie looked at Danny, breaking into tears. Then, she dropped to the ground,"Nothing is going to be okay! This is not what it use to be! Everything...including us! We're owned by the armadas!"
Danny didn't believe that. He had hope, which was rare. He bend over, hovering over Bonnie, "That's not true...we're here...we're flying around the Skyways because we can!"
Bonnie laughed, wiping her tears away, "Is that why we're disguised? Is that why every time one of you leave Guerta you fear? I can see it, I can tell!"
Danny didn't know what to say. Instead, he got back up and left Bonnie there. He quickly ran towards Boris. He wanted to talk to Boris.

"We shouldn't go to Valencia!" Danny said, "It's too dangerous...go back, now!"
"Go back?" Boris said, "We're too close!"
Danny threw Boris out of the chair, trying to turn the ship around. Although, Boris jumped back up and pushed Danny away, grabbing the wheel. Danny got back up and grabbed the wheel, steering it the opposite way. Suddenly, Boris looked out of the window and his eyes widen, his fear approached him.
"Stop! We're going into the armada's main headquarters!" Boris cried
The wooden ship went through the glass and broke down the walls. The ship started to slide, hitting and destroying armadas. The ship kept sliding all over the headquarters, knocking down floors, destroying armadas, and destroying supplies. Then, the ship stopped.
"What did we crash into?" Malik yelled, running in front of the ship.
Malik jaw dropped, looking out of the windows. He saw pieces of armadas everywhere. He dropped to the ground and crawled towards his weapon.
"What have you done?" Bonnie cried, picking her sniper up.
Danny slowly got back up and looked out of the window, seeing Kane, Deacon, and other armadas walking towards the ship. He slammed his fist down and yelled for Boris and Bonnie to hide. Danny grabbed his mask and put it back on. Malik quickly followed his instructions and dressed back into his armada outfit. Then, the two walked out of the ship.
"Sir!" Danny cried, "Filthy pirates! They fired cannons into our ship and I've lost control!"
Kane stopped, "Filthy pirates?"
"Al, his name is Al! His men attacked us!" Danny said
Kane started to laugh, shaking his head. He threw his cane to the ground, "Those traitors!"
"What are we suppose to do?" Malik asked
"Anyone else inside that ship?" Deacon asked, walking towards the ship.
Quickly, Danny and Malik stepped in front of them, blocking their way to the ship. Kane stopped, waiting for an answer from the two.
"Just us...we're under attack and it'll happen again!" Danny said, "What are we suppose to do, sir?"
Armada marksman grabbed Kane's cane and handed it to him. The group turned around and walked away from Danny and Malik. The voices from Kane started to echo around, "We'll finish of Al and the rest of his men, bringing him to extinction!"

The two quickly ran back inside the destroyed ship. They gathered Bonnie and Boris, discussing a good plan. Although, Boris pushed Danny away from him, blaming all of this on him.
"We could of died!" Boris cried
"But we didn't!" Danny said, "We'll be fine, just need a new ship...that'll be easy!"
Bonnie laughed, "Easy? What are you thinking?"
Danny walked away, pasting debris. He looked at the big hole, revealing the docks with ships. Danny smiled and everyone knew the next plan.
"Oh this'll be good, too good." Malik said, shaking his head.

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