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The Warrior AE "Who did it?" (Extended Special) S2 finale

Sanchi and the rest of his crews starts to have different feeling on staying in Guerta. After the fight, Sanchez's mind is made up. Although, Wing Chun goes out of his way to talk to Kent on his own, trying to figure something out. Kent plans to talk to Chun tonight as his resting spot. Sanchi gathers everyone in his crew to discuss about staying in Guerta. Most of them voted to leave, which made Chun furious. He ran out of Guerta and towards his relaxing spot. Suddenly, a group of three attacked and injured Chun, forcing Winslow to kill Chun. Now, all the fingers are pointed at Kent but Douglass needs proof. Sanchi's crew quickly becomes danger with Kent and his friends after them.

Julia sat at Chun's grave, paying all her respect towards him. Sanchi looked through all his belongings, looking at some of his old paintings. He packed all of Chun's belongings up but a painting fell out of his bag. Sanchi picked it up and looked at the painting. It was of Chun, Sanchez, and a fox companion next to Sanchez. He looked at the painting for a few minutes. Then, he placed it in the bag of Chun's stuff.
"What are we going to do?" Sanchi said to his self, "This is a mess."
Sanchez stayed in a separate room from the rest. He laid in an uncomfortable bed, thinking about Chun and Guerta. He remembered everyone's last word towards Chun, he shook his head. Then, he remembered what Sanchi said. Sanchez threw his covers over his self and stayed there.
"Listen," Sanchi said, "Chun is dead, going to be a tough one to get over...but we lost so many...I'm starting to get use to it..."
Suddenly, Julia entered into their discussion. She wiped her tears away. Sanchi looked at her for a few seconds, distracting him. Then, he carried on, "We need to fulfill Chun's wish...we are staying here...we can make Guerta work...we can and I believe it."
"And if we can't, then what?" Winslow said, "We're still hated, even after we lost Chon"
"Chun" Malik whispered to him
"We will" Sanchi said, "We can make this work and we're going to try"

Few hours passed by, Sanchi sneak away from everyone else as he made his way towards the gates. He quietly opened them up. Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name.
"Where you going, pal?" Danny asked, in the guard tower.
"Get out of this place for a few hours...maybe find a clue or something," Sanchi said, "Nothing serious."
Danny smiled and climbed off the guard tower, "Let me come...I want to help, I feel bad about Chun's death."
Sanchi nodded. Both of the two quietly went out of Guerta, cracking the gate open.

Kent moved back into his house with Courtney. Although, Courtney didn't feel safe around him. She started to carry a weapon around, for protection. She was making herself lunch when Kent came down.
"What's for lunch?" He asked, yawning.
Courtney checked if she still had her weapon hidden. Then, he took a deep breath, "Did you kill that companion?"
Kent stopped and turned around. He looked at Courtney in a strange way. Then he started to laugh, punching the wooden wall. He quickly got close to Courtney.
"Me? Are you accusing me?" Kent said
"Well, you hate Sanchez and his crew! You have been talking to your buddies for a long time like y'all were planning for something! Might as well just admit it!" Courtney said
Kent shook his head and walked a few feet away from Courtney. Then, he pushed Courtney's lunch, plates, and her books off the counter. He slammed both of his hands on the counter and got close to Courtney again. She backed away, placing her hand on her hidden gun.
"You think I killed that useless companion? He wanted to talk to me that! But he never showed up!" Kent said, pushing Courtney.
"And you didn't come with us! You knew about this, so you stayed at home! Sanchez already told Douglass that he knows it's he thinks, too!" Courtney said, pushing Kent back.
Kent got angry. He pushed Courtney twice and slapped her in the same spot, again. She placed her hand on her gun, ready to pull it out but she stopped her self and stayed back on the ground. Kent started to scream.
"Sanchez is going to get it, soon! Trust me!" Kent said, leaving the house.
Kent noticed Mical, Pasto, Tyson, and Elax walking together. Then, he noticed Sanchi and Danny going through the gate. From that point, he came up with an idea. He called for their names and his friends came to him.
"Those two who just left through the gate, I want them dead...hide their bodies deep in the jungles, "Kent said, "If anyone ask...troggys got them"

"How long have you known Chun?" Danny asked, pulling his musket out.
"Not as long as Sanchez...I saved him, Sanchez, and two of his companions...." Sanchi said, roaming around the jungles.
"Oh, I known Malik for about a long time...he needed me and I needed wise" Danny said, smiling.
Sanchi and Danny roamed around the jungle around Guerta. They passed lots of deceased troggys, zombie pirates, and they stopped by the explosion site. Sanchi studied the area for a few minutes.
"Why here?" Danny asked, "What's the point?"
"Whoever killed Chun, did this...they tried to kill us but only killed Jonathan..." Sanchi said
"Oh," Danny said, "I tried talking to Douglass or Mary...they didn't respond back...must of been upset about Jonathan's death, wonder who did it."
Boom! Suddenly, they were attacked by a group of pirates hiding behind trees. Sanchi jumped into a giant hole caused by the dynamite and Danny dropped to the ground, with a long log protecting him. Shots were fired into the log. Sanchi tried to get a good look at the strangers, firing back at them. He managed to shoot one of them in their legs, causing them to hit the ground. Then he yelled for Danny's name, "Danny! Run over here! Fast, I'll cover you!"
Danny heard Sanchi and he followed his orders. He jumped up and ran towards Sanchi. The strangers started to fire at Danny but Sanchi had his back, shooting back. Luckily, Danny made it, filled with questions.
"What's going on? They almost hit me!" Danny yelled over the shots
"No clue!" Sanchi said, "Their aim isn't the best!"
"Might be Kent and his buddies!" Danny said, "What are we going to do!"
Sanchi tried to think of something. Although, the loud noises distracted him. He knew they were in a tough spot and knew it'd be tough to get out of it. Suddenly, the firing stopped and they heard cussing from the strangers.
"These weapons are short, man!" One of them cried, reloading their weapon.
Quickly, Sanchi jumped out on the loading strangers. He fired at them, taking one out completely. Then, he ran from them with Danny following behind.
"He killed Pasto!" Their voices echoed.

After staying in a bed for almost a whole day, Sanchez finally came out and he walked around Guerta, trying to get fresh air. Although, he kept his head down and didn't look at anyone. Until, Courtney came behind him. Sanchez turned around, looking at Courtney.
"Sanchez...I'm sorry about Chun," she said, "He was a good companion."
Sanchez revealed his sick-looking face and smiled at her, "It's going to be a tough one to get over"
"Yeah," Courtney said, "Douglass and Mary are furious...they're blaming you and the other two for Jonathan's death."
Sanchez and Courtney walked around together, talking about their life before Guerta but they didn't know that Kent was watching. He had a perfect shot on Sanchez but he decided to wait and take him outside of Guerta.
"Anyway, I gotta go...Guerta is becoming dark...seems like" She said, walking away.
Sanchez waved and went on his way. Then, he heard someone else calling his name. It was Kent. He was behind Sanchez, with his gun out. Sanchez tried to pull his out but Kent punched him and stole it from him. Sanchez tried to get up until Kent loaded his weapon, aiming at his head.
"Let's go for a walk, night's about to arrive" Kent said, smiling.

Danny and Sanchi continued to run until they ran out of breath. Then, they stopped, dropping to the ground out of exhaustion. Sanchi pulled out his sword, throwing his gun at Danny. Sanchi got back up and quietly walked away.
"Where are you going?" Danny asked, catching his breath.
"Keep both of those guns...your musket may not help you" Sanchi said, swinging his sword around.
Danny laughed, "You're not answering my question...what's the plan this time?"
"Climb up in one of these big trees...hide until they come, which they will," Sanchi said, "You hide and defend yourself."
Danny started to talk to his self. Then, he looked back at Sanchi and he was gone. Danny heard leaves crumbling. He knew they were near. He ran behind a tree and loaded his gun. He closed his eyes and whispered to his self, "You better be right, Sanchi!"
"I see him!" Mical called, firing at Danny.
The three remaining men fired at Danny. Hitting his tree. Danny wanted to turn around to fire back but he knew that'd get him killed. Danny poked his leg out, trying to come out to fire but he was shot in his leg. He fell to the ground and crawled back to a tree. As Mical, Elax, and Tyson started to walk towards him, Danny tried to stop the bleeding from his leg. Although, he was waiting for Sanchi's arrival.
"Get close," Sanchi said, above them, "Little closer!"
Finally, Sanchi jumped out, looking like he came out of the sky. He fell behind them and they knew it. Before any of them could react, Sanchi's sword went through Elax's stomach. Then, Sanchi used his body as a shield. Tyson fired at Sanchi, hitting Elax's body. Quickly, Sanchi threw Elax's body into Tyson. Finally, Mical and Sanchi looked at each other eye-to-eye and Sanchi knew who set them up. Sanchi threw his sword at Mical like a bullet, going into his chest. Although, he was still alive. Sanchi picked up Elax's gun and took out Tyson.
"Quit bleeding!" Danny said to his self, wrapping his leg up.
Danny heard one last gun shot then it all stopped. Though, he heard someone coming up towards his side. He knew they were coming closer. He picked up his gun and aimed it at the stranger but it wasn't Mical or Tyson. It was someone different. It was a fox companion.
"Uh...Sanchi?" Danny said, "Come over here..."
Sanchi ran over to Danny, aiming his gun at the stranger but when he got close, he remembered about the painting he looked at. Then, he remembered when he first met Sanchez. He started to remember it all. He knew who the fox was Bonnie Anne.
"W-w-we met before!" Sanchi said, dropping all his weapons.

Meanwhile, Guerta started to become out of control. Night arrived and people around noticed that five of their own was missing and three of Sanchi's crew was also gone. Most of the residents in Guerta went outside and rioted, waking up Douglass and Mary. Boris, Malik, and Julia all came out, too.
"Your crew kidnapped some of our own!" They chanted, "Leave now!"
Douglass tried to calm the crowd down but they didn't. They started to throw things at Boris, Malik, and Julia and started chants.
"That's enough!" Douglass said, getting in front of them.
"Why are you defending them? They killed Jonathan and Kent, Mical, Tyson, and Pasto! You two could be next!"
Douglass tried to reason with them but they started to chant loud. Then, someone said, "Mical, Tyson, and Pasto went after two of them...they're trying to kill them"
Julia became shocked, placing her hands over her mouth, Boris remained silent and Malik started to argue with them.
"Man! Are y'all crazy? Sanchi probably taken care of them...y'all are pathetic!" Malik said, laughing.
"Kick them out, kick them out, kick them out!" They started to chant.
Douglass just stood there, remaining quiet. He didn't know what to do. Although, Boris stood up for his own crew.
"This is the first stage! The first stage of betrayal," Boris said, "I've seen it before! Things get too hard and everything pretty much just breaks! Guerta...Guerta is going to break sooner than I thought, me, Sanchi, Sanchez, all of us in this crew have seen it before! It'll happen before y'all will notice."
The crowd became silent, "Guerta...this place," Boris said, getting in one of their face, "Boom! This place will fall...but if you want us to leave...fine, we can but remember...we can easily come back and take this place, ourselves...we can help you though, we's only up to y'all...advise you to stop all these riots and use your heads"
The crowd was still silent. Although, Julia and Malik was more shocked than them. None of them believed that Boris stood up for something, they were proud. Then, most of them went back to their homes.
"Courtney is missing, too" Mary said

"Should of never came here," Kent said, taking Sanchi away from Guerta, "Your mistake."
Kent had his gun pointed at Sanchez's back as he took him away from Guerta. Sanchez started to hope that someone would help him but for now, he was on his own.
"You're nothing Kent," Sanchez said, "Nothing!"
Finally, they stopped moving. Kent looked back to make sure they were far enough and they were. Kent kicked Sanchez down to the ground and loaded his weapon. Kent laughed, "I guess this is it"
Sanchez quickly turned around and kicked Kent in his stomach and threw him on the ground, causing him to drop his gun. Sanchez kicked Kent in his face twice and jumped on top of him. He punched Kent back-to-back times until Kent threw him off by slugging him in his jaw.
"Courtney doesn't even like you!" Sanchez cried, getting back up.
Kent picked up Sanchez and slammed him on the ground, "Because of you!"
As Kent spoke his words, he punched Sanchez in his face, "Ever since you came this place became trouble!"
Sanchez grabbed his fist and bent in back. Then, he kicked Kent away, "Guerta needs us!"
Kent laughed, "We were fine without you!"
"No!" Sanchez said, tackling Kent.
Before Sanchez could make another move, Kent headbutted him, causing him to fall back. Then, Kent crawled towards his gun. Sanchez tried to get to it, too. Suddenly, Kent grabbed his gun and hit Sanchez in the head with it. Sanchez tried to attack but Kent aimed his gun.
"You lost, again!" Kent said, pointing it at Sanchez's head.
"Do it, it'll be your mistake! Sanchi and the rest would come after you!" Sanchez said, falling back.
Kent laughed, "I sent four of my own out to kill Sanchi and that guard! You really think..."
Boom! Gunshot started the silence. Kent just stood there, eyes widen as he dropped his gun. Then, he fell forward, revealing Courtney as she drops her gun.
"Courtney..." Sanchez said, blood all over his face.
"Go back, night is dangerous" She said, crying.

"If all of this is true," Douglass said, "Then, where's Sanchez, Sanchi, and Danny!"
"Some of your own people kidnapped them, man!" Malik cried
Suddenly, the gates opened up from the outside. It was Sanchez. Bruises and blood all over his face, he placed his hands up.
"What happened, dear?" Mary said
"Kent tried to kill me...and you know what?" Sanchez yelled, "He's dead!"
Everyone around gasped in shocked. Douglass came closer to Sanchez, "What?"
"I didn't kill him, Courtney did-his wife did! But the real point don't need him! You need us! Us! Me, Sanchi, Julia, Boris, Danny, Malik, and Winslow! All of us can help this place...because once the armadas find guys will be history!" Sanchez said
Sanchez heard someone coming up behind him. He slowly turned around and his eyes widen. His mouth dropped, his knees dropped. He was looking at his old companion, Bonnie Anne between Sanchi and Danny. He approached Bonnie and hugged her.
"Bonnie" Sanchez said

That's it for SEASON TWO (season seven of the warrior chapters)
Thanks for everyone who stayed until the last detail. It was a great time coming up with these devious and brave characters! Although, it was upsetting killing Emmanuel and a character from the beginning of The Warrior Saga, Wing Chun but I'm excited for Bonnie Anne and for the readers to soon to find out about Bonnie's past and where she been this whole time! Since season three will take a few months to come out, remember these few questions:
"Was Kent the one who blew up the dynamite that end up killing Jonathan and the one who killed Chun?"
"Where has Bonnie been? How did she get here?"
"Will Douglass be able to lead Guerta and can Guerta last after the death of Kent and Jonathan?"
And finally: "Where's Kane, Deacon, the armada army, and Al!"
In season three, you'll figure all the questions out! Cya!

Characters of 2: Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, Julia, Courtney, Al, Douglass, Winslow, Boris, Danny, Malik, Kane, Deacon, Mary, Jonathan, and Mical.

Stay tune for more!

The Warrior AE "To stay" S2

Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow has more trouble with getting Jonathan out. Julia goes outside of Guerta to find Chun. He expresses his thoughts on Guerta and wants to stay to help them out but others think this isn't the right place. Sanchez and Winslow managed to get out of the mess involving zombie pirates and troggys. Finally, deciding they couldn't cut his leg off, they took Jonathan out of his misery. Sanchez had a clue who caused this mess and ran back to Guerta where him and Kent got into a fight. Now because of Sanchez's actions, Douglass wants him and the rest of his crew out.

Pirates all around Guerta gathered around a sad, sad, sad ceremony. They gave their opinions on the individual they lost. "One of us" Douglass kept saying. He felt sadness, too. Though, Sanchi and his crew felt scared and furious. Courtney came, though Kent stayed back. Everyone placed flowers on a new grave, saying their last goodbyes. Although, Sanchez's and others' goodbyes were long and heartbreaking. That's it, Sanchi thought, another chapter of despair arrived.
"We can't point fingers yet, it's too soon" Douglass said, "We'll find out, soon"

The fight finally ended. The night finally ended. Though, Sanchez's and Kent's hating each other did not ended. Most of the crew didn't care about leaving Guerta, except for Wing Chun. He wanted to give Guerta a chance. Sanchez broke out of his anger and passed out. Danny, Malik, and Winslow carried Sanchez into a little dorm, where there were only a small, old, and wooden bed. Sanchi's crew, except for Sanchi and Julia hovered over Sanchez's body in the small dorm. They all patiently waited for Sanchez to wake up. Soon, he did.
"Good morning, you look like you've been beat up" Malik joked
Sanchez rubbed his eyes. He yawned loud and removed the old sheets from him. He looked at everyone around him. He got up and tried to walk out of the room but Winslow stopped him and pushed him back into his bed. Sanchez thought he was innocent.
"You got in a fight with someone...making all of us look like what you look like!" Winslow said, angrily.
"He tried to kill us!" Sanchez argued, getting into Winslow's face, "You were with me! That explosion? Remember?"
"We don't really know that!" Boris said, "When y'all were gone, I saw Kent outside his house"
Sanchez started to laughing, thinking everyone were taking Kent's side, "Really? Do you guys like him? Huh? Do you?"
"I think we should just leave...this place is too...can't really explain it" Danny said, looking out of a small window.
"You and Malik can't say anything! Y'all been in those stupid guard towers!" Sanchez screamed, pushing Danny.
Suddenly, Danny pushed Sanchez back and got into his bruised up face. Malik tried to pull Danny away but he pushed Malik away instead.
"We helped you out there when Kent's buddies pulled their guns out!" Danny said, "We actually care about you...but, I wish I never even helped your pathetic battle!"
"We can't leave this place, they need our help" Chun said, trying to stop the fight.
"Shut it, Chun!" Sanchez said
The door opened up. Sanchi entered the room filled with screaming. He managed to calm Danny and Sanchez down but before he tried to shut the door, Chun walked out, furious. Sanchi tried to get him to come back but Chun didn't listen.
"I think we might have to leave" Sanchi said, "Too much trouble"

Meanwhile, Wing Chun wanted to handle these conflicts, his way. He grabbed a miniature knife and placed it in his boot. Then, he made his way towards Courtney's house. He wanted to resolve every issue so they can stay in Guerta. Chun banged on Courtney's door.
She opened it slow and peeked, looking at Chun, "Why are you here?"
"Where's Kent?" Chun said, "I'm not mad...just wanna talk to him"
She wiped her tears away from her eyes and opened the door up, completely. Chun noticed her bruises on her face and he knew who did it.
"I don't know, please go" She said, scared.
Chun heard footsteps behind him. Loud footsteps from boots. He turned around and faced him. It was Kent. He had a swollen eyes with bruises and scratches all over his face. He stared at Chun, waiting for him to leave.
"I'm trying to get you and Sanchez to become friends, not enemies" Chun said, nervously.
Kent smiled, revealing few missing teeth. Then, he slammed his foot down, "Listen, why don't you just get outta here? This whole town don't want ya"
Chun joke fully laughed, "I don't hate you, I just want all of us to be...well...not enemies"
Kent shook his head. He hated Sanchez and his whole crew but, he started to hate Chun even more. He hated how he came to his house, uninvited. He hated how Chun want everyone to become friends. Although, he knew he couldn't cause anymore trouble.
"Can you try it?" Chun asked, kindly.
Kent slammed his fist on his old wooden railing. He yelled at Chun, causing him to fall to the ground. Chun placed his hand inside his boot but Kent backed away a little, holding his anger in.
"I want you to leave!" Kent yelled, closing his eyes.
"I'm trying to help this place out!" Chun said
Kent started to act calm. He took a couple deep breaths, "I always see you secretly leaving Guerta, then you come back...let's try this...we'll meet wherever you go and talk about this...tonight"
Chun nodded his head nervously, "Okay, okay"

"Chun!" Douglass yelled, watching him.
Chun stopped and knew it was Douglass. He took a few breath to relax him. Then, he walked up to Douglass, smiling.
"Yes, sir?" Chun said
Douglass started to walk, pulling Chun with him. He explained the pros and cons of his own crew. Also, Douglass added that he really liked Chun but due to his own, he can't stay anymore. Then, Mary came behind them.
"Just would like to say goodbye Chun...tomorrow is your last day" She said, patting his back.
Chun quickly stopped, "We want to help! I can calm Sanchez down! I'm already making a plan for Sanchez and Kent to make up! I can handle all of this, quit saying goodbye!"
Douglass and Mary stared at Chun. Then, Douglass shook his head and got closer to Chun. Eventually, he was staring at Chun in the eyes.
"Prove to me by tomorrow, if you all can stay" Douglass said, walking away.
"I think you can do it" Mary said, following Douglass.
Chun just stood there, watching Douglass and Mary walking away, talking to each other. He tried to listen to them but they were too far. Although, someone placed their hands on Chun's shoulders. It was Sanchi.
"Let's go, we're having a discussion" Sanchi said

Few minutes waiting, Sanchi and Chun finally came back. Chun looked around and saw everyone, including Julia. He sat right next to Julia, taking Sanchi's seat. It was time for discussion and everyone knew it. Sanchi wanted to start it off but Chun did instead.
"I talked to Douglass few minutes ago" Chun said, "He said if we can get Sanchez and Kent to end their hatred...we'll be able to stay"
Sanchez quickly stood back up, "Are you crazy?!"
The room quickly became loud. Everyone started to argue about Chun's statement. After couple seconds, Sanchi ended the yelling, "Quiet! He's not done!"
Chun continued, "They need us and we need this place...I think we need to vote on this"
"No, I'm not" Sanchez said, leaning back.
"That's just one..." Chun said, "What about you, Danny?"
"These people don't appreciate us" Danny said, "I say we leave"
Chun opened up his mouth, surprised. Two already agreed about leaving Guerta behind. Now, he hoped the rest would want to stay. "Malik?"
"Man, I don't know...these people are crazier than a group of hungry troggys but...I say we give them a chance" Malik said
Chun smiled, two for both sides. Then, he looked at Boris, "What about you?"
Boris shook his head at Chun with an angry look, "No! I say we leave this stupid place!"
"Boris? I thought you were smarter than this!" Chun said
"No! I'm not agreeing with you! I heard what you said about us! I say we leave and you can stay!" Boris said
Chun gave Boris a serious look. Then, he looked at Julia. She nodded her head at Chun. Then, he looked at Winslow, "What about you...?"
"Me? You're just a companion...who cares about your input! I say we leave!" Winslow said
Chun shook his head and looked at Sanchi. He gave Chun a sorry look, "I can say we stay but it wouldn't matter...guess we need to start packing"
Suddenly, Chun snapped, "Really? Is this us? Pretty much leaving this place behind! They need us! We need a home, this place is perfect...I can't believe you guys!"
Chun looked at Sanchez, "You're different..Bonnie...Shiruku...Dorugh, Dez...Anthony would agree to...I can't believe this!"
Before Sanchez could talk, Chun got up and left the room, slamming the door. He left the room silent for a few minutes. They knew how Chun felt.

Chun just started to run. He ran past Douglass and Mary. He ran towards the gate and managed to get through it. Douglass saw all of it. Although, he didn't chase after him. Instead, he ran to Sanchi and the rest. Courtney watched it all through her window. She ran up stairs and noticed Kent wasn't there. She ran downstairs and towards Sanchi and the rest.
"Anyone here?" Chun said, walking towards his relaxing spot.
It was dark outside and Chun could hardly see anything. Although, he found his spot. He dropped his stuff and sat of his branch. He started to think about things and he couldn't believe he talked about his own crew. He thought he deserved worse. Though, he heard noises behind him. Footsteps, he heard. He reached for his knife. Just in case, he thought.
"Get him!" Someone screamed, tackling him.
Suddenly, Chun was tackled off his branch. There were three different pirates around him and they started to kick him. Quickly, Chun started to scream for help. He tried to get his knife but they slid it away from him. Then, they stabbed him in his stomach and Chun stopped his screaming. Then, the strangers ran far into the jungle. Chun didn't move but he was still alive. Blood was coming out of his stomach and his side. He placed his hands over his huge cuts but the bleeding kept coming.
"Over here!" Sanchi screamed, running towards him.
Group of troggys came out. Sanchi commanded for Malik and Danny to handle them and they did. Sanchez dropped to the ground, next to Chun. Mary and Julia screamed, placing their hands over their mouth in shock. Julia broke into tears, joining Sanchez.
"Oh no, oh no....why? Who did this? Oh man, oh man! We need to do something!" Sanchez said, putting his hands over Chun's huge cuts.
Sanchez, Sanchi, Danny, Malik, Winslow, Boris, Douglass, Mary, Courtney, and Julia all gathered around Chun. Tears were coming out his eyes. Sanchez placed his hands on Chun's head and Chun smiled back.
"We can't do anything...we're too far..." Douglass said, removing his glasses.
Sanchez got back up and looked at Douglass, tears coming out of his eyes, "We can't...There has to be another plan!"
Sanchi hugged Julia. She cried in all over him. Mary backed away from Chun, couldn't handle all the blood. Danny patted Chun's arm and Malik had his head down, honoring Chun. Boris also backed away, couldn't believe what he said to Chun before. Everyone knew what had to be done but, none of them wanted to do it. Then, Winslow took Sanchez's gun from him and aimed it at Chun's head.
Chun looked at the gun, he didn't speak. He just looked at the gun. Winslow had a serious look on his face.
"Sad to do'll be missed" Winslow said
Boom! He pulled the trigger, killing Chun.

The Warrior AE "Rules will be Rules" S2

Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow started their first job with Jonathan, Eric, and Grant. Their job was to gather resources deep into a cave filled with creatures. With no Sanchi, Julia started to roam around Guerta where she managed to speak with Boris. She found out that Boris thought that they should leave Guerta and she started to think about it. Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest heard an explosion above them, resulting in rocks falling on to of Jonathan leg and on Grant. Now, Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow starts to resume their issues with Jonathan being stuck and zombie pirates and troggys attacking them. Now, Boris, Sanchez, and Julia doesn't like Guerta or Kent but Chun wants to stay and help them out.

Sunny day. Douglass noticed a ship docking near him. The leader sent out three pirates out to check out who their new arrivals was. Kent, Jonathan, and Todd went out to check them out. Kent designed a plan to kill their new arrivals but Jonathan and Todd didn't want to.
"There's that ship" Todd said, looking into his binoculars
They saw a group of pirates, sitting there like they were waiting for something. Then, Kent came back, breathing hard and he started to explain.
"I found two of them, they look like they're the leaders of that group" Kent said, pulling his weapon out.
Quickly, Kent led the way to the other two.
"Kent, you don't need your gun...they look they can help around know?" Jonathan said
"Yeah right, we'll see" Kent said.
Suddenly, they heard screaming. Kent still continued to walk but Jonathan and Todd ran towards the screaming, leading to Kent running to.
"They are being attacked!" Jonathan said, pulling his weapon out.
Boom, boom! They took out the troggys.
"Well, they must be our new arrivals" Jonathan said, smiling.

Jonathan started to sweat more. Though, Sanchi managed to stop most of the bleeding from his crushed leg. He started to calmly talk to Jonathan. Waiting for Sanchez and Winslow to come back.
"How long have you been here? In Guerta?" Sanchi asked, placing cold water on Jonathan's head.
"D-Doug-Douglass...He always...always treated me I was his-his son" Jonathan said
Sanchi moved his flaming torch away from Jonathan.
"Interesting" Sanchi said, staring at the flame.
Suddenly, Sanchi heard screaming from Sanchez and Winslow. He got up, grabbing his sword and his torch. He ran into a tunnel and troggys confronted him. Two troggys jumped on top of Sanchi. He managed to push one of them off and he got back up. Sanchi tried to find his sword but it was too dark so he picked up his torch and swung it around, scaring the two troggys. Then, one ran after Sanchi. Without thinking, Sanchi stabbed the troggy in its mouth with the torch, catching the troggy's mouth on fire.
"My sword!" Sanchi said, grabbing his sword.
A troggy ran towards Sanchi, screaming at him. Sanchi couldn't see the creature, so he kept swinging his sword around and he sliced the creature in its stomach, killing it.
"Sanchez! Where are you?" Sanchi cried, "I have no light!"

After talking for a few minutes, Julia went back in Guerta, leaving Chun outside alone. She opened up the gates halfway and when she entered, there was Douglass and Mary, waiting for her.
"What are you doing?" Douglass said, "Why were you out there?"
Julia's eyes widen. Though, she didn't answer. Instead, she tried to pull the heavy gate shut to avoid talking to Douglass. After few seconds, Douglass yelled for Danny.
"Yeah?" Danny said, coming out of the tower.
"How long was Julia outside Guerta?" Douglass said, rubbing his hands.
"Uh..." Danny said, "A minute or so...she wanted to...look at the...trees..?"
Douglass laughed, "Oh, I'm sorry m'am...but anyway, did you hear that explosion?"
"No, why?" Julia said, thinking about Sanchi.
"Nothing bad, just wondering...old man like me loves to wonder" Douglass joked.
Danny and Julia joined Douglass with laughing, eventually leading to him and Mary walking away from them. Julia shook her head in stress. She tried to walk away to rest but Danny stopped her.
"You're welcome I helped been out there for at least 30 minutes" Danny whispered.
"I was looking for Chun, you know that!" Julia said, moving back from Danny.
Suddenly, the gate moved an inch and both of them knew who it was. Danny helped open up the gate, revealing Wing Chun standing there. Danny quickly pulled Chun inside and closed the gate, his self.
"Ever since we got here, all of you guys been acting...I don't know..paranoid? Definitely Boris" Danny said, "Sanchez acts like everyone is his enemy, Boris just stopped talking to us, Sanchi is always with that new pirate, and you two are doing stuff like this!"
Julia and Chun thought about Danny's statement. They knew his was right but they also wanted to change, both of the two knew that they would of changed in a new environment.
"I'm pretty sure Sanchez is in love with that one jerk's wife" Chun said, scratching his head.
"This place...this place is weird...I don't feel right being bossed around by someone beside Sanchi" Danny said, punching the gate.
"Everything will be fine...we need to stay away from Kent and Courtney...go to the guard tower and Chun got talk to Douglass" Julia said, walking away from them.

Sanchi patiently waited for all the noises to end. The shooting, the noises from troggys. He just sat there, useless until, weary Jonathan started to talk to him, trying to change the environment.
"L-li-listen...Sanchi" Jonathan said, placing his hand on Sanchi's shoulder.
Sanchi dropped low to listen to Jonathan. He placed his filthy hand on Jonathan's hand, "Yes?"
"W-w-when...we first..met you-you guys..Kent wanted" Jonathan said, losing his breath.
When Jonathan mentioned Kent's name, he bit his lip and slammed his fist on the ground. Though, he knew Kent would of done that, "Keep going"
"H-h-he wants...wants to..wants to" Jonathan said, removing his hand from Sanchi's shoulder.
Suddenly, Sanchi heard his name coming from Sanchez's mouth. Sanchi slowly got back up and managed to see Sanchez's light in another tunnel. From all the noises and gun firing, Sanchi still managed to hear his partner.
"This cave must be filled with these things!" Winslow cried
Winslow's gun was about to become useless, almost empty. So, he took his a small knife and stabbed the zombie pirates in their heads but more and more of them kept on coming out. Winslow started to back up as the piles walked towards him. Then, he bumped into Sanchez.
"Sanchez!" Sanchi said, taking out a troggy.
Few troggys heard Sanchi's voice, resulting in some rushing towards Sanchi. Without any vision, Sanchi managed to take the troggys out, helping Sanchez out.
"There's too many!" Winslow said, throwing his head at a zombie pirate.
With no more options, Sanchez threw Winslow in front of him. Then, Sanchez fired two shots in the ceiling of the cave and boulders fell on the zombie pirates. Moving fast, Sanchez and Winslow managed to get a step close from away the tunnel, taking out troggys. With the help of Sanchi, they managed to escape. Then, Sanchez shot the ceiling again, closing up the tunnel and trapping the troggys.
"Good plan, huh?" Sanchez bragged
Sanchi didn't reply. He snatch Sanchez's torch and ran to Jonathan, checking on him. He was still alive but they knew not for long. He was in pain, Sanchi thought. He wanted to come out with Jonathan to help out with Kent but there were no more options.
"What are we going to do about him?" Winslow asked, referring to Jonathan.
Sanchi bent over to get closer to Jonathan. He felt the heat from the torch and looked back at Sanchi. He lost a lot of blood, they observed. Sanchez knew what had to be done, handing Sanchi his pistol. Jonathan looked at Sanchi, holding the gun.
"Watch out...for Kent..." Jonathan said, closing his eyes.
Suddenly, the last gunshot in the cave went off. Then, Sanchez remembered how this all happened. Soon, Sanchez was the first one out of the cave. He passes the sight of the exploded dynamite. He kept running until he reached Guerta.

"Look at those two" Kent said, pointing at Chun and Boris.
Kent was outside his house, near the gate and Chun and Boris wasn't far. Talking to each other, Kent tried to hear their conversation. Though, Courtney pulled Kent away from ease-dropping. Kent got angry and pushed Courtney away.
"I'll make sure Douglass kick those two and the rest...out!" Kent said, balling up his fist.
"You just need to stop! They're good people" Courtney said
The gate quickly opened up and Sanchez ran through it. Blood all over his face from different creatures and a furious look on his face. Courtney saw him running and knew trouble was about to begin.
"Kent, let's go!" Courtney said, wanting to go back inside.
Sanchez ran up to Kent and punched him in his jaw, knocking him on the ground. Courtney started to scream, Boris and Chun heard and they ran towards the two.
"You killed one of your own, you killed Jonathan!" Sanchez cried, kicking him in his stomach.
Sanchez backed up a little, waiting for him to get back up. Kent wiped the blood off his mouth and spit blood out. Then, he got back up and punched Sanchez in his nose. Suddenly, the two started punching him. Courtney tried to stop the fight but Kent slapped her and pushed her away. Boris and Chun came around and grabbed Julia.
"You do not belong here!" Kent said, laughing at him.
Out of anger, Sanchez tackled Kent to the ground and punched him in the face several times. Then, Kent grabbed Sanchez's bloody fist and slammed it on the hard ground, quickly throwing Sanchez off of him. Now, Kent was on top of him and started to slug him in the jaw. He placed both of his hands around Sanchez's neck and started to choke him but soon he stopped, hearing Douglass and Mary yelling. Sanchez pushed Kent off and crawled in front of Boris and Chun.
"I have had it!" Sanchez said, pulling his gun.
Everyone gasped. Then, group of men came behind Kent with their guns up, aiming at Sanchez. Eventually, Danny and Malik came behind Sanchez with their weapons aimed at the other group. Soon, Sanchi and Winslow entered and ran towards the scene, behind Sanchez. Winslow pulled his empty weapon out and Sanchi brought his sword out.
"Calm down, Sanchez!" Mary said, putting her hands up.
"You think I really should? Why? You're going to kick us out? Without us, this place wouldn't last long!" Sanchez said, aiming his weapon at Kent.
"He's right" Boris said, "You guys need us, Kent is just trouble!"
Everyone around Guerta all looked at Kent. Douglass and Mary turned around, looking at him. Both had a angry look on their face, blaming Kent.
"He's just trouble and..."
"Quiet! We've been fine before without pirates like you! Now, I want you all to leave Guerta! You have until tonight and tomorrow to pack!" Douglass yelled.
Everyone grew silent. Sanchez turned around and looked at Courtney. Her cheek was red and she had tears in her eyes. Sanchez gave signs to her, asking for help but she shook her head. She gave Sanchez an angry look and ran back into her house. Then, Sanchez hit the ground and closed his eyes, hoping it would all end. Voices went through Sanchez's head. Hearing, Sanchi trying to negotiate a deal with Douglass but he walked away. He kept his eyes shut.

The Warrior AE "Inside and outside the cave" S2

The crew managed to last another day in Guerta. Danny and Malik talked to Kent's wife, Courtney but it didn't last long as she feared Kent would find out. Boris meets Kent face-to-face and it didn't end well, resulting in an argument that Douglass had to stop. Sanchi and Sanchez goes out around Guerta, trying to forget Kent. Sanchi meets another Guerta's citizen, Mical and he gave Sanchi a new sword, bring back memories to Sanchi. Also, Chun admits to Julia about his fear about most of his own crew mates. Finally, Douglass gave out jobs to Sanchi's crew and Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow and others will start. Only two days into Guerta and Sanchi's crew starts to struggle, leaving Douglass and Marry unconvinced that Sanchi and the rest belongs here.

Next morning, Douglass gathered Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow, Jonathan, Grant, and Eric. Douglass discussed their next and Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow's first job-exploring a cave filled with valuable resources to use in Guerta. Jonathan, Grant, and Eric haven't failed an exploring job yet and already been in some parts of the cave. Now, Douglass is convinced that they can go deeper in the cave to retrieve valuable resources. Though, he's aware about the dangers in the cave.
"I know you six can do it, I have faith" Douglass said.
Sanchi and the rest walked out but Douglass stopped Sanchez. He wanted to talk to Sanchez, alone.
"Listen, Sanchez...this isn't personal not talk or be near Courtney...please" Douglass said.
Sanchez thought about it and his face became red. He was furious but he wanted to give Guerta another chance. He nodded his head at Douglass and made his way back outside.
"Sanchez" Douglass called, "Kent is very dangerous to you"

"Please be safe" Julia said, kissing Sanchi.
Julia, Malik, Danny, and Boris all came to their crew mates to wish them luck. Sanchez noticed that Chun was missing but he had a feeling he was busy.
"This is just another normal hobby for y'all" Malik said, "The cave is the plate and y'all are the food!"
"That makes no sense" Danny said, pushing Malik.
Suddenly, they heard Jonathan calling their names, "Guys, it's time to go!"
Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow quickly ran towards Jonathan. Danny and Malik opened up the gate and their first job officially begun.
The six started to walk to their destinations, telling jokes and talking about life before armadas' takeover, which Jonathan liked to call it. Jonathan, Grant, and Eric all had small and old guns. Sanchez and Winslow had decent guns and Sanchi had his new sword, which he felt proud about.
"I like that sword" Jonathan said.
"Uh...thank you" Sanchi said quietly.
Finally the made it to a hole in the ground. There were jagged rocks around it so they could easily get in but the cave was pitched black. Before anyone entered the cave, Jonathan, Grant, and Eric checked their weapons and brought out sticks and they lit them on fire, making torches.
"Here" Jonathan said, "You'll need one"
Jonathan gave Sanchez and Sanchi each a torch. Then, Eric jumped into the cave, followed by Jonathan, then Grant, then Winslow, then Sanchi. Sanchez was about to jump in but he heard leaves crumbling. He quickly turned around and noticed a bush was shaking.
"Are you coming?" Grant yelled, "Come on!"
Sanchez quickly jumped in with his torch. Finally, their objective started. Jonathan, Grant, Sanchez, and Sanchi were the only ones with torches. Jonathan led the pack and Sanchi was at the end, making sure nothing would sneak up behind them. The cave was filled with low echoes from other creatures and the cave was pitched black besides the light they had.
"So, what kind of resources are we looking for?" Winslow asked.
"Well, we gotta go deep into this cave...but you'll know when you see it" Jonathan said.
As they still continued to walk around. Sanchez stopped for a few minute and noticed a spot of light, where the exit/entrance was. He noticed a shadow, he knew that there was someone at the entrance of the cave.

"Boris" Julia called, noticing him walking alone.
He turned around after hearing his name and he saw Julia running over to him. Before she arrived, he felt his face and he knew the bumps and bruises were still there.
"Hello, Julia" Boris said quietly.
"Ha-hey..." Julia said, catching her breath, "What are you doing?"
"Douglass wanted to see me about extending this territory, what are you doing?" Boris asked, placing his hands in his pocket.
"Just finished talking to Marry...Chun didn't come with us, so I'm just wondering where that crane been!" Julia joked.
Boris grinned and walked away from Julia but she followed him. Boris knew that Julia was following him and he stopped again. He turned around to ask Julia what she was doing but he noticed Courtney and Kent arguing outside. His attention was on those two.
"What are you looking at?" Julia asked, turning around.
"I think this place isn't right for us" Boris said, "Haven't been here for a week and we're already hated and well-known"
Suddenly, Kent stopped arguing with Courtney and pushed her away from him. Then, he looked away from her and noticed Boris staring at him. Both of the two looked at each other. Boris nodded his head at Kent. He just grinned at Boris and walked away from his house. Boris balled up his fist.
"Do you have a crush on Courtney, too?" Julia asked.
"Me? No way!" Boris said, "I just hate her husband...Kent and what he said to me"
"Really? What did he..." Julia stopped, noticing Boris was walking away from her.

"So, you guys been in this cave before?" Sanchi asked, rotating the torch around the area.
"Yeah, it's not bad" Grant said, "Creepy, though"
Jonathan stopped moving and pulled out a crumbled up piece of paper. The paper had directions, which showed where their destination is located. Sanchez glanced at the sheet and noticed it was really far down, he started to dislike this.
"Mhmm, we're right here" Eric said, "Okay then"
Jonathan folded up the piece of paper and slid it back in his pocket. He picked up his torch and they started to move. As they started to make their way, Sanchi noticed something odd about the ceiling of the had cracks everywhere. Sanchi and Winslow both knew what it meant. They both stopped, eventually leading to the rest of them stopping.
"Are you okay?" Jonathan asked
"Yes, there's cracks everywhere!" Winslow said, "This isn't safe"
"Where?" He asked, looking around.
"Up" Winslow said.
They looked up and saw the cracks. Jonathan managed to reach up and he felt the cracks. He didn't know much about caves or cracks.
"We'll be fine" Jonathan said.
"No we won't" Winslow said, "This is dangerous"
"Listen, pal...let the professionals handle this" Eric said.
Jonathan and the rest started to walk again. Sanchi, Winslow and Sanchez remained still. Suddenly, they heard a huge explosion above and rocks started to fall all around the cave. Dust became everywhere and Sanchi and his crew heard screaming and yelling. Two torches flames went out and there was only Sanchi's and Sanchez's torches left. Quickly, the dust went away and Sanchi ran towards Jonathan. His left leg was under about 2,000 pounds of rocks. Though, he was luckier than Eric, Sanchez thought.
"Help! My leg! My leg!" Jonathan cried.
Sanchez and Winslow tried to remove rocks but it made things worse. Suddenly, cracks was under them. The ground had cracks everywhere.
"Everyone, don't move! Stay calm!" Winslow said.
Though, Grant started to panic. He slammed Sanchez into the rocks and pushed Winslow out of his way. Then, he stole Sanchi's torch and ran. Sanchez got back up and ran after Grant, "Stop!"
"You're gonna get us killed!" Grant said, running.
Suddenly, Grant looked back and didn't pay attention to what was in front of him. He slammed right into a pile of zombie pirates. Sanchez couldn't see far but he heard Grant screaming and knew what he there.
"Oh no!" Sanchez said.

"Douglass" Julia called, walking towards him.
Douglass and Mary was eating lunch until Julia came in. Though, they didn't mind.
"How can we help you, dear?" Mary asked, wiping her mouth.
"Where's Chun?" Julia asked.
"No clue, he never showed up this morning" Douglass said.
Julia slammed her fist on the table and ran out. Then, he started to yell at Danny as she climbed up to his guard tower. Danny placed his gun down, seeing Julia running towards him.
"Yeah?" Danny asked, "What do you need?"
"Have you seen Chun?" She asked.
"Couple hours ago, he said he wanted alone time and he went out of the walls...said he wants to visit his relaxing spot?" Danny asked.
Julia rolled her eyes and went down to the doors. She wasn't strong enough to open both but she managed to pull part way for her to get out. She just ran straight ahead, hoping Chun would be close by and he was. Julia saw Chun was not so far.
"Chun!" Julia said.
He turned around and waved at Julia. Though, when Julia got close to him, she punched him in his arm, "Why are you out here?"
"This is my relaxing spot, when I feel stressed out...I walk out here" Chun said.
The area was filled with different color followers and trees around to block out sun lights. There was a huge branch where Chun was laying down there.
"Not a bad spot" She said, "I think we should not stay here"
Chun quickly jumped off his branch and got close to Julia, "What? Why? Are you crazy?"
"Well..." Julia said, "Sanchi and Sanchez feels the same...Boris hates it, too"
"So? These people could of just killed us because we were on their! Instead, they offered us homes and protected us...we need to stay and return the favor" Chun said.
Julia sat down next to Chun. She looked at Chun and knew how he felt. She knew he felt scared and useless. She knew that he thought Guerta was their last chance of surviving. She placed her dirty hand on Chun's shoulder.

More rocks fell on the pile. Only light they had was Sanchi's torch. Two are dead and one is stuck. Sanchi knew about the approaching danger. He knew what was coming when Sanchez came back. They knew about their time, hardly any. Winslow tried to remove rocks and rocks, Sanchi tried to pull Jonathan's leg out of the pile but none of it helped.
"My leg! I-I-I can't...I can''s..blood...I-I-I" Jonathan said.
"Sanchi, he's losing it!" Winslow said
Sanchi quickly got up and grabbed his torch. He looked around and saw zombie pirates limping towards them. Then, he quickly ran back to Jonathan. He managed to stop the bleeding but he was unsuccessful with removing his leg from the pile of boulders. He didn't say a word, he handed Winslow his torch. Winslow and Sanchez knew what to do. They went to handle the zombie pirates.
"There's a couple" Winslow said, holding the torch.
They couldn't see the zombie pirates far range, though they heard them and knew they were coming towards them. Sanchez and Winslow ran until their noises was clear.
"There's one!" Sanchez said, loading his pistol.
Boom! Winslow took two pirate zombies out. Though, more kept coming. Sanchez shot three of them in their torsos and heads, taking them out. More and more kept coming out.
"They just keep on coming out of that hole! Is it another cave connected to this one?" Sanchez said, holding onto his torch.
"We need to go back, there's too many!" Winslow said, taking out another one.
Quickly, they turned around. They ran from the zombie pirates. Then, troggys started to fall out from the ceiling of the cave. Suddenly, the cave grew with echoing noises of terror. Sanchez and Winslow was stuck from front and behind.
"Sanchi!" Sanchez cried, "Troggys!"
Tribe of troggys came out of the ceiling of the cave. With their sharp spears, they slowly approached their food. Licking their lips as they got closer to Sanchez and Winslow.
"New plan" Sanchez said, "You take care of the zombies, I got the troggys"
"How did I get signed up for this?" Winslow said, aiming at the zombies.
The gun shots became louder than the noises from the creatures. Though, the noises started to calm down.

The Warrior AE "Priorities" S2

Sanchi and his crew gets adapted into a new civilization area called Guerta. Sanchi started to hope that this would be their permanent home where they could live in without fear. The leaders were Douglass and his wife, Mary. Although, the first day at Guerta wasn't great, Sanchez meets someone named, Courtney, but she was in a relationship with Kent and it resulted in an argument between Sanchez and Kent. Now, Douglass wants to learn more about their new citizens and would like to give them jobs.

"Do you have a bad temper?"
"Alright, is this the first fight you've ever gotten into"
He thought about his question, "It really wasn't a fight...but...yes"
" long have you been with this...crew?"
"The leader, Sanchi...saved mine and that crane companion's life...the rest of'em...well, we eventually found can say that"
"So...a couple yes?"
Douglass finished writing all the questions and answers down. He also added a few notes on the side. Then, he placed the pad down and took his bent glasses off.
"Specialty?" He asked.
"Uh....I use to be a privateer...really useful with guns and a good aim" Sanchez said, grinning.

"How long have you known this group?" Douglass asked.
"Why do you care?"
"Doing a report...please just answer" Douglass begged.
"Fine, couple of days"
"Is this crew a safe crew?"
"I don't know"
"Is this crew reliable?"
"Really don't know"
"When was the...."
"Shouldn't you be asking questions about me? Not this crew crap! Do you even know my name?"
"Winslow, calm down" Douglass said, "We'll interview you another time"
Winslow just looked at Douglass, then he shook his head. He quickly left the room and slammed the door. Douglass had no clue what was up with him.

First day of Guerta finally ended and the second day began. Malik and Danny were awake before they even saw the sun. Both of the two took off their filthy old clothes and put on some new comfortable clothes. Malik felt like a new person and Danny felt sharp.
"What's the plan?" Malik said, rubbing his hands.
"Le'ts go out, you others" Danny suggested.
"Well...I mean...we're now categorized as "those pirates from that new angry crew"..." Malik said.
Danny playfully pushed Malik and he went on his way, Malik followed. Danny slowly opened up the door so he wouldn't wake anyone else up and Danny made his way outside, followed by Malik. Both of them had a big smile on their face and Malik made sure he looked handsome for some pirates. They walked all around Guerta and greeted most of the citizens. Then, they saw Courtney outside, walking alone. Her eyes were red. Malik waved at her and walked towards the greet her. Danny tried to stop him, but Malik was too stubborn to even pay attention to him. Danny thought he was taking this as a joke.
"Hey, Courtney...right?" Malik said, smiling.
"Yes, can I help you?" She said, wiping her eyes.
"About see, our is Sanchez, he kinda have a thing for you and I'm guessing Kent got pretty know what I mean?" Malik said, looking around the area.
It was really early in the morning. Malik didn't see anyone else. He noticed Kent, Douglass, Mary and Jonathan weren't in site.
"Listen...just a warning, but Kent ain't so tough. If he keeps messing with Sanchez...things might become ugly, you know? Both of those two hate each other...more than armadas hate us" Malik paused, thinking about what he just said.
"Ha-ha,, anyway...we gotta, gotta kinda, gotta..." Danny stopped and noticed someone outside.
Courtney took a deep breath and walked away. She made her way towards the far away individual. Malik wanted to follow, luckily, Danny talked him out of it.
"Why are you awake at this time, Courtney?" The voice echoed.
Danny and Malik walked back to their new home. None of them spoke to each other and just enjoyed the silent, wind blowing and others opening up their little stores. Although, when they reached the house, Danny stopped Malik.
"She's dangerous...Courtney...if we get seen talking to her...Kent may get us kicked out" Danny said, giving Malik a serious look.
"She's a killer!" Malik laughed.
"I'm serious, stay away from her" Danny said, pushing Malik.
"Alright, yo! alright! Shouldn't we tell the rest?" Malik asked.
"No" He said, "They'll eventually figure it out"
Danny and Malik quietly went back in the house, making sure they didn't wake anyone up and they went back to bed. Though, Danny stood up for a few more minutes. He was thinking about the danger between Sanchez and Kent.

"Why can't you two just be friends?" Courtney said, closing the door.
"What? Babe, first day here and they started so much! Don't worry, I'll make sure they'll get kicked out!" Kent said, looking out of the window.
Kent spotted one of Sanchez's crew mates. Young man with a peg leg. He was just walking around, with his head down. Kent looked at him as he walked by their house. Then, he went outside to warn him.
"Hey, you!" Kent cried, "Tell your two buddies to watch it! I can rearrange some things for y'all!"
Boris stopped and slowly turned around. He looked at an angry Kent and Courtney with a crying look on her face. Boris started to laugh, "Listen...pal, grow up and ignore those kind of issues"
Kent laughed and walked towards Boris. Courtney tried to stop him, but he pushed her to the ground. Suddenly, Kent got into Boris's face and the two looked at each other eyed-to-eyed.
"Kent, stop!" Courtney said, getting back up.
Kent ignored his own wife and pushed Boris, "You think you guys own this place, now? Huh?"
"No, but I'm positive you sir don't!" Boris yelled, pushing him back.
"Listen, you one-legged freak! How'd you get those bruises? Did you father hit you and cut your leg off?" Kent laughed.
Boris quickly became angry when Kent mentioned his father. Little tears dropped from his eyes as he pushed Kent away from him, "My crew will kill you!"
The two started to yell at each other. So loud, Douglass came running out with Chun. Douglass was mad.
"Boris?" Chun said.
"Enough, both of you! I have had it! Kent go away and leave him, alone!" Douglass said, breaking up the fight.
Kent chuckled and walked back to his house. Douglass tried to talk to Boris, but he ignored him and continued his walk. Boris also gave Chun a disgusted look.
"What is wrong with him?" Chun asked.

"Are you glad to be here?" Sanchez asked, looking at items around Guerta.
"Yeah, though, you are worrying me" Sanchi said.
Sanchez and Sanchi woke up late. Though, it was warm outside with lots of light, the two went out to roam around. They visit shops, bazaars, and other residents around them.
"Me? Why? I'm perfectly fine" Sanchez said.
Sanchi started to laugh, "You and Kent"
"Oh, yeah" Sanchez said.
"Listen, Courtney is a beautiful woman and trust me, I think you need a woman...but Kent is crazy...he could get you kicked out...or worse" Sanchi said.
"Don't worry, I'll leave him alone" Sanchez said.
Sanchez and Sanchi stopped at a little shop. Owned by Mical Smith. He was known for selling weapons, even sticks. He had spears, guns, sharp sticks, knifes, and swords. Sanchi's eyes landed on a strong, metal sword.
"Aye, the new fellas! Ha! How you doing?" Mical said.
Sanchi didn't speak, he was focused on one of Mical's swords. He and Sanchez both noticed him.
"Hello, I'm Sanchez and this is my friend, Sanchi" Sanchez said.
Mical snapped his fingers in front of Sanchi's face, snapping him back into reality.
"Oh...hey" Sanchi said.
"You like that sword, don't ya?" Mical asked, grinning.
" much is it?" Sanchi said
Mical laughed and took down the sword. Then, he handed it to Sanchi, "Take it, I can make another one"
The sword was something to look at, Sanchi thought. The sword was long and very sharp. It had a light blue handle, which matched Sanchi's old warrior outfit and he noticed it.
"Thank you, sir" Sanchi said.

Later on the day, Douglass invited his new arrivals to a meeting. Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, Julia, Boris, Danny, Malik and Winslow all showed up. Douglass wasn't mad, but he wanted to talk to them about jobs.
"Now, I know a few of you hate Kent...I apologize for his actions but he's well known here...others would protect him and that's why I want all y'all to stay away from him and his wife" Douglass said, "Kent is another subject, I wanna talk about jobs for each of you...we need work done around here"
"Jobs? Man, shoot!" Malik said, throwing his arms around.
"Indeed" Douglass said, "First off, I want Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow to join Jonathan's group and help find food and take off creatures.
He started to get deeper in the jobs. Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow would be with Jonathan and three more of his mates. They'd hunt for food and kill unwanted creatures that could be a threat. Second, Chun and Julia's jobs were similar to their old jobs at Skull island. Both of them would be similar to senators, but that'd help Douglass get rid of unwanted and figure out new things/ways. Third, Douglass made Danny and Malik looks out. They'd be in a high tower around the walls of Guerta and keep an eye out to threats and either kill them or let Douglass know. Finally, Boris's job was a designer. With his knowledge, he could help design more buildings or walls that'll be right for Guerta. Though, Boris didn't like Guerta.
"Is everyone fine with their jobs?" Douglass asked, smiling.
"Well..." Danny said, behind everyone else.
"We won't let you down, we helped out with others before" Sanchi said, shaking Douglass's hand.

It was close to night. Troggys squeaking voices echoed throughout the land. Citizens of Guerta went into their houses, locking the doors. Danny and Malik started their jobs early. Both of them got in separate guard towers. Danny's guard tower was under the door, where he can see trespassers and others who leave.
"I like your friends" Douglass said, walking with Chun and Julia.
"They're great people, tough ones" Julia responded.
"Some, I can hardly trust some of them" Chun said.
Suddenly, Julia and Douglass stopped, leading to Chun stopping. Douglass had a curious look on his face and Julia had a mean look on her face. Douglass got closer to Chun.
"Li-like who?" Douglass asked, placing his hand on Chun's shoulder.
Julia quickly got between those two, changing to a new subject, "I can see Danny over there!"
"Who should I worry about, Chun?" Douglass said, moving Julia out of his way.
"Well, there's a couple...some are..."
"Douglass, I think Sanchez and Kent are in a little argument, you need to go check!" Julia cried.
He quickly turned around and ran to Kent's house to check on them. When he was far enough, Julia released her anger on Chun.
"Some? Some!?" Julia yelled, getting in Chun's face.
"Uh..." Chun said.
"Some of those people almost died for you! We're a crew! We're good folks! Who do you think is trouble, huh? Tell me, Chun!" Julia yelled.
All of a sudden, they heard a voice high up. It was Danny in the guard tower, "What's going on down there?"
"Nothing!" Julia said.
Julia walked away from Danny's sight, taking Chun with her.
"Would you like to tell me anything, Chun?" Julia said, trying to calm down.
"Okay, okay, okay! Dear...One of them is that new guy, Winslow! He's quiet and I heard what he said to Douglass! Second...Boris, he's young but really smart...and...and...Malik...he's just a fool around idiot!" Chun said, "Plus, Danny...he almost killed me when he first met him!"
"B-b-but they'd die for you! To them, they think you're more important than their own self! I-I-I can't believe you!" Julia said.
Julia pushed Chun out of her way. She walked back home and left Chun outside, in the dark. Though, he just stood there, thinking of something to do.

The Warrior AE "Guerta" S2

Sanchi and his crew are finally together, again. Fed up with fearing, he tries to develop up a new plan, a new home. Meanwhile, Kane starts to wonder if his team had enough troops and power to capture Sanchi and Sanchez. Finally, Sanchi and his crew flew far away from danger and to an island. Sanchi and Winslow goes out to look around and got attacked by two zombie pirates. After taking one out, they were saved by a group of strangers.

Group of three pirates surrounded Sanchi and Winslow. One had a little gun out and the other two had sharp and strong sticks, pointing at them. Sanchi didn't speak to the strangers as they inspected both of the two. He couldn't believe what he got into, again. The leader of the trio pack, blonde one, patted on Sanchi's sides, back, wraist, butt and all around the body. The other two patted on Winslow. The blond haired pirate clapped.
"Well" He said, "I'm Jonathan, nice to meet you and this blonde fellow is Kent"
Jonathan was a handsome guy. He had short brown hair with light brown eyes. He was the tallest one, standing next to the other two.
"Shut up, John!" Kent said, pushing him out of the way.
Kent walked up to Sanchi and got into his face. Staring at him straight in his eyes and Sanchi looked back too, he wasn't afraid. Suddenly, Kent laughed.
"This guy probably think he's a toughy, man...I hate those kinds" Kent said, clapping his hands.
Sanchi shook his head and gave Kent a funny look. He quickly got back into Sanchi's face.
"What's you problem?" Kent asked.
"I have a crew" Sanchi said, "There's six others, not counting myself and my friend"
Kent smiled, revealing his some of his clean teeth and some yellow teeth, "Let's show these two to our camp"

Jonathan gathered the rest of Sanchi's crew and Kent and one of his friends took Sanchi and Winslow to their camp. When Sanchi got his eyes on the camp, his mouth opened wide. He was impressed. It was like he was living in his dream, he thought. Long wooden walls all around their camp. Big protected doors that can only be opened from the inside. He heard voices inside the walls. He heard laughter and other pirates having fun. He felt like he was in his own heaven, until Kent walked in front of him. He went back into reality.
"M'am! At the doors!" Kent yelled.
Sanchi heard Julia yelling his name. He turned around and saw the rest of his crew and Jonathan. All eight gathered around each other.
"Let's take this two out and run" Danny whispered, referring to Kent and Jonathan.
Everyone agreed, except for Sanchi. He felt like he was safe. He wanted to go inside the walls and explore the camp. Everyone else agreed and patiently waited for the doors to open.
"We're waiting!" Kent said, looking around the area with his weapon out.
Suddenly, the doors opened up and two middle-aged couples walked out. They had smiles on their faces and greeted their new visitors.
"Welcome to Guerta!" Middle-aged woman said, smiling.
"I am Douglass, leader of Guerta!" Douglass said.
Douglass had a white shirt on, which matched his hair and his chin hair. He was a tall pirate with a wooden cane. Though, he doesn't use it much.
"I am Marry!" She said, "His wife"
Marry had long brown hair with a little gray in it. She wasn't as tall as Douglass. She had blue eyes that matched her shirt. She kept her smile on.
"Alright, alright, alright! Are we done, here?" Kent said.
"Kent, why don't you go and check on the nursery?" Douglass said, "And why don't you take your peg legged friend, the one with all those bruises"
Kent left with Jonathan, but Boris stayed back with his crew.
"Anyway, would you like for me to show you all around?" Douglass said, walking back into Guerta.

Sanchi and his crew followed Douglass around, exploring the area of Guerta. Everyone thought it was beautiful. Amazing, clean water fountain in the center of Guerta. Lots of small wooden houses around the area. There was a bakery, shops, small little pavilions and a town hall that stood out, where Douglass and Marry lived in. Others walked past them, looking at them. Sanchi felt different, but he felt safe, finally.
"This is a perfect place, if you fellows are looking for a home!" Marry said, "But...there are be apart of Guerta. You have to participate in jobs, we'll give you them later, you have to respect everyone living here...and you'll be treated like family, so treat everyone else like family...oh, I not go outside of the walls during the's quite dangerous during the nighttime"
"Will do, m'am" Chun said, "Also, just informing you, I use to be a senator for the pirate army...and so did my friend, Julia"
"Oh, wow" Marry said, "How bout you two come with me?"
Marry walked away and Julia and Chun followed. Douglass continued talking about Guerta. Telling them facts and some of the people around the area.
"Kent is one of our recruiters and hunter...he's an angry young man....but he's pretty strong and he works hard" Douglass said, "Jonathan...his father was one of my best friends...sadly scurvy got the best of him and he passed...Jonathan is like my son"
After roaming around the area. Douglass stopped at one of the small little house, next to a site of tents. Douglass smiled and patted Sanchi on his back.
"This is your home, I's a rare home but all eight of y'all will share this place, compish?" He said.
Everybody responded "Compish"
Douglass happily laughed and asked for Sanchi. He wanted to talk to Sanchi about his crew, having a feeling that he's the leader of the crew. "Sanchi, let's talk"
"Well, I'm going in to take a long nap" Malik said, first one to enter the home.
Boris, Winslow, and Danny went inside the home, dropping their stuff outside of the wooden home. Though, Sanchez stayed outside to look at the home. He smiled, he felt happy, too.

"Hey, you" a female pirate called.
Sanchez turned around and in front of him was a beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed and perfect body female, Sanchez thought. He felt blinded by her beauty. He suddenly went into a dream, but she snapped her fingers and brought Sanchez back to reality. He was in love.
"Are you okay?" She said
"Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm fine, how are you?" Sanchez said, "I'm Dan Sanchez, but call me Sanchez"
"Well, Sanchez...I am Courtney...are you new here?" She said, smiling at Sanchez.
"Yeah, my crew are inside that wooden house" Sanchez said, falling into Courtney's eyes.
She laughed, "Looks like you're having a party, huh?"
"Yeah, I am that type of dude" Sanchez said, trying his best to act cool.
"Follow me, I wanna show you my home...since you're new here, gotta tell you about ones you should avoid" She joked.

Douglass led Sanchi into his small little office. He pointed at a little couch for Sanchi to sit on. Douglass closed the door and locked it. He grabbed an ink pen and a crumbled up piece of paper. He sat in his dark, old brown wooden chair, in front of Sanchi.
"Ok, Sanchi" Douglass said, "Where were you and your crew at before Guerta?"
Sanchi acted calm and took a deep breath. He didn't want to mess up this interview. He wanted to stay in this protected camp. He thought it was best for him and his crew.
"Uh, all over the map...We stayed in the Skull island jungles for a long time" He said.
Douglass shook his head. Then, he wrote what Sanchi said, "Next question....what are you specialties and your...well...job?"
Sanchi thought about that question for a minute. He wasn't ready to tell Douglass everything about him.
"Well, uh...I was a a bar?" Sanchi said, nervously.
Douglass laughed and wrote that down. "Well, what's your crewmate's names?"
"Sanchez....Julia, Wing Chun, Boris, Danny, Malik, Winslow...." Sanchi said, rubbing his hands.
Took Douglass a few seconds to write all that down. After he was done, he dropped his pen, "Would you like to stay here?"
Sanchi took a big swallow, "Uh...yes"
"I can tell" He said, "You look pretty nervous"
Sanchi smiled, "I kinda am"
Suddenly, Douglass placed his notes and his pen on the ground and he moved closer to Sanchi. He gave Sanchi an interesting look, which made him even more nervous.
"Have you killed anybody? Caused any trouble?" Been involve with armadas?" Douglass said.
"No...never" Sanchi said, "We've been hiding for a long time"
Douglass laughed, "Why is one of your friends all beaten up have bruises, too...don't lie to me"
Sanchi knew he would have to lie, "Me and him got into a fight...over a drink, something stupid"

Courtney's houses was a few houses down from Sanchez's house. Though, she had a bigger house and her house were a lot older, too. Sanchez got closer to Courtney.
"I like your house" Sanchez said.
Courtney smiled, "Thanks, you have one of the newest ones, surprisingly"
Sanchez laughed and Courtney did too. Sanchez felt in love wit her, he felt happy. He wanted to get to know Courtney even more.
"You told me all these people, ones I should I come you didn't mention this one guy...blonde pirate...I can't remember" Sanchez said, scratching his head.
Suddenly, someone yelled for Courtney. She gasped and had a scared look on her face. Meanwhile, Sanchez calmly turned around and knew who it was.
"That's him, his name is Kent?" Sanchez said, "He's like..."
"Kent interrupted, "Why are you talking to my wife?"
Sanchez's heart stopped beating. He turned around and looked at Courtney. She had a sorry look on her face. Then, he looked up at Kent. He was right in Sanchez's face and he started to yell.
"Why are you talking to her? Huh!?" He yelled.
Others around the little-made neighborhood opened up their doors or went out of their tents. Including Sanchez's crew. Everyone heard Kent yelling at Sanchez. Sanchi heard it, too. He quickly ran towards the argument.
"Calm down, I didn't know and we're just friends!" Sanchez said, backing away from Kent.
Kent pushed Sanchez to the ground. Courtney tried to get in front of him to stop him, but he pushed Courtney away. Kent kicked Sanchez once and pulled him back up.
"Hey!" Sanchi cried, "Stop it!"
Kent laughed and threw Sanchez to the ground. He walked towards Sanchi. With everyone surrounding the dramatic scene, Kent felt tough and Sanchi hated it.
"Leave him alone!" Sanchi said.
"Or what?" Kent said, grinning like a theft.
Sanchi raised his two fists, but he heard Douglass and Mary's yelling voices. Both of the two stopped.
"What is going on?" Douglass said, breaking up the fight.
"This newby thinking he runs this place, well he doesn't!" Kent said, poking Sanchi's chest.
"I'll take you out, punk!" Sanchi said, pushing Kent.
"Enough!" Douglass said, "Stop this, now! This group is new and are valuable to us...Kent, go back to your home"
Kent shook his head and walked to his home, intentionally bumping into Sanchi's shoulder. Courtney helped Sanchez back up. Then, she followed Kent.
"Listen, I'm not mad...that's how Kent acts...loves to start fights with anyone...mainly newbies" Douglass said, "Just go back home and sleep, it's becoming late"

The Warrior AE "Desire to change" S2

Al makes Sanchi and Sanchez duels in front of thousands of pirates, including Kane and Deacon. Luckily, Sanchi and Sanchez escapes the arena with Winslow. Meanwhile, Julia, Boris and Danny finds two filthy pirates who matched same characteristics of the ones who kidnapped Sanchi. Julia and Danny manages to take them out and received answers. After Kane executes most of Al's men, he finds Sanchi and the two exchanged words but his crew came and helped him. Finally together again, with the addition of Winslow, the crew tries to find another permanent home where they know they'll be safe at.

Next journey, next opportunities. We are tired of living in fear. We want a change. We want the old days back, though they weren't perfect and we were still in war's serious now. I'd never thought this would happen, my crew...I would run in front of a bullet for them...Boris, Chun, Sanchez, Julia...they're blood...I want a safe spot for everyone, every single of us. I wanna find a small little community filled with pirates that share the same personalities as us. I dreamed of a beautiful place where it's deep in the jungles, well protected and we can be part of wouldn't just only be good to me, but everyone else....we are exhausted and want a change....I'm starting to think I don't have the right leadership for this crew...we lost too many...Dorugh, Dez, Gus, Anthony, Shiruku, El, Emmanuel and definitely Moresco...his death hit me the most....I want a change. I'm pretty much the only Warrior left, Buccaneer and Swashbuckler combined...I want a change...I just want a change.

"We could just live in this ship, maybe that new guy can go and receive food, he's not wanted like all of us" Malik suggested, pointing at Winslow.
Winslow rolled his eyes, "My name is Winslow"
"We can't live in here, we hardly have any sunlight and we don't have enough beds...I am not going to sleep on the wooden floor" Wing Chun said, jumping on the bed.
"We need something new, Boris is in bad condition, I done awful things back there and I for sure know most of us are pretty much exhausted. I just want to find a small unknown community" Sanchi said, opening up his old, dirty and ripped map.
"No more Skull island jungles" Sanchez said.
"Danny and me use to live near some Volcano, that's where we found ol' Sanchi" Malik said.
"We had a small sized hut which during the days become the hottest and nights become the coldest, I'm not going back" Danny said, rubbing his forehead.
The whole crew-except for Boris were discussing different places to live or other ways. Everyone just started to talk at the same time and Sanchi ignored it and looked over his map. Trying to find the perfect location. He didn't want to go to Monquista, Cool Ranch, Marleybone, Mooshu or Vel...he stopped thinking, shaking his head. Then, he noticed a small little island on the corner of the Skull island map. Pretty far away from all the Storm gates. He picked up some charcoal and drew a circle on it. To end all the talking, Sanchi whistled and grabbed everyone's attention. Room became silent.
"I like that whistle, can you teach me how to do it?" Malik asked.
"Found a good location that we'll go and take a look at it, it's worth a shot and right now, we need something" Sanchi said.
Sanchi handed his map to Danny and gave him orders. Danny understood and went to control the ship. The room started to fill up with questions.
"Sanchi" Chun called.
"Yes Chun?" Sanchi asked.
"Let's talk" Chun said, opening the door.
Both of the two went into another quiet but there were only one other room, the bedroom and Boris was asleep on the bed.
"What's up?" Sanchi said, locking the door.
"Listen" Chun said, "This crew is different, we're not the same before"
"Times changed and..."
"No, we are pretty much cold-blooded, we're are like the kind we use to fear. It's not right and I don't like it!" Chun said.
Suddenly, Boris opened up his eyes but he wanted to ease drop into their conversation.
"What are you trying to say?" Sanchi asked.
"Danny, Malik, Winslow...they need to go...maybe Boris, too! We aren't right, our personalities are just like the others we feared! It's like our nightmares became realities and we're the creators!" Chun said.
"There's other ways" Sanchi said.
"No, no there's not!" Chun said, "I'm starting to worry, bad.."
"Maybe" Sanchi said, "We'll talk later"
Sanchi left the room and Chun followed behind. Then, Boris rose up from his bed. He was furious. He couldn't believe that Chun would ever say any of that. He wanted to tell them but he needed the right time.

Deacon returned back on one of the filthy pirate's ship. He managed to destroy the whole arena but he couldn't find Al. He figured Sanchi killed him. Deacon went to Kane's personal office and Kane heard him coming up. Deacon opened up his door with no permissions from Kane.
"Welcome" Kane said, "Any luck?"
"Well...that whole place is in flames, Al is pretty much deceased but no sign of Sanchi. Guess he escaped" Deacon said.
Kane bawled up his fist and stood up. He slammed his fist on his table and turned around, looking out of the window. Looking at armadas being produced. "It's sad, all these armadas and still can't get a little crew"
"They're cowards, pretty much hiding from us" Deacon said, "Could you blame him, sir?"
"Had some of the best bounty hunters...still can't even find Fin...pathetic" Kane said.
"Could be dead" Deacon said.
"Nightmares" Kane said, "Derwitchi couldn't of done what I've done"
Deacon knew Kane was wrong. He knew that it was Derwitchi who took out all the warriors. Kane just took his place by killing him. Though, Deacon knew he'd get executed if he would say something. He kept it to his self.
"You're the new Derwitchi but better" Deacon said.
"You don't mean it and I know you don't" Kane said, looking out of the window.
The room became quiet. Kane was still looking out the window and Deacon just stood there, waiting for Kane to say something else but he remained silent.
"Maybe we can find another bounty hunter, good thought?" Deacon said.
"When the time is right" Kane said.
Deacon chuckled, "When will that be?"
Kane responded, "Who knows"
Suddenly, Deacon started to receive complaints. He started to yell at workers and ran downstairs with them. Kane just looked back and shook his head, like he was disappointed.
"Unbelievable" Kane said, "How can we not capture you!"

After waiting for almost two hours, Sanchi was the first one to have a look at their new-potential home. He focused all around the island. Noticing the trees surrounding the island, he also noticed that there weren't a single armada ship in sight. The decent size island had dark green leaves on beautiful trees and it gave Sanchi a feeling he haven't felt in a long time. He felt safe, but he wasn't too sure. He had a feeling that there were troggys throughout the jungles. His plant was to develop a safe camp site and place wooden walls around the camp, preventing any trouble. He was too excited, he started to clap his hands.
"You okay?" Winslow asked.
"You just got here and you're gonna feel a lot safer" Sanchi said, patting Winslow's back.
"We're just gonna stay in one spot? Hide here, pretty much?" Winslow said, happy tone becoming disappointed.
"Uh, yeah? Why?" Sanchi said, taking his hand off Winslow's back.
"Well, Al kept me locked up in one spot for a long time" Winslow said.
"Oh, well, if we become bored, of course we're going to fly around and be safe about it" Sanchi said.
Winslow smiled and playfully slapped Sanchi on his back, "I hope so, can't wait"
Sanchi, Winslow, Chun and Sanchez stepped off the ship to observe it. Each of them looked around a little area. They heard beautiful noises with pretty trees, they thought.
"Looks like a good place, unless troggys come out" Chun said, shaking his head.
"Troggys shouldn't be that big of a problem" Sanchi said, looking for footprints.
"I don't know, I'm pretty sure we'll encountered troggys, maybe more creatures..." Sanchez said.
Winslow came back with couple of fruits. He laughed and threw them at the three and they devoured them. Finally feeling stuffed. Though, they didn't share any with the rest.
"Good place, better than Skull island...that's for sure" Sanchi said, biting his fruit.
Sanchez looked at Sanchi for a few seconds, disagreeing, but he wanted Sanchi to be happy and he'd felt bad if he brought it down. "Sure" he said.
"I hope you guys are better than some of my old cellmates" Winslow laughed.
"What's your full name?" Chun asked.
"Well, it's really Winslow Kepp" Winslow said.
"I like it" Chun said, but he felt like he really didn't mean it.
Unexpectedly, Julia, Boris, Danny and Malik came off the ship. Danny and Malik helped Boris walking.
"What's the plan?" Julia asked, smiling.
"Well, I'll explain later but for all stay here, Winslow and I going to check the area out" Sanchi said, taking one of Sanchez's pistols.

Winslow brought his new pistol, stolen from an armada, and Sanchi took one of Sanchez's pistol with him. The two went into the jungle and started to talk. Sanchi wanted to get to know Winslow.
"What are we checking for?" Winslow asked, playing with his gun.
"A good spot, we need a change" Sanchi said.
"A change? You guys must of had it bad" Winslow joked.
Suddenly, Sanchi stopped moving and Winslow followed his steps. He heard noises, moaning like noises. He ducked down and took quiet and slow footsteps, Winslow observed. The two made their ways toward the noises and when they got stopped.
"What was that?" Winslow said, sticking his head up.
Winslow glanced around the area and saw nothing. There were nothing. No troggy, no armada, nothing in his sight. Sanchi felt safe and got up, too.
"Must of been in my head" Sanchi said.
Sanchi turned around. He walked a few steps away from Winslow. He tried to look for anything, he started to wonder about that noise. then, he heard it again.
"Ugggggggh!" Zombie pirate said.
A tall, blue skinned zombie pirate with a sword attacked Sanchi. The creature swung his sword but he missed, Sanchi quickly dodged its slow moves. Sanchi cried for Winslow help, but another one camp out and cut Winslow in his back.
"Ouch!" Winslow cried.
Sanchi grabbed its weak arm and accidentally ripped it off. Then, he tried to shoot the zombie pirate, but the creature swung his sword and knocked the gun out of his hand.
"Oh, wow" Sanchi said.
Armless, Sanchi swung the ripped off arm and hit the creature in its face a few times. Quickly, Sanchi kicked the zombie in his weak knees, breaking both knee caps.
"Help!" Winslow cried.
Sanchi ran towards the scene. He tried to grab the zombie and pull it away, but it jumped on top of Sanchi. Winslow picked up a gun and pulled the trigger, but there was no bullets. Sanchi was close to getting bit, until they heard another gunshot. The zombie pirate dropped on top of Sanchi completely. Then, another one went off. Killing the crawling zombie pirate. Sanchi, still with a zombie on top of him, looked up and saw someone he never saw before. He had a brown, dirty jacket on. He had long blonde hair with a pale face. He had a mean look on his face, like he really didn't wanted to save them.
"Well, we found others" He said.

The Warrior AE "Filthy pirates" S2

Julia, Chun, Boris, Danny and Malik still continued to find Sanchez and Sanchi, after they became missing for two days. With strong hope, they traveled out to Port Regal to get help from a ship seller but she couldn't find the unique ship the kidnappers were flying. Their next plan is to wait in the Skull island Skyway, waiting for a close-looking ship to fly by. Meanwhile, Sanchez haven't been listening to the leader, Al. He refused to fight, which started to make him look bad. After thinking, Al created a genius and last duel between Sanchez and Sanchi.

"Alford! Let's go, quick!" Alford's dad said.
Before the extinction of pirates, there were a small peaceful village in Mooshu, where lots of pirates use to live in. Known as the "filthy pirates". They made lots of homes in Mooshu and they were peaceful. The leader of the village was Frank Lusher, Alford's father but everything changed when they heard gun firing and screaming.
"Who's attacking us, father?" Alford said, closing his door.
"Captain Avery and his pirate troops, they need this village as a base!" Frank said.
"Well...let them have it, let's just go!" Alford said.
Frank pulled out several weapons. He pulled out his old silver sword, "They just can't take it and leave us homeless! Are ye crazy, son?"
Alford's father threw Al a bow and arrow but Al dropped it. Frank opened up his house's door and he ran out, firing at troops. Alford ran and looked out of the window and saw over hundreds of pirate troops knocking innocent pirates to the ground. Then, he saw his father getting shot in the shoulder.
"Father!" Alford said, running outside.
Alford was hovering over his injured father. He looked at him in his eyes and he looked back.
"Son, ye need to leave here, it's too dangerous" Frank said.
But Alford didn't want to leave. Instead, he started to drag his father's body by his two arms, trying to get back inside his own house.
"Ye'll be safe!" Alford said.
Suddenly, someone placed their hands on Alford's shoulder. Al quickly turned around and it was captain Avery and Sanchi. Al quickly picked up his father's weapon, but Sanchi pushed him to the ground and brought out his sword.
"You shouldn't be here, boy" Avery said.
Alford quickly got back up, "Just leave us alone, we're peaceful pirates!"
"That's not true" Sanchi said, "Your people are drunken filthy pirates"
Alford started to think about what Sanchi said. He finally understood it. Broken bottles around the house and all over the village. He turned around to look at his father, "Is this true?"
But his father didn't respond. He bled out and Al started to cry. He turned back around and looked at Avery and Sanchi. They both apologized, but Alford ignored it and ran away, far away. He never returned back to Mooshu, again.

"Al, Al...are ye gonna watch the duel?" One of Al's pirates said.
Suddenly, Al came back to reality. He shook his head and tried to erase the memories. He wanted to focus on the fight knowing who Sanchi was and he and the pirate army done.
"Yes, I will...I need a drink, get me one" Al said.
Al took a sip of his beer and dropped it. He wanted to focus on the upcoming duel of Sanchi and Sanchez. He banged his hand on a a little button and the bell went off.
"This is wrong!" Winslow said, guards carrying him in.
"One of Sanchi's friend...I want you to watch this duel" Al laughed.

Cheering all around the arena. Mostly cheering for Sanchi, but they didn't want to fight, though, Sanchez was furious with Sanchi. Guards all around the exits, they were pretty much trapped.
"Look what you did!" Sanchez said, "You had to get drunk! We could of easily left harmless!"
"Chill out, Sanchez! We shouldn't be arguing now" Sanchi said, looking around the arena.
There were only four exits and there were two guards at each of them. Also, Sanchi couldn't even think of a plan because of the shouting pirates around the arena.
"All the exits are guarded, maybe we can..."
Bam! Sanchez threw the first punch. Knocking Sanchi to the ground with a bloody lip. Sanchi wiped the blood off his lip and looked at Sanchez, he had an angry look on his face.
"What is wrong with you?" Sanchi said.
Sanchez ignored Sanchi and kicked him in his face and again in his stomach. Sanchi quickly became angry. He kicked Sanchez in his leg and threw sand in his eyes. Then, Sanchi got up and pushed him to the ground. Sanchez tried to get back up but Sanchi pushed him back on the ground. Al started to clap his hands and Winslow became mad.
"If you can stop, we can think of a way out of this mess!" Sanchi said, kicking Sanchez back on the ground.
"What plan?" Sanchez said, crawling away from Sanchi.
Suddenly, Sanchez quickly got up and got behind Sanchi. Both of the two were facing back-to-back with their fists bawled up. They slowly walked towards one of the exits but Sanchez had a feeling that this plan wouldn't work.
"Better idea" Sanchez said.
Sanchez slapped Sanchi in his face and started to push him towards the exit and when they got close, he pushed Sanchi into one of the guards. Then, Sanchez grabbed the fallen guard's weapon. He turned around and shot the guard. The fallen guard tried to get back up but Sanchi slammed his head into the hard wall until he was knocked out. Sanchi picked up the other guard's pistol and he followed Sanchez out of the tunnel.
"What's going on? How is this happening?" Al said.
Winslow quickly ran into Al, knocking him to the ground. Then, Winslow pushed the other two guards down and he ran, trying to get to Sanchi and Sanchez.

Malik and Chun were throwing rocks in a nearby pond. Meanwhile, Julia was trying to think of something to find Sanchi. Nearby, she heard the two having fun together. Danny started to comfort Julia.
"You okay?" Danny said, seeing tears going down her face.
"It's...Sanchi, he's gone again! He could seriously be dead this time" Julia said, wiping her tears away.
Danny sat down next to Julia and placed his hand on her shoulders, "Sanchi is one of a kind, I'm pretty sure he's out right now...with Sanchez?"
"We just need to keep looking" Boris said, limping towards the two.
Boris was still in bad shape with two black eyes and a busted lip.
"You need to rest, Boris" Julia said.
"Yeah, that's kinda the thing" Boris said.
Julia had a confused look on her face, "What do you mean?"
"I heard someone screaming, I looked out of the window and saw two pirates. Both of the two have no clue what being clean is" Boris said.
Suddenly, Julia's heart started to race. She picked up her knife and ran to find the pirates. Danny grabbed his supplies and followed her right behind.
"Julia, wait! Slow down!" Danny said, losing her.
Julia pushed Danny to the ground and pulled him behind a tree. Both of the two remained silent, looking at the two dirty pirates. Julia focused on the two while Danny stopped paying attention.
"Oh boy, Al will love this individual" Dirty pirate said, grabbing the female.
"That's what happened to Sanchi and Sanchez!" Danny said.
The two pirates grabbed the female pirate. She started to scream and tried to get away. The two started to laugh at her. Then, Julia came out and fired at one of the pirates. One of them hit the ground and started to scream. Meanwhile, the other pirate dropped the female and pulled his gun out. The pirated aimed his gun at Julia and she had her's aiming at him.
"Ah! She shot me!" The other pirate said, placing his hand over the bullet hole.
"Drop the weapon, missy, it's me against ye perty butt" he said.
Suddenly, Danny came behind the pirate with his weapon. Then, Malik, Chun and Boris came out. It was five against one. The unknown pirate dropped his weapon and placed his hands up.
"Let's talk" Julia said, hitting the pirate's knee caps with the gun.
The unknown pirate screamed and fell to the ground. Julia aimed at his head with her weapon. She wanted answers, now. The pirate began to cuss as he rubbed both of his knees.
"We need some answers" Danny said, smiling.

Sanchi and Sanchez ran past guards and took out a couple of guards. Sanchi was making his way to get to his old cell to get Winslow out. Sanchez followed behind. He reached his cell.
"What? Why did we stop here?" Sanchez said, looking around, "This place is filled with messed up pirates!"
Sanchi tried to open his old cell but it was locked. He punched the cell door. He tried to become calm, thinking of another plan.
"Winslow, are you in there?" He said, placing his ear on the cell's door.
Suddenly, he heard a reply. Though, it wasn't in the cell. It was behind him and he turned around. He saw Sanchez aiming his gun at Winslow. Sanchi smiled.
"Put your gun down, he's with us" Sanchez said.
"Knew you would of done something like this, haven't even been here for a month" Winslow joked.
Quickly, the three ran and looked for another way out towards the docks.

"Ye aight?"
"No, where did they go!" Al said, "Kane was coming! I told him that I have someone he been looking for!"
Suddenly, Al heard clapping noises and he turned around. It was Kane with Deacon and other armadas. Al took his weapon out. Just in case, he thought.
"Kane, Deacon!" Al said, bowing down.
Kane or Deacon didn't reply back. Instead, they looked inside the arena and noticed that there were no one, beside two guards near an exit. Kane nodded his head, not pleased. Kane started to swing his cane around. Then, he struck Al in the head with his cane. Al's men quickly aimed the weapons at Kane and Kane's armadas aimed their weapons at them.
"Stop, men!" Al said, "What is ye tryin' to prove, huh?"
Kane were furious. he slammed his cane on the ground and pulled his pistol out. Deacon picked up his cane.
"Listen, it's not too late! They haven't escaped yet!" Al said, "I can get'em!"
Kane looked at Al for a few seconds then he turned around, looking at the arena. He noticed that the guards weapons weren't very powerful and there weren't many guards. Kane laughed.
"Listen, Kane, I betcha my gold tooth that my men have the two right now!" Al said, slowly getting back up.
Kane still didn't speak to Al. Though, he turned around and looked at Al.
"Don't let me do this again" Kane said, pushing Al back to the ground.
Kane, Deacon and other armadas walked away from Al. Then, Al let out a huge scream. He was furious and he wanted Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow dead.

"I think it's over here!" Sanchi said, reaching a door.
Boom! Gunshots started to fire and hit the door. Sanchez and Winslow quickly got behind cover. Sanchi pulled out his gun and started to fire at the other pirates. It was a group of pirates and Al was the leader.
"Sanchi, get behind cover!" Sanchez said, firing at the filthy pirates.
Sanchi fired at a few filthy pirates, but he was actually trying to shoot Al but he heard gunshots coming behind him. This time, it was the armadas. Sanchi ran out of the open and got behind cover. A few pirates took out armadas and armadas took pirates.
Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow managed to avoid the gunshots and escaped. He looked back and knew he had a good shot on Al. Sanchi stopped moving and aimed his weapon at Al. With Al's men fighting Kane's men, Sanchi finally had his chance. He aimed his weapon at Al, unexpected and shot Al in his arm, causing him to hit the ground. Al saw who it was and he slowly got back up to follow them.
"Kill all his men! End this whole entire place!" Kane demanded, making his way towards his ship.
Al saw Sanchi and the rest running. He tried to take them out, but he was out of bullets.
"I'll find ye again! Ye won't get away wit' this! Winslow, Sanchez, Sanchi!" Al cried.
Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow made it outside and made their way to the docks. Suddenly, Sanchi stopped and heard Kane's voice. He was talking to him.
"Well, well. There you are! Would you prefer another rematch" Kane said, with his calm voice.
Sanchi laughed, "Kane, I remember you...the one who can't catch me?"
"I killed El and I can easily kill you!" Kane said.
Sanchi turned around and looked at Kane in his eyes. He didn't know if he was looking back, due to his mask but Kane just stood there. Sanchi quickly had a angry look on his face.
"You're nothing Kane, nothing!" Sanchi cried.
"Is that true? Didn't I kill El Toro?" Kane said.
Suddenly, Sanchi ran towards Kane and he just stood there. He got closer and closer towards Kane but then, he heard cannon being fired. An explosion occurred between Sanchi and Kane and dust started to fill up the area. It was Julia and the rest.
"Sanchi, get on, quick!" Julia cried.
Sanchi jumped on the ship and he looked back. Kane wasn't there anymore. "I'll get my revenge"

"Sanchi!" Julia said, hugging him.
Sanchi hugged her back. Feeling her soft stunning hair. He looked in her beautiful eyes. It was almost like they were shining, he thought. They kissed each other.
"Good to see you again" Sanchi said.
"Sanchi! Who's this guy?" Danny said, referring to Winslow.
"New crewmate, Winslow" Sanchi said.
Danny shook Winslow's hands.
"Welcome to our crew" Julia said, smiling.
"Who kidnapped you guys?" Malik asked.
Sanchi thought about the question, "Filthy pirates".