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The Warrior AE "Rules will be Rules" S2

Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow started their first job with Jonathan, Eric, and Grant. Their job was to gather resources deep into a cave filled with creatures. With no Sanchi, Julia started to roam around Guerta where she managed to speak with Boris. She found out that Boris thought that they should leave Guerta and she started to think about it. Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest heard an explosion above them, resulting in rocks falling on to of Jonathan leg and on Grant. Now, Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow starts to resume their issues with Jonathan being stuck and zombie pirates and troggys attacking them. Now, Boris, Sanchez, and Julia doesn't like Guerta or Kent but Chun wants to stay and help them out.

Sunny day. Douglass noticed a ship docking near him. The leader sent out three pirates out to check out who their new arrivals was. Kent, Jonathan, and Todd went out to check them out. Kent designed a plan to kill their new arrivals but Jonathan and Todd didn't want to.
"There's that ship" Todd said, looking into his binoculars
They saw a group of pirates, sitting there like they were waiting for something. Then, Kent came back, breathing hard and he started to explain.
"I found two of them, they look like they're the leaders of that group" Kent said, pulling his weapon out.
Quickly, Kent led the way to the other two.
"Kent, you don't need your gun...they look they can help around know?" Jonathan said
"Yeah right, we'll see" Kent said.
Suddenly, they heard screaming. Kent still continued to walk but Jonathan and Todd ran towards the screaming, leading to Kent running to.
"They are being attacked!" Jonathan said, pulling his weapon out.
Boom, boom! They took out the troggys.
"Well, they must be our new arrivals" Jonathan said, smiling.

Jonathan started to sweat more. Though, Sanchi managed to stop most of the bleeding from his crushed leg. He started to calmly talk to Jonathan. Waiting for Sanchez and Winslow to come back.
"How long have you been here? In Guerta?" Sanchi asked, placing cold water on Jonathan's head.
"D-Doug-Douglass...He always...always treated me I was his-his son" Jonathan said
Sanchi moved his flaming torch away from Jonathan.
"Interesting" Sanchi said, staring at the flame.
Suddenly, Sanchi heard screaming from Sanchez and Winslow. He got up, grabbing his sword and his torch. He ran into a tunnel and troggys confronted him. Two troggys jumped on top of Sanchi. He managed to push one of them off and he got back up. Sanchi tried to find his sword but it was too dark so he picked up his torch and swung it around, scaring the two troggys. Then, one ran after Sanchi. Without thinking, Sanchi stabbed the troggy in its mouth with the torch, catching the troggy's mouth on fire.
"My sword!" Sanchi said, grabbing his sword.
A troggy ran towards Sanchi, screaming at him. Sanchi couldn't see the creature, so he kept swinging his sword around and he sliced the creature in its stomach, killing it.
"Sanchez! Where are you?" Sanchi cried, "I have no light!"

After talking for a few minutes, Julia went back in Guerta, leaving Chun outside alone. She opened up the gates halfway and when she entered, there was Douglass and Mary, waiting for her.
"What are you doing?" Douglass said, "Why were you out there?"
Julia's eyes widen. Though, she didn't answer. Instead, she tried to pull the heavy gate shut to avoid talking to Douglass. After few seconds, Douglass yelled for Danny.
"Yeah?" Danny said, coming out of the tower.
"How long was Julia outside Guerta?" Douglass said, rubbing his hands.
"Uh..." Danny said, "A minute or so...she wanted to...look at the...trees..?"
Douglass laughed, "Oh, I'm sorry m'am...but anyway, did you hear that explosion?"
"No, why?" Julia said, thinking about Sanchi.
"Nothing bad, just wondering...old man like me loves to wonder" Douglass joked.
Danny and Julia joined Douglass with laughing, eventually leading to him and Mary walking away from them. Julia shook her head in stress. She tried to walk away to rest but Danny stopped her.
"You're welcome I helped been out there for at least 30 minutes" Danny whispered.
"I was looking for Chun, you know that!" Julia said, moving back from Danny.
Suddenly, the gate moved an inch and both of them knew who it was. Danny helped open up the gate, revealing Wing Chun standing there. Danny quickly pulled Chun inside and closed the gate, his self.
"Ever since we got here, all of you guys been acting...I don't know..paranoid? Definitely Boris" Danny said, "Sanchez acts like everyone is his enemy, Boris just stopped talking to us, Sanchi is always with that new pirate, and you two are doing stuff like this!"
Julia and Chun thought about Danny's statement. They knew his was right but they also wanted to change, both of the two knew that they would of changed in a new environment.
"I'm pretty sure Sanchez is in love with that one jerk's wife" Chun said, scratching his head.
"This place...this place is weird...I don't feel right being bossed around by someone beside Sanchi" Danny said, punching the gate.
"Everything will be fine...we need to stay away from Kent and Courtney...go to the guard tower and Chun got talk to Douglass" Julia said, walking away from them.

Sanchi patiently waited for all the noises to end. The shooting, the noises from troggys. He just sat there, useless until, weary Jonathan started to talk to him, trying to change the environment.
"L-li-listen...Sanchi" Jonathan said, placing his hand on Sanchi's shoulder.
Sanchi dropped low to listen to Jonathan. He placed his filthy hand on Jonathan's hand, "Yes?"
"W-w-when...we first..met you-you guys..Kent wanted" Jonathan said, losing his breath.
When Jonathan mentioned Kent's name, he bit his lip and slammed his fist on the ground. Though, he knew Kent would of done that, "Keep going"
"H-h-he wants...wants to..wants to" Jonathan said, removing his hand from Sanchi's shoulder.
Suddenly, Sanchi heard his name coming from Sanchez's mouth. Sanchi slowly got back up and managed to see Sanchez's light in another tunnel. From all the noises and gun firing, Sanchi still managed to hear his partner.
"This cave must be filled with these things!" Winslow cried
Winslow's gun was about to become useless, almost empty. So, he took his a small knife and stabbed the zombie pirates in their heads but more and more of them kept on coming out. Winslow started to back up as the piles walked towards him. Then, he bumped into Sanchez.
"Sanchez!" Sanchi said, taking out a troggy.
Few troggys heard Sanchi's voice, resulting in some rushing towards Sanchi. Without any vision, Sanchi managed to take the troggys out, helping Sanchez out.
"There's too many!" Winslow said, throwing his head at a zombie pirate.
With no more options, Sanchez threw Winslow in front of him. Then, Sanchez fired two shots in the ceiling of the cave and boulders fell on the zombie pirates. Moving fast, Sanchez and Winslow managed to get a step close from away the tunnel, taking out troggys. With the help of Sanchi, they managed to escape. Then, Sanchez shot the ceiling again, closing up the tunnel and trapping the troggys.
"Good plan, huh?" Sanchez bragged
Sanchi didn't reply. He snatch Sanchez's torch and ran to Jonathan, checking on him. He was still alive but they knew not for long. He was in pain, Sanchi thought. He wanted to come out with Jonathan to help out with Kent but there were no more options.
"What are we going to do about him?" Winslow asked, referring to Jonathan.
Sanchi bent over to get closer to Jonathan. He felt the heat from the torch and looked back at Sanchi. He lost a lot of blood, they observed. Sanchez knew what had to be done, handing Sanchi his pistol. Jonathan looked at Sanchi, holding the gun.
"Watch out...for Kent..." Jonathan said, closing his eyes.
Suddenly, the last gunshot in the cave went off. Then, Sanchez remembered how this all happened. Soon, Sanchez was the first one out of the cave. He passes the sight of the exploded dynamite. He kept running until he reached Guerta.

"Look at those two" Kent said, pointing at Chun and Boris.
Kent was outside his house, near the gate and Chun and Boris wasn't far. Talking to each other, Kent tried to hear their conversation. Though, Courtney pulled Kent away from ease-dropping. Kent got angry and pushed Courtney away.
"I'll make sure Douglass kick those two and the rest...out!" Kent said, balling up his fist.
"You just need to stop! They're good people" Courtney said
The gate quickly opened up and Sanchez ran through it. Blood all over his face from different creatures and a furious look on his face. Courtney saw him running and knew trouble was about to begin.
"Kent, let's go!" Courtney said, wanting to go back inside.
Sanchez ran up to Kent and punched him in his jaw, knocking him on the ground. Courtney started to scream, Boris and Chun heard and they ran towards the two.
"You killed one of your own, you killed Jonathan!" Sanchez cried, kicking him in his stomach.
Sanchez backed up a little, waiting for him to get back up. Kent wiped the blood off his mouth and spit blood out. Then, he got back up and punched Sanchez in his nose. Suddenly, the two started punching him. Courtney tried to stop the fight but Kent slapped her and pushed her away. Boris and Chun came around and grabbed Julia.
"You do not belong here!" Kent said, laughing at him.
Out of anger, Sanchez tackled Kent to the ground and punched him in the face several times. Then, Kent grabbed Sanchez's bloody fist and slammed it on the hard ground, quickly throwing Sanchez off of him. Now, Kent was on top of him and started to slug him in the jaw. He placed both of his hands around Sanchez's neck and started to choke him but soon he stopped, hearing Douglass and Mary yelling. Sanchez pushed Kent off and crawled in front of Boris and Chun.
"I have had it!" Sanchez said, pulling his gun.
Everyone gasped. Then, group of men came behind Kent with their guns up, aiming at Sanchez. Eventually, Danny and Malik came behind Sanchez with their weapons aimed at the other group. Soon, Sanchi and Winslow entered and ran towards the scene, behind Sanchez. Winslow pulled his empty weapon out and Sanchi brought his sword out.
"Calm down, Sanchez!" Mary said, putting her hands up.
"You think I really should? Why? You're going to kick us out? Without us, this place wouldn't last long!" Sanchez said, aiming his weapon at Kent.
"He's right" Boris said, "You guys need us, Kent is just trouble!"
Everyone around Guerta all looked at Kent. Douglass and Mary turned around, looking at him. Both had a angry look on their face, blaming Kent.
"He's just trouble and..."
"Quiet! We've been fine before without pirates like you! Now, I want you all to leave Guerta! You have until tonight and tomorrow to pack!" Douglass yelled.
Everyone grew silent. Sanchez turned around and looked at Courtney. Her cheek was red and she had tears in her eyes. Sanchez gave signs to her, asking for help but she shook her head. She gave Sanchez an angry look and ran back into her house. Then, Sanchez hit the ground and closed his eyes, hoping it would all end. Voices went through Sanchez's head. Hearing, Sanchi trying to negotiate a deal with Douglass but he walked away. He kept his eyes shut.

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