Monday, December 7, 2015

The Warrior AE "Together at once" Season two premier

Finally, the crew is together at a new beginning for them all. With Sanchi, Danny and Malik, they don't have to worry about hunting anyone down. Though, with the death of Sanchi's swashbuckler companion "EL Toro" the crew feels a little hopeless. The crew also knows that they can't stay in Skull Island's jungles for long. They're all back in Sanchi's leadership.

"We're together, now!" Sanchi's voice echoed from everybody's ears.
Sanchez, Boris, Emmanuel, Chun, Danny and Malik started to pack up their belongings, getting ready to leave the area. First time for a long time. They quickly placed the items on an armada's ship (stolen). Though, Sanchi and Julia managed to get some alone time.
"I can't believe it...I didn't know what to do, until I saw your beautiful face" Sanchi smiled.
Julia hugged Sanchi and didn't want to let him go. She was finally happy now and loved the feeling and for Sanchi...all he wanted to do was to hold onto Julia and not let go.
"Where will we go?" Julia asked, giving Sanchi a kiss.
"I don't know yet, let's take things slow" He said, smiling.
Sanchi got up. Staring at Julia, watching her smile. "Let's do something we haven't done in a while".
Julia laughed. Sanchi took his shirt off and noticing Julia's eyes becoming wide with a sicken look on her beautiful face. She freakishly pointed at it, like Sanchi had a troggy on top of him.
"Who did this to you?" Julia said, touching Sanchi's scar.
Sanchi forgot about his duel with Derwitchi. He also forgot about who saved his life and healed him up, "No big deal, but those two new ones saved me and stitched me back up"
"Oh, they didn't do a great job" Julia smiled.
The two lovers went back to loving each other. They lied together for a good amount of time, discussing things. Though, they heard someone yelling. The two quickly got up and put their clothes back on, rushing towards them. It was Sanchez.
"Well...uh, we're done with everything? I can tell you two had a great time" Sanchez said.
Sanchez easily knew what the two were doing. Julia's hair were messy as can be and he caught Sanchi putting his shirt on.
"Baby, go help out Chun. I need to talk to Sanchez" Sanchi said, giving her a last kiss.
Julia ran off, leaving Sanchi and Sanchez alone. They stared at each other for a few seconds, smiling at each other. Then, they quickly got to business.
"What's the plan?" Sanchez said, "We have no food. I doubt we can go out there with no resources"
Sanchi noticed that it was close to nighttime and he also heard troggy's noises, "We'll get some fruits before we leave, start up a fire and I'll tell the rest then"

Sanchi's crew all gathered around the fire created by Sanchez. They started to talk to each other for a bit. Then, Sanchi clapped his hands trying to get their attention and it worked. Everyone remained silent.
"We need food and water. It's close to dark and we'll need to react fast" Sanchi said.
"What are you thinking, Sanchi?" Emmanuel asked.
"Most of us haven't ate for about three days! Plus from Valencia, we're exhausted" Boris said.
Sanchi had to think of something for food or water. He knew they all had to stay on the low, stealing wouldn't be a swell idea or asking others. He felt energized and he knew that Sanchez felt the same.
"Who's feeling well? Well enough to look for some food with me?" Sanchi said.
The group remained for silent for a few seconds. Danny quickly raised his hand, following up by Malik. Sanchi already knew about Sanchez, seeing his hand going up. Emmanuel hand was last to go up. Julia and Chun couldn't go in the dark jungles and Boris was too tired.
"Okay then, let's go out" Sanchi said.
Sanchi and Sanchez teamed up with Danny, Malik and Emmanuel separately went onto another direction. Though, Boris had to say something.
"A mile away from our site, when it's dark the jungles will be filled up with troggys. This is dangerous and we can just find another way" Boris said.
Sanchi and the rest ignored Boris's statement and went to look for food. Boris rolled his eyes after they didn't respond. He didn't want to lose anyone else, after the death of El.

Sanchi and Sanchez headed out, didn't want to waste any time. Sanchi still had one of the armada's sword and Sanchez had his two pistols. Both with their weapons out, they quickly looked for food. Though, both of them had a lot to discuss, but none of them wanted to talk about the past. Sanchez had a feeling that he'll be the one to bring it up.
"Listen, Sanchi" Sanchez said, "It's good to have you back, but how are you going to protect us when you and I's names are all over the spiral?"
Sanchi stopped and looked at Sanchez, directly in his eyes. "I really don't know, we could find a hidden camp...where they are others that are terrified of Kane and his army".
"That could work, but quick question" Sanchez said, "Do you love Julia?"
Sanchi stared at Sanchez with a funny look. He loved Julia and he knew that Sanchez knew that, too.
"Of course, why?" Sanchi said.
"Well...Chun, Julia, Boris and the rest...we are pretty much putting them in danger, too" Sanchez said, "Kane officially know our whole crew. If we aren't there...they could be killed" Sanchez said, looking down.
Sanchi quickly laughed, "You think we should let them go out there? Julia, Boris and Chun not going to survive alone and Emmanuel, Danny and Malik...they might be able to be out there for a shorten time! We can't risk that!"
Suddenly, they stopped arguing. The two started to hear noises in the bushes. A weird squeaking sound quickly echoed throughout the jungle. Sanchez aimed his two pistols around the area, looking for danger. Though, the squeaking noise became loud each step they took. Then, Sanchi stopped and snapped his fingers, grabbing Sanchez's attention. Sanchi gave Sanchez clues that danger were around. The two started to look around the area as the noises stopped. Sanchi knew that something wasn't right and he started to think about his crew's safety.
"We need to get out of here" Sanchez whispered.
Sanchi put his finger on his mouthing. He quietly walked toward Sanchez and took one of his pistol. He slowly walked towards the bushes, aiming.
"Hey" Sanchi whispered, "Emmanuel, Danny, that you?".
No answer. He started to worry. He placed the gun down and slowly opened up the bushes.
"What the...?" He said.
"Ahhhh!" Troggy said, jumping from a tree.
The troggy landed on Sanchi. He tried to reach for his sword, but he couldn't reach it. The troggy started to scream at him, opening up his mouth.
"Sanchez!" Sanchi cried, "Don't shoot, get my sword!"
BOOM! Single gunshot began the silence. The troggy dropped on top of Sanchi. Sanchez grabbed the troggy and threw it, helping Sanchi to get back up. Sanchi looked at Sanchez, who smiling and impressed.
"What are you doing?" Sanchi cried.
"Me? I just saved your life?" Sanchez said.
Sanchi backed away from Sanchez to get a glance of the area. Empty.
"I told you not to shoot! All the hidden troggys are out of their hiding spots! We need to get out of here and the rest needs to!" Sanchi said.

It was finally nighttime. Emmanuel, Danny and Malik were able to find a couple of safe fruits, but they wanted to find more. Though, they heard the squeaking noises too. Emmanuel knew it was troggys but none of them came out, he felt safe.
"That noise is getting annoying" Malik said.
"Just hurry up so we can leave" Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel looked around the area. Meanwhile, Danny and Malik still continued to gather fruits. The two didn't know about the troggy's noises, but Emmanuel did and it started to worry him a little. He felt like the troggys are close.
"Look what we got!" Danny said, "Promice! Rare kind of Yum yums!"
Boom! All three of them heard a gunshot from a couple of miles away. Danny felt like it was Sanchez or a stranger, hunting for food. Emmanuel were the only one who didn't have any fruits, he pulled his weapon out and ran towards the noises. He told Malik and Danny to go back to the campsite.
"Let's check this out" Emmanuel said to his self.
He felt like he could handle this on his own. Though, he didn't know what's going on, but he felt good about his self and wanted to do it alone.
"Anyone here?" Emmanuel said, hearing movement around him.
For a few seconds, he thought it was either Sanchi or Sanchez. Soon enough, that wasn't the case. He started to look around, still hearing the noises. It was nothing, he thought.
"WAAA, AHHH!" Troggy said, tackling Emmanuel.
He started to scream, trying to get the monster off him. The troggy's drooling dropped all over Emmanuel's face, causing him to close his eyes. He finally pushed the troggy off. He quickly got up and wiped the drool off his face. He still heard the screaming from the troggy. He pulled his pistol out, but the troggy jumped on him again.
"Help!" Emmanuel cried, "Yo!".
He looked at the troggy in its eyes. He used all his available strength to hold the troggy off from infecting him. Though, he was still weak and the troggy got closer and closer. Then, the troggy managed to fight off Emmanuel and bite him in his chest, taking out a chunk of his skin. Emmanuel screamed and knocked the troggy off. He started to run to get help, but he knew it was too late. They couldn't save him. He knew that they couldn't cut his chest off. Emmanuel thought of playing this out, cleaning the blood off before entering the campsite but he knew that he didn't have long to stay.

"We need to go" Sanchi said, "Boris, get the ship!"
"Woah, what's going on?" Julia said.
Boris ran to the ship. Danny, Malik and Sanchez packed up the ship.
"Troggys, it's fine...we need to go. Malik and Danny collected good amount of food" Sanchi said.
Suddenly, Emmanuel ran out of. Covered with blood. He tried to get on the ship, but Sanchi stopped him. Concerned about him.
"What happened to you?" Sanchi said.
"I got attacked, don't worry. I'm fine, let's go!" Emmanuel said, getting on the ship.
But Sanchi knew that he was not okay. He knew that. He started to wait patiently, waiting for him to confess. Though, he still didn't know what was up with him.

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