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The Warrior AE "Who did it?" (Extended Special) S2 finale

Sanchi and the rest of his crews starts to have different feeling on staying in Guerta. After the fight, Sanchez's mind is made up. Although, Wing Chun goes out of his way to talk to Kent on his own, trying to figure something out. Kent plans to talk to Chun tonight as his resting spot. Sanchi gathers everyone in his crew to discuss about staying in Guerta. Most of them voted to leave, which made Chun furious. He ran out of Guerta and towards his relaxing spot. Suddenly, a group of three attacked and injured Chun, forcing Winslow to kill Chun. Now, all the fingers are pointed at Kent but Douglass needs proof. Sanchi's crew quickly becomes danger with Kent and his friends after them.

Julia sat at Chun's grave, paying all her respect towards him. Sanchi looked through all his belongings, looking at some of his old paintings. He packed all of Chun's belongings up but a painting fell out of his bag. Sanchi picked it up and looked at the painting. It was of Chun, Sanchez, and a fox companion next to Sanchez. He looked at the painting for a few minutes. Then, he placed it in the bag of Chun's stuff.
"What are we going to do?" Sanchi said to his self, "This is a mess."
Sanchez stayed in a separate room from the rest. He laid in an uncomfortable bed, thinking about Chun and Guerta. He remembered everyone's last word towards Chun, he shook his head. Then, he remembered what Sanchi said. Sanchez threw his covers over his self and stayed there.
"Listen," Sanchi said, "Chun is dead, going to be a tough one to get over...but we lost so many...I'm starting to get use to it..."
Suddenly, Julia entered into their discussion. She wiped her tears away. Sanchi looked at her for a few seconds, distracting him. Then, he carried on, "We need to fulfill Chun's wish...we are staying here...we can make Guerta work...we can and I believe it."
"And if we can't, then what?" Winslow said, "We're still hated, even after we lost Chon"
"Chun" Malik whispered to him
"We will" Sanchi said, "We can make this work and we're going to try"

Few hours passed by, Sanchi sneak away from everyone else as he made his way towards the gates. He quietly opened them up. Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name.
"Where you going, pal?" Danny asked, in the guard tower.
"Get out of this place for a few hours...maybe find a clue or something," Sanchi said, "Nothing serious."
Danny smiled and climbed off the guard tower, "Let me come...I want to help, I feel bad about Chun's death."
Sanchi nodded. Both of the two quietly went out of Guerta, cracking the gate open.

Kent moved back into his house with Courtney. Although, Courtney didn't feel safe around him. She started to carry a weapon around, for protection. She was making herself lunch when Kent came down.
"What's for lunch?" He asked, yawning.
Courtney checked if she still had her weapon hidden. Then, he took a deep breath, "Did you kill that companion?"
Kent stopped and turned around. He looked at Courtney in a strange way. Then he started to laugh, punching the wooden wall. He quickly got close to Courtney.
"Me? Are you accusing me?" Kent said
"Well, you hate Sanchez and his crew! You have been talking to your buddies for a long time like y'all were planning for something! Might as well just admit it!" Courtney said
Kent shook his head and walked a few feet away from Courtney. Then, he pushed Courtney's lunch, plates, and her books off the counter. He slammed both of his hands on the counter and got close to Courtney again. She backed away, placing her hand on her hidden gun.
"You think I killed that useless companion? He wanted to talk to me that! But he never showed up!" Kent said, pushing Courtney.
"And you didn't come with us! You knew about this, so you stayed at home! Sanchez already told Douglass that he knows it's he thinks, too!" Courtney said, pushing Kent back.
Kent got angry. He pushed Courtney twice and slapped her in the same spot, again. She placed her hand on her gun, ready to pull it out but she stopped her self and stayed back on the ground. Kent started to scream.
"Sanchez is going to get it, soon! Trust me!" Kent said, leaving the house.
Kent noticed Mical, Pasto, Tyson, and Elax walking together. Then, he noticed Sanchi and Danny going through the gate. From that point, he came up with an idea. He called for their names and his friends came to him.
"Those two who just left through the gate, I want them dead...hide their bodies deep in the jungles, "Kent said, "If anyone ask...troggys got them"

"How long have you known Chun?" Danny asked, pulling his musket out.
"Not as long as Sanchez...I saved him, Sanchez, and two of his companions...." Sanchi said, roaming around the jungles.
"Oh, I known Malik for about a long time...he needed me and I needed wise" Danny said, smiling.
Sanchi and Danny roamed around the jungle around Guerta. They passed lots of deceased troggys, zombie pirates, and they stopped by the explosion site. Sanchi studied the area for a few minutes.
"Why here?" Danny asked, "What's the point?"
"Whoever killed Chun, did this...they tried to kill us but only killed Jonathan..." Sanchi said
"Oh," Danny said, "I tried talking to Douglass or Mary...they didn't respond back...must of been upset about Jonathan's death, wonder who did it."
Boom! Suddenly, they were attacked by a group of pirates hiding behind trees. Sanchi jumped into a giant hole caused by the dynamite and Danny dropped to the ground, with a long log protecting him. Shots were fired into the log. Sanchi tried to get a good look at the strangers, firing back at them. He managed to shoot one of them in their legs, causing them to hit the ground. Then he yelled for Danny's name, "Danny! Run over here! Fast, I'll cover you!"
Danny heard Sanchi and he followed his orders. He jumped up and ran towards Sanchi. The strangers started to fire at Danny but Sanchi had his back, shooting back. Luckily, Danny made it, filled with questions.
"What's going on? They almost hit me!" Danny yelled over the shots
"No clue!" Sanchi said, "Their aim isn't the best!"
"Might be Kent and his buddies!" Danny said, "What are we going to do!"
Sanchi tried to think of something. Although, the loud noises distracted him. He knew they were in a tough spot and knew it'd be tough to get out of it. Suddenly, the firing stopped and they heard cussing from the strangers.
"These weapons are short, man!" One of them cried, reloading their weapon.
Quickly, Sanchi jumped out on the loading strangers. He fired at them, taking one out completely. Then, he ran from them with Danny following behind.
"He killed Pasto!" Their voices echoed.

After staying in a bed for almost a whole day, Sanchez finally came out and he walked around Guerta, trying to get fresh air. Although, he kept his head down and didn't look at anyone. Until, Courtney came behind him. Sanchez turned around, looking at Courtney.
"Sanchez...I'm sorry about Chun," she said, "He was a good companion."
Sanchez revealed his sick-looking face and smiled at her, "It's going to be a tough one to get over"
"Yeah," Courtney said, "Douglass and Mary are furious...they're blaming you and the other two for Jonathan's death."
Sanchez and Courtney walked around together, talking about their life before Guerta but they didn't know that Kent was watching. He had a perfect shot on Sanchez but he decided to wait and take him outside of Guerta.
"Anyway, I gotta go...Guerta is becoming dark...seems like" She said, walking away.
Sanchez waved and went on his way. Then, he heard someone else calling his name. It was Kent. He was behind Sanchez, with his gun out. Sanchez tried to pull his out but Kent punched him and stole it from him. Sanchez tried to get up until Kent loaded his weapon, aiming at his head.
"Let's go for a walk, night's about to arrive" Kent said, smiling.

Danny and Sanchi continued to run until they ran out of breath. Then, they stopped, dropping to the ground out of exhaustion. Sanchi pulled out his sword, throwing his gun at Danny. Sanchi got back up and quietly walked away.
"Where are you going?" Danny asked, catching his breath.
"Keep both of those guns...your musket may not help you" Sanchi said, swinging his sword around.
Danny laughed, "You're not answering my question...what's the plan this time?"
"Climb up in one of these big trees...hide until they come, which they will," Sanchi said, "You hide and defend yourself."
Danny started to talk to his self. Then, he looked back at Sanchi and he was gone. Danny heard leaves crumbling. He knew they were near. He ran behind a tree and loaded his gun. He closed his eyes and whispered to his self, "You better be right, Sanchi!"
"I see him!" Mical called, firing at Danny.
The three remaining men fired at Danny. Hitting his tree. Danny wanted to turn around to fire back but he knew that'd get him killed. Danny poked his leg out, trying to come out to fire but he was shot in his leg. He fell to the ground and crawled back to a tree. As Mical, Elax, and Tyson started to walk towards him, Danny tried to stop the bleeding from his leg. Although, he was waiting for Sanchi's arrival.
"Get close," Sanchi said, above them, "Little closer!"
Finally, Sanchi jumped out, looking like he came out of the sky. He fell behind them and they knew it. Before any of them could react, Sanchi's sword went through Elax's stomach. Then, Sanchi used his body as a shield. Tyson fired at Sanchi, hitting Elax's body. Quickly, Sanchi threw Elax's body into Tyson. Finally, Mical and Sanchi looked at each other eye-to-eye and Sanchi knew who set them up. Sanchi threw his sword at Mical like a bullet, going into his chest. Although, he was still alive. Sanchi picked up Elax's gun and took out Tyson.
"Quit bleeding!" Danny said to his self, wrapping his leg up.
Danny heard one last gun shot then it all stopped. Though, he heard someone coming up towards his side. He knew they were coming closer. He picked up his gun and aimed it at the stranger but it wasn't Mical or Tyson. It was someone different. It was a fox companion.
"Uh...Sanchi?" Danny said, "Come over here..."
Sanchi ran over to Danny, aiming his gun at the stranger but when he got close, he remembered about the painting he looked at. Then, he remembered when he first met Sanchez. He started to remember it all. He knew who the fox was Bonnie Anne.
"W-w-we met before!" Sanchi said, dropping all his weapons.

Meanwhile, Guerta started to become out of control. Night arrived and people around noticed that five of their own was missing and three of Sanchi's crew was also gone. Most of the residents in Guerta went outside and rioted, waking up Douglass and Mary. Boris, Malik, and Julia all came out, too.
"Your crew kidnapped some of our own!" They chanted, "Leave now!"
Douglass tried to calm the crowd down but they didn't. They started to throw things at Boris, Malik, and Julia and started chants.
"That's enough!" Douglass said, getting in front of them.
"Why are you defending them? They killed Jonathan and Kent, Mical, Tyson, and Pasto! You two could be next!"
Douglass tried to reason with them but they started to chant loud. Then, someone said, "Mical, Tyson, and Pasto went after two of them...they're trying to kill them"
Julia became shocked, placing her hands over her mouth, Boris remained silent and Malik started to argue with them.
"Man! Are y'all crazy? Sanchi probably taken care of them...y'all are pathetic!" Malik said, laughing.
"Kick them out, kick them out, kick them out!" They started to chant.
Douglass just stood there, remaining quiet. He didn't know what to do. Although, Boris stood up for his own crew.
"This is the first stage! The first stage of betrayal," Boris said, "I've seen it before! Things get too hard and everything pretty much just breaks! Guerta...Guerta is going to break sooner than I thought, me, Sanchi, Sanchez, all of us in this crew have seen it before! It'll happen before y'all will notice."
The crowd became silent, "Guerta...this place," Boris said, getting in one of their face, "Boom! This place will fall...but if you want us to leave...fine, we can but remember...we can easily come back and take this place, ourselves...we can help you though, we's only up to y'all...advise you to stop all these riots and use your heads"
The crowd was still silent. Although, Julia and Malik was more shocked than them. None of them believed that Boris stood up for something, they were proud. Then, most of them went back to their homes.
"Courtney is missing, too" Mary said

"Should of never came here," Kent said, taking Sanchi away from Guerta, "Your mistake."
Kent had his gun pointed at Sanchez's back as he took him away from Guerta. Sanchez started to hope that someone would help him but for now, he was on his own.
"You're nothing Kent," Sanchez said, "Nothing!"
Finally, they stopped moving. Kent looked back to make sure they were far enough and they were. Kent kicked Sanchez down to the ground and loaded his weapon. Kent laughed, "I guess this is it"
Sanchez quickly turned around and kicked Kent in his stomach and threw him on the ground, causing him to drop his gun. Sanchez kicked Kent in his face twice and jumped on top of him. He punched Kent back-to-back times until Kent threw him off by slugging him in his jaw.
"Courtney doesn't even like you!" Sanchez cried, getting back up.
Kent picked up Sanchez and slammed him on the ground, "Because of you!"
As Kent spoke his words, he punched Sanchez in his face, "Ever since you came this place became trouble!"
Sanchez grabbed his fist and bent in back. Then, he kicked Kent away, "Guerta needs us!"
Kent laughed, "We were fine without you!"
"No!" Sanchez said, tackling Kent.
Before Sanchez could make another move, Kent headbutted him, causing him to fall back. Then, Kent crawled towards his gun. Sanchez tried to get to it, too. Suddenly, Kent grabbed his gun and hit Sanchez in the head with it. Sanchez tried to attack but Kent aimed his gun.
"You lost, again!" Kent said, pointing it at Sanchez's head.
"Do it, it'll be your mistake! Sanchi and the rest would come after you!" Sanchez said, falling back.
Kent laughed, "I sent four of my own out to kill Sanchi and that guard! You really think..."
Boom! Gunshot started the silence. Kent just stood there, eyes widen as he dropped his gun. Then, he fell forward, revealing Courtney as she drops her gun.
"Courtney..." Sanchez said, blood all over his face.
"Go back, night is dangerous" She said, crying.

"If all of this is true," Douglass said, "Then, where's Sanchez, Sanchi, and Danny!"
"Some of your own people kidnapped them, man!" Malik cried
Suddenly, the gates opened up from the outside. It was Sanchez. Bruises and blood all over his face, he placed his hands up.
"What happened, dear?" Mary said
"Kent tried to kill me...and you know what?" Sanchez yelled, "He's dead!"
Everyone around gasped in shocked. Douglass came closer to Sanchez, "What?"
"I didn't kill him, Courtney did-his wife did! But the real point don't need him! You need us! Us! Me, Sanchi, Julia, Boris, Danny, Malik, and Winslow! All of us can help this place...because once the armadas find guys will be history!" Sanchez said
Sanchez heard someone coming up behind him. He slowly turned around and his eyes widen. His mouth dropped, his knees dropped. He was looking at his old companion, Bonnie Anne between Sanchi and Danny. He approached Bonnie and hugged her.
"Bonnie" Sanchez said

That's it for SEASON TWO (season seven of the warrior chapters)
Thanks for everyone who stayed until the last detail. It was a great time coming up with these devious and brave characters! Although, it was upsetting killing Emmanuel and a character from the beginning of The Warrior Saga, Wing Chun but I'm excited for Bonnie Anne and for the readers to soon to find out about Bonnie's past and where she been this whole time! Since season three will take a few months to come out, remember these few questions:
"Was Kent the one who blew up the dynamite that end up killing Jonathan and the one who killed Chun?"
"Where has Bonnie been? How did she get here?"
"Will Douglass be able to lead Guerta and can Guerta last after the death of Kent and Jonathan?"
And finally: "Where's Kane, Deacon, the armada army, and Al!"
In season three, you'll figure all the questions out! Cya!

Characters of 2: Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, Julia, Courtney, Al, Douglass, Winslow, Boris, Danny, Malik, Kane, Deacon, Mary, Jonathan, and Mical.

Stay tune for more!

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