Monday, December 7, 2015

The Warrior AE "Desire to change" S2

Al makes Sanchi and Sanchez duels in front of thousands of pirates, including Kane and Deacon. Luckily, Sanchi and Sanchez escapes the arena with Winslow. Meanwhile, Julia, Boris and Danny finds two filthy pirates who matched same characteristics of the ones who kidnapped Sanchi. Julia and Danny manages to take them out and received answers. After Kane executes most of Al's men, he finds Sanchi and the two exchanged words but his crew came and helped him. Finally together again, with the addition of Winslow, the crew tries to find another permanent home where they know they'll be safe at.

Next journey, next opportunities. We are tired of living in fear. We want a change. We want the old days back, though they weren't perfect and we were still in war's serious now. I'd never thought this would happen, my crew...I would run in front of a bullet for them...Boris, Chun, Sanchez, Julia...they're blood...I want a safe spot for everyone, every single of us. I wanna find a small little community filled with pirates that share the same personalities as us. I dreamed of a beautiful place where it's deep in the jungles, well protected and we can be part of wouldn't just only be good to me, but everyone else....we are exhausted and want a change....I'm starting to think I don't have the right leadership for this crew...we lost too many...Dorugh, Dez, Gus, Anthony, Shiruku, El, Emmanuel and definitely Moresco...his death hit me the most....I want a change. I'm pretty much the only Warrior left, Buccaneer and Swashbuckler combined...I want a change...I just want a change.

"We could just live in this ship, maybe that new guy can go and receive food, he's not wanted like all of us" Malik suggested, pointing at Winslow.
Winslow rolled his eyes, "My name is Winslow"
"We can't live in here, we hardly have any sunlight and we don't have enough beds...I am not going to sleep on the wooden floor" Wing Chun said, jumping on the bed.
"We need something new, Boris is in bad condition, I done awful things back there and I for sure know most of us are pretty much exhausted. I just want to find a small unknown community" Sanchi said, opening up his old, dirty and ripped map.
"No more Skull island jungles" Sanchez said.
"Danny and me use to live near some Volcano, that's where we found ol' Sanchi" Malik said.
"We had a small sized hut which during the days become the hottest and nights become the coldest, I'm not going back" Danny said, rubbing his forehead.
The whole crew-except for Boris were discussing different places to live or other ways. Everyone just started to talk at the same time and Sanchi ignored it and looked over his map. Trying to find the perfect location. He didn't want to go to Monquista, Cool Ranch, Marleybone, Mooshu or Vel...he stopped thinking, shaking his head. Then, he noticed a small little island on the corner of the Skull island map. Pretty far away from all the Storm gates. He picked up some charcoal and drew a circle on it. To end all the talking, Sanchi whistled and grabbed everyone's attention. Room became silent.
"I like that whistle, can you teach me how to do it?" Malik asked.
"Found a good location that we'll go and take a look at it, it's worth a shot and right now, we need something" Sanchi said.
Sanchi handed his map to Danny and gave him orders. Danny understood and went to control the ship. The room started to fill up with questions.
"Sanchi" Chun called.
"Yes Chun?" Sanchi asked.
"Let's talk" Chun said, opening the door.
Both of the two went into another quiet but there were only one other room, the bedroom and Boris was asleep on the bed.
"What's up?" Sanchi said, locking the door.
"Listen" Chun said, "This crew is different, we're not the same before"
"Times changed and..."
"No, we are pretty much cold-blooded, we're are like the kind we use to fear. It's not right and I don't like it!" Chun said.
Suddenly, Boris opened up his eyes but he wanted to ease drop into their conversation.
"What are you trying to say?" Sanchi asked.
"Danny, Malik, Winslow...they need to go...maybe Boris, too! We aren't right, our personalities are just like the others we feared! It's like our nightmares became realities and we're the creators!" Chun said.
"There's other ways" Sanchi said.
"No, no there's not!" Chun said, "I'm starting to worry, bad.."
"Maybe" Sanchi said, "We'll talk later"
Sanchi left the room and Chun followed behind. Then, Boris rose up from his bed. He was furious. He couldn't believe that Chun would ever say any of that. He wanted to tell them but he needed the right time.

Deacon returned back on one of the filthy pirate's ship. He managed to destroy the whole arena but he couldn't find Al. He figured Sanchi killed him. Deacon went to Kane's personal office and Kane heard him coming up. Deacon opened up his door with no permissions from Kane.
"Welcome" Kane said, "Any luck?"
"Well...that whole place is in flames, Al is pretty much deceased but no sign of Sanchi. Guess he escaped" Deacon said.
Kane bawled up his fist and stood up. He slammed his fist on his table and turned around, looking out of the window. Looking at armadas being produced. "It's sad, all these armadas and still can't get a little crew"
"They're cowards, pretty much hiding from us" Deacon said, "Could you blame him, sir?"
"Had some of the best bounty hunters...still can't even find Fin...pathetic" Kane said.
"Could be dead" Deacon said.
"Nightmares" Kane said, "Derwitchi couldn't of done what I've done"
Deacon knew Kane was wrong. He knew that it was Derwitchi who took out all the warriors. Kane just took his place by killing him. Though, Deacon knew he'd get executed if he would say something. He kept it to his self.
"You're the new Derwitchi but better" Deacon said.
"You don't mean it and I know you don't" Kane said, looking out of the window.
The room became quiet. Kane was still looking out the window and Deacon just stood there, waiting for Kane to say something else but he remained silent.
"Maybe we can find another bounty hunter, good thought?" Deacon said.
"When the time is right" Kane said.
Deacon chuckled, "When will that be?"
Kane responded, "Who knows"
Suddenly, Deacon started to receive complaints. He started to yell at workers and ran downstairs with them. Kane just looked back and shook his head, like he was disappointed.
"Unbelievable" Kane said, "How can we not capture you!"

After waiting for almost two hours, Sanchi was the first one to have a look at their new-potential home. He focused all around the island. Noticing the trees surrounding the island, he also noticed that there weren't a single armada ship in sight. The decent size island had dark green leaves on beautiful trees and it gave Sanchi a feeling he haven't felt in a long time. He felt safe, but he wasn't too sure. He had a feeling that there were troggys throughout the jungles. His plant was to develop a safe camp site and place wooden walls around the camp, preventing any trouble. He was too excited, he started to clap his hands.
"You okay?" Winslow asked.
"You just got here and you're gonna feel a lot safer" Sanchi said, patting Winslow's back.
"We're just gonna stay in one spot? Hide here, pretty much?" Winslow said, happy tone becoming disappointed.
"Uh, yeah? Why?" Sanchi said, taking his hand off Winslow's back.
"Well, Al kept me locked up in one spot for a long time" Winslow said.
"Oh, well, if we become bored, of course we're going to fly around and be safe about it" Sanchi said.
Winslow smiled and playfully slapped Sanchi on his back, "I hope so, can't wait"
Sanchi, Winslow, Chun and Sanchez stepped off the ship to observe it. Each of them looked around a little area. They heard beautiful noises with pretty trees, they thought.
"Looks like a good place, unless troggys come out" Chun said, shaking his head.
"Troggys shouldn't be that big of a problem" Sanchi said, looking for footprints.
"I don't know, I'm pretty sure we'll encountered troggys, maybe more creatures..." Sanchez said.
Winslow came back with couple of fruits. He laughed and threw them at the three and they devoured them. Finally feeling stuffed. Though, they didn't share any with the rest.
"Good place, better than Skull island...that's for sure" Sanchi said, biting his fruit.
Sanchez looked at Sanchi for a few seconds, disagreeing, but he wanted Sanchi to be happy and he'd felt bad if he brought it down. "Sure" he said.
"I hope you guys are better than some of my old cellmates" Winslow laughed.
"What's your full name?" Chun asked.
"Well, it's really Winslow Kepp" Winslow said.
"I like it" Chun said, but he felt like he really didn't mean it.
Unexpectedly, Julia, Boris, Danny and Malik came off the ship. Danny and Malik helped Boris walking.
"What's the plan?" Julia asked, smiling.
"Well, I'll explain later but for all stay here, Winslow and I going to check the area out" Sanchi said, taking one of Sanchez's pistols.

Winslow brought his new pistol, stolen from an armada, and Sanchi took one of Sanchez's pistol with him. The two went into the jungle and started to talk. Sanchi wanted to get to know Winslow.
"What are we checking for?" Winslow asked, playing with his gun.
"A good spot, we need a change" Sanchi said.
"A change? You guys must of had it bad" Winslow joked.
Suddenly, Sanchi stopped moving and Winslow followed his steps. He heard noises, moaning like noises. He ducked down and took quiet and slow footsteps, Winslow observed. The two made their ways toward the noises and when they got stopped.
"What was that?" Winslow said, sticking his head up.
Winslow glanced around the area and saw nothing. There were nothing. No troggy, no armada, nothing in his sight. Sanchi felt safe and got up, too.
"Must of been in my head" Sanchi said.
Sanchi turned around. He walked a few steps away from Winslow. He tried to look for anything, he started to wonder about that noise. then, he heard it again.
"Ugggggggh!" Zombie pirate said.
A tall, blue skinned zombie pirate with a sword attacked Sanchi. The creature swung his sword but he missed, Sanchi quickly dodged its slow moves. Sanchi cried for Winslow help, but another one camp out and cut Winslow in his back.
"Ouch!" Winslow cried.
Sanchi grabbed its weak arm and accidentally ripped it off. Then, he tried to shoot the zombie pirate, but the creature swung his sword and knocked the gun out of his hand.
"Oh, wow" Sanchi said.
Armless, Sanchi swung the ripped off arm and hit the creature in its face a few times. Quickly, Sanchi kicked the zombie in his weak knees, breaking both knee caps.
"Help!" Winslow cried.
Sanchi ran towards the scene. He tried to grab the zombie and pull it away, but it jumped on top of Sanchi. Winslow picked up a gun and pulled the trigger, but there was no bullets. Sanchi was close to getting bit, until they heard another gunshot. The zombie pirate dropped on top of Sanchi completely. Then, another one went off. Killing the crawling zombie pirate. Sanchi, still with a zombie on top of him, looked up and saw someone he never saw before. He had a brown, dirty jacket on. He had long blonde hair with a pale face. He had a mean look on his face, like he really didn't wanted to save them.
"Well, we found others" He said.

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