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The Warrior "Rise of Devullio" Season two finale

Fourteen years passed since the great Polarian war happened because of Napoleguin became drunk with power with his Polarian navy. When the armadas (also known as clockworks) were created, general for Valencia, Devullio was known as dead by the hands of Warrior who served as a soldier in the war, Douglass Bullzo sliced his legs and threw him over into a pit full of trash in Marleybone. Without Lifto knowing, Kane needed a new apprentice to replace Deacon because of his failure.

Kane constructed a private meeting with two members in his alliance, Bishop and Grand marshal/general Rooke and his Kane's worker, Dose.
"We aren't doing good in this long lasting war!" Kane said, slamming his fist down
"Where's sir Lifto, Phule, Sandy and my brother Deacon?" Rooke said
"Phule is weird. Sandy is not important. Lifto doesn't need to concern and your brother have failed me for the last time" Kane said 
"I need a new apprentice...perhaps the great Devullio! One of the first living clockwork ever!" Deacon said
"Devullio was a general!" Rooke said, "Are you trying to replace me, too?"
"Devullio will have a new position in this war that'll bring us to victory!" Kane said 
"Yes but...Devullio was killed by that scum warrior, Bullzo" Rooke said
"Don't worry about that. He may be alive and if he's a little mess up. I shall get someone to restore him and his power!" Kane said, opening the doors, "Keep this meeting private. Dismiss"

Kane and Dose traveled to Marleybone's trash facility to search for Devullio's remain to get answers if the great general is still alive. Kane was determine to search for Devullio.
"Sir, is this trip going to be just like the bounty hunter trip?" Dose said 
"We aren't going to discuss it to no one. Pay attention to the Skyways." Kane said
They finally made it to Marleybone, and Kane disguised his self in a red robe and Dose also did too.
"There's the trash facility. Be aware of acid rain. This filthy place is known for that" Dose said
Garbage was everywhere, metal parts, left over food, parts from ships and Kane found someone roaming through trash.
"Sir" Kane said calmly
"Who...who are you two?" Glaus said
"That's not important. We're looking for someone" Kane said
Glaus's scared and angered by their presents. He tried arguing but he noticed Kane's guns and he felt droplets coming down.
"Acid rain!" Dose said, "Where's some shelter!" 
Glaus ran towards his house and Kane and Dose followed Glaus.
This garbage filled area is dangerous because of acid rain and animals. This facility is also on another empty island where the population use to be filled.
"Why are you following me?" Glaus picked up a old pipe, "What do you want!" 
"We need your shelter and I know you know who we are searching for!" Kane said, pulling his gun out
"Who else is here?" Kane said 
"He didn't tell me his name. We rescued me awhile back and I call him Sir" Glaus said
"How long?" Kane said as he robe falls off
"Armada? You're an armada!" Glaus said 
"How long!?!" Kane said, loading his gun,
"Nine years ago!" Glaus shouted
Then Kane and Dose heard the door open, "Who are you two?" 

As Kane turns around. Both of them gazed and was surprised.
"Clockwork?" Devullio said, "Haven't seen one since the great war!"
"I am the leader of the armadas!" Kane said, "You're the one I have been searching for!"
"Leader? You want me?" Devullio said
Devullio had a cane due to Douglass cutting his right leg off. His armor is filthy with dirt and dust on it. Devullio was also skeptical and scared.
"I'm staying here!" Devullio said, "I have missed so much and this is my home!" 
"He cannot be the great Devullio. He's weak and scared" Dose whispered to Kane
"I can get witch doctors to heal you and I can get you armor to protect you and form you into a worthy fighter in this war!" Kane said
"Another war?" Devullio said 
"The great Warrior war. We can win this war and take out your moral enemy!" Kane said
"I am not coming...I...missed so.. much..."
Kane knew he needed Devullio for the great war and he would do anything to make him into the great fight he once was. Kane quickly pulled his cane back out and nailed Devullio in his head, making him unconscious. Then as Devullio falls to the ground, another potential threat was revealed...Glaus.
"Don't shoot," Glaus said, putting his hands up, "Ple..."
Boom! Kane pulled out his pistol in just a second and fired it, nailing Glaus right in his head and took him out fast.
"Carry him," Kane said to Dose walking towards his ship, We're going to a secret island fulled with witch doctors who can heal him,"

Dose managed to get everyone to the secret island known as the "Dark jungles" filled with Witchdoctors, including Bishop. As Kane leads the way, Dose behind him pushing a bed with Devullio on it.
"Master Kane," Bishop said, bowing to him, "Why do you have some armada cripple here?"
"Don't get that arrogant," Kane said, "He's Devullio and I need you to help him."
Bishop strapped Devullio down as he woke up. Bishop and other witch doctors then started putting sacred powder all over his armor and dripping potions in his wounds.
"Stop this! Leave me alone!" Devullio cried,
"Cosmo Dias! Cosmo Dias! Prortor Doez!" Bishop said, "Make this destroyed man into what he once was!"
Spirits started raising up from the ground and went inside of Devullio through his eyes and mouth. Bishop sent others to get strong leg parts and arms. Transforming Devullio into a great strong armada.
"Losu, Minshus!" Bishop said as the spirits exited Devullio's body
Kane was amazed with Devullio's transformation. His legs were improved and his armor. But most importantly his mind and strength. Devullio broke the metal scraps off and stood up, praising Kane.
"What are your commands, my new master?" Devullio said 
"Here's your new sharp weapon" Bishop said, handing him a ginormous ax and sword
"There's an attack in the Aquila's Skyways, the leader of the attack is your formal enemy, Douglass Bullzo. Attack and seek for revenge and get back the Aquila Skyway for important trades routes," Kane said, "I know you will not let me down"
"I will follow your commands," Devullio said, bowing down to his new master, "I will get it back!"

Douglass's men managed to get on the armada's ship with eleven remaining men. Both of the ships are connected and in combat.
"Keep fighting! We're winning this war!" Douglass Bullzo said, slicing two clockworks/armadas
"Keep going!" Dorugh said, Sanchi sending him with Douglass
The pirates took out the remaining armadas. Douglass, Dorugh and seven pirate troops managed to survive.
"We did it!" Douglass said, "We've made history men and extra step for victory in this war" 
As Dorugh was still on the armada's ship, looking for clues, "Hmm"
Boom! Another Armada's ship fired cannons on Douglass's ship, disconnecting the his ship from Dorugh. Armadas started jumping on Douglass's ship and started taking out the pirates, skipping Douglass.
"Sir Bullzo!" Dorugh called, distracting Bullzo
The armadas took out the remaining pirates and Bullzo took out the armadas on his ship. As Bullzo tries to help Dorugh out, Dorugh started shouting 
"Look out!" Dorugh cried
When Douglass Bullzo looked he couldn't believe his eyes. Devullio jumped down, dropping his axe on an alive troop and pulled out his sword.
"'re" Douglass said
"Rematch?" Devullio said, "I've been waiting for this"
Douglass ran towards Devullio. Douglass swung his sword and Devullio dodged it, "Indeed!"
Snap! Devullio stepped on Douglass's arm, snapping his arm causing him to drop his weapon. Devullio kicked Douglass away from him and threw his sword off the ship.
"Oh great memories! Survive you're still alive" Devullio said, kicking Douglass again.
"Surprise your gears are still working!" Douglass said, slowly 
"Here's the end of Douglass's story!" Devullio said, picking his axe up
Devullio raised his axe up, hovering over Douglass and slammed his axe down on Douglass's chest. Killing him.
"No!" Dorugh said, shooting at Devullio
But Dorugh ran out of ammo and fled with an armada's ship.
"Sir Devullio," Dose said, "It's time to go!"
Devullio was starring at Douglass's body, "You deserved this"
Devullio got back on the ship and commanded Dose not to destroy the ship, "Let them see Bullzo's remains and the other troops on this ship!"

"Next, I have heard about a Warrior named Sanchi and his crew" Devullio said, "I feel like the end of the Warriors will come!"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Warrior "Lone wolf"

Alone in the jungles with a pirate by the name Sid Der. Anthony must learn how to survive. After Anthony figuring out who tried to kill him Anthony executes Danga in anger which messes up his mind. Sanchez, Dorugh, Sanchi and Juhn in the mysterious dangerous jungle searching for Anthony. They'll find out on Anthony's whereabouts.

"Wake up, Anthony" Sid Der said, "Wake up"
As Anthony awakes Sid Der was staring at him and he started to laugh. Anthony was below a fire pit and tied up hanging from a tree.
"What...what are you doing Sid?" Anthony said
"Anthony! Ye pathetic pirate scum!" Sid said, lowering Anthony and closer to the fire
"Woah, woah! What is wrong with you?" Anthony cried
"Ye wanna know something, young pirate?" Sid said
"Well I have no other choice!" Anthony said
Sid started telling his story, "I was in the pirate army...the ancient army. About fourteen years ago. I have been in this jungle for fourteen stinking years! Lord Derwitchi told the pirates not to search for survivors! Lord Derwitchi said I and my other troops were dead! First three years, my crew and I got along well and survived. Until some of us got tired...of eating the same thing every single day! I killed my crew for survival...I had too and it was eleven years ago. I drowned them in the water hole you were at. Of course I must find another because you executed one of the men who were suppose to get me out of here!"
Sid betrayed Anthony just to get out of these jungles.
"You are sick!" Anthony cried, "I trusted you"
Sid started laughing and placed more logs in the fire, causing the flame to grow bigger and went in his home, packing everything.

"Sanchi?" Juhn said, "Where are you?"
It was very dark. Juhn couldn't see anything or find anything until he heard someone whispered.
"Son, hide behind the rock"
Juhn went towards the whispers as he gets closer he heard screaming and someone ran towards him with Sanchi's sword.
"Fool! How dare you make me! Loto the great a idiot!" Loto said, swinging the sword
Loto kept swinging the sword trying to strike Juhn but Juhn have a great mind with great abilities. Loto managed to hit Juhn to the ground.
"Here's your fall" Loto said, running towards Juhn
Loto ran towards Juhn and screaming. As Loto tried to strike him, Juhn dodge Loto's strike and Loto got Sanchi's sword stuck in the ground.
"You're a pathetic bounty hunter. You made yourself look like an idiot!" Juhn said, searching for his sword
"You tried to make a fortune with Sanchi and failed, you tried failed, now you come here trying to kill us and you'll fail again!" Juhn said
"Wrong! Danga and I wanted to make sure we've killed your friends. Then we encountered a friend who'll take care of Anthony his self. You've failed and you...will...parish in this woods" Loto said, picking up a stick.
Loto found Juhn and ran towards him with the stick. As he swings Juhn managed to duck in the right time and nailed Loto in his face with a punch. Loto was on the ground, failing his mouth and Juhn kicked him.
"Give up!" Juhn said, "You've failed...once again"
"Have I?" Loto said, getting back up
Loto punched Juhn in his face constantly, knocking him to the ground. Loto sat on Juhn and started choking him.
"Danga, my son and I will become great bounty hunters under Kane's control" Loto said, choking Juhn
"No! You will die!" Juhn said, throwing Loto off of him
Juhn ran from Loto to search for his sword. Loto was furious and started yelling and taunting Juhn Woun to come out and finish the fight.
"Yes!" Juhn said as he finds his sword
Loto picked up Sid's bow with only one arrow left, "Come out Warrior!"
"Right here" Juhn said, with his sword
Loto was frighten knowing that Juhn found his sword. Loto aimed the bow as Juhn started to run towards him.
"You can't kill me!" Loto said and released his bow
The arrow was flying towards Juhn and it nailed Juhn in his leg but that didn't stop Juhn from attacking Loto. Loto picked up a log and threw it at Juhn but Juhn dodged it.
"Goodbye!" Juhn said, slicing Loto's chest open
Juhn dropped his sword and picked up a heavy log, "Where's Anthony?"
Loto started laughing, "Dead!"
Juhn raised the log and slammed it on Loto's head as his son watches his father dies.
"No!" Jeremy said, running away

"Sid... you don't have to do this! There can be other ways to..."
"Silent! Ye just a idiot surviving under controls of pirates playing with swords" Sid said
Anthony could feel the heat rising from the flames. Anthony had to think of something quick.
"Can't believe I'm doing this" Anthony said to his self
Sid went away from Anthony. Giving him time to perform his escape plan. Anthony managed to get a stick in his hands and he got a flame on the stick. Anthony freed his hands with the flaming stick. He grabbed a branch and set the rope on fire. Setting him free. As he dangles on the branch, holding on, Sid was still unaware.
"Time to go" Sid said, removing his decorations from the walls.
"You mean time to die?" Anthony said, picking up his gun
"That's not ye gun! That's ye matey, Bob's gun like ye told me. Ye weak and won't kill someone who taught ye to survive in the woods." Sid said
Then it all came together for Anthony. He figured out Sid's plan and what he have done.
"You loured the Troggies back to my men when I wasn't looking! You did this when I was getting water and you knew what was gonna happen when I planned on getting water for the second time!" Anthony said, loading his gun
"Ye can't kill me" Sid said, turning around and started to pack
"Maybe one day, ye will have the balls to..."
Anthony shot Sid and dropped the gun, "You were wrong"
Anthony went to Danga's ship and got on bored, "I'm coming home, crew"

"Juhn!" Dorugh said, locating him
Sanchez and Dorugh managed to find Juhn but Juhn couldn't find Sanchi or Loto's son Jeremy.
"Guys... what happen and why is my sword nailed into the ground?" Sanchi said, rubbing his head
Juhn smiled, "I took care of Loto myself...did you find Anthony?"
"No, but we found some caves. Let's go search them" Dorugh said
Juhn, Sanchi, Sanchez and Dorugh found the cave where the rest of Sanchi's crew were killed.
"Troggies!" Dorugh said, shooting three of them, "Problem handled"
Sanchez saw the bodies and ran towards them. Devastated but he new it was from the Troggies.
"Anthony...he probably didn't survive...we must go before more Troggies come" Juhn said
As they walk back, Sanchez noticed a ship leaving the jungles, "There goes Loto's son"

All four of them made it back to Skull island. Juhn went to the medics to heal his wound. Meanwhile Sanchi, Sanchez, and Dorugh was explaining to Avery, Gus, Moresco and Chun what have happened.
"Loto and Danga are dead. We still don't know what happen to Danga, but Juhn took care of Loto" Sanchez said, sadly
"What about survivors. Did you find the remaining crew of yours?" Captain Avery said
Sanchez was about to reply to Captain Avery until he heard doors open wide. As Sanchez looked to see who opened them, he gazed and ran towards Anthony. Sanchez, and Chun ran towards Anthony and started to hug him.
"'d you...survive?" Sanchez said, "Did...did you killed Danga?"
Anthony looked up to Sanchez and smiled.
"It's great to have you back, bud" Dorugh said
"Indeed" Sanchi said, smiling

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Warrior "Learn in the jungles"

After dangerous crash. Sanchi's crew only a few survivors survived the crash. After surviving the night Anthony scouted in search for water only meeting someone else, Sid Der must teach Anthony the jungles and how to survive.

It was a cold night with Troggies' noises everywhere Sid founded a way to fall asleep and Anthony was wide awake waiting for Sanchi and the rest to rescue him. When walking back to Sid's home, Sid mentioned to Anthony about learning the jungles and how to survive.
"I don't need training in here...I don't belong here" Anthony said to his self
Anthony was an intelligent pirate. He was great with ship and he knows how to get out of rough situations, but this situation is way over his head. Anthony was wondering if Sanchi knows if he's here and how Sid falls asleep in this mess.
When Sid woke up, he looked around the room and Anthony wasn't in there but his roughed up bag and gun with only seven bullets left was still here.
"Anthony? Where are ye?" Sid said
"Good morning" Anthony said, starting a fire
Sid thought Anthony had the fire for food but as he approaches the fire, there was no food...or anything.
"Ye cooking up some breakfast?" Sid asked
"No. You see the smoke that's going up will alert passing ships that I am stranded and they'll come down here and...." Anthony stopped as the dull flame went out
"Look matey" Sid said, "Let me teach you some survival tips"
"Fine" Anthony said, throwing the two sticks
The first lesson Sid Der constructed for Anthony was hunting. Anthony was outside waiting patiently for Sid Der to come out with equipment, but the only thing he had in his hands were Anthony's gun and his wooden bow.
"Choose" Sid said, dropping both of the weapons
"Choose? I can't shoot a gun. What makes you think I can handle a bow?" Anthony said
Anthony turned around and started walking back to his crashed ship to wait for someone to help.
"Ye killed those Troggies when they executed ye men" Sid said
"They weren't my men! They were my friends...and crew" Anthony said
"Don't ye want to protect ye friends..or family?" Sid said
"My parents are uncle didn't want me. They never taught me how to use a weapon" Anthony said, sitting on a log.
"It be a burden to say it but... what are ye talents?" Sid said, rubbing his beard
"Flying a pirate ship...that's my position in my crew" Anthony said, "But with the currents's just two warriors, a senator, three troops and an idiot flying monster"
"I completely understand" Sid said, handing Anthony the bow, "Let's catch a meal"
Sid managed to talk to Anthony and calm him down. Getting him to use the bow to hunt.

Troggies were located all over this jungle. This jungle has the most population for Troggies throughout the spiral. It wasn't hard for Anthony to find a Troggy. There was a green Troggy with his spear unaware of Anthony and Sid Der.
"Can I use my gun?" Anthony asked
"Firing a bullet will attract more...use the bow" Sid whispered
Anthony picked up Sid's bow and three arrows. He pulled the arrow back slowly and took a deep breath and let go. The arrow went flying towards the Troggy and nailed the creature in it's back.
"Ye did good!" Sid said, "Let's go"
Sid carried their food back and cooked it up. Anthony was a little skeptical on the meal but he had to eat it to survive another night.
"What's next?" Anthony said, licking his fingers
"Are ye thirsty?" Sid said, whipping his hands
" have water in those bowls" Anthony said
"Yes, I do, but I ain't teaching ye anything if I provide you with resources to survive. I'm teaching ye" Sid said, kicking the bowls of water
"Lemme guess...I have to get some water for myself?" Anthony said
Sid smiled and nodded.
"I'd figure that" Anthony said, rubbing his head
The sun was about to go down. Both Anthony and Sid ate and was satisfied now to end the day was to get some water. Anthony was near the water hole where he encountered Sid and at the same exact time he lost his surviving crew members.
"What the?" Anthony said
Anthony noticed a tree with blood on it, "Must of been from before?"
As Anthony passes the tree he noticed bullets behind the tree. Anthony thought he did it to the tree before so Anthony went to the water hole and started filling up.
Boom! Anthony heard two bullets fired but as soon as Anthony got up he heard someone behind him.
"Well, well..." Danga said
"You're the bounty hunter who tried to kill me and the rest of my crew" Anthony said calmly
"Refresh my memory" Danga snickered, "Who are you?"
Anthony didn't asnwer right away. He knew Danga didn't know about his knife. Anthony smiled and took a deep breath.
"Your worst nightmare" Anthony said
Anthony headbutted Danga in his nose causing him to drop the weapon and Anthony swiftly pulled out his knife and stabbed Danga in his stomach.
"You won't hurt anyone! You won't!" Anthony said as he continues to stab Danga
"I..." Anthony said as he stabs Danga again, "am not" He stabbed him once last time then whispered "Afraid of you" Anthony picked up Danga's body and threw him into the water
Anthony watched the water form into red. Anthony's mind started to break away slowly and he burst into tears.
"This is not me!" Anthony cried
As Anthony continues to stare at the blood red water his visions became blurry and he passed out from dehydration.

Sanchez, Sanchi, Juhn and Dorugh was passing an island filled with trees. Sanchez stared at the island and noticed smoke. He remembered when Anthony and the rest of his crew crashed and he officially had a new objective.
"Where are we going?" Juhn said.
Sanchez didn't reply. He was determine to land on the island and search for Anthony.
"Be aware...Sanchez is terrible with ships" Sanchi joked
Sanchez managed to land the pirate ship in the jungles. Sanchez and Dorugh went out to look for Anthony and Juhn and Sanchi stays at the ship.

"Anthony?" Sanchez said, holding his gun. "It's Dorugh and I...Sanchez?"
The jungle was dark as the sun goes down and became very quietly which was unusual.
"This is weird...we never been in these jungles?" Dorugh said
Squeak! A Troggy ran right pass them scaring Sanchez.
"Troggies" Sanchez said, getting closer to the water hole

"Did you hear that?" Sanchi said, pulling out his sword, "Voices"
Sanchi and Juhn started hearing footsteps, not Troggies but someone wearing boots.
"Who's here?" Juhn said
Sanchi and Juhn split up to search around the area. Sanchi heard noises behind him as he turned around he saw someone's shadow.
"Who are you?" Sanchi said nervously
The stranger jumped behind Sanchi kicked him in his back and hit him with a log, knocking Sanchi out.
"Thanks for the sword, Next step. Juhn"

"Juhn?" Dorugh said, "Where are you?"
As they approach the water hole Dorugh dropped his connect device in disgust and shocked.
"What happened? Who's in the water?" Sanchi said
Sanchi stepped in the red water and brought out the body. It was the dangerous bounty hunter, Danga.
"Oh my! What happen to him!" Dorugh said
"He was stabbed...nine times" Sanchi said
Dorugh got away from the body and started to throw up. As he drops to his knees he noticed a knife with blood on it.
"Sir...look" Dorugh said, "Who'd you think owned this weapon?"
Sanchi gazed as Dorugh hands the knife to him and he dropped it.
" way...he's alive!" Sanchi said
"Who?" Dorugh said, throwing up
"Anthony De Sharp...I don't believe it...He made it!" Sanchi said

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Warrior "Survivors in a unknown jungle"

After Danga's risky trip to capture Loto back from the pirates and warriors. The crew sent by Loto's son managed to get Loto back and shooting a ship with pirates in it. The whereabouts on Anthony, trooper Bob and Richard and the rest are unknown but others think they're dead from the deadly explosive crash.

"What's going on?" Trooper Gary said, waking up from the cannons fired at them
"Bounty hunters are firing at us...we're going down!" Anthony said, trying to avoid hitting ships
Their ship was falling apart with ginormous chunks falling out of it and flames raising. With all the damage on the ship from Loto, Alana and Danga is uncontrollable. Anthony managed to steer the ship from crashing into Skull island but causing them to go into an unknown island far from Skull island.
"Our flag is on fire!" Bob said, flames coming down
Their ship was flying through trees in an unknown jungle and then they crashed into a ginormous tree causing a huge chunk of their ship (Anthony, Bob, Richard and Gary) to fall off and everything became black.

"Anthony?" trooper said, hovering over his body, "I think he's dead. We need to go"
When Bob got back on his feet after checking Anthony, they thought he was dead until he started coughing.
"Anthony! You're alive" Richard said, placing his hand on Anthony's forehead, "Lucky one"
Anthony slowly got up and noticed they were in a jungle. Anthony looked up and notice a tree on fire and the remaining of their ship on the tree.
"Did anyone else survive?" Anthony said, rubbing his eyes
"Everyone who was in the room where you were flying survived. The rest are dead" Bob said
The whole mysterious jungle was silent until Troggies started roaring. None of them knew where they were and how far they were from Skull island but they knew they had to find somewhere to rest and hide from the creatures. As Gary started leading the surviving pack, Anthony stayed for a few seconds and traced something in the dirt, "We're still alive -Anthony"
"Do you even know where you're going?" Bob asked, starting to get cold
"Yeah, away from those freaking Troggies" Gary said, stopping
"Shhhh" Gary said, hearing footsteps, "Troggies"
Everyone stopped after hearing more footsteps. Anthony was in the back with a gun with a few bullets left. Then they didn't hear footsteps and Gary took a deep breath in relief.
"They are gone" Gary said
Gary started walking while Richard noticed Troggies in a tree, "Gary stop!"
A Troggy jumped down in front of Gary and stabbed him in his chest, killing him, "Roaaaar!"
More Troggies started jumping down with bows and sharp sticks. One of the Troggies threw a stick at Richard but Anthony threw Richard to the ground, saving him and started shot three Troggies.
"We need to go!" Anthony said, running from the Troggies

After dodging the Troggies's spears and arrows for a period of time they managed to get away from them and found shelter. Everyone was scared, nervous and had no hope after watching the Troggies killing Gary.
"What...are...we..going to do?" Richard said, nervously
"We'll be okay" Anthony said, dropping weapons from dead Troggies, "We'll protect ourself until help arrives"
Everyone doubted Anthony's words. They knew no one would come and they also knew that everyone thinks they're dead.
"Guys... I know we're in a terrible situation" Anthony said, "But we can survive! We faced bigger challenges then pathetic creatures"
"Pathetic creatures?" Bob said, "They stabbed Gary...they killed him!"
"We look terrible and we're in bad condition" Richard said, "We need water or we're gonna die of thirst"
"You guys stay here, I'll get some water" Anthony said
Anthony found a cave where they can rest but the cave was not near any water in this jungle full of dangerous and crazy creatures, but thoughts and concerns was going through Anthony's head.
"Troggies could have a home in that cave and if they return..." Anthony stopped, "They can handle their selves"
Anthony was walking to the nears water hole with a pistol with a few bullets left. Everyone's devices was either destroyed in the crash or there was no connection so their devices are useless, Anthony thought. After walking for thirty minutes Anthony finally found water.
"Yes! We can survive for another night" Anthony said, getting on his knees and started to drink water
Click! Anthony heard a clicking noise and when he turned around it was a old pirate with an eye patch on his eye.
"Hello, mate" He said

The pirate brought Anthony to his small house which was a crashed ship that crashed years ago. His walls was filled with Troggies' weapons and jungle leafs.
"I am Sid Der! What's ye name?" Sid said
"" He said nervously
"Ye must be in the pirate army, ye have a patch on ye worn out shirt" Sid said, observing his looks
"Look sir, I must get back to a cave where others are. We were shot down and crashed in here" Anthony said
"Arrrgh! I heard ye ship blowing up from miles away and it wasn't so smart to hide in a cave...Troggies live there and we just met but ye know ye crew might be dead from them" Sid said, drinking
"Oh no!" Anthony said, started to run back to the cave
"Poor matey" Sid said, following him
Anthony made it back to the cave and noticed Troggies' foot steps printed in the ground and blood on the cave's walls. Anthony slowly walked in the cave and noticed Troggies...and dead pirates.
"No!" Anthony cried, pulling out his gun
Sid was getting close to the cave as he sees the cave and then heard a gunshot...then another, another, another and he started running in there. When Sid walked in the cave he noticed Anthony firing his remaining bullets at a dead Troggy.
"Son! He's dead the first shot" Sid said, lowering Anthony's gun
Sid looked around the cave, noticing the dead pirates and bullets everywhere.
"I can tell you don't use a gun much" Sid said, "Bad aim...terrible aim"

Anthony and Sid went back to Sid's home. The walk there was silent and Sid noticed Anthony crying.
"What is wrong? Don't ye understand, if ye in a army people ye love will die" Sid said, "In wars mateys ye love dies"
"I won't be on this island for long...I know Sanchez and the rest are looking for me...I can feel their pain" Anthony said, whipping his tears
Sid didn't understand what he meant, but he knew just to forget it and head back home.

The Warrior "To the rescue" (Long)

After the need for money to upgrade the armada money, Leader Kane goes out to Marleybone to get information from a former/knowledge friend, after being set up and captured by Loto, Danga and Alana. Need for revenge Sanchi and Sanchez head out to Marleybone to talk to Shopkeeper Owen and being captured too. The bounty hunters gives them to their fellow boss dangerous pirate, Lando Blacksmith and his crew at Blacksmith's ground near Marleybone. Miss senator Julia Carthy and Wing Chun are the only one know about Sanchez and Sanchi's whereabouts but must keep it a secret from the council.

After traveling to Marleybone. All the Warriors in the council doesn't know about Sanchi and Sanchez's whereabouts after being gone for a day.
"Miss senator" Juhn Woun said, noticing Julia roaming around Skull island
Julia heard Juhn calling her name and she was sure that Juhn was gonna ask her about Sanchi. She turned around and notice Juhn with a angry grin on his face.
"Two Warriors didn't show up in the council today" Juhn said, "And you know I'm just asking you because you love one of them"
"Sanchi? Oh no...he's gone!" Julia said, acting like she doesn't know
"They have no contact us and their signal is messed up" Juhn Woun said, still trying to contact them
Then Julia started regretting everything. They could be dead, she thought but then...she remembered the tracking device on Sanchi's robe. Julia walked away from Juhn and checked the tracking device to find out their location.
"Lando Blacksmith! He stole them, oh no" She said to herself
Julia ran to the dome, where Wing Chun is always at in the morning. Knowing that Chun and herself are the only people with information on Sanchi and Sanchez. As she passes the Derwitchi's room, on top of the council. She noticed Bulson Budd, Juhn Woun, Ron Subodai, Captain Avery and more warriors and senators going in the room in a rush so she followed them.
"What's going on?" Julia said, entering Derwitchi's room
Derwitchi's office was filled with people, then a hologram of Lando appeared on his desk
"Hello" Lando said, shining Sanchi's sword, "I have someone you want for a fortune though"
"Depends" Derwitchi said
Lando started laughing and told his men to bring Kane in the hologram to show the pirates. Everyone gasp. But Julia knew that Sanchi and Sanchez was locked up with Kane.
" did you capture Kane?" Derwitchi said, nervously
Lando knew about Sanchi and Sanchez were in the council and if they knew about Lando holding two Warriors hostage. There would be a battle between them and Lando's men.
"If you want him, I want money, alot of money" Lando said, throwing Kane to the ground, "Farewell" 
After Lando left. Everyone in Derwitchi's office had questions. Juhn and others thought it had to be a trap and a fake hologram. Others believed it had to be real and need to send troops there and kill Lando, but it was Derwitchi's action and the Warriors' choice. After everyone left Derwitchi's office, Julia, Chun and Dexter Pittsor (Senators) stayed back and wanted to discuss plans for Derwitchi.
"Sanchi, Sanchez and Kane is at Lando's Blacksmith island, located near Marleybone. Lando and his crew are dangerous bounty hunters and I know Loto and the other bounty hunters are there too! Let me, Chun, Dexter and Sanchi's crew to go down there and talk to them...please sir" Julia said
Derwitchi looked at Julia strangely but thought about time they're wasting so Derwitchi agreed and sent Dorugh, Gus, and Dez with them.

"I liked you guys, I did" Lando said, locking Sanchi & Sanchez up
"Where's Kane and what are you going to do with us" Sanchi said, spitting in Lando's face
"Torture time" Lando said, cleaning the spit off his face, "For trying to escape and disrespecting me! I am Lando stinking Blacksmith and I deserve some respect from a ninja/ Swashbuckler and a damn Privateer"
"I may look like one, but I am not! I am a Buccaneer in the Warriors' council!" Sanchi said
"I don't give a damn about the pathetic Warriors! They aren't pirates like us...they have swords with what? Lava so when they strike their enemy it'll hurt? Pathetic!" Lando said, slapping Sanchi in his face
"Your beliefs are wrong" Sanchez said, calmly
Lando ignored Sanchez and Sanchi's comments and brought out a crate of jellyfish, ginormous jelly fish that flies in the skyway of Skull island.
"Oh no" Sanchez said
"You wonder how in the world this is gonna work? Well your chains are metal and these creatures love metal" Lando said, laughing, "Boys! Sting'em!"
Once the Jellyfishes touched the metal, their torture begun. Lando and his crew were entertained by their torture. If they kept stinking them with their strong and long stingers, Sanchi and Sanchez could died.
"This is great!" Lando said
Then the doors were open and bullets were fired. Everyone got down but they were still being tortured until the jellyfishes were shot. Lando got up and aimed his gun at three pirates then he started laughing
"Three troops with guns and the other three with none? Priceless!" Lando said, "Put your gun downs, my crew"
"You have our people and an dangerous person we want" Dorugh said, not putting his gun down
It was Senators Julia, Chun and Dexter and pirate troops, Dorugh, Gus and Dez against Lando and his eleven men. Luckily they distracted everyone from Sanchi and Sanchez and Sanchi got loose and out. He rushed and picked up his sword and grabbed Lando
"If you don't listen, he'll die!" Sanchi said
"Damn warriors, you're making a huge mistake" Lando said

Two of Lando's men, Jerry & Doug went to Kane, but Kane wasn't in there.
"W-w-where's that dude?" Jerry said
Doug was looking at Jerry and tried to say something but then a sword went through Jerry's stomach. As his body drops Kane was revealed with a gun.
"Woah, don't do this please don't..."
Kane took out Doug and headed to Lando.

"Did you hear those gunshots?" One of Lando's men said, "It had to be Kane"
Lando quickly stepped on Sanchi's foot causing him to drop the sword and swung a punch, knocking him to the ground.
"He dies if you do not lower your guns" Lando said, "I don't play games...well I do"
Sanchi was on the ground in pain and shock while Lando have Sanchi's sword pointing at his head making Dorugh and his men to put their guns down. Meanwhile Kane was walking with a gun and a sword towards Lando.
"Where are the bounty hunters that captured them" Gus said, "We don't want you...we want them"
Then Dorugh, Gus and Dez heard voices behind him that sounded like a women.
"Too bad"
Alana shot Gus three times in his back, killing him. Loto and Danga pointed guns on Dez and Dorugh head.
"Gus!" Dorugh cried as he pushes Danga's gun and dropped to the ground
"Gus! Are you okay? Please!" Dorugh said, but Gus was dead
"Alana! You idiot! You killed one of them, causing a conflict on my ground!" Lando said, making his men aim at the bounty hunters
The bounty hunters were aiming their guns at the Sanchi's crew/senators and Lando's men were aiming their weapons at the bounty hunters. Then Kane walked in the room firing at two of Lando's men.
"Kane, you're here" Sanchez said, only one locked up
Lando aimed his gun at Sanchez causing Lando to aim his gun at Kane, "If you shoot this warrior I'll shoot you!"
Meanwhile Dorugh was on his knees and he started to hear Gus whisper, "Dorugh....bomb"
Gus revealed a grande and pulled the clip. Dorugh quickly slapped the gun out of Alana's hand and dived out of the way of the grande.
Boom! The grande blew up resulting in injuring Alana and Danga, and giving Loto a chance to escape. Kane shot Lando in his shoulder and ran out towards Lando's ship. Alana and Danga managed to get back up and took out most of Lando's men as they tried to escape Dorugh shot Alana and injured her.
"Payback" Dorugh said, getting on his feet

Loto and Danga ran out of Lando's building quick and they also managed to steal his gold too. Loto and Danga finally made it to one of Lando's men ship as they try to place the crate full of gold on the ship Kane walked out.
"Fellas, that's some gold you have there" Kane said, pulling out his gun
Kane had the advantage because Danga and Loto dropped their weapon when the explosion occur, unarmed they raised their hands in the air and begged Kane for their life.
"Give me the gold and you two can fly off" Kane said, "I knew you two killed my enemies at Skull island...I'm not gonna kill you"
Danga dropped the crate next to Kane and slowly got on the ship, ""
Danga and Loto managed to escape off of Lando's island and so did Kane.

"What is going on?" Lando said, treating his bullet wound
"Two bounty hunters got away, alot of you men is dead, they shot one of our men and most importantly...Kane got away" Sanchez said
"I'm just glad we rescued y'all at the right moment" Julia said, hugging Sanchi
Sanchez slowly got up and wondered about Lando's punishment, but then he thought, Lando didn't kill any of us.
"Let's...go...I need some rest" Sanchez said, starting to limp
"Wait...are we not gonna arrest him? For kidnapping and torturing?" Wing Chun said, giving Lando a mean look, "He would deserve it"
Sanchez started shaking his head. Sanchi and Dorugh agreed with Chun's statement...but Sanchez did not.
"Nah, let's go" Sanchez said
"What?" Sanchi and Chun said at once
"With all respect, I think those jelly fish got your brain too" Dorugh said
Sanchez turned around and looked at Lando then looked around seeing his dead men.
"Lando, in my opinion you are a scumbag who we should arrest...but I don't do arresting and I can see you've your punishment with that bullet in your shoulder and eight dead three of your men's ship" Sanchez said, noticing his pain
"You mean two ships?" Lando said
"We need a ship to get back home" Sanchez said, walking out with everyone else
Lando ran outside to Sanchez and everyone else, "I apologize for everything, if you need men...myself and my boys will be honor to help you guys"
"You should worry about rebuilding and acquire more men...Kane has over four million armadas and he knows your location" Sanchez said, getting on the ship

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Warrior "Bounty's profit for both sides"

In need for money for armor for the armada army. Kane heads to Marleybone to talk to a storekeeper, Owen. After trying to get information Owen contacts Loto, Alana and Danga and they capture Kane and plan on turning him to the Pirates for a enormous profit. To make more money these intelligent bounty hunters set Sanchi and Sanchez up to capture and turn them to the Armadas for a profit.

Two days before Kane's kidnap 

It was late in Skull island. Most of the pirates are either training late or are sleeping. All the warriors are already rest except for guards....and Sanchez.
Sanchez was looking on maps and devices from other worlds to figure out Loto location but no luck finding anything about Loto. Who's ever with Loto is more intelligent then me, Sanchez thought. Deleting the where abouts of Loto and's like Loto is dead, Sanchez thought.
"Where could that stupid little..."
"Sanchez, why are you still up?" Sanchi said, noticing him in the Warriors' council room
"Half of you guys don't care about Anthony or any of those troops on bored. They were our stinking crew!" Sanchez said, ripping the map up
"Sanchez, they got away from us. We can't do anything more until they pop up on any devices" Sanchi said, yawning
"You don't under, do you? You guys aren't trying to find them!" Sanchez said, getting in Sanchi's face, "Lemme ask you something. How would you feel if Moresco gets killed by those bounty hunters or that new young senator lady that you already been on three dates with died by them?"
Sanchi didn't have an answer. Sanchez was right, Sanchi thought but Sanchi was afraid to admit it.
"Okay look...I have found this paper outside of Skull island near the docks where they escaped from. It states that a store owner in Marleybone by the name Owen knows alot about bounty hunters. To be honest I think it's kinda strange that they didn't pick this up but tomorrow we'll go out to Marleybone just you and I and talk to Owen about this bounty hunters, sounds good?" Sanchi said, handing Sanchez the paper
"Deal but be aware I'm not going to sleep and we're going early in the morning to be prepare I am waking you up" Sanchez said, sitting down on Bulson's chair in the council
"I might be a tad grumpy" Sanchi joked
Before Sanchi left the room Sanchez called his name, "Do you think there's a chance that Anthony is still alive"
Sanchi didn't know what to say, if he said there's no chance it'll upset Sanchez but if he does say yes, tomorrow mission would be a waste of time.
"Possibly, the crash looked insane but sometimes there are survivors" Sanchi said
Then Sanchi opened the door and started to hear footsteps. At late nights young warriors (new warriors) do not have access to the Council's room. If they get caught in here they'll get in trouble by Avery, Douglass Bullzo or Juhn Woun, but luckily it wasn't a Warrior. It was Sanchi's crush senator Julia Carthy and Wing Chun
"What are you guys doing in here?" Julia said, "Lemme guess Sanchi kept you up"
"Actually misses, I found Sanchez in here" Sanchi said, hugging Julia
"We are going to Marleybone tomorrow to talk to some shop owner that knows alot about those bounty hunters and we'll find them" Sanchez said, showing Julia and Chun the paper
"Why would they leave this sheet behind? It gives this Owen guy information away. It has to be a trap" Julia said
"We'll contact you guys and I'm sure you'll be here for the rescue" Sanchi joked and walked out with Julia
Four hours later, Sanchez went in Sanchi's room and noticed Julia was in the bed with him,
"Wow, he works really fast" Sanchez whispered to his self
Sanchez walked to Sanchi's side of the bed and started shaking him. He woke Sanchi up, scaring Sanchi to death but he got up.
"Let's go" Sanchez said
Right when Sanchi walked out Julia put a tracker on his robe without Sanchi knowing
"You'll thank me later" she said to herself

"So we're going alone?" Sanchi said, getting on the pirate ship
"Yep, pretty much but we CANNOT let anyone know where we are heading" Sanchez said, leaving the docks
It took them a few hours to enter the Stormgate to Marleybone. Sanchi was asleep the whole entire time and Sanchez was taking control of the ship. When they got to Marleybone, Sanchez tried to get to the docks but he scrapped the ship causing alot of noise which woke Sanchi up and other folks in Marleybone.
"Well...." Sanchez said, finally docked the ship, "We are here"
Sanchez and Sanchi got off the ship and started to walk towards Owen's shop. Sanchi was looking at the people and Sanchez was looking for a big shop with Owen's shop on it.
"There it is" Sanchez said, opening the door
Owen heard the door opening and footsteps. Owen rushed to the counters and noticed his customers were two warriors.
"Oh my, I couldn't remember the last time I have receive a Warrior in here" Owen said., cleaning his hands
"Ah, yes. Sir we need you help" Sanchi said, bring his sword out "Few days ago, bounty hunters stole a prisoner from us and when they stole a ship and...killed troops in an approaching ship"
"He was our friend!" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at Owen
"Sanchez! He's not a criminal, don't threaten him" Sanchi said, lowering Sanchez's gun
"I see, I see. May I ask who did they steal and how many are we talking?" Owen said
"Well there was originally three. We captured one of them but he didn't give us any information and when he tried too, he was killed with bounty hunter's equipment. They stole Loto and I'm positive you don't need to know his last name because you're intelligent with bounty hunters" Sanchi said
Then they heard the door open and Owen had a grin on his face,
"We're discussing something important please come another time" Sanchi said, not turning around
"I don't think so" Loto said, shooting Sanchi with an stunner
"Sanchi!" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at Loto
When Sanchez aimed his gun Loto was worried because Alana and Danga entered, pointing their gun at Sanchez.
"I'm not afraid to kill you" Sanchez said
Loto didn't reply instead he just smiled. Bang! Owen came behind Sanchez and nailed him in the head with a pan. Knocking him out.
"Good work Owen, our plan is working. Next this bounty will bring Kane here. Call us when this happens" Loto said
"Anytime for my fellow friends" Owen said

Sanchez and Sanchi was unconscious for a few hours. Making it easy for the bounty hunters to get them to their ship docked at an island near Marleybone that Lando Blacksmith is in charge at with hundreds of his friends.
"What happen?" Sanchi said, waking up in a cell
"We were kidnapped!" Sanchez said
"Again? Really?" Sanchi said
Sanchi noticed there were cuffs on him and chain attached to Sanchez's cuff and another cuff in the corner. There was someone else that was kidnapped too.
"It was about time you two wake up" Kane said
"Kane!" Sanchi said, trying to get up but since the other two were sitting down there was no use
"Don't be so alarm, I could of killed you both by choking you with these chains" Kane said
"What stopped you?" Sanchez said, knowing Kane couldn't do it
"I didn't wanna drag your bodies when I escape" Kane said, smiling
"Oh, Mr. Armada has a plan, let's hear it" Sanchez said
Kane explained his plans to them. When capturing them the bounty hunters didn't put their hands behind their back. If all three of them get up they can head to the bars where the guard is located. Kane can wrap his hands with cuffs on them around the guard neck and his hid head towards the metal bars, knocking him out and get the keys.
"Great plan" Sanchi said
Kane's plan went great, he took out the guard and managed to remove the keys from his belt and they were out, but other guards noticed them escaping.
"Where's a way out of here?" Sanchez said, running behind Sanchi
Sanchi was leading them, with Sanchez behind him and Kane behind him, "This way"
They managed to get outside and noticed a wall with a ladder on it. They started climbing the wall to the top. Boom! Lando's people came outside and started trying to snipe them.
Click! One of the snipers sniped Kane's chain and he started to fall down. Kane was falling to death until Sanchez grabbed his arms, saving his life.
"Drop Kane, he's too heavy!" Sanchi said, holding on the top of the wall
Then they stopped shooting and raised their gun down and someone was above them.
"Guess you three will be a pain" Lando said, looking down at them

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Warrior "Depth"

With battles rising up between the armadas and the pirates, Loto's son sent bounty hunters Alana, Danga  and Guse to Skull island's prison where his father is located to rescue. After escaping Alana fired cannon in Anthony's pirate ship taking him out leaving many pirates devastated and afraid the Warriors set a 100,000 bounty on Loto and Danga.

"Every's hard to remember pirate troops who trained and serve in the army and didn't return back..." Captain Avery said, "Sadly this war we are not just losing people...we lose who we are. That's something a bullet cannot take away from you"
After the death of Anthony, Joseph and other troops on bored his ship was hit and crashed, killing them Sanchez and Chun planned a funeral for Anthony and the rest. Captain Avery attended the funeral and Warriors such as Juhn Woun, Douglass Bullzo, Jarvis CoBris, Ron Subodai, Bulson Budd, Sid Cartari, Sanchi and other pirates attended the funeral too. Dorugh, Dez, Gus, Cody and other pirate troops attened the funeral too with senators such as Wing Chun, Willow Coshus, Dexter Pittsor and new senator/representative Miss Carthy (Julia Carthy) and president Lord Derwitchi.
"It's a fear everyone have, losing people but sometimes it the fear get the best of you, all the Warriors can kill the ones you care about" Lord Derwitchi said, "We'll find this bounty hunters, get Loto back and remember this day"
The funeral only lasted for a few hours after all the warriors, troops and senators/representatives left Sanchez was still sitting down, depress.
"I can't believe this!" Sanchez said to his self, "I will find these bounty hunters myself....Marleybone is filled with bounty hunters who'll have to know these who stole Loto from us!"

In Aquila Kane, Rooke and the rest created a station where armadas are created. Rooke was still in charge with the armada army.
"Did you advance the armadas' armors?" Kane said, looking at armadas being created with dangerous machines
"We cannot afford the metals" Rooke said, "After all those fail bounties and battles we cannot manufacture armor"
Kane looked away from Rooke in a furious way, "Unbelievable! Their armor is too weak! You, myself and Deacon are the only one who can survive rough bullets!"
"You cannot blame me on any of this! You and Deacon wasted alot on fail bounties! Your foolish mistakes and foolish actions" Rooke said, slamming his ginormous hands on the controls, stopping the machines
Deacon didn't reply swiftly. He started roaming around the factory, looking at Armadas
"Master Lifto trained me...I've trained Deacon...Deacon have trained you" Kane said pulling his sword out
"You have failed so many times, Deacon have failed but I will not be disrespected by a ignorant creature in armor because he couldn't take care of his self and lost your legs. Without me creating strong legs for a size perfect for you, face mask attached for your head to protect you and help you breathe good...and finally blades attached to your arms so if you can'll be ready" Kane said, aiming his sword at Rooke
"I'm sorry...sir" Rooke said, "But I've heard about the bounty you hired, Loto. He escaped from Skull Island's prison. I don't know the bounty hunters who stole him but all I know is they're from Marleybone and Loto has a bounty on his head for 100,000"
"I shall disguise myself as an innocent individual and take care of myself" Kane said, removing his mask, "But first, I shall head to Marleybone to talk to a filthy scum who knows alot about bounty hunters"
"Goodluck, Kane" Rooke said, bowing his head

Kane traveled to Marleybone to meet  Owen Williams, man filled with knowledge on bounty hunters and their approaches.
Kane looked around Marleybone and noticed citizens staring at him. Kane walked a long distance just to get to Owen. Kane opened the door to Owen's shop and Owen got on his feet, greeting Kane.
"All mighty Kane, I'd never thought you would be back. How is Sifus? Did he serve you well?" Owen said
"'s the thing" Kane said, pulling out his gun
Kane fired a bullet in the ceiling, scaring all the customers and they all ran out leaving Kane and Owen alone. Owen knew that Kane was all about business but when he pointed the gun at him he developed different thoughts about him.
"What is wrong with you?" Owen said, raising his hands up in fear
"Who kidnapped Loto?" Kane said, getting closer to Owen
"Loto? Someone took him from the prison?" Owen said
"Yes! Your life depends on them and your knowledge" Kane said, loading his gun
"I heard a bounty hunter by the name Danga discussing plans with his two other friends. His son developed the plan, their name is...Danga, Alana and Guse" Owen said, lowering Kane's gun
Then Kane started to hear footsteps and knocking on his door, "Another customer? Open it and tell them to go away"
When Owen unlocked the door, Danga, Loto and Alana bust the door. Before Kane can react, Danga shot his head causing him to drop his gun.
"Pull out your sword, you're dead" Alana said
"Your bullets do not effect my armor" Kane said, snickering
"I have a rocket launcher on my back, don't attempt me" Danga said
Danga helped Owen to get back on his feet,
"Thank you Owen" Danga said, handing him a bag full of treasure
"You set me up!" Kane said, being handcuffed by Alana
"It's okay Kane, we capture two others too that'll you will know" Loto said, knocking Kane out

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Warrior "Loto's escape"

After many battles. Lots of armadas lost such as Armada captain Willis. On the pirates side many pirates were lost and many Warriors were killed. After the famous bounty hunter Loto was captured in Skull island after kidnapping Sanchez and his gang Loto is held in a prison located in Skull island where the Warriors' council is located, pirates training and markets filled with thousand of pirates, Loto's son hired Danga, Alana and Guse to break Loto out and bring him back.

"Are we here yet?" Alana said, sharpening her blades, "I can't wait to take down some pirate troops!"
"We've reached Skull island's southern docks. The guards think we are here to talk to senators and Derwitchi" Danga said, getting off his ship
"You guys must be the ones who are here to talk to the senators" Guard said
There were two guards coming out of the building and to greet Danga and his friends. Not aware that they aren't here to talk to the senators.
"Yes I am Danga" He said, pulling his gun out
"Danga? You aren't the senators from look like bounty hunters! Why are you here?" The other guard said, pointing his gun at Danga
"Indeed" Alana said, winking at Danga
"Lemme get my pass out" Danga said
"Now!" Alana cried
Danga dropped to the ground and Alana and Guse took out the guards. Before arriving to Skull island Danga developed a plan to get into the prison without bring any attention. Once the guards are dead, Alana and Danga put on the guard's outfits and operation "breakout" begun.
"Guse, get back to the ship. We'll contact you to bring the ship around but for now, stay in the ship and hide these bodies" Danga said, kicking the bodies
Danga and Alana, officially disguised as pirate guards entered the building. Both were amazed with all the prisoners in here and the pirates too. Dorugh and his troops were wandering around and noticed Danga and Alana with bounty hunters' weapons.
"Where's the senators from Aquila? Why do you two have bounty hunters' weapons?" Dorugh said, pulling out his gun
"Found them...we heard gunshots outside and the senators haven't arrived yet. You guys are well-trained. Go check it out" Danga said and Dorugh sent his men out there to check it out.
"How are we gonna located Loto?" Alana said
Then during lunch for the prisoners a fight broke out. Three troops ran out to stop it but Danga talked them out and let them handling it.

"Break this fight up, now!" Danga said, shooting his gun
The fight was between Jared Losus, a prisoner who been locked up for eleven years and...Loto. Both kept hitting each other back and fourth and it took awhile for Danga and Alana to get there because of all the prisoners in their way, but after pushing prisoners out of their way, they luckily made it to the fight and noticed Loto.
"Break it up" Danga said
"Or what?" Jared said, turning around with a black eye, "Are you going to shoot me?"
Danga looked at Jared and started to laugh, "Indeed"
Danga fired a bullet in Jared's head and kill him. Leaving Loto speechless but he knew who they were after they removed their helmets.
"Well, well looks like my son knew what he was talking about! Two bounty hunters well.." Loto said
After they ran out of the lunch room. Dorugh and his men noticed Loto was escaping and he pulled down the alarm switch. Fulfilling Skull island with beeping noise, which alarmed Juhn Woun and Sanchi. Juhn and Sanchi were discussing orders with Wing Chun and other senators of the pirates.
"Chun, stay here we have to check this out" Sanchi said
"I noticed an unfamiler ship at the back docks. Let's go" Juhn said, getting his sword out
When they went out, they noticed Guse outside of the ship waiting for the signal from Danga.
"Bounty hunter! Freeze now!" Juhn said, running towards Guse
"Oh no, warriors!" Guse said, trying to get in the ship
Guse tried getting in his ship but luckily Juhn shot him in his foot causing him to fall to the ground. Giving them both times to reach Guse and arrest him.
"Alana, Guse is not replying back. We need to find another ship!" Danga said, hiding from pirate troops
"Surprise! Danga plan is failing" Loto said
"Quiet, atleast we managed to get you out. Now we need a new plan" Alana said
All three of them were in the Skull islands' jungles trying to reach the other docks, attempting to steal a pirate's ship. Avoiding troggies and other pirates they managed to get to the docks.
"Hey, you freeze now!" Danga said, shooting the pirate and getting on bored his ship

"Sanchi, look!" Juhn said, "There they are!"
"They're escaping. By the times our men get to the ship they'll be long gone" Sanchi said, trying to contact Anthony, "Anthony's coordinates are near them. We can get them to fire cannons and destroy the bounty hunters!"
The bounty hunters managed to get out of Skull island, but their problems came back to them as they notice Anthony's ship, full with other pirates firing cannons at their ship.
"We have made contact with them" Anthony said, controlling the ship
"They are taking us out!" Loto cried, "Do something!"
Then Alana figured out a genius plan after dealing with ships for most of her childhood.
"Fire cannons in the bottom port! That'll take them down swiftly" Alana said, firing cannons
"Sir, we're taking too much fire!" Joseph, pirate trooper said, "We're going down!"
Anthony's ship ports started to go out in flames, causing his ship to go down without any control.
"We are hit! Sanchi...we are going down! We are..." Anthony stopped and he was disconnected
Boom! Anthony's ship crashed into a deserted island fill with erupted volcanoes, going up into flames the bounty hunters got away. The crash was so massive, it produced a loud noise pirates on the Skyways noticed and stopped their ship.
"No!" Sanchez cried as he hears the noise
Sanchez, Captain Avery, Lance Mo and Ron Subodai were in a meeting but they heard the noise and dismissed the meeting
"What happen?" Ron said
"The bounty hunters have stole Loto from us and killed troops in that ship...that's in pieces" Juhn said
"He was not just a troop, he was my bestfriend and he saved my life many times! We have to do something!" Sanchez said, dropping to his knees.
"Son, it's too late...he's dead" Captain Avery said, bowing his head in honor for Anthony and other troops.
Sanchez was on his knees sobbing in tears and Sanchi placed his hand on Sanchez's shoulders, "Anthony was great with ships and helping people. We shouldn't allow this, we must track down those bounty hunters and bring them to justice!"
But it was too late, the bounty hunters managed to escape from the pirates and enter the Stormgate, exiting Skull island.

"We did it! We escaped from thousands of pirates!" Danga said, throwing his bottle in the air
"Easy for you to say. We killed troops in their army! They'll hunt us down knowing that we have Loto!" Alana panicked
"Oh honey, dear.." Loto said, patting her back "They are nothing. We'll be safe and sound"
"After we get our money!" Danga said
"I left my son rich and powerful. He'll pay you two well and we'll be safe" Loto said, leaning back, all relaxed

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Warrior "Gilgo monster unleashed"

After going to the ancient land, Xol Akmul to investigate the citizens' problems. Ancient warrior Bulson Budd goes to Xol, bringing Sanchez and Lance Mo they investigate on the Troggies' ancient cave after Troggies leader and Witch doctor, Trogon Newgun summons the great Gilgo out of the grounds. The pirates must stop the great beast before Xol Akmul and their citizens go extinct.

"Citizens of Xol Akmul, you must leave or hide!" Lance Mo cried
"How are we going to take down this monster?" Sanchez said, throwing Trogon on the ground
"Let's try to shoot him" Lance said, shooting the Gilgo but it was no use
The Gilgo wiped many many homes in Xol Akmul leaving the citizens homeless. Sanchez and the rest must do something before it's too late
"We'll need a plan" Bulson said
"Oh yeah because plan A was very helpful" Lance teased
Bulson was getting fed up with Lance and his actions but he knew they would have to work together to take out the Gilgo monster.
"How bout we get froggy talking?" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at Trogon
"I will not destroy my creation!" Trogon said, hitting Sanchez's gun out of his hand, "If this is your way of getting people to talk, I am not impress, no, no, not impress!"
"You don't get it, if we do not defeat Gilgo, he will destroy everything in Xol Akmul! Stop being so ignorant and just spill it out!" Sanchez said
"Your weapons are no match for the Gilgo monster! I guess you warriors aren't that intelligent either! Yes, yes not intelligent" Trogan disagreed
Sanchez raised his hand, about to slap Trogon. As he swings towards Trogan's face Bulson grabbed his hand and threw him to the ground.
"Settle down!" Bulson said
"Why should we? Your plan screwed us over, for a warrior who's ancient, you aren't very useful" Lance said, laughing at Bulson
"I'm not gonna take this from a man who can't get his mouth shut!" Bulson said, pulling out his sword
"Stop!" Sanchez said, bringing his sword out
"Please tell us, this monster destroyed your temple..or cave and he's about to destroy this civilization!" Sanchez said, "Do you wanna be known as the one who destroyed Xol Akmul
After many arguments Trogon finally told them, "Spells, I know this one spell. Yes, yes I do to put him to sleep but with his size it'll take several Witch doctors"
"Sanchez, contact the council and get Madame Vadima and her students down here now! Tell them to be aware of the monster" Bulson said

"Captain Avery, we need your help. Trogon Newgun summoned a dangerous monster, Gilgo" Sanchez said, contacting the council
"We'll send you reinforcements" Captain Avery said
"No, reinforcements won't work. Our weapons are no match for this beast" Sanchez said
"No reinforcementsss? Ssssir Ssssanchez are you isssane?" Jarvis CoBris said
"Indeed, this monster was created by Witch doctors' spells. Send Madame Vadima and her best students" Sanchez said
"This beast? If the Trogan we are know created this monster then a couple of students cannot take down Gilgo" Ron Subodai said
"Ron is right, they're still learning and Ms. Vadima doesn't teach students spells that powerful" Ridolfo Capoferro said
"That's true...but Trogon is willing to help take down this monster if he keeps help" Lance Mo interrupted, taking Sanchi's device
"I will get Madame Vadima and her best students. Stay safe until we send a ship to Xol Akmul" Juhn Woun said, ending the conference
They waited hours for Madame Vadima and her students to arrive on Xol Akmul. The great Gilgo already took many eleven huts.
"There's the ship!" Lance said, running towards them
The Gilgo noticed Lance Mo running and the monster tried to attack him with his long and strong tentacles.
Bulson Budd noticed Gilgo's tentacles flying towards Lance and Bulson ran out, "Lance! Get in cover!"
Bulson started to bother the creature so he could attack Bulson and leave Lance alone. The monster kept throwing his tentacles at Bulson but Bulson used his Warrior training and kept dodging the monster's hits.
But Bulson looked at Lance and nodded his head at him and Gilgo hit Bulson into a rock, injuring him.
"No!" Lance said, "Madame we need to take out this monster, now!"

Lance, Madame Vadima and her students ran towards Sanchez and Trogon
"What spell are we going to perform?" Madame Vadima said, noticing the Gilgo was coming their way
"We cannot kill this monster. No, no we cannot. Too young these students are too young, yes yes" Trogon said nervously, "We'll perform the knockout spell to put this monster asleep"
Madame Vadima, Trogon Newgun and Vadima's four students all stand in a line and started performing the spell as they close their eyes to focus.
"Canu, Slowgun, Doko, Manas!" They all said
Big purple mixed with blue circle appeared, but the Gilgo was still crawling towards them.
"It's not working! The creature is still alive!" Lance said, backing up
"You will go down for a period of time, Canu, Slowgun, Doko, Manas!" They repeated, raising the spell's circle in the air and forced in into the Gilgo
"Doko, Manas! You will fall down!" Madame Vadima said
The Gilgo fell to the ground and his eyes closed.
"We did it! He's asleep!" Sanchez said to Lance, but Lance ran towards Bulson
Bulson was on the ground, dying slowly with his eyes almost closed but he sees Lance looking at him.
"I am sorry, Bulson! Don't go out like this! You're an amazing Warrior and you do not deserve this because of my foolishness" Lance said
"Can't you guys do something about this?" Sanchez cried
"There's a healing spell, but to perform we'll need to sacrifice someone" Madame Vadima said, placing her hand on Bulson's head
Then Trogon, moved Sanchez and the rest out of his way, "I'll do it"
"You will?" Sanchez and Lance both said
"You were right. I don't want this village to remember me for destroying this place. I'd sacrifice my own spirit for this brave warrior" Trogon said, placing his staff on Bulson's chest, where his heart is located.
Trogon placed his alive spirit and beating heart into Bulson's body. Killing Trogon but bring Bulson back to life and healthy.
"You're alive! He did it...he really did it" Lance said, patting Bulson on his back
"We'll have to throw a huge ceremony here for this brave troggy and hey..I thought troggies was just annoying useless creatures. That's not the case" Bulson said

The Warrior "Ancient grounds"

After many battles on Xol Akmul, Skull island, with deadly cannons, weapons and explosion on it's ground. Citizens on this ancient ground hear strange noises of Troggies, enough noise to scare the citizens out of the area. Sanchez head to Xol Akmul with Lance Mo and Bulson Budd to investigate the problem and talk the citizens in joining along the Pirates to take out Lifto and the army.

"Here we are...Xol Akmul" Lance said
"Not a fan of this area. Why are we investigating such an old area? Heck when I was training to become a stinking Warrior, Xol was still around" Bulson complained
"The stories of the Jungles of Xol Akmul is so interesting! Steven's journal was a great piece of history, but sadly it's still not found" Lance said
All three warriors walked into the village of Xol Akmul. Many of it's citizens were leaving the place because of fear. Lance Mo and Bulson Budd knew alot about Xol Akmul meanwhile Sanchez only knew that it's very old. Sanchez tried speak with the citizens, but this place is so ancient that their citizens spoke a different language.
"This dang citizens speak a language I don't even know" Bulson said
"Surprise, you're old" Lance joked
"They won't be able to help us, guess we'll have to figure it on our own" Sanchez said
Sanchez, Lance and Bulson started roaming around the village. The people of the village was trying to speak to them but they didn't know what they were speaking.
"What are they trying to tell us?" Lance asked, noticing the whole village was yelling in fear
"Wait, they're trying to show us something" Sanchez said, also noticing one of the citizens pointing
The young citizen was pointing at a cave, where the noise was coming from. The three Warriors officially started investigating as they entered the dark and apparently quiet cave. As they entered the cave questions started going through their mind.
"Captain Avery and Lord Derwitchi stated that they heard loud and roaring noises. I hear nothing" Lance said as he stopped
"Wait a minute" Sanchez said, pulling out his gun
Sanchez fired his gun in the cave and a few seconds later roaring noises traveled around the whole cage.
"There's your answer" Sanchez said

After wandering around the cave, they found torches and took them for light
"I can't stinking think with these creatures roaring!" Bulson complained
"All you do is complain!" Lance said
"I advise you to keep your mouth shut! I been a warrior for twenty-six years! You only been a warrior for six years" Bulson argued
"Guys shut up, we've reached the end" Sanchez said, shining the torch
When they reached the end of the cave there was a room full of Troggies and their king, Trogon Newgen which they're worshiping him.
"These? Troggies were their fear? After what Xol been through? Pathetic!" Lance said, pulling out his gun and sword
"They are Witch doctors. They know power that Madame Vadima couldn't even teach" Bulson said
"Hey Troggies, you're a problem to the citizens" Lance said, giving away their cover
"Perhaps...they are a problem to US? Yes, yes?" Trogon said
Bulson and Sanchez was furious with Lance's action, giving away their position and talking bad to dangerous Troggies.
"That's why we were sent to stop you lillypads!" Lance said
"You shall not come in our lair and talk to us like we're trash! Yes, yes?" Trogon said, summoning his minions, "We're busy summoning the great Gilgo to claim what was ours!"
"You're gonna have to stop myself, Bulson and Sanchez first" He said started shooting at Troggies
"Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Attack now!" Trogon said
Hundreds of troggies started throwing spears at them meanwhile Trogon was busy trying to summon Gilgo. Lance and the rest got behind rocks, avoiding the spears
"Look what you have done!" Bulson said, pushing Lance
"There are too many of them" Sanchez said, "Stop fighting. We need a plan"
"We can't handle all these troggies, but we can handle Trogon if the troggies are all focus on us" Bulson said
"What are you trying to tell us, chub?" Lance said
"You and Sanchez go to Trogon and hold him hostage. They'll have to let us get out of here in one piece" Bulson said

Bulson went out and started slicing troggies and firing shots in some, distracting them from their objective
"You guys might wanna hurry!" Bulson complained
Lance and Sanchez ran down, avoiding the troggies and managed to get to Trogon. Both of the warriors pulled out their sword and walked toward Trogon.
"Hurry up!" Bulson said, getting hit in the leg by a spear and falls to the ground
The troggies surrounded Bulson and raised their spears, ready to kill Bulson quickly until they heard "Stop!" by Trogon and their listened. Lance was behind their leader with his sword.
"Don't attack him! If you do, your master will die" Lance said
"It is too late for your threats! Yes, yes! I have summon Gilgo the dangerous troggy of all in the entire spiral" Trogon said
"Uh, excuse me?" Bulson said
Then the whole entire cave started to shake and all the troggies dropped to the floor and started praising the ginormous hole in the ground.
"What in the world?" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at the open hole
"Roaaaaaaaar" Gilgo's roar echoed throughout the cave
"What have we done" Lance said, unhanding Trogon
"You have made a mistake with myself, a great Witch doctor you'll ever meet!" Trogon said as he drops to the ground, praising the great Gilgo monster.
Gilgo crawled out of the hole and started roaring. The great beast slung his hand at Trogon but Sanchez managed to tackle him out of the way
"Looks like the monster turned on you. Get all your minions out of here before this creature kills them and us!" Sanchez said
Bulson, Lance and Sanchez ran out of the cave with Trogon warning all the citizens in Xol to get out as the monster starts destroying their huts.
"Contact Avery" Lance Mo said, "We're in trouble"

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Warrior "Escape from Sifus"

After dangerous bounty hunter, Sifus Lade and his men (Eric, Saveus and Gevus) kidnap Chun. Warriors' council sends Juhn Woun, Sanchez, Sanchi, and their crew to save Chun. After Chun managed to give away his coordinates. Juhn and Sanchi's crew arrived on Sifus's ship finding Chun and killing Gevus.

"Sifus, the ship have stopped" Eric said, "It appears that the drivers have been a sword?"
"Warriors! They are on my ship! Warn the armadas and search for them! Now!" Sifus said, trying to contact Kane
"Yes Sifus?" Kane said
"We have an issue. Warriors are on my ship" Sifus said
"Fool! Check on Chun now and handle this issue or you'll be dead" Kane said
Sifus tried to contact  Gaveus, but there was no reply and Sifus started to worry. Sifus sent Gevus's brother, Saveus and other armadas to go down to the cells and check on Chun.
"Hello? Brother are you here?" Saveus said, entering the prison room.
"Uh sir, Geveus is dead" An armada said, pointing at his body
Saveus dropped to the ground, "Tell Sifus that he's dead and Chun is gone, now!"
The armadas left the room, leaving Saveus alone in the room.
"I can't believe they did this to you, brother!" Saveus said, hearing footsteps
"We're about to do the same thing to you" Captain Dorugh said, firing shots into Saveus
"Sir, they know we are here. We must contact Sanchi" Commander Dez said
"Sanchi took care of the drivers of the ship. They aren't going anywhere" Juhn said, "We must move now"
Everyone ran upstairs, but Chun. He was too weak.
"We...can't just...leave this ship...We must take...out Sifus" Chun said, becoming weaker
"He's right, we need to do something" Gus said
"No! Once Kane arrives there'll be more armadas. We must leave. Contact Sanchi tell him to meet us at the ship" Juhn said

"Sanchi, are you there?" Sanchez said, through the device
"Yes, I'm with Gergous and Derves. We are near Sifus. I'm going to take care of him myself" Sanchi said
Sanchi, Gergous and Derves heard Sifus yelling at armadas after hearing Chun was gone.
"Our objective is complete. What now?" Derves said
"Once the armadas leave. We'll take care of Sifus" Sanchi whispered
"Sir with all respect that's stupid. We have Chun and we'll have to leave now" Gergous said
"I'm not, you two can go back. Tell Juhn that I'm in contact with Sifus" Sanchi said, pulling out his sword
"Yes sir" Gergous said, but Derves stayed with Sanchi
Sifus gave commands to the armadas to search for Chun and kill the Warriors and the armadas left to search for them.
"Eric, contact Kane one last time" Sifus said, but Eric didn't answer
"Eric? Where are you?" Sifus said
"He's dead" Sanchi said, revealing himself
"Warrior! They are my specialties" Sifus said, pulling two of his swords out, "I've had training as well"
"Indeed, Derves stay back. Make sure no armadas come in...I got this bounty hunter myself!" Sanchi said, running towards Sifus
Cling, cling, cling both of them are in contact with each other, but Sanchi didn't know that Kane was nearby.
"You must be new with this whole business" Sanchi said
"I've been in this business longer then you!" Sifus said, trying to strike Sanchi
"What the?" Sanchi said, hearing gunshots
"Sir, more armadas are coming.. there are too..." Derves stopped and fell to the ground with bullets in his chest
"Give up! You're trap" Sifus said as armadas started to march in
"You must be really," Sanchi laughed
Sanchi kicked Sifus in the stomach causing his to fall down and ran past him and towards the ship.
"Where's Sanchi? A dozen armada ships are here!" Anthony cried
"Right here!" Sanchi said, getting on the ship, "Get us out of here now!"
"You made it...where's Derves?" Gergous said
"Dead, wish it was the same for Sifus but there was too many armadas coming in. I had him too!" Sanchi said

"Did you capture Wing Chun back?" Kane said, walking in
"No sir...the Warriors and the troops killed my men! What kind of mission was this?" Sifus said
"You said you would fail me" Kane said, pulling out his gun
"My men didn't search the prisoner. He had his contacting devices and gave away our position! I wasn't in charge for those actions!" Sifus said
"Those were your men!" Kane said
"If you want me to track them down and get Chun back, I'll need a bigger pay or you can..."
"I don't think so" Kane said, killing Sifus, "Useless bounty hunter. Inform Lifto that Wing Chun escaped"
After escaping from Kane and the bounty hunter's ship. Sanchi, Juhn, Chun and Sanchez met with the Warriors' council
"Good job for getting Chun back. I knew I can trust Juhn and Sanchi" Captain Avery said
"Well, Sanchez and his men helped out alot too. I guess I can finally looked forward for more to come with these warriors" Juhn said
"But, that bounty hunter is still out there" Bulson Budd said
"Yesss, what are we going to do with him?" Jarvis CoBris asked
"The important thing is that we've got Chun back" Ron Subodai said
"I'm pretty sure after we escaped from another bounty hunter, Kane would be fed up with them and probably fed up with Sifus his self" Sanchez said, patting Chun on his back
"Feels great to be back" Wing Chun said, "Thanks for rescuing me"
"Anytime pal, now go get some rest" Sanchez said
"Oh I need it for sure" Chun said, leaving the council

The Warrior "Chun's knowledge"

After Lifto signed Leader Kane to an object to figure the secrets on the pirate's army. Kane hires dangerous bounty hunter, Sifus Lade and his crew Eric Daws, Saveus Cole and Gevus Docks. The Warrior allegiance/council sends Juhn Woun, Sanchi, Sanchez and their crew (Captain Dorugh, Commander Dez and Gus, Derves, Gergous, Moresco and Anthony)

"Why would anyone want to kidnap Chun?" Sanchi asked
"Not just anyone, it can't be Deacon. Deacon not smart enough to hire good bounty hunters. This is the work of Kane hiring bounty hunters. Chun is important to us because he knows alot of information about the army and if they get him to talk. We are doom" Juhn said, "Anthony, you and the other troops get the ship"
"How come Chun holds all this information?" Sanchez said, wondering why he doesn't know any information.
"We've promoted him up, not to a commander but to a negotiator, but also he was an easy target too unlike Avery or another other warrior" Juhn said, picking up the plate with the tranquilizer bullet in it
"But, how come they attacked and captured Sanchi and I before? More then once" Sanchez asked
"Well, every time they've captured you two. Both of you guys managed to escape causing alot of damage" Juhn said, "Kane was thinking out of the box this time"
"Well, we might wanna go now. It's gonna take awhile just to investigate and find them" Sanchez said
"Sanchez is right, this is a mission we cannot lose" Sanchi said as the ship arrives, "Let's go"

"Kane, good evening" Sifus said, contacting him
"What is it now?" Kane yelled
"Aye, watch your tone. I advise you not to talk to me like that. When I have Wing Chun" Sifus said, pointing his gun to Chun's head
"Lock him up. I'll meet you at Aquila" Kane said
"Will be done" Sifus said, "Saveus, lock our prize up"
"Okay Sifus. Come with me scumbag!" Saveus said, pushing him towards the cells
"Sifus, aren't you worried about the warriors' council finding us? They'll kill us!" Gaveus said
"Oh Gaveus, go with your brother and stop worrying. He's in our hand and he's worth a fortune" Sifus said
Saveus threw Chun into the cold and dark cell, "Have fun in here"
Chun was struggling just to get on his feet from the tranquilizer shot. Then he started to hear voices, it was Sanchez.
"Chun, are you there? Where are you? Can you tell us your coordinates? It's me, Juhn, Sanchi, Moresco, and the rest. We are trying to find you but you'll need to talk to us" Sanchez said, through his contacting device
"Sir, not to be so negative but these bounty hunters are really smart. They probably have his device" Commander Dez said
"'s me, Chun I am in a dark and cold cell. Please send help. My coordinates are North, 1283 near Aquila" Chun said
"He's in the stormgate, heading to Aquila" Anthony said, "I know where that is"
Gaveus went in the cells after hearing Chun contacting and giving his location away, "You pathetic piece of trash!"
Gaveus started to punch Chun in anger, "You're nothing. Your friends aren't smart enough for the coordinates!"
"Don't be so negative!" Chun said, "They will find me"
"I wouldn't be so sure" Gaveus said, pulling out a tazer, "This is gonna hurt"
"Brother! Stop we need him healthy and alive" Saveus said, taking his tazer
"Just stay here, make sure he doesn't do it again" Saveus said, "Remove his devices this time"

"They are torturing him! I heard him screaming in pain" Sanchez said, looking at his reflection from his sword, "I want to take care of this bounty hunter myself!"
"I'll help you" Captain Dorugh said
"Quiet! They won't kill them, not yet at least. We need to focus on our objective to save him from spilling the secrets" Juhn said
"Anthony, where are we?" Juhn said, noticing they aren't in Skull island's skyway
"Aquila's Stormgate, there's their ship!" Anthony said
"Master, we are here!" Moresco said
"Anthony, Moresco and Gus. You three stay on the ship, Gus I want you to protect them" Sanchi said
"It'll be done, sir. Goodluck" Gus said, saluting Sanchi
Sanchez, Sanchi, Juhn, Captain Dorugh, Commander Dez and troops, Gergous and Derves entered Sifus's ship.
"Kane gave this bounty hunter lots of armadas. We'll need to get Chun and leave quickly before they find out we're here" Juhn said
"You guys look for Chun. Gergous, Derves and myself will find some answers" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out and went another direction
"Is he this complicated?" Captain Dorugh asked
"Nah" Sanchez said, "He's determined and excited"
Gaveus noticed another ship next to theirs, "Looks like your rescue squad is here. Change of plans"
Gaveus brought out his knife, unlocked the cage and threw Chun out of it.
"You will die, now!" Gaveus said
"I don't think so" Juhn said, stabbing Gaveus in his back
"Master Juhn! guys came to rescue me!" Chun saidm praising them
"Chun" Sanchez said, placing his hand on his shoulder "You're family. How can I ever leave you?"

The Warrior "Bounty's dream"

After many failed objectives by Deacon, Rooke and more armadas. Lifto puts Kane in charge for the next objective to figure out the secrets of the pirate troops to end the warriors and end the war.

"I know you'll impressed me, Kane" Lifto said
"Of course my lord, I'll hired men who will not let me down" Kane said
"Indeed, Wing Chun knows alot about the troops. You must capture him and make him spill out every detail he knows" Lifto said
"Wing Chun? He's just a companion in the army, how will he know anything? We should try to capture Juhn Woun or Captain Avery" Kane said
"Many companions are in their army. Chun is close with Sanchez and Sanchi. Captain Avery trust him as much as Juhn. Even Lord Derwitchi sent him on negotiating missions to other worlds. Mr. Chun is important to the pirates just like I am important to you. Do not fail me, but...if you have any concerns or questions contact me. I'll be in Valencia with Deacon and the rest" Lifto said
"Yes sir" Kane said
"Oh...and Kane" Lifto almost forgot, "Don't turn out like Willis. I know you truly miss him"
Kane traveled to Marleybone. Far from Skull Island and Valencia, but Marleybone is known for the best and dangerous bounty hunters in the whole Spiral.
"Sir, are you sure there are bounty hunters in this kinda of area?" Dose said
"Postive, I know an Eagle bounty hunter from my past who is willing to make alot" Kane said, landing on the docks.
"Dose, stay on the ship. I will return shortly" Kane said, exiting the ship.
When Kane made to to Marleybone. Many of it's citizens ran back to their homes. Thinking that the armadas are here to take over and kill them.
"Hmm" Kane said, approaching a gate
"Freeze, we know who you are and we'll not allow armadas take over Marleybone" Marleybone guard said, pointing his gun at Kane
"You have received incorrect information. I am here for a bounty hunter by the name, Sifus Lade" Kane said
"I would never guess it" Sifus said, "Powerful man would ever need my help. What's this for? Capturing someone that your own men can't?"
"Sir Lade. Come with me I've got a mission for you that'll pay big" Kane said, heading towards his ship.

After Kane and Sifus approached Kane's ship, they started discussing a plan for the Bounty.
"I've heard you've collected alot of bounties, is this right?" Kane said
"Indeed! I've never failed anyone" Sifus said, starting to drink
"I don't want a cocky bounty hunter nor a drunken one" Kane said, slapping his drink out of his hand,
Sifus was furious by Kane's action. Sifus was known for his bounty skills but also his drinking habits.
"I have heard the same story from another bounty hunter, Loto and his men failed back resulting in the deaths of his men, but Loto was lucky the pirates arrested him before I could ever kill him" Kane said
"Loto was to ignorant. The men I'll hire will not fail you, neither will I" Sifus said
Kane brought out his sword, "If you fail me. I'll find you and your men and kill them. Is that clear?"
Sifus was not scared of Kane's threat because he believes he wouldn't fail someone with great power and fortune.
"I will not fail you" Sifus said, moving Kane's sword out of his face, "Now, what's the plan?"
Kane explained the objective to Sifus. Kidnapping Chun. Kane also explained Chun's characteristics and how important it is to keep him alive and healthy. Sifus understood on keeping him safe and developed a plan to capture him.
"He's a companion. Worthy too, but they have to eat like any other pirate or warrior. I'll go to Skull island's market and put him to sleep for a period of time until we deliver him to you. Trust me, I've killed Warriors and Pirate troops before. I know what I am dealing with" Sifus said, nodding his head to Kane
"Excellent, gather up your men and head to Skull island" Kane said, handing him a contacting device, "If you need anything else. Contact me"
Sifus gathered up three of his friends who are also bounty hunters and they started to head to Skull Island.

"Sir Woun, would you like anything? Sanchi? Bulson?" Chun asked, holding his devices and many plates
"We're are fine, feed yourself before the markets close" Juhn said
"Me will come too, to keep you company" Moresco said, picking up some plates
"No, Moresco you need to come with me. I wanna show you around" Sanchi said
Wing Chun started to walk to the markets. His devices kept falling off his arm so Chun decided to place it in his pocket. Holding two plates with both of his hands.
"Good day to you Miss Louis" Chun said, bowing down to her
"Oh, Chun what would you like today?" Louis said
"Just a couple of fruits, rest of the Warriors aren't hungry I guess. Even Bulson isn't hungry" Chun said
"Indeed" Louis said, placing some fruits on his plate "You take care"
Chun started walking back. Until Sifus and one of his men, Eric stopped him.
"Hello, I would like to talk to you" Sifus said pulling out a advance tranquilizer gun
"No thanks" Chun said
Sifus shot the tranquilizer gun but Chun raised his plate. Tranquilizer bullet striking the plate and Chun started to run.
"Shoot! Eric shoot another one!" Sifus said
Eric fired another one, hitting Chun in his back causing him to hit the ground. Still awake Chun started to crawl towards help but Sifus caught up.
"You're worth a fortune to Kane, now you're worth a fortune to me" Sifus said, knocking him out.
"Eric call the rest, tell them to meet us at the docks located South. We need to go now" Sifus said

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Warrior "Protect your own ground" Part 2

Geo Dudson came up with a plan to win the Monquista war against the armadas. Sending Dez, Cameron, Luke and Ben in the base, disguised as armadas while Geo Dudson and pirates such as Blute and Gus to defend with the Monquistans with General Asktu, Monquistan warrior Erik and hundreds of more.

The four men in 0369 were wandering around the base, finding the control room to get a signal out to Juhn for reinforcements.
"This armor. It's too hot, I need some air for just a moment" Luke said, removing the mask
Luke was looking around and noticed armadas but they didn't notice him, "Suckers!"
Cling, cling. Luke dropped his masks causing a loud noise, giving Luke attention. Three armadas started firing at Luke.
"Luke, no! Men, shoot those armadas!" Cameron said
"If we do, we'll give away out position and get killed!" Dez said
But Cameron strongly disagreed, "With Geo somewhere else, I lead this mission! Fire at them now we cannot leave a brother behind"
But it was too late. The armadas fired two bullets in Luke's stomach and back, "I...made my mistake...leave me now"
Cameron ran towards Luke's body, trying to help him but it was too late. Luke was killed. Then the three armadas ran towards Cameron.
"Why are you trying to help a pirate? They are our enemy!"
"'re my enemy" Cameron said and destroyed the three armadas, causing a huge destruction
Ben and Dez knew Cameron would mess up the mission and get them killed,
"What is wrong with you?" Ben said, pushing Cameron
"You let them kill one of our own!" Cameron said, pushing Ben back
"He messed up. He made a mistake resulting in getting himself killed!" Dez said, breaking the fight up
Cameron stopped, "You're right. We must go now!"
All three of them managed to get to the control room, but there was one problem. Captain Lisk was in there.
"Lisk! There are armadas down there, I need you" Cameron said, "You might wanna hurry, I'll come with you"
Cameron went with Lisk, leading him away from Ben and Dez
"Juhn, we need reinforcements. You must hurry. Geo Dudson and the rest of us in Monquista needs you" Ben said, sending the message
"Let's get out of here" Dez said, removing the armor "Cameron will join us once he does his duty"

Armadas was everywhere taking out lots of Monquistans. Geo and the rest were deeply out numbered.
"We must keep fighting! We're not gonna give up!" Gus said
The armadas took out alot of Monquistans, killing Erik in fire hours ago, "We're losing too many. We must give up!"
"No, we cannot give up. I believe in my men. They can do this!" Geo Dudson said
Armadas were getting closer to their camps taking out Monquistans in their way too, "Take out every living thing you see! I don't want to see them alive, even the Warrior!"
The Armadas started launching explosives on their ground and one landed right next to Blute.
"Blute look out!" Geo cried
Boom! The explosion was massive, Dez and Ben heard the explosion as they entered the Monquistan base.
"No!" Dez cried, picking up Blute's weapon, "He...he can't be dead!"
"Where is Cameron and Luke?" Geo said, taking out a couple of armadas with his sword
"Luke is dead, Cameron will take out of Lisk and the base" Ben said, firing at armadas
More and more Armadas started to arrive in their camp, killing massive numbers of Monquistans.
"Sir!" Ben cried, "We must go..."
Ben stopped, hearing a gunshot and fell to the ground. Hundreds of armadas flanked them from behind.
"Get in cover!" Geo said, taking armadas out
"Sir, what about you!" Dez cried
"Leave me behind. I am going to take out as much armadas as I can!" Geo Dudson said
Everyone hid behind shelter, leaving attention to Geo Dudson
"Give up!" An armada said, shooting his leg, dropping him to the ground
Armadas surrounded Geo, "Tough luck for this Warrior"
Dez stopped as he notices the gunshots stopped and saw Armadas surrounding Geo, "Geo!"
Boom! All the armadas surrounding him fired several bullets into Geo Dudson, killing him.
"No! Come on Cameron, where are you!" Dez said
"We're relying on Cameron to save us and get those reinforcements" Gus said, honoring Geo Dudson

"We're winning this war" Captain Lisk said, "One step ahead of those pirates!"
"Indeed" Cameron said, still disguised as an Armada
Cameron and Captain Lisk was still walking down to the lower part of the base, but Cameron didn't know that his squad was in danger.
They finally reached to their destination, but Captain Lisk noticed Luke's body and other destroyed armadas, "What is going...I didn't recall your name armada"
Cameron took off his mask, "I am 0369 and you're gone"
Cameron loaded his gun at Lisk and took care of him.
"Now how do I start these tanks without killing myself?" Cameron said to his self
"Over here!" Armadas said, firing at Cameron
"No!" Cameron said, getting shot in the leg
"Kill him now!"
"Change of plans. Luke guess we're gonna meet again" Cameron said, aiming his gun at the tank
"Kill him he's going to..."
Boom! The whole base went down as the tanks started to blow up one at a time. Killing Cameron and the remaining armadas. The blast was so massive, Dez and Gus saw the base blowing up.
"He did it, contact Cameron and tell him I said..."
"His device is off...I think he was in the blast" Gus said
"I guess we're the survivors" Dez said
Then the remaining armadas aimed their weapons at Dez and Gus, "Freeze!"
Then, the armadas was killed. Hundreds of pirates entered the battle firing at the armadas.
"He did it! We're saved!" Dez said
"Look who I've found, Commander Dez and Commander Gus" Juhn said, "Men, they are over here. Don't worry we'll take care of your wounds"

After leaving Monquista, peaceful and satisfied. Juhn and Captain Avery threw a ceremony honoring squad 0369 and the ones who didn't make it.
"We'll remember this war in our heart. The deaths of these members we shall remember forever!" Lord Derwitchi said
"Commander Ben, Commander Blute & Cameron, Commander Luke and Warrior Geo Dudson may rest in peace" Derwitchi said, "But the two survivors of the amazing squad, Commander Dez and Commander Gus. Thank you for protecting Monquista"