Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Warrior "Loto's escape"

After many battles. Lots of armadas lost such as Armada captain Willis. On the pirates side many pirates were lost and many Warriors were killed. After the famous bounty hunter Loto was captured in Skull island after kidnapping Sanchez and his gang Loto is held in a prison located in Skull island where the Warriors' council is located, pirates training and markets filled with thousand of pirates, Loto's son hired Danga, Alana and Guse to break Loto out and bring him back.

"Are we here yet?" Alana said, sharpening her blades, "I can't wait to take down some pirate troops!"
"We've reached Skull island's southern docks. The guards think we are here to talk to senators and Derwitchi" Danga said, getting off his ship
"You guys must be the ones who are here to talk to the senators" Guard said
There were two guards coming out of the building and to greet Danga and his friends. Not aware that they aren't here to talk to the senators.
"Yes I am Danga" He said, pulling his gun out
"Danga? You aren't the senators from look like bounty hunters! Why are you here?" The other guard said, pointing his gun at Danga
"Indeed" Alana said, winking at Danga
"Lemme get my pass out" Danga said
"Now!" Alana cried
Danga dropped to the ground and Alana and Guse took out the guards. Before arriving to Skull island Danga developed a plan to get into the prison without bring any attention. Once the guards are dead, Alana and Danga put on the guard's outfits and operation "breakout" begun.
"Guse, get back to the ship. We'll contact you to bring the ship around but for now, stay in the ship and hide these bodies" Danga said, kicking the bodies
Danga and Alana, officially disguised as pirate guards entered the building. Both were amazed with all the prisoners in here and the pirates too. Dorugh and his troops were wandering around and noticed Danga and Alana with bounty hunters' weapons.
"Where's the senators from Aquila? Why do you two have bounty hunters' weapons?" Dorugh said, pulling out his gun
"Found them...we heard gunshots outside and the senators haven't arrived yet. You guys are well-trained. Go check it out" Danga said and Dorugh sent his men out there to check it out.
"How are we gonna located Loto?" Alana said
Then during lunch for the prisoners a fight broke out. Three troops ran out to stop it but Danga talked them out and let them handling it.

"Break this fight up, now!" Danga said, shooting his gun
The fight was between Jared Losus, a prisoner who been locked up for eleven years and...Loto. Both kept hitting each other back and fourth and it took awhile for Danga and Alana to get there because of all the prisoners in their way, but after pushing prisoners out of their way, they luckily made it to the fight and noticed Loto.
"Break it up" Danga said
"Or what?" Jared said, turning around with a black eye, "Are you going to shoot me?"
Danga looked at Jared and started to laugh, "Indeed"
Danga fired a bullet in Jared's head and kill him. Leaving Loto speechless but he knew who they were after they removed their helmets.
"Well, well looks like my son knew what he was talking about! Two bounty hunters well.." Loto said
After they ran out of the lunch room. Dorugh and his men noticed Loto was escaping and he pulled down the alarm switch. Fulfilling Skull island with beeping noise, which alarmed Juhn Woun and Sanchi. Juhn and Sanchi were discussing orders with Wing Chun and other senators of the pirates.
"Chun, stay here we have to check this out" Sanchi said
"I noticed an unfamiler ship at the back docks. Let's go" Juhn said, getting his sword out
When they went out, they noticed Guse outside of the ship waiting for the signal from Danga.
"Bounty hunter! Freeze now!" Juhn said, running towards Guse
"Oh no, warriors!" Guse said, trying to get in the ship
Guse tried getting in his ship but luckily Juhn shot him in his foot causing him to fall to the ground. Giving them both times to reach Guse and arrest him.
"Alana, Guse is not replying back. We need to find another ship!" Danga said, hiding from pirate troops
"Surprise! Danga plan is failing" Loto said
"Quiet, atleast we managed to get you out. Now we need a new plan" Alana said
All three of them were in the Skull islands' jungles trying to reach the other docks, attempting to steal a pirate's ship. Avoiding troggies and other pirates they managed to get to the docks.
"Hey, you freeze now!" Danga said, shooting the pirate and getting on bored his ship

"Sanchi, look!" Juhn said, "There they are!"
"They're escaping. By the times our men get to the ship they'll be long gone" Sanchi said, trying to contact Anthony, "Anthony's coordinates are near them. We can get them to fire cannons and destroy the bounty hunters!"
The bounty hunters managed to get out of Skull island, but their problems came back to them as they notice Anthony's ship, full with other pirates firing cannons at their ship.
"We have made contact with them" Anthony said, controlling the ship
"They are taking us out!" Loto cried, "Do something!"
Then Alana figured out a genius plan after dealing with ships for most of her childhood.
"Fire cannons in the bottom port! That'll take them down swiftly" Alana said, firing cannons
"Sir, we're taking too much fire!" Joseph, pirate trooper said, "We're going down!"
Anthony's ship ports started to go out in flames, causing his ship to go down without any control.
"We are hit! Sanchi...we are going down! We are..." Anthony stopped and he was disconnected
Boom! Anthony's ship crashed into a deserted island fill with erupted volcanoes, going up into flames the bounty hunters got away. The crash was so massive, it produced a loud noise pirates on the Skyways noticed and stopped their ship.
"No!" Sanchez cried as he hears the noise
Sanchez, Captain Avery, Lance Mo and Ron Subodai were in a meeting but they heard the noise and dismissed the meeting
"What happen?" Ron said
"The bounty hunters have stole Loto from us and killed troops in that ship...that's in pieces" Juhn said
"He was not just a troop, he was my bestfriend and he saved my life many times! We have to do something!" Sanchez said, dropping to his knees.
"Son, it's too late...he's dead" Captain Avery said, bowing his head in honor for Anthony and other troops.
Sanchez was on his knees sobbing in tears and Sanchi placed his hand on Sanchez's shoulders, "Anthony was great with ships and helping people. We shouldn't allow this, we must track down those bounty hunters and bring them to justice!"
But it was too late, the bounty hunters managed to escape from the pirates and enter the Stormgate, exiting Skull island.

"We did it! We escaped from thousands of pirates!" Danga said, throwing his bottle in the air
"Easy for you to say. We killed troops in their army! They'll hunt us down knowing that we have Loto!" Alana panicked
"Oh honey, dear.." Loto said, patting her back "They are nothing. We'll be safe and sound"
"After we get our money!" Danga said
"I left my son rich and powerful. He'll pay you two well and we'll be safe" Loto said, leaning back, all relaxed

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