Friday, October 3, 2014

The Warrior "Protect your own ground" Part 2

Geo Dudson came up with a plan to win the Monquista war against the armadas. Sending Dez, Cameron, Luke and Ben in the base, disguised as armadas while Geo Dudson and pirates such as Blute and Gus to defend with the Monquistans with General Asktu, Monquistan warrior Erik and hundreds of more.

The four men in 0369 were wandering around the base, finding the control room to get a signal out to Juhn for reinforcements.
"This armor. It's too hot, I need some air for just a moment" Luke said, removing the mask
Luke was looking around and noticed armadas but they didn't notice him, "Suckers!"
Cling, cling. Luke dropped his masks causing a loud noise, giving Luke attention. Three armadas started firing at Luke.
"Luke, no! Men, shoot those armadas!" Cameron said
"If we do, we'll give away out position and get killed!" Dez said
But Cameron strongly disagreed, "With Geo somewhere else, I lead this mission! Fire at them now we cannot leave a brother behind"
But it was too late. The armadas fired two bullets in Luke's stomach and back, "I...made my mistake...leave me now"
Cameron ran towards Luke's body, trying to help him but it was too late. Luke was killed. Then the three armadas ran towards Cameron.
"Why are you trying to help a pirate? They are our enemy!"
"'re my enemy" Cameron said and destroyed the three armadas, causing a huge destruction
Ben and Dez knew Cameron would mess up the mission and get them killed,
"What is wrong with you?" Ben said, pushing Cameron
"You let them kill one of our own!" Cameron said, pushing Ben back
"He messed up. He made a mistake resulting in getting himself killed!" Dez said, breaking the fight up
Cameron stopped, "You're right. We must go now!"
All three of them managed to get to the control room, but there was one problem. Captain Lisk was in there.
"Lisk! There are armadas down there, I need you" Cameron said, "You might wanna hurry, I'll come with you"
Cameron went with Lisk, leading him away from Ben and Dez
"Juhn, we need reinforcements. You must hurry. Geo Dudson and the rest of us in Monquista needs you" Ben said, sending the message
"Let's get out of here" Dez said, removing the armor "Cameron will join us once he does his duty"

Armadas was everywhere taking out lots of Monquistans. Geo and the rest were deeply out numbered.
"We must keep fighting! We're not gonna give up!" Gus said
The armadas took out alot of Monquistans, killing Erik in fire hours ago, "We're losing too many. We must give up!"
"No, we cannot give up. I believe in my men. They can do this!" Geo Dudson said
Armadas were getting closer to their camps taking out Monquistans in their way too, "Take out every living thing you see! I don't want to see them alive, even the Warrior!"
The Armadas started launching explosives on their ground and one landed right next to Blute.
"Blute look out!" Geo cried
Boom! The explosion was massive, Dez and Ben heard the explosion as they entered the Monquistan base.
"No!" Dez cried, picking up Blute's weapon, "He...he can't be dead!"
"Where is Cameron and Luke?" Geo said, taking out a couple of armadas with his sword
"Luke is dead, Cameron will take out of Lisk and the base" Ben said, firing at armadas
More and more Armadas started to arrive in their camp, killing massive numbers of Monquistans.
"Sir!" Ben cried, "We must go..."
Ben stopped, hearing a gunshot and fell to the ground. Hundreds of armadas flanked them from behind.
"Get in cover!" Geo said, taking armadas out
"Sir, what about you!" Dez cried
"Leave me behind. I am going to take out as much armadas as I can!" Geo Dudson said
Everyone hid behind shelter, leaving attention to Geo Dudson
"Give up!" An armada said, shooting his leg, dropping him to the ground
Armadas surrounded Geo, "Tough luck for this Warrior"
Dez stopped as he notices the gunshots stopped and saw Armadas surrounding Geo, "Geo!"
Boom! All the armadas surrounding him fired several bullets into Geo Dudson, killing him.
"No! Come on Cameron, where are you!" Dez said
"We're relying on Cameron to save us and get those reinforcements" Gus said, honoring Geo Dudson

"We're winning this war" Captain Lisk said, "One step ahead of those pirates!"
"Indeed" Cameron said, still disguised as an Armada
Cameron and Captain Lisk was still walking down to the lower part of the base, but Cameron didn't know that his squad was in danger.
They finally reached to their destination, but Captain Lisk noticed Luke's body and other destroyed armadas, "What is going...I didn't recall your name armada"
Cameron took off his mask, "I am 0369 and you're gone"
Cameron loaded his gun at Lisk and took care of him.
"Now how do I start these tanks without killing myself?" Cameron said to his self
"Over here!" Armadas said, firing at Cameron
"No!" Cameron said, getting shot in the leg
"Kill him now!"
"Change of plans. Luke guess we're gonna meet again" Cameron said, aiming his gun at the tank
"Kill him he's going to..."
Boom! The whole base went down as the tanks started to blow up one at a time. Killing Cameron and the remaining armadas. The blast was so massive, Dez and Gus saw the base blowing up.
"He did it, contact Cameron and tell him I said..."
"His device is off...I think he was in the blast" Gus said
"I guess we're the survivors" Dez said
Then the remaining armadas aimed their weapons at Dez and Gus, "Freeze!"
Then, the armadas was killed. Hundreds of pirates entered the battle firing at the armadas.
"He did it! We're saved!" Dez said
"Look who I've found, Commander Dez and Commander Gus" Juhn said, "Men, they are over here. Don't worry we'll take care of your wounds"

After leaving Monquista, peaceful and satisfied. Juhn and Captain Avery threw a ceremony honoring squad 0369 and the ones who didn't make it.
"We'll remember this war in our heart. The deaths of these members we shall remember forever!" Lord Derwitchi said
"Commander Ben, Commander Blute & Cameron, Commander Luke and Warrior Geo Dudson may rest in peace" Derwitchi said, "But the two survivors of the amazing squad, Commander Dez and Commander Gus. Thank you for protecting Monquista"

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