Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Warrior "Bounty's profit for both sides"

In need for money for armor for the armada army. Kane heads to Marleybone to talk to a storekeeper, Owen. After trying to get information Owen contacts Loto, Alana and Danga and they capture Kane and plan on turning him to the Pirates for a enormous profit. To make more money these intelligent bounty hunters set Sanchi and Sanchez up to capture and turn them to the Armadas for a profit.

Two days before Kane's kidnap 

It was late in Skull island. Most of the pirates are either training late or are sleeping. All the warriors are already rest except for guards....and Sanchez.
Sanchez was looking on maps and devices from other worlds to figure out Loto location but no luck finding anything about Loto. Who's ever with Loto is more intelligent then me, Sanchez thought. Deleting the where abouts of Loto and's like Loto is dead, Sanchez thought.
"Where could that stupid little..."
"Sanchez, why are you still up?" Sanchi said, noticing him in the Warriors' council room
"Half of you guys don't care about Anthony or any of those troops on bored. They were our stinking crew!" Sanchez said, ripping the map up
"Sanchez, they got away from us. We can't do anything more until they pop up on any devices" Sanchi said, yawning
"You don't under, do you? You guys aren't trying to find them!" Sanchez said, getting in Sanchi's face, "Lemme ask you something. How would you feel if Moresco gets killed by those bounty hunters or that new young senator lady that you already been on three dates with died by them?"
Sanchi didn't have an answer. Sanchez was right, Sanchi thought but Sanchi was afraid to admit it.
"Okay look...I have found this paper outside of Skull island near the docks where they escaped from. It states that a store owner in Marleybone by the name Owen knows alot about bounty hunters. To be honest I think it's kinda strange that they didn't pick this up but tomorrow we'll go out to Marleybone just you and I and talk to Owen about this bounty hunters, sounds good?" Sanchi said, handing Sanchez the paper
"Deal but be aware I'm not going to sleep and we're going early in the morning to be prepare I am waking you up" Sanchez said, sitting down on Bulson's chair in the council
"I might be a tad grumpy" Sanchi joked
Before Sanchi left the room Sanchez called his name, "Do you think there's a chance that Anthony is still alive"
Sanchi didn't know what to say, if he said there's no chance it'll upset Sanchez but if he does say yes, tomorrow mission would be a waste of time.
"Possibly, the crash looked insane but sometimes there are survivors" Sanchi said
Then Sanchi opened the door and started to hear footsteps. At late nights young warriors (new warriors) do not have access to the Council's room. If they get caught in here they'll get in trouble by Avery, Douglass Bullzo or Juhn Woun, but luckily it wasn't a Warrior. It was Sanchi's crush senator Julia Carthy and Wing Chun
"What are you guys doing in here?" Julia said, "Lemme guess Sanchi kept you up"
"Actually misses, I found Sanchez in here" Sanchi said, hugging Julia
"We are going to Marleybone tomorrow to talk to some shop owner that knows alot about those bounty hunters and we'll find them" Sanchez said, showing Julia and Chun the paper
"Why would they leave this sheet behind? It gives this Owen guy information away. It has to be a trap" Julia said
"We'll contact you guys and I'm sure you'll be here for the rescue" Sanchi joked and walked out with Julia
Four hours later, Sanchez went in Sanchi's room and noticed Julia was in the bed with him,
"Wow, he works really fast" Sanchez whispered to his self
Sanchez walked to Sanchi's side of the bed and started shaking him. He woke Sanchi up, scaring Sanchi to death but he got up.
"Let's go" Sanchez said
Right when Sanchi walked out Julia put a tracker on his robe without Sanchi knowing
"You'll thank me later" she said to herself

"So we're going alone?" Sanchi said, getting on the pirate ship
"Yep, pretty much but we CANNOT let anyone know where we are heading" Sanchez said, leaving the docks
It took them a few hours to enter the Stormgate to Marleybone. Sanchi was asleep the whole entire time and Sanchez was taking control of the ship. When they got to Marleybone, Sanchez tried to get to the docks but he scrapped the ship causing alot of noise which woke Sanchi up and other folks in Marleybone.
"Well...." Sanchez said, finally docked the ship, "We are here"
Sanchez and Sanchi got off the ship and started to walk towards Owen's shop. Sanchi was looking at the people and Sanchez was looking for a big shop with Owen's shop on it.
"There it is" Sanchez said, opening the door
Owen heard the door opening and footsteps. Owen rushed to the counters and noticed his customers were two warriors.
"Oh my, I couldn't remember the last time I have receive a Warrior in here" Owen said., cleaning his hands
"Ah, yes. Sir we need you help" Sanchi said, bring his sword out "Few days ago, bounty hunters stole a prisoner from us and when they stole a ship and...killed troops in an approaching ship"
"He was our friend!" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at Owen
"Sanchez! He's not a criminal, don't threaten him" Sanchi said, lowering Sanchez's gun
"I see, I see. May I ask who did they steal and how many are we talking?" Owen said
"Well there was originally three. We captured one of them but he didn't give us any information and when he tried too, he was killed with bounty hunter's equipment. They stole Loto and I'm positive you don't need to know his last name because you're intelligent with bounty hunters" Sanchi said
Then they heard the door open and Owen had a grin on his face,
"We're discussing something important please come another time" Sanchi said, not turning around
"I don't think so" Loto said, shooting Sanchi with an stunner
"Sanchi!" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at Loto
When Sanchez aimed his gun Loto was worried because Alana and Danga entered, pointing their gun at Sanchez.
"I'm not afraid to kill you" Sanchez said
Loto didn't reply instead he just smiled. Bang! Owen came behind Sanchez and nailed him in the head with a pan. Knocking him out.
"Good work Owen, our plan is working. Next this bounty will bring Kane here. Call us when this happens" Loto said
"Anytime for my fellow friends" Owen said

Sanchez and Sanchi was unconscious for a few hours. Making it easy for the bounty hunters to get them to their ship docked at an island near Marleybone that Lando Blacksmith is in charge at with hundreds of his friends.
"What happen?" Sanchi said, waking up in a cell
"We were kidnapped!" Sanchez said
"Again? Really?" Sanchi said
Sanchi noticed there were cuffs on him and chain attached to Sanchez's cuff and another cuff in the corner. There was someone else that was kidnapped too.
"It was about time you two wake up" Kane said
"Kane!" Sanchi said, trying to get up but since the other two were sitting down there was no use
"Don't be so alarm, I could of killed you both by choking you with these chains" Kane said
"What stopped you?" Sanchez said, knowing Kane couldn't do it
"I didn't wanna drag your bodies when I escape" Kane said, smiling
"Oh, Mr. Armada has a plan, let's hear it" Sanchez said
Kane explained his plans to them. When capturing them the bounty hunters didn't put their hands behind their back. If all three of them get up they can head to the bars where the guard is located. Kane can wrap his hands with cuffs on them around the guard neck and his hid head towards the metal bars, knocking him out and get the keys.
"Great plan" Sanchi said
Kane's plan went great, he took out the guard and managed to remove the keys from his belt and they were out, but other guards noticed them escaping.
"Where's a way out of here?" Sanchez said, running behind Sanchi
Sanchi was leading them, with Sanchez behind him and Kane behind him, "This way"
They managed to get outside and noticed a wall with a ladder on it. They started climbing the wall to the top. Boom! Lando's people came outside and started trying to snipe them.
Click! One of the snipers sniped Kane's chain and he started to fall down. Kane was falling to death until Sanchez grabbed his arms, saving his life.
"Drop Kane, he's too heavy!" Sanchi said, holding on the top of the wall
Then they stopped shooting and raised their gun down and someone was above them.
"Guess you three will be a pain" Lando said, looking down at them

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