Monday, October 6, 2014

The Warrior "Bounty's dream"

After many failed objectives by Deacon, Rooke and more armadas. Lifto puts Kane in charge for the next objective to figure out the secrets of the pirate troops to end the warriors and end the war.

"I know you'll impressed me, Kane" Lifto said
"Of course my lord, I'll hired men who will not let me down" Kane said
"Indeed, Wing Chun knows alot about the troops. You must capture him and make him spill out every detail he knows" Lifto said
"Wing Chun? He's just a companion in the army, how will he know anything? We should try to capture Juhn Woun or Captain Avery" Kane said
"Many companions are in their army. Chun is close with Sanchez and Sanchi. Captain Avery trust him as much as Juhn. Even Lord Derwitchi sent him on negotiating missions to other worlds. Mr. Chun is important to the pirates just like I am important to you. Do not fail me, but...if you have any concerns or questions contact me. I'll be in Valencia with Deacon and the rest" Lifto said
"Yes sir" Kane said
"Oh...and Kane" Lifto almost forgot, "Don't turn out like Willis. I know you truly miss him"
Kane traveled to Marleybone. Far from Skull Island and Valencia, but Marleybone is known for the best and dangerous bounty hunters in the whole Spiral.
"Sir, are you sure there are bounty hunters in this kinda of area?" Dose said
"Postive, I know an Eagle bounty hunter from my past who is willing to make alot" Kane said, landing on the docks.
"Dose, stay on the ship. I will return shortly" Kane said, exiting the ship.
When Kane made to to Marleybone. Many of it's citizens ran back to their homes. Thinking that the armadas are here to take over and kill them.
"Hmm" Kane said, approaching a gate
"Freeze, we know who you are and we'll not allow armadas take over Marleybone" Marleybone guard said, pointing his gun at Kane
"You have received incorrect information. I am here for a bounty hunter by the name, Sifus Lade" Kane said
"I would never guess it" Sifus said, "Powerful man would ever need my help. What's this for? Capturing someone that your own men can't?"
"Sir Lade. Come with me I've got a mission for you that'll pay big" Kane said, heading towards his ship.

After Kane and Sifus approached Kane's ship, they started discussing a plan for the Bounty.
"I've heard you've collected alot of bounties, is this right?" Kane said
"Indeed! I've never failed anyone" Sifus said, starting to drink
"I don't want a cocky bounty hunter nor a drunken one" Kane said, slapping his drink out of his hand,
Sifus was furious by Kane's action. Sifus was known for his bounty skills but also his drinking habits.
"I have heard the same story from another bounty hunter, Loto and his men failed back resulting in the deaths of his men, but Loto was lucky the pirates arrested him before I could ever kill him" Kane said
"Loto was to ignorant. The men I'll hire will not fail you, neither will I" Sifus said
Kane brought out his sword, "If you fail me. I'll find you and your men and kill them. Is that clear?"
Sifus was not scared of Kane's threat because he believes he wouldn't fail someone with great power and fortune.
"I will not fail you" Sifus said, moving Kane's sword out of his face, "Now, what's the plan?"
Kane explained the objective to Sifus. Kidnapping Chun. Kane also explained Chun's characteristics and how important it is to keep him alive and healthy. Sifus understood on keeping him safe and developed a plan to capture him.
"He's a companion. Worthy too, but they have to eat like any other pirate or warrior. I'll go to Skull island's market and put him to sleep for a period of time until we deliver him to you. Trust me, I've killed Warriors and Pirate troops before. I know what I am dealing with" Sifus said, nodding his head to Kane
"Excellent, gather up your men and head to Skull island" Kane said, handing him a contacting device, "If you need anything else. Contact me"
Sifus gathered up three of his friends who are also bounty hunters and they started to head to Skull Island.

"Sir Woun, would you like anything? Sanchi? Bulson?" Chun asked, holding his devices and many plates
"We're are fine, feed yourself before the markets close" Juhn said
"Me will come too, to keep you company" Moresco said, picking up some plates
"No, Moresco you need to come with me. I wanna show you around" Sanchi said
Wing Chun started to walk to the markets. His devices kept falling off his arm so Chun decided to place it in his pocket. Holding two plates with both of his hands.
"Good day to you Miss Louis" Chun said, bowing down to her
"Oh, Chun what would you like today?" Louis said
"Just a couple of fruits, rest of the Warriors aren't hungry I guess. Even Bulson isn't hungry" Chun said
"Indeed" Louis said, placing some fruits on his plate "You take care"
Chun started walking back. Until Sifus and one of his men, Eric stopped him.
"Hello, I would like to talk to you" Sifus said pulling out a advance tranquilizer gun
"No thanks" Chun said
Sifus shot the tranquilizer gun but Chun raised his plate. Tranquilizer bullet striking the plate and Chun started to run.
"Shoot! Eric shoot another one!" Sifus said
Eric fired another one, hitting Chun in his back causing him to hit the ground. Still awake Chun started to crawl towards help but Sifus caught up.
"You're worth a fortune to Kane, now you're worth a fortune to me" Sifus said, knocking him out.
"Eric call the rest, tell them to meet us at the docks located South. We need to go now" Sifus said

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