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The Warrior S5 premier "Research"

Sanchi and his crew stayed at Cooper's Roost to help them with armadas' problems. Encountering Devullio many times, Sanchi managed to take out Devullio. Now, finally back home, Warrior Juhn Woun, Boris, Dorugh and a three more pirate troops goes out to where the green turned virus occur to find a cure for patients who's on the edge to death.

"We're honor for you guys to risk everything with those infected brainless monsters to find a cure" Derwitchi said, shaking Boris's hand.
"Juhn always been that way and the other two helped destroy Devullio" Captain Avery said.
Lord Derwitchi and captain Avery were honoring Sanchi's crew, but only two of them showed up with Juhn. Sanchez's trust with Derwitchi declined ever since the death of Dez. So did Dorugh, but he had to go out...he didn't want to leave Boris alone with them.
"It's time to go, boys" Juhn Woun, "This mission...will be difficult and it'll be hard to predict for who'd make it out"
Juhn, Dorugh, Boris and three pirate troops (Jack, Nick and Jordan) went out on their ship and began the trip.

Boris was on the deck, looking over his paper work and thought about the scientists there, but Dorugh came out with one of the troops (Nick). Dorugh looked over Boris's shoulders and Boris knew. He gently closed his folder filled with sheets.
"You know, You're only 20 and you saved me not long ago...I know I keep repeating this, but I just have to let everyone know...without you, I'd be in those mad scientists' bellies" Dorugh said, placing his hand on Boris's shoulders.
"Thank you" Boris said, "It's going to be a weird feeling going back there"
"I heard stories alright" Nick said.
Nick wasn't far apart from Boris's age. Both were young and experience, but someway...Derwitchi thought overwise and sent three new pirates with them.
"This is my first time, you know" Nick said, trying to start a conversation.
"It's most of our first times" Jack said, entering with Jordan. "Well at least us three"
Jack wasn't really fit into this trip. He was also experience and wasn't in the best shape. Meanwhile Jordan's cockiness and age deceived him too.
"I'll become a better troop than this bald dude" Jordan said, laughing at Dorugh.
Suddenly, the ship stopped and Juhn yelled for them to get off the ship. They're here.
"Ready?" Juhn said.
First ones off the ship, Dorugh and Boris knew the burnt down Laboratory. Boris definitely didn't want to talk or think about it. But he also knew about the dead filled hospital...where he met his future crew.
"I don't see any of these "greenies"?" Jack said, placing his gun back.
"Most of them were in that Laboratory. Rest are in that hospital...good luck for all of us" Dorugh said.
"I don't need any luck" Jordan said, started to walk. "Y'all ready?"
Juhn and Dorugh looked at each other with a mean look and started to walk behind the rookies.
"Some put chains on this door" Jack said, pulling his gun out, "Let me take them off"
Juhn, Boris and Dorugh didn't listen to Jack or paid attention to him. But they should of.
"Back up Jordan and Nick" Jack said, shooting the chain.
Suddenly, after hearing the shot, Juhn and the rest eyes widen and ran towards the rookies, with their weapons out. "Rookies!"

Three infected pirates came out, limping and going for Jack. He tried to reload his weapon, but one of them bit into him arm, infecting him. Meanwhile, the two other troops started to panic.
"Jack! You been bit!" Jordan cried.
Juhn and Dorugh came into the area and cleared out the ongoing infected ones (zombie pirates). Not using a gun, Dorugh and Juhn handled it while the rest watched.
"Am I going to be fine?" Jack said, revealing his green bit.
His arm was covered with blood with green in it. There was no way to stop him into turning and Juhn knew that.
"Well" Juhn said, raising his sword.
Juhn tried to take Jack out of his misery, but Nick stopped him, " can't kill him...he's a pirate"
"We need to hurry this up and get in there and take out the ones who doesn't know about our coming...he's infected and..." Juhn stopped.
Boom! Jack fell to the ground and revealed Dorugh with his gun up. Only bad mistake was using his gun.
"That shot is going to alarm more, we need to go inside" Boris said, bring his flashlight out.

The remaining five went inside the infected hospital. Where it all started, the disease and the innocent lives taking away. The room was dark and quiet, but they still heard footsteps.
"Where are we going?" Dorugh whispered, checking his sides.
"Anywhere, patient's rooms will be the best for medicine and a chance to destroy this" Boris said.
They quietly ran up stairs and took out a couple of infected pirates. Juhn led the way with Dorugh behind him, Juhn using his sword and Dorugh using a knife.
"Dorugh and I will look around for more cures" Juhn said, signaling Dorugh to come.

"Ever killed one of these?" Boris said.
"No" Both were Nick and Jordan's response.
Boris unlocked the worn out door and opened it widely. There were three of infected pirates in there. With their green eyes showing in the dark and their loud movement. He wanted the two rookies to handle them.
Jordan didn't want to use a knife. Instead he used his gun and wracked one many times until it fell to the ground, than he stomped the infected one's head in. Nick just pulled his knife out and ran towards the remaining two. Meanwhile, Boris looked down the stairs and saw 20 or more of them walking up.
"Come in here, quick!" Boris said, shutting the door.
"What's going on?" Nick said, "If there's a few more, we can handle them"
Boris didn't want to argue. He told the two rookies to lean on the door and make sure none of them would enter or infect anyone. Boris quickly ran towards cabinets and started looking through them. Throwing empty bottles on the ground, Boris couldn't find any Eskizem (Cleans the blood stream from any ongoing virus).
"This place is useless" Boris said, slamming the cabinets' doors.
Almost out of time, Boris ran to the side door (to the other room) and opened it, but it was filled with more zombie pirates. Plus, his flashlight gave his position away. He quickly ran back in and shut the door and put all his strength on the door, but more and more of them were piling around both doors.
"What are we going to do?" Nick said, "There's no many of them for just three of us"
"We could jump out of the window" Jordan said, pointing at the window.
Boris quickly respond, "No! That'd be an awful idea... for many reasons. If you'd run towards the window, these infected pirates would storm in and it's a long fall! We're on the third floor!"
There were only about 11 zombie pirates piling up at Boris's door, but there were over 20 of them around Nick and Jordan. Boris was having a rough time handling the situation. Meanwhile, the two rookies want to make a run for it and leave Boris for them to eat.
"Dorugh!" Boris cried, "Help us!"

Dorugh and Juhn were wandering around the hallways, going through empty rooms to look for some Eskizem, but were out of luck.
"We should of got some troops who knows what they're doing...not three rookies" Dorugh said.
"I don't know what Derwitchi was thinking" Juhn said.
Suddenly, they heard doors banging and they stopped for a few seconds, but they thought it was just a few infected ones trying to get loose.
"Why do you care so much about Boris..? Or Sanchi, Chun and Sanchez?" Juhn asked, "You should only worry about your objectives and understand that you'll lose ones that you care about"
"You don't understand, sir...what they all done for me...I'd risk my life for Boris, Sanchi or anyone in my crew" Dorugh said.
Juhn didn't approve of what Dorugh were saying: "That'll get you killed"
But their conversation stopped. They started to hear screaming and banging. Dorugh started to run towards that direction but Juhn stopped him.
"We have an objective and they do too! If they're doing it right, then it's their faults and their lives...not ours" Juhn said, grabbing Dorugh's arm.
But Dorugh disagreed. He pushed Juhn away from him and ran towards the chaos and Juhn were furious.

"They're about to bust this door open!" Jordan cried, "We need to get out!"
Both doors were about to bust open, but Boris still maintain his side, but Nick couldn't and wouldn't.
"We're going to die like this!" Nick said, moving away from the door.
"Don't!" Boris said.
The zombie pirates got into the room and devoured Jordan as he held his position, but it wasn't enough. Boris just stood there, trying to hold his in.
"Dorugh!" Boris cried.
Dorugh kept running towards the noise, Juhn was following him and tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen.
"Help!" Nick said, getting overrun.
They piled on Nick and it was just Boris. He quickly picked up his knife and opened his door up. Taking out two of them, he wasn't ready for this.
"Boris!" Dorugh cried, bringing the attention towards him.
Bang! He took out three, four, five and more. Juhn started to help, too. Dorugh kept shooting and Juhn kept slicing them. Boris ran into another room and encountered one infected pirate. He shot his weapon multiple times and missed, but than he pulled out his knife and stabbed the pirate zombie and pushed his body into a cabinet and bottles started to fall out.
"No way" Boris said, picking up a bottle of Eskizem.
Dorugh and Juhn took the last of infected pirates. Breathing hard, Juhn pushed Dorugh to the ground and started to yell, "You disobeyed my orders! You could of gotten yourself killed!"
Dorugh got back on his feet and looked Juhn into his eyes, "I'd die for Boris and I'll be proud of that"
"I found it, Eskizem...two bottles" Boris said, handing it to Juhn.
Dorugh looked at the bottles and grinned at Juhn, "I told you, we've found it...with the person I saved help"
He walked out of the room and towards the ship, ready to go but also furious at Juhn's statements and Derwitchi's choices on the rookies.

Thanks for everyone who kept on reading until Season five! There are new things in this season. There are longer ones and much more intense. This is also the last season for this, but a new one with the same crew.

The Warrior "Fighters" S4 finale (long)

Devullio managed to survive Sanchi's attack. Devullio teamed up with Deacon and his army to plan an attack on Cooper's Roost. Killing many citizens of Cooper's Roost but not Sanchi or his crew. But, Deacon kidnaps Julia with Devullio and they escaped. Now, Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Boris, El Toro and sheriff Randal are on a new mission.

Smash! Old wooden table hit the ground and beds went flying. All from Sanchi's anger. "They took the love of my life! Those clockworks! W-w-we gotta do something"
Everyone was quiet. No one wanted to calm Sanchi down when he's equip with his sword, but Dorugh ended their streak.
"You need to calm down...we'll rescue Julia...we...we just need a plan" Dorugh said, "Another plan..."
Suddenly, everyone turned their head at Boris. Eyeballing him. They'd hoping for a word from him...but they didn't...but El Toro pushed him out of his way and took a deep breath.
"Maybe, we can get Juhn and the pirate army...they can help us" El Toro said, smiling.
"That wouldn't be a great idea" Sanchez included, "Ever since that deadly virus hit, Skull island have been they wouldn't even attempt an attack on Valencia...that'll cause a brand new war"
Sanchi placed both of his hands in front of his face and kneed to the ground, "We're wasting time!"
Trying to cool down, Sanchi looked out of the busted window and climbed out of it for fresh air. Looking around the mess up town, he kept seeing armadas' bodies...than it finally hit him.
"That's it!" Sanchi said, running towards destroyed armadas.
Meanwhile, with Sanchi scooping up armadas. Sanchez and Dorugh were at Chun's bed, watching him. Wondering if he'll be okay.
"Sanchi is losing it" Dorugh said, checking Chun's pulse.
"We lost so many...of our own did you feel when Gus and Dez die?" Sanchez said.
"Gus was a good fellow...Dez was my own brother...but I felt worse seeing Sanchi's old sword going through Anthony's chest" Dorugh said, "Plus...without Boris, I'd problem be in those jerks' stomachs"
Sanchez remembered all of his crew mates. Mainly Shiruku and Bonnie.

"Guys!" Sanchi cried.
Quickly, everyone went out to see, but it were no armadas or Deacon. Just Sanchi with two sets or armadas' armor. Once he reached his crew, he dropped the armor down and placed his hands on his head. Anxious to rescue Julia, he had no time for questions.
"Boris...Dorugh" Sanchi said, pointing at the armor. "Put'em on"
Without any questions, Dorugh and Sanchi proceeded.
"They're our officers. El, Sanchez and I will be with the officers, while Randal stay on the ship" Sanchi said, "Let's go".
"What? Come on, I am the leader for this objective" Randal said.
"Not this time, sorry're not the deputy in Valencia" Sanchi said, bumping into him.
Everyone-but Sanchez went on the ship with their weapons. Meanwhile, Sanchez went into Quinn's officer to check on Chun.
"Is he gonna make it?" Sanchez said.
Quinn, with bruises all over her, also needed to rest. "He's going to be fine...I managed to quit the he just needs his resting"
Sanchez shook his head and walked out. He started to head toward the ship. While heading towards the ship, he started to have flashbacks of his old life. He didn't want to go back to his old life.

"Is that it?" Devullio said, "They took out an entire army!"
Deacon was busy. Thinking of what to do with Julia, "You are surprise?"
Both were almost back at Valencia. Entering the storm gate, they started to hear Julia trying to move around. So, Devullio went to check on her.
"You aren't going to get out of that" Devullio said, opening the door.
Julia wasn't tied to anything. Her weak hands were tied together behind her back and her feet were bundle up with hard rope. Plus, tape were covering her mouth. Devullio were trying to calm her down, but she tried her best not to listen to any words. Until he ripped the tape off her mouth and she started to give an angry face expression towards Devullio and he started to laugh.
"Listen, sweetheart. We didn't want to do this...those two scumbags made me! But if it'll make you feel better...your crew is the hardest one I've encountered...Douglass Bullzo wasn't a challenge" Devullio said, "You know...I'm trying to have a conversation with make you feel better" Devullio said, "But I'd understand...your crew will fall"
Julia didn't resist. She quickly headbutted Devullio and caused him to call to the ground, with a nose bleed. Devullio wiped the blood and noticed it on his hands. Laughing and remembered the blood on his hand after he killed Anthony.
"You're one of a I know why Sanchi is in love with you.." Devullio said, wiping his nose.
Devullio placed his pointer finger on Julia's nose. Aggravating her on purpose.
"Why can't we get along, bad...senator" Devullio said.
Chump! Julia bite Devullio's finger and took a chunk out of it, causing him to scream. Last thing Julia would want to do was to make him angry.
"You!" Devullio said, slapping Julia.
Devullio pulled out his knife and walked towards Julia. She tried to move away, but she couldn't. Then, the door opened up. It was Deacon.
"What are you doing!" Deacon said.
"She wants to a..."
"Get out of here" Deacon said.
Devullio grinned at Julia, giving her a hint that he will take care of her soon. He left the dark, small and lonely room. Leaving Deacon to shut it. Once they left, tears started to flow down her face. Not even knowing if she'll ever see Sanchi again.

Finally, Sanchi and the rest made it to Valencia. Dark Skyway with armadas EVERYWHERE. Everyone were nervous about getting caught, but somehow they didn't.
"How are y'all holding up?" Sanchez said, referring to Dorugh and Boris.
Both were in  armadas' armor, ready and loaded. Randal, El Toro and Sanchez would go out with the "new two armadas" to the control room and disable the alarms. Meanwhile, Sanchi would go out and find Julia.
"We have found three prisoners...uh...trying to ambush us...?" Dorugh said, arriving at the entrance.
There were one armada captain and a marksman at the entrance, guarding it. They started to question them, "There's only t...three.. of them...w-w-w-why would they try to ambush us when there's o..o-o-over h-h-h-here" Armada captain said.
"Well...I mean...most of them here are brain dead scrap of dumb metals...heck, I bet I could take all of y'all out" El Toro said, smiling.
The marksman pointed his weapon at El and loaded it, but luckily Boris stopped him. "Woah, no need for this...we'll take them to...Kane?"
"Kane's is absent with Rooke?" Marksman said, questioning them.
"Did I say Kane? Wow! I need to check on my gears...? I-I- mean...Deacon?" Boris said, purposely pushing Sanchi towards the gate.
"Why...don't I just make sure...i-i-i-it's okay...with Deacon" Armada captain said, trying to contact him.
"Wait, don't!" Dorugh said, rearranging his mask.
Suddenly, Sanchi got behind the marksman and tackled him off the side and into the Skyways, but before the captain can react Dorugh grabbed him and slammed him on the hard wall.
"w-w-w-who are you?" Armada captain said, trying to get loose.
"Your life's savior" Dorugh said snapping his deck.
First thing to do, Dorugh got the key and opened up the entrance. Than, he unchained Sanchi and he went to look for Julia.

Sanchi went away from his crew. Making his way towards Julia..or he hopes she's there. Sanchi took very quiet footsteps and if there were an armada, he'd hide or take it out. Going through hallways and looking through rooms and he still couldn't find Julia, but he didn't go to the top floor.
"Are those...two...two a-a-a-armadas...still guarding the...entrance..? De-Devullio and Deacon...wants..wants us to make...make sure this place" Sanchi head an armada saying.
Sanchi head them going down a hallway and he was near it. He quietly ran towards a corner near the hallway with his sword out. Ready to take them on.
"T-t-they hav....have a" The armada stopped as it makes the turn.
Swoosh! Sanchi came blazing out, slicing one of the armadas and pushing one of them to the ground. He was going to take out both, but he heard one of them mentioning Julia.
"OH-OH NO! Please...ple...let...l-l-let me..go" The armada marksman panicked.
"Shut up!" Sanchi whispered and threw him into the corner of the hallway.
"This senator lady...Julia...where is she?" Sanchi said, placing the sword on his neck, "I'll let you go, but you're gonna have to tell me"
"At the top...on the roof...of th-th-this...building...with De-De-Devullio"...Deacon is somewhere else...on Valencia"
Sanchi smiled at the marksman. Than, his sword went through the marksman's chest. Sanchi quickly ran out of the scene.

"Are we here?" El said, ready to get loose.
Two new marksman, Boris and Dorugh led Sanchez, Randal and El to the control room..but before they'd enter the room, Boris unchained everyone.
"There's only three marksman in there" Dorugh said, giving them their weapons.
El Toro was first one in, with his sword he jumped in and took out two of the marksman and Sanchez shot the other one. Dorugh and Boris entered the room. Meanwhile, Randal (who's scared) didn't even step a foot in, until Dorugh pulled him in here.
"Either you're with us...or you're against us...stop being afraid!" Dorugh said, angry.
"Don't talk to me like that!" Deputy Randal said, slapping Dorugh's hand away from him.
Dorugh didn't want to start anything with him, not yet at least. He let it slide and focused on the control panel.
"Deactivate all the alarms and the system" Boris said, "'re doing...nevermind, let me do it!"
Boris quickly started to mess with the system. Sanchez was at one of the doors and kept watch and Randal just stood there away from the doors and the panel.
"What's taking you so long, boy?" Sanchez asked, looking around.
 Boris was the smartest one here and still having trouble deactivating everything and Randal got inpatient. Randal got up quickly and pushed Boris out of his way. Dorugh pulled out his gun, but again...Boris stopped him. "It's okay...let him do it"
"You guys take way to long to do the simplest jobs" Deputy Randal said, pressing random buttons. alarm went off. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. The alarm started to go off and it was loud. Sanchez rushed towards the controls, where Randal pulled his weapon out.
"Back away, I got this!" Randal said, shooting the whole panel.
Everyone knew he messed up. There were no way for the alarm to go off now.
"Look what you've done!" Boris said, "Armadas are coming"
Randal started to panic. He threw Boris out of his way and ran towards the back door. He ran through the hallways until... more armadas came out. He ran back towards the room, but Sanchez closed the door.
"Open this door!" Randal said, banging on it.
"Cowards like you don't belong here" Sanchez said.
Randal started to scream and bang on the door, but than...gunshots fired and it stopped. Everyone knew what just happened and gave Sanchez a look. "I had too"
 "We're trap on both sides!" Boris said, "What are we going to do?"
Their only ways out were filled with armadas and now it was just Sanchez, Dorugh, El and Boris, but Sanchez found a vent on top.
"Guys, up here" Sanchez said, shooting the vent open.

Sanchi managed to get on top of the roof. He slowly climb up the ladder in fear of either two things-Devullio or Julia's death. With the alarm going off, he had to focus.
"Your friends must be here to rescue you" Devullio said, "Too bad they won't survive!"
He heard Devullio's voice and took a deep breath. He was ready. He jumped up and on top of the roof.
"Ready for a rematch?" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
"Sanchi!" Julia cried, but Devullio slapped her.
Devullio slapping Julia made him angry and Devullio knew. He pulled out his sword and pointed his fingers at Sanchi, wanting him to perform the first move.
"This is your last rampage" Sanchi said
"You wanna know what's just sad?" Devullio said, "When a weak little warrior adapt in an unwanted territory...knowing that your kind will surely fall, soon"
Sanchi ran towards Devullio and swung his sword. Devullio dodged his hits and fought back. Julia was trying to get loose to help Sanchi.
"You just have to come up at our weakest moments every time?" Sanchi said, pushing him away.
Devullio smiled, "Explain the death of Anthony, Shiruku, Dez and Moresco! I know more about you than you think!"
Devullio swung his bigger sword at Sanchi and moved it with a force greater then Sanchi's strength and caused him to drop it off the building. Devullio...whose's smiling, knew it's going to be easy.
"Give up, now!" Devullio said.
Devullio was swinging at Sanchi, but he dodged his hits. Back and fourth, none of Devullio's hits were successful. But when Devullio tried one last time, Sanchi grabbed his hand and started to pull his sword away and Devullio tried to pull back and caused his sword to go off too. Now, it was a bare hand battle.
Devullio tackled Sanchi to the ground and punched him twice. He went for the third time, but Sanchi grabbed his fist and pushed it back and punched him off. Blood dripping from his mouth, Devullio kicked Sanchi in his leg and made him fall back to the ground.
"Stop this, please!" Julia said, trying to get loose.
Devullio slowly punched Sanchi in his nose, then eye and threw him into a wall. Watching him fall to the ground, Devullio slowly approach him...with his knife.
"Should of just left Socrus, should of just ran!" Devullio said.
Devullio picked Sanchi up by his neck and pulled him closer to him. "Julia will be mine, can you imagine the stuff I'll do to her?".
Suddenly, Sanchi snapped when he mentioned Julia's name again and Devullio kept on going.
"Then, I shall brag! Douglass, Moresco, Anthony, Shiruku, you and Julia" Devullio said laughing.
With blood all over his face, Sanchi just said, "No you won't" and took a chunk out of Devullio's neck, causing him to drop him. Devullio with a chunk out of his neck started to back up. Sanchi got back on his feet and tackled Devullio off the top and watched him hit the floor. He started to cry and fell to his knees...he did it, he killed his enemy. Devullio was finally dead.

Sanchi hugged and kissed Julia, telling her to never let go. They quickly ran towards the ship. Greeting Sanchez and the rest. Sanchez saw the bruises and blood around his mouth, he knew what happened.
"We can finally sleep, Devullio is dead" Julia said.
"Chun's going to be okay, too" Sanchez said.

The Warrior "For one, for all" S4

After Deputy Randal informs the crew a new problem, Sanchi, Sanchez, El Toro, Boris and Dorugh goes out to take care of Ralph and three of Fin Dorsal's men for stealing ammo crates. Boris and Dorugh goes out to Ralph and the three Sharktooh and pulled them to Sanchez and the Sanchi, resulting in killing Ralph and Fin Dorsal's men. Ready to go home, Julia and Chun went out get berries, but Chun was shot by Devullio and his new army.

Bullets started to fire all around the area. Trying to hit Julia but not one bullet hit her as she pulled Chun behind shelter. Chun was still alive. He was still breathing. Luckily, Julia knew what she was doing, she ripped he sleeve off and wrapped it around Chun's chest, stopping the bleeding.
"Sanchi! Help!" Julia cried, putting pressure on Chun's wound.
"Did you kill the senator, yet?" Deacon asked, looking around the area.
Deacon, Dirk and Devullio had an army. Over twenty armadas was with them.
"We should send out a couple of armadas to check" Dirk suggested.
Devullio agreed and sent out four armadas. The four armadas started to march towards Julia's location and she knew. She heard them marching towards her and she quickly started to search for a weapon. But Chun left his weapon back at the town. She couldn't find anything to use.
"Sheriff!" Sanchi cried, "Where are you!".
Sanchi ran all around the town, looking for Randal after hearing many gunshots. He searched in Quinn's hospital, he looked in the bars and bumped into Randal.
"I heard gunshots" Sanchi yelled, "My Julia and Sanchez's companion is missing...I also heard screaming!"
"What? Where!" Deputy Randal said, pulling his pistols out.
Sweat all over Sanchi's face, he signaled for Randal to follow him and he did. He ran by Sanchez and the rest and he cried for Sanchez to run with him and he did. 
"Sanchi!" Sanchez cried.
He heard the gunshots too, but he thought it was just Randal or someone firing at targets. He was wrong. After running for a couple of minutes, both Randal and Sanchez slowed down, but Sanchi was still going and saw four armadas marching towards Julia and Chun.
"Baby!" Sanchi yelled, pulling his sword out.
Tears flowing from her eyes, she was still relief that help arrived, "Chun...he...shot!"
Quickly, deputy Randal and Sanchez took out the four armadas, but they heard more gunshots. Bullets hitting their location. Sanchi managed to get a glance and he saw who it was clearly. Devullio and Deacon.
"Julia and I will carry two stay behind us and shoot...let's go!" Sanchi yelled.
Julia and Sanchi quickly picked Chun up and started to walk towards the town. Meanwhile, Randal and Sanchez started to fire their weapons.
"It's that one guy!" Randal cried, "Devullio!"
Boom, boom! Dirk started to fire with a sniper, but he missed. "I can't get a good shot on them"
Randal and Sanchez took out a couple of armadas, but Devullio motioned them to stop. "It's okay, we'll get them"
Deacon watched Sanchez and Randal running back to the town, "You better hope, Devullio...this is your last chance" 

Blood all over Sanchi's robe and Julia's shirt. Randal led them to Nurse Quinn's place and placed him on a bed. Where El Toro and deputy Randal arrived there, too with other citizens. Questioning Randal and freaking out.
"What's going on!" Boris said, "Who's here?"
Everyone started to ask questions, but none of them responded back. Instead, they all saw Devullio with Deacon and Dirk marching with twenty armadas behind them.
"Everyone get inside and hide" Sanchi said, "Quinn, m'am... help Chun and El Toro will stay back"
Quickly, Nurse Quinn entered the room after hearing Sanchez's screaming for help. Her brown eyes widen as she saw blood all over Sanchi's shirt, Sanchez's watery eyes and Chun's lying there.
"Help him, please....he's my companion!" Sanchez said, freaking out.
Nurse Quinn nodded her head and ran to her desk and pulled out medical equipment.
"Deacon...and...others, I really couldn't see the rest" Sanchez panicked, "They're trying to wipe us out".
Julia's first reaction was to reach for her device to contact Avery and Juhn, but luckily Sanchi stopped her. Knowing the consequences.
"They don't need to know, we can handle this!" Sanchi said, giving Julia a serious look.
Smack! Quickly the door opened. Dorugh and Boris ran in with multiple weapons.
"Armadas are here! I saw snipers and loads of marksman, if my calculations are right, I say about 20 or more!" Boris said, dropping the weapons.
Dorugh was first to notice that Randal was silent and he was first to call him out on it, "Hey bud! You're the freaking deputy, can't you do something for your own town?"
Dorugh, out of anger, got into Randal's face and started to question him even more. He wanted to know what to do about this, he was freaking out the most.
"Those clockworks are coming down, we need to do something fast!" El Toro said
"Indeed, they're marching down to us as we speak!" Boris said, "I'm pretty useless in his situation, but I'll try"
Sanchi designed a plan. Boris and Julia would have to stay back with Nurse Quinn and unconscious Chun. Sanchi, Sanchez, Randal, Dorugh and Boris would go out and fight off the crowd, but he was underestimating Boris's talent.
"I can't go" Randal said, "I'm not ready for this...I'm not".
Dorugh gave Randal a disgusting look and started to chuckle, "Are you kidding me? This is your town! You're a deputy...I...can't even..."
Sanchi didn't want to hurt Randal's feelings, but he knew he was a grown man and the oldest one, but Sanchi developed another job for him. "Go out there and warn every town folk here"

The armadas made it to the town and they started to fire at the folks, killing three of them. During the slaughter, Devullio started to cheer and laugh.
"Look for Sanchi and his crew" Devullio instructed everyone.
Houses were already down and innocent folks dead. Deacon or Devullio didn't even care. They sent Dirk and a group of armadas to houses, looking for Sanchi's crew, but had no luck, but they didn't look on the roofs of nearby houses.

"They're killing these town folks" Dorugh said, "This is unacceptable".
With weapons, Sanchi and the rest was ready for action. On top of a roof, Sanchez could easily see their targets and they started to attack.
Boom! Gunshots started to fire, hitting and taking out four marksmen, but Boris didn't fire a single shot. Instead he hid behind every and started to create a plan.
"We're being attack!" Dirk panicked.
But Devullio knew and quickly got in cover. He ordered for his men to fire at the first front house on the roof and they started to fire.
"Get down!"  Sanchez said and that's when he noticed Boris.
Boris noticed Sanchez's look and stopped Sanchez, "I got a plan, I need dynamite...I have a great plan.."
Sanchez knew that his first plan was successful and wanted to try it. He was out of options and they jumped off and ran, looking for dynamite and they knew where to go.

"What is going on?" Deacon said, firing his weapon at an innocent folk.
"They're becoming tricky...I'll give them some props" Devullio said.
But Deacon knew where to find the rest, he ordered Devullio and the rest to fire at Sanchi, while he goes to look for Julia.

"Randal?" El Toro whispered.
Randal was hiding, all crunched up and nervous. He didn't want to move, but El tried his best to persuade him.
"You cannot hide in a crisis like this" El said, "These folks need you"
Deputy Randal didn't reply, instead he just shook his head side to side. Disappointed in his self he didn't even want to talk.
"Look, we can do this" El said, "You've got the best fight in this town, get up and we can save your town"
Randal looked down at his town pistols and saw his own reflection and he finally got up and pulled out his guns. "Let's go"
Started to run, El and Randal went to every door and helped the people get behind cover and hide. In just five minutes they completed 11 houses.
But they started to hear gunshots and they were getting louder by the minute. Without thinking, Randal ran towards the noise and peaked out. It was Dirk and his men marching towards them.
"Oh no, they're here...they're here!" Randal said
El calmed Randal down and took a peak and he was right. Seven armadas were marching towards them and the majestic companion figured out another idea.
"Listen, go out there" El Toro said, "Trust me, I'll protect you"
Without any arguing, Randal went out. and Dirk and his men were aiming their guns at him, while El runs around to get behind them.
"Well, we found the deputy" Dirk laughed, "You're very stupid for coming out".
Randal raised his hands up and started to sweat. Ready for El to come out, he started to lose hope.
"You've caught me" Randal said.
Whoosh, El jumped out and ran towards the armadas. He sliced two of them and grabbed one of them and threw him into two of them. Dirk turned around as his last armada were shot in the head by Randal.
"What the...what's going on?" Dirk said
Dirk tried to run, but Randal aimed and shot him in his leg. Right when he hit the ground, he started to crawl.
"You're still trying" El Toro said, getting out his sword.
"Woah, woah! Chill out...please...don't..."
El Toro stuck his sword through Dirk's back, "Now, let's keep going!"

"I don't see Deacon or any leader...?" Dorugh cried, ducking down.
Sanchi tried his best to look around for a leader, but he couldn't find Deacon.
"I don't..."
Boom! explosion occurred, causing the whole house to fall down. Sanchi quickly pushed Dorugh off the building as he jumped off, to aviod the heavy debris.
Dust and debris everywhere. Their enemies doesn't even know if they're dead.
"Dorugh! Are you okay?" Sanchi said, coughing.
Dorugh pushed the debris off of him and called out, "Yes! Over here"
But luck wasn't on their sides. No weapons, beside Sanchi's sword and their only option was to run, but Devullio saw them escaping and he smiled.
"Looking for Sanchez and that kid" Devullio said, "I've found my target"
Sanchi and Dorugh kept running and running until they thought they were out of any range and finally stopped. Exhausted, Dorugh fell to the ground.
"We got away" Dorugh said, "Finally"
But Sanchi had a feeling that it wasn't close to true. It was too easy and too early to let his guard down. He started to look around the area, leaving Dorugh back to rest.
Boom, Sanchi saw the bullet hit the wall behind him and he clearly saw their leader...but he couldn't believe it. It was Devullio.
"You...YOU should be dead!" Sanchi said, "The mine...the explosions"
"Didn't try hard enough to kill me...that's why Anthony is dead! That's why Shiruku is gone and senator Chun is almost dead!" Devullio teased.
With a serious look, he pulled out his sword and pointed it at him. Devullio was ready for a rematch and pulled out his long sword and pointed at Sanchi, signaling for him to come first.
"This is a huge mistake for you!" Sanchi said, running towards Devullio.
Bam! Sanchi swung his sword at Devullio and he was ready for combat too. He dodged Sanchi's hit and caused his sword to hit the wall, but Sanchi tried again and again.
"I know more than you!" Devullio said, "I've killed three of your crew already! I did more than Deacon...Kane! Rooke and even Bishop! I have accomplish more than Willis and went farther then Juhn Woun...I am no match for you! I can easily defeat El Toro with one hand!"
With Devullio's attempt a fail, Sanchi backed up and was amazed at his words.
"You're nothing and that's how it'll always be!" Sanchi said.
But Devullio got Sanchi with these words, "That's why Deacon is coming to Julia"
Quickly, Sanchi pushed Devullio to the ground and ran straight to the hospital building.

"This is it" Boris said, finding loads of gunpowder, "I can making something out of this!"
"Make it quick" Sanchez said, looking around the area.
Boris started to construct his plan and was close to done, but he hollered for Sanchez.
"Listen, I need someone to attract all the armadas to the specific location...are you up for it..?" Boris said.
Sanchez shook his head with a serious look, "I can handle this"
"Great, that's go" Boris said.
Boris started to run with his objects and Sanchez followed behind. Running pass many houses, and unaware armadas.
"Where is your great location?" Sanchez said, but Boris stopped.
Empty wooden building. With no extra time, Boris placed the dynamite inside the building and busted a open spot at the end of the building.
"Okay, let's go" Boris said, leaving the area with a switch.
Sanchez ran towards the armada and raised his gun with courage, "Here's one for the crew"
Boom! Sanchez took an armada out and all the attention attracted to him, "Freeze!"
Sanchez started to run from them and they started to follow. Without looking back, he kept on running and all the armadas were right behind him and he noticed the building. He ran inside and slammed the door. In a matter of a few seconds the door went down and the room started to fill up with armadas and Sanchez was gone.
"Where is that pirate?" An armada said.
"Goodbye you scrap of..."
Boom! The whole building went into flames. All of Deacon's army gone and gave Sanchez an another reason to trust Boris.
"His plan actually worked...Dorugh was right" Sanchez said, walking by armadas' pieces.
Sanchez ran up to Boris's location. Excited and ready to pat him on the back, Sanchez started yelling his name. "Science boy! did it!"
Boris smiled, but he didn't like his compliments. He was just doing his job, he thought. He wanted to be apart of the crew. Finally, he accomplished it.
"Let's head back to check on Chun" Boris said, picking up his bag.

Dorugh, Randal, Sanchez and Boris started to walk back, but Sanchi kept running. Nervously, he kept going until he couldn't proceed any longer...but that was never the case. Seeing the hospital in his view, than he just started yelling Julia's name.
"Julia! Are you there?" Sanchi cried out.
Finally he made it there, but he knew something was up. The windows were shattered and so was the door. Taking a deep breath, he went in.
"No!" Sanchi said, entering the room.
Bullet shells were everywhere. Quinn's desk was flipped over and even worst...Julia wasn't there. He started to panic and flipped over everything. Chun was still on the bed and Quinn started to call for help.
Sanchi followed her crying for help. He rushed into her office and there she was. On the floor with tears running down her face, but still no sign for Julia.
"Sanchi" Quinn cried, "Armadas...they took was Deacon!"
His hazel eyes started to widen. His heart started to beat even faster and his fist balled up. "W-w-when?"
Suddenly, Sanchez and the rest entered the room. Sanchez checked on Chun and the rest went inside Nurse Quinn's office. Everyone started to ask questions and Sanchi explained. Devullio and Deacon kidnapped Julia.
"What are we going to do about this?" Dorugh asked, loading his weapon.
Sanchi didn't answer. Instead, he took a glance out of the window and saw his ship flying away...than, he turned around with a serious look on his face.
"We're going to Valencia and rescue Julia" Sanchi said, punching the window.

The Warrior "Dusty, Trying to go back" S4

On Cooper's Roost, deputy Randal sent Sanchi, Dorugh, El Toro and Boris to an abandoned gold mine where criminals kidnapped children. Sanchez stay back due to depression from Shiruku's death and Sanchi lying. Sanchi and El goes deep in the mines, revealing that one of the criminal was Devullio. Boris blew up the cave, saving the kids and getting the crew out, but Devullio and Dirk survived and headed to Valencia and Lifto was impress with his moves and gave him a chance, sending him and Deacon to Cooper's Roost to fight back.

"You know, Sanchi and the rest could be dead" Chun said, staring out of the window.
Sanchez wasn't replying to Chun. Lying on his bed, depress but furious at Sanchi. Chun tried to get him to talk, but he never did.
"Guess you don't care" Chun said, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Chun was looking at the ground. Sanchez had his eyes closed, trying to sleep but it wasn't even possible. Until he heard the door opening and heard boots walking on the old wooden floor.
"Get up, your crew is here and we have some news" Deputy Randal said, stomping on the floor.
Sanchez raised up from his bed and Chun got up before he noticed, "What is it?"
Shortly after, Julia entered the room with Sanchi. Then, Boris and Dorugh came in with El Toro.
"Devullio is dead and the armadas aren't coming back" Deputy Randal stated, "I reckoned you folks are done here, right"
Everyone...except El Toro noticed Randal with a worry look on his face. They knew that wasn't it. But with Boris's intelligence, he asked first, "That's not it...what's going on...?"
Randal glanced at Boris with a funny look on his face and he resumed acting like it was nothing, "What...what are you talking about, boy?"
"Well, everyone in here can tell and plus... no offense sir but I am smarter than you" Boris said, walking around the room..."I said no offense"
Randal started to smile and he finally admitted it, "There's another crim...problem"
Deputy Randal started to explain their problem, skeleton-like creature with a cow boy hat and handkerchief tied around his neck with new pistols hanging from his sides named Ralph Western. But that wasn't it. One of the most dangerous creature around the whole spiral, Fin Dorsal loaned him three Sharktooth... Saber, Niko and Drisk. Randal's description on these three sharktooth was enough for Julia...who left the room.
"Oh geez" Dorugh said, placing his hand on his forehead.
"I'll is Dorugh, El, Boris and...Sanchez" Sanchi said
Soon as Sanchi said that, Chun quickly ran out of the room, happy.
"You in?" Sanchi said, "Forget the past, because of her...lots and lots of innocent ones died on Skull island, including senator Dexter and Warriors. She couldn't come back with us on Skull island"
Sanchez didn't answer Sanchi. Instead he just got up and annouced for everyone to get ready and leave, but Randal quickly stopped them.
"I haven't even told you guys why we're trying to get them" Randal said, "They been stealing ammo crates that this dusty old town need, I reckon y'all know this town well now"

After Randal's explanations, Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Boris and El Toro started to go to the Cooper's Roost's docks, far one that's barely used. Sanchi was next to Boris and Sanchez was between El and Dorugh, trying his best to get away from Sanchi.
"You know, this is a terrible idea" Dorugh said, "Three of Fin's men...if he finds out who we are...someone better started making our graves"
Hour went by. Passing cactus and animal corpses. The close they get to the unforgotten dock, the scarier the place become.
"I've been on Cool Ranch for years and I've never been around this area" El Toro said, "Cool right?"
"Sure" Sanchi said, glancing at Sanchez.
Sanchez saw Sanchi looking and he gave Sanchi a disgusting look and he stopped, getting closer to Sanchez. But Dorugh stopped them and pulled them to the ground and motion for the rest to get down. Hiding behind two ginormous boulders, Sanchi took a quick look and saw a skeleton creature signaling sharktooth to carry the crates and they did.
"There's nine crates and all that ammo...I say there's about ten thousand pounds on that ship...maybe twenty" Dorugh said
Boris gave Dorugh a weird and confuse look. Knowing that his statement was false, "Uh...sure..?"
"What do we do?" Sanchez whispered, "Looking at them!"
None of them wanted to go out and faced the Fin's scary sharktooth men. Not one of them volunteered for the chance.
"Well...maybe we should take a vote?" El Toro said, smiling with a scary look on.
"Wait, aren't you the all mighty El Toro? Why are you scared?" Sanchi said, pushing El Toro.
Suddenly, everyone went silent. Staring at one of the sharktooth throwing the crates around. Laughing at it. But El Toro thought of a plan.
"Guys, listen...two of us can go out there, acting like REAL MEN and persuade offers...get them to follow us towards the rest of us and...the rest get the crates and get on the ship" El Toro said, proud of his plan.
Everyone started to look at each. No one didn't want to go out there, but Sanchi had to break the silent one way or another.
"Dorugh and Boris go out there and talk to them, they look like the type...I mean a strong pirate and a young and handsome scientist! Makes sense" Sanchi said, pushing them away.
Boris or Dorugh didn't want to argue. Dorugh gave Sanchez his weapons and badge. Boris just slammed his hands together and started to walk and Dorugh followed.

"Stop playing around, we need to carry seven on the ship" Ralph said, "Get to it!"
The three, big, grey and scary Sharktooth stopped playing around and resume carrying the crates. But Niko got on the ship to check on something and Boris started to yell for their attention.
"Who's these two clowns?" Saber said, pulling his knifes out.
But Ralph stopped Saber and Drisk, "Who are you two and why are you here?"
Nervously and scared for their life, Dorugh started to talk to Ralph. "Hey, you guys want more ammo?"
Boris noticed Drisk whispering to Ralph and he started to shake his head. Taking a quick swallow, he still continued to talk towards them.
"What are you guys talking, about?" Saber said, giving them a scary look.
Finally Dorugh and Boris reached Ralph, Saber and Drisk. Staring at each other, Dorugh was first to speak, "Hi...I...w-w-w-well my partner and I...his name- is...Rust and my name is...Bronze?"
Quickly Boris interrupted Dorugh, "We saw a ship from Skull island that crashed into Cooper's Roost, near the town... and Bronze and I looked inside and there was more ammo crate...and gold! So we decided to look for strong, cool and handsome men to help us pick them up...there was about eight?"
Drisk and Saber looked at each other, exchanging strange looks. But Ralph fell for it, "Alright, show us it"
Dorugh's head quickly raised up. He couldn't believe that fell for it, but he was also greatful and motioned them to follow.
"These folks could be lying" Ralph whispered.
"We'll kill them once we get there" Saber said, placing his knifes back in his holder.

"Sanchez, look I'm sorry" Sanchi said, "We would be in trouble anyway if she came back"
Sanchez didn't listen to Sanchi. He just continued to ignore him, but than he heard Ralph and the rest coming closer.
Dorugh nervously looked at the boulder and saw Sanchez's head. It made him satisfied but more nervous.
"Ready, guys?" Sanchez said, loading his gun.
Suddenly, Dorugh and Boris stopped and Ralph went ahead to look.
"Go!" Sanchi cried, jumping out.
Suddenly, Sanchi, El Toro and Sanchez jumped out, "Freeze!"
Quickly, Ralph tried to pull his weapon out, but Dorugh picked up a rock and slammed it on him and he fell in pieces.
"What the?" Saber said, putting his hands up.
No one noticed that Niko was gone. But Sanchi ran towards the ship and motioned for everyone to come too.
"Wait what about these two?" Boris said
Boom, boom! Sanchez put a bullet in Saber and Drisk's head. Killing them and he ran towards the ship.
Niko heard everyone get on the ship. He quickly hid from them. No one even noticed him.
"Boris, Dorugh and El, go lift the crates on the ship" Sanchi said, looking around.
It was just Sanchi and Sanchez on the ship. Though, Sanchez was in the back of the ship and he was in the front, they both felt strange.
"Don't be this way" Sanchi said, "I mean...I saved your life from those troggies at Skull island and Shiruku!"
Sanchi started to hear footsteps. He turned around, feeling that it was Sanchez. But it wasn't. It was Niko.
Bam! Niko tackled Sanchi right into the steering wheel of the ship, causing the ship to release from the docks. Quickly, Niko punched Sanchi two times and threw him onto a desk. He tried to get back up, but Niko kicked him in his stomach.
"Who do you think you are? Do you know who you are messing with?" Niko said, picking Sanchi up.
But Sanchi managed to react and he elbowed Niko in his stomach, causing him to drop him. Sanchi kicked his leg, but he leg was so strong that it hurt Sanchi's leg.
Niko started to laugh and picked Sanchi up and threw him again like he was a play toy. Sanchi knew he couldn't win this brawl. He quickly got back on his feet and tried to get away, but Niko grabbed his leg and pulled him back.
"This is it for you!" Niko said, putting his strong arms around his neck.
Niko started to choke Sanchi. But then he heard a clicking noise and Sanchez was in front of him with his gun. With Sanchi coughing up blood, Niko started to hold him tighter.
"Don't do it, boy" Niko said, growling at Sanchez.
"Sanchez, please don't do this" Sanchi said slowly, coughing up blood.
Sanchez still had his gun aiming at them. Both were advising him not to shoot, "Shhhh"
"You try to kill me, I'll kill him!" Niko said
But, Sanchez winked at Sanchi. Motioning him to head butt Niko, "Should I?"
Sanchi nodded his head and slammed his head in Niko's face, causing him to release him and Sanchez quickly pulled his trigger and killed Niko.
Sanchi fell to the ground. Sanchez rushed towards him to check on him and he started to pat on his back, "I might be piss off, but I'm not gonna let you die"
Sanchi, who's struggling hugged Sanchi in relief, "We're family"
Sanchez steered the ship back to the docks and Dorugh, Boris and El got on. Throwing Niko's body off and they headed back to Cooper's Roost, ready to leave.

Meanwhile, Julia and Wing Chun went out to get berries. Walking together, without Sanchi or Sanchez even knowing.
"We're finally going back home" Chun said, "Can't wait to try out what you're planning to make"
"I usually used some Yum yums from Skull island, but hopefully these grupla berries will be great!" Julia said, placing the basket on the ground.
Wing Chun was looking around the area, making sure it was safe. He didn't see anything, beside something on top of a cliff, but he thought it was just a dead cactus.
"So, I never asked" Julia said, "How'd you meet Sanchez?"
" was long ago, we was poor...of course, but hey! One time that greedy little..."
Boom! Gun short fired, hitting Chun's chest. Julia started to scream as he dropped to the ground. But Randal and the rest heard the gunshot at the town.
"What was that a gunshot?" Deputy Randal said, looking around.
"Fin!...?" Sanchi said, looking for Julia and Chun.
Sanchi started to hear Julia screaming for help, "Help! Chun was shot!"
Everyone thought it was Fin Dorsal, but it wasn't....It was Devullio. With his armadas and Deacon behind him. He started to laugh, "One's down"

The Warrior "New alliances, new problems" S4

Deputy Randal sent Sanchi, Boris, Dorugh and El Toro to an abandoned gold mine to rescue three kids. Arriving to the mine, Sanchi and El Toro figured out it was Devullio. Boris found dynamite and a mine cart to blow the gold mine up and his plan went through, saving the kids and crew and apparently killing Devullio. Now, Kane sent Deacon to Cool Ranch to make sure Devullio is dead.

"How do we know Devullio's location?" Deacon asked, arriving at Cooper's Roost
Kane heard from residents on Cool Ranch about kids getting kidnap by a group of individuals. Leaving Sanchi and the rest blowing the mine up, Kane knew it had to be Devullio.
"Lifto wanted to make sure that Devullio is dead" Kane said, "Don't worry about the information"
Deacon agreed to Kane's statement and got off his ship, alone and walked towards the mine. When he arrived, he saw boulders blocking the mine's entrance and found Devullio's mask under a bunch of rocks.
"I don't...believe it..." Deacon said, picking his mask, "He's finally gone"
Deacon threw Devullio's mask to the ground and stepped on it. He was satisfied that Devullio was finally dead, but his other problem is, Sanchi and his crew.
"Is he dead?" Kane asked
"Yes, let's get out of here" Deacon said
Moments later, Deacon and Kane finally left Cooper's Roost and flew back to Valencia, planning their attack on Cooper's Roost.

"Where...what happen?" Dirk said, seeing nothing but black
The only light in the blocked cave was from the lava and it helped Dirk once he got up. Rocks, rocks were everywhere. In front of the entrance, in front of him.
"Anyone...anyone alive..?" Dirk said, "Devullio?"
"" Devullio said, struggling to survive
Dirk ran to Devullio. Noticing he was knocked up, bad. Blood all over his stomach from Sanchi's sword, but somehow he just tied Nick's shirt around the bloody area and managed to survive from then.
"I have a bad headache" Dirk said, "How'd did they escape?"
Devullio didn't reply to Dirk. He just started to looking around the mine, looking for a way to escape. He slowly got back on his feet and picked up his axe and gun.
"Rocks are still falling...the cave is gonna go down soon" Dirk said, knowing that there's no time to waste.
"Easy" Devullio said, pointing at the edge where Sanchi and El Toro was caught before.
Without wasting anytime, Devullio and Dirk started to walk slowly. Dirk gave some advice not to look down, but Devullio didn't even care.
"Look, way out!" Dirk said, pointing at the entrance Sanchi and El took.
None of them even knew that Sanchi and El Toro took this way, but at the same time...they didn't care. Once they got out of the cave, Dirk started to wonder if there were a plan B.
"What now?" Dirk said
Devullio didn't want to worry about Sanchi or his crew. He wanted another idea, challenging Lord Lifto to a duel and take over the armadas.
"Go get our ship" Devullio said, "We're going to need it"
Dirk started to search for their ship. Meanwhile, Devullio sat on a uncomfortable boulder and thoughts started to go through his mind. Ways. Devullio wants another army to attack Sanchi and his crew, but a well-trained force. Then, it suddenly hit him, a perfect army. Armadas, Kane's army.
"Found the ship, it's over here!" Dirk shouted and Devullio went to him
Getting on the ship, Dirk had to ask for their plan and Devullio calmly explained their brilliant plan. They'll go to Valencia, where the armada army...and the leaders are located. He knew alot about Lifto and his thinking. Devullio would challenge to a duel for the army. Dirk rubbed his hand and started to yell with excitement. Meanwhile Devullio just leaned back and enjoyed the ride.

Suddenly, Devullio woke up to Dirk's shouting and he glanced out of the window. They were in Valencia and Dirk was heading at the docks.
"Are you ready, Dev?" Dirk said
Lifto, Kane, Rooke and Deacon was inside their secured building. Discussing plans to eliminate the pirate army. Than Bishop arrived.
"Hello" Bishop said
When Kane saw Bishop entering the room, he quickly informed Bishop the news on Devullio, "I sent Deacon to Cooper's Roost and we figured out that Devullio is dead..he's no longer our problem"
Bishop shook his head, but he than started to wonder about Shiruku. The female companion that he saved on Scrimshaw year ago. He knew her abilities and knowledge. Shiruku would be valuable for the armadas.
"What about Shiruku? Is she alive?" Bishop said, placing his books on the ground
Lifto just ignored Shiruku and started to look for the information on Devullio, but Deacon left it on the ship, "Bishop, do me a favor and go to Kane's ship and get the documents on Devullio, now"
Bishop wasn't pleased that Lifto ignored him, but he would never want to anger Lifto.

Dirk was the first one off the ship. He turned his head, scanning the area and he was surprise with no guards. Finally, Devullio came off the ship and he noticed an armada ship and he knew it was Kane's ship.
"Oh no" Dirk said, "Guards are coming out!"
Dirk noticed two guards coming out with Bishop. First thing they noticed was Devullio's ship.
"Guards, go check the ship" Bishop said
Devullio and Dirk quickly jumped on Kane's ship to hide. To make sure where they are, Devullio poked his head up and saw Bishop walking towards the ship and he smiled with his sword in his hand, meanwhile Dirk was struggling by holding his axe.
"Hide, I have an idea" Devullio said
Quickly opening the door to Kane ship, Bishop looked around to make sure no one was hiding in here, but he didn't do a good job. It took Bishop a couple of minutes to look for the documents but he found it and without any permission, he started to look through. He was flipping pages, until he saw Shiruku...with deceased across the sheet, it was Devullio. Devullio killed Shiruku.
"He's...alive..?" Bishop said
But, Bishop started to hear footsteps and he turned around and it was Devullio. He dropped the documents and fell to the ground, crawling away from him.
"Why....why did kill Shiruku!" Bishop said
"She made a mistake" Devullio said, picking up his sword
Devullio quickly swung his sword and stabbed Bishop and went through his chest, killing Bishop. Dirk heard the noises and he started to freak out.
"What! Look what you have done!" Dirk panicked
Sweat dropping from Devullio's face, anger but determine look was very noticeable. He gently picked up the paperwork on his self and Shiruku and he threw it off the ship.
Meanwhile, Dirk was watching Devullio getting rid of papers, passing Bishop body frequently and that's when he started to worry.
"W-what about this dead body?" Dirk said
Dirk's blue eyes started to fade as he turns around, looking away from Bishop's body, "What are you going to do?"
Devullio stopped and turned around, "You?"
Dirk gave Devullio a disgusted look and started to back up, "I thought we was gonna get revenge on some pirates, we are messing with the armada army!"
Devullio understood Dirk's statement, but it bothered him that he was scared, "I'm going to talk to them, we aren't messing with no one"
He finally got off Kane's ship, with his sword and gun (leaving his axe on the ship) Devullio was prepare to duel Lifo.

Unaware of Devullio's present. Kane, Deacon, Rooke and Lifto was waiting for Bishop to come back, but he never did.
"Of course he's taking his time" Rooke said, walking towards the door to check on Bishop.
When Rooke got close to the heavy steel doors, he started to hear a shhhhhh noise and realized what it was, "Dynamite!"
Boom! Front of the building, explosion occured, blowing the doors onto Rooke. Luckily Rooke managed to survive but he was hurt.
"What in the world?" Kane said
All they saw was smoke around the front. Once Deacon looked closer, he saw a shadow getting bigger and bigger and food steps. It was Devullio with a grin on his face.
"He's alive!" Kane said, punching Deacon, "You said he was dead!"
"I thought he was!" Deacon cried
Deacon and Kane started to argue about Devullio, but Lifto silenced them by raising his hand up. He wanted to talk to Devullio his self, "Go check on Rooke".
Lifto got closer to Devullio, admiring his rusted, dusty and strong armor. He also knew his ability and was surprise.
"Why are you here?" Lifto said, calmly.
Devullio pulled his sword out and pointed it was Lifto, "I challenge you to a duel!"
Suddenly, Kane and Deacon backed up and Lifto started to laugh, "Challenge me?"
Lifto moved his cloak and pulled his sword out, "Let's play"
Without any hesitation, Devullio made the first move. He started to scream and ran towards Lifto. Meanwhile Lifto was silent and stood still.
Cling, cling! Lifto knew the time and fought back, "You cannot defeat me!"
Devullio was alot stronger then Lifto, but Lifto knew what he was doing. He didn't worry about Devullio's looks. He faced Rooke and defeated him awhile ago. He knew moves that Kane never even heard of and he technique is one of the bests.
"I want control of everyone and everyone here" Devullio said, pushing Lifto back.
Lifto looked up and grinned at Devullio and ran towards him, "I don't think so"
Cling, cling, cling! Devullio swung at Lifto, but failed as he kept ducking and jumping over him. Quickly, Lifto got behind Devullio and shoved him to the ground.
"Give up?" Lifto said, grinning
But he didn't. He didn't want to lose. He quickly got back on his feet and started to impress Kane purposely. He was spinning in circles and blocking Lifto's hits.
But Lifto knew his next move. Devullio dropped and ran towards Lifto, slid pass him on his knees and Lifto sliced his hand, causing him to lose his sword.
"I don't believe you" Lifto said, looking at Devullio.
"Do it, just kill won't win this war without me! I did more killing then those three!" He said, pointing at Kane, Deacon and Rooke. "I killed Anthony, I helped with Moresco's death and I took Shiruku out by myself! Plus, I know what you did to Dez, Lord Derwitchi!"
Lifto knew he was right. Than, he glanced at Kane and the rest and he figured out a good plan on Cooper's Roost.
"I'm not going to" Lifto said, "I want you and Deacon to go to Cooper's Roost with a army of armadas...kill Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Julia, Boris, Chun, his new companion and that deputy"

The Warrior "Underground gold" S4

With Sanchez arriving back to Cooper's Roost, after the death of Shiruku, Deputy Randal gave the crew a mission to save three kids kidnapped by four unknown individuals. Boris told Sanchez that he doesn't believe he'll last long. Sanchi, Dorugh, Boris and El Toro goes out to the abandoned gold mine to save the kids.

"Explain something to me" Dorugh said, "This whole time we've been here you've been searching for something...what is it?"
Boris just waved for Dorugh to follow him and Dorugh did. Then, Boris stopped and Dorugh noticed a big mine cart, fire pit and a long stick. Dorugh didn't know what Boris was trying to do.
"Can't tell you what it is...but I do know where the end of the cave is" Boris bragged
"Great job, Dez!" Dorugh stopped as he mentioned Dez's name
Boris didn't mind Dorugh's mistake. He understands about Dorugh missing Dez. Boris didn't know alot about Dez, but he knew Dez was a great guy.
"You miss him, don't ya?" Boris said, patting Dorugh's back
"Sure do" Dorugh said, "We'll need to move on, though
"It's possible" Boris said, "Sure is possible"
Boris finally walked away from Dorugh and he just kept on looking for something. Dorugh knew about Boris's intellegent and had a feeling that what he was looking for is going to be useful.

"Look, there are no more traps" El Toro said, "How are we going to leave this place"
"Simple" Sanchi said, "These criminals...had to get there another way, maybe another set of well working tracks are behind them"
Sanchi and El Both had to take slow, steady steps on the edge. They knew if they'd fall off that it wouldn't be so great. Also by the criminals' conversation growing bigger, he knew that they was getting closer.
"I honestly didn't sign up for this kind of objective" El Toro said, trying his best not to look down
Sanchi was surprise with El Toro's actions. He was begin a complete coward, Sanchi thought.
"We're almost there, chill out" Sanchi said
Boom! Gun shot fired, hitting the ground in front of Sanchi. Quickly Sanchi looked and there was one of the criminal with his weapon pointed at both of them. Sanchi and El both raised their hands up.
"You two must be pretty brave to take those old tracks" he said
"Just a must be Dirk" Sanchi said
The criminal started to laugh at Sanchi's remark and he removed his mask, "You're right"
Dirk made Sanchi and El Toro walk slowly to their spot with his gun aiming right at them and they did. Arriving at their check point. Sanchi also noticed there was only two criminals with the kids, he started to wonder about the other criminal, if Randal's report was correct.
"Let the kids go, please" Sanchi said
"Jimmy, Nick, take this masked companion away, I'll deal with him later" Dirk said, "Boss, we found some intruders"
Boss? Sanchi thought, who could be their boss? Whoever it is, they had to be smart. Perfect place, perfect abduction, perfect trap. Currently, Sanchi started to hear the boss yell at Dirk and he stepped out, revealing his self. It was Devullio.
"I don't believe it" Devullio said, "Sanchi!"
Devullio was shocked that he defeated El Toro and Sanchi was surprised that Devullio came this far.
"You're alive" Sanchi said, "Surprise"
"You wanna know something? You're great at making me mad...talented prospect...indeed" Devullio said, "Ever since on that infected mess, where we met from blowing my beautiful ship up, but I finally got you!"
Sanchi was looking at Devullio, noticing he had blood on his hands. He had a feeling that it was from the crash.
"Oh, you're looking at my hand...well it's not my blood, it's Shiruku" Devullio laughed
Without any hesitation, Sanchi quickly spun around Dirk, stripping his weapon from him and aimed it at his head. Devullio quickly answered back and picked up a child.
"Let my partner go...or else" Devullio said
Sanchi listened and dropped Dirk's weapon and Devullio dropped the child back on the ground and he scattered back to the other children.

"What does Dirk want us to do with this companion?" Nick asked, throwing El Toro on the ground
El Toro got back up and dusted his self and smiled at them, "We're all cool here, let's just be cool"
El Toro glanced at Jimmy and saw his sword, Jimmy was holding it. He quickly thought of something, but Nick wouldn't listen to his statement. Nick pushed El back on the ground and Jimmy placed El's sword on his neck, ready to kill him.
"I rather not get my own blood on my sword" El Toro said
"What is wrong with you? Don't tell us what to do!" Jimmy cried
"Of course, you're right" El said, "Can I get my cape off, please? It's very uncomfortable"
Nick shook his head and El stood back up. He slowly started to untie his cape. Smiling, he finally untied his cape and was handing it to Jimmy. Then, he quickly threw his cape at Nick, covering his face and El slid behind Jimmy and kicked his shin and grabbed his sword.
"New plan" El said, putting his sword in Jimmy's chest, "You're coming with me"

"Dorugh!" Boris cried, "Over here, look at this masterpiece"
Dorugh ran to Boris and he was amaze. Dynamite was on a rail cart on the tracks. Ready to push the cart down, Dorugh started to question how they'd get Sanchi and El out of there with the children.
"Sanchi's companion is gonna get the kids out of here, my plan is working" Boris said
"Where's the torch?" Dorugh said
Boris didn't answer Dorugh. Instead he gave him a look Dorugh knew back when they first met. Boris was gonna blow it up his self, killing him.
"No, no...find a torch, now!" Dorugh said, pulling Boris away from the cart
"Fire doesn't have a timing, we put fire on this dynamite's string, we're pretty much blowing our self up....the string is too short!" Boris said, "Plus...I have to do this, I never belong to this crew and everyone knew that"
Dorugh knew there had to be another way and he thought of one, "We can shoot the dynamite and it'll blow up underground, it's a perfect plan"

Meanwhile, Devullio started to anger Sanchi on purpose. He knew his full potential when he's furious. He wanted a rematch.
"We'll get to Julia, too and kill her" Devullio said, looking at Sanchi's sword
Sanchi was trying his best to ignore Devullio. He had his eyes closed and he was facing the opposite way. Suddenly, he heard a dinging noise, Devullio threw his sword in front of him.
"I say, we get a rematch" Devullio said, picking his sword up
Suddenly, Sanchi ran towards Devullio and started swinging his sword, but he this armada beast kept fighting back with his sword.
"I love it when you're angry!" Devullio said, "Show me the best you got!"
Sanchi didn't listen to Devullio, he was too focused to defeat Devullio. He just kept swinging his sword and was dodging Devullio's hit, "You're just a pawn!"
Suddenly, El Toro saw Sanchi and Devullio attacking each other and saw Dirk watching the battle. El Toro started to walk towards Dirk with Nick in front of him.
"Nick, you have to watch...Nick?" Dirk said
Dirk noticed Nick was bleeding, then he fell to the ground and revealed El Toro's face and El was smiling. Quickly Dirk got up and ran but he hit the wall and fell down, passed out. With no more time, El found the three kids and motioned them to follow him.
"No!" Devullio said, paying attention to El Toro and the kids
This was Sanchi's chance. He quickly stabbed Devullio, going through his stomach. Devullio dropped his sword, shocked and fell to the ground, but he was still alive.
"Go! Blow this puppy up!" El said, holding the kids with Sanchi behind them
With help, Sanchi and Boris both pushed the cart with dynamite and the cart started to go to the mines. Dorugh than shot the cart, blowing up the dynamite and rocks started to fall down, blocking everyone underground in.
"Well done!" Boris said, "You guys did it!"
"No" Dorugh said, "You did was your plan"

The Warrior "Deep in the mines" S4

Shiruku goes out to hunt for Devullio to end him once and for all. Sanchez goes out of his way to search for Shiruku after finding out what happen between Sanchi and Shiruku. Finding a ship, Sanchi gets knocked out by Shiruku. Devullio is found by a group of individuals and he is placed in their homes. Going out for a night, Shiruku gets a rifle and tried to execute Devullio, but Devullio got to Shiruku first and killed her.

Sanchez managed to get Shiruku's body away from Devullio and Dirk without knowing. He wrapped her with an old blanket. He landed on Cooper's Roost, but he left Shiruku's body on the ship and set the ship on fire.
"So, what's your deal with roses?" Boris asked, finding a rose on El Toro's hat
El Toro took the rose from Boris's hand and placed it in his mouth and bit down on it, "I never searched for roses, they search for me"
"Ok, makes no sense" Boris said
Boris, Dorugh and Chun was asking El Toro questions. Meanwhile, Sanchi was with Julia kissing and hugging each other.
"So glad we get to spend some time" Julia said, "And back at Skull island, I forgot to mention...I like your new sword"
Once Sanchi got rid of his old sword couple days ago, he went to a nearby market and bought a new one, with blue handle. Sanchi knew that this sword was right for him and his fresh start.
"Thank you, my love" Sanchi said, kissing Julia
After El Toro answered Boris's questions, he went to sit alone and started to write information down. Dorugh noticed Boris went away from them and was sitting alone, so he went to give Boris some company.
"I haven't thanked you enough" Dorugh said, patting Boris's back
Boris shook his head after Dorugh stopped talking. He was too busy writing on his pad.
"When I was met you...back at the lab, I wouldn't even guessed that you were a scientist" Dorugh said, trying to peek at Boris's writings
"Well, my dad was a scientist" Boris said
"Was?" Dorugh said, "What happened to him?"
Boris placed his pad down and Dorugh stared at his brown eyes, he noticed his eyes were getting watery.
"...Those monsters...killed him...and ate him for dinner like it was nothing!" Boris said, "I'm glad all of them are dead!"
Dorugh patted Boris on his head and walked away, noticing that Sanchez finally arrived back, he also noticed that Sanchez had a depress look on his face.
"Glad, to see you back" Dorugh said, "Where's Shiruku?"
Sanchez didn't answer Dorugh's question. He just gave Sanchi a look and walked away, "I'm going to nap"
No one didn't want to bother Sanchez. So they stayed near a fountain on Cooper's Roost, spending time until Deputy Randal started yelling for their attention.
"Hello, farmer" Deputy Randal joked, "You guys willing to do something for me?"
"What's the job, sheriff?" Sanchi said
"Well...near here there's a gold mine...abandoned one" Deputy Randal said, "Group of individuals kidnapped three kids...These men had been a problem for awhile...we just couldn't catch them...are you guys willing to help? Our town will pay you guys well"
"You got it, sheriff" Sanchi said, smiling.

Before they started to head off to the mines. Boris stopped to talk to Sanchez. Sanchez said he was going to sleep, but he just laid on the bed.
"You okay?" Boris said
"Why are we here?" Sanchez said, "It's foolish...Devullio is gonna find out where we are eventually and Deacon knows where we are, too! They're gonna come back"
Boris didn't start to worry about the armadas. He never stopped worrying about anything, but he needed to confess something to Sanchez.
"I have a feeling that I won't be here for long" Boris said, "At nights...I kept having dreams that I'll get executed"
Sanchez didn't know what to say to Boris's statement, "You'll be fine...I promise"
"I would like to believe that" Boris said, leaving the room
The crew couldn't afford to lose anymore and Sanchez knew that. He couldn't bare another hard funeral or just living the body. He went through Sanchi's master, Gus, Moresco, Dez and now Shiruku. No one else can handle it.

Deputy Randal led Sanchi, Dorugh, El Toro and Boris to the criminals. Leaving Sanchez, Chun and Julia back at the town. Sanchi started to wonder about Cooper's Roost's reinforcements.
"So, explain to me" Sanchi said, "Why can't you just get others to help?"
"Isn't your crew known for this?" Deputy Randal said, "Plus, we aren't so's just me"
Finally, Deputy Randal reached the gold mine. Looking at all the flipped over mine carts and the tracks, somewhat useful. The goldmine is underground. With tracks going miles with lava under the tracks, but there was a spot where there was no lava...where the criminals were located.
"Do you know anything about these individual criminals?" Boris asked, looking around for dynamite
"Nope" Deputy Randal said, "Good luck, fellas"
Once Deputy Randal gave the crew information. He quickly ran back to the town.
"This cave...looks scary" Boris said
Sanchi took a look down the goldmine. He noticed the lava giving the tracks light. Sanchi wouldn't ever ride this in a mine.
"Well...Boris you stay up here.." Sanchi said, "El and Dorugh...come with me"

Sanchi, El Toro and Dorugh walked down under the ground. Noticing the tracks wasn't very steady.
"How did they get over here?" El Toro said, "This looks impossible!"
Sanchi bend over and felt the tracks. Sanchi knew and had a feeling that the criminals took a different way to get to their location.
"These criminals want a pouch of coins for each of them" Dorugh said, "Let's give it to them and get out of here"
They started to hear laughter from the criminals. Sanchi also heard one of them talking to another one name Dirk. He tried to get a good view but they were too far. Only luck they had so far was the echos from the criminals in the cave. Then, Sanchi thought of a perfect way to get there.
"Guys, is there a mine cart up there?" Sanchi said, smiling
"You guys are back up?" Boris said, behind a rock
"A mine cart and what are you looking for?" El Toro said
Sanchi managed to find a mine cart that wasn't flipped over or messed up. To get to the criminals, he'll need a strong person to push the cart down. He knew Boris couldn't do it, so he looked at Dorugh.
"Please no" Dorugh said
"Come on, we need to get there!" Sanchi said
Dorugh finally agreed to their plan. Sanchi and El Toro both hopped on the cart and Dorugh and Boris was behind them, ready to push.
"Let's go!" El Toro shouted
Dorugh and Boris both gave a big push and the mine cart went down the tracks, but it wasn't so easy.
"Uh... Sammy...look behind us" El Toro said
Sanchi looked behind and noticed behind the cart that was going down tracks was falling off and going into the lava.
"We're gonna need a plan" El Toro said
El Toro glanced up to look for a way to get off the cart and tracks. Then El Toro noticed that they were gonna have to jump on the small flat form on the side.
"On the count of three" El Toro said, "One...two...three!"
Quickly, El and Sanchi both jumped off the cart and they landed on the small flat form and Sanchi can finally see the kids. There were three of the kids and the four criminals wearing black masks, covering the identity.
"Here we are" El Toro said

The Warrior "First serve, first go" S4

Deacon and commander Drogic sent an attack on Cooper's Roost, unaware of Sanchez and the crew's present. Without Sanchi, Shiruku or El Toro, it was up to Sanchez, Dorugh and Deputy Randal to defeat Deacon's units. Shiruku gets furious at Sanchi and stabs him. Sanchi tried to fight back but Shiruku ran off. Causing her to pass off near a farmer's house and her only goal is to kill Devullio.

"Two crashes happened few days ago" Jared said, "You heard about that?"
Shiruku wasn't listening to a word Jared said. Instead, she was thinking of a plan to get there and destroy Devullio. Jared didn't know what she was trying to do.
"I have to get over there" Shiruku said, "I need to"
Jared placed his plate on his bed and looked at Shiruku's view, "Why? Did you know them?"
If Shiruku explained why she wanted to go to the smoke, Jared would think she's crazy. So she had to create a lie.
"" Shiruku said
"Son..? You look like a companion...are you sure that it's your master that crashed..?" Jared said
Shiruku didn't like being called a companion. She also knew that Jared wouldn't help her get to the smoke. Shiruku then pulled her knifes out and threatened Jared.
"Here's a new plan" Shiruku said, "You are taking me!"
Jared raised his hands up, but Shiruku didn't get that Jared doesn't own a ship.
"I don't have a ship...I am a low paid farmer!" Jared said
Shiruku understood Jared. She'll need another plan, she looked around his bedroom and found a rifle under his bed. Shiruku smiled and picked up the rifle.
"Thank you for everything, goodbye" Shiruku said, leaving the house.

"The crash is over here!" Young boy cried, pointing at Devullio's wrecked ship.
Devullio was unconscious from the crash. Luckily, a group of pirates found Devullio inside the ship, without his armada's mask. They didn't know he was an armada...or was.
"Cody...get!" Lori cried, grabbing him by his arm
Lori Weaver is a middle aged women, living in a small town. She loved helping people who needed it and she obviously knew that Devullio needed it. Dirk Spyre, young, brave man went inside Devullio's ship and carried him out and placed him on Lori's bed.
"Well, miss Weaver...he's breathing" Dirk said
Devullio wasn't aware that he was in a strange and dangerous town. Every citizen carried a gun with them to protect their town,
"He could be a crazy freak" Nick said, aiming his gun at Devullio.
"He doesn't look like it" Lori said, "Nick, leave him alone!"
After hearing Lori arguing with Nick, Devullio opened his eyes up and was looking at Lori and Nick. He was surprise that they'd save an armada, but then he noticed...he wasn't wearing his mask.
"Welcome, okay?" Dirk said
"Where am I?" Devullio said, looking for his weapons.
Devullio was awake before. He killed two people with his axe and hide their body on his ship, but when Lori went to pick up his axe, she saw blood on it.
"Uh...I can..."
"That's must of been protecting yourself" Lori said
Devullio got off his bed to look around the house, finding all his weapons on Lori's couch. Devullio noticed many bullet holes around her home.
"What happened to you?" Nick said, "You look mess up!"
Devullio started to think about Sanchi...Sanchez...Anthony and Shiruku. This is a new start and a new way to kill them with a new army.
"I was attack by a group of armadas!" Devullio cried, "They look like pirates or warriors but they're not...they're very dangerous...they also crashed their ship too!"
"That's awful!" Lori said, "I've heard that there was a crash on Cooper's Roost!"
Devullio smiled. He finally knew their location. Soon he can sneak up and kill each of them one by one and his first target would be Sanchez.

Everyone was all around El Toro, asking him questions and praising him. Wing Chun was stoke to be next to El Toro. Sanchez wasn't impress.
"Are you sure Shiruku is gone?" Sanchez asked
"She attacked me" Sanchi said, "She's not like the old Shiruku you known...she's different and dangerous"
Sanchez knew that Shiruku would just stab Sanchi for no reason. He had a feeling that Sanchi triggered her into doing it. Sanchez planned on looking for Shiruku.
"Where did all this happened?" Sanchez asked, giving Sanchi a serious look.
"Near some cave with roses everywhere...cactus all around...I don't know, it's hard to explain" Sanchi said, not paying attention
Sanchez quickly picked up his pistol and went on his way to find Shiruku, before something goes down. He kept on running and running, passing shops and houses. He didn't stop.
"Woah" Sanchez said, dropping down.
Blood was in the sand. Sanchez than turned around and saw a mark from a sword. Like someone tried to kill other one. He started to find roses everywhere too, from El Toro. Then, Sanchez knew he was getting close. Finding a nearby house, Sanchez ran there like there was no he was getting chased. Sanchez finally slowed down and went to knock on the door, but he didn't have to. Young farmer opened the door up, with a shovel in his hand.
"You better leave, now!" Jared said, holding his shovel.
Sanchez glanced behind the house and saw dozens of crops. He knew he was a farmer, "Listen...farmer, I'm not here to hurt you...I am looking for someone" Sanchez said, "Her name is women in blue..."
Jared interrupted Sanchez and gave him directions. Jared knew who Shiruku was and Sanchez quickly ran to a nearby ship at a dock. Sanchez looked around and noticed no one was nearby, he looked inside the ship and no one.
"That was easy" Sanchez said
Sanchez was in a excited mood. He turned around to gather his stuff and there she was. Shiruku was pointing a gun at Sanchez.
"Woah, I'm here for you" Sanchez said, "I've been looking for you"
Shiruku lowered the rifle and pushed Sanchez out of her way. She got on the ship, trying to leave Sanchez behind, but Sanchez quickly jumped on the ship.
"What is wrong with you?" Sanchez said, "What happened with you and Sanchi?"
Shiruku didn't want to talk to Sanchez. She didn't want nothing to have with him or his crew. Her only objective was to kill Devullio.
"Answer me!" Sanchez said, grabbing Shiruku
Shiruku then pushed Sanchez back. Before Sanchez could react, Shiruku picked up her rifle and nailed Sanchez in his face with it, knocking him out cold. Then she took the ship to Devullio's location.

"You know something" Nick said, "You are going to love this town"
Nick offered Devullio some food, but Devullio turned it down. Thinking about his attack on Sanchi and his crew, but at the same time Devullio started to have feelings for this town.
"You're gonna like this town" Nick said, shaking Devullio's hand.
After sitting for a few minutes, Devullio saw Lori, Nick, Dirk and others walking with their guns. Devullio followed behind. It also became dark, it was hard to see anything but there were torches around, lighting the area up.
"Hey Devullio" Lori said
Devullio smiled at Lori as they stopped. Devullio didn't know what they were doing.
"Some special nights, like this we like to just come here and chill" Lori said, "You can finally be apart of it"
Suddenly, Devullio felt like something was going wrong. He started to look around the place and found nothing wrong, but he just had a feeling there was something around. It was Shiruku.
"Pay back" Shiruku said to herself
Shiruku followed Devullio and the rest to the area. She then, quickly found an abandoned small building with broken windows and hid in there with the rifle.
"You look like you're worry?" Dirk said, "It's just a annual night"
Shiruku aimed the rifle at Devullio, anxious to shoot, "Goodbye you monster!"
"Devullio, look!" Lori said, getting in front of Devullio.
Boom! Shiruku fired her shot at Devullio, but it hit Lori's head instead as she got in front of Devullio, killing her.
"Lori!" Nick cried
Boom! Shiruku quickly fired another shot and killed Nick. Dirk looked at the abandoned ware house and Shiruku ducked, reloading her weapon.
"Cody, look away!" Nick said
Once she reloaded. She poked her head up and there was no Devullio around. She got on her feet to search for Devullio and he was gone.
"Where is he?" Shiruku said, looking around
Suddenly, Devullio broke the door open and saw Shiruku. Shiruku quickly raised her gun and fired at Devullio, but Devullio got to her first and punched Shiruku in her face over and over. Causing he to drop the gun. Shiruku tried to get back up, but Devullio slammed her head into barrels and she fell back down.
"I helped you!" Devullio said, "We were friends!"
Shiruku didn't reply back to Devullio. Instead she spit blood at his face. Devullio, out of anger kicked Shiruku in her face and pulled his gun at Shiruku. Shiruku looked back Devullio's gun and smiled.
"You'll never win!" Shiruku said
Without any hesitation, Devullio pulled the trigger and shot Shiruku, killing her. Devullio quickly ran out of the ware house and headed to his ship...for his mask.

"Where am I?" Sanchez said, waking up
First thing, Sanchez found was a written note...from Shiruku. He picked up the note and started reading it, "Sanchez, I am here to kill Devullio and end him for good. I am doing this for you and your crew..."
Sanchez quickly got off the ship and saw a crowd of people. He was hiding behind barrels as a group of people lifted a body out of an abandoned ware house and it was Shiruku. Sanchez also saw two other bodies that Shiruku killed.
"No, can't can't be!" Sanchez said
Then, with tears coming from his eyes. He saw Devullio near Shiruku's dead body...with his mask on. Sanchez didn't have his weapon on him, so he wiped his tears away and ran back to the ship. He couldn't believe that his own companion for eleven years is gone.

The Warrior "Dusty town with clockworks" S4

Deacon sent an army to Cooper's Roost, for their supplies. Not aware of Sanchi's present. Sanchi and Shiruku go out on a hunt for the great masked hero, EL TORO! After finding and beating El Toro, he agreed to join their crew. Then, Shiruku lost her temper and stabbed Sanchi and she ran off, leaving them behind.

Kept running...and running...and running until she sees nothing behind her. Sanchi and El Toro walked back to Cooper's Roost and Shiruku was officially alone. Not knowing her past, her only objective was to kill Devullio.
"Once I kill Devullio" Shiruku said, "I'm coming for you, Sanchi!"
Shiruku was running for hours, talking to herself. She couldn't find a single house or town, so she kept on roaming around.
"I can't believe this!" Shiruku said, dropping to her knees.
Shiruku started to cry. She was lost and she's good as dead.
"M'am?" Young farmer called, "Are you lost?"
The farmer noticed Shiruku had a limp and one of her knife was covered in blood.
"Yes...yes...I am!" Shiruku said
Shiruku was sweaty and breathing hard. She was dehydrated and the farmer knew it from a long shot, "Do you need some water?" he asked
Suddenly, Shiruku's vision became black and she passed out on the farmer. So, he dragged Shiruku back to his house.

Deacon gathered most of the citizens around the town in a line. His plan was to go into every single house and steal useful belongings with the help from Drogic. Deacon placed three elite snipers on buildings. Five armada officers with him and two marksman with him, too.
"What is going on?" Nurse Quinn said, hiding on the ground.
"Deacon" Dorugh said, "There are some of those new armadas, elite snipers on nearby buildings. They are clearing out everyone's building...they're close to this building"
Dorugh can see the elite snipers on the building, aiming their gun at Nurse's building, then he fired a shot at the windows.
"Chun, Boris, three stay here...okay?" Dorugh said
Dorugh started to run, but Julia yelled his name and caught his attention. Julia had tears coming from her eyes, she was scared and worried.
"W...where's..Sanchi?" Julia said
Dorugh doesn't know where Sanchi or Shiruku was, but he didn't want to let Julia worry, "He's safe"
"Sir, we haven't check the hospital" Elite sniper armada said, aiming their gun at the building.
Deacon sent two Marksman armada to looking around the hospital. They heard the two armadas marching their way.
"They're coming!" Boris cried, "What are we going to do?"
Boris, Julia and Chun was hiding on the floor, avoiding the window and Nurse Quinn was hiding under a bed, not making a peep.
"Oh no...this...this for us" Chun started to panic
Julia suddenly, picked up a bat, located under of Nurse Quinn's desk (Where Chun started to hide there). Her idea was simple. She'd hide behind the door, sitting down. Once the two enter, she'll strike them both and take their weapons.
"I think this is the building" Marksman two said, opening the door
The room was dark...and the first thing they saw was Chun lying on the bed, acting normal. Also, the marksman was still unaware about Julia's present.
"We found someone!" Marksman one said, "Put your hands up!"
Chun placed his hands in the air, still nervous. He was patiently waiting for Julia to attack.
"Looks like a companion!" the armada said
Boom! Julia struck marksman one head off with the bat. Quickly, the other one turned around and Julia heard footsteps behind her.
"Well...I don't believe it" Deacon said, "It's miss senator Carthy!"
Deacon had his gun on Julia's back. Deacon also knew about Boris and Nurse Quinn hiding.
"Where's my good friends, Sanchi and Sanchez?" Deacon said

"Shhh!" Sanchez said, "Armadas are coming by"
Sanchez, Dorugh and deputy Randal was trapped. If they move from their spot, the snipers will see them, but there was three marksmen walking by.
"We're gonna need a plan" Dorugh said, "Every conflict has a plan"
The marksmen were walking towards their's position. Sanchez knew that gunshots were warned the snipers and Deacon. He also started to hear the armadas talking to the other commander, Drogic.
"Deacon told us to look for a group name Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Dez and some pathetic deputy" Drogic said, looking around
Drogic then triggered Dorugh's mind and everybody's else. Deputy Randal was discourage about them calling him pathetic, but that wasn't the real case.
"I have an idea" Sanchez said, picking up two rocks
"What kind of plan involve rocks?" Dorugh joked.
Sanchez developed a plan to get the armadas away from their position. If Sanchez throw rocks away from their position, Drogic will send his troops to the position.
"Here goes nothing" Sanchez said
Sanchez threw both of the rocks away from their position. Quickly, Drogic started to panic and ran to the location and the armadas followed behind.
"Okay...what now?" Deputy Randal said, looking around the corner.
Sanchez had a couple of rounds left in his gun, Randal and Dorugh both did too. Next stage is to take out the snipers at the same time. In a rush, Dorugh and Sanchez both ran to different spots. Having an angle at the elite snipers. To inform them, Sanchez threw a rock at a old gas tank, making a loud noise and they all pulled their trigger.
"Got'em!" Sanchez said
"Good plan" Dorugh said, "Now what about Deacon and the others?"
"We need to go save our crew" Sanchez said
Sanchez saw Deacon holding all the citizens hostage...even his crew and Nurse Quinn. Sanchez, Dorugh and Deputy Randal climbed on the roof of the hospital and had a view of them.

"Please...let us go.." Nurse Quinn said, "You guys just take everything"
"M'am...I changed the plan" Deacon said, pulling his gun out
Deacon suddenly aimed at one of Cooper's Roost's folks. With a smile, Deacon pulled the trigger and killed the innocent man. Everyone started to panic. To end their panicking, Deacon shot two others. Then he aimed his gun at Boris.
"Woah! Deacon...please!" Chun said, "What's your plan?"
"I want Cooper's Roost land for a base in this war" Deacon said
Deacon again, shot another one, but it wasn't Boris, "Every minute that I don't see your crew, someone will die!"
"You're just a heartless, crazy man!" Julia said, "Devullio can easily take you on!"
Deacon started to laugh at Julia's statement, but he was surprise that Julia knew who he was. Deacon picked Julia up and threw her to the ground, near Drogic. Deacon wanted Drogic to take Julia out, but first he wanted to talk to them about Devullio.
"This is really pathetic" Deacon said, "Your crew is hiding here? With no devices or anything?"
"Just leave us alone!" Boris said, "Please...sir...I'm begging you"
Deacon than, faced Boris with a smile, "You must be Boris...the only scientist left"
Boom! Deacon punched Boris in his nose, causing his nose to bleed. Deacon doesn't like when someone disrespect him or talk out.
"Anyway...princess" Deacon said, "You know Devullio? Hmm...Kane's trying to find him"
Julia didn't talk back to Deacon. She was really scared when Drogic pointed his gun at her.
"Not gonna talk?" Deacon said, "Drogic...kill missy over here"
"I'm going to go contact Kane" Deacon said, walking towards his ship, "Kill her!"
Deacon got on his ship to contact Kane. Drogic aimed at Julia. Chun, Boris and everyone else closed their eyes in fear. Then they heard a gunshot.
"" Chun said, eyes closed.
Chun opened his eyes and saw Drogic falling to the ground. Another shot fired, killing a marksman and more shots fired. Chun looked up and saw Sanchez, Dorugh and Randal with the elite armadas' snipers, killing the marksman. Chun started to cheer, then everyone opened their eyes up and saw the three men coming off the hospital's roof.
"Woo! That's what I am talking about!" Boris cheered.
Deacon saw Sanchez and his men were gone. He was angry but impress.
"You won this one!" Deacon said
Suddenly, Sanchez started to fire at Deacon but he missed his shots and Deacon got away, again and that made Sanchez mad.
"Not mad" Sanchi said, walking behind Sanchez.
Julia quickly got up and tackled Sanchi, kissing and praising him. Meanwhile Sanchez was staring at the great masked hero.
" El Toro" Deputy Randal said, "You're here?"
"Indeed!" El Toro yelled
El Toro placed his hand on Sanchez's shoulder and dropped a rose on him, smiling.
"Your friend defeated me! I am here to help you guys out!" El Toro said
Sanchez was happy with El Toro's present, but he noticed that Shiruku wasn't with them.
"Where's Shiruku?" Sanchez said
Sanchi turned around and Sanchez saw blood around his shoulder.
"She attacked me" Sanchi said, "She ran away"
"You know something...this guy looks like a blue ninja" El Toro said, pointing at Sanchi.

Shiruku finally woke up, but she was inside, away from the sun. She looked around the room and found a man rocking his chair with food.
"Oh, you're awake...I am Jared" Jared said, "Want something to eat?"
Shiruku had some yum yums. While eating, she saw smoke on another island. She placed her food on the ground and looked.
"What's that smoke?" Shiruku said
"Oh, someone crashed their ship couple days ago" Jared said
Shiruku knew who it was...Devullio and she knew she'll have to go there and kill him.