Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "On the run" S4

Already been a week on Skull island for Sanchi's crew. Sanchi goes to Waponi Wu, to the volcano trying to get rid of Moresco's stuff and his own sword, but Wumba Chumba gives Sanchi a problem on the volcano. Sanchez and Chun starts to remember about their old camp, so they both go back to their old camp to meet with Bonnie Anne (Sanchez's old companion) but she already left, leaving Sanchez sad and Dez heard Derwitchi talking with Kane, now Dez is on the run with Derwitchi's pirate troops on his trail.

Whoosh! Dez ran by several pirates, trying to get away from Derwitchi's men and he was getting close, too.
"Come back, trooper!"
Both of Derwitchi's men was on the second floor, meanwhile Dez was in the hallways on the first floor of the temple in Skull island.
"Sanchi" Dez said, trying to contact him, " connection!"
Dez was hiding in a corner. Trying to hide from Derwitchi's men and at the same time, trying to contact Sanchi and Sanchez, but Lord Derwitchi thought ahead and cut his device off.
Stomp, stomp! Dez heard footsteps, behind him. Dez had a feeling that it was Derwitchi's troops. He quickly got his gun out. He heard the footsteps getting closer.
"Freeze!" Dez said
"Woah! Dez?" Boris said, "It's me..Boris..?"
Dez dropped his gun in relief and gave Boris a pat on the back, "Derwitchi...he's evil!"
"Lord Derwitchi..?" Boris said
"Yes! I was walking by his office and heard him discussing plans with Kane!" Dez said
Dez was nervous. He was sweating and his eyes were wide, but Boris was having a rough time believing him, he had a feeling that Dez was going crazy.
"Are you...sure..?" Boris said
"Come on, Boris! You're very intelligent...please believe me!" Dez said
"Let me talk to Derwitchi about this, I'll fix y'all's beef" Boris joked
"Okay, for one I can't believe you even said beef and you're not believing me!" Dez said
But Boris ignored Dez's comments and started walking back up. Dez followed behind, trying to convinced him..until Derwitchi's men came out firing their guns at Dez, knocking Boris to the ground, but Dez reacted quick. Dez punched one of them in their face, knocking him on top of Boris. Than, the other one aimed his gun at Dez.
"Don't move!" Frin said
Bang! Boris knocked Frin out with Coscuz's gun, "Run, now!"
Dez praised Boris for a minute, than he quickly ran from Boris. He knew he had to leave Skull island and he headed to the docks.

Sanchez, Sanchi and Dorugh heard the gunshots in the temple on Skull island. They ran to Lord Derwitchi's office. Derwitchi was with three pirate troops and the commander of the troops.
"Lord Derwitchi" Sanchez said, "What's going on?"
Lord Derwitchi turned around and started to shout. When he faced Sanchez, he noticed a furious look on his face.
"One of your crew mates, the one from that squad, he almost killed me!" Derwitchi cried
"Dez? How?" Dorugh said
Derwitchi quickly thought of a story, "I was talking with other senators...once they all left my office, he came in with a knife and tried to kill me! He's on the loose right now and is very dangerous!"
"Don't you worry, sir" Commander Orgras said, "We'll find these troop and take him out!"
They stayed back and listened to heard Commander Orgras and Derwitchi discussing about Dez. Sanchez and Dorugh couldn't believe them, but Sanchi did. Sanchez and Dorugh stayed with Orgras and his crew to capture Dez, but Sanchi didn't.
"This is Dez! One of our own!" Dorugh cried
"I don't care! If Derwitchi telling the truth, then Dez deserves this punishment" Sanchi said

"Almost there" Dez said, leaving the temple
But, Sanchez, Dorugh, Orgras and his men saw Dez from a distant. Getting closer to the docks. Orgras and his troops busted the window and started yelling at Dez, but Dez ignored them and he quickly got on his crew's ship and flew off.
"I did it" Dez said, "I have gotten away"
Dez flew pass Skull island, not planning on looking back. His new objective was to get to Cool Ranch and get a drink from their bar.
"Sir Derwitchi!" Commander Orgras said, "The pirate trooper got away. He's gone"
Orgras and his men was furious with Dez getting away, but Sanchez and Dorugh was excited that Dez gotten away.
"He's gone" Dorugh said, "Hate to say it"
"I don't think so! Their ship has a tracker on it, from a while back, he's not gonna get away!" Derwitchi said
Quickly, they all got on the ship. Dorugh was worried about Dez, he couldn't bare to lose anyone else.

Dez finally made it the Cool Ranch, passing several pirate ships. He quickly got off the ship. Dez had a ginormous hat on and different clothes from the Cool Ranch clothes shop. He entered the bar and found a seat near the bartender.
"What we'll it be, ye pirate!" Bartender asked, cleaning glass
"Your best drink, one. Please" Dez said
The bartender gave Dez his drink and he started to drink. Looking around the bar, noticing all the drunken pirates. Some of them couldn't even walk, Dez thought.
"Ye look like trouble" the bartender said, "Ye okay?"
"Yes sir, another shot please" Dez said
Dez took his last drink, "You take care, sir"
Dez walked out of the bar. Dez noticed that it was really sunny and windy outside. Heavy winds blowing all around Cool Ranch, but Dez saw Commander Orgras and his men surrounding the ship. Whoosh! The heavy window took Dez's hat and they noticed his face and ran after him.
"Get the trooper!" Orgras yelled
Once Sanchez and Dorugh heard Orgras yelling, they quickly got off the ship and followed behind, chasing Dez.
"Leave me alone!" Dez cried, but they were stilling chasing him
Dez picked up barrels and threw it at Orgras and his men. He hit everyone, but Sanchez and Dorugh and they saw where he was heading.
"Where did he go?" Orgras said, throwing the barrel off.
Than, Sanchez and Dorugh thought of a plan. They could throw Orgras and his men off track and lead them somewhere off, than it'll give them a chance to talk to Dez.
"Over there! Near the deputy's office!" Sanchez said
"Follow me" Sanchez said, "Dez is over here"

Dez ran in an abandoned building, with jail cells hanging from the ceilings and empty barrels and hats. Dez heard their footsteps, Dez was hiding next to a control, to the jail cells and once they get close, he's gonna trap them.
"Dez!" Sanchez said, "It's just Dorugh and I"
Once Dez heard Sanchez's voice, he became furious. Back at Skull island, he saw them with Orgras, trying to capture him.
Click! Dorugh bringing his weapon out, "Are you okay?"
"I'm not the evil one! Derwitchi is!" Dez said
"Listen Dez! Orgras and his men aren't with us. We tricked them and they're somewhere else. Just listen" Sanchez said
Dez heard their footsteps getting closer and he placed his hand on the button to the jail cells.
"Weapons down!" Dez said, "Now!"
Dorugh and Sanchez both removed their weapons and placed it on a crate.
"Not here to hurt you" Sanchez said
Boom! Dez slammed the button and the ropes unleashed the cell. Trapping Dorugh and Sanchez, unarmed. Than Dez came out.
"Trooper! What is wrong with you?" Dorugh said

The cell falling on them made a loud noise and Orgras heard the noise and ran to their building. They started to listen to what Dez was saying.
"Derwitchi tried to hide it, but he's lying. I know what he's been doing!" Dez said
"Let us out, now!" Sanchez said, "Press that button and we'll be free and we can talk"
"Stop!" Dez yelled, "Listen!"
"Go!" Orgras yelled
Orgras and his men came out and ran towards Dez with their guns, yelling at him and Dez started to panic.
"Stop moving!" Dez said
Dez kepting yelling back at Orgras, but then he saw Dorugh's weapon and he ran towards it and picked it up.
"Dez, don't!" Dorugh cried
BOOM! Commander Orgras and his men shot Dez three times. Dez fell to the ground as he dropped his weapon.
"Let us out!" Sanchez said and Orgras did
Dorugh was the first one to reach Dez's body and he was still alive. Dorugh stared at Dez's eyes, tears was coming out of his eyes. Than, Sanchez ran to Dez, too.
"Orgras! Get some help... now..." Sanchez said.
"I just wanted to make my own crew proud" Dez said
"You did, don't die on me, Dez please!" Dorugh said
Orgras and his men surrounded Dez in respect, knowing that they couldn't help him with his condition.
"Sir...he had a gun" Orgras said
"Finally, my pain and nightmare can end..." Dez said, "I always had a feeling that this nightmare will end...nightmares always end"
Dez stopped and his eyes closed. He was dead.
"Dez!" Dorugh said, "!"
"I don't believe this" Sanchez said, upset too
Orgras and his men bowed their heads with respect, meanwhile Dorugh started to shout and cry.

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