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The Warrior "Dusty, Trying to go back" S4

On Cooper's Roost, deputy Randal sent Sanchi, Dorugh, El Toro and Boris to an abandoned gold mine where criminals kidnapped children. Sanchez stay back due to depression from Shiruku's death and Sanchi lying. Sanchi and El goes deep in the mines, revealing that one of the criminal was Devullio. Boris blew up the cave, saving the kids and getting the crew out, but Devullio and Dirk survived and headed to Valencia and Lifto was impress with his moves and gave him a chance, sending him and Deacon to Cooper's Roost to fight back.

"You know, Sanchi and the rest could be dead" Chun said, staring out of the window.
Sanchez wasn't replying to Chun. Lying on his bed, depress but furious at Sanchi. Chun tried to get him to talk, but he never did.
"Guess you don't care" Chun said, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Chun was looking at the ground. Sanchez had his eyes closed, trying to sleep but it wasn't even possible. Until he heard the door opening and heard boots walking on the old wooden floor.
"Get up, your crew is here and we have some news" Deputy Randal said, stomping on the floor.
Sanchez raised up from his bed and Chun got up before he noticed, "What is it?"
Shortly after, Julia entered the room with Sanchi. Then, Boris and Dorugh came in with El Toro.
"Devullio is dead and the armadas aren't coming back" Deputy Randal stated, "I reckoned you folks are done here, right"
Everyone...except El Toro noticed Randal with a worry look on his face. They knew that wasn't it. But with Boris's intelligence, he asked first, "That's not it...what's going on...?"
Randal glanced at Boris with a funny look on his face and he resumed acting like it was nothing, "What...what are you talking about, boy?"
"Well, everyone in here can tell and plus... no offense sir but I am smarter than you" Boris said, walking around the room..."I said no offense"
Randal started to smile and he finally admitted it, "There's another crim...problem"
Deputy Randal started to explain their problem, skeleton-like creature with a cow boy hat and handkerchief tied around his neck with new pistols hanging from his sides named Ralph Western. But that wasn't it. One of the most dangerous creature around the whole spiral, Fin Dorsal loaned him three Sharktooth... Saber, Niko and Drisk. Randal's description on these three sharktooth was enough for Julia...who left the room.
"Oh geez" Dorugh said, placing his hand on his forehead.
"I'll is Dorugh, El, Boris and...Sanchez" Sanchi said
Soon as Sanchi said that, Chun quickly ran out of the room, happy.
"You in?" Sanchi said, "Forget the past, because of her...lots and lots of innocent ones died on Skull island, including senator Dexter and Warriors. She couldn't come back with us on Skull island"
Sanchez didn't answer Sanchi. Instead he just got up and annouced for everyone to get ready and leave, but Randal quickly stopped them.
"I haven't even told you guys why we're trying to get them" Randal said, "They been stealing ammo crates that this dusty old town need, I reckon y'all know this town well now"

After Randal's explanations, Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Boris and El Toro started to go to the Cooper's Roost's docks, far one that's barely used. Sanchi was next to Boris and Sanchez was between El and Dorugh, trying his best to get away from Sanchi.
"You know, this is a terrible idea" Dorugh said, "Three of Fin's men...if he finds out who we are...someone better started making our graves"
Hour went by. Passing cactus and animal corpses. The close they get to the unforgotten dock, the scarier the place become.
"I've been on Cool Ranch for years and I've never been around this area" El Toro said, "Cool right?"
"Sure" Sanchi said, glancing at Sanchez.
Sanchez saw Sanchi looking and he gave Sanchi a disgusting look and he stopped, getting closer to Sanchez. But Dorugh stopped them and pulled them to the ground and motion for the rest to get down. Hiding behind two ginormous boulders, Sanchi took a quick look and saw a skeleton creature signaling sharktooth to carry the crates and they did.
"There's nine crates and all that ammo...I say there's about ten thousand pounds on that ship...maybe twenty" Dorugh said
Boris gave Dorugh a weird and confuse look. Knowing that his statement was false, "Uh...sure..?"
"What do we do?" Sanchez whispered, "Looking at them!"
None of them wanted to go out and faced the Fin's scary sharktooth men. Not one of them volunteered for the chance.
"Well...maybe we should take a vote?" El Toro said, smiling with a scary look on.
"Wait, aren't you the all mighty El Toro? Why are you scared?" Sanchi said, pushing El Toro.
Suddenly, everyone went silent. Staring at one of the sharktooth throwing the crates around. Laughing at it. But El Toro thought of a plan.
"Guys, listen...two of us can go out there, acting like REAL MEN and persuade offers...get them to follow us towards the rest of us and...the rest get the crates and get on the ship" El Toro said, proud of his plan.
Everyone started to look at each. No one didn't want to go out there, but Sanchi had to break the silent one way or another.
"Dorugh and Boris go out there and talk to them, they look like the type...I mean a strong pirate and a young and handsome scientist! Makes sense" Sanchi said, pushing them away.
Boris or Dorugh didn't want to argue. Dorugh gave Sanchez his weapons and badge. Boris just slammed his hands together and started to walk and Dorugh followed.

"Stop playing around, we need to carry seven on the ship" Ralph said, "Get to it!"
The three, big, grey and scary Sharktooth stopped playing around and resume carrying the crates. But Niko got on the ship to check on something and Boris started to yell for their attention.
"Who's these two clowns?" Saber said, pulling his knifes out.
But Ralph stopped Saber and Drisk, "Who are you two and why are you here?"
Nervously and scared for their life, Dorugh started to talk to Ralph. "Hey, you guys want more ammo?"
Boris noticed Drisk whispering to Ralph and he started to shake his head. Taking a quick swallow, he still continued to talk towards them.
"What are you guys talking, about?" Saber said, giving them a scary look.
Finally Dorugh and Boris reached Ralph, Saber and Drisk. Staring at each other, Dorugh was first to speak, "Hi...I...w-w-w-well my partner and I...his name- is...Rust and my name is...Bronze?"
Quickly Boris interrupted Dorugh, "We saw a ship from Skull island that crashed into Cooper's Roost, near the town... and Bronze and I looked inside and there was more ammo crate...and gold! So we decided to look for strong, cool and handsome men to help us pick them up...there was about eight?"
Drisk and Saber looked at each other, exchanging strange looks. But Ralph fell for it, "Alright, show us it"
Dorugh's head quickly raised up. He couldn't believe that fell for it, but he was also greatful and motioned them to follow.
"These folks could be lying" Ralph whispered.
"We'll kill them once we get there" Saber said, placing his knifes back in his holder.

"Sanchez, look I'm sorry" Sanchi said, "We would be in trouble anyway if she came back"
Sanchez didn't listen to Sanchi. He just continued to ignore him, but than he heard Ralph and the rest coming closer.
Dorugh nervously looked at the boulder and saw Sanchez's head. It made him satisfied but more nervous.
"Ready, guys?" Sanchez said, loading his gun.
Suddenly, Dorugh and Boris stopped and Ralph went ahead to look.
"Go!" Sanchi cried, jumping out.
Suddenly, Sanchi, El Toro and Sanchez jumped out, "Freeze!"
Quickly, Ralph tried to pull his weapon out, but Dorugh picked up a rock and slammed it on him and he fell in pieces.
"What the?" Saber said, putting his hands up.
No one noticed that Niko was gone. But Sanchi ran towards the ship and motioned for everyone to come too.
"Wait what about these two?" Boris said
Boom, boom! Sanchez put a bullet in Saber and Drisk's head. Killing them and he ran towards the ship.
Niko heard everyone get on the ship. He quickly hid from them. No one even noticed him.
"Boris, Dorugh and El, go lift the crates on the ship" Sanchi said, looking around.
It was just Sanchi and Sanchez on the ship. Though, Sanchez was in the back of the ship and he was in the front, they both felt strange.
"Don't be this way" Sanchi said, "I mean...I saved your life from those troggies at Skull island and Shiruku!"
Sanchi started to hear footsteps. He turned around, feeling that it was Sanchez. But it wasn't. It was Niko.
Bam! Niko tackled Sanchi right into the steering wheel of the ship, causing the ship to release from the docks. Quickly, Niko punched Sanchi two times and threw him onto a desk. He tried to get back up, but Niko kicked him in his stomach.
"Who do you think you are? Do you know who you are messing with?" Niko said, picking Sanchi up.
But Sanchi managed to react and he elbowed Niko in his stomach, causing him to drop him. Sanchi kicked his leg, but he leg was so strong that it hurt Sanchi's leg.
Niko started to laugh and picked Sanchi up and threw him again like he was a play toy. Sanchi knew he couldn't win this brawl. He quickly got back on his feet and tried to get away, but Niko grabbed his leg and pulled him back.
"This is it for you!" Niko said, putting his strong arms around his neck.
Niko started to choke Sanchi. But then he heard a clicking noise and Sanchez was in front of him with his gun. With Sanchi coughing up blood, Niko started to hold him tighter.
"Don't do it, boy" Niko said, growling at Sanchez.
"Sanchez, please don't do this" Sanchi said slowly, coughing up blood.
Sanchez still had his gun aiming at them. Both were advising him not to shoot, "Shhhh"
"You try to kill me, I'll kill him!" Niko said
But, Sanchez winked at Sanchi. Motioning him to head butt Niko, "Should I?"
Sanchi nodded his head and slammed his head in Niko's face, causing him to release him and Sanchez quickly pulled his trigger and killed Niko.
Sanchi fell to the ground. Sanchez rushed towards him to check on him and he started to pat on his back, "I might be piss off, but I'm not gonna let you die"
Sanchi, who's struggling hugged Sanchi in relief, "We're family"
Sanchez steered the ship back to the docks and Dorugh, Boris and El got on. Throwing Niko's body off and they headed back to Cooper's Roost, ready to leave.

Meanwhile, Julia and Wing Chun went out to get berries. Walking together, without Sanchi or Sanchez even knowing.
"We're finally going back home" Chun said, "Can't wait to try out what you're planning to make"
"I usually used some Yum yums from Skull island, but hopefully these grupla berries will be great!" Julia said, placing the basket on the ground.
Wing Chun was looking around the area, making sure it was safe. He didn't see anything, beside something on top of a cliff, but he thought it was just a dead cactus.
"So, I never asked" Julia said, "How'd you meet Sanchez?"
" was long ago, we was poor...of course, but hey! One time that greedy little..."
Boom! Gun short fired, hitting Chun's chest. Julia started to scream as he dropped to the ground. But Randal and the rest heard the gunshot at the town.
"What was that a gunshot?" Deputy Randal said, looking around.
"Fin!...?" Sanchi said, looking for Julia and Chun.
Sanchi started to hear Julia screaming for help, "Help! Chun was shot!"
Everyone thought it was Fin Dorsal, but it wasn't....It was Devullio. With his armadas and Deacon behind him. He started to laugh, "One's down"

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