Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Criminal on the move" S4

Dez was on the run because Derwitchi didn't want anyone to figure out his secret, in doing this Lord Derwitchi sent a group of troopers and Dez was killed. The crew starts to question about the pirates, but soon they started to worry about Devullio and want him dead. Meanwhile, Devullio is causing crimes around the whole spiral.

"Stop! Who are you?" Head guard, Earlon of Marleybone said
Devullio didn't stop. Instead he kept walking towards the four guards, with his heavy axe and his rifle. Devullio was ready for action.
"State your name?" He said
"I would like to see the prime minister of Marleybone, Sir George the 8th" Devullio said
"Sir George will never discuss anything with an armada! We're with Lord Derwitchi and the pirate army" Earlon said
Devullio stopped walking...but he started to shake his head. He was thinking a way to kidnap Sir George, to bring Sanchi and the rest to him for a trade, but he'll need to think hard and he had a feeling that he will have a tough time, fighting the guards off.
"I'm not an armada. I have the armor...indeed but I am no Clockwork.." Devullio said
"Go!" Earlon said, placing his shield in front of him, "Now"
Devullio started to smile, with his mask on. He gently removed a dangerous explosive grande without Earlon or any of the guards noticing. Devullio than placed it in his hands.
"One last chance" Devullio said, "I'm being kind and giving"
Suddenly, the guards brought the shields and staffs out. Ready to take on Devullio, but Devullio had a feeling that he might just win.
"You" Devullio said, pointing at Earlon, "What kind of shield is that?"
Than, Earlton was caught off guard and that's when Devullio performed his plan. He quickly threw the grande at Earlon and the guards.
"Look out!" One of the guards cried out.
Boom! The grande blew up, killing three of the guards. Earlon was the only guard left, but his legs were broken and he couldn't move. Lying on the ground, he glanced around the area, his guards were dead. He tried to get his sharpen staff, but it was too far for him to reach it.
"Help...anybody..." Earlon cried
"Should of listened to me" Devullio said, stepping on his hand
Earlon started to yell for help, but Devullio bent over and got on his knees, next to Earlon.
"...Wh....who..are you..?" Earlon said
"Should of just shut your damn mouth and walk away, but of course you guys did not...BAD CHOICE!" Devullio said, unbuckling his weapon
Devullio pulled out his rifle and started to look at it, scary Earlon and than he pointed the weapon at Earlon's mouth, with his finger on the trigger.
"I rather getting to Sir George with his own guards alive...well that now have changed" Devullio said
Boom! Devull pulled the trigger, killing Earlon and he quickly ran away and to Sir George's building.

Sanchez, Boris, Chun and Julia all surrounded Dorugh, relieving him and trying to make him better, but with the death of his former crew mate and trooper, Dez, it'll be a tough job.
"He's gone...Dez is really gone.." Dorugh said, in tears
"It's okay, Dorugh" Julia said, trying to comfort him
With everyone around Dorugh, they didn't notice the door was open and Juhn entered the room with a worried look.
"More news on Devullio" Juhn said
Sanchez and Boris was the first ones up and they hovered over Juhn to see. Than, Chun and Julia eventually got up to hear it.
"Devullio was at Marleybone" Juhn said, "He killed four guards and than...he kidnapped the prime minister of Marleybone, Sir George the 8th"
"We can handle Devullio" Sanchez said, "Excited to execute this monster!"
"What about Shiruku?" Chun asked, "She survived the battle"
"Just Devullio, no sign of her" Juhn said, "Good luck"
Juhn left the room and everyone started to discuss their plan, everyone had similar plans, but Chun's plan was different. He wanted to go back to Socrus to hunt for Shiruku.
"Shiruku? Who's she?" Boris said
Sanchi finally came down, but once he entered the room, Dorugh got up and left slamming the door behind him. Chun was first to tell Sanchi the news and his plan to find Shiruku, but Sanchez explained the other plan. Sanchez and Chun both was arguing over each other plans. Chun wanted to see Shiruku again...but Sanchez want revenge on Devullio.
"This is Shiruku! Our old crew mate!" Chun cried
"Let's do this" Sanchi said, calming Chun and Sanchez down, "Chun and I will go back to Socrus to look for Shiruku and Sanchez and Boris will get clues on Devullio"
"No!" Chun cried, "We all do this plan, together! It won't take long to look for Shiruku"
Everyone was surprise with Chun's statements and his anger. Sanchi agreed with Chun. First, Socrus...then Devullio.
Sanchi gathered his crew, but Sanchez and Dorugh. Sanchez quickly ran out and towards Dorugh's room. Sanchez noticed that Dorugh door was cracked open and he saw him sitting on the bed with his head tilted down. He tried to sneak in, but Dorugh heard him after hearing the door cracking.
"Dorugh?" Sanchez said
Dorugh didn't yell. Instead he motioned for Sanchez to come to the bed, patting the spot for him. Sanchez sat next to Dorugh and Dorugh took a deep breath.
"Two more days until Dez's birthday" Dorugh said, "Gonna miss him"
"Everyone misses Dez...even Sanchi" Sanchez said
"He's wasn't showing it when Dez died" Dorugh said, scratching his head
"He's going through a phase...ever since Moresco died" Sanchez said, "Forgive him and come with us to Socrus"
Dorugh agreed and was ready to go. Dorugh picked up his weapon and walked towards the ship, with Sanchez.

Once everyone got on the ship, Boris left the docks and they were off of Skull island.
"Boris is doing alot for us" Sanchez said, "Should we let him in the crew?"
Sanchi wasn't paying attention to Sanchez, he just shook his head to end the conversation, but than Julia came to comfort Sanchi.
"Everything's okay?" Julia said, rubbing Sanchi's back
Julia was talented with giving people hope and making them smile. That's what Sanchi loved about her, too. Sanchi just smiled and gave Julia a kiss and in a matter of time, Boris docked at Socrus.
"Who's all coming along?" Sanchez said
Chun and Sanchi raised their hand. Dorugh was asleep after a long week and Julia was really tire, too.
"Let's go" Chun said, first one off the ship
Chun looked around Socrus, seeing the mess they caused, looking at the remaining bodies..burnt, but he wanted to search for Shiruku.
"The building is completely down" Sanchi said, "No survivers...maybe"
Sanchi, Sanchez and Chun went in the back woods, looking at a crashed ship. Sanchi remembered that.
"Awful mess" Chun said, "Terrible memories"
Whoosh! Sanchez started to hear noises, leafs crumbling. Sanchi heard it too.
"You two, stay here" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
Sanchi started to run towards the leaf crumbling noises, but he also noticed it was getting lower. Sanchi kept on running until the crumbling stopped, but it didn't.
"Hey!" Sanchi said
Sanchi saw the person running by him, with a limp. He knew it was Shiruku. He started to scream his name, but she didn't stop.
"Hate to do this" Sanchi said
Sanchi took a shortcut, hear more leaves crumble. He found a tree and hid behind it, still hearing the noise, but it kept getting louder. Than, Sanchi jumped out, tackling Shiruku.
"Guys!" Sanchi said, "Found her"
Sanchez found Sanchi with Shiruku and he was happy. Seeing his old companion. Chun was also excited too.
"'re alive!" Chun said
Shiruku was afraid. She thought that they went back to Socrus to find and kill her, but that didn't go through their minds.
"Look! I'm sorry, okay!" Shiruku said, "I never knew Devullio was like that!"
"We're not here to hurt you" Sanchez said, helping her up.
All of a sudden Shiruku burst into tears, remembering about the death of Anthony and the battle on Socrus.
"I'm so sorry! He was insane...please...what do you want with me?" Shiruku said, backing away from Sanchez.
"Look!" Sanchi said, "We're not here to hurt you...we need your kill Devullio"

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