Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Fighters" S4 finale (long)

Devullio managed to survive Sanchi's attack. Devullio teamed up with Deacon and his army to plan an attack on Cooper's Roost. Killing many citizens of Cooper's Roost but not Sanchi or his crew. But, Deacon kidnaps Julia with Devullio and they escaped. Now, Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Boris, El Toro and sheriff Randal are on a new mission.

Smash! Old wooden table hit the ground and beds went flying. All from Sanchi's anger. "They took the love of my life! Those clockworks! W-w-we gotta do something"
Everyone was quiet. No one wanted to calm Sanchi down when he's equip with his sword, but Dorugh ended their streak.
"You need to calm down...we'll rescue Julia...we...we just need a plan" Dorugh said, "Another plan..."
Suddenly, everyone turned their head at Boris. Eyeballing him. They'd hoping for a word from him...but they didn't...but El Toro pushed him out of his way and took a deep breath.
"Maybe, we can get Juhn and the pirate army...they can help us" El Toro said, smiling.
"That wouldn't be a great idea" Sanchez included, "Ever since that deadly virus hit, Skull island have been they wouldn't even attempt an attack on Valencia...that'll cause a brand new war"
Sanchi placed both of his hands in front of his face and kneed to the ground, "We're wasting time!"
Trying to cool down, Sanchi looked out of the busted window and climbed out of it for fresh air. Looking around the mess up town, he kept seeing armadas' bodies...than it finally hit him.
"That's it!" Sanchi said, running towards destroyed armadas.
Meanwhile, with Sanchi scooping up armadas. Sanchez and Dorugh were at Chun's bed, watching him. Wondering if he'll be okay.
"Sanchi is losing it" Dorugh said, checking Chun's pulse.
"We lost so many...of our own did you feel when Gus and Dez die?" Sanchez said.
"Gus was a good fellow...Dez was my own brother...but I felt worse seeing Sanchi's old sword going through Anthony's chest" Dorugh said, "Plus...without Boris, I'd problem be in those jerks' stomachs"
Sanchez remembered all of his crew mates. Mainly Shiruku and Bonnie.

"Guys!" Sanchi cried.
Quickly, everyone went out to see, but it were no armadas or Deacon. Just Sanchi with two sets or armadas' armor. Once he reached his crew, he dropped the armor down and placed his hands on his head. Anxious to rescue Julia, he had no time for questions.
"Boris...Dorugh" Sanchi said, pointing at the armor. "Put'em on"
Without any questions, Dorugh and Sanchi proceeded.
"They're our officers. El, Sanchez and I will be with the officers, while Randal stay on the ship" Sanchi said, "Let's go".
"What? Come on, I am the leader for this objective" Randal said.
"Not this time, sorry're not the deputy in Valencia" Sanchi said, bumping into him.
Everyone-but Sanchez went on the ship with their weapons. Meanwhile, Sanchez went into Quinn's officer to check on Chun.
"Is he gonna make it?" Sanchez said.
Quinn, with bruises all over her, also needed to rest. "He's going to be fine...I managed to quit the he just needs his resting"
Sanchez shook his head and walked out. He started to head toward the ship. While heading towards the ship, he started to have flashbacks of his old life. He didn't want to go back to his old life.

"Is that it?" Devullio said, "They took out an entire army!"
Deacon was busy. Thinking of what to do with Julia, "You are surprise?"
Both were almost back at Valencia. Entering the storm gate, they started to hear Julia trying to move around. So, Devullio went to check on her.
"You aren't going to get out of that" Devullio said, opening the door.
Julia wasn't tied to anything. Her weak hands were tied together behind her back and her feet were bundle up with hard rope. Plus, tape were covering her mouth. Devullio were trying to calm her down, but she tried her best not to listen to any words. Until he ripped the tape off her mouth and she started to give an angry face expression towards Devullio and he started to laugh.
"Listen, sweetheart. We didn't want to do this...those two scumbags made me! But if it'll make you feel better...your crew is the hardest one I've encountered...Douglass Bullzo wasn't a challenge" Devullio said, "You know...I'm trying to have a conversation with make you feel better" Devullio said, "But I'd understand...your crew will fall"
Julia didn't resist. She quickly headbutted Devullio and caused him to call to the ground, with a nose bleed. Devullio wiped the blood and noticed it on his hands. Laughing and remembered the blood on his hand after he killed Anthony.
"You're one of a I know why Sanchi is in love with you.." Devullio said, wiping his nose.
Devullio placed his pointer finger on Julia's nose. Aggravating her on purpose.
"Why can't we get along, bad...senator" Devullio said.
Chump! Julia bite Devullio's finger and took a chunk out of it, causing him to scream. Last thing Julia would want to do was to make him angry.
"You!" Devullio said, slapping Julia.
Devullio pulled out his knife and walked towards Julia. She tried to move away, but she couldn't. Then, the door opened up. It was Deacon.
"What are you doing!" Deacon said.
"She wants to a..."
"Get out of here" Deacon said.
Devullio grinned at Julia, giving her a hint that he will take care of her soon. He left the dark, small and lonely room. Leaving Deacon to shut it. Once they left, tears started to flow down her face. Not even knowing if she'll ever see Sanchi again.

Finally, Sanchi and the rest made it to Valencia. Dark Skyway with armadas EVERYWHERE. Everyone were nervous about getting caught, but somehow they didn't.
"How are y'all holding up?" Sanchez said, referring to Dorugh and Boris.
Both were in  armadas' armor, ready and loaded. Randal, El Toro and Sanchez would go out with the "new two armadas" to the control room and disable the alarms. Meanwhile, Sanchi would go out and find Julia.
"We have found three prisoners...uh...trying to ambush us...?" Dorugh said, arriving at the entrance.
There were one armada captain and a marksman at the entrance, guarding it. They started to question them, "There's only t...three.. of them...w-w-w-why would they try to ambush us when there's o..o-o-over h-h-h-here" Armada captain said.
"Well...I mean...most of them here are brain dead scrap of dumb metals...heck, I bet I could take all of y'all out" El Toro said, smiling.
The marksman pointed his weapon at El and loaded it, but luckily Boris stopped him. "Woah, no need for this...we'll take them to...Kane?"
"Kane's is absent with Rooke?" Marksman said, questioning them.
"Did I say Kane? Wow! I need to check on my gears...? I-I- mean...Deacon?" Boris said, purposely pushing Sanchi towards the gate.
"Why...don't I just make sure...i-i-i-it's okay...with Deacon" Armada captain said, trying to contact him.
"Wait, don't!" Dorugh said, rearranging his mask.
Suddenly, Sanchi got behind the marksman and tackled him off the side and into the Skyways, but before the captain can react Dorugh grabbed him and slammed him on the hard wall.
"w-w-w-who are you?" Armada captain said, trying to get loose.
"Your life's savior" Dorugh said snapping his deck.
First thing to do, Dorugh got the key and opened up the entrance. Than, he unchained Sanchi and he went to look for Julia.

Sanchi went away from his crew. Making his way towards Julia..or he hopes she's there. Sanchi took very quiet footsteps and if there were an armada, he'd hide or take it out. Going through hallways and looking through rooms and he still couldn't find Julia, but he didn't go to the top floor.
"Are those...two...two a-a-a-armadas...still guarding the...entrance..? De-Devullio and Deacon...wants..wants us to make...make sure this place" Sanchi head an armada saying.
Sanchi head them going down a hallway and he was near it. He quietly ran towards a corner near the hallway with his sword out. Ready to take them on.
"T-t-they hav....have a" The armada stopped as it makes the turn.
Swoosh! Sanchi came blazing out, slicing one of the armadas and pushing one of them to the ground. He was going to take out both, but he heard one of them mentioning Julia.
"OH-OH NO! Please...ple...let...l-l-let me..go" The armada marksman panicked.
"Shut up!" Sanchi whispered and threw him into the corner of the hallway.
"This senator lady...Julia...where is she?" Sanchi said, placing the sword on his neck, "I'll let you go, but you're gonna have to tell me"
"At the top...on the roof...of th-th-this...building...with De-De-Devullio"...Deacon is somewhere else...on Valencia"
Sanchi smiled at the marksman. Than, his sword went through the marksman's chest. Sanchi quickly ran out of the scene.

"Are we here?" El said, ready to get loose.
Two new marksman, Boris and Dorugh led Sanchez, Randal and El to the control room..but before they'd enter the room, Boris unchained everyone.
"There's only three marksman in there" Dorugh said, giving them their weapons.
El Toro was first one in, with his sword he jumped in and took out two of the marksman and Sanchez shot the other one. Dorugh and Boris entered the room. Meanwhile, Randal (who's scared) didn't even step a foot in, until Dorugh pulled him in here.
"Either you're with us...or you're against us...stop being afraid!" Dorugh said, angry.
"Don't talk to me like that!" Deputy Randal said, slapping Dorugh's hand away from him.
Dorugh didn't want to start anything with him, not yet at least. He let it slide and focused on the control panel.
"Deactivate all the alarms and the system" Boris said, "'re doing...nevermind, let me do it!"
Boris quickly started to mess with the system. Sanchez was at one of the doors and kept watch and Randal just stood there away from the doors and the panel.
"What's taking you so long, boy?" Sanchez asked, looking around.
 Boris was the smartest one here and still having trouble deactivating everything and Randal got inpatient. Randal got up quickly and pushed Boris out of his way. Dorugh pulled out his gun, but again...Boris stopped him. "It's okay...let him do it"
"You guys take way to long to do the simplest jobs" Deputy Randal said, pressing random buttons. alarm went off. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. The alarm started to go off and it was loud. Sanchez rushed towards the controls, where Randal pulled his weapon out.
"Back away, I got this!" Randal said, shooting the whole panel.
Everyone knew he messed up. There were no way for the alarm to go off now.
"Look what you've done!" Boris said, "Armadas are coming"
Randal started to panic. He threw Boris out of his way and ran towards the back door. He ran through the hallways until... more armadas came out. He ran back towards the room, but Sanchez closed the door.
"Open this door!" Randal said, banging on it.
"Cowards like you don't belong here" Sanchez said.
Randal started to scream and bang on the door, but than...gunshots fired and it stopped. Everyone knew what just happened and gave Sanchez a look. "I had too"
 "We're trap on both sides!" Boris said, "What are we going to do?"
Their only ways out were filled with armadas and now it was just Sanchez, Dorugh, El and Boris, but Sanchez found a vent on top.
"Guys, up here" Sanchez said, shooting the vent open.

Sanchi managed to get on top of the roof. He slowly climb up the ladder in fear of either two things-Devullio or Julia's death. With the alarm going off, he had to focus.
"Your friends must be here to rescue you" Devullio said, "Too bad they won't survive!"
He heard Devullio's voice and took a deep breath. He was ready. He jumped up and on top of the roof.
"Ready for a rematch?" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
"Sanchi!" Julia cried, but Devullio slapped her.
Devullio slapping Julia made him angry and Devullio knew. He pulled out his sword and pointed his fingers at Sanchi, wanting him to perform the first move.
"This is your last rampage" Sanchi said
"You wanna know what's just sad?" Devullio said, "When a weak little warrior adapt in an unwanted territory...knowing that your kind will surely fall, soon"
Sanchi ran towards Devullio and swung his sword. Devullio dodged his hits and fought back. Julia was trying to get loose to help Sanchi.
"You just have to come up at our weakest moments every time?" Sanchi said, pushing him away.
Devullio smiled, "Explain the death of Anthony, Shiruku, Dez and Moresco! I know more about you than you think!"
Devullio swung his bigger sword at Sanchi and moved it with a force greater then Sanchi's strength and caused him to drop it off the building. Devullio...whose's smiling, knew it's going to be easy.
"Give up, now!" Devullio said.
Devullio was swinging at Sanchi, but he dodged his hits. Back and fourth, none of Devullio's hits were successful. But when Devullio tried one last time, Sanchi grabbed his hand and started to pull his sword away and Devullio tried to pull back and caused his sword to go off too. Now, it was a bare hand battle.
Devullio tackled Sanchi to the ground and punched him twice. He went for the third time, but Sanchi grabbed his fist and pushed it back and punched him off. Blood dripping from his mouth, Devullio kicked Sanchi in his leg and made him fall back to the ground.
"Stop this, please!" Julia said, trying to get loose.
Devullio slowly punched Sanchi in his nose, then eye and threw him into a wall. Watching him fall to the ground, Devullio slowly approach him...with his knife.
"Should of just left Socrus, should of just ran!" Devullio said.
Devullio picked Sanchi up by his neck and pulled him closer to him. "Julia will be mine, can you imagine the stuff I'll do to her?".
Suddenly, Sanchi snapped when he mentioned Julia's name again and Devullio kept on going.
"Then, I shall brag! Douglass, Moresco, Anthony, Shiruku, you and Julia" Devullio said laughing.
With blood all over his face, Sanchi just said, "No you won't" and took a chunk out of Devullio's neck, causing him to drop him. Devullio with a chunk out of his neck started to back up. Sanchi got back on his feet and tackled Devullio off the top and watched him hit the floor. He started to cry and fell to his knees...he did it, he killed his enemy. Devullio was finally dead.

Sanchi hugged and kissed Julia, telling her to never let go. They quickly ran towards the ship. Greeting Sanchez and the rest. Sanchez saw the bruises and blood around his mouth, he knew what happened.
"We can finally sleep, Devullio is dead" Julia said.
"Chun's going to be okay, too" Sanchez said.

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