Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Volcano" S4

After the crew came back home to Skull island. War with the armadas still going on. Everyone in Sanchi's crew is weaken from Socrus. Sanchi plans on going to Waponi Wu, Volcano to drop his sword and Moresco's belongings into the volcano to make Moresco happy. Sanchez starts to have thoughts about his old crew, Bonnie Anne and Shiruku Neko.

Once Dorugh returned, no one didn't want to ask why he left, Sanchi got on his ship to head off to Waponi Wu, but Wing Chun quickly stopped him.
"You know how many creatures are on Waponi Wu?" Chun said
"I can take care of myself" Sanchi said
"Lava fish...Troggies..uh..Water moles...Chumba Wumba and Ratbeard!" Wing Chun said
Sanchi ignored Chun's comments and quickly took off to the Floatsm skyways. Sanchi really didn't really go into the Floatsm Skyways much, only time he went in  Floatsm is to get back into Skull Island Skyway or Cool Ranch Skyways, but luckily Sanchi made it through and he was on Waponi Wu's docks. He quickly jumped off the ship with his sword and Moresco's stuff and he saw Water moles running into a circle, speaking another language.
"Bukti Wumbi, Bukti Wumbi!" Water mole said, (Danger Warrior)
Quickly Water moles started to surround Sanchi with their spears and sticks, Sanchi was not impressed.
"" Sanchi said
"Umi, Wumbi Gotarnira!" One of the Water mole said, ( Look! Warrior speaking)
Sanchi didn't know how to talk to these creatures, but he also knew he was surrounded by them too with their sharp weapons. He also tried hand motions but they still didn't get what he was trying to do.
"Cumi Suey, Cumicwon!" (He is big, stay back!)
Suddenly, all the water moles started to walk around him in a circle, singing but Sanchi couldn't understand. Sanchi quickly took out his sword and all the water moles stopped.
"Lequric! Gugtama!" (Shiny! Beautiful!)
Once Sanchi brought out his sword, all the water moles dropped to their knees and started to praise Sanchi. They also made a path for him to get by and he quickly ran by all the water moles. When Sanchi turned around to see, they was still praising, "Weird creatures"

"Chun!" Sanchez shouted, "Over here"
Wing Chun walked to Sanchez's position as he was yelling his name. Once Chun reached Sanchez, he pulled out a map.
"Remember our camp at the jungles of Skull island?" Sanchez said
Chun nodded, remembering.
"Shiruku is still out there and Bonnie could still be there!" Sanchez said, "Bonnie Anne, you remember her?"
Wing Chun agreed with Sanchez's statement, but his only concern, "How are we going to get a ship"
Sanchez started to laugh, "We can walk there, it won't be that difficult"
Wing Chun quickly gathered some supplies and met Sanchez outside, near the jungles. Sanchez was already there and smiling.
"This is going to take a long time" Chun said
"I'm aware" Sanchez said, "Let's go"
Swiftly, Sanchez and Chun started to walk back to their old camp. Excited and anxious to see Bonnie and others too. Also, Sanchez knew how Bonnie would react if she finds out about Shiruku.
"How'd you know if Bonnie is still even there?" Chun asked, "Remember when Sanchi gave her that pouch full of coins?"
"We...I just need to know if she's still alive" Sanchez said, looking at the map
But then, Sanchez stopped. Troggies started to run right pass him. Sanchez counted about fifteen troggies going by and finally they all stopped.
"Skull island jungles...troggies' homes" Sanchez said
"I know why you want to make sure if Bonnie is alive" Chun said, "Shiruku's memory is lost...I'm still here and you just want Bonnie to come along and join the crew"
Sanchez didn't reply back to Chun's statement, because he had a feeling that Chun's right.

Sanchi managed to get pass the troggies and on the Volcano, staring at the Lava fish...he had a feeling he could do this. Sanchi quickly ran on the bridge, passing the lava fish for about a mile. No time to catch his breath. He kept on running and running until he tripped.
"Ouch!" Sanchi said, catching his breath
Sanchi laid on the bridge for a couple of minutes, relaxing until he started to hear cracking noises on the bridge.
"What's that sound?" Sanchi said
Snap! The lining on the bridge snapped. Quickly Sanchi grabbed on to the bridge. The end part of the bridge started to swing down, close to the lava and it finally stopped, but it was hanging.
"Help!" Sanchi cried
Sanchi was holding on the bridge tightly. As soon as he looked down, he noticed the bridge was catching on fire. Sanchi knew he'll have to think fast, quickly Sanchi started to climb the bridge up. Also Sanchi started to think. When he started to climb, he saw a companion with a peg leg running with his sword, laughing.
"Come back!" Sanchi said
Sanchi managed to get off the bridge and he started to run on top of the volcano. Having a feeling that Chumba Wumba will be on top of the volcano.
Finally, he made it to the top and it was Chumba Wumba and Ratbeard.
"Lousa Coasta!" Chumba Wumba said (Ratbeard, he's here)
Ratbeard pulled his sword out and ran towards Sanchi. Ratbeard swung his sword at Sanchi but Sanchi dodged his hits. Making Ratbeard furious but tire too.
"Crod! Wumbi, dosa yugi fas?" Wumba Chumba said, (Warrior, why are you here?)

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