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The Warrior "First serve, first go" S4

Deacon and commander Drogic sent an attack on Cooper's Roost, unaware of Sanchez and the crew's present. Without Sanchi, Shiruku or El Toro, it was up to Sanchez, Dorugh and Deputy Randal to defeat Deacon's units. Shiruku gets furious at Sanchi and stabs him. Sanchi tried to fight back but Shiruku ran off. Causing her to pass off near a farmer's house and her only goal is to kill Devullio.

"Two crashes happened few days ago" Jared said, "You heard about that?"
Shiruku wasn't listening to a word Jared said. Instead, she was thinking of a plan to get there and destroy Devullio. Jared didn't know what she was trying to do.
"I have to get over there" Shiruku said, "I need to"
Jared placed his plate on his bed and looked at Shiruku's view, "Why? Did you know them?"
If Shiruku explained why she wanted to go to the smoke, Jared would think she's crazy. So she had to create a lie.
"" Shiruku said
"Son..? You look like a companion...are you sure that it's your master that crashed..?" Jared said
Shiruku didn't like being called a companion. She also knew that Jared wouldn't help her get to the smoke. Shiruku then pulled her knifes out and threatened Jared.
"Here's a new plan" Shiruku said, "You are taking me!"
Jared raised his hands up, but Shiruku didn't get that Jared doesn't own a ship.
"I don't have a ship...I am a low paid farmer!" Jared said
Shiruku understood Jared. She'll need another plan, she looked around his bedroom and found a rifle under his bed. Shiruku smiled and picked up the rifle.
"Thank you for everything, goodbye" Shiruku said, leaving the house.

"The crash is over here!" Young boy cried, pointing at Devullio's wrecked ship.
Devullio was unconscious from the crash. Luckily, a group of pirates found Devullio inside the ship, without his armada's mask. They didn't know he was an armada...or was.
"Cody...get!" Lori cried, grabbing him by his arm
Lori Weaver is a middle aged women, living in a small town. She loved helping people who needed it and she obviously knew that Devullio needed it. Dirk Spyre, young, brave man went inside Devullio's ship and carried him out and placed him on Lori's bed.
"Well, miss Weaver...he's breathing" Dirk said
Devullio wasn't aware that he was in a strange and dangerous town. Every citizen carried a gun with them to protect their town,
"He could be a crazy freak" Nick said, aiming his gun at Devullio.
"He doesn't look like it" Lori said, "Nick, leave him alone!"
After hearing Lori arguing with Nick, Devullio opened his eyes up and was looking at Lori and Nick. He was surprise that they'd save an armada, but then he noticed...he wasn't wearing his mask.
"Welcome, okay?" Dirk said
"Where am I?" Devullio said, looking for his weapons.
Devullio was awake before. He killed two people with his axe and hide their body on his ship, but when Lori went to pick up his axe, she saw blood on it.
"Uh...I can..."
"That's must of been protecting yourself" Lori said
Devullio got off his bed to look around the house, finding all his weapons on Lori's couch. Devullio noticed many bullet holes around her home.
"What happened to you?" Nick said, "You look mess up!"
Devullio started to think about Sanchi...Sanchez...Anthony and Shiruku. This is a new start and a new way to kill them with a new army.
"I was attack by a group of armadas!" Devullio cried, "They look like pirates or warriors but they're not...they're very dangerous...they also crashed their ship too!"
"That's awful!" Lori said, "I've heard that there was a crash on Cooper's Roost!"
Devullio smiled. He finally knew their location. Soon he can sneak up and kill each of them one by one and his first target would be Sanchez.

Everyone was all around El Toro, asking him questions and praising him. Wing Chun was stoke to be next to El Toro. Sanchez wasn't impress.
"Are you sure Shiruku is gone?" Sanchez asked
"She attacked me" Sanchi said, "She's not like the old Shiruku you known...she's different and dangerous"
Sanchez knew that Shiruku would just stab Sanchi for no reason. He had a feeling that Sanchi triggered her into doing it. Sanchez planned on looking for Shiruku.
"Where did all this happened?" Sanchez asked, giving Sanchi a serious look.
"Near some cave with roses everywhere...cactus all around...I don't know, it's hard to explain" Sanchi said, not paying attention
Sanchez quickly picked up his pistol and went on his way to find Shiruku, before something goes down. He kept on running and running, passing shops and houses. He didn't stop.
"Woah" Sanchez said, dropping down.
Blood was in the sand. Sanchez than turned around and saw a mark from a sword. Like someone tried to kill other one. He started to find roses everywhere too, from El Toro. Then, Sanchez knew he was getting close. Finding a nearby house, Sanchez ran there like there was no he was getting chased. Sanchez finally slowed down and went to knock on the door, but he didn't have to. Young farmer opened the door up, with a shovel in his hand.
"You better leave, now!" Jared said, holding his shovel.
Sanchez glanced behind the house and saw dozens of crops. He knew he was a farmer, "Listen...farmer, I'm not here to hurt you...I am looking for someone" Sanchez said, "Her name is women in blue..."
Jared interrupted Sanchez and gave him directions. Jared knew who Shiruku was and Sanchez quickly ran to a nearby ship at a dock. Sanchez looked around and noticed no one was nearby, he looked inside the ship and no one.
"That was easy" Sanchez said
Sanchez was in a excited mood. He turned around to gather his stuff and there she was. Shiruku was pointing a gun at Sanchez.
"Woah, I'm here for you" Sanchez said, "I've been looking for you"
Shiruku lowered the rifle and pushed Sanchez out of her way. She got on the ship, trying to leave Sanchez behind, but Sanchez quickly jumped on the ship.
"What is wrong with you?" Sanchez said, "What happened with you and Sanchi?"
Shiruku didn't want to talk to Sanchez. She didn't want nothing to have with him or his crew. Her only objective was to kill Devullio.
"Answer me!" Sanchez said, grabbing Shiruku
Shiruku then pushed Sanchez back. Before Sanchez could react, Shiruku picked up her rifle and nailed Sanchez in his face with it, knocking him out cold. Then she took the ship to Devullio's location.

"You know something" Nick said, "You are going to love this town"
Nick offered Devullio some food, but Devullio turned it down. Thinking about his attack on Sanchi and his crew, but at the same time Devullio started to have feelings for this town.
"You're gonna like this town" Nick said, shaking Devullio's hand.
After sitting for a few minutes, Devullio saw Lori, Nick, Dirk and others walking with their guns. Devullio followed behind. It also became dark, it was hard to see anything but there were torches around, lighting the area up.
"Hey Devullio" Lori said
Devullio smiled at Lori as they stopped. Devullio didn't know what they were doing.
"Some special nights, like this we like to just come here and chill" Lori said, "You can finally be apart of it"
Suddenly, Devullio felt like something was going wrong. He started to look around the place and found nothing wrong, but he just had a feeling there was something around. It was Shiruku.
"Pay back" Shiruku said to herself
Shiruku followed Devullio and the rest to the area. She then, quickly found an abandoned small building with broken windows and hid in there with the rifle.
"You look like you're worry?" Dirk said, "It's just a annual night"
Shiruku aimed the rifle at Devullio, anxious to shoot, "Goodbye you monster!"
"Devullio, look!" Lori said, getting in front of Devullio.
Boom! Shiruku fired her shot at Devullio, but it hit Lori's head instead as she got in front of Devullio, killing her.
"Lori!" Nick cried
Boom! Shiruku quickly fired another shot and killed Nick. Dirk looked at the abandoned ware house and Shiruku ducked, reloading her weapon.
"Cody, look away!" Nick said
Once she reloaded. She poked her head up and there was no Devullio around. She got on her feet to search for Devullio and he was gone.
"Where is he?" Shiruku said, looking around
Suddenly, Devullio broke the door open and saw Shiruku. Shiruku quickly raised her gun and fired at Devullio, but Devullio got to her first and punched Shiruku in her face over and over. Causing he to drop the gun. Shiruku tried to get back up, but Devullio slammed her head into barrels and she fell back down.
"I helped you!" Devullio said, "We were friends!"
Shiruku didn't reply back to Devullio. Instead she spit blood at his face. Devullio, out of anger kicked Shiruku in her face and pulled his gun at Shiruku. Shiruku looked back Devullio's gun and smiled.
"You'll never win!" Shiruku said
Without any hesitation, Devullio pulled the trigger and shot Shiruku, killing her. Devullio quickly ran out of the ware house and headed to his ship...for his mask.

"Where am I?" Sanchez said, waking up
First thing, Sanchez found was a written note...from Shiruku. He picked up the note and started reading it, "Sanchez, I am here to kill Devullio and end him for good. I am doing this for you and your crew..."
Sanchez quickly got off the ship and saw a crowd of people. He was hiding behind barrels as a group of people lifted a body out of an abandoned ware house and it was Shiruku. Sanchez also saw two other bodies that Shiruku killed.
"No, can't can't be!" Sanchez said
Then, with tears coming from his eyes. He saw Devullio near Shiruku's dead body...with his mask on. Sanchez didn't have his weapon on him, so he wiped his tears away and ran back to the ship. He couldn't believe that his own companion for eleven years is gone.

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