Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Underground gold" S4

With Sanchez arriving back to Cooper's Roost, after the death of Shiruku, Deputy Randal gave the crew a mission to save three kids kidnapped by four unknown individuals. Boris told Sanchez that he doesn't believe he'll last long. Sanchi, Dorugh, Boris and El Toro goes out to the abandoned gold mine to save the kids.

"Explain something to me" Dorugh said, "This whole time we've been here you've been searching for something...what is it?"
Boris just waved for Dorugh to follow him and Dorugh did. Then, Boris stopped and Dorugh noticed a big mine cart, fire pit and a long stick. Dorugh didn't know what Boris was trying to do.
"Can't tell you what it is...but I do know where the end of the cave is" Boris bragged
"Great job, Dez!" Dorugh stopped as he mentioned Dez's name
Boris didn't mind Dorugh's mistake. He understands about Dorugh missing Dez. Boris didn't know alot about Dez, but he knew Dez was a great guy.
"You miss him, don't ya?" Boris said, patting Dorugh's back
"Sure do" Dorugh said, "We'll need to move on, though
"It's possible" Boris said, "Sure is possible"
Boris finally walked away from Dorugh and he just kept on looking for something. Dorugh knew about Boris's intellegent and had a feeling that what he was looking for is going to be useful.

"Look, there are no more traps" El Toro said, "How are we going to leave this place"
"Simple" Sanchi said, "These criminals...had to get there another way, maybe another set of well working tracks are behind them"
Sanchi and El Both had to take slow, steady steps on the edge. They knew if they'd fall off that it wouldn't be so great. Also by the criminals' conversation growing bigger, he knew that they was getting closer.
"I honestly didn't sign up for this kind of objective" El Toro said, trying his best not to look down
Sanchi was surprise with El Toro's actions. He was begin a complete coward, Sanchi thought.
"We're almost there, chill out" Sanchi said
Boom! Gun shot fired, hitting the ground in front of Sanchi. Quickly Sanchi looked and there was one of the criminal with his weapon pointed at both of them. Sanchi and El both raised their hands up.
"You two must be pretty brave to take those old tracks" he said
"Just a must be Dirk" Sanchi said
The criminal started to laugh at Sanchi's remark and he removed his mask, "You're right"
Dirk made Sanchi and El Toro walk slowly to their spot with his gun aiming right at them and they did. Arriving at their check point. Sanchi also noticed there was only two criminals with the kids, he started to wonder about the other criminal, if Randal's report was correct.
"Let the kids go, please" Sanchi said
"Jimmy, Nick, take this masked companion away, I'll deal with him later" Dirk said, "Boss, we found some intruders"
Boss? Sanchi thought, who could be their boss? Whoever it is, they had to be smart. Perfect place, perfect abduction, perfect trap. Currently, Sanchi started to hear the boss yell at Dirk and he stepped out, revealing his self. It was Devullio.
"I don't believe it" Devullio said, "Sanchi!"
Devullio was shocked that he defeated El Toro and Sanchi was surprised that Devullio came this far.
"You're alive" Sanchi said, "Surprise"
"You wanna know something? You're great at making me mad...talented prospect...indeed" Devullio said, "Ever since on that infected mess, where we met from blowing my beautiful ship up, but I finally got you!"
Sanchi was looking at Devullio, noticing he had blood on his hands. He had a feeling that it was from the crash.
"Oh, you're looking at my hand...well it's not my blood, it's Shiruku" Devullio laughed
Without any hesitation, Sanchi quickly spun around Dirk, stripping his weapon from him and aimed it at his head. Devullio quickly answered back and picked up a child.
"Let my partner go...or else" Devullio said
Sanchi listened and dropped Dirk's weapon and Devullio dropped the child back on the ground and he scattered back to the other children.

"What does Dirk want us to do with this companion?" Nick asked, throwing El Toro on the ground
El Toro got back up and dusted his self and smiled at them, "We're all cool here, let's just be cool"
El Toro glanced at Jimmy and saw his sword, Jimmy was holding it. He quickly thought of something, but Nick wouldn't listen to his statement. Nick pushed El back on the ground and Jimmy placed El's sword on his neck, ready to kill him.
"I rather not get my own blood on my sword" El Toro said
"What is wrong with you? Don't tell us what to do!" Jimmy cried
"Of course, you're right" El said, "Can I get my cape off, please? It's very uncomfortable"
Nick shook his head and El stood back up. He slowly started to untie his cape. Smiling, he finally untied his cape and was handing it to Jimmy. Then, he quickly threw his cape at Nick, covering his face and El slid behind Jimmy and kicked his shin and grabbed his sword.
"New plan" El said, putting his sword in Jimmy's chest, "You're coming with me"

"Dorugh!" Boris cried, "Over here, look at this masterpiece"
Dorugh ran to Boris and he was amaze. Dynamite was on a rail cart on the tracks. Ready to push the cart down, Dorugh started to question how they'd get Sanchi and El out of there with the children.
"Sanchi's companion is gonna get the kids out of here, my plan is working" Boris said
"Where's the torch?" Dorugh said
Boris didn't answer Dorugh. Instead he gave him a look Dorugh knew back when they first met. Boris was gonna blow it up his self, killing him.
"No, no...find a torch, now!" Dorugh said, pulling Boris away from the cart
"Fire doesn't have a timing, we put fire on this dynamite's string, we're pretty much blowing our self up....the string is too short!" Boris said, "Plus...I have to do this, I never belong to this crew and everyone knew that"
Dorugh knew there had to be another way and he thought of one, "We can shoot the dynamite and it'll blow up underground, it's a perfect plan"

Meanwhile, Devullio started to anger Sanchi on purpose. He knew his full potential when he's furious. He wanted a rematch.
"We'll get to Julia, too and kill her" Devullio said, looking at Sanchi's sword
Sanchi was trying his best to ignore Devullio. He had his eyes closed and he was facing the opposite way. Suddenly, he heard a dinging noise, Devullio threw his sword in front of him.
"I say, we get a rematch" Devullio said, picking his sword up
Suddenly, Sanchi ran towards Devullio and started swinging his sword, but he this armada beast kept fighting back with his sword.
"I love it when you're angry!" Devullio said, "Show me the best you got!"
Sanchi didn't listen to Devullio, he was too focused to defeat Devullio. He just kept swinging his sword and was dodging Devullio's hit, "You're just a pawn!"
Suddenly, El Toro saw Sanchi and Devullio attacking each other and saw Dirk watching the battle. El Toro started to walk towards Dirk with Nick in front of him.
"Nick, you have to watch...Nick?" Dirk said
Dirk noticed Nick was bleeding, then he fell to the ground and revealed El Toro's face and El was smiling. Quickly Dirk got up and ran but he hit the wall and fell down, passed out. With no more time, El found the three kids and motioned them to follow him.
"No!" Devullio said, paying attention to El Toro and the kids
This was Sanchi's chance. He quickly stabbed Devullio, going through his stomach. Devullio dropped his sword, shocked and fell to the ground, but he was still alive.
"Go! Blow this puppy up!" El said, holding the kids with Sanchi behind them
With help, Sanchi and Boris both pushed the cart with dynamite and the cart started to go to the mines. Dorugh than shot the cart, blowing up the dynamite and rocks started to fall down, blocking everyone underground in.
"Well done!" Boris said, "You guys did it!"
"No" Dorugh said, "You did was your plan"

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