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The Warrior "New alliances, new problems" S4

Deputy Randal sent Sanchi, Boris, Dorugh and El Toro to an abandoned gold mine to rescue three kids. Arriving to the mine, Sanchi and El Toro figured out it was Devullio. Boris found dynamite and a mine cart to blow the gold mine up and his plan went through, saving the kids and crew and apparently killing Devullio. Now, Kane sent Deacon to Cool Ranch to make sure Devullio is dead.

"How do we know Devullio's location?" Deacon asked, arriving at Cooper's Roost
Kane heard from residents on Cool Ranch about kids getting kidnap by a group of individuals. Leaving Sanchi and the rest blowing the mine up, Kane knew it had to be Devullio.
"Lifto wanted to make sure that Devullio is dead" Kane said, "Don't worry about the information"
Deacon agreed to Kane's statement and got off his ship, alone and walked towards the mine. When he arrived, he saw boulders blocking the mine's entrance and found Devullio's mask under a bunch of rocks.
"I don't...believe it..." Deacon said, picking his mask, "He's finally gone"
Deacon threw Devullio's mask to the ground and stepped on it. He was satisfied that Devullio was finally dead, but his other problem is, Sanchi and his crew.
"Is he dead?" Kane asked
"Yes, let's get out of here" Deacon said
Moments later, Deacon and Kane finally left Cooper's Roost and flew back to Valencia, planning their attack on Cooper's Roost.

"Where...what happen?" Dirk said, seeing nothing but black
The only light in the blocked cave was from the lava and it helped Dirk once he got up. Rocks, rocks were everywhere. In front of the entrance, in front of him.
"Anyone...anyone alive..?" Dirk said, "Devullio?"
"" Devullio said, struggling to survive
Dirk ran to Devullio. Noticing he was knocked up, bad. Blood all over his stomach from Sanchi's sword, but somehow he just tied Nick's shirt around the bloody area and managed to survive from then.
"I have a bad headache" Dirk said, "How'd did they escape?"
Devullio didn't reply to Dirk. He just started to looking around the mine, looking for a way to escape. He slowly got back on his feet and picked up his axe and gun.
"Rocks are still falling...the cave is gonna go down soon" Dirk said, knowing that there's no time to waste.
"Easy" Devullio said, pointing at the edge where Sanchi and El Toro was caught before.
Without wasting anytime, Devullio and Dirk started to walk slowly. Dirk gave some advice not to look down, but Devullio didn't even care.
"Look, way out!" Dirk said, pointing at the entrance Sanchi and El took.
None of them even knew that Sanchi and El Toro took this way, but at the same time...they didn't care. Once they got out of the cave, Dirk started to wonder if there were a plan B.
"What now?" Dirk said
Devullio didn't want to worry about Sanchi or his crew. He wanted another idea, challenging Lord Lifto to a duel and take over the armadas.
"Go get our ship" Devullio said, "We're going to need it"
Dirk started to search for their ship. Meanwhile, Devullio sat on a uncomfortable boulder and thoughts started to go through his mind. Ways. Devullio wants another army to attack Sanchi and his crew, but a well-trained force. Then, it suddenly hit him, a perfect army. Armadas, Kane's army.
"Found the ship, it's over here!" Dirk shouted and Devullio went to him
Getting on the ship, Dirk had to ask for their plan and Devullio calmly explained their brilliant plan. They'll go to Valencia, where the armada army...and the leaders are located. He knew alot about Lifto and his thinking. Devullio would challenge to a duel for the army. Dirk rubbed his hand and started to yell with excitement. Meanwhile Devullio just leaned back and enjoyed the ride.

Suddenly, Devullio woke up to Dirk's shouting and he glanced out of the window. They were in Valencia and Dirk was heading at the docks.
"Are you ready, Dev?" Dirk said
Lifto, Kane, Rooke and Deacon was inside their secured building. Discussing plans to eliminate the pirate army. Than Bishop arrived.
"Hello" Bishop said
When Kane saw Bishop entering the room, he quickly informed Bishop the news on Devullio, "I sent Deacon to Cooper's Roost and we figured out that Devullio is dead..he's no longer our problem"
Bishop shook his head, but he than started to wonder about Shiruku. The female companion that he saved on Scrimshaw year ago. He knew her abilities and knowledge. Shiruku would be valuable for the armadas.
"What about Shiruku? Is she alive?" Bishop said, placing his books on the ground
Lifto just ignored Shiruku and started to look for the information on Devullio, but Deacon left it on the ship, "Bishop, do me a favor and go to Kane's ship and get the documents on Devullio, now"
Bishop wasn't pleased that Lifto ignored him, but he would never want to anger Lifto.

Dirk was the first one off the ship. He turned his head, scanning the area and he was surprise with no guards. Finally, Devullio came off the ship and he noticed an armada ship and he knew it was Kane's ship.
"Oh no" Dirk said, "Guards are coming out!"
Dirk noticed two guards coming out with Bishop. First thing they noticed was Devullio's ship.
"Guards, go check the ship" Bishop said
Devullio and Dirk quickly jumped on Kane's ship to hide. To make sure where they are, Devullio poked his head up and saw Bishop walking towards the ship and he smiled with his sword in his hand, meanwhile Dirk was struggling by holding his axe.
"Hide, I have an idea" Devullio said
Quickly opening the door to Kane ship, Bishop looked around to make sure no one was hiding in here, but he didn't do a good job. It took Bishop a couple of minutes to look for the documents but he found it and without any permission, he started to look through. He was flipping pages, until he saw Shiruku...with deceased across the sheet, it was Devullio. Devullio killed Shiruku.
"He's...alive..?" Bishop said
But, Bishop started to hear footsteps and he turned around and it was Devullio. He dropped the documents and fell to the ground, crawling away from him.
"Why....why did kill Shiruku!" Bishop said
"She made a mistake" Devullio said, picking up his sword
Devullio quickly swung his sword and stabbed Bishop and went through his chest, killing Bishop. Dirk heard the noises and he started to freak out.
"What! Look what you have done!" Dirk panicked
Sweat dropping from Devullio's face, anger but determine look was very noticeable. He gently picked up the paperwork on his self and Shiruku and he threw it off the ship.
Meanwhile, Dirk was watching Devullio getting rid of papers, passing Bishop body frequently and that's when he started to worry.
"W-what about this dead body?" Dirk said
Dirk's blue eyes started to fade as he turns around, looking away from Bishop's body, "What are you going to do?"
Devullio stopped and turned around, "You?"
Dirk gave Devullio a disgusted look and started to back up, "I thought we was gonna get revenge on some pirates, we are messing with the armada army!"
Devullio understood Dirk's statement, but it bothered him that he was scared, "I'm going to talk to them, we aren't messing with no one"
He finally got off Kane's ship, with his sword and gun (leaving his axe on the ship) Devullio was prepare to duel Lifo.

Unaware of Devullio's present. Kane, Deacon, Rooke and Lifto was waiting for Bishop to come back, but he never did.
"Of course he's taking his time" Rooke said, walking towards the door to check on Bishop.
When Rooke got close to the heavy steel doors, he started to hear a shhhhhh noise and realized what it was, "Dynamite!"
Boom! Front of the building, explosion occured, blowing the doors onto Rooke. Luckily Rooke managed to survive but he was hurt.
"What in the world?" Kane said
All they saw was smoke around the front. Once Deacon looked closer, he saw a shadow getting bigger and bigger and food steps. It was Devullio with a grin on his face.
"He's alive!" Kane said, punching Deacon, "You said he was dead!"
"I thought he was!" Deacon cried
Deacon and Kane started to argue about Devullio, but Lifto silenced them by raising his hand up. He wanted to talk to Devullio his self, "Go check on Rooke".
Lifto got closer to Devullio, admiring his rusted, dusty and strong armor. He also knew his ability and was surprise.
"Why are you here?" Lifto said, calmly.
Devullio pulled his sword out and pointed it was Lifto, "I challenge you to a duel!"
Suddenly, Kane and Deacon backed up and Lifto started to laugh, "Challenge me?"
Lifto moved his cloak and pulled his sword out, "Let's play"
Without any hesitation, Devullio made the first move. He started to scream and ran towards Lifto. Meanwhile Lifto was silent and stood still.
Cling, cling! Lifto knew the time and fought back, "You cannot defeat me!"
Devullio was alot stronger then Lifto, but Lifto knew what he was doing. He didn't worry about Devullio's looks. He faced Rooke and defeated him awhile ago. He knew moves that Kane never even heard of and he technique is one of the bests.
"I want control of everyone and everyone here" Devullio said, pushing Lifto back.
Lifto looked up and grinned at Devullio and ran towards him, "I don't think so"
Cling, cling, cling! Devullio swung at Lifto, but failed as he kept ducking and jumping over him. Quickly, Lifto got behind Devullio and shoved him to the ground.
"Give up?" Lifto said, grinning
But he didn't. He didn't want to lose. He quickly got back on his feet and started to impress Kane purposely. He was spinning in circles and blocking Lifto's hits.
But Lifto knew his next move. Devullio dropped and ran towards Lifto, slid pass him on his knees and Lifto sliced his hand, causing him to lose his sword.
"I don't believe you" Lifto said, looking at Devullio.
"Do it, just kill won't win this war without me! I did more killing then those three!" He said, pointing at Kane, Deacon and Rooke. "I killed Anthony, I helped with Moresco's death and I took Shiruku out by myself! Plus, I know what you did to Dez, Lord Derwitchi!"
Lifto knew he was right. Than, he glanced at Kane and the rest and he figured out a good plan on Cooper's Roost.
"I'm not going to" Lifto said, "I want you and Deacon to go to Cooper's Roost with a army of armadas...kill Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Julia, Boris, Chun, his new companion and that deputy"

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