Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Beginning of Cool Ranch's help" S4

Events begin to go south for the crew. Wing Chun, Sanchez's companion came up with a great idea, to find out on Shiruku's whereabouts. Devullio kidnapped minster of Marleybone, killing guards. Now it's up for the crew to find Devullio.

"That's the person with Devullio!" Julia cried, "Why is she here" 
Julia, Dorugh and Boris started to freak out on Shiruku on the ship. Sanchez and Chun tried their best to calm everyone down. Meanwhile Sanchi sat back and started to relax.
"She watched Anthony getting killed by that monster, Devullio" Boris said 
"I'm sorry, please" Shiruku said, "I'm willing to help you guys out"
Julia got into Shiruku's face, not speaking. Everyone was quiet. She squinted her eyes at her with a disgusted look, "Go to the back of the ship" 
Shiruku nodded her head, looking at Sanchez and she went to the back of the Pirate ship. Sanchi was surprise with Julia's attitude.
"That was...weird?" Dorugh said, sitting down.
"Ugh" Sanchez said, "Chun, go comfort Shiruku"
Boris had a feeling with Devullio was in Cool Ranch and he turned the ship around and they were off to Cooper Roost Skyway, Cool Ranch.

Boris was right. Devullio was in Cool Ranch with the Minster of Marleybone, holding him hostage. Sir George the 8th was tied up on Devullio's ship.
"Take me back home, now!" Sir George said
"I don't think so, buddy" Devullio said, "If you want to live, you'd give me an army"
"You're crazy and do you know who I am?" Sir George the 8th said, trying to get loose.
"A dead man if you keep it up" Devullio said, busy steering the ship
Sir George tried to talk to Devullio, but he slapped him across his face, shutting him up. Devullio was shocked when his ship was under Sanchi's ship.
"Sanchi!" Devullio said
Boom, cannons started going through Devullio's ship. He quickly turned the ship around and got around their ship, returning fire.
"That's Devullio's ship...keep shooting!" Boris said
Sanchi, Sanchez and Dorugh was on the lower deck, firing cannons at Devullio...but than Devullio started to return. Quickly, their ship got caught on fire.
"What's going on?" Shiruku said, "Who's firing cannons at the ship?"
Chun didn't answer Shiruku. Instead he quickly ran towards Sanchi. Shiruku followed behind.
"What is going on?" Chun said, holding onto something to avoid falling down.
"Orange like Skyway, rocky islands...are we in Cooper Roost Skyway?" Julia said, running down
Boom! Pieces started to fall off the ship. Devullio managed to win the battle, but his ship is going down too.
"We're crashing into Cooper Roost! Hold onto something!" Boris cried
Boom! Their ship was going down, but Sanchi noticed Devullio ship was going down on another island. Luckily, Boris managed to steer the ship away from buildings. Crashing the ship into the ground. The ship ship was sunken into the ground of Cooper Roost, but everyone survived.
"That was really painful" Sanchez said, crawling out of the ship
When Sanchez got out of the ship, first thing he saw was the deputy's office, behind other buildings. Sanchez walked painfully to the deputy's office, but the deputy saw Sanchez and the ship.
"What have you done?" Deputy Randal said, bring his two pistols out
Blood all over Sanchez's face, he placed his hands up, "We have crashed...I have six others on the ship"
"Well shoot...only excitement today was rescuing a Buffaloon" Deputy Randal said 
" you have...a nurse..?" Sanchez said, falling to the ground
"Sure do! Nurse Quinn..her place is right next to my office" Deputy Randal said
Sanchez started to stare at Deputy Randal, telling stories. His vision got blurry, blood dripping from his head. Then, his everything became black for Sanchez.

After passing out for two hours, Sanchez woke up. The ceiling was white with light everywhere. He got up and looked around. He saw Sanchi, Julia, Dorugh, Chun, Boris and Shiruku on other beds. Creeeeek, the door opened up, Nurse Quinn peeking in and saw Sanchez on his feet.
"Boy, are you okay?" Nurse Quinn asked, feeling his head
"Yes...yes..m'am" Sanchez said, "Where am I?" 
"'re in Cooper's Roost! Cool and your crew doesn't look like they're from here" Nurse Quinn said
After hearing laughing, Deputy Randal walked into the room. When he noticed Sanchez was the one up, he started praising him.
"Quinn, this is the young fellow that woke up and crawled towards him" Deputy Randal said, "Damn shame that I started telling stories while he was on the verge of death"
Sanchez tried to laugh, but laughing will cause him pain. His condition was less then he thought. With a mild concussion and bruised ribs, Sanchez can handle the pain and wanted Deputy Randal to tell him more about Cooper's Roost.
"Well...sure thing!" Deputy Randal said, "Cooper's Roost is a great place in Cool Ranch. I'm the Sheriff or Deputy..either one is fine, but we've been dealing with lots of trouble. Armadas are coming in, stealing our items. Killing some of our folks..stealing them. Luckily, the masked hero...El Toro is taking care of most of these Clockwork monsters!"
"El Toro?" Sanchez said
Suddenly, old chicken went into the room, after hearing Sanchez saying, El Toro's name. His name is Friar Cluck and he's know more than anyone about El Toro.
"El Toro is a title that has been worn by a individual hero that protected the town Santo Pollo" Friar Cluck, "El Toro has never been beaten! He's cunning as a fox, silent as a snake and strong as a bull for which he is named. Sadly he's not allow to be marry"
Sanchez wanted El Toro. In his crew. As his companion. His bravery and skills can help his crew.
"Can he become my companion?" Sanchez asked
"You'll have to face him...and win, then he's yours" Friar Cluck
Sanchez turned around and looked at Sanchi as he wakes up. He had an idea. He remembered that Juhn stated that he is the chosen one for the Warriors. Sanchi can beat El Toro.
"Sanchi, I've got to talk to you" Sanchez said, smiling.

"What happened?" Sir George the 8th said, untied
Sir George looked around. No Devullio, just the ship. He quickly got up and ran away from the ship.
"Help!" Sir George the 8th cried
Boom! Bullet fired, hitting Sir George's leg. It was Devullio's gun, "Why are you running? Prime minister!"
Sir George saw Devullio walking towards him with his axe. George quickly started to crawl, but Devullio got to him. Raising his axe, Sir George didn't beg. He just closed his eyes. Devullio cut Sir George's head off.
"Now...where am I?" Devullio said, looking around
"Welcome to Hidden Valley Ranch!" resident of the nearby house said
Suddenly, Devullio smiled and picked up his axe and walked towards the person.

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