Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pirate101, The adventure starts in Mooshu!

Out of Cool Ranch! No more horses, Cowboys, Mustangs & Birans. Sadly. But now, cute little Sheeps, Bull ronans, Samoorai champions, Necromancers, Ninja pigs, Inoshishi Bandits, Cranes, Goat Monk, Flying turtles, And....Stormzilla? We're in Mooshu! Where are all the warriors live, Necromancers prowl, & beautiness lives! And a lot of bamboo grow. MooShu is ruled by the Emperor, who is considered the Child of the Spirit of the Sun, and is served by legions of loyal Samoorai. The Cows of MooShu form the ruling class made up warriors, princes and master artisans. They are attended by Goat bureaucrats and ministers, while the Sheep and Pig peasants humbly work the land. The people of MooShu are notoriously secretive and suspicious of outsiders; foreign ships are only allowed to dock in one port, the resplendent city of Hamamitsu, without special permission, and only the mysterious Wizards have ever walked in the Imperial Skyway or visited the Imperial Palace. 
Mooshu hashas amazing graphics, Trees, Bamboos, Enemies, Everything you can imagine in Mooshu it's just perfect, Might be a little laggy but cross out the lag, It is amazing and where all the warriors, champions & even ninjas live. At the end of Cool Ranch, Haunted skyways you'll go into a Motherlodes mine where the Captain we been searching for, treasure & a Mooshu ship, You get for free too, And green windstone to the stormgate to Mooshu
and a piece of Marco Pollo's map & where you find Deacon at!
Mooshu is the home of your starter companions. (As they said when you enter Mooshu) & the last world in Pirate101 (For now)
In Mooshu the quests are great & gives major XPs to lvl you up. Defeat boss, Minions, Talk, Find. But you've to be careful with the bosses! Some bosses in Mooshu are quite difficult, But you still can defeat them, Threaten, Destroy, Free, Anything you're surely to see in Mooshu for quests.
You still can receive a lot of companions. From Main to side or unlock in the crown shop, There are a BUNCH. Manly side quests. Mooshu is a great power in Mooshu! This ancient, mysterious realm is both one of the most storied kingdoms in the Spiral; and one of the most beautiful- a land of scenic mountains, bamboo forests, and serene skies. The citizens of MooShu are famed as skilled artisans, honorable warriors, and great philosophers, and even though MooShu has no colonies or empire, she is still rightly considered one of the Great Powers of the Spiral.

                                            Screenshots in  Mooshu

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