Thursday, November 1, 2012

Troggy mania weak!

On Monday, November 5th AOTS well be starting....

Troggy Mania Week (Pirate101Mania!) Which is the first Pirate101mania (P101man) AOTS have ever done before!
Pirate101mania is 1 week in November-May, When we pick a random P101 Character, Or just something like a Troggy and tell some stuff about it, Have hide & seek contests when you find a troggy like the one on the right  And at the end of the month, Whoever has the most  Troggy sayings (Codes), Wins 5,000 crowns! How do ye get a Troggy you ask? When you see a Troggy like the one on the top right, You click it and you'll receive a code, Like for example you click on a Troggy and it takes you to somewhere & it'll say something like "eep opp ork ah ah" And then you go to ( is currently glitched) And send saying Troggy code: Eep Opp Ork ah ah and on the 21st, A winner will be announce and will receive their's prize!
How will we know when a Troggy is out? If you've a twitter, Follow @Official_AOTS and when you see a "Troggy breakout" Go on AOTS and find it! and you'll receive a code.
The contests will start on Monday the 5th like Troggy madness! 
Next next week (12th) AOTS will pick a random Pirate101 character or you guys can even pick! 
Now, Tune in on Monday, November 5th for Troggy mania!!!! 

Its troggylicious...Or Troggysome! Or hey...Torggyzing!

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