Friday, November 23, 2012

Kobe the Bull Samoorai Lord!

                                      Kobe promotion at level 46! 
I promoted a lot of my Companions, El, Bonnie, Barnabus, Scratch etc etc. But Kobe was my first companion & he was so helpful. This is for you Kobe!

Kobe said "I have regained the rank of Samoorai, But there is more I must do. Let us speak in the Tarven. Kobe also stated that it was a great thing in defeating Tso. Now with Tso gone, Redemption can begin. This promotion is Kobe's final& he'll become Bull Samoorai Lord. Now Kobe must return to his Clan's homestead & pay his respect to ancestors which is located in Mooshu Khotan Skyway Nishi Dock-Moomori Compound.

Kobe Shrine

                                     Talk to Old Jiro in Hamamitsu Garden
              Talk to Lord Chagatai in Audience Chamber
                Explore Samoorai Camp in Ravaged Valley
                                     Talk to Kenshin in Ravaged Valley

          Explore Enemy camp in Temple of South Wind

                                          Defeat 8 
5 of 8, Last battle!
                       Pursue Yoshinaga in Kaizoku Jima 

               Defeat 6 Inoshishi Bandits in Kaizoku Jima

               Pursue Yoshinaga in Moo Machu's Arena
                                    Defeat Yoshinaga

                                   Defeated Yoshinaga

    Ding! Mission complete, Talk to Kobe in any Tavern Celler
                      Har har! May the adventure go on!


  1. Hey, I just discovered this blog, and I like it! Do you mind changing the cursor, though? It's making things annoying to click. Maybe you improvise with the arrow used in Pirate101? Anyhow, you just got a new follower! Keep up the great work.


  2. Thanks and I been trying to, I don't know how exactly :/ One of my great friends did the cursor for me and I understand it's hard to click lol. When I figure out how to change it. I might change it to a wand or a arrow who knows :) You have a great day Young Pirate and thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey, I'm a striving buccaneer as well. Question, how many epics do you get and what were they? Thanks.