Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Troggy mania #3 & End of the year contest!

                           Troggy MANIA #3

Troggy talk #3: Troggy's  names  & kinds 

Some of ye Pirates in the skyways just not worry about the name just call them Troggy like "Let's go defeat that Troggy boss" 
Troggy have weird names, Part of their culture/Kind. Some Troggy names are sample like Ek-Ek or Ah-Ah, Ep-Ep, Ree and much many more
Some are just...You know weird, But they're Troggies! Like Eep-Ek-Op-Ah-Ah, Roop-Roop, Ork Ork. 
There are over a thousand Troggy names (And obviously characters.) Some..Mostly in Skull Mountain, Temple of Death, Dark Jungle & more! Most troggies are located in Skull Island, Mostly anywhere there's a Jungle there are Troggies! So when you're in Skull Island and enter in a Jungle-like place you'll see a troggy hopping around! 
There are different kind of troggies. You can tell easily, With the weapon it is holding or under it's name.
Troggy warriors are Buccaneer troggies who have a spear & a wooden shield, Always hopping around in Skull mnt & other locations too. 
Troggy hunters might be complicated to spot out with the Troggy Shaman They're Musketeers, They shoot arrows out of a stick like tube.
Troggy Shamans are Witchdoctor troggies who also carry a stick, A Witchdoctor stick, Kind like the one Old Scratch has.
Troggy High Chief are Witchdoctors troggies who might carry a stick or a torch, But they're easy to spot out because they've a big hat on their's head.


AOTS is having a voting-off contest called "Survival101" Which 12 people. will split them into 2 separate group, Each team has 6 people (Only 2 teams) And there'll be challenges, Mazes, Hide n seek & PvP & much more, Only one person can win this event! Will you be the one who'll get the 5,000 crowns? Starts December 28th, More information on how to enter starts November 18th, Only on AOTS

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