Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brave Blaze Silver made it into the Haunted Skyways!

Ahoy Pirates, Young Brave Blaze Silver on Pirate101 has made it to Haunted Skyways! Haunted Skyways is pretty...Dark & mostly spooky with ghostly ships flying around. I am pretty amaze that I came this far in Pirate101 and so far Haunted skyways is my favorite, Even though it's in Cool Ranch. There is so much details on Haunted skyways, CR, With the sky color and the clouds color it is a perfect combination! I am currently lvl 35, Buccaneer of course. With with my trusty 13 crew members! & of course My Armadillo pet! & last but least The adventurous champion! My strong-staying ship! Without my crew & ship, I'm not a Pirate without'em & I'm getting use to Pirate talk for sure :) My favorite character is still the Troggy Hide chief Ep, But Cool Ranch is getting better & better! The quest are getting harder & harder. Can't wait to get into Mooshu!

Love this photo


My crew :) 

Wizard101 cards
Old Scratch & Ratbeard! 
Old Black in Abandon church! 

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